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[center [b But Death Prevails Over All.]]
[center [b Current Members:]]
[b Known Name:] Simo
[b Age:] Late-thirties
[b Height:] 6' 4"
[b Misc Features:] Short dirty blonde hair and full beard, brown eyes, tall and slim
[b Current Attire:] Sweater, jeans, boots, gloves
[b Known Injuries:] None so far
[b Current Inventory:] Ruger 10/22 w/ optical scope + 25 bullets, 6" hunting knife, pocket flashlight, Swiss army knife, lighter.

[center [b Currently Known/Catalogued Zombie Types:]]
[b Name(s):] Roamer, zombie, biters, lurkers.
[b Average Speed:] 2-3 MPH/3-5 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Low.
[b Intelligence:] Low.
[b Misc Info:] These are you're bread and butter undead. They are slow, shuffling, decaying pieces of meat who alone are no great concern to an aware person. However they tend to migrate in herds and attack en masse. Be wary of all buildings, vehicles and generally anywhere; these have a habit of being anywhere and everywhere.

[b Name(s):] Sprinter.
[b Average Speed:] 8-10 MPH/13-16 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Average.
[b Intelligence:] Low.
[b Misc Info:] Fresher and more acrobatic as a result. When people first turn, they are likely to be akin to these more able undead. Speed is their only main difference to the previous category, so if there is a herd do keep in mind that some will move much faster than their shuffling brethren.

[b Name(s):] Stalkers/Jackals.
[b Average Speed:] 6-8 MPH/9-13 KPH
[b Stamina:] High.
[b Intelligence:] High.
[b Misc Info:] As yet, these are the most persistent and aggressive undead to come across. They have an inert ability to seek out food and their heightened sound and smell make up for a below average sight. If you are being hunted by one, take it out quickly. Although they travel alone often, a few of these chasing you and you are in a very large amount of trouble. They are highly mutated infected, with clawed hands and a thicker skull. As present, killing one without a firearm is unheard of.

[b Name(s):] Wheezers/Chokers/Coughers.
[b Average Speed:] 2-3 MPH/3-5 KPH
[b Stamina:] Low.
[b Intelligence:] Average.
[b Misc Info:] They gain their name from the nerve-gas like emission caused by an over-active stomach. Whilst it's speed is so low, it cripples it's prey - the living - by expelling a gas similar in fashion to nerve-gas. Thus gas causes nerve spasms, dizziness, headaches, shortness of breaths whilst it also permeates clothing, meaning you should strip off to some fresh clothes if you encounter one - or at least wash them. With such a weapon at hand, it's also advisable not to shoot one in the stomach. Though not tested, theoretically it could explode.

[b Name(s):] Siafu/Ants.
[b Average Speed:] 7-8 MPH/11-13 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Average.
[b Intelligence:] Average.
[b Misc Info:] Always found in groups of eight or more, [i 'Siafu'] - given from the African driver ant known for its large colonies - is the name given to a throng of children once they have turned. Known for more athletic, jinking movement given their young and sprightly age, they are considered by some to be shy and withdrawn. Some people say they use this child-like hiding to draw in prey who believe they are approaching innocent lost children. Overpowering by pure numbers, they do have small sharp talons and their skin can be caustic at times. The visible perforated hernia is the only assumed weakpoint.

[b Name(s):] Loggers/Flotsam.
[b Average Speed:] 6-8 MPH/9-13 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Average.
[b Intelligence:] High.
[b Misc Info:] Typically dwellers of the sewers - where they earned their unfortunate name of loggers - these hive-mind-esque infected are known for their incredible fits of rage and being possessive of the territory they inhabit. Typically seen in groups no bigger than five, they aren't seen during the day though it is not known if they spend it in some kind of hibernation or simply retreat to the dark shadows beneath the city. They sense of smell and knowledge of orientation make up for a lake of sight - make sure you bring some caustic materials with you to distract them. A good dismemberment can't hurt either.

