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[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center Being a Blackwell isn't all it's cracked up to be. Maxwell and Melina have been though hell and back. Their father Xavier has put a bounty on his children, because he thinks they are dangerous. When in reality they aren't. They are just normal shifters, trying to live among the humans. When Melina was a baby, and Maxwell was all but four years old was when he had witnessed his mother being killed. His father had killed the woman, while Maxwell was hiding with Melina. Watching his father murder his mother had stuck with him over the years, and he was glad Melina didn't have to live with that. He wouldn't wish that upon anyone.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center As the Blackwell siblings grew older, things were changing inside of them. Maxwell was gaining his powers quickly, while Melina still hasn't gained any. She can only shift into a tiger, while Maxwell can shift and control the element of fire. Melina has been getting more and more annoyed with that thought, but Maxwell knew she would gain her's in time. Meanwhile Xavier has hired [b [u Male Two]] and [b Female Two] to watch over his children. He wanted them to get close to the siblings, and he was paying them a mighty price for it. He wanted to know what their weaknesses are, and how he could destroy them. [b [u Male Two]] has been watching Melina, and following her to work everyday, while [b Female Two] has been going to the bar where Maxwell works.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center As [b [u Male Two]] and [b Female Two] were getting to know their targets, there was something else stirring inside of Xavier. He didn't know what it was, or why but he wanted his children's blood more than anything. He wanted them dead, and he would do anything to make that happen. He had killed his ex-wife in cold blood, and he would do it over again. He didn't want Melina and Maxwell walking around on the earth anymore. He had let them slip away one to many times. Now it's time he get his ass in gear. Xavier gave the order, and it was time to move in for the kill. [b [u Male Two]] and [b Female Two] were starting to have second thought's about the whole thing, and that wasn't a good idea. Period. They both knew, they would be in danger if they acted upon their feelings.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center When Maxwell and Melina get wind of who [b [u Male Two]] and [b Female Two] really are, is when their whole world comes crashing down around them. They didn't want to trust anyone, but [b [u Male Two]] and [b Female Two] were good at what they do. Melina and Maxwell were about to head out on the run again, when [b [u Male Two]] and [b Female Two] stopped them. They broke down and told them everything. How they came across Xavier, and how they had needed the money in the first place. But things changed. They got to know the Blackwell's, and now they are needing to protect the shifters at all costs. Will Melina and Maxwell believe them? Or will [b [u Male Two]] and [b Female Two] have their heart's broken? You will never know unless you join, [b [i Read Between The Lines]].]]]

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[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u The cast of Read Between The Lines.]]]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [u Maxwell Blackwell: Taken]]]][center [pic]]

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[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u What I need from you.]]]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center So I'm going to make this really fucking simple. When asking to join this role play, I would like you to private message me. Make sure the message is titled [b Come and Find me] so I know you read this, along with the rules. Please fill out this simple skelton as well.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [i Picture Links {Do not fully link it} || Character Names || Character Ages || Random Word || Where do you want this to go]]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center See? Not that hard. If I have to ask you twice for the information, then I will not allow you into the role play. So please for the love of God, read everything inside of this thread, and I will honestly love you forever!]]]

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[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u The rules of Read Between The Lines.]]]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u Number One-]] The pictures are real. Please nothing too big, or too used. If you would like some help, all you have to do is ask me, and I will help the best I can.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u Number Two-]] Romance will most likely happen, but not right at first. It's something that has to be worked up too. Just like in real life, love at first sight doesn't happen.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u Number Three-]] Ditching is a no. If you don't wanna be apart of the role play anymore, simply message me and tell me. Don't ask to join, and then not post.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u Number Four-]] Posting will be slow. I have a full time job, and I work swing shift Friday-Tuesday. So my posts will either be done after work, or on my day's off. So I'm looking for someone who is patient with me.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u Number Five-]] Stealing this plot is a huge no. If I see anything like this, I will make your life hell. I've been working my ass off on this, and I see anyone stealing it, you will get your ass chewed out.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u Number Six-]] Doubling is a must. As you can see I'm playing the Blackwell siblings, so I would like you to play the last male and female role. If you would like to add in more characters, talk to me first and maybe we can add in more. Right now it's just the main four characters.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u Number Seven-]] Plot twists, I love them. I would love to add anything and everything under the sun. Don't be scared to message me either about ideas you have.]]]

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[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u Number Nine-]] One liners is a no. Anything less than 1500 characters a post, will make me lose interest. So please don't make me put a limit on this. I love details, as much as the next person.]]]

[google-font][merriweather [size12 [center [b [u Number Ten-]] Most of all have fun. That's what writing is all about. Make this enjoyable for yourself, and everyone around you. Happy writing!]]]


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Once home Vella decided to try and relax. Her down was extremely stressful and she wasn’t sure if she would even be able to show herself in that bar anymore. [i [#c35c18 I mean really...what am I supposed to do? He probably won’t believe Tyson...he didn’t believe me that’s for sure.]] She thought with a soft groan. Vella takes off her heels and throw some them into her closet.

Once she was out of her dress and had all of her make up off she decided to brush up on some of her combat skills. She always had to be prepared if anything dangerous happens. She knew exactly who she was dealing with and if Maxwell wanted to he could really hurt her. Vella was a fighter though, she always has been. Forced to fight by her father she was the best of best.

Vella picks up her fun and knives before going into the forest that was her backyard. There were a few targets in the distance, all in various place to practice shooting. With a soft breath she looks at all of the targets quickly and began shooting with any hesitation. Target after target was hit in the middle. She was quite smooth with a gun. After she felt like she had ran through her drills more than enough times she picks up her knives and got into her normal fighting stance. She swings her arms quickly and precisely, cutting the air. Her long curly hair bounce with each movement.

It wasn’t long before the sun began to set, since it was getting dark she goes back inside her home to start making dinner. She had a lot to discuss with Jace and she was just hoping he wouldn’t be too upset with her.

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Jace glanced at his “friend” noticing that Star was really upset. [i [#858585 Dammit...he better not have done anything stupid. If this is ruined for me he will have to pay.]] He thought as he looks at Melina. [#858585 “Ok next week Friday is good for me. Make sure to get my number from your friend.”] He said and smiles at her. When she finally walked away Jace groans softly. [#858585 “What did you do?”] [r “Don’t worry about it.] The guy said. Jace grabs him by the front of his shirt and roughly pushes him against a nearby tree. [#858585 “If we ruin this do you know what her father will do to us? Don’t fuckin’ play with me.”] Jace growled and walked off to his car.

