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Nathan blinked a couple times. “I’m alright.” He wasn’t quite sure why he was told that he would be back that evening. After he left, Nathan let out a sigh. He hadn’t even got the persons name, and Nathan wasn’t good with faces, so he doubted that even if they met again he would recognize him.
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He look at the stain as he scratched the back of his head nervously. “Once again, I apologize.” Nojhi picked up his cup off the table then headed back to the cash register, leaving his strawberry cake behind.
He explained to the lady what happened and told her what he told the young man. “Anything for him, add it to my tab and i’ll be back to pay it later. “ He turned around then showed an awkward smile as he headed out to the door. “I have to jet. I’ll be back around this evening.”
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Nathan blinked as the male apologized and got napkins. Most people would have just left, he figured. Nathan took the napkins, carefully wiping at the cake. After a while it was just a stain. He looked up at Nojhi and shrugged. "It's fine. Accidents happen, I suppose."
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Nojhi noticed how uncomfortable the young man started to get.
“U-Uh can i get you some napkins? I’m extremely sorry again.” He sat his Cup on the table then immediately ran to the cash register, picking up the napkins that were nearby it. He handed them over. “Look, next time. Something on me, or just tell them to put it on my tab. I owe you that much at least.”
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Nathan, who had still been looking at his drink, let out a small gasp as the cake landed on him. He looked up, glaring at the person who did it. His glare lessened some as the male, who he had watched walk in, told him it was an accident. Nathan shook his head a little. All the nasty germs that could be in that cake. He shuddered.
"Fine. It's whatever. Just. Ew." He said, blinking down at the cake on him. While a germaphobe, he wasn't going to be rude about it. He curled his lip in disgust as he continued to look at it. "Ew." He murmured.
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The girl behind the counter began making his order, a green tea with strawberry cake on the side. A very odd combination indeed. Once his order was completed, she brought it to the counter, and then he paid.
[i "Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.."] The girl added with a smile. He nodded his head to her then went on his way.

His eyes scanned the small area, trying to find a decent spot where he could enjoy himself just for a little while. Nojhi began walking, he noticed a man sitting at a table by himself but he didn't pay much mind. As he got closer, his arm hit the edge of the table and his plate which held his strawberry cake fell on the make. He was able to save his drink from spilling on him at least.

"Shit! I'm sorry it was an accident-!" He sighed loudly
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Nathan looked up as the door opened, a male walking in. He seemed pretty sure of himself as he walked up to the counter. Nathan looked down as the male ordered, thinking it's rude to stare. He blinked at his tea, playing with the string hanging out of the cup.
He sighed, then pulled out his phone, tapping a couple times on it before setting it back down on the table. Nathan picked his cup up, taking a drink from it. He kept it up in the air for a moment, looking down at the tea. Finally, realizing how weird that must be, he put it down, trying to act like nothing happened.
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Nojhi Continue to have a pointless conversation with the girl that he ended up bumping into in the hallway. Even though he was unfriendly he was trying to make a good first impression because who wants to be an asshole on the first day of school? He kindly said his goodbyes to the girl and went about his business for the day. He wasn’t officially going to start until next week but they thought they were called him in just so he can have a tour around school since he will be attending there for the next semester.

“What a day....” he sighed, thinking to
himself. “Maybe i should get some cake from my favorite coffee shop and read a bit to relax.”

[b Cafe Latte] ~

As he opened the door and walked in, they greeted him rather causally.
[i “The usual?”] a girl from behind the counter asked.
“You know it.”
  N o j h i / BeyondBirthday / 314d 2h 43m 41s
Nathan was quietly sitting in a coffee shop, Cafe Latte, it was called. The shop was clean, thankfully. He had a cup of tea in front of him. The male had made sure the people working there had cleaned it well before putting his tea in it and giving it to him. Nathan was not going to risk his health, really ever, but especially not before he was to begin working at a new place. He knew it was probably not good that he was as germaphobic as he was, but really, what did it matter? It's not like he could get some disease from washing his hands so much, even if it had started to make his hands red and start to rash lately. Nathan picked up his tea, taking a sip from it, holding the cup in his hands as he continued to be lost in his thoughts.
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