[b Name(s):] Streps/Necros.
[b Average Speed:] 2-3 MPH/3-5 KPH.
[b Stamina:] High.
[b Intelligence:] Above-Average.
[b Misc Info:] Due to a high rate of decay, streps are one of the more fatality inducing undead - even if they don't move at a particularly quick speed like sprinters or have long claws like a stalker. A word of care; Do. Not. Touch. Them. Given their advanced state of decay, contact with these hellish ghouls exposes the victim to skin-eating bacteria which bolsters a typical fatality rate from 30/40% up to 50/60%. Thankfully they are not you're typical urban-dweller, preferring wooded areas, grassland or subterranean terrain with the loggers. Should you encounter one then do take note of the soft plate in their chest.

[b Name(s):] Tumblers/Arachnids/Gears.
[b Average Speed:] 7-8 MPH/11-13 KPH.
[b Stamina:] Low.
[b Intelligence:] Low.
[b Misc Info:] A rather terrifying if strange infected, tumblers are named after the tumbling spider which cartwheels to get away from predators. Although this creature doesn't perform acrobatics with a neat dismount at the end, it is very fast. It's limbs are barely connected to it's body, and through an unknown but assumed chain of brain chemistry, it manages to fling it's appendages in the direction it wishes to move, the bones grinding and clicking like gears as it throws itself at it's prey in a short but quick burst of energy. It should be noted that if you can put enough obstacles or distance between you and it, then you will escape as it's attack requires so much energy it cannot be kept up for long. Be hesitant - it often lies dormant in buildings where it could be mistaken for just another body.

[center [b History:]]
[b [center Chapter 1]]


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Surpassingly, Tasia rested fairly well. It was still dark out when she awoke and she sat up a little, rubbing her eyes, hair sticking up awkwardly as she eyed the fire which was almost down to embers. She got up and fed some fire into it. It took her a while to figure out why she had awoken so early and her eyes came into focus as she sat back down on the couch. A dark shape was at the end of the couch and Tasia got immediately to her feet, heart hammering in her chest. She didn’t have a weapon. Her breath was hitched in her chest otherwise she might have made some sort of cry for help. Tasia set her gaze for anything that might help because her initial thought was a biter had gotten inside.

[i “Hey! Stop, it’s me!”] It wasn’t Gareth and it sure as Hell wasn’t Elizabeth or Simo. Tasia squinted slightly.
[b “The Bakers son?”] She looked utterly confused. He was slick with blood and looked worn out. How had he even gotten in? Tasia remained wary, gesturing him to the kitchen where she lit some more candles for better light. He looked badly cut up and Tasia sighed as she ushered him to sit. She fixed him a coffee. He was shaking when he picked it up.

[b “I thought you were staying at the old place?”] Tasia said, her voice thick with sleep. Had he been bitten? She didn’t know and it was unlikely he would tell her.
[i “Uh, I was going to but my mother got sick…. She died and then my dad well… you know they were close. He shot himself. I took the gun and supplies. I left. You guys said north so I just kept walking.”] He was only around twenty years old and his name was Mark.
[b “Where’s the blood from?”] Tasia asked and Mark looked down at himself. He made an ‘oh’ sound and lifted his sleeves.

Sure enough, he was cut up pretty bad from the journey and Tasia eyed the cuts. One looked like teeth marks and she swallowed. She looked to Mark and could see the fear written on his face behind the pale, cold sweat. Tasia’s blood turned to ice as she drew back from him.
[i “It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt and I’m not going to die so I won’t turn.”] Mark explained, evidently he was in some sort of shock. Tasia sank into a chair and ran a hand through her hair which had fallen free of the braid. Gareth wasn’t going to like this. After a moment as light started to pool in the kitchen, Tasia got up and got the water from by the fire, and a clean cloth.