The pressure was starting to build. He now had a “date” with Melina and he couldn’t ruin that. He figured he would get closer to her and get all the information needed before Vella could. [i [#858585 She probably failed...]]

Once home he parks his car and walks into the house. He could smell the delicious food that was being made by Vella. [#858585 “Hey, I’m back.”] He shouts and walks into the kitchen where Vella was moving around cooking. [#858585 “What are you making?”] [#c35c18 “Ribeye steak and some pasta.”] She smiles at him and he chuckles. [#858585 “Oh I’m eating good tonight. Why are you treating me so special? Heh you fucked up didn’t you?”] Jace knew Vella too well.
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[font "tempus sans itc" Maxwell had seen the whole thing playing out, and he was honestly starting to get more and more pissed off. What part of don't tell people about his personal life did Tyson not get? He was going to make good on his threat and ruin the man. The man didn't know that Maxwell had some special [i gifts]. He was soon to find out though. As Max went about cleaning the bar, and getting ready for the night shift Tyson approached him. [b "I need to talk to you"] he said. Maxwell's eyes flashed at the other and nodded.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He wasn't about to say anything at the moment. He wanted to hear what Tyson had to say. The two walked into the locker room, and Maxwell sat down on the bench, and crossed his arms over his chest. Tyson on the other hand, was nervous as shit, and Max could tell. The other male took a breath and started talking. [b "I know I wasn't supposed to say anything, but I had seen here in here every night, watching you. I told her your name"] he blurted out. That made Maxwell's blood boil even more.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Tyson hurried on. [b "I had asked her not to say anything, because I knew you'd get pissed off at me, and I didn't want to ruin our friendship, but that woman out there, she's different Max. I can see it, and I just wanted to help you both out"] he said as he reached up and rubbed the back of his head. Maxwell sat there a moment longer, before he finally took a breath, and he was about to speak, but he waited a moment longer trying to keep his temper in check.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#5baf6d "So to be a total dick, you go behind my back, and tell a total stranger my name? I've told you over and over again, I didn't want my real name out there. You have ruined everything. Now I have a God damn stalker, and for all you know, she has been stalking me for weeks. You are nothing but a horrible person Tyson. You and I are over and done with. Thanks for ruining everything good between us"] he said, as he stood and looked Tyson dead in the eyes. Tyson stood there and sighed a bit.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "I am so sorry.."] he breathed out. Maxwell just shook his head lightly, as he grabbed Tyson's shirt, and pinned him to the wall. His eyes flashing with anger. [#5baf6d "You have fucked the wrong person over"] he hissed. The look in Tyson's eyes made Max smirk a bit. He knew that Vella was lying, and he made a mental note to call the cops later on. He then dropped Tyson to the floor, and walked to his locker. He put in the code for his password, and the lock popped open.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He gathered up his things, went to clock out, and he turned to the male. [#5baf6d "You better pray you still have your job"] he said. He walked out of the locker room, Tyson holding his throat. He had seen something in Maxwell's eyes, and it scared the living shit out of him. Maxwell went to clock out, and he found their boss. He told the man he had to talk to him, but he had to get home right now. The other male nodded, and Max walked out to his car. He slid into the car and started it up.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He wasn't normally a bad person, but when you fucked with him, you would get a side of him that no one ever wanted to see. He drove home, and parked in the driveway. He walked into the house, and waited for his sister to get home. They needed to talk, and it couldn't wait any longer. She had to keep her guard up, and he sat there trying to figure out how to word everything that was in his head.]

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[font "tempus sans itc" She knew it was a bad idea to even tell him her favorite color. What female doesn't like pink? She chewed the inside of her cheek lightly, as she looked down at her nails. They still did have a little bit of nail polish, but not a whole lot. She looked back up at him as he mentioned taking her to the museum in town. No one had ever offered to do that for her. Not even her own brother, but the thought of it made her slightly nervous. Should she say yes? Or tell him she'd think about it?]

[font "tempus sans itc" As she was having a hard time even trying to figure out what to say, she spotted Star and her so called crush walking back towards them. So their time alone was ending. She looked towards the male, and she nodded lightly. [#DDA0DD "I'd like that. This weekend though I'm busy. What about a week from Friday? I can meet you in town, and we can go"] she said with a small smile. Star and the other male came forward, and Melina could tell that Star was really upset about something.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#DDA0DD "Star? What's wrong?"] she asked. The woman shook her head. [b "Can we please go?"] was all the woman said. That was all it took to make Melina jump to her feet. She looked at Jace, and smiled a little bit [#DDA0DD "Since Star has your number, I'll make sure to snag it and I'll message you from my phone. I'm sorry, but we really should go"] she said as she wrapped an arm around Star's waist. The other woman leaned against her, and didn't say anything to Jace's friend. That was kind of rude but Melina wasn't going to say anything.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She didn't have the time to wait for Jace to say anything. [#DDA0DD "I'll talk to you later"] she called over her shoulder, as the two headed towards the parking lot. Now that she was away from Jace, she felt like a weight was lifted off of her shoulders. That was an odd feeling. Maybe she had been too drunk last night, but at the same time she did want to get to know the male more. She felt something between them, and she had a feeling he felt it too.]

[font "tempus sans itc" When Star's car was in view, she found the woman's keys, and unlocked the car. She helped tuck the woman into the passenger seat, before she went around the car and slid in behind the wheel. She rolled up the windows, and turned on the air conditioner, before pulling out of the parking spot, and headed towards Star's place. [#DDA0DD "What happened? Everything okay?"] she asked her friend. The woman shook her head. [b "I was turned down, he said I was trying too hard"] she breathed out, and started sobbing.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That broke Melina's heart and she pulled over to the side of the road, and pulled the woman into her arms. [#DDA0DD "you aren't trying too hard at all babe. He's just stupid pushing you away"] she said. Star wiped her tears away, and took a breath. [b "Get that other fuckers number out of my phone, and I want to go home"] she snapped. That stung a bit, but Melina did as she was told. She saved Jace's number into her own phone, and pulled back onto the road. The silence between them was making Melina's stomach turn.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She pulled onto Star's street, and pretty soon turning into her driveway. [b "Get out, and walk home"] Star hissed, as she grabbed her car keys, and climbed out, slamming the door closed. That made Melina's heart drop. She watched as he friend stormed into the house. Something else happened, she could tell. She then climbed out, and started walking towards her own neighborhood, feeling like she just lost her best and only friend.]
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Tyson responded back and forth with Maxwell through text messaging. He didn’t really understand why Maxwell was so angry with the situation. [i Hmm ruin me huh? Let’s what exactly you might do.] Tyson thought. He walks over to Vella and smiles. The two talked casually to one another in front of the bar as she waited for her ride. Tyson made sure that if Maxwell was to look outside he would be able to see them. Of course Tyson was trying to smooth things over, he was also trying to get her side of the story. Vella couldn’t believe she was going to play a crazy stalker. This made her confidence fall a bit, the embarrassment was just too much but she knew she couldn’t let that stop her for doing what she was supposed to do.

