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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/elHQdkQ.gif]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]][Orbitron [center [size30 [b BOUNTY [#ffcc66 ★] HUNTER]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]][center [#002266

A Bounty Hunter is a private citizen with the authority to capture fugitives for a monetary reward given by law enforcement organizations. They function as a universal means of law enforcement. However, they themselves are still subject to the law, and can become wanted criminals when they step outside its boundaries.

While the galactic organization [b [#000000 STAR][#ffcc00 ★][#000000 BOUND]] issues bounties on wanted criminals throughout the solar systems, individual planets, in particular like Earth, may have their own personal police force to release and pay for bounties.

Although while conditions may vary they generally fall somewhere along these three lines:

1. ALIVE that means still alive and kicking.
2. DEAD as in you know a being no longer with us.
3. Alive OR Dead it can be either or, just so long as the job gets done.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]][size30 [b [#000000 STAR][#ffcc00 ★][#000000 BOUND]]]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/MIXonY7.gif]][center [#002266

The Universal bounty hunter organization [b [#000000 STAR][#ffcc00 ★][#000000 BOUND]] provides registered hunters with special contact lenses call [#000000 STAR][#ffcc00 ★][#000000 SYSTEM] it is a Portable system in the from of a contact lens and is capable of identifying wanted criminals based on a single glance.

Normally a starboard hunters irises appear average, however when they lay their eyes on a criminal, even for just a second, their iries will almost immediately shift to stars shape while being highlighted in gold. That would be a sign of the [#000000 STAR][#ffcc00 ★][#000000 SYSTEM] being triggered. Information pertain to said criminal will appear and the hunter can began the chase.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/s1lxiGO.jpg]] [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]][center [size30 [b [#000000 RULES][#ffcc00 ★]]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[b Post Limit |][i There is no time limit so post when you feel like it. ][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[b Char-Limit |][i 400 characters minimum. Quality over quantity preferred however is not expected.][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[b Post Order |][i Wait for two people to post before posting again.][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[b Pictures |][i Anime, Illustrated, or Drawn. No real photos. Do some damage control and avoid massive pictures please. Please note if you need help resizing a picture feel free to PM and ask me. ][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[b Multi-Characters |][i If you double up I won’t push for different genders. However you Must play as one Hunter and one Wanted person.][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[b Mandatory |][i Keep your skelly on your character profile. If I don’t see it there I will not accept you. Title your PM: “Headhunting” so I know you read the rules.]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/yrkUkOc.gif]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]][Orbitron [center [size30 [b [#ffcc00 ★][#000000 SKELETON]]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[b Puppeteer: ] | [#002266 Username]
[b Puppet: ] | [#002266 Characters First; Last Name]
[b Aliases: ] | [#002266 Did you make a name for yourself? ]
[b Age: ] | [#002266 Appearance wise and actual. ]
[b Gender/ Identity: ] | [#002266 Male, Female, something? o.e’]
[b Species: ] | [#002266 Human? Alien? Just what the heck are you exactly?]
[b Universal[#ffcc00 ★]ID#: ] | [b [size12 [#ffcc00 ★ [Libre+Barcode+39+Text E3 -00342 ]]]] [#002266 Its a set of 9 digit numbers. You and put any numbers you like just don't repeat someone esles universal ID code. ]
[b Planet of Origin: ] | [#002266 Be creative this is a “out of this world” kind of rp. ]
[b Occupation: ] | [#002266 What do you do for a living? Galaxy Police? Bounty Hunter? Taxi driver? Interstellar Smuggler? ECT- If Wanted put Wanted ]
[b Bio: ] | [#002266 Optional.][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[b Wanted: Dead or Alive. ] | [#002266 | Alive = No maiming or killing. | Wanted Dead feel free to maim or kill them. | Dead or Alive = PMing the user and working something out. ]
[b Reason: ] | [#002266 What did you do to get a bounty place over your head]
[b Picture: ] | [#002266 Do you have one?]
[b Description: ] | [#002266 Anything in particular?]
[b Last seen: ] | [#002266 Possible location? ]
[b Reward: ] | [#002266 What is it? Is it money? A trade? What? ][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/elHQdkQ.gif]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]][Orbitron [center [size20 [b [#000000 REGISTERED][h1 [size20 [#ffcc00 ★]]][#000000 HUNTERS & WANTED INDIVIDUALS ]]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FlKlKXU.png]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/wTuUeqX.png?1]]
[b Puppeteer: ] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24029 [#bfbfbf
[b Puppet: ] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=404179 [#bfbfbf
Spice Noon]]
[b Aliases: ] | [i Spicey-Star ]
[b Age: ] | [i Appears 23]
[b Gender/ Identity: ] | [i Female/ She,her]
[b Species: ] | [i STAR★Child a race of genetically engineered humans.]
[b Planet of Origin: ] | [i Blue Planet "E-ar-th" ]
[b Occupation: ] | [i STAR-BOUND★HUNTER]
[b Bio: ] | STAR★Child [Libre+Barcode+39+Text [size12 03.495.064.720.00]] was made and raised by the

