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[center [b Death Prevails.]]
[center [b Current Members:]]
[b Known Name:] Simo
[b Age:] Late-thirties
[b Height:] 6' 4"
[b Misc Features:] Short dirty blonde hair and full beard, brown eyes, tall and slim
[b Current Attire:] Sweater, jeans, boots, gloves
[b Known Injuries:] None so far
[b Current Inventory:] Ruger 10/22 w/ optical scope + 25 bullets, 6" hunting knife, pocket flashlight, Swiss army knife, lighter.

[center [b Currently Known Zombie Types:]]
[b Name(s):] Roamer, zombie, biters, lurkers.
[b Average Speed:] 2-3 MPH/3-5 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Low.
[b Intelligence:] Low.
[b Misc Info:] These are you're bread and butter undead. They are slow, shuffling, decaying pieces of meat who alone are no great concern to an aware person. However they tend to migrate in herds and attack en masse. Be wary of all buildings, vehicles and generally anywhere; these have a habit of being anywhere and everywhere.

[b Name(s):] Sprinter.
[b Average Speed:] 8-10 MPH/13-16 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Average.
[b Intelligence:] Low.
[b Misc Info:] Fresher and more acrobatic as a result. When people first turn, they are likely to be akin to these more able undead. Speed is their only main difference to the previous category, so if there is a herd do keep in mind that some will move much faster than their shuffling brethren.

[b Name(s):] Stalkers.
[b Average Speed:] 6-8 MPH/9-13 KPH
[b Stamina:] High.
[b Intelligence:] High.
[b Misc Info:] As yet, these are the most persistent and aggressive undead to come across. They have an inert ability to seek out food and their heightened sound and smell make up for a below average sight. If you are being hunted by one, take it out quickly. Although they travel alone often, a few of these chasing you and you are in a very large amount of trouble. They are highly mutated infected, with clawed hands and a thicker skull. As present, killing one without a firearm is unheard of.

[b Name(s):] Wheezers.
[b Average Speed:] 2-3 MPH/3-5 KPH
[b Stamina:] Low.
[b Intelligence:] Average.
[b Misc Info:] They gain their name from the nerve-gas like emission caused by an over-active stomach. Whilst it's speed is so low, it cripples it's prey - the living - by expelling a gas similar in fashion to nerve-gas. Thus gas causes nerve spasms, dizziness, headaches, shortness of breaths whilst it also permeates clothing, meaning you should strip off to some fresh clothes if you encounter one - or at least wash them. With such a weapon at hand, it's also advisable not to shoot one in the stomach. Though not tested, theoretically it could explode.

[b Name(s):] Siafu.
[b Average Speed:] 7-8 MPH/11-13 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Average.
[b Intelligence:] Average.
[b Misc Info:] Always found in groups of eight or more, [i 'Siafu'] - given from the African driver ant known for its large colonies - is the name given to a throng of children once they have turned. Known for more athletic, jinking movement given their young and sprightly age, they are considered by some to be shy and withdrawn. Some people say they use this child-like hiding to draw in prey who believe they are approaching innocent lost children. Overpowering by pure numbers, they do have small sharp talons and their skin can be caustic at times. The visible perforated hernia is the only assumed weakpoint.

[b Name(s):] Loggers/Flotsam.
[b Average Speed:] 6-8 MPH/9-13 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Average.
[b Intelligence:] High.
[b Misc Info:] Typically dwellers of the sewers - where they earned their unfortunate name of loggers - these hive-mind-esque infected are known for their incredible fits of rage and being possessive of the territory they inhabit. Typically seen in groups no bigger than five, they aren't seen during the day though it is not known if they spend it in some kind of hibernation or simply retreat to the dark shadows beneath the city. They sense of smell and knowledge of orientation make up for a lake of sight - make sure you bring some caustic materials with you to distract them. A good dismemberment can't hurt either.