She bathed the injuries and eyed the bite mark, being careful as she did her best to clean out the wound. Maybe he wouldn’t turn, maybe the rumours about immune people were true and maybe he was right, he wasn’t going to die so he wouldn’t turn. She wrapped a bandage around it tightly and looked around, wearily. This wasn’t going to be a pleasant thing to tell the others. And she didn’t want Mark to hear any of it. She passed him a blanket and gestured he could use the couch to rest, throwing the blanket over himself. Tasia was a little shaken up by it all as she cleared away the bloodied water and cloth, scrubbing her hands and such, they would need to put him in some sort of quarantine. She shivered a little and leant on the counter, rubbing her head.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Simo was indeed one to argue, stubborn and relentless when he felt someone was being unreasonable, as Tasia was in this moment. A dislocated shoulder was far and away a valid excuse for taking the soft bed. In an ideal world one of Gareth or Elizabeth would offer their room, but if it was between Simo and Tasia then it could go on for hours back and forth. Sighing lightly as she pressed a foot against his thigh, nudging him to go, he relented and nodded his head lightly.

Pushing up from the couch he shuffled by her and toward the kitchen, collecting a water bottle to take with him into the bedroom rather than come out and disturb the others during the night. Fingers running over the bottle in thought he glanced back to the couch where Tasia was busy getting the blanket over her and making herself comfortable.
[+firebrick “Night.”] He called across quietly, little else to add before walking into the bedroom, closing the door shut behind him with a soft click.

Inside the bedroom he untied and kicked off his boots, making sure the curtains were pulled closed before moving over to the bed and sitting on the edge, bottle placed onto the nightstand with his pistol once more. For a time, he would sit there, very still, much as he did back in the school. His hands would rub at his eyes and brush up through his hair and he would stare into the darkness as thoughts ran boundless in his mind.

Finally, he pulled back the covers, slipping inside and trying to find sleep though it was much tougher than he expected. After an hour or so he would at last find slumber though as was often his norm it was fitful and broken, frequently stirred in a mild panic or confusion. However, he would not leave the room, staying where he had been told to and waiting for morning.
  WI_ / 1d 17h 47m 35s
Tasia shifted slightly to get a bit more comfortable. She took a moment to close her pale eyes to the world and just relaxed for a moment. It was so peaceful and she almost regretted saying Simo should rest because that meant he would leave. Now she really was being selfish and she opened her eyes when she heard Simo, glancing over to him. It felt human, for the first time in forever Tasia felt human and not a grubby stick of a thing just getting through each day, like a robot. Tasia was not a creature who read signs easily, nor did ever want to dare hope such feelings would bear fruit.

Tasia opened her eyes and looked to Simo, sighing out quietly. She didn’t want to argue with but she also wasn’t going to allow him a night on the couch. He didn’t have to worry about her, and yet he did. She wasn’t going to let him spend a night on the couch after what he had endured the night before.
[b “I’ll go later, you go just now.”] She encouraged as she watched his hand slip from hers. She got herself comfortable on the couch, bundling beneath her cardigan as she yawned a little, she wasn’t going to allow Simo a night on the couch because the poor man had slept rough last night. She gave him a nudge,
[b “Go on, I’m fine. Really.”] She assured him with a comforting smile. If she got uncomfortable then she would fix something up.

Tasia knew Simo’s gentle side most likely wouldn’t allow him to leave the woman on the couch.
[b “If I get uncomfortable then I’ll go up to Gareth, alright?”] It wasn’t a lie per say but she just wanted him to rest properly, to relax and have a good nights sleep. She didn’t want to argue about who was sleeping where, not with Simo. Tasia shifted slightly and tugged a blanket down from the edge of the couch, huddling beneath it and getting comfortable. She was wary of her shoulder but it didn’t hurt. Eventually, the warm and comfort was far too much to resist as her eyes became heavy, closing and for once Tasia didn’t resist. It was warm, she was comfortable and she had the thickness of a blanket and Simo close by so why wouldn’t she be comfortable?
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat She was quite silent for most of this time, only a few minutes, staring over at the fire as he held her hand and things calmed down for Simo especially. She was sweet as ever with her words, and he wanted to agree that she helped him to just relax and calm down. Following last night he had not slept well in the bed, his panicked awakening a sign that his dreams were more like nightmares, though seeing her had immediately brought a bit of peace to him and he could eventually ease back. But he stayed quiet for that moment.