[#c35c18 “That’s how I know. I know...crazy. I look so stupid to him. I’m really sorry.”] Vella said innocently. She used her looks to try to persuade Tyson into believing her story. “Hey we all make mistakes. I just think Maxwell is being an ass about it. If I wanted to I can go into his locker and go through his things right now so he’s not as careful as he thinks he is.” Tyson said. Vella smiles softly. [#c35c18 “Thank you for trying to make me feel better and for hearing me out. I feel a bit better. I just...wish Max wasn’t so upset with me.”]. Tyson tapped his chin. “Huh, you know what. I think I told you his name. That one night you were here. I approached you and asked you if you liked him and I gave you some info about the guy to help you out. I totally forgot and I told you to keep it a secret no matter what. Thank you for lying to protect me.” Tyson winks at her.

The story he came up with made Vella smile even more. [i [#c35c18 He has no idea who he’s trying to help.]] She thought. “I’ll let him know. Hopefully things will smooth over.” Tyson added. Vella gently hugs him hoping that it will keep Tyson on her side to help her. [#c35c18 “Well aren’t you sweet. Thank you Tyson.”] Just then her ride pulled up by the curb. “Yeah next time you come in you should leave me a nice tip.” He teased before bells smirked with a nod. She then gets into the car and off she went back home. Tyson makes his way into the bar and goes back to work. He would talk to Maxwell on their next break.

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Listening to Melina was so boring to Jace. He understood the girl was shy but he was expecting more from her. [#858585 [i The different between the girl from last night and the girl now is so huge. She needs some alachol in her system.]] He thought but kept a smile on his face. He was always a guy on the go, he was straightforward and didn’t like to hold anything back but he had to for Melina. It took everything inside him to keep from trying to push her past her comfort zone.

[#858585 “Pink huh? Heh I should of known. Your nail polish is pink.”] He said taking notice to the minor details of her. [#858585 “I’ve never been much of a crafter. It never came out well for me.”] He teased and keeps his eyes in her. As they got to the tree Melina wanted to take a seat at he sits down next to her. [#858585 “Well of you’re up for it how about I take you to the history museum here in town. It’s pretty big and I think you would really enjoy it.”] Jace pauses for a moment to let that sink in. He knew he was putting her on the spot but he figured she couldn’t say no to him.

Before he could say anything else to her he noticed his friend and her good friend walking towards them. [#858585 “Looks like our alone time is cut short.”] He chuckles softly. [#858585 “So what do you say? The next time you’re free I can take you and if you want to you can bring your friend along. I know you’re a bit wary of me but I’ll gain your trust in due time.”]
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[font "tempus sans itc" The male slipped into the back once more, and tried to calm himself down. Melina hadn't replied, and he didn't know if that was a good sign or not. He was always worried about the woman, but he knew she could hold her own if she really needed too. He felt his phone go off, and he pulled the phone out reading the message. Maxwell shook his head a bit rolling his eyes hitting reply. [#5baf6d [i You know damn well I don't have my shit laying around. She didn't somehow see my name somewhere]] he sighed.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#5baf6d [i Honestly, I don't know why you would even defend the woman. I thought you would have had my back, and you don't even know her.]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i I know I don't know her, but I'm out here having a smoke, and she's complaining about fucking up her chance with you. So she can't be that bad.]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" Maxwell looked at the message, and his blood started to boil. It was pissing him off that Tyson would even pull this shit. He slid his phone back into his pocket, and tried to take a couple of deep breaths. His phone went off again. [b [i I know it's pissing you off, but maybe give the woman a chance? She's kinda nice to look at, and I don't think she could harm a fly.]] The message read. Maxwell, sighed and started a reply back. [#5baf6d [i I don't know why you are pushing this issue, but I'm not gonna give that bitch the time of day. She's claiming all of this shit, and none of it's true. You tell me how that's fucking shit up.]] he hit send and groaned.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He wasn't meaning to let this get to him, but what else was he supposed to do? He looked towards the front of the building, and saw Tyson standing there, and he rolled his eyes a bit seeing the woman still there. [#5baf6d [i If you say a single word to her, I will make your life hell. She doesn't deserve a chance, and I swear to God Tyson, I will ruin you.]] the message read. He hit send, and slid his phone back into his pocket. He still had quite awhile to go.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He took a couple deep breaths, and he walked back out onto the floor. He plastered on a smile, as he made his way to one of the tables. He took their order, took the paper to the window, and went about his business. For the time being he wasn't worried about his sister. He shouldn't be. He had to be more worried about other things, like how that bitch knew him. Whatever it was, he was going to get to the bottom of it. Even if it meant he had to do some digging of his own.]

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[font "tempus sans itc" As he was firing off questions she noticed he also checked his phone, and sent a message back. At least she wasn't that rude, but she pushed that aside for the time being. He was trying to get to know her, and yet she was still silent. She bit the inside of her cheek as she thought of her answers carefully, before finally speaking. [#DDA0DD "Well, my favorite color would have to be any type of pink. Doesn't matter if it's hot pink, to really light pink. My hobbies would have to be crafting, I'm always trying to keep my hands busy"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#DDA0DD "Or I always carry a book around with me, I also find the world wars to be interesting as well. Anything with history in it, I will always find a way to get more information on it. As for other family, no I don't. It's just my brother and I. Our mother died when I was baby, and I don't know anything about my father. From what my brother said of him, is that he's a piece of shit and I shouldn't find him"] she said with a small shrug.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She didn't know if she should have added in that last part, but it seemed to just slip out. She bit the inside of her cheek once more, as she looked down at her feet. She came to a stop when she thought she heard a woman's voice. [i 'Don't trust him too much Melina darling. It's not a good thing. Don't say too much, make sure to keep your guard up. I love you.'] The voice was soft, and it was like a whisper across her mind. She looked up slowly seeing if there was anyone around.]