[b Name(s):] Streps/Necros.
[b Average Speed:] 2-3 MPH/3-5 KPH.
[b Stamina:] High.
[b Intelligence:] Above-Average.
[b Misc Info:] Due to a high rate of decay, streps are one of the more fatality inducing undead - even if they don't move at a particularly quick speed like sprinters or have long claws like a stalker. A word of care; Do. Not. Touch. Them. Given their advanced state of decay, contact with these hellish ghouls exposes the victim to skin-eating bacteria which bolsters a typical fatality rate from 30/40% up to 50/60%. Thankfully they are not you're typical urban-dweller, preferring wooded areas, grassland or subterranean terrain with the loggers. Should you encounter one then do take note of the soft plate in their chest.

[b Name(s):] Tumblers/Arachnids/Gears.
[b Average Speed:] 7-8 MPH/11-13 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Low.
[b Intelligence:] Low.
[b Misc Info:] A rather terrifying if strange infected, tumblers are named after the tumbling spider which cartwheels to get away from predators. Although this creature doesn't perform acrobatics with a neat dismount at the end, it is very fast. It's limbs are barely connected to it's body, and through an unknown but assumed chain of brain chemistry, it manages to fling it's appendages in the direction it wishes to move, the bones grinding and clicking like gears as it throws itself at it's prey in a short but quick burst of energy. It should be noted that if you can put enough obstacles or distance between you and it, then you will escape as it's attack requires so much energy it cannot be kept up for long. Be hesitant - it often lies dormant in buildings where it could be mistaken for just another body.

[center [b History:]]
[b [center Chapter 1]]


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Tasia listened to him and then blinked, coming back to reality that this was not some cute little cafe where they could catch up. She started walking and eyed the surrounding area.
[b “Not really. Let’s leave a little mystery for a change.”] She said with a small smile towards him. What was wrong with a little mystery, anyway? Everything was so messed up now in this world, she figured a little mystery was warranted. She shifted along the path and looked back towards the new found home. It wasn’t how she imagined her life panning our. She figured she’d have settled down by now, have a nice house with kids and some 9-5 husband. Then again, she was glad she never had kids. She couldn’t imagine a child growing up in this world. A flick of movement caught her attention and she looked through the undergrowth.
[b “Simo.”] She whispered as she crouched a little. She didn’t know much about the undead. All she knew was get the Hell out the way or kill them.

It did sadden her to know these creatures were once human. They were once someone’s family. She glanced to Simo and then back to the undead. Tasia eyed over the creature, trying to decipher what they were dealing with here. Flawed hands and a thick skull.
[b “Stalker.”] She mumbled quietly and looked to Simo. Tasia hadn’t seen much conflict in her time, Gareth usually managing to keep her inside where her medical knowledge was better spent.
[b “Just one I think.”] She whispered and eyed her gun. She was no way able to take a shot and if they missed then Stalkers were fast and they were smart. She looked back to the home they had made. Gunshots would alarm the others so if they did miss their best bet was to run back that way so the others could pick off the stalker. But if the stalker wasn’t alone, they would be in trouble.
[b “Can you make the shot?”] She asked Simo quietly. She knew she had a terrible shot and if she messed it up then they would be in trouble. She hated the smell of these things, how they they sounded, everything. But there was a pang of sorrow for them. But they were empty shells now.

Simo has a better chance and if he missed then her fun was locked and loaded and if she needed to make a few pot shots to slow it down then she would. Two people versus a stalker was no mean feat. She knew damn well what these things were capable of. She had even looked after Gareth when he had come into contact with a Wheezer once, washing him clean of the putrid gas and every experience she had made her better at dealing with future problems. Strands of her fell in front of her pale eyes. She couldn’t cure if someone was bitten though, she knew that. She’d heard rumours that cutting the limb off as soon as possible sometimes worked but she was sure it was a story.

They were stuck. If they were spotted by the stalker then they would be chased down. Besides, it was better to clear the areas on patrols like this. Tasia would do completely as she was told by Simo. He was more experienced on patrols than she was.
[b “Just tell me what to do.”] She said to him and braved herself. It would kill anyone to think of these creatures as humane in any way. They weren’t. Whoever they were before this, was gone. The living had to be looked out for, the dead were just memories now. Tasia could feel the tension in the air, she didn’t dare move until given a command to. She did however clutch the bag of supplies closer to her. Losing the supplies could spell life or death for people. She was afraid, she would be foolish not to be.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Hearing that they had lost their parents only made Simo feel that little bit regretful for making a joke of Gareth’s protectiveness over his little sister. The tall Finn could not relate for he had no siblings but he did understand. The man was protective over what family he had left, and he would find no issue from Simo. Going a little quiet as she spoke it was difficult not to chuckle and share in her light humour.[+firebrick “You think I know what I’m doing with this?”] He gave a light tap to the butt of the rifle hanging by his shoulder.[+firebrick "I used to hunt back in Finland. Martens, minkki, beaver – small game stuff. And I almost never came home with anything but cold fingers.”]