That familiar constricting of the chest, increased blinking, the miasma that had settled on his mind was slowly fading away now, much as it had after the choker. It was silly to compare this moment to that but it really was the same feeling and he could have laughed at how ridiculous he was being. Here in the middle of the apocalypse, with undead walking all around, sat in a strangers home he was getting nervous with a woman. It would've made for a funny story.

But with her request that he get some sleep he sat back a little, hand slipping from hers, head nodding lightly. It was a partially defeated expression, as if hoping she may understand his actions and his words, but then he was being a touch naive too. For a minute or so he sat there looking down at his hands, still marked by scratches here and there.
[+firebrick “What about you? Like I said, you need to sleep on a bed more than any of us. You should go now, and rest your shoulder.”] He nodded his head to the bedroom behind them, remaining seated on the couch.
  WI_ / 2d 5h 43m 39s
Simo’s hand was warm in her own as she remained quiet and watched the fire. He shifted the hair from her face and she felt her breath hitches in her chest as she swallowed thickly, it was stupid to feel like this, really. Maybe she was getting in too deep with this man, letting her heart run over general logic and she gave his hand a gentle squeeze. She gave a small, nervous laugh as she leaned her head back on the couch and bathed in the warmth of the fire. She glanced to him when he called her sweet.

[b “No such thing as too sweet.”] She commented to him with a small smile, glancing down at their hands. She wasn’t uncomfortable around him, quite the opposite but her heart still fluttered like a caged bird for some reason. Normally she would have told him to go and rest, it was dark out now but if she was honest, she was being selfish. She liked things like this between them, it was comforting and it was safe in a way that she couldn’t quite describe.

[b “You have this funny way of making me forget things are terrible, Simo.”] She breathed out quietly, eyes still on the fire as the flames caressed the logs. If this was what it was to forget everything then she didn’t want to remember anything ever again. Nerves got the better of her before she could say anymore and she quietened down once more.

[b “You should rest.”] She finally said, more worried she would make a stupid move on him that would end in disaster if they stayed this close for much longer. He hasn’t slept much as it was and his wild night in the foreboding outdoors would only catch up with him and cause problems later on. Safe or not, they needed to rest.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Simo wasn't expecting her to move forward, pressing against him and wrapping her arms around him. Given how she was seated he was pulled forward a little though it didn't take long for his hands to wrap around her too and he hugged her tightly. It was an odd moment for him as whilst it felt right, it felt a little taboo. He couldn't put a finger on why he felt that way but having his arms about her left a few conflicting thoughts fluttering around his mind.

When she pulled back he didn't object, letting her do so though his hands rest on her sides just a little longer, fingers slowly slipping away.
[+firebrick “No, don't be sorry… it was nice.”] He say quietly much like her, though he nodded with her sentiment and agreed that he was happy to be her friend. Thinking of her talking in that sweet accent, her cute attempts to practice his language and keep up her 'lessons' was quite humorous and he laughed a little.

He reached out, taking a hold of her hand in his. He hadn't moved back from where she had pulled him forward, looking on her rosy cheeks in the flicker of the fire. Sitting there, just holding her hand beside a warm fire, it took real effort to remember what the world was like around them. They hadn't been talking for long and yet he had all but forgotten that things around them had fallen apart. In the future that might be a detrimental thing, but for now, when they needed to relax, he found it comforting to know he could escape it all.

Keeping her hand in his, though not forcing it to remain, he used his other free hand to brush back her loose hair once more. It was often coming loose but even in an untamed manner it was rather beautiful on her.
[+firebrick “You're too sweet at times Tasia.”] He commented in a soft voice, just looking across to her for a little longer before turning his head and looking at the warm fire, like her trying to hide his nerves.
  WI_ / 2d 15h 58m 51s
Tasia watched him and smiled softly, nudging him when he laughed at her. She couldn’t remember the last time she was so relaxed like this, everything was just calm and it was warm and she had amazing company. She was intrigued to know what she had been saying to him in all honesty. She seemed even prouder when he said she got it!
[b “Hah! I’ll be a natural in no time!”] She beamed proudly and giggled a little. Finnish was a tricky language apparently, who knew?

