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[montserrat [center Delphinium Academy, Home to those without homes. All Oddities are welcome. Safe space for all. ]]

[center [h3 [Inconsolata The story]]]

[Center [Kosugi+Maru For centuries there has been a single recessive gene spreading all around the world, creating a case that to this day still perplexes scientists everywhere. Billions of dollars are spent every year for research to find a cure but there has never been a successful case.

The gene quickly became the worlds most notorious medical mystery. People with the gene became the universal scapegoat blamed for disease and war everywhere. These people were known as "Oddities"

The gene manifests itself in a deformity in its carriers, causing them to have a single animal trait. Most often people are born with tails, or ears of an animal. Though some people claimed to see traits of birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians, the traits can only manifest as mammal traits.

Some people with the trait can easily hide it, but more often than not Oddities found themselves unable to live normal lives because of their condition. After decades of oppression five men banded together to create a safe haven for the young, Headed by Able Keen. These men were not oddities, but scientists, eager to aid the people most effected by the gene. This safe haven became Delphinium Academy. The school became popular, its motto claiming to be a safe space for all and quickly it became the best school for Oddities in the nation, many similar school popping up all over the world.

Little did the students know that something sinister was at play in the only haven they had known. Students were suddenly disappearing while no one seemed to worry. Would the students be able to unravel the mystery of Delphinium Academy?]]
[center [Inconsolata This died last time I tried it so I wanna try again.]]
[center [h3 [Inconsolata Rules]]]

[center [Kosugi+Maru Anime or Illustrated pictures

No out of character drama

Cussing is allowed to an extent and as long as it fits your character

Keep to ES rules

No more than three characters to one person

I reserve the right to add new rules as needed

[center [h3 [Inconsolata Character Limit and Literacy]]

I have a thousand character limit. That said I expect three to four paragraphs per post. As always its quality before quantity so don't overwork yourself. I expect good grammar but mistakes are bound to be made, after all we are hopefully all humans here. As a general personal rule I run my posts through a free grammar checker. ]]

[center [h3 [Inconsolata Skeleton]]]

[center [Kosugi+Maru Picture:



Nicknames :


Gender Identity:

Sexual Orientation:

Hybrid Mutation:

Personality Traits:

Physical Traits:



Likes and Dislikes:

[center [h3 [Inconsolata Accepted Hybrids]]]

[center [Kosugi+Maru

Username: Wiltedwaffle
Name: Kai Seki
Nicknames : K
Age: 17
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Undetermined
Hybrid Mutation: Otter tail
Personality Traits: Clingy and protective of everyone he cares about. Generaly friendly, though a little shy and soft spoken.
Physical Traits: Cigarette burn scars on his arms
Biography: Kai had a rough childhood, having parents who only carried the gene who were very hateful towards Oddities. He doesn't let a hard childhood bring him down, always reminding himself and others that there are people who have had it worse than him.
Other: Speech color-#c695d6
Likes and Dislikes: He likes quiet places and reading, but also social settings. He dislikes being alone and parties that are too rowdy.

Hybrib 2: [Pic]
Name: Rose
Nicknames : n/a
Age: 17
Gender Identity: she/her
Sexual Orientation: questioning
Hybrid Mutation: cat paws
Personality Traits: distrusting, otherwise gets on well with people, constantly frustrated
Physical Traits: regularly covered in her own accidental scratch marks
Biography: very average upbringing, very average life. Struggled and continues to struggle with her mutation
Other: has a twin sister
Likes and Dislikes: likes painting, thunderstorms and respect for her boy dries. Dislikes cats.

Hybrid 3: [Pic]
Username: Tverdost
Name: Nyala
Nicknames : N/A
Age: 18
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Hybrid Mutation: Goat Horns
Personality Traits: Loner, very quiet, she prefers to be on her own and the only company she truly likes is her twin brother.
Physical Traits: Small tattoo of her family's crest on her ribs.
Biography: For as long as she can remember it has only been her and her brother, she never had any friends, was home schooled and whenever she left her house she had to wear a large hat even in the summer.
Other: Family are well known but her and her brothers mutation are kept a secret.
Likes and Dislikes: She enjoys singing and playing the violin. She dislikes people who invade personal space.