Maybe it was not in the vested interests of keeping her confident in his ability to protect her to go sprouting off about how bad a shot he was. But it was a good time to bond a little more, to open up and converse with the reclusive woman, and if she was offering olive branches he would take them.

The nurse’s station was held in a small administrative building that was built not so long ago and far after the main school, thus why it sat outside those thick walls that kept them all safe. Her suggestion was fine by him even if they were only on a perimeter sweep. They had been intending to come back to the building with bolt cutters time and again but it always got forgotten.[+firebrick “That’s fine but I call claim on any colourful band-aids and all lolly-pops.”] He tried to keep their mood jovial but she quickly found reason for reflection.

It was a constant struggle not to think of the past, the world as it had once been, and to wish for it all back. That was why Simo was trying to keep her mind focused elsewhere and to keep the talk going. Yet he couldn’t find the right words at that moment and did not want to overstep his mark with her and ruin what little ground he had made.

When she approached the nurses cupboard he looked about the room for anything that he could break the padlock with. There was nothing of course, he had checked thoroughly last time. Looking back up to her to explain such he watched her literally grab at the door and pull on it hard enough to bend the metal just a little.[+firebrick “Well.. I feel more stupid than usual..”] He mumbled as he turned to the doorway and peered out down the corridor just to make sure they were safe as she did her pilfering. The small silence didn’t last long though as she finished and was soon approaching the doorway, speaking to him softly. Looking back he offered her a small smile.

[+firebrick “Don’t you start with that Viking nonsense like Mike.”] He replied as he leaned on the opposite side of the entrance to her. He didn’t believe the information would be useful in the strictest sense of the word, but talking, with anyone, sounded good right then and there. She was done stealing what she could from the cupboard so it was not like he was distracting her.[+firebrick “I started out as an engineer in Finland, my cousin Arvo and I did some work with the hydro-electrics dams and whilst it paid well, it was dull. So when he moved out over here to work, wasn’t long until he got me a job working as a mechanic at his company doing some electric works here, there and everywhere.”] He wondered how the man was doing, whether he was surviving like Simo or if he had succumb to this madness.[+firebrick “Basically lived out of a suitcase for the last two years, seeing all America has to offer. It was fun but the constant flights and hotel rooms does get a touch.. same-same.”] The word escaped him which was only more frustrating because he felt his grasp of English was very good.

[+firebrick “Come on, you can talk and walk at the same time. Don’t want to worry anyone.”] He gestured for her to follow him, to finish their sweep of the perimeter and get back inside the walls as soon as possible. She was lovely company, and a beautiful woman which was shown by how he looked back to her several times, but he didn’t want to panic people or be given a black mark against his character for keeping her out longer than needed.[+firebrick “Anymore questions for me? I don’t have anything to hide, and its not like you can tweet or Facebook live any of this.”] A chuckle resonated in his chest as he walked back outside, looking about them though less than attentive to their surroundings, at least as much as he had been.
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Tasia let her pale eyes mark out the area around them, careful for anything of note. She looked over when Simo answered her and just nodded. What else could she do? It was disheartening to hear her fears put to voice and she just offered an understanding smile.
"Gareth?" She waved a hand and seemed to take on a faraway look for a while. She supposed she could see why Simo would think her brother would be concerned of her wandering off into the unknown with a man. Still, Tasia was old enough, she was smart too. Besides, these people were the people who survived with them, she didn't believe Simo had any ill-intent.