She didn’t expect it when Simo told her. She watched him for a while in the quiet, as if a little shocked for a moment. Before logic could override her heart, she threw her arms around him, ignoring the stabbing pain that ensued from her action because it didn’t matter right then. She didn’t care that it wasn’t silly, she was thankful it wasn’t because she knew she would remember that phrase for a long time. It seemed silly almost, such a simple thing could bring such joy and elation. Simo was warm, the closeness bringing emotions to the surface and Tasia drew back slowly.

She sort of came back to reality and cleared her throat, awkwardly.
[b “Uh- Sorry.”] Tasia laughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of her neck, biting her lip and fidgeting slightly, thankful the ache in her shoulder didn’t last long, more a quick and sharp protest at her quick movement earlier.
[b “I’m glad to be your friend.”] Tasia said finally, composing herself as best she could.
[b “Thanks for teaching me. I won’t forget it, I’ll practice every day.”] She promised Simo quietly, even if her accent really did make it sound terrible and awkward. It would be a different way of keeping her busy without straining herself physically. Tasia was a nice shade of pink around her cheeks that she foolishly put down to the heat from the fire as she looked to the fire, the flames catching her eyes and saving her from further embarrassment.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat To begin with, it was awful. Her thick American accent paired with words she didn't know led to some strange sounds coming from her for the first few minutes. He did well to hold back most of his laughter but when she almost strayed into some unsavoury Finnish words out of pure accident, he was having to cover his mouth to quieten his laughter. It took long enough just to get the first word right that he wondered if they'd even finish tonight.

But, slowly, surely, she began to repeat the words and augment her way of speaking to where he raised an eyebrow in mild curiosity at the accent she was taking on. It was a mixture of Danish and Swedish, perhaps more Swedish-Chef but still an improvement. Just about. When she finally cracked it he clapped his hands.
[+firebrick “Yes! Yes! Kiitos että olet ystäväni. Very good!”] Like a child with a new word, showing off to their parents with glee, she repeated it over and over again. His smile was broad and his face had lit up with delight at getting this woman to speak his own language. He let his arm come to rest along the back of the couch, his other resting on his knee.

[+firebrick “Oh, don't worry, it is not a bad phrase dear. I am a bad foreigner but not mean.”] He said with a smile as he looked at her, watching as she tucked some loose hair back that had fallen free in her delight at getting the saying right. For a moment he was lost just looking at her, biting his lower lip just before speaking.[+firebrick “It means… thank you for being my friend.”] Given how light and easy the conversation had been he felt a little bad to be bringing it back to a more serious tone, and he laughed a little nervously.

[+firebrick “Sorry, I should have just picked something funny or silly to say, but it's the best way for me to tell you I am thankful.”] Perhaps then he wouldn't feel his face begin to heat up.[+firebrick “Plus I like hearing your crazy Finnish accent.”] This was true but more a way of hiding his nervousness and smiling brightly.
  WI_ / 2d 16h 53m 47s
Tasia watched him and tucked her legs up, enjoying the warmth of the fire and eyeing him as he gave her phrase. She raised an eyebrow as the words fell easily from his lips. However, she had trouble and it did sound strange in her accent. She couldn’t help but giggle at herself as she tried to sound it out slowly. Of course she stumbled a lot and she watched him. She had no idea what she was saying of course. She was doing her very best but honestly it took a long time before she could even get close. She repeated what he said slowly and worked from there.

[b “Kiitos että olet ah-“] She huffed a little bit she supposed this kept her mind busy. Again she tried and even tried to adapt his accent a little. It didn’t help and only served to make it a little more funny to him probably. Tasia couldn’t help it as she giggled and finally she tried again.
[b ““Kiitos että olet ystäväni.”] She managed finally after what seemed like a while, it was a good thing Simo was patient. She leaned back looking rather satisfied with herself in all honesty. She repeated it again She repeated it again and after a while it seemed pretty smooth.