Hybrid 4:[Pic]
Username: Tverdost
Name: Xil
Nicknames : N/A
Age: 18
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Hybrid Mutation: Goat Horns
Personality Traits: Loud, confident, loves the attention on himself.
Physical Traits: Small tattoo of his family's crest on his collarbone.
Biography: He is used to only the company of his sister, but growing up in such a strict family he rebelled over the years, he is the complete opposite of his sister and loves to make a scene so the attention is on him.
Other: Family are well known but he and his sisters mutation are kept a secret.
Likes and Dislikes: He enjoys singing and modelling. He dislikes people very much like himself.

Hybrid 5: [Pic]
Username: Tverdost
Name: Ulrika
Nicknames : Rika
Age: 17
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hybrid Mutation: Wolf ears
Personality Traits: Proud, open minded but very loyal once a bond has been made.
Physical Traits: Scars covering her back from previous fights.
Biography: She has been on her own since her family disowned her for having a freak and bringing shame onto the family. So she has learned to survive on her own.
Other: When she was very small another Oddity with also a wolf mutation took her in and looked after her. He was very kind.
Likes and Dislikes: She enjoys training and boxing. She dislikes people who aren't honest and distrustful.

Hybrid 6: [Pic]

Username: Wiltedwaffle

Name: Arden Hopper

Nicknames: David Hasslehop, Rabbit Downey Jr, Bun Affleck

Age: 16

Gender Identity: None

Sexual Orientation: Ace

Hybrid Mutation: Rabbit ears

Personality Traits: mischievous and devious. Always getting in fights, sometimes going a bit too far with them, but always willing to admit mistakes.

Physical Traits: monroe peircing and right dimple peircing

Biography: They dont remember much of their childhood after a car crash that resulted in their parents death and a masive head ingury they were lucky to have survived. They started attending Delphinium early after the crash when they were 13, so they are a year younger than everyone in their classes.

Other:text color: +red

Likes: Fighting, annoying teachers, spicy foods, horror movies
Dislikes: Discipline, following rules, cheesy romance movies with dumb plots

I don't expect to have more than 8 characters or even to have all the slots filled but if there are more people interested I will open up more spots if needed.

[center [h3 [Inconsolata Posting Order]]]

[center [Kosugi+Maru

We will do the posting order after everyone has posted once and it will be written here. If you do not post after a week your turn will be skipped. If you miss 3 consecutive posts you will be removed from the rp. ]


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

Roleplay Responses

[size13[Font "Courier New" Ulrika made the habit of skipping class, it was math, something she had no interest in. Her main focus was her training and sports. Boxing was her favourite, it was her way of coping with everything that had happened to her in life. This school was already stressful enough, everyone with their own problems and stories, it sometimes felt a little suffocating to Ulrika so she preferred to keep to herself.]]

[size13[Font "Courier New" Luckily there was no sports classes at the moment so Ulrika took the opportunity to do some more boxing, plus the school's coach was pretty laid back about that kind of stuff. He saw Ulrika's potential and wanted her to train as much as possible. Her grades were above average anyway. She didn't have any friends so her spare time was full of training and studying.]]

[size13[Font "Courier New" It's not that she didn't want friends.. But people used to judge her for not having a loving family, and of course the ears played a big role. Girls would laugh and guys would try to pull them. So in the end Ulrika found it best for her to be on her own.]]

[size13[Font "Courier New" Jumping out of the tree she was lazing about in, she made her way over to the gym, there was no one else skipping class either, perfect. Ulrika pulled her gloves out of her bag and put them on. Usually there was someone else there to help but over the years she had no one so she had to learn by herself, besides it wasn't that difficult once you'd got the hang of it.]]

[size13[Font "Courier New" Once she was ready she walked over to the punching bag and began her regular routine, strengthening herself and working on her balance. All the years of frustration she put into her boxing. This was her therapy and the only medicine she really needed.]]