03.495.064.720.00 is one of the rarer female “Star-Child” versions of the organizations founder “Astral Noon” which is literally produced within “Astral Labs” every once in a blue moon.

She was raised alongside her “Siblings” in order to serve the STAR★BOUND organization.[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Uux121T.png?1]][right [pic https://i.imgur.com/goLsuCA.jpg?1]]

[b Puppeteer:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=29909 [#bfbfbf Dragoncita]]
[b Puppet:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=240596 [#bfbfbf Sadao]]
[b Aliases: ] | [i The White Serpent]
[b Age: ] | [i Appears to be in his mid teens, Actually somewhere in his 800's]
[b Gender/Identity: ] | [i Male]
[b Species: ] | [i Albino Snake Demon]
[b Universal★ID#: ] | [i -]
[b Planet of Origin: ] | [i Unknown]
[b Occupation: ] | [i Right hand to the leader of a criminal organization - Wanted]
[b Bio: ] | [i N/A]

[b Dead or Alive: ] | [i Alive ]
[b Reason: ] | [i Murder, theft, accomplice to the leader of a major criminal organization]
[b Description: ] | [i Often seen as a very young male, pinkish hair that goes to his neck. A pair of blunt horns appear to be on either side of his head. Most notable feature is a long, white serpentine tail.]
[b Last Seen: ] | [i Skulking around the edges of a city on Earth.]
[b Reward: ] | [i ★700,000][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Uux121T.png?1]][right [pic https://i.imgur.com/FDAY2uZ.jpg?1]]

[b Puppeteer: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=48951 [#bfbfbf NorthernWolves]]]
[b Puppet: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=380796 [#bfbfbf Nera; Lneria]]]
[b Aliases: ] | [i Friendly Demon ]
[b Age: ] | [i Looks like a human in her young 20’s, and is actually 23. ]
[b Gender/ Identity: ] | [i Female]
[b Species: ] | [i Alien - Feline Humanoid]
[b Universal★ID#: ] | [i ★ 666666666]
[b Planet of Origin: ] | [i A small outpost planet colonized by Earth which was forgotten, and then accidentally rediscovered by Earth 100 years later.]
[b Occupation: ] | [i Demonic summoner most of the time. Runs a small one ship, privately owned by herself, moving services. ]
[b Bio: ] | [i N/A][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Uux121T.png?1]][right [pic https://i.imgur.com/7q0eihV.jpg?1]]

[b Puppeteer: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=78493 [#bfbfbf MordorTenebris]]]
[b Puppet:] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=405134 [#bfbfbf Eltora Sheevee ]]]
[b Aliases: ] | [i Nicknamed 'Gold' by her former master, as she is a very valued, wanted, and rare species, able to perform very strong magics, and the last known of her kind.]
[b Age: ] | [i Appears; 19 Actually: 19]
[b Gender/ Identity: ] | [i Female]
[b Species: ] | [i Serkan ]
[b Universal★ID#: ] | [i -]
[b Planet of Origin: ] | [i Serakke (pronounced) Sir-a-key/sirakey]
[b Occupation: ] | [i WANTED]
[b Bio:] | [i Will be foretold]
[b Wanted: ] | [i Alive, preferably beaten and broken both pysically and mentally to the point of no resistance]
[b Reason: ] | [i Selling on Black market for 1,000000 credits, escaped shortly before being sold]
[b Description:] | [i Blue eyes, long, browniish-green hair, which is very long, and orangish skin with white markings on cheeks and chin.]
[b Last seen: ] | [i Space station named Serakke's light.]
[b Reward: ] | [i Weeks ownership, after second return ★5,00000 Credits.][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Uux121T.png?1]][right [pic https://i.imgur.com/fOrwFYk.jpg?1]]

