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Ok so, i decided to do this on a whim. If you don't know what this is, read the basic plot of [ this rp], as this is a continuation of that rp. Basically, just send me a form, I'll put it here. There is no posting order, i just ask that you wait until at least one person sends a reply before you reply again. Other than that, all ES rules still apply, and make sure ur ocs can actually be killed, in case fights happen.

I will only say this once: THERE IS NO MAJOR PLOT. If you want to have some minor plots, pm me and wait for me to respond.

If for any reason I am not on, I'm trusting Kenbloodmoon to run the thread. He's helped me with the original Fragmented, so i trust him with this as well.

Other than that, have fun!

Also! If your bringing one of your old ocs into this rp, let me know what they came from, it just overall helps me build this rp

With that, I only have one thing theft to say:

This dimension is your playground. Do whatever you want, but ask before murdering... its just proper etiquette.

User: AngelofChaos
Name: Lucas Knight
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon-Human
Powers: Flight, fire breathing, ice breath. He can learn more but it takes him at least a month to be able to use a new power, six months to master it
Bio (optional): Lucas is the son of a dragon god-king named Gleam, making Lucas a demigod prince, and legacy that Lucas never and still doesn't want. He has attended the Home for Dragon Hybrid's at his father's request to learn all the powers he can in order to protect those like him
Sexuality: Bisexual

Name:the mad doctor (ken)
Gender male

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (100 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Lucas did so, thinking of the sword disappearing, and it slid back into the hybrid's skin. "Excellent."
[+red perfect the sword seems to be working so far try to retract it] he said as he wrote in his little black notebook
  The mad man / kenbloodmoon / 1y 104d 1h 30m 47s
"Very well." Lucas said, thinking of the sword and instantly it appeared, much to the Dragoknight's delight
[+red yes the taste is from acid spit and come let's run a test to make sure all your upgrades are working properly] he said walking off into a training facility attached to his lab
  The mad man / kenbloodmoon / 1y 104d 1h 36m 8s
"Well besides the steel in my skin, the lemony taste that i can only assume is acid spit, and the weirdness that comes with new upgrades, I feel great." Lucas said. "And you can stop calling be boy. I might look 16, but thats because I age slower."
[+red well you woke up sooner then expected boy] he said writing in his notebook [+red so how u feel]
  The mad man / kenbloodmoon / 1y 104d 6h 15m 30s
When he realized the mad scientist was finished, Lucas flew into his body and willed himself to wake up.
He laughs maniacally as he finishes his work giving the subject acid spite and heat sensors in his eyes
  The mad man / kenbloodmoon / 1y 105d 16h 17m 39s
Lucas watched, a smile on his face. [i looks like i'm Baraka now...] he thought, looking at the sword and gun
He continues working also implanting a retractable sword in one of his arms n making the other a machine gun
  The mad man / kenbloodmoon / 1y 106d 18h 8m 11s
"what the fuck?" Lucas mouthed, watching the scientist continue to work. [i Explosive sweating? what's he playing at?]
He modifies the sweat glands to produce a concentrated explosive liquid instead of sweat and puts them back into the subject
  The mad man / kenbloodmoon / 1y 106d 21h 10m 58s
Lucas watched from above, not at all squeamish about watching his own body being torn open. After all, he had done it to countless numbers of beings
The doctor smiled taking his scalpel n opening up his test subject making notes bout each organ inside the subject before slowly removing the sweat glands
  The mad man / kenbloodmoon / 1y 106d 21h 25m 53s
Lucas was immediately knocked out, his astral spirit form watching, though he was aware the scientist couldn't see this form

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