"Gareth is... harmless. Hot headed, red blooded but harmless. He kids around to cope. Besides," She trailed her eyes over him.
"I reckon I could take you on if you tried anything." She smirked playfully and her thought flickered a little. She swallowed a little,
"He's protective. He never was that type, yanno? More content to shrug everything off. Then we lost our parents and he turned into what he is now." Then again, they were all protective over each other. Tasia had taken after her mother with her quiet resolve and motherly attitude. Gareth was outgoing and brash just like their father, the loudest voice in the room sometimes. She looked back to their home, that's what it had become. She didn't know how long it would stand as such and each day was a blessing.

"I never go on these, on account of being a terrible shot so uh, here's hoping nothing happens because I can't promise I'll save you." There was a glint just like her brother's in her eye, a sparkle of humour and she exhaled a misty breath and she stopped to look in on the classrooms that had once upon a time held young kids. It seemed so foreign now, like some sort of historical find.
"I'll check the nurses station here, there was a locked cupboard last time, we could use some stuff- in case." She said and bit her lip. She hadn't moved though from her spot as she watched the classroom in the filtered light and she looked thoughtful.

"I used to hate math, and science. I was bad at them both. I loved biology though, Gareth was different. He loved literature and math, he wanted to be a teacher." She half laughed but it sounded choked for a split second.
"After it happened, when we came to see those creatures... He stopped seeing the beautiful in things. He wants to, so badly. But I can tell, he's my brother. He jokes and stuff but, underneath it all he's just not there anymore." She said quietly as if she was talking to a ghost almost. She pulled herself back to reality and coughed awkwardly. She had never lost her ability to see the good, it was almost childish in a way. She still saw beauty, she still saw goodness in every person. She shifted down the halls and slipped through the door, wary to listen for any sounds in the quietness. She didn't want to make too much noise as she looked to the padlock and sighed and she huffed out a little. She slipped her nimble fingers under the slight gap in the metal cupboard like and braced as she yanked on it, watching as it came off enough she could reach in.

She slipped her hand in and tugged out whatever she could grab, stuffing it into her satchel and figuring she would check the contents later, she didn't want to wait around forever on this and she hated this, it was like waiting for something to happen. She looked to Simo, feigning a smile and feeling stupid about her earlier daydreaming as she looked outside.
"Tell me about you." She said to him, wanting the sound of another's voice to distract her from the wistful thoughts spiralling around in her head.
"What'd you do before all this? Who was the 'Viking' before everything went so wrong?"
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Simo had been expecting to be given the perimeter sweep, though he was interested to find he would be paired with Tasia. The girl was often kept within the walls of their little compound to keep her safe as her medical knowledge was quite unique and therefore very valuable. But the younger woman, her age a mystery and subject to a playful game between him and Grace, was more than eager to get out there into the world. It was encouraging to have her react that way. In truth, he had expected a sullen or fearful reaction, thus the more experienced man was more than happy to let her lead the way toward the makeshift armoury near the entrance.

John was stood there ready to let them out as they gathered their necessary tools. Simo was the kind of man to go that extra step if it could be helped, especially when his and others safety was in question. He pulled a belt around his waist and clipped it secure, matching Tasia with the hand gun though he took a hunting rifle off the small stand of weapons. Checking the chamber slowly he took only a few spare rounds of what little remained and hung the weapon over his shoulder from its strap. Stepping out with Tasia he stopped a few feet away to get a bearing of the area. It allowed John to close the door and the young woman to offer a brief farewell to her brother before the duo headed off along the wall of the compound.

[+firebrick “You’d think I would be huh? Still freezing.”] He said back to her observation, a shiver running up his spine at that moment as if to remind him. He was accustomed to the cold but without the right clothing or equipment, even he was feeling its harsh grasp as he walked on. It was a little bit of a blessing however that he could focus his mind past the frigid conditions and on what possibly lurked around any corner. It could be rather easy to lapse in concentration and miss a sound or that blur in the distance.