[b Puppeteer: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=74771 [#bfbfbf
[b Puppet: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=404978 [#bfbfbf Toby Pota]]]
[b Aliases: ] | [i The Piscean]
[b Age: ] | [i Appears 13, Is actually 15]
[b Gender/ Identity: ] | [i Male]
[b Species: ] | [i Unknown, thought to be human but Toby can survive in low oxygen places]
[b Universal★ID#: ] | [i -]
[b Planet of Origin: ] | [i Earth or Pluto, TBD]
[b Occupation: ] | [i Wanted ]
[b Bio: ] | [i Was child to a great weapon smuggler and he thought of his parents to be the nicest people ever but that didn't stop them from dying.]
[b Wanted:] | [i Alive]
[b Reason: ] | [i It was all a mistake, Toby was pinned for homicide AND patricide by being there at the same time and wrong place. ]
[b Description:] | [i Cotton Candy blue hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin, short, freckles.]
[b Last seen: ] | [i America, Earth]
[b Reward: ] | [i 3 million coins/money/currency][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Uux121T.png?1]][right [pic https://i.imgur.com/8Clz3WU.jpg?1]]

[b Puppeteer: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=74771 [#bfbfbf
[b Puppet: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=404978 [#bfbfbf
Blasphemy Morris]]]
[b Aliases: ] | [i Blasphemous, Golden Boy]
[b Age: ] | [i Appears to be 19, is really 2,345]
[b Gender/ Identity: ] | [i Male]
[b Species: ] | [i Part Celestial, Part Human]
[b Universal★ID#: | ★ E4. 923. 29348]
[b Planet of Origin: ] | [i Saturn's Rings]
[b Occupation: ] | [i Bounty Hunter ]
[b Bio: ] | [i TBD]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Uux121T.png?1]][right [pic https://i.imgur.com/o2e1Rbf.png?1]]
[b Puppeteer: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=71631 [#bfbfbf Renegade]]]
[b Puppet: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=405327 [#bfbfbf Cereza Jet]]]
[b Aliases: ] | [i She mostly just goes by "Jet".]
[b Age: ] | [i Appears to be in her early thirties. In her mid-thirties. ]
[b Gender/ Identity: ] | [i Female]
[b Species: | Enhanced Human]
[b Universal★ID#: ] | [i ★ BK 201-794849 ]
[b Planet of Origin: ] | [i A planet called "Asirius".]
[b Occupation: ] | [i Ex-Chief of Security for HammerTech and head of their Private Military Company. Turned Bounty Hunter and occasional mercenary.]
[b Bio: ] | [i Jet was a born on a small mining planet and decided she was destined for greater things. She joined the military, and after a very successful albeit slightly short career, she saddled up with HammerTech as their Head of Security. However, after an incident on a moon that her and her PMC group blew up, she woke up on an operating table with HammerTech ready to harvest her organs. Obviously she didn't ask very many questions and managed to escape, now living her life under HammerTech's radar as a Bounty Hunter.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Uux121T.png?1]][right [pic https://i.imgur.com/PudsVBY.png?1]]
[b Puppeteer: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=19498 [#bfbfbf Catthhay]]]
[b Puppet: ] | [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=405181 [#bfbfbf Zurui Azamuku]]]
[b Aliases: ] | [i Sarin, Deathly Grey, Airborne Hatred]
[b Age: ] | [i Appears to be in her mid-to-late teens, is actually 2,645 years old.]
[b Gender/ Identity: ] | [i Gender-fluid, identifies as female more often]
[b Species: ] | [i Neptunian]
[b Universal★ID#: ] | [i ★ 957131311]
[b Planet of Origin: ] | [i Neptune, before planetary extinction 800 years ago. ]
[b Occupation: ] | [i Wanted]
[b Bio: ] | [i She/he/they was the daughter of the Neptunian rulers, and a member of their elite military. After war broke out between them and another planet, Zurui was presumed dead. Fifty earth-years after Neptune’s war-induced extinction, she/they reappeared and single-handedly destroyed ten of the war ships belonging to the race that destroyed Neptune over the course of ten years in revenge. She/they has since become a hired mercenary, and still hostile towards any ships she comes across that belong to the race that warred against her/their home planet. Zurui takes jobs ranging from assassination to body guarding to illegal bounty hunting and more. ]

