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Hollen was talking with this girl at his work. She was very random at times. Often bursting in the doors, Screaming "Sorry" For being late or breaking something. She was upset today, since her boyfriend left her for another woman. Telling him that they were going to get a divorce and all. She was worried about her kids and what would happen. What if she couldn't find a babysitter some days. That when Hollen grew worried, What about her husband? The dad. Can't he help her out a little?He sighed and decided to stay silent this time..

"If you need a babysitter. I could ask a friend if he wouldn't mind. I mean he seems to hate being alone. So being with someone while I work maybe fun or at least not so lonely." He told the woman, who was named Rebecca. She was a good looking woman for the age of 34. She had two kids, one was 15 and the other was 6. They were good kids, but the fifteen year old had some emotional problems. Bipolar in short words. Hollen remembers once when Rebecca invited him over. The girl was sweet enough but in a wink she started to cry just from one little thing her brother said. Thought it didn't bother Hollen much he thought it may scare Keiichi. Hollen sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.. "Or on the nights I'm not working I can help you out.." He murmured feeling a little bad for her.

Rebecca and Hollen talked for about 2 hours after work. Just about really anything, life, love, family and marriage. She asked him a good five times if he was seeing anyone. Each time Hollen shrugged and changed the subject. He wasn't for sure that he was dating someone or in love. First he really didn't understand love, so how could he know if he was truly in love. Rebecca told him about her marriage and all that was happening. When Rebecca began to cry after opening up to him. Hollen really didn't know what to do. He never knew what to do when people cried. "Listen Re-Re if you ever need me I am here to help. Fuck him. Sue his ass for child support and make sure his sorry ass helps you out. He can't just divorce you, then wipe his hands of you. It's wrong. " He sighed, feeling it was the best thing to say. Who knew really, maybe he was putting out the wrong singles but who know.

After awhile another hour or so. Hollen told her about his love life. How he could never find that one. And just wanted someone who be his. Rebecca nodded and listened very well. She looked so interested in everything Hollen said. Even when he told the woman, he was bisexual and sleeping with a partner on his. He never bothered to tell her the boy's age. Since he was only a year older then her daughter. But She never asked so it was good. Speaking of Keiichi, Hollen grew worried a little, and decided to check in on him. Looking up at the cloak, it was only 8 pm. So he wasn't to worried. Calling him to make sure he was okay. Waiting for answer but never got it. Reaching only but his own message machine. Hollen knew his message machine was very loud. And you could hear it through out the whole apartment. "Keiichi Bao Bao... I calling to check in. I'm sorry I'm not home yet, but a friend of mine is going through some problems, and needs someone to talk to. I'll be back very soon, I'll even bring you a present... Promise." He told into the phone. Hanging back up and looking back at Re-Re. Who was drunk and shouting now. Not in a bad way at all just shouting hey and what's up to random people.

Hollen Decided to take her home, after he finished his beer. The poor woman. He felt so bad, not knowing truly how to help her. I made him seem wrong and jerkish. Talking with the baby-sitter after he took her home. Re-Re was passed out on the couch, her kids asleep which was a good sign. Since Hollen would hate for them to see her like this. When Hollen left he decided to help Rebecca out and pay her. The girl waved bye to him and ran down the dark streets. Hollen at this moment just wanted to be home. But he did promise Keiichi he get him something special. So thats what he did. Coming back to his apartment opening the door, and shouting I'm home. He placed the bag on the couch. It had some toys he thought Keiichi like and clothes as well. A book or two, sweets and stuff animals.
  Hollen / jhorrorboy / 10y 73d 48m 16s
Keiichi smiled brightly at him, "Oaky! thank you, Hollen-kun." HE said, taking his food from him. He giggled softly, following him then sat down and started eating. When Hollen started to leave he frowned, looking at him, "N..Ne Ho..Hollen-kun!" He said as the other walked out, a small frown playing on his lips. He did as told and locked the door. He hated being alone.. He looked around the huge living room.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 73d 13h 45m 41s
Hollen thought of thing that would look cute on him. All he could this of were skinny-jean and tight shirts. He sighed and laughed a little. The boy was girly enough.. "How about we go and you pick out what you like." He smiled at him. Finishing up with breakfast, putting it on two plates. For him and Keiichi. "Here Keiichi.." He smiled.

