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That evening the castle was filled with a tense atmosphere. Maids and servants were running around everywhere to get the castle ready for the ball. The whole places was being decorated to show off just how wealthy Azelia Rose’s parents were. She couldn’t help but smirk as she noticed all of the unnecessary decorations that her parents wanted to have around their home. “Miss is time to get ready.” Her personal maid said. Azelia Rose nods and walks off to her bedroom.

There she had a warm rose water bath with fresh rose petals. As she bathe her maids got together an outfit for the night. Azelia Rose already knew her parents would have her in a gown. Even though the princess enjoyed dressing up every now and then dresses just made her feel a bit uncomfortable. She couldn’t move freely in them so she always felt vulnerable, she needed to be ready in case of an attack.

Once she finished her bathe she dries off and sits in a comfortable royal chair in front of a large mirror. Her maids began began to work in her make up and hair. “No sword today.” Her personal maid instructed. “I figured. What color gown will I be wearing?” “Royal blue with opal and diamond accessories.” “What kind of gown?” Azelia Rose was quite curious to see if her parents wanted her in a ball gown or not. “You’ll will be quite surprised with what your mother has picked out for you.” Her maid said with a soft chuckle. That chuckle can’t be good. She thought as she looked at her maid.

Long midnight hair was lightly curled to give the princess wavy hair. She wore light make up that gave her a beautiful glow. Her lips were coated with a natural pink lip color. Soon she was staring at herself in the mirror with her dress on. The dress was had a beautiful sweetheart neckline, the straps were off the shoulders. It came down over her body hugging every curve perfectly. The small train of the dress stayed behind her. “Satin...mother is going for a more daring look. I like.” Azelia Rose said and smiles. “You look beautiful princess.” Her personal maid said.

Soon people began to arrive for the ball. The castle was filled with the rich and royalty. Azelia Rose sat with her parents at their thrones. She greet everyone that approached them. She was already told who her parents were fond of to be a potential husband for her. Too bad Azelia Rose didn’t agree but she entertained those them anyway.
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[b "Prince Taiga! Oh, Prince Taiga!"]

A voice yelled from the outside of his bedroom door. The young man groaned as he rolled over in bed.
"Come in.." he said, loud enough for the woman to come in. She pulled back the large mahogany doors, letting herself in. She began going around his room opening up all of the curtains.
[b "I apologize for the rude awakening but your parents both need you downstairs for breakfast immediately. They want to discuss further plans about tonight with the neighboring kingdom."]
"Of course..." he rubbed his eyes as he got up.

The sun’s rays shone through the windows practically blinding him. Taiga got up then proceeded to walk downstairs from his own personal corridor of the palace. The young man stood 6'3. His hair was short and jet black, his skin pale. He wore pants with no shirt, that was usually how he slept; his arms and chest were quite muscular due to all of the training he puts in day in and day out. He had the symbol of his family tattooed on the right side of his chest as well. His eyes were golden, besides his looks, his eyes were the one thing that captivated any woman.

He finally made it to the kitchen. His mother and father sat at the kitchen table with different types of food the butlers had prepared then put out for them. He greeted them both before sitting down. [b "Taiga..."] his father begin, his voice striking. [b "We will be moving in soon if tonight doesn't go accordingly with our neighboring kingdom. We all have been invited to attend a ball this evening. Keep your eyes open and be on your toes. Not only them but the dukes and duchesses from all over will be attending as well. If you are able to get any type of information, please do and we shall move forward with the plan. We will take over all, burn it to the ground, then rebuild in our name!"]

[i Unfortunately, Taiga had other plans...]

Gaining power and taking over was all he knew.
His family knew nothing about harmony with anyone else. They were the most hated, most feared. Tension always grew soon as their name was mentioned. That's the only lifestyle he knew and had to deal with unless he would make the change himself.

[i "Taiga, honey." Her voice was soft and sweet- it was his mother. "Please be sure to be in your best behavior. Have you found a nice, young lady who could accompany you tonight? You know, me and your father are getting up in age. Your time may be coming sooner than you think. Maybe it's time for you to settle?"] Taiga looked at his mother with a smug look on his face but continued chewing his food in silence.
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For years two of the largest kingdoms have been at war with one another. Both royals were unable to see eye to eye which led to nothing but destruction and terrible power struggle. Azelia Rose spent her childhood in such madness, she watched as her parents fought and developed ways to try and over throw He king and queen of their rival kingdom. No could seem to get ahead. It was constant failure for both sides but that didn’t stop them. Hate ran deep, so did the desire for power.

Since small the young girl was forced to learn her way around a sword. She needed to be able to protect herself so her father made sure she was trained by the best. If she came home with bruises her father was happy, he assumed that she was fighting hard and learning many lessons. This wasn’t the life that Azelia Rose would of chosen for herself but now that she is older it is all she knows. Unable to take over her parents kingdom due to not being married Azelia Rose focuses on training her recruits for her kingdom’s army. No one can beat her when it came to using a sword.

The morning was already quite hot. The sun’s rays coated the kingdom everyday with more heat. Azelia Rose walks down stars from her wing of castle. Her hair hung long to the small of her back, she wore pants and a simple thin shirt since she had plans on training today. Her mother sat at the kitchen table with a stack of papers in front of her. “Are you searching for a suitable man again?” Azelia Rose asked. It was now a habit that every morning her mother would take the time from her day to try and find her daughter a suitable husband. “Of course. You must marry. You have to whether you want to or not.” Her mother said calmly. With a roll of her eyes Azelia walks off. “Stop fighting me with this Rose. You know better.” Her mother called after her.

Azelia Rose didn’t see the need to marry nor did she really want to take over the kingdom at the moment. As she is handed a glass of orange juice from a maid she looks out a nearby window. “I honestly don’t see why I need to marry...” she mutters. “Your parents legacy must go on. You just take their spot and destroy the neighboring kingdom.” The maid said softly. “You sounds like my mother.” The maid smiled softly and walked off.

The threat of another war breaking was close. Everyone felt the pressure of it. Azelia Rose really just wanted to see why both sides were so angry with one another. [i I wonder if the king and queen are really that bad? They have son...I wonder if he feels the same as I do.] She thought. She had met the boy once when they were little kids but it was for a short time. Azelia Rose didn’t think it would be a bad thing to talk with the royal court of the rival kingdom. She knew her parents would never allow her to though.

“Rose! No training today. The banquet ball is happening and I need you to look your best. Dukes and duchesses from all over will be coming. You just might find your husband tonight.” Her mother said. “Also your father invited...[b THEM] to the kingdom for the ball...be on your toes. You never know if they plan on attacking us.” Her mother added. Azelia Rose knew exactly who “them” was. “I think it will be good if the king and queen came with their son. Maybe an understanding could come about from this.” Azelia Rose smiles and her mother makes a disgusted face. “Never.” The mother said and with that she walks away.
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