[b Wanted: ] | [i Dead or Alive ]
[b Reason: ] | [i Illegal non-war destruction of ten Haumean warships, numbering casualties in the thousands, along with at least one-hundred confirmed assassinations, several counts of various illegal dealings, association with various gangs and mafias, and illegal bounty hunting. ]
[b Description: ] | [i Light gray skin indicative of Neptunians, light-reflective light blue eyes, pale blonde hair cut short, and traditional black, gold, and silver Neptunian military officer attire. ]
[b Last seen: ] | [i Headed towards Earth in an illegal spacecraft. ]
[b Reward: ] | [i 10 million credits, a pint of Neptunian blood .]


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Roleplay Responses

Venus with a mean surface temperature of over 700 kelvin is not a planet that many would deem inhabitable. Thanks to pioneers from a variety of species though it was able to be colonized by creating floating cities that were able to recreate the living conditions necessary for most sapient life. Although they had to import or mine asteroids for much of their materials it was a nice place to live. It was at least until a plague started to spread that forced the entire planet to be quarantined from the rest of the galaxy. The stringent restriction left them with little supplies to survive and no apparent help coming.

Inside the lone active spaceport was the security guard who was the only person who was not quarantined. The man could be identified as a Mr. Sherpard by the badge on his chest. It was also easy to tell his mood by his half closed eyes as he played a variety of simple games on his tablet. He perked up though as a Falcon-class transport ship made its way into the spaceport bearing a code from a distant star system.

The ship opened up as a squad of humanoid figures disembarked from it dressed in top of the line gunmetal grey hazmat suits with opaque purple masks. A dozen of them were like mountains that stood easily over two meters tall in their suits. While the one who took point was shorter than the average sized security guard even with the boost that their thick suit provided them. Their point person made sure to greet the security guard with a friendly wave while the others worked to unload large hover carts full of materials.

[b “Greetings! We have a delivery of medication and supplies here as a gift from the Tolarians.”] The voice that came from them would be nondescript if not for the modulation caused by their suit.

The guard stared at them slack-jawed for a few seconds before they thought to check their tablet. A few taps at it though and their slack-jawed expression was trade with a deeply furrowed brow. [b “I'm sorry I'm not seeing anything about any deliveries here.”]

The short hazmat suit wearer cocked their head at that before looking around at the empty spaceport. They put their hands on their hips as their boots tapped lightly against the floor for just a moment before the security guard's tablet beeped. A sigh of relief escaped his lips before he waved the others in the hazmat suits over. [b “Looks like it just got a bit held up.”]

[b “Government bureaucracy at its finest. Always doing things at the last possible moment.””]

[b “Don't I know it; my last three payments have been late. This is just a formality, but I'm going to have to check your identifications and look at what you're bringing in. Can't imagine someone breaking into a quarantine zone I have to follow protocol though.”]

The lead hazmat suit nodded before presenting their identification. They made sure to speed up the process by helping sort through their carts along with their dozen giant companions. Their combined work made it an easy process to get them through customs and into the sterilization room to be purged of outside contaminants to protect the weakened individuals behind the quarantine.

Once they were inside the actual facility their lead took one case and made a beeline into the facility. They were recognized by a few of the disease ridden individuals who gave a polite nod in greeting, but made sure to give them a wide berth. This allowed them to make excellent time as they entered a quaintly decorated apartment. The walls were lined with shelves filled with figurines, pictures of nature, candles, rocks, and all sorts of books. While every centimeter of the floor was covered in rugs of different designs.

[b “Welcome home Neek.”]

The soft voice came from a tall feminine humanoid laying in a bed across the room. Even from the door it was clear to see that the woman was emaciated and had a distinctly green tinge to her pale skin. Despite their poor state there was a wide smile on their face as the one they call Neek came into the room.

[b “Q.”]

Their somber tone drew a furrowed brow from the one in bed. The sick humanoid attempted to wave off the concern in their voice, but the raspy cough they let out as they did so betrayed them. [b “I'm fine.”]

[b “You shared your food supplies with the others. That could have killed you Q.”]

[b “If I hadn't it would have killed them. I can't live with that.”]

Neek let out a sigh before they walked over to the bed and opened the case. [b “Let's get this over with then.”]