[font "tempus sans itc" It was just her and Jace, no one else. It kind of made her nervous all of a sudden. Was she finally coming into her powers like her brother? Or was it just because she was with someone new? Whatever it was, she made a mental note to bring it up to Maxwell later. She looked towards Jace, and smiled a little bit. [#DDA0DD "You are welcome to keep firing off questions. I'll answer them the best I can"] she said softly. A part of her wished that her best friend was still around.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She wasn't about to ruin her friend's mood either. As far as she knew, the other woman was having the time of her life. She slowed down and spotted a nice tree to sit under. She then pointed it out to the male. [#DDA0DD "Let's go over there, it's far enough away from the path, that I don't think anyone would overhear what we are talking about"] she said with a small smile. She then made her way over to the tree, and she sat down leaning her back against it. She ran her fingers though the grass.]
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This wasn’t going as Vella planned. It was turning sour really quick and she had no idea how she was going to fix all of this. [i [#c35c18 Jace is going to kill me for ruining this. My boss would be livid as well...]] She thought as she looked at the table she was sitting at. Panic began to fill her body as many ill thoughts run through her head. She tapped her foot and pulls out her cellphone nervously. [i [#c35c18 Maybe I should just play the crazy stalker role? Let him know I’m sorry for going through his things, I got his wallet out of his bag after sneaking into the locker room in the back? Yeah...yeah that could work but then he would really keep his distance from me. Then again he might not. Dammit!]] She starts to type out a text message on her cell phone.

[i [#c35c18 “Hey Jace...I have a problem. I used his name, he caught that and now he’s questioning how I know it. I made up a lie and he’s not buying it. What should I do? Play a stalker and just say I went through his shit?! Don’t be mad...”]] She sent.

Vella slowly stands up and looks around the bar. Her hazel eyes caught Maxwell’s gaze. She averts her eyes quickly before leaving money on the table and leaves the bar. Once outside she sighs softly. [#c35c18 “How miserable...ruined my chance to get closer to him.”] She mutters softly. She waited for her ride to come to take her back home. One of Maxwell’s coworkers was having a smoke outside. He heard what she had said and thought about Maxwell. He takes out his cellphone and sends his friend a text in the group message he was in. “Hey, I don’t think you should be too worried. She seems like a girl who’s just interested in you and doesn’t know how to get your attention. She probably saw your license some how or something but she seems pretty sad that she ‘ruined her chances’ man.” Tyson sent.

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Jace was going to lace his finger with Melina’s when he felt her taking his hand but it didn’t last long. She pulled her hand away nervously but that didn’t phase Jace much. He knew she was nervous and he knew that if he wanted to gain her trust he needed to have patience with her. He gives her a small smile letting her know that it was ok for her to be nervous.

The walk was quiet at first, Jace wanted Melina to feel comfortable enough to talk with him. As he opened his mouth to speak Melina pulled out her cell phone. [i [#858585 I wonder what the message says. It’s obviously something that’s a bit bothersome.]] He thought. Soon Melina began to speak and explain why she was nervous. [#858585 “Oh it’s ok. I understand it’s something new for you. We can take things slow.”] He said and smiles.

As they walked Jace looked out in front of them. “Why don’t we talk about you?” He suggested. “I am curious about you. You’re cute and all but I would like to see what other amazing qualities you have.” Jace puts his hands in his pockets. “What’s your favorite color? Do you have any hobbies? Hmm do you have family in this city besides your brother?” He asked. Jace felt his own cellphone vibrate so he pulls it out of his jean pocket. [i [#858585 Dammit Vella...what did you do.]] He thought as he began to reply to her text message. [i [#858585 “We will talk about it when I get home.”]] He sent.
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[font "tempus sans itc" The male cocked his head at her reply. He hadn't gotten drunk with her before. Yeah, he might have had drinks with the woman, but he would have remembered that. He wasn't some drunken bastard. He shook his head, as he wanted to play along, but he wasn't that kind of male. [#5baf6d "Sorry sweetheart, but I never get drunk. I do have a life, and a job that I wanna keep. So no I wouldn't drink at my own work place, and I wouldn't have gotten drunk. So you need to change your story"] he said lightly.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He wasn't about to let her get away with this either. The male never had longer hair either. He had tried growing it out, but he never took pictures of it. His license was of him with shorter hair, so he was really starting to get bad vibes off the young woman. He shrugged lightly as she walked off. He wasn't about to let her win this either. He knew how much booze he could handle, and he hated getting drunk. So she would have to figure out another lie to tell him.]