[size13[Font "Courier New" In the distance she heard the bell ring for lunch. Ulrika had worked herself up an appetite, she ripped her gloves on with her teeth and quickly stuffed them back in her bag. She needed to be quick getting back to the main building and the cafeteria before all the good food was gone.]]

[size13[Font "Courier New" Just in time Ulrika grabbed what she needed to and sat down at an empty table, she preferred eating alone, she noticed some of her classmates welcoming what seemed to be the new girl, there was no point making the effort, they were too loud for her most of the time. The only other quiet one in the class was Nyala but Ulrika never had the chance to talk to her.]]
  Ulrika / Tverdost / 164d 23h 9m 7s

[montserrat [center Arden smiled at the girl as she sat down and stuck out their hand.

[+hotpink "No worries. It's not like I was sitting with anyone anyway. I'm Arden by the way. Arden Hopper." ]

It was true that they sat alone at the table but that was more of a personal choice than the product of being an outcast even in school. They had friends but tables filled up quick in the dining hall when you have a big enough group, so they decided they were better off sitting alone. It gave them time to think or do work that needed doing. Sitting alone was just the best option. And it's not like no one socialized with them. Ko and Kai were always very friendly and shared food.

[+hotpink "You want some food?"]

They asked noticing the girl hadn't taken out any food or herself and pushing their bowl a little towards the girl.

[+hotpink "It's casserole. Kinda." ]

They weren't really going to eat it themselves so why not offer it to someone else.p

As the girl sat down Kai looked over at her, leaning over to Ko.

[#c695d6 "should we go sit with them?"]

He quietly asked his friend,who smiled a little at him and nodded before carrying her tray to the nearby table.

[+pink "Mind if we sit here? We can't get a word in at our own table."]

Arden looked at Rose and shrugged.

[+Hotpink up to you." They said as Kai joined them, fidgeting a little with his hair.

[#c695d6 "Sorry if we interrupted anything." ]

He said timidly.
  Ko / Wiltedwaffle / 193d 13h 8m 27s
Rose felt sick. She peered around the room, trying her damned hardest not to look like she was half way to marching off campus, finding the nearest road and jumping in front of the first truck that drove by. One deep breath and then another, she saw someone waving at her, calling her over as they made eye contact and taking care not to draw attention to the exchange. She could ignore them, walk right on by and join the dwindling queue for food. The truth was, however, that she wasn't going to eat anything, now, she wasn't hungry and besides, she never enjoyed the spetical of being seen navigating a meal for the first time, especially from strangers. And besides, what did she have to lose?

As she made her way over, a few people at an adjacent table openly watched her then pointedly stopped looking in the way they only previously had not been looking at her paws. Heads down as she drew close like the few feet difference was the only thing preventing Rose from noticing their stares. She sat across from her new would-be companion, shoving her bag on the table and crossing her arms over it, appraising them for a moment. Ears: bunny? Hare? Either way they were kind of adorable. Someone once called her paw-pads adorable; she never let them speak to her again and she'd made sure that none of her friends did either, so she didn't make the comment.

"Thank you," she said instead, "you didn't have to make the effort." It occured to her that she'd been shepparded over by someone sat alone in a room full of laughing people. They could be waiting for someone, could simply prefer their own company, but it was perfectly possible that they were simply completely unlikeable, ostracised by the rest of their peers and Rose was the only person ignorant enough to not know it. Still, she believed that otherwise unprovoked acts of kindness were nothing to be turned at, even when motivations may not be sincere, so she didn't ask [I why], the way she wanted to. It didn't matter why when suddenly she wasn't completely alone.
  Rose / Dexy / 206d 21h 5m 45s
[size14[font "Garamond" Xil was busy texting on his phone, it was music, a subject he wasn't really bothered about but his sister wouldn't have taken it without him. He felt a responsibility towards his twin sister. She always so shy and quiet ever since they were children and she was often picked on for it, so Xil took it upon himself to look after her when they were in school. Also taking music was a bonus for scoring points with his popularity.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" As the teacher called out Nyala's name everyone turned around to look at her, he could tell she was lost in her own thoughts and he had a feeling the teacher wouldn't wait around all day for her, plus Nyala wouldn't be too pleased if her turn was skipped. So he gave her a gentle nudge to bring her back to reality.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" Seeing her flustered made Xil smile a little, Nyala always had such a cold look on her face, maybe that was the reason she never made any friends. They were already classed as outcasts and they needed to hide their oddity from the general public, you think she would have made more of an effort at this school.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" The room remained in silence as Nyala performed her song, Xil was a little envious she could train her voice to different notes, something he hadn't quiet achieved...yet.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" Being the good brother he was Xil jumped to his feet and began cheering and clapping for his sister. He could tell by the look on her face she wasn't too impressed as she practically ran back to her seat.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" Xil couldn't help but laugh as she scolded him.]] [size14[#9370DB[font "Garamond" "Hey sis, don't be like that, what's wrong with giving my little sister some support."]]]