[b “You're not going to stick around this time?”] Q asked as they let out another rough cough.

[b “I have a meeting on Earth scheduled after this. It was a biological weapon. I know who did it and I have a good idea why they did it.”]

Q just nodded as Neek pulled up their sleeve to give them some kind of injection from a short and thick silver needle. Despite the force that Neek used Q did not seem to flinch at all from it. They just a kept a smile on their face as Neek went to work with the supplies in their case.

[b “You're going to get revenge for me? Even knowing I don't want you to go?”]

Neek focused on Q from behind their opaque face mask. [b “I won't be getting revenge. Just calling in a few favors is all.”]
  Nico / Tesla / 122d 14h 39m 20s
With each single step, her apprehension grew. The slow dawning of suspicion that someone would call her out or grab her made Nera constantly look around from left to right and up to down while attempting to hide every square nanometer of white fur/skin with the dark grey/ash black colour of the clothing upon her. This behavior did appear suspicious, but not suspicious enough to cause a reaction from anyone around.

Upon coming within arm's reach of her lifeless grey, metallic hull Nera let herself trip into it while sighing a prayer, a satanic one, of relief. Now, no one would bother her, no one would dare come running up to her and bother about some little nuisance. Even if someone attempted to, good luck trying to find Nera leaning against her own ship for the color of her clothes and the ship was barely discernible.

But before going inside, one thing had to be done. Nera slinked around her ship, camouflaging as much as possible, inspecting for any signs of unwanted damage. Carefully did she search, for one miniscule scratch or dent meant a possibility of being stuck or death in the unforgiving vacuum of space. To her own surprise, for she expected the worst, found not a scratch, dent, or any signs of damage at all. Amazement slowly crept in the back of her mind, those workers sure knew how to take apart and then put back a ship while searching for a quite the badonkadonk, and all of this in a timely manner.

The ramp of the cargo hold slowly descended. Nera did wait for the ramp to touch the floor of the sterilized bay, as soon as it had descended far enough for her to slip through the side she tucked her stomach inside her chest cavity and bunny hopped into her space craft. Slamming the button to close the ramp, Nera kicked off her shoes and walked off with barely a sound of feet as the clanging and banging of the shoes quieted to nothingness.

First order of business, back to the cockpit to finish a meal that had turned cold and mushy because of this whole accidental and hellish mess.

Not even having to turn her head Nera could feel the presence of another sitting in one of the three passenger seats spread behind the pilot's seat. The smell in the air, whilst an unknown one gave the presence away like if they had been a sore thumb on a hand. The smart thing to do obviously would've been to stop and identify this unknown presence, but Nera being tired and hungry assumed that this unknown was simply a demon she'd forgot to release back into its own dimension.

Nera fell into her chair, leaning back into the cold, dark comfort of the soft black, somewhat torn up leather while heaving out a big breath. On the armrest lay a plastic tray which contained the food she'd been eating before the hydrogen bomb scandal. As she bit into the soft, tender but cold skin of the chicken and mushy vegetables, a spark raced through Nera's head.

This one little spark, a firing of a neuron had massive consequences as it concerned Nera. Somewhere deep in her subconscious, Nera's brain realized that no connections existed with any summoned demons or other demonic abominations; the unknown presence was no demon but something that had not come here from any of Nera's summonings, purposeful or accidental. The subconscious fired this information off on a chain of neuron's to the conscious part of Nera's brain, which instantaneously fired off thoughts of concern and suspicion.

Within a few seconds, Nera stopped the motion of lifting the fork-like utensil to her mouth as she swallowed the last remnants of protein and vegetable in her mouth. A soft, warning-like growling came from the depths of Nera's throat. [+purple "Whoever you are, you have right now to explain who you are and how you got in here. Or I will have a chat with you along with my good friend Satan."]

Even though Nera couldn't actually pull of that high level of demonic summoning, she let herself bluff with a serious and angry tone without even moving an inch from her current position.
  Nera / NorthernWolves / 133d 23h 48s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kodchasan]
[Kodchasan [center Sorry I was too lazy to currently edit the photo :(
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a7/39/22/a739221f27e5619fbbb489cd1889858c--amazing-people-pretty-people.jpg ]

Even being from Earth, Toby was finding more comfort in being around humans more than other alien species. Well, isn't that space racist? You could say yeah but honestly, he just felt safer. Toby Potahta was a human from a human born family who was just in the wrong side of a underground war of some sorts. He remember the night like it was yesterday--


[B "TOBY RUN!" ]

The screaming filled his ears, making him cry out. Oh being a 9 year old was very traumatic for him, the time when his parents had died in front of his face. It was a blast of pure purple light that filled the room until it thudded into the chests of two grown adults. The rest of the scene was already blurry from what he could remember.