He left the kitchen and went into the dinning room. Hollen knew the boy would follow him most likely. So it didn't bother him to wait for Keiichi. Sitting down and seeing him follow up just as he thought. Hollen smiled at the boy. Once he was at the table, Hollen took a bit into his toast. He wasn't to hungry for anything else, such as eggs, and bacon. Finishing off his two pieces of toast, Hollen stood up and cleaned his plate. Coming back into the room, still seeing Keiichi eating. Hollen looked around the apartment. Seeing the cloak, it was almost time. He have to come pick him up later after work or something. "Hey I have to go. I'll be back around 4." He said and grabbed his jacket, heading to the door. "There is food in the kitchen, whatever you want you can have.. Ummm Oh lock the doors behind me and don't answer it for anyone. Make yourself at home. Bye." He stated and unlocked the door, opening it and leaving Keiichi there all on his own.
  Hollen / Jhorrorboy / 10y 75d 16h 23m 46s
"Uhh...Cozy ones..! And...cute ones...and uhhh...yeah." Keiichi said,tapping his chin a bit. He smiled at him, "..Ano...What kind do you like?" He asked, tilting his head to the side a bit,his ears twitching slightly, "Hmmm??"
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 75d 16h 34m 45s
Hollen began mixing the eggs in the frying pan. He flipped the bacon ever few seconds or so. Making sure they were just right. Not on crack in the glass so they say. Hollen yawned softly, and glanced over at Keiichi. "So Bao Bao what kind of clothes do you like?" He asked wanting to know what be a good place to go for his shopping.
  Hollen / Jhorrorboy / 10y 75d 16h 40m 10s
Keiichi giggled softly, looking up at him. He smiled brightly a him, kissing him back when he was kissed. He wiggled away, then ran downstairs after him.Once he got there he walked into hte kitchen. Watching him.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 75d 16h 46m 42s
Hollen blushed once more and looked up at the ceiling. "Cheeky much." He chuckled and ruffled the boy's hair. The simple I wuv youz tooz made this boy so happy. How come? Hollen chuckled when he kissed his nose. Hollen lifted him up quickly kissing his lips. When he was released Hollen left the room and went into the kitchen. He started to make something easy, Eggs, bacon, and toast..
  Hollen / Jhorrorboy / 10y 75d 16h 52m 3s
Keiichi smiled up at him,"Yaaaaaaay!" He cheered, throwing his arms around his neck, meaning he had tot stand up on his tippy toes. He kissed his nose lightly, hummming softly. He nuzzled his head against his shoulder.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 75d 16h 57m 42s
Hollen sighed and ruffled the boy's hair. "....Lov.." He couldn't say it he knew he wanted to but. Was that really how he felt. He and Keiichi had just met and now. How could he love him, "Wuv youz tooz." He chuckled and found away out of saying the real thing.
  Hollen / Jhorrorboy / 10y 76d 14h 5m 21s
"I donno.." Keiichi mumbled, tapping his chin lightly. He nodded, "Mhm.." He mumbled, looking down at the shirt he had on. He held onto his hand, smiling up at him, "I wov yeew, Hollen-kun.." He cooed, nuzzling his head into his arm.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 76d 14h 13m 17s
Good good and you?

Hollen chuckled at the tired looking boy. "What do you like besides fish?" He asked him and turned over to him. He watched him for a moment, while fixing his collar. "Oh we have to go get you some clothes as well too."
  Hollen / jhorrorboy / 10y 77d 8h 24m 0s
[xD how are you today? ^-^]]

Keiichi blushed lightly, looked at him. He looked down, picking up a random shirt and pulled it on. It went to only his tighs. He nodded, "Mhm.." he mumbled, standing up slowly. Then walked over to him, rubbing at his eyes as he did. He yawned softly, reaching for his hand.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 77d 9h 16m 1s
Hollen looked back at him. As he was buttoning up his shirt, "Good morning Bao Bao.."He smiled and winked at him. Bao Bao The meaning was baby, why did he even call him that? Why did he give him a cute Relationship like nickname. Hollen blushed slightly and nodded to himself. "Hungry?"
  Hollen / Jhorrorboy / 10y 77d 9h 24m 18s
Keiichi yawned softly, as he slept on the soft, cozy bed. A few minutes after Hollen came out he sat up a bit, rubbing at his eyes and yawning softly. He streched like a cat, then looked at him, "Mor..Morning, Hollen-ku...kun.."
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 77d 14h 24m 39s
Hollen's heart skipped another beat as Keiichi said his name. He nodded and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep. Why did this boy, make him blush, make his heat skip a beat? What was it about him? Hollen sighed and just tried to think about resting for now..

Hollen woke up in the morning, still naked and under the covers. Keiichi was still there, passed out, looking like a star-fish on his bed. It made Hollen want to laugh, but he just gently got off the bed and washed up quickly. When Hollen came back into the room, Keiichi was still asleep. He looked so innocent and peaceful laying in the bed like that.
  Hollen / jhorrorboy / 10y 78d 6h 22m 28s

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