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[center [font "serif" [b Keyon Torrves] was the next one in line to become the King of Ceruleania as he was the oldest of his two siblings. [b Harlow Torrves] was Keyon's youngest sibling. She had always been envious of him. She was the problem child. Disobeying their father and mother. Causing trouble within the city. There wasn't a time during their lives that she wasn't trying to cause trouble or harm to someone or something. As time went on and the King and Queen grew older, it was becoming time for Keyon to take over Ceruleania. Sadly, Harlow's hunger for control grew and she had other plans in store.]]

[center [font "serif" Harlow decided to murder her own mother, their Queen and lock their father, the King, in the dungeon down below. Her powers grew strong enough that she was able to banish Keyon to Earth and strip him of his powers. As Keyon roamed the Earth, looking for a way back, Harlow took over and cause more damage than good.]]

[center [font "Serif" One night after Keyon was banned to Earth, he stumbled across a quirky, yet rather confident female named [b Madison Garner]. He saves her from an unexpected situation. Madison, being the nice person that she is, insist that she assist a very dirty and obviously stand-offish Keyon. Hesitant at first, Keyon accepts and believes that this might be a way he can get help getting home.]]

[center [font "Serif" Will Madison be able to help Keyon get home or will she think he is a completely nuts man who needs to go back to his padded cell? Is his sister watching? Is his father okay?]]

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[center [size10 The largely built man was practically shrunk down to nothing as his sister, Harlow, held him by the throat, in mid air. She had just stripped him of every power he held in Ceruleania. His extreme strength was gone and he was not able to fight her back. They stood in the upper part of the palace where the portal to other worlds was open. The blue, green doorway glowed, lighting up the whole entire room. The past few hours of his life had been a complete disaster. All because of Harlow.]]

[center [size10 Her dirty blonde hair flicked as a harsh wind bust through the portal. She had palace guards standing by her, probably manipulated by her 'charm'. Her green eyes glowed as she smirked from ear to ear. "I've been waiting so long for this moment." She spoke, tightening the grip on his throat.]]

[center [size10 Harlow was definitely stronger than him when his powers were stripped. He gripped her wrist tightly, laughing through the strangulation. [b "To do what, sister? Kill your brother that has done nothing but love and protect you?"] That seemed to piss her off as her smirk disappeared. Her green eyes turning into a dark forest green. She pulled her wrist back, bringing him to her lips.]]

[center [size10 "To banish you, brother. Ceruleania is mine." She flicked her wrist forward, launching Keyon into the portal.]]

[center [size10 He yelled as he spiraled through the portal. The bright blue-green lighting blinding him as he attempted to cover his face. There was a loud whoosh as the portal disappeared and all he saw was blue sky. At first, he thought she had messed up and he was still in Ceruleania until he hit the ground, hard.]]

[center [size10 There was little pain that he felt as he sat up from the crater he created. He looked around, he was smack down in the middle of a park. There were giant pine trees around him as well as a few weeping willows. He could heard children playing in the distance as a crowd began to form around him. That's when he realized she didn't send him to just any old world, she had sent him to Earth.]]

[center [size10 He pushed himself off the ground, looking at the people staring at him. His muscular body was insanely large. His body was still in his Ceruleania Prince outfit. The white fabric with gold accents wrapping around one shoulder, hanging down and wrapping around his waist. He wore gold forearm cuffs around his wrists. Half of his chest was exposed and his feet only held simple gold wiring around them. The white fabric that was once seen as Godly was now slightly torn and dirty.]]

[center [size10 ____]]

[center [size10 He had been wandering the streets of....wherever he was for about four days. Looking for a sign as to what he was to do. He had no idea where to start or what to even do. All he knew, was that for now....he was stuck. He avoided most contact with people as most of their comments were insulting. He knew better than to communicate with these Earthlings. His father had informed them of how naive and aggressive they could be. Something he was not looking forward too.]]

[center [size10 It was late at night and the moon was full. The breeze was cold and his outfit wasn't exactly doing the trick anymore. He was abruptly stopped when he men laughing and what sounded like a female whimpering. He looked down the alley way, his eyes adjusting to what he saw. A dark haired woman pressed against the wall with four burly men surrounding her. Despite what his father had always told him, he felt the need to help. No woman should go through this.]]

[center [size10 He entered the alley way, his feet pattering down the alley. The three men around her looked at me. The main one keeping his focus on her and not letting her go. "You either keep walking or join in, toga man." They snarled at him, causing his face to twist.]]

[center [size10 [b "It's not very nice to force a young lady against a wall like that. Did your mother not teach you any manners?"] He asked, standing right next to them.]]