[size14[font "Garamond" Telling by her glare he decided to leave it at that, even though he was only 6 minutes older he always used that to his advantage.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" A few more students performed their songs and in the meantime Xil when back to his texting, getting his popularity up more than it already was. As he heard his name being called he tucked his phone into his pocket and made his way up to the front, winking to some girls on the way.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" Before he even had to ask Nyala stood up and made her way to the front removing her violin out of her case. Xil laughed once more ignoring the whispers as she began to play and waited for his cue. He decided to go the opposite route from his sister and sing a ballad. Something that was always a popular choice.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" Once the song was over the whole class practically stood up cheering, Xil bowed politely just as he was about to give credit to his sister she ran off back to her seat. With a slight sigh he turned his attention back to the teacher and bowed before also making his way back to his seat.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" A few seconds later the bell rung for lunch, just as Xil stood up he was swarmed by a group of girls asking if he would have lunch with them. He glanced over to his sister who had a scowl on her face as she quickly exited the classroom. Xil new he would have to decline or he would never hear the end of it.]]

[size14[#9370DB[font "Garamond" "I'm sorry ladies but I already persuaded my sister to eat with me today, but don't worry I'm all yours tomorrow".]]] [size14[font "Garamond" Grabbing his bags and making for the exit he quickly blew a kiss in their direction and ran out of the room.]]

[size14[font "Garamond" As he made he way to the hall he saw his sister queuing for lunch. He ran up to her and put his arm her round the neck,]] [size14[#9370DB[font "Garamond" "where do you think you're running off to little sister? Abandoning your big brother? How rude."]]]

[size14[font "Garamond" Although she didn't show it he knew she was grateful. He looked over and saw the regular friends he sat with and was determined to get his sister to feel comfortable around them, he raised his hand up them,]] [size14[#9370DB[font "Garamond" "hey guys how's it going? Mind if me and Nyala join you?"]]]

[size14[font "Garamond" He turned his attention to the new girl standing near his friends ignoring the angry mumbles of his sister next to him. Being friendly he always waved to her and gave her a polite smile.]]
  Xil / Tverdost / 249d 18h 57m 42s

[montserrat [center [B "Delphinium Academy was founded by Headmaster Able Keen and the board of directors twenty years ago. It was founded to create a safe haven for children who weren't accepted elsewhere. Times have changed since the school was founded of course, but there are still places where being an Oddity is treated as if we chose to have the gene. Here at Delphinium people are not bullied for who they are. Able Keen, although he does not carry the gene, built this school from the ground up."]

Mr. Ness spoke, knowing fully well that he did not have the attention of most of his students. Even after an outburst from another student he took it in stride. He was the only teacher Arden wouldn't disrupt or otherwise mess with. It just wasn't any fun if they didn't care.

Arden watched as Korline and Kai passed notes, smiling a little at the friendship the two had. They looked up at the board once in a while to make sure they weren't missing any important notes, but of course they weren't. Three years in Mr. Ness's class had taught him that the first week was always dedicated to the history of the school. Those lessons could be summed up to "Able Keen is a money grubby man who made a school to profit from minorities." To say Arden didn't like the man was an understatement. He didn't have a real reason other than the fact he thought Keen gave off weird vibes, but that was enough.