Thankfully he had a partner here with him to keep him on task and he glanced across to her as she questioned their future, specifically Mike’s fantastical belief in the Army and whatnot. The question was a fair one yet Simo took a moment to look around, buying time for him to think through an appropriate response.[+firebrick “Mike is a daydreamer.”] He tried to sound assured but his discomfort at the topic was a little evident.[+firebrick “I think you appreciate honesty and bluntness over sweet and kind words, so to be short; no, I don’t think what he said will happen.”] He had never said those words openly, and while it was something that may have happened early on, now that they were months into this new world, each day had chipped away at his hope and resolve. He had decided it was best not to dwell on the belief of rescue and it was a touch liberating to be honest with himself as well as Tasia. Yet he was quick to follow up,[+firebrick “But, instead, I think there are others out there. I think that others are out there like us, surviving, getting by, day by day, just taking this all in their stride. And we will one day meet them and we will build something better than what we currently have.”] He still had to have positives in his life. He didn’t have a brother like she did, family to trust in and rely upon like that. So he lived on this notion that others were like them and they could come together as a bigger community. A very, very big hope.

[+firebrick “This way.”] He pointed out a pathway that ran through a small copse of trees, taking them away from their home. It was odd to call a small prep school home. The rooms that once hosted the sciences, English literature and mathematics to rambunctious and wild teens now housed grim and tired adults. The building itself was robust enough to keep them safe with its heavy doors and windows set several feet from the ground. Thankfully it did have a large brick outer wall. It had been built to keep the pupils in really, but now it held back the monsters that now inhabited the world.

[+firebrick “I can imagine your brother might not be best pleased that you’re out here, and with me no less.”] He commented with a wry smile, trying to move them onto a lighter topic.
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The presence by the fire was a welcomed one. Simo was someone who didn’t shove boundaries with her, didn’t push her to always talk and smile. Although he did draw a smile when he joined her and she eyed the sticky meal he was enjoying, raising an eyebrow. She supposed they would all have to just take what they were given and she looked to her brother who was chuckling at the pouting American. Tasia glanced to Elizabeth when she entered and kept quiet because she knew better than to smart the woman. She actually admired Elizabeth, she kept such great control. Given the group was mostly hot-blooded men, that was no easy task.

“Yes ma’am!” Gareth saluted from his cornflakes and got up, dumping his bowl and adjusting his coat. He ruffled Tasia’s hair on the way past and kissed her cheek.
“Stay safe, titch.” He teased but for all his joking, he was careful because things could go south at any point. He headed up to the watch point, and huffed out. Although Gareth made jokes and was forever the clown amongst them, he did care and he did worry, he was fortunate enough to have his little sister with him and that wasn’t something he wanted to give up. His eyes scanned the outside as he shuffled to the nearest warm spot.
“These things never happen in nice places where I’m not freezing my bollocks off.” He grumbled to himself. But hey, at least he wasn’t late.

Tasia looked rather disgruntled when her hair was ruffled and her cheek was kissed. She huffed a little at her older brother and shook her head as he headed up for watch. She knew he would be alright, he would be safe with the company they had here. She glanced to Simo and have another small smile. No rest for the wicked. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair, with any luck there would be some more medical supplies. Although everyone was doing okay currently, that could all change in minutes and she needed to be ready.
“With any luck, they managed to get some stuff from a pharmacy.” She said quietly and put her hands in the oversized jacket as she headed towards the perimeter. She of course took one of the hand guns available, although wasting ammo was a huge negative.
“C’mon then.” She chirped and headed out.

The world wasn’t what it had been. It was terrifying and barren apart from the monsters that roamed the lands. She looked to the watch place and gave a small wave to her brother. She breathed in the fresh and cold air that seemed to set her lungs on fire every time she inhaled. She hated doing sweeps, she wasn’t a good shot like Gareth was, nor was she physically strong but she could run like the wind and was fiercely agile, able to turn on a pinhead whilst running. They’d all seen there share of danger and she supposed the only good thing was she wasn’t doing it alone and they were lucky to get the daylight sweep. She didn’t often interact with anyone, usually buried in a book regarding medicines and medical knowledge in her sleeping area. She quite enjoyed doing the night watches as well, which reminded her, she was pretty sure she was due on a watch tonight which suited her. Tasia shoved the gun in her belt and looked over to Simo. She didn’t know much about him, just what she overheard for the most part and the man had often attempted to converse with her politely.
“You look used to this cold weather.” She observed. She supposed she should have been used to it by now but her thin frame probably didn’t help anything.

