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[tbl ~ [+red [b [i Clayton]]] ~ [+blue Clayton's thoughts] ~ [+purple Headquarters]] ~

Clayton's eyes shot around the area as the two approached the gate, decreasing to two fine slits as he reluctantly. [+red [b [i "I agree. But, whatever is wrong, it is quite the deal. I say it once more-"]]] The cyborg, in fluidly quick movements, quickly returned to his former position opposed to supporting his weight on Rusty.

It was quite startling, as he'd expected a simple welcoming. Regardless, watching closely the movements of the patrol-men atop the wall, caught sight of a familiar face.

The figure, seemingly watching them from the eastern side of the wall, quickly drew a hood over his face, averting his eyes. Clayton stood wary for a short moment, a glint in his eye at the sound of the raising, rusted gates. Perplexed by this odd encounter, but cautious of other dangers surrounding the two, the cyborg simply trailed slowly behind the two, his wolf keeping steady pace with them.

The wind began to pick up, still cold silence left behind the city walls. Clayton, when he felt all clear, stopped at a fork in the trail, lowering onto one knee as he put two fingers to his ear. [+red [b [i Command... Do you copy? We're near sight, but approaching queer activity. Requesting scan in village,"]]] He, raising slowly to a crouching position, peered around a nearby building, spare a view feet away from the trail's turn. Upon reading a location sign, carefully approached the two again. Scout seemed to be out of sight... No, he couldn't worry about that now. He had to focus on the task at hand. [+red [b [i "Sector 68,091, region 9."]]] He confirmed, turning around with a glint in his eye to find movement in the pathway between two houses. It was near Ayama's position, in which he'd wandered a fair distance off from.

He immediately, upon hearing the response of headquarters: [+purple Alert ~ Rebel territory. Warning ~ Detected movement.], dashed towards the nearest building in sight, in which happened to be further from his comrade.

[+red [b [i Ayama, do you read? Rebels in the area... Take cover, don't be seen.]]]
  Clayton Vain / MordorTenebris / 62d 12h 59m 29s
[center [font “Times” It was a nice quiet morning. Despite the snow it was warm in the sunshine. One she settled herself on the metal beast, lovingly named Rusty, despite the clean silver sheen that it, he, whatever, wore. She adjusted the bags on his back as they walked on smiling at the gorgeous wolf as he and Clayton joined them at her side. The morning was still warming the earth as they approached the next village. [b “Hm?”] Was her first response to the question about stopping, [b “We just started and you're already thinking about stopping for the evening? We'll travel till we're tired then we'll set up came.”] There was more to be concerned about than that but she was more excited for a job. Finally.

As much as they had traveled together this was the longest one way trip and the first for a royal family. Who knew they'd get hired by the. Royal. Family. There are many royal families but this region has been rather closed off recently and its had the most work for them. Until recently this is when everything seemed to fall off with paid jobs. Now it's just work for a meal kind of stuff.

[b “I hate to say it but I agree with you. It's also the quickest way and we don't have long before we have to be there and be presented to the Lord.”] Ayama muttered. [b “So we go through…”] she patted her metal horses neck and he shook out the flexible crest and plodded forward. Ayama pulled her hood up over her silver white hair and tucked away the free pieces. When the town got quieter and quieter with whispers behind them she peaked over her shoulder and stiffened. Some of the kids were being shuffled away almost as if the people here were worried that her companion and her along with their pets were going to take the kids away.

[b “Wonder why they're so afraid…”] she said through the side of her lip to the man walking beside her. [b “If anything weird happens, we can't make a scene so just get on as quick as you can and we'll go.”] She said glancing down at him waiting for eye contact for confirmation before turning back to the direction they were going. Luckily it was just quiet whispers the rest of the time they walked up to the gate. A few beggars shook their cups at them as they went past.

A guard stepped out of a shaded area and held up his futuristic spear and ordered them to stop. Ayama slid off Rusty and took a few steps forward. [b “We were invited by the Lord to an audience for a potential delivery run for him.”] The guard looked rather puzzled by the state of her and the animals that stood behind her. The wolf, living, the horse mechanical. He slowly nodded and looked between them before calling up for the gates to be opened. Ayama faced Clayton and shrugged before taking a few steps forward past the threshold of the gate, her horse on her heel.
  Ayama / Legend / 66d 2h 39m 14s
~ [tbl [b [i [+red Clayton]]] ~ [+blue Clayton's Thoughts] ~ [+purple headquarters]] ~

Clayton nodded slowly, turning as he threw a quick glance back towards his companion. [+red [b [i I believe so,"]]] He quietly replied, his attention diverted towards a nearby lonely tree as he began towards it. The snow gave way with a crunch of sort beneath his leather boots as the sun, looming above the two behind ominous clouds in the distance cast a shady glare against the ever-so slowly melting snow.