By the time there were ten minutes left of class Arden was doodling on the edge of their desk and readying themself for lunch.

[b "Alright everyone have a good lunch. Arden Hopper, come see me after the bell."]

Mr. Ness said, prompting the students to rush to pack their things. Arden took their sweet time, closing their backpack as the bell rang. After all the student had cleared the classroom they walked to the teacher's desk and smiled a nonchalant smile at him.

[+hotpink "How can I help you Mr. Ness?"]

They asked politely. The teacher smiled back and in his cheery tone said

[b "I'd like you to come back during your free period to clean off the desk you drew on Arden. I know you've been in my class three times, but the information I teach is important parts of history, and I wish you would pay attention."]

Arden gave Mr. Ness their most innocent face and said

[+hotpink "I would love to come back on my free period Mr. Ness. May I go to lunch now?"]

The teacher heaved a large sigh and nodded, sending Arden flying out the door and towards the lunch room. A crowded noisy place where you either blended right in or you stood out, and it was up to you which one you chose. They sat down at their usual table, alone, and pulled out a lunch box. As much as they loved the food from the cafeteria, once in a while their aunt would send them little care packages from home. Today they had her "famous" meat casserole. They hated it but if they didn't eat it no one would. Just as they put the first bite into their mouth they heard a familiar voice beside them.

[+pink "Another care package from home?"]

They looked over to the table directly to their left and saw Ko leaning towards them. She looked intrigued by the blob of food in the Tupperware in front of them.

[+hotpink "My aunt has a problem."]

They said, smiling a bit.

[+Pink "What even is that?"]

Ko asked. At this point the rest of the people at her table had turned their attention to their conversation.

[+hotpink "Meat? I don't know. She's got a weird diet."]

The girl nodded as if she understood and turned back to her own table.

Arden just continued eating their lunch until they noticed as the new girl walked into the cafeteria late, smiling a little. They knew exactly how it felt to be the weird new kid. Their table was close to the door so they raised their hand and waved at the girl.

[+hotpink "Hey new girl, you looking for somewhere to sit?"]

The said, loud enough that the girl would hear but not too loud to draw more attention to the girl.
  Arden / magicbrian / 259d 10h 7m 44s
[size14[Font "Ink Free" Nyala smiled a little which was something she rarely ever did. She looked up at the front, the subject was music, which was her favourite. This was the only subject she could let her guard down and enjoy herself. Her two skills were singing and playing the violin, although sometimes she would play for the other students that were also singers, along with her twin brother.]]

[size14[Font "Ink Free" Lost in her own train of thought she felt a sharp nudge from her brother who was pulling her back to reality, she slowly turned her attention to the teacher at the front of the class and noticed all eyes were on her. Standing up the teacher asked for Nyala to begin today's lesson]] [size14[b[#A52A2A[Font "Ink Free" yes ma'am]]] [size14[Font "Ink Free" was all she said as Nyala made her way to the front of the class.]]

[size14[Font "Ink Free" Turning around eyes continued to be on her, but keeping eye contact with her brother always helped to calm her nerves as he gave her a slight smile followed by a nod. Nyala took a deep breathe and closed her eyes, as she opened her mouth and an angelic melody followed, she decided to go for the more operatic tone as their lesson was about emotions and she felt this was the best way to express them.]]

[size14[Font "Ink Free" A few moment passed as she opened her eyes once more and the class was silent, suddenly Xil stood up and began clapping and cheering for her. Nyala bowed politely with a slight blush on her face as she made her way back to her seat and to her brother"]]

[size14[b[#A52A2A[Font "Ink Free" "Xil I wish you wouldn't make such a fuss when I sing it's embarrassing."]]] [size14[Font "Ink Free" With a slight huff she gazed out of the window becoming lost in her thoughts once more until it was Xil's turn to sing or unless her violin was requested at any point throughout the class.]]