[font "tempus sans itc" When she walked away, he felt like he wouldn't be seeing the last of her either. He sighed a bit, as he went back behind the bar and went about getting orders done. He plastered on a smile, as he pulled his phone out and sent his sister a text message. [#5baf6d [i Hey, make sure when you get home to lock up the house, and make sure all of the window's are locked as well. I might have a stalker, and she's claiming all of this shit that's not true. I just want you safe.]] was all the message said.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He hit send, and that was that. His eyes moved back to the woman, and he tried to figure out why she was lying, trying to make him believe that he had told her his name, and that they had gotten drunk together here. None of that was true, because if he had gotten drunk here, his boss and other co-workers would have told him. He wasn't that stupid, and he had a really bad feeling all of a sudden. Maybe something was happening, and he would have to keep his guard up about it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He checked his phone a couple of times, and when he still hadn't heard anything from his sister, his heart started to race. Maybe something bad had happened to her already. He wasn't about to let himself think like that. He kept his eye on the dark skinned woman, as he waited for her to make up another lie. He just hoped that she would leave, and then he might relax a little bit. He wasn't going to hold his breath though about it. He just went about getting what he needed done. Everything else would come along later.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The woman had every right to be nervous. The male seemed to be understanding about it, but at the same time she felt like something was off. She watched as the male stood and offered her his hand. Was it a good idea to go with him? They were in a public place, so they couldn't really run into any kind of trouble could they? She sighed lightly as she slipped her hand into his, and slipped off the table. She stood, and hurried and pulled her hand out of his. The feeling of his skin on her's made her heart race.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She shoved her hands into the back pockets of her jeans, and looked down at the ground under her feet. As she was about to say something, she felt her phone going off, and she pulled it out and read the text message. [#5baf6d [i Hey, make sure when you get home to lock up the house, and make sure all of the window's are locked as well. I might have a stalker, and she's claiming all of this shit that's not true. I just want you safe.]] she bit her lip lightly and sighed.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Of course someone would be stalking her brother. Who wouldn't? He was good looking, and she wasn't. She bit her lip and ignored the message. She then looked towards the male with her, and smiled a bit. [#DDA0DD "Sorry.. I'm honestly not used to this kind of thing. I guess you can say I've lived a very sheltered life"] she said with a small nervous laugh. She wasn't always like this, but when she was, she felt like apart of herself should just hide under a rock and never come out. That's how she felt now.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She bit her lip lightly, as she looked down as she started walking. She didn't know what to even say at them moment. Her brother's warning kept swimming around in her head, and she couldn't really do anything about it. She looked back towards him, as she took a deep breath. [#DDA0DD "So, what would you like to talk about?"] she asked, leaving the topic up t the male with her. She didn't know what to say, and she didn't know what he was thinking. She kept her hands in her pockets as she walked.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The butterflies in her stomach were making her feel slightly sick. She always got nervous, and when she did, she would trip over her words, or she would clam up and not say anything at all. She fell silent letting him decide on what to talk about, or what to ask her. She was pretty much an open book, and she would answer anything she could honestly. She fell silent, as her eyes were still turned down to the ground as they walked.]
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Vella instantly realized she messed up by calling Maxwell by his name. He had never told her his name even through they’ve spoken quite often Ed at the bar he worked at. They even had drinks together but she could tell he was starting to question who she was and that was something Vella didn’t want to happen.

When he left her to go put in her order Vella began to panic a bit herself. She could hear him asking his co workers if they had told her his name. [i [#c35c18 Is it really that serious?]] She thought wondering if he should really be getting so upset and paranoid cover such a small thing. Vella knee she would have to play it off cool. Her eyes stayed on Maxwell when he disappeared to go question more people.

[#c35c18 “Alright Vella think of something...”]] She mutters to herself and pulls out her lip gloss. She glossed her lips and decided to play a bit of an innocent role. She would t make a scene but she would get her point across to Maxwell. When he returned and approached her she looked at him quite confused and a bit scared by how angry he was. His tone of voice just added onto it all. Vella shakes her head and sighs softly. [#c35c18 “How rude...”] she gets up and leaves her money on the counter. [#c35c18 “I guess you don’t remember? That night we got drunk here?”] She asked. They had drinks together after work a few times so it was a possibility that what she was saying is true. It wasn’t though. [#c35c18 “You were telling me how you had long hair and I didn’t believe so you showed me your license dumb ass. I didn’t know knowing your name was such a bad thing.”] She shakes her head. [#c35c18 “Goodbye [b SIR.]]

The girl purposely avoided using his name to show just how hurt and annoyed she was by him. She wanted to make him feel like he had messed up and would miss out on a nice girl. Vella knew his license was an old picture of him with longer hair. She knew a lot about Maxwell. Once inside of the bar Vella sighs softly to herself.

[center .:~.:.]

[right [pic]]

Jace could instantly tell she was apprehensive. She didn’t trust him, not even a little bit. [i [#858585 Be a bit more understanding and soft.]] He thought as he watched Melina talk to her friend. He knew he could count one Star to push Melina to spend time with him. She was the trouble maker but he was happy that she was here.

When they were left alone Jace just smiles a bit at the girl. [#858585 “Please don’t feel too pressured. I don’t want you to feel like you have to talk to me. If you’re not interested I’ll be really bummed but I respect you enough to not push you Melina.” Jace watched the girls movements and her expressions. [i [#858585 Not so friendly when you’re sober.]] He smirked to himself and adjusted the way he was sitting so that he could face her. [#858585 “Don’t be so shy. I won’t bite.” He smiles and pushes his hair back.