[b “Kiitos että olet ystäväni!”] This time she said it much more enthusiastically. She then paused and looked him over. He could have very easily fooled her here and she eyed him with a playful suspicion.
[b “What am I saying, you dastardly foreigner?”] She asked him with a smile, it was nice to be like this and laugh and smile. She figured it wouldn’t be anything too bad, Simo wouldn’t do that but hey, she was the dumb American right that moment just spouting out repetitions. It wasn’t perfect but she was grateful for the distraction and their close proximity. She tucked some hair out her face and kept her eyes on him.
  Tasia / Nullification / 2d 17h 24m 42s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat Again, it was sweet of her to joke with him and to let him just talk about his homeland without some plan or agenda. He was being allowed to just be Simo, the poor foreigner lost in a distant land. A great over exaggeration of course. It also served to keep her morale up, or at least it seemed that way, and if she was smiling and happy then he was doing well.

Following into the house he stopped to put the axe down by the door and close it over. The lock itself was broken but it did have a deadbolt that would act as some form of deterrent to anyone trying to get in. He felt a little safer now, a physical feeling of safety he hadn't felt in a while – especially not last night. Moving to the living room he put his pieces of wood beside hers, feeding one into the fire to keep it going and taking a seat next to her on the couch, perhaps a touch closer than they had been before.

[+firebrick “Okay, one phrase...”] He leaned his head back, thinking over what he could teach her that wasn't silly or too metaphorical like the sayings he had given before. Landing on one he looked at her.[+firebrick “Kiitos että olet ystäväni.”] He said it rather quickly and without a pause, just as natural as they had been talking. But seeing the slight bewilderment on her face he chuckled and nodded.[+firebrick “Okay; kee-tos, et-ta, oh-let, oo-sta-vah-nee. Yes?”] He repeated it a few more times, keeping it slow and encouraging her to say it along with him, grinning as she stumbled on one or two parts but slowly seemed to be getting it.
  WI_ / 2d 17h 42m 13s
Tasia listened to him as he spoke and smiled a little.
[b “The northern lights? I’ve heard they are beautiful. I used to see videos of them on the internet. We never really got clear nights in the city, too much light pollution.”] She said as she trailed off thoughtfully, thinking about how nice it would be to see the colours of the sky crashing together in a beautiful collage of colour. It wasn’t something she would see from America, she was pretty sure.
[b “And yes, romantic. The phrase.”] She said to him with a nod.

[b “Huh?”] Tasia raises an eyebrow at his question.
[b “Yes I’m planning to sweep you away to your home country, and you can be my personal tour guide.”] She giggled a little at the thought. She doubted they would have ever crossed paths if this whole thing had never happened. Maybe they would have. Who knew? She gathered as much of the wood as she could and followed him towards the house.

[b “It’s just nice hearing you talk about your homeland is all. Especially the phrases in Finnish.”] She said to him as she wandered in and put the split wood besides the crackling fire place, safely so they wouldn’t catch. She eyed the bucket of water beside the fire and experimentally dipped a finger in. It wasn’t hot, it was warm at least. She sat on the couch, rotating her shoulder a little and seeming content enough. At least her fingers regained some warmth as she held out her hands to the fire. She still did wonder about Mike and Grace, and if they would ever see them again. It seemed so much quieter somehow.

[b “I think that’s enough work for you today, patient.”] She pointed out. She didn’t want him over exerting himself before he had rested properly. She rubbed at her eyes and huddled down in the oversized cardigan. She felt marginally better but now the warmth from the fire contrasted so starkly with cold from before and served to make her a little too comfortable.
[b “Come on, run me through one phrase in Finnish. I promise I’ll learn it.”] She said with a giggle, anything to help him relax.
  Tasia / Nullification / 2d 18h 25m 19s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat He shook his head at her, more so for her thinking the language of his birth land as anything but robust or blunt. Romantic? He had never thought of it as being anywhere close to French or Italian or Spanish, the more flowing and prettier languages. Likely she just meant the saying, but its meaning had flown clear over her head and he returned to the final log as she questioned him on his country.