She kept a keen eye on their surroundings. She eyed the barren trees and looked back to their little safe haven.
“Do you think Mike could be right, that the army might come and get us?” Or has they been forgotten about and left for dead. Tasia wasn’t a little girl, she had honestly lost track of the days so she supposed she was approaching thirty by now. Was it? She didn’t know so well. But her actions were oddly innocent and there was a glimmer to see the best in everyone regardless of how deep a hole they were all in.

Gareth watched his sister leave for the sweep with the other man. He trusted every guy in here, every person with his sister’s life because this group had been the ones to keep each other alive. Tasia and him wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes out by themselves. He looked to Steven and then back to the two walking the perimeter.
“Aw don’t worry so much, Gareth. Viking boy will keep an eye on her.” Steven chimed with a chuckle and a clap on the back to the man. Gareth was thirty two, only a few years older than his sister. But everyone looked older somehow.
“I know, Si.” He huffed and buried himself in his jacket as he set his gaze to the east. Things had been quiet, and it was like a calm before the storm, Gareth could taste anticipation and tension in the air. So many men in one place was bound to cause tensions to rise and he knew from experience it would eventually kick off and someone would need to be told to tow the line. As long as his sister and him weren’t in the firing line, he would be content.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Simo, Grace and Mike had settled into a silence not long after Gareth and Tasia stepped out into the courtyard they had congregated within. It was not due to their arrival that their talk had stalled. For Simo himself, he felt he got along amicably with Gareth and whilst his interactions with Tasia were infrequent, they were positive and constructive, often revolving around her burgeoning medical knowledge. The quiet moment was just one of those things that happened these days. Inevitably most conversations came back to the past and memories of not just what had been lost but whom too. So many joyful moments of shared laughter and beaming smiles had been struck down harshly by forgotten lives.

The trio listened in on the brother and sister as they discussed the watch from that morning, everyone feeling better to hear nothing untoward had happened. Every reminder, however small, that they were safe was good for the soul. So many had been lost to broken spirits and spiralling in their negativity, it was something Simo had particularly keen on ensuring didn’t happen again.

[+firebrick “No report is the best kind of report.”] He said as he strolled back toward the fire to stand near Tasia, smiling toward her as he lifted a finger to his mouth once more to enjoy the sticky meal.

However Mike was shaking his head.[+royalblue “Nah, best report is seeing some G.I’s hauling ass toward us in a couple 5-ton’s, ready to take us to a FOB and sit all this out with a couple cold ones and a steak.”] This was said with such certainty it was as if they would soon hear the heavy diesel engines coming toward them, perhaps blaring Born in the USA or the like from large speakers.

Simo stood bemused for just a few seconds before chuckling and brushing a clean hand through his hair.[+firebrick “Mike, that has to be [i the most] American fantasy I’ve ever heard. If only there were some bald eagles, maybe a marching band and fireworks. Then it would be perfect.”] He gave him a thumbs up as Grace joined in with the laughter now. Ever easy to annoy, the staunch patriot pursed his lips before setting off for the taller man who darted behind Tasia and away a number of steps, moving backwards to keep an eye on the charging bull and laughing all the while until he knocked into someone.

Turning around he was confronted by an older woman. She was the height of Mike, a few inches shy of six foot, with a messy bob of silver and maroon hair to top her. She was well dressed for the weather, multiple layers sat atop a fuller figure and clutched in her mitten covered hands was a clipboard.[+purple “Having fun are we Simo?”] Her matronly voice carried her annoyance at being knocked into and the tall foreigner put a hand to her shoulder apologetically.

[+firebrick “Sorry Elizabeth, just some playful jokes.”] The oldest in the group, Elizabeth – never Liz or Beth – looked up at him with a look of worn impatience. She had been an employee of the DMV before this had all happened and therefore she was quite used to hijinks and people trying to mess her around. But to Elizabeth it was all about order. Thus the clipboard.