The weather was nice and since the park was basically empty he thought that they should walk and get to know each other. [#858585 “Let’s go for a walk.”] The talk made stands up and offers Melina his hand. He was trying to be as inviting as possible
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[left [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male was slightly surprised that she even knew his name. Had anyone called him when they were working? He never wore a name tag, and he never told the woman his name. So that right there was starting to raise a red flag. He made a mental note to ask around work, before asking the woman how she knew his name. He would make sure he was calling her out on her lies. He wrote down the woman's order quickly. [#5baf6d "I will have it right out for you"] he said with a small smile.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That's something that was really bothering him. He took the order to the counter, and he looked at the male standing there. [#5baf6d "Neil, did you happen to call me name out the other day?"] he asked. The male looked up and shook his head. [i "Nah man, I'm not stupid. I know how you feel about your real name being used"] he said. Maxwell nodded lightly as he thanked Neil, and then went to find Andy. There weren't that many people working here, and that's because Andy didn't want a lot of people. It was after all his business.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He went into the back, and found his boss. [#5baf6d "Hey Andy, did you happen to call my name out the other day? Or earlier this week? Or at any time at all?"] he asked. Andy looked at him with a puzzled look on his face. [b "No I haven't. I know how you feel about it, why? What's going on?"] the other male asked. Maxwell sighed lightly, as he pulled out his phone, and sent a group message to Tyson, Dylan, and Ryder. The only other three people who worked here.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#5baf6d [i Hey guys, I need to know if any of you have ever called my name out at work. I have this woman here, and she know's my name. So yeah, lemme know as soon as possible. Thanks.]] The message was sent, and he looked up at his boss, and sighed lightly. How was he supposed to talk to the male about this? [#5baf6d "I think I have a stalker. You see that pretty woman over there? The one with the curly hair? Well she knows my name, and it's kinda creeping me out"] he admitted.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As he was waiting for Andy to reply, his phone buzzed with their answers. They were all the same. They hadn't called his name out, and he knew that the woman would be lying. That made his blood boil. Andy saw the look on Maxwell's face, and he shook his head. [b "Do you think you could have given it to her? That could be the only way she knows it"] the male said, hoping that it would calm him down a little bit. [#5baf6d "No, you know how I feel about people knowing my real name"] he hissed.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Andy knew all too well. [b "I know, I just wanna make sure you aren't about to blow up"] he said. Maxwell shook his head a bit. [#5baf6d "I'm about to call her out on her shit though. I know she hasn't talked to Mel, cause Mel doesn't open up to strangers that much"] he said. He didn't wait for Andy to answer, as he walked back out onto the floor, grabbed the woman's drink, and carried it over to her table. He grabbed a chair, turned it around, and sat down.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He placed the glass onto the table in front of her, and he cocked his head to the side. His eyes blazing with anger, as he looked her over. Yeah she was pretty to look at, but right now, he wanted answers. [#5baf6d "Before you speak, and try to deny anything, I asked all of my co-workers if they ever called my name, they said no. I never told you my name, and we don't wear name tag's here, so how the fuck do you know my name?"] he asked, the anger seeping into his voice.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" Hearing the male speaking, she smirked a bit. [#DDA0DD "Why would I give you my number? I don't know you, you don't know me. Yeah we talked for quite awhile, but I don't think that warrants me giving you my personal number"] she said with a small smile. It wasn't like her to really flirt back, but when she felt Star dig her elbow into her side, she turned and glared at the female with her. Her best friend nodded towards Jace's friend. [b "I think him and I are gonna go for a walk"] she said with a smile.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Melina's face fell. Star was leaving? She couldn't be leaving. She didn't want to be alone with this male. [#DDA0DD "You both don't have to leave, it'll be nice to have the company"] she said, hoping that he voice wasn't shaking as she spoke. Star looked at the woman, and she grabbed her arm. [b "Excuse us for a moment"] she said with a smile towards the two men. She pulled Melina off the table, and away from the men. When they were enough out of ear shot, was when Star started talking.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "What the fuck are you doing? Do you really not want to be talking to him? I saw the way he was looking at you last night! He took the time out of his day, just to make sure he got to see you"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#DDA0DD "I know.. I know.. But what am I supposed to do? I haven't had anyone show any interest in me before.. I'm not that interesting of a person.. I don't like being around people I don't know by myself"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "How are you supposed to break free from your brother, if you don't? This is the perfect time to get to know someone. Hell, he might surprise you, and he might be telling you the truth. I can tell he's not like the other men you've come across. Seriously, I don't want to be the one he's always messaging"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#DDA0DD "I know you don't want to be.. I just, I don't know Star. I have a bad feeling about this"] she admitted. Star rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms over her chest.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "You need to shove those feelings aside babygirl, and see what life has to offer. That man over there, is showing real interest, and you are doubting yourself. So come on, you can do this"] she said. Melina sighed lightly and nodded a bit. [#DDA0DD "I guess you are right.."] she said softly. Star smirked and nodded. [b "Of course I am"] she cooed. Star wrapped her arms around Melina, and hugged her tightly. [b "You got this baby"] she said softly. The two parted, and then made their way back to the table. Melina sighed lightly as Star stopped.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Alright, we will get out of your hair, and the two of you can talk"] she said nudging the red head. Melina nodded a bit, as she bit her lower lip. She watched as Star grabbed the male's hand, and then the two walked away. Melina moved back to the table, and sat on top of it once more. She rested her arms against her thighs, as she looked at the ground. [#DDA0DD "So, what do you wanna talk about?"] she asked lightly. She wasn't as brave as she had been the night before.]
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Three years ago Vella and her friend Jace came across a older man with an offer that they couldn’t refuse. Both needed cash right away. Vella needed to get away from the home she hated, at the age of twenty she had no say so in her life. She came from a long line of trained assassins equipped to handle shifters. Not all were a fan of these humans with unusual abilities. This wasn’t the life she wanted but by taking on the job of finding the older man’s children and doing a little spy work she would be able to make enough money to disappear from her strict family. Jace was in a lot of debt due to his own parents. They got involved with the wrong crowd and if they didn’t pay up people would start to die. His grandfather was already taken from him. Jace was shifter and with training from Vella he was quite perfect for the job that the older man had for him.

It’s been at least three months since Vella and her partner, Jace, agreed to start interacting with the Blackwell siblings. If they wanted to get more information on them they needed to be more than just stalkers from afar. [i[#c35c18 Real interactions equals the formation of real relationships.]] Vella thought to herself as she sat on the balcony of the house she occupied with Jace. The house was located on the outside of the city. Their only job was to get the Blackwell siblings to notice them, no one else. Besides they were able to do what the pleases out here without anyone noticing

Vella finishes up her early morning yoga routine. She needed to keep her body flexible and loose in case she ran into any danger. She knew the siblings were shifters and that Maxwell in particular was powerful. [#c35c18 “I better get on with my day”] She mutters softly and goes back inside of her home. As she walked out of her room and by Jace’s room she bangs on his door to wake him up. [#c35c18 “Time to get up Jace!”] The twenty-three year old made her way downs fairs and began to whip up a quick breakfast for herself and Jace.

The two were fairly close. They met many years ago when they were fresh out of high school. Both in the same stuck position in life, needing money for their own personal reasons. Vella sighed softly trying her best not to think about the past. That was a life she didn’t care to go back to. Soon the kitchen began to fill with the scent of bacon, waffles and eggs. By the time she finished cooking she could hear Jace making his way to the bathroom to start his day. Vella ate breakfast alone and set aside a plate for Jace.

The girl headed to her own bathroom to take a shower. Her plan was to find something new to wear to the bar. She had make sure she kept Maxwell’s attention. The two had been talking here and there and it was apparent to her that he definitely has taken a liking to her. Getting ready didn’t take too long, she wasn’t dressing up just yet. Once she tied her hair up she grabbed her car keys. [#c35c18 “I’m leaving. I’ll see you later. I’ll give you an update when I get back tonight.”] she shouted from the other side of the bedroom door that Jace was in. [#606566 “Alright be careful Vella. Call me if you need me.”] Jace shouted back. With that Vella left her home.

[center ~Later That Day~]

When Vella returned she knew she needed to hurry up and get ready since Maxwell’s shift at the bar would start soon. The girl made sure to do her make up. She covered up the light freckles on her cheeks, under her eyes and on her nose with make up. She gave her full soft lips a light coat of a natural pink lipstick. Her luscious curly hair was moisturized and tied back into a ponytail, her loose spiral hung freely at the end of the ponytail. She threw on a dress that hugged her figure but wasn’t too revealing. She kept it classy with a simple, black v neck dress that had sheer long sleeves. The dress came down to her knees.