The cyborg dropped to one knee upon arrival at the tree, untying a rather poorly drawn cable as his wolf (Scout), arose to his feet. The beast stretched wide, it's frontal paws extending as it let out a sheepish yawn. It was, judging not from the view-able state of said beast, very ready for the trip ahead of them.

[+red [b [i "Up, Scout. Follow,"]]] urged his master, them both standing to their feet as they approached, from the right-hand side, Ayama and her metal steed.

He let out a sigh of relief, his eyes glinting as he threw one glance back at the... Inn, of sorts in which they had stayed for the past nearly ten days. He was quite openly glad to see as the two were on the road, or trail, again, the cyborg gazed at the tower in the offset distance. A quite marvelous sight indeed, but his eyes had lain on many wonders, paradises and happiness. Of course, such things naturally come with the dark, gruesome and morbid.

Regardless, the young assassin snapped back into reality at the sound of the chilling breeze, shaking his head for a brief moment. [+red [b [i "We shall stop and make camp at sun-down, correct?"]]] Inquired Clayton, casting a nervous glance above them. [+red [b [i "We shall make better time if we are to stop near midnight."]]] Though it was early morning, he always seemed to be planning ahead. He wasn't one for any wasted time, quite obviously.

Re-positioning a small pack in which the cyborg carried, he shot a nervous glance towards the village in which they approached. It was, as it may have seemed, a normal of any type. It was buzzing with activity, settlers and children bouncing to and fro, but... It seemed, every step forwards the two took, it became quieter. Children rushed inside, men and women of several species threw either worried or nervous glances at them. A quite rare whisper in the faint wind, bark or critter was heard occasionally, but for the most part an eerie, tense silence filled the village on their way to the road.

Clayton knew something wasn't right, and could almost guarantee his other did as well. This was in no way normal behavior, and he was sure of it.

Stopping, and putting a hand on the great metal beast, he stood silent for a short while. Ideas and what ifs clouded his mind as he stood, as if listening, his hand still outreached to his left, before speaking. [+red [b [i I don't believe in the slightest entering that town is a good idea,"]]] He spoke quietly, instinctively a hand already placed on the rifle at his back. [+red [b [i But if we do, be careful. Eyes peeled, for they are surely hiding something,"]]] He once again stated, slow and faint words in which flowed from his lips. [+blue "I have a bad feeling about this..."]
  Merrick Jean / MordorTenebris / 66d 15h 56m 25s
[center [font “Times” Aya rolls her eyes when he struts down stating that he's skipping the first meal of the day. It wasn’t likely they’d eat again till sundown. [b “That’s not good for ya but what do I know.”] She snatched one of his toasts, holstered her gun, grabbed the bag with her electric bow, snacks and shoved the water bottle into the sack as well. She shoved her throwing knives in her boots, in the slots made for them. She pulled back her hair into a messy ponytail and trailed after him, as much of a rush as he was in, couldn’t be understood. She grabbed the two extra bags by the door they’d put together the night before and slung them over her shoulder and headed outside.

[b “Hasn’t been that long bub. Just over a week.”] Still she couldn’t agree more, for a nice metal area, the piece of crap apartment was rusted most of the way around. [b “Doubt we’ll be back anytime soon though. Hopefully this paycheck will keep us nicer for longer.”] She waltzed over to a big metal blob laying on the ground with leather lining the back and straps hanging over the edges. Bumping her bracelet against an emblem on the side of the hunk, lights started up along any and every crease. The metal beast groaned as it awoke and its head rose. There weren’t many flesh horses left in this world, at least in this area. Considering where she grew up where there were plenty until she had to leave or be burned, the next best thing to home was the mount.

[b “You sure you got what you need?”] She asked as the beast continued to stand itself up and rise to be a foot taller than her at the shoulder. The legs long and bulky, helpful over the distances. It lifted its front leg so she could use it as a step to clamber on after tossing the bags over the back of the leather pad. As graceful as she may look… she was only graceful on ‘horseback’ or in tense situations. Well it was more like riding a big motorbike at this point. The hooves had wheels for when the power cells were low, luckily it was hydrolyzed and has solar panels on its hindquarters in order to keep it as charged as possible.