[+purple “Well I am glad you are in a playful mood and have all that energy just raring to get out because you and Tasia are going to be doing the perimeter sweep this morning.”] There was no sense in arguing, she would not change her mind, and in a way he had come to see her as a stern but fair elected leader. They needed someone to put them in their place, keep order, keep some civility. And she did well to keep them distracted, often going from one job to the next before off to bed to start again the next day.[+purple “Mike and Grace are going to go clear out the last of Richmond Street.”] She looked across to the duo.[+purple ”You’re just going to bring back whatever Gareth and Simo couldn’t from last week, no heroics guys. Speaking of which,”] she turned on the man shovelling cornflakes into his mouth and his audible crunch,[+purple “you’re due on watch with John and Steven in,”] a check of the watch,[+purple “ten minutes. Please be on time Gareth.”] She pulled the clipboard into her chest, clasping it like a mother does her child, looking on those before him with a faint smile that some may call smug. She was efficient, didn’t mean she was nice.
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“Get your lazy ass up!” The fox featured girl said as she banged on the door. Her thin frame tired, pale eyes searching the door as her ears listened for any sign of movement within the room. She dare not disturb her older brother in case he had ‘company’. She rolled her eyes and sighed softly before giving up her fruitless endeavour and heading out. She was wrapped in thick fabric that hid her frame, rather deceivingly. It was easy to forget how times took their toll. She was barely twenty eight, but look a little younger with her fair skin and long hair with large eyes and features of a much innocent time.

Tasia, or Anastasia to those who were more formal, made her way down the hall. Nimble fingers desperately aches for the heat. She had taken a watch early this morning but there was little rest to be had in these times and being left alone usually meant thoughts dancing in the peripherals. Thick lashed eyes glanced around those already present as she decided to forsake breakfast in exchange for some heat from the flames as she stretched out her fingers and let the heat seep into them, it was almost painful.

Of course, her elder brother Gareth emerged some time later. He had a cheek to be yawning as he looked to his little sister with a cheeky, boyish smile. He was in his thirties and his rugged appearance was claim to that with scruffy hair and a sprinkling of facial hair. He was darker featured than his sister but the clue to their relation was their eyes.
“You look like shit.” He expressed in his rough voice to his sibling who just stared at him before turning her attention back to the flames. Gareth eyes the others but his appetite was ravenous as he found some cornflakes, it was at least good they seemed to all be in good spirits if the hilarity was anything to go by. Gareth was the more sociable of the siblings, more extroverted than Tasia who preferred to linger too much in the land of daydreams and whimsical beings. It was bothersome some times, other times he left her to it.

Gareth scratches at his stubble as he listened in. Tasia seemed too intent on keeping warm, her cheek bones a sharp contrast of pink in the cold. She never complained, an admirable trait and she much preferred the art of listening to talking. Gareth was of course usually in the thick of it but dry cornflakes had his attention more than anything right then as he leant against the nearest surface.

The world had crumbled it seemed, still, what could they do now except survive it? He glanced out the nearest open spot and surveyed the area. It was his turn to take a watch soon enough in case any of the rabid bastards turned up.
“How was it last night?” He asked pointedly to his sister who shrugged, a motion which meant she had nothing to report. Talking in groups was never her strong suit.
“Smashing report.” Gareth said sarcastically, but a good shine of humour in his gaze as he stretched his limbs and finished the handful of cornflakes he had left before adjusting his thick coat to keep out the chill and absently tying up a boot lace.

Tasia watched her brother intently. Of course times like this warranted worrying, anyone who wasn’t scared was stupid. And stupid people died. Most of them hid it well. Some of the time. Thankfully all seemed in relatively good health. Tasia was rather good at helping out medically whilst her brother was the better skilled at combat. He was a good shot and had taught Tasia as best he could. Although the girl preferred her books and reading about how best to help any injuries that occurred.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Sunlight shines under the door like a ghoul's grin yet gives the shutters a halo of golden rays. That was the new morning, sinner and saint, passing silent judgement upon the world and its inhabitants. Waking is a hammer swung with gusto, sudden, frightful and spasmodic. Yet the embrace of slumber, her arms light and secure and her whisper tales so inviting makes her a hardy foe. The thought that this day is ripe for the taking, more can be accomplished than in the last, is tempting to indulge. Then again the bed is warm, the draught is cold, the desire to remain still is consuming.

But Hannah's complaints will only be more fierce the longer he is missing.