After pairing her dress with diamond earrings she lightly sprayed herself with a sweet perfume. Vella quickly put on her heels and excited her home. [i[#c35c18 The bad thing about living outside of town is the long ass drive into town.]] She thought. When she arrived at the bar she walked inside and made her way to her usual sitting area. Her bright chocolate brown eyes instantly caught sight of Maxwell. [i[#c35c18 He’s definitely not bad looking. I guess that’s why it’s so easy for me flirt with him.]]

Right on time Maxwell approached Vella. [#c35c18 “Can I get lemon drop martini please?”] She asked and smiles at him. [#c35c18 “Working today again I see Maxwell.”] She was just trying to start up a conversation with him. [#c35c18 “You seem to work a lot. I hope you’re taking care of yourself, rest is important.”]

[center .:.~.:.]

The plan for the day was quite simple for Jace. He was going to meet Melina Maxwell for the second time after watching her every day for over three months. He had finally made contact with her last night, he stayed out all night with her just talking about whatever the hell she wanted to talk about. Of course Jace had to play as if he was interested in her to get closer to her. That wouldn’t be a problem for the good looking guy.

With only a few hours of sleep he began texting Melina’s friend about possibly seeing Melina. He made sure to make it seem like he desperately needed to get to know the cute girl he had been talking to all last night. When he finally got an answer from the friend he smirked to himself. [#606566 “Perfect. Let’s go see Melina.”] He said to himself. Jus then Vella had banged on his door to wake him up. Little did she know that he was already up.

Appearance was everything for this meeting. He had another chance to spend one on one time with Melina to try to get her to be more interested in him. Jace made his way to his bathroom to get ready. He already could smell breakfast being made so he tried to get dressed quickly so he could eat hot food. Jace wasn’t a bad looking guy. He was lean and muscular in the right place, he had dark hair and an amazing jawline.

After leaving the bathroom the twenty-five year old went into his room to finishing getting ready. Vella has made it known she was leaving. [i[#606566 I hope she’s careful.]] Jace thought as he dried his hair. Jace considered Vella to be like a sister to him. Nothing mattered more to him at this moment than to keep her safe even though the job they had taken on was a dangerous one. Jace knew if they stayed focused they would be successful and end up getting a even bigger lump sum of money in the end.

Once in his car he picks up a “friend” to take to the park with him. He needed the make to keep Melina's friend busy while he hung out with the girl. They made it to the park before the girls so Jace took a seat at a table. They didn’t have to wait long before Jace recognized the Star’s car. His dark eyes watched as the girls approached him and his friend. Melina seemed a bit shy and that made Jace smile to himself.

[i[#606566 You have no idea who you’re getting involved with Melina.]] He thought. Hearing her soft voice caused Jace to look into her eyes. [#606566 “Well I would of gotten in contact with you but you didn’t want to give me your number.”] He teased. A playful smile formed on his lips. [#606566 “I’m glad you decided to come and meet me though. I just had to hang out with you in a more calm environment. The bar was fun though.”] He chuckles a bit. [#606566 “You look cute Melina.”]
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[center [b [font "tempus sans itc" [u ~*~ The Past ~*~]]]]

[right [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The sound of pouring rain made the woman in the hooded cloak run faster. She had a bundle in her arms, and a little one in tow behind her. She kept looking over her shoulder seeing if they were being followed. Her heart was racing inside of her chest, and she knew pretty soon the monster she had married, would show up behind her. As she came to a stop behind a building, the bundle in her arms started to whimper. [#ff00ff "Shhh my darling. We are almost home, and you will be safe"] she said lightly.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The small boy behind her was panting, and he wanted nothing more than to go home and crawl into his bed. His own heart was racing, and he knew to keep his mouth shut. Diana took Maxwell's hand and bent down in front of him. [#ff00ff "You will need to take care of your sister Maxwell. I want you to promise me you will"] she hissed. The child could only nod. He was only a small boy, but he knew they were in danger. He wouldn't speak, until he knew it was safe. Diana stood, looked up and down the street and started running again.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As the woman rounded the corner, she could hear Xavier's voice behind her. [b "You can't keep them from me! I swear to god Diana, I will kill them!"] he bellowed. Diana's heart broke inside of her chest. She just hoped Maxwell didn't understand what was going on. Her home was in view finally and she ran inside. She pulled Maxwell in behind her, closed and locked the door behind him. [#ff00ff "Maxwell, take Melina and hide in my closet. He won't look for you in there"] she hissed.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Maxwell took the bundle into his arms, and he nodded lightly. [#5baf6d "Yes momma.."] he breathed out. He didn't know if he should even say anything more. Diana looked over her shoulder and moved towards the living room window. [#ff00ff "Max baby, I love you. Now go"] she said shooing him away. He didn't have the time to tell her, he loved her too because she spun around and put herself between her children and the door. Maxwell turned and ran into the kitchen and up the back stairs. He could hear the thuds from downstairs, and he hurried up his pace.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As soon as he was in his parent's room, and in the closet was when the door downstairs was thrown open. [#ff00ff "You will not lay a finger on my children!"] he could hear his mother yelling. [b "You can't stop me darling. If you tell me where they are, I might spare your life"] the older male said back. [#ff00ff "I will never tell you"] she spat back, and then threw all of her weight behind her fist. She slammed it into the man's face and ran up the stairs and into her room.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She slammed the door closed and looked around. She then remembered the closet. She threw open the door, and she bent down. [#ff00ff "I love you and Melina so much baby boy. Whenever you wear these pendant's you will be protected. I promise you"] she whispered. She looked over her shoulder when Xavier started up the stairs. She hurried and gave the child two pendant's. She kissed Maxwell's forehead one last time, and then Melina's. She then shut the closet door and threw herself alongside the bed. She crouched down, and narrowed her eyes slightly. The door flew open, and there stood Xavier.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Where are they?"] he hissed. [#ff00ff "I told you, I will never tell you"] she snapped back. [b "Looks like, you three will burn together then"] he said with a dark laugh. The sound of his father talking like that, made Maxwell shudder. Melina started to whimper, and he covered her mouth. He sat there and listened. His father grabbed Diana, and slit her throat and tossed her body aside. He then walked out of the room. [b "Burn it down boys"] he called out. Maxwell knew, he had to get out of there, and quick.]

