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Evere sat on e bench in a small bar, her days mostly spent running and avoiding altercation with the hunters. Yes, she was indeed wanted, her species very rare and useful. Though most just used her as... A toy.

Her left hand raised to her hair, biting her lip nervously as she peeked around a corner. She was trying to make her way out, as the hunters that perused her were most likely lost in the dense crowds. Eyes flashing, she scanning the area for her younger partner. Of course, not wanting to make an exit without him, she stood next to the door with her face down, hood over her face. [+red "C'mon..."] She thought, slightly peeking up and spotting a bounty hunter.

He threw her a quick glance, seemingly not noticing her face. But, being in a newly panicked state, the female quickly turned around and exited the building, looking in both directions as she gripped the holstered pistol at her side. She'd never used it, never had to, but she just might here, as she believed her partner had been captured or killed already.

[+red "No, I'm not leaving... Hurry up!"] She hissed, not quite talking to anyone as she hesitantly turned to her left and crouched, the windows just barely giving sight to her, needless to say, as most ignored it.

Making it to the side of the building, the female took her hiding place as she lit a cigarette as to lower suspicion, a leg also taking leverage against the wall as she kept a sharp eye out for Toby.
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