A check of his wrist and the time is confirmed; it is past dawn. His duties await him as much as they do the others and so he swings reluctantly from his bed to place bare but warm feet on cold tile floor. With the covers gone his ever-increasingly gaunt frame is given witness to the world. Pale, taut to the bone and muscles in places, covered by a layer of ravens hair in others. His forearms and stomach retain a modicum of their old definition. He is a fit if lithe man. These days they are seldom the only ones left. Leaving the bed behind he stretches muscles that have ached for many months now and show no signs of easing soon.

He dresses quickly to stave off the crisp morning air though as the days pass by and they edge into winter it is becoming harder to keep the chill from his core. He longs for a good pair of thermal underwear. A small luxury when all in the world has fallen by the wayside but he has wiled away many a night dreaming of what he would do if it all were to come back. And certainly thermals would be near the top of his list. Such a peculiar desire brings a small grin to his lips, pulling up his deep stubble cheeks towards sunken eyes of umber, and there is only a small delay to take a container from his bedside table before he is out the door to head outside.

[+royalblue “Ah, the [i Viking] awakens! I was beginning to think we may have lost you, sent on to Asgard or something Simo.”] A man, some thirty years of age though younger than the [i Viking], grins as he stands beside a honey coloured barrel with hands hovering over its open top. Flames flicker from its depths and fire crackles from within, a light cloud of smoke rising up and into the sky. His hair is flaxen – what little of it he retains – and he has a great big bushy beard to match. He is much shorter than the late arriver however he is much more rotund too. Looking on the duo they could not be more like opposites.

Taking the light barb in jest, there is some humour playing in Simo's eyes as he wander across to share in the warmth a moment.[+firebrick “Firstly; Vikings didn't come from Finland – we were much too strong and stubborn for them.”] The wind alters its direction forcing the tall man to move aside or inhale copious amounts of smoke. As he moved away he pulls up his container, a jar of peanut butter with a white plastic spoon protruding from within.[+firebrick “Secondly; dead ones went to Valhalla or Fólkvangr,”] his accent is luxurious and pronunciation perfect,[+firebrick “for Asgard is the name of the world. It's like you saying you live in Earth rather than America.”] Scooping from the container he deposits the thick, sticky, crunchy spoonful into his mouth and delights for a moment in its gooey-goodness.

The other man rolls his eyes quite theatrically though he rubs his hands some more over the flames.[+royalblue “Oh terribly sorry, I forgot to read up about my Scandinavian countries before the world went to shit.”] He sounded quite annoyed but such was his usual tone. He was often a gruff and frank man though he had grown on Simo over time, yet now he was speaking nonsense over to the shorter man whilst gesticulating with his spoon and jar.[+royalblue “What the hell are you saying? I don't speak foreign you know, 'cept when I used to order a taco.”] He laughs at his own joke once more, always pleasing himself, though the other man continued to speak in a riddle as a woman closed off the door that Simo had originally walked in through.

She was of short blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. Pretty enough, she was even smaller than the round-man though this was true of her size as well, rather on the thin side.[+forestgreen “He's not speaking Finnish Mike,”] she derided the other man, chuckling lightly as she moved toward the tall-man,[+forestgreen “he's just got his mouth full. Though I do speak peanut-butter and I believe he's trying to tell you that Finland is not Scandinavian but Nordic – and yes there is a difference.”] She stopped before the man, looking up at him with those vivid sapphire eyes.[+forestgreen “Am I right?”] He nodded with an oafish smile, offering the jar toward her. Her own smile grew, dimples on her rosy cheeks, and she lifted her index finger, dipping it inside.

Mike on the other hand had a furrowed brow now and looked at her with the other emotion he often had – confusion.[+royalblue “How the hell do you know that's what he was saying Grace? Sounded like gibberish to me.”]

[+forestgreen “Because we had the same conversation last week, only ours went on for an hour as he explained the subtleties. I just gave you the cliff-notes.”] She looked over to curious man and still her smile prevailed, she seemed to always smile.[+forestgreen “You're welcome.”] And finally she took the morsel from her delicate finger with a hum of pleasure at the flavour. Grace shared in Simo's love of the sticky spread.
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