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A chat for exchanging lyrics and improving them. Or you could start to get into songwriting and we can teach you! Or if you would just like to show off your writing, that's amazing too! Or lastly, you could share your favourite lyrics, just tell us the song and who it's by!

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Yo, turn it up a lil' louder. Aight, yeah. There ya go.

Blue is singing, red is rap.

[+blue All these nights that we stayed up laughin', girl you put me in a fuckin heaven. Didn't know what to say ev'ry time I saw your face, lookin' like an angel, but really- (WAIT!)] [+red How dare you, bitch?! No, no, I don't believe you. Don't do this to me, how could you- you ruined me! Don't even look at me! I don't wanna see those that don't love me, no, not for me but for my body! It wasn't about the pleasure to me, I thought we had something! YOU LEFT ME! Shut the fuck up, Bitch! Just answer the fucking question! I told you that you could tell me anything, butchu couldn't even find it in you, to do the right thing. Now 'good' and 'thing' are of the question, 'heaven' and 'hell' Hope you've not been braggin! But, no, I really do. If there is one person who deserves to burn IT'S YOU! AHH!!!] [+blue Girl, all these nights we stayed up laughin. So sorry you developed bad habits. Thoutchu was mine, now look where that went. I can't even describe how bad you facked it, but I don't wanna play your game, not now, bitch. Got the machete from O.J., ready to hack, aye?] [b Footsteps] [+red Gotchu! (NO!) Here, here's a scar, leave a mark, huh? Don't come back, bitch, now please get hit by a car! Gah!] [b FUCK IT.]
  HardRBoi / 1y 68d 12h 25m 6s
[center [size11 Holy shit, she smells like Heaven.
Been best friends since we were 11.
Oh my god, I like her.
Yeah, I heard you like her,
Baby, I thought we had something.
Compared to him, I'm next to nothing.
Oh my God, I like her.
Yeah, I heard you like her.

[i I am a million fucking bucks!
I am a thousand fucking fucks!
Your bitch is dead, she was hit by a truck!

I got lies to tell your children,
When my smile pierces through your bones.
Right through your bones.
The grass is green inside my yard,
I can make you laugh so fucking hard, it hurts you.
Inside your bones.

[size7 Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most - Dance Gavin Dance ]
  ScorpionTears- / 1y 91d 37m 46s

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