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So I watched made in abyss anddddd
Why the chicken fried fuck isn’t there a season two yet

My nose seems to be getting worse ugh
I hate it and while I [i should] go see a doctor about it the pandemic and the stress of seeing a doctor is not worth it

Especially when last time they just gave me some dumb ass nasal spray


Being alive is such a goddamn burden
  Indefinite / 7d 14h 13m 0s
Yeah I don’t like this show
I’m just hate watching it now because Fred pissed me off
  Indefinite / 10d 3h 27m 35s
October Faction
More like a shit show
Jfc the husband is literal garbage for cheating i fuckin hate it
Then again i am always bitter about cheating

Really want dee to cheat now I’m furious lmao
  Indefinite / 10d 4h 12m 14s
I guess I’ve gotten tired of crying. After all I spent the better half of last month doing that.

I grieved over the fact I’m not a good friend, but then again I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Life is life. Things just happen. I’m just more than happy at this point letting people go.

No more worrying. No more feeling like I’m not good enough.
If there’s less and less people than there’s less to please and make feel loved. I know I go above and beyond with loving, but as of the past few years I just drop off the map and hope people know I do still love them.

That’s on me.

I only wish I could be completely freed from caring so intensely.
  Indefinite / 10d 23h 53m 37s

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