Once the beast had fully powered up she mounted herself in the stirrups and comfortably on the back, she tapped gently with her heel and they began to walk out of the last block of town towards the fields that separated them from the castle. Luckily it was quite the landmark, the main tower was easy to see from this far away. Not too difficult to keep direction either since most roads this close either lead you in circles around the castle walls or right up to a gate. The problem wasn’t this part of the trip. It was getting the job and getting to the other kingdom safely.]]
  Ayama / Legend / 71d 14h 15m 14s
[tbl [+red [b [i Clayton]]] - [+purple Headquarters] - [+blue Thoughts]]

Clayton, though most knew him as Chaos, had just fallen asleep a mere hour ago. He knew he'd have to make an early start this day, but couldn't find it in him to find rest for the past two nights. He was was always thinking, always working, and had quite frankly seen too much to sleep at night. Naturally, he did, and yet it seemed so rare. So... Valued.

The cyborg, though all but his lungs were fleshly, his mind still worked. A bit much for his liking. He was dreaming, his only escape from the voices in his head, the orders his... 'Radio' emitted. But, upon hearing a voice, the one of his partner at that, he tossed on his bed. As if a voice called him, breaking the barrier between reality and his own, twisted mind, he awoke as his door was opened. [+blue "Shit...] [+red [b [i I'm up... I'll be down shortly, a few minutes.]]] He replied, shooting up and scanning his surroundings before removing his blankets and approaching his closet.

After getting ready, Clayton began down the stairs, a rush in his step as he approached the kitchen. [+red [b [i I intend to skip breakfast, we must get going,"]]] Spat the cyborg quickly, slinging his scout rifle over his shoulder and placing two knives into his boots, a sniper also placed over his back as he flipped a water bottle, putting it in a travel bag and leaving it on the table for Ayama to pick up. Approaching the door of the shady, low quality 'apartment.'

He was quick to flee the building, smelling the fresh air in a deep breath as he re-secured his scout rifle. [+red [b [i Ah... We've been in that rust bucket quite a while... Looking forward to getting to the castle, are you?]]] The robot asked, a failed attempt at sounding happy and excited.
  Merrick Jean / MordorTenebris / 71d 14h 47m 56s
[center [font “Times” It was early, the sun hadn’t yet come over the mountains in the distance kind of early. Ayama sat on the reader's nook of a window sill facing the world that still hadn’t woken up yet. Her legs were crossed over each other the ‘indian’ style, or whatever it was called. She was meditating, her hand’s laid gently over her knees, back straight, chin up. Eyes closed. Her hair was silver in the way that swords are silver, it wasn’t pearly or closer to white but like steel. After a little longer, the warmth of the sun fell on her face. She took a deep breath and as it was exhaled opened her eyes.

Today they were getting the details of the assignment to deliver an object to the other side of the continent. It was about 15 days of riding across 4 different kingdoms borders and through plenty of bandit areas and shit galore. Honestly it excited her more than anything to see what the rest of the world had to offer. Standing up, stretching she sighed and turned around and strided out of her room. Downstairs she put on the kettle to make tea and threw bread into the toaster. [b “Are you up yet?”] She called up the stairs. The ‘apartment’ for lack of a better term that her and her partner were staying in was only temporary, they’d been here maybe ten days. Was it ten? Who knows.

After another few minutes she huffed and climbed back up the stairs. Throwing open the second bedroom door she wandered over and pulled open the curtains, it didn’t let too much light in since it was facing away from the sunrise. Spinning on her heal she faced the covered body and rolled her eyes.

[b “Up.”] She said sternly as she snatched a pillow from under his head, lifted it above hers and smacked him in the side of the head with it and left it after it bounced off. [b “We have an hour to get to the castle and finish getting ready. Get up. Toast and tea downstairs.”]

With that, should be enough, she left and went back downstairs. The kettle was whistling quietly when she re-entered the kitchen/living space. She moved it to a cold burner and threw two pieces onto a plate for mr sleepy head and munched on one herself and a banana. Pouring two cups of hot water she added the tea bags and the usual amount of honey. Dressed in the usual white blouse with a brown vest, a knife hanging off one belt on her hip, her pistol in a box by the door, of course not exactly what the norm of pistols are but still a handheld weapon. Brown briefs tucked into tall leather boots that hugged her calves, they had a 1 and a half inch heel to help keep her in the stirrup correctly or on the right pedal of the bike……. But she was still five foot nothing with a cute little face that made everyone assume she was so much younger.

Besides the point, she sat at the two person table and finished buckling up the boots and additions waiting for the boy to come downstairs and get ready so they could go. It was a twenty minute trip to the castle and she didn’t want to be late.
  Ayama / Legend / 71d 22h 37m 40s

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