[font "tempus sans itc" When he knew it was safe to do so, he hurried out of the closet, the pendants around his neck, and he hurried out of the window. He climbed down with Melina in his arms, the best he could. As soon as his feet touched the ground, was when the explosion was heard. The heat from the fire was too much. He felt tears sting his eyes, as he hurried to the woods and hid himself, and his sister there as Xavier stood there watching his home burning.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "I know you aren't in there Maxwell, but I will find you. I will find your sister too. You both will be killed, just like your mother"] he hissed as he stood there watching his house burn to the ground...]

[center [pic]]

[center [b [font "tempus sans itc" [u ~*~ Present Day ~*~]]]]

[left [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The memory was too much for the male. He shook his head lightly and ran a hand though his hair. He couldn't believe he had let himself relive that nightmare. Watching as his mother was killed would always stick with him. He was just glad Melina didn't have to deal with that. He hated his father more than anything though. He wanted that man dead, and he wasn't going to stop till he was. He knew that was a horrible thing to think, but he didn't care in the least. He sighed lightly as he threw his covers off and stood.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He walked out of the room, and went to check on his sister. He wasn't surprised that she was still sleeping though. She had been out all night, and he didn't blame her. Living where they lived, would make him want to stay out too. He slowly made his way to the bathroom and he shut the door. He undressed and climbed into the shower. He shut the door, turned on the water and stood there under the cold stream of water. It was slowly waking him up, and that's all that mattered.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He hurried and showered, and then climbed out. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked back into his room. He made sure the door was closed behind him, before he dried off and then got dressed. It was going to be a long ass day, and he was worried about Melina as well. She had been more distant lately and he had a feeling as to why. He had his powers to shift, and his other powers as well. She didn't, and she felt like she was useless. She wasn't though. He sighed lightly as he found his uniform.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He got dressed, and then put some gel into his hair and spiked it. He then found a notepad and wrote out a note. [#5baf6d [i Melina, I know you are still sleeping and you needed it. I headed to work early, because I have to pull a double today. I'm not going to be home at all. You can come on my lunch break though and talk. I love you Mel. Max.]] He read the note over, and knew it was the best he could do at the moment. He then slid his shoes on.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He found some tape, and taped it to the wall across from her door. He then walked out of the house and went to his beat up truck. He slid in behind the wheel, started it up and headed into town. As he was driving, he placed one hand away from sight and lit a small flame with his fingers. He smirked lightly and let it go out. He couldn't be doing that at work. As he drove, his mind wandered to the woman that's been coming in. Would he see her today? He didn't know, but he sure hoped so.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As soon as his building came into view, he pulled into the back parking lot, parked in his normal spot, shut the truck off and climbed out. He made sure to grab his apron and then headed inside. He let the door close behind him, and he clocked in. [#5baf6d "Andy! I'm here."] he called out. [b "Thank god man, I need you on the bar please"] his boss called out. He nodded a bit as he tied the apron around his waist. He then went out to the bar, and he saw the line already.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He took up his spot, and started taking orders. Some had booze, other's just had drinks. Then his eyes fell on the woman. He was surprised she was here already. He wasn't complaining though. She was a looker that's for sure. A small smirk passed over his lips as he walked towards her. [#5baf6d "What can I get you?"] he asked, as he waited to take her order down.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The night before had been needed badly. Melina had stayed out late with a couple of her friends, and she didn't get home till almost five in the morning. She slipped into the house as quietly as she could, and she went straight to her room. She got undressed and crawled under the blankets. She laid there for a while, and pretty soon sleep washed over the woman. It felt like she had been sleeping for five minutes when she heard her phone going off. She groaned and reached for it. [#DDA0DD "Hello?"] she answered, her voice groggy.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Bitch! Get the fuck up! It's almost noon"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#DDA0DD "I don't care what time it is Star.. What do you want?"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "You remember that hottie from the bar last night? Well because you didn't give him your number, he messaged me. He wants to see you and I again today"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#DDA0DD "So? That doesn't matter to me. Honestly I didn't think he would even message you"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "He keeps asking about you, and asking why I won't give him your number. I'm heading over to your place right now. He has a friend for me, but I think he wants to see you"] click...]

[font "tempus sans itc" Melina laid there and rolled her eyes. She loved Star to death, but right now she just wanted sleep. She knew she couldn't though. She groaned lightly as she rolled out of bed. She walked to the door and drew it open. The first thing she saw, was the note from Maxwell. She rolled her eyes and ripped it down. [#DDA0DD "Fucker"] she muttered lightly. She knew she didn't have time for a shower, but she had time to brush her teeth.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She hurried and got ready, and threw on some jeans, and a white off the shoulder sweater. Her mind was on the stranger she had met the night before. He had been eyeing her all night, and she had been eyeing him as well. She had been nervous to even talk to him, but he had made the first move. She talked to him for hours. She smiled lightly wishing she had given him her number after all. Oh well, maybe she would today. She had barely finished getting her shoes on, and was putting her hair into a ponytail when Star honked.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She made sure she had everything, before running out the door. She slid into the car and looked at her friend. [#DDA0DD "Next time give me a couple of hours"] she said. [b "Honey, he wants to see you. I couldn't"] she said back. The two burst out laughing, as Star pulled away from the curb. Melina looked out the window, and wondered where they were going. As Star drove past the bar, her heart skipped a beat. She would have to talk to Maxwell, and soon. She couldn't keep brushing him off.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Okay, so he said to meet him at the park. I know he said he had a friend for me, so that's a good thing on his part. I didn't wanna be the third wheel anyway"] the woman babbled on. Melina just let her. Her heart was racing, and she was nervous all over again. As Star pulled into the parking lot of the park, she flipped the viser down and made sure she looked okay. She was happy enough. She then flipped it back up, and watched Star park. The car was shut off and the two were out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" They linked arms, and walked towards a bench. Sure enough two men were sitting there. One was the male from the night before, and the other was his friend. Star walked up and took the friend's arm and the two were gone. Melina walked over and climbed on top of the table. She looked towards the male slightly and smiled. [#DDA0DD "I'm surprised you even got a hold of her, I thought you wouldn't"] she said lightly, before falling silent her eyes locking on his.]
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