The wood split cleanly and he stepped over to grab a piece to set up once more, mulling over her question a little while though he did speak eventually.
[+firebrick “Well, yes, of course we do things different than yourselves. It's a different country, a different continent after all.”] He smiled politely though he did find the question rather odd and he swung the axe down, one piece down and one final piece left to split.[+firebrick “I mean, if you're talking more tourist type stuff, like what is there to do for someone who isn't from Finland? Well, you can shop at the kauppahalli in Helsinki – it's an old, traditional market. If you go up north there are the northern lights and reindeer and such. You can visit Porvoo, a historic village not far from Helsinki. I heard from a friend its often full of tourists.”] He shrugged, unsure really where to go with the topic.

Raising the axe he brought it down a final time, letting out a heavy breath as he collected the pieces of wood that she hadn't picked up, the axe held close to the head as he looked at her.
[+firebrick “If you mean more in general about Finns, then… we're quite, err, recluse? Reclusive? We don't talk to strangers much.”] He was only an exception given his time spent in America, where people were so outgoing and open.[+firebrick “But we love sauna's. To the point they are so popular that even prisoners are allowed to use them regularly.”] It was an odd quirk of his country, like how the French loved wine or Americans their guns – the latter he was grateful for.[+firebrick “And… we drink a lot of coffee? I think we drink the most per person in the world.”] Anything to give them energy to get through the long winter months.

[+firebrick “Why so curious? I feel like you're just trying to make me talk, but at the same time there is some hidden plan.”] It wasn't asked in an accusing manner, his tone playful almost. More so he was just curious why she would be so interested in a country she had never visited, and the only link she had to it was the man before her. Perhaps that was the inner cynical and sceptic Finn coming out. Either way he nodded for her to follow him back to the house.
  WI_ / 2d 18h 40m 20s
Tasia doubted she would even be able to lift the axe high enough as her shoulder was. She watched Simo as he went off speaking Finnish phrases and honestly it was such a pretty language and of course he spoke it so flawlessly. She smiled a little at their tales on American phrases. She was sure if she attempted any of them it would sound ridiculous in her American accent. She eyed him with the accent and the chipping of logs, it was easy to mistake their location right then.

It was actually rather nice to see him so happy simply speaking his own language and Tasia rather enjoyed listening to it.
[b “ajattelen, Hm.. sinua- Uhm….”] At least she had tried the last phrase and she shook her head at herself. She figured it would take a long time to figure out but they had time.
[b “That’s so romantic.”] She said to him wistfully and giggled slightly.
[b “Very sweet. Your father sounds like quite the charmer, I can see where you get it from.”] She commented to him with a small smile. Perhaps dating and romance was different in Finland, different in small villages. It was funny how life and love worked out. Her mother and father had been very in love all their years together. Everyone had their own love stories, whether they ended in tragedy or not but it was nice to hear Simo’s parents story.

[b “Sounds like something from a movie.”] She added as she thought over all the words he had said. She honestly wasn’t sure she would ever be able to say the phrases as prettily as he did, which was to be expected given she wasn’t a native speaker of Finland.

[b “What other things happen in Finland then?”] She asked him, seeing as he seemed so happy to speak of his own heritage and homeland.
[b “Do you do things differently than us Americans?”] She asked him as she gathered some of the chopped wood. It wasn’t heavy by any means and she made sure not to overdo it.
  Tasia / Nullification / 2d 20h 11m 14s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat][Montserrat For such a sweet looking girl she knew just how to jab at him with her sharp words. When she told him a little of her background, namely about her parents, he figured that quick wit came from her lawyer mother. Sometimes being a little sassy could help in the courtroom to build rapport with the jury and judge. Clearly Tasia took after this 'perfect mother' she mentioned.