[size14[Font "Ink Free" When it was her brothers turn to perform Nyala looked at the front of the class paying attention, some of the girls stared at him as he went to the front which caused her to roll her eyes smirking a little. He did something similar to her but seeing as he wasn't trained operatically he decided to do a ballad instead. She stood up before he even asked her and made her way up to the front removing her violin from its case.]]

[size14[Font "Ink Free" A few whispers were made between the students particularly the female ones and Nyala just sighed, it was one thing being an oddity but also a twin made things much more complicated as, Nayala and Xil had this weird connection that they knew what the other was feeling and what they were going to do, which didn't leave them with much privacy either.]]

[size14[Font "Ink Free" Nyala took another deep breath and she began playing the tune she had practised with her brother, the girls in awe at Xil's melody Nyala did her best to ignore the whispers and couldn't wait for it to be over so she could return to her seat and forget everything for a little while and block out the whispers.]]

[size14[Font "Ink Free" After Xil was done with his tune the whole class burst out into cheers, not even bothering to bow Nyala quickly made her way to the back of the class once more and taking her seat, she gave her brother a nod of approval as the bell had rung for lunch. Nyala slowly started to pack her things away as a load of girls rushed past her begging her brother to join them for lunch.]] [size14[b[#A52A2A[Font "Ink Free" "Well it looks like I'll be eating on my own again today."]]]

[size14[Font "Ink Free" Nyala mumbled to herself letting out a little sigh as she didn't even bother to make eye contact with her brother she exited the classroom and slowly made her way to the lunch hall, ignoring the whispers about her and her brother as she walked past she queued up to get her meal".]]
  Nyala / Tverdost / 267d 19h 51m 42s
Rose wasn't used to being the 'new girl', having never been privacy to the experience in her seventeen short years of life. She'd stayed in the same liberal, middle-class suberb since before she could walk and there her mutation had been treated as novel tidbit rather than a horrifying curse. The other kids found that playing Cat and Mouse in the playground was all the more exciting when the cat had literal claws, even if the adults made sure to keep a closer eye on your game, you know, just in case.

That said, it wasn't like she was immune to the discrimination of being an Oddity. She realised young that whenever they were featured on the news her parents would switch the channel and that the Oddities in dramas were always the bad guys and when they weren't, good, god-fearing folk had a thing or two say about it. She had the internet, she knew what happened to people like her in less forgiving places. Places like the town her dad was being relocated to for work. Where her family was moving. Without her. Rose tried not to feel bitter about it; she understood it was a matter of necessity, or financial security, or any other myriad of things that don't include caring for your child, but she couldn't help the hollow ache she felt every time she thought of her twin being able to go and continue her life as she wished while Rose couldn't, all for the fact she was born with [I hands]. [I Her] new start included their parents and little brother and a regular school while Rose was thrown in with all the other rejects away from the eyes of those who might harm them. At least, that was what they told her. For all Rose knew, this was a prison, housing children until they were old enough to be locked away for good.

A greying, middle aged woman whose name Rose wasn't prepared to remember was trying reassure her about how things were going to be okay. As if she new. Normal folk did that: tried to empathise with something they couldn't possibly understand and treated themselves as the authority on the subject. Rose couldn't give two damns about what this woman thought she should be feeling. She nodded and smiled and said "thank you" in some vain effort to move to coversation along more swiftly so she could get out of the musty, claustrophobically small office where she was currently being held captive.

"The other students will be heading to lunch right about now," said the woman cheerfully, "here's a map. We're here… and the cafeteria is just over… here. If you make your way you should be there in plenty of time to grab a bite to eat and maybe make a couple of friends? That sounds nice, doesn't it?"

Rose looked at the piece of paper being held out to her, back to the woman - whose overly friendly smile was starting to come across as creepy-, then back to the paper wondering what her best course of action was. For a moment she considered just walking out, leaving the school and escaping to go live in the wild. She sighed. "I can't hold that," she said, waving her paws, "no thumbs." She tried to give an encourageing smile back but could feel how forced it was.