[center [size10 One of them men swirled around, punching him in the face, hard. Luckily, Keyon was very well built and he had been hit much harder than that before. He ended up laughing, rubbing his jaw slightly. [b "That, my friends, was a mistake."] His voice low as he balled his fist, ramming it into the mans face. He fell to the ground immediately as the other two tried to jump him.]]

[center [size10 "No, that was a mistake, asshole!" One of them said as they charged his way. Keyon grabbed him by the shirt, picking him up and slamming him onto the ground. His friend grabbed onto Keyon's back and he grabbed his head with both of his hands. He yanked him over his head and slammed him right onto the other man. He put one foot on the tower of two men, looking at the main one that was still holding the woman but his face contorted.]]

[center [size10 [b "Are you going to let her go or what?"] He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.]]

[center [size10 "Uh, uh, dude. If you wanted her, all you had to do was say so." He began backing up but Keyon didn't want him to get off that easily. He grabbed his shirt, pulling him closer.]]

[center [size10 [b "If you know what is best, you'll never touch another woman."] Keyon growled and the man began crying. He rolled his eyes and took the back of his head, ramming him into the brick wall, knocking him out instantly.]]

[center [size10 He looked around at all the men knocked out onto the floor. This was the most eventful thing that had happened since he'd been here. At least it was something different. He looked up at the girl who was previously being targeted. Keyon approached her cautiously. [b "Are you okay? I hope they didn't hurt you too bad."] His voice gentle with much less anger than before.]]
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[center [size10 Madison smiled contently as her hips rocked into the man that was behind her. Did she know his name? Nope. That was the fun in the night clubs. She had come here with one of her best friends, Penny. They go out every Friday night after a long week of study to relax. Madison had recently broke it off with her long time boyfriend of five years so it was a nice night to have someone else's touch.]]

[center [size10 Luckily for her, she hadn't drank too much tonight. A few shots and a fruit cocktail and that was it for her. She had work in the morning and didn't want to have a hangover tomorrow. [b "Time for me to go, sunshine."] She told the man behind her as his grip loosened up on her hips.]]

[center [size10 "Darn, was just starting to have fun." He teased, releasing her completely. She chuckled softly, going towards the bar area to let Penny know she was leaving.]]

[center [size10 [b "Penny, hey Penny!"] She yelled over the music as Penny shot another shot down. She grinned from ear to ear, bumping her blonde head to the beat of the music. She was glad her friend was enjoying herself.]]

[center [size10 "Madi, oh my gosh, girl. Where have youuuuu been? I've been having soooo much fun. I don't want tonight to end!" She screamed, grinding into the man that had his arms around her. He kissed her neck, as she anchored it for him to have better access. "I'm taking him home!" She laughed, taking a drink of a cocktail.]]

[center [size10 [b "Wow, that's really great to hear, Penny. I've got to go, I have work tomorrow. I'll see you next week at school, ya?"] She asked, as Penny nodded. She turned around and locked lips with the stranger, his hands snaking to her lower half. Madison rolled her eyes, holding back her barf. [b "Make sure you use protection, Pen."] She told her, patting her on the back.]]

[center [size10 Madison made her way out of the club, her sky blue eyes skimming her surrounds. The streets were quiet, which made her feel safe. It's not like she lived in a dangerous part of town.]]

[center [size10 As she made her way home, she decided to cut through a back alley. Her arms wrapped closely around her as her clubbing dress didn't provide much warmth for a chilly night. She kept her eyes on the floor as she heard people enter the alley behind her. It sounded like low, husky men voices but she figured if she just kept going, she wouldn't be bothered.]]

[center [size10 "Woooah, look what we have here. A pretty lady in such a dark, nasty alley." They said, the voices coming from behind her.]]

[center [size10 [b "Just trying to make my way home, thank you."] Her voice high pitched, as her speed picked up. Before she knew it a hand grabbed her bicep and twirled her around.]]

[center [size10 Her black hair was pushed behind her ear as they backed her against a brick wall. She felt the wetness of the brick against her skin as her hands immediately went up to push the man's chest. There was about four of them and they were standing around her. Their faces not very visible in the alley way. The one holding her began feeling her up. Starting at the top and making his way down.]]

[center [size10 "Where is your purse? Where is the fucking money?" The one to her left asked sharply, his voice filled with venom. She froze up, stuttering her words.]]

[center [size10 [b "Th--I...I don't have any. I, I just left a club, just going home. I don't have any money."] Her voice shaky just like her whole body. He pressed himself against her, moving her hair behind her ear. He leaned in close.]]

[center [size10 "Looks like we'll need to take something as a compensation."]]
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