[+firebrick “We will build your strength up some first. I don't want you to go and immediately dislocate it on the first swing.”] He could imagine that hassle he'd get from Gareth and Elizabeth if he handed her the axe right now. She was dealing with the discomfort of it all so well though, so perhaps she was made of much sterner stuff? He could easily be thinking of her too lightly, but he had called her perfect too.

Smiling at the prospect of someone speaking his native tongue with him, he shook his head and chuckled a little at her tone.
[+firebrick “Oh, I'll teach you some things. Like, [i rohkea rokan syö]. It literally means [i 'the brave eats the soup'], kind of like… fortune favours the bold.”] His American sayings weren't all spot on but it was legible what he was trying to get across, and the Finnish flowed quite beautifully.[+firebrick “Or, you could say [i 'työ tekijäänsä neuvoo'], which means [i 'work teaches the worker'], like you live, you learn.”] Some were better than others and his bearded face lit up to be speaking a language he had not used since moving here.

Taking a moment to chop the next log, not wanting to delay getting back inside given the rosy hue of her cheeks, he had now finished two logs and looked a little winded. He wasn't in peak condition yet but the exercise was good. He'd gotten his cardio during the night, so some strength work was great right now.
[+firebrick “You'll like this one. My father and mother were friends for a long time, and it is what my father said to my mother when he realised he wanted to date her; [i 'ajattelen sinua enemmän kuin ystävänä.']”] Such words were rich and deeply set in his accent, spoken slowly and with added meaning behind them. Simo was looking every bit the foreigner with axe on shoulder and talking as if they were stood in Finland right now.[+firebrick “It's very simple but we enjoy simplicity in Finland. You see, he said, [i 'I think of you as more than a friend.']”] He smiled softly now, looking from Tasia to the ground as if to distract himself.[+firebrick “My mother always said that was the moment she changed how she thought of him, like he was a new man that day. Very sweet, no?”] He asked as he paused but returned for one final log.
  WI_ / 2d 20h 22m 1s
The cardigan didn’t do much for keeping her fingers warm or her cheeks going by the pink, grazed look her cheekbones had acquired since being outdoors. Still, she wanted to leave warm coats and such until she absolutely needed them so she would reap the benefits of them. It was quiet here, secluded and it almost felt this could be made a home, or as close to a home as they could ever hope to achieve. The fresh and frosty air did do wonders for waking her up though, spiking her senses as she wandered the yard area, experimentally shifting her arm to keep her shoulder moving a little. The skin beneath the cardigan was turning all sorts of interesting colours now, hardly attractive but Tasia would’ve been more worried if it hadn’t bruised at all.

Tasia watched him with the axe and just hoped there was no untimely accident but he seemed to know what he was doing well enough.
[b “Strong women in your village then.”] She mused and smiled some.

Tasia looked him over when he said she was perfect and couldn’t help but laugh at that.
[b “It’s very clear you haven’t been around many women since this whole thing started.”] Now Elizabeth in her mind was perfect, she was calm and collected and so organised that nothing seemed to escape her. It was still a wonder to her that Gareth and Simo remained stronger, no doubt Elizabeth had her own strength too. Then again, Tasia had never relied on physical strength before all of this fell apart.

[b “But no, I couldn’t perform surgery. I did the minor things. I assisted in surgery and things but- Well, my mother. Now she was perfect. She was clever, she was a lawyer. Her and my father ran a firm in the middle of town. They were both very clever. But she was still kind. Not like the lawyers you saw on television.”] She said with a thoughtful smile as she watched the log he split in two first time.
[b “You will have to teach me to do that, when my shoulder is up to it. And I’ll have to start teaching you guys some medical stuff, just in case.”] She wasn’t a complete fool. Everyone had to learn new things to adapt.

She knew her mortality all too well and they had to look out for everyone. If something happened then they had to be prepared. She realised that sounded a little dark and clasped her hands a little to keep in the warmth.
[b “And some Finnish too. If I’m going to be an honorary shield maiden then I should know some words.”] Tasia said with a playful tone etched in her voice.
  Tasia / Nullification / 2d 20h 59m 4s

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