"Oh, gosh! I'm so sorry, I didn't think, oh no, oh -"

"It's really fine, happens all the time." Well, it used to, when she was young and people didn't know how to accommodate for her yet. She wasn't looking forward to going through that process again. "Anyway, I'm sure I'll be able to find my way." She looked at the map again, it wasn't a difficult journey. "So I'll just get off and, you know, make friends. Yay, super exciting."

Rose gave the woman a small, furry wave as she stood up to leave. The office door was as far she got. She wanted to scream. "Would you mind opening the door, please?" She said with practiced calm. The doorknob had been her arch enemy for as long as she could remember. No amount of tricks or adaptive equipment had ever made her able to use one. She had a feeling this was going to be an ongoing problem.

The woman practically tripped over herself to get to the door, apologising over and over and explaining how embarrassed she was as if it weren't Rose who couldn't even open a door. Or hold a piece of paper. It was amazing, she thought, that a school specifically for Oddities didn't make more of an effort to accommodate for them. Maybe they did for the more common mutations, not that that was any good to her. If even this place wasn't designed to help her, could she expect anywhere else to? Once the accursed door was open, she was off.

As suspected, the route to the cafeteria was simple and she found her way there without further obstruction. She saw students filing in and out and it occurred to her that never had she seen so many Oddities in one place. There had only been a couple of others in her last school but both had generic ear mutations and neither were her own age. It had never occured to her that she might one have people like her as her peers. Or perhaps even friends. But suddenly she wanted it; she wanted people who understood. She wanted to find someone who had the same affliction as hers, had had the same struggles. She wanted to walk into a room and not have anyone stare because she was so obviously different.

Except when she walked into the cafeteria they did stare. Because she was the new girl.
  Rose / Dexy / 268d 15h 56m 41s
[montserrat [center [b "Delphinium Academy was founded by Headmaster Able Keen and the board of directors twenty years ago. It was founded to-"]
The History teacher, Mr. Ness drolled on at the font of the classroom, the same old speech everyone knew already. Kai tried to stay focus, he did, but the teachers monotone mixed with information he already knew made it hard. Eventually, he gave up trying, propping his cheek up on his palm and staring at the white walls of the classroom. He vaguely noticed the teacher talking as he saw a little piece of paper slid onto his desk.
[i If Keen is so old why is he so hawt?]
The note read. Kai looked at the girl beside him and laughed a little, unable to contain it.
[b "Kai would you like to share with the class what is so funny?"]
Mr. Ness asked. Kai's head shot up and he cleared his throat, a sheepish smile placed on his face.
[#c695d6 "No sir."]
He said, his voice soft. The teacher nodded and crossed his arms over his chest.
[b "Thats your first warning, don't give me a reason to send you out of my class. As I was saying a delphinium is a flower-"]
He turned around to the board and began writing as he taught once more. Kai shook his head at his friend Koraline beside him as she put up a peace sign, her shoulders shaking in a silent chuckle. The rest of the class trailed on at the same pace, Mr. Ness telling everyone how great and smart Able Keen was as a normal, unmutated human to start the school and Kai and his friend passing notes the whole class, each trying to get the other to laugh.
The bell was a saving grace to the two as they practically jumped out of their seats and bolted to the door.
[+pink "Last one there buys lunch."]
The girl called at Kai, who was pretty far behind the girl after getting stuck behind some other students.
[#c695d6 "So not fair!"]
He called after her, shaking his fist in the air as he ran after her. She was the first to make it to the cafeteria, gracefully stepping in and over to the side of the door. Kai on the other hand came in at full speed, tripping over the raised ledge in the doorway and falling forward, landing on his hands and knees. The girl was bent over laughing, hands on her knees.
[+pink "Dude."]
She said through her unending laughter, holding out a hand to help the boy up.
[#c695d6 "You are such a good friend Ko."]
The boy said sarcasm lacing his tone, pouting a bit as he dragged the girl into the food line. The two quickly got their food, Koraline not hesitating to go overboard and spend all of Kai's money, and headed to the table they always sat at. The rest of the group wasn't there yet so the two waited, munching on their meals.
[#c695d6 "My hands hurt."]
The boy said, inspecting his scraped up palms. ]
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