He was already tearing up at his brown eyes, whimpering as he was on his knees already in this little alleyway somewhere in North America. He knew it to be New York or something like that. Toby was a very small and thin boy, easily breakable to most alien species. He was covered in scars, old and new along with cuts all over his wrists because the sense of being hunted for so long was getting to him.

He was pale and short, blue hair adorning his somewhat adorable face. He looked around, a little technological bracelet on his wrist. He had managed to get onto one of those [b Ghost Chips ][size7 TM. ] and had it in the wrist so nobody could track it. He also had a trident pendant around his neck as he stared down at his bracelet, trying to see when his partner would be here.
  ScorpionTears- / 139d 21h 19m 44s
Eltora watched silently the movements, entering and leavings of passing ships. Or- An afterthought, to say the least, as her true gaze was placed upon the broad, tall invisible field of energy in which separated the docking bay from the cruel vacuum of space. Placed on an insignificant, dark excuse of a planet in the distance. Serakke- What was left of it. Twas her home-world, where she'd grown to the age of twelve. Now a desolate planet lone within the outer rim, it's sun bearing no more light. Indeed, she was located in, what would be commonly known, as Serakke's Light. Placed in the general area of her sun, the massive, anciently designed and prepared for station was a failure... The original design of the station was to revolve around the planet and give it it's heat, plant growth, etc. But the ray never worked, at least to not to par with the planet, desolating it and all life which inhabited it. It was speculated some survived the slow destruction, knowing better to flee then shield themselves in their bunkers. Not even Eltora knew, as she was taken near the end of the planet's paradise.

Snapping back to reality, shaking her head a brief moment upon hearing movement behind her, she flung 'round towards the noise. Creatures clad in nuclear suits tramped quite loudly into the hangar. They searched around a certain ship, and once catching glimpse, Eltora's eyes glinted a glaring blue. There- What? Ominous, very clearly seen creatures stood tall before a close freighter. The Serakkean raised a brow, flinging her tan hood over her hair and face as she approached the ship. She was quite intrigued by the figures, and had a finger on what they were.

Snapping, the female bites her lip. [+red [b "Elvi- No..."]] She shakes her head, scanning her surroundings and concluding among herself that such behavior was suspicious. She had to make a choice, of course... She felt a presence. One not of demons, although such was felt as well.

[+red [b Perhaps,]] she thoughtfully, carefully watched the investigators around said ship before, [b Poof.] A light matter, almost energy-like substance formed in her hands as she shot a glance behind her.

Most by-standards had fled or evacuated the area, so she felt it safe to do so. Then, placing her hands behind her back, the female formed the matter into a rounded, small form. [+red [b "Prevara,"]] She quickly, throwing it at her feet, a cloud of smoke erupted. Investigators paid little heed, though the few aware of the event were quite shaken.

Her vision, obscured for little a time as two seconds, reappeared as she looked up, aware of her surroundings. She was in the neck of the ship, facing towards the cockpit. 'Oh, how easy it'd be...' She says, staring blankly at the wheel. But three reasons kept her there... One being that she had a partner on Light. Or- A partner of sorts. Many times she is as a mother figure to the boy. Secondly being, her bounty raises rapidly. The last thing she wanted was more credits on her head. And thirdly, though hardly dependable, she didn't believe she'd been tracked here. Regardless of whether or not she did, she would've liked to believe not-so.

The female simply, hoping to meet the owner of this ship, helped herself, reclining in the passenger seat while resting her eyes.
  Merrick Jean / MordorTenebris / 139d 21h 31m 25s
Earth. Even after somewhat opening up to the rest of the universe and interstellar travelers, it was still hopelessly behind what the blonde walking down a crowded street was used to. Granted, they had advanced a lot in the two thousand and a half years she had spent with the planet in her periphery vision, so to speak, but the other planets had simply been colonized far longer and made the little blue planet seem... prehistoric. Of course, that worked in her favor.

Among the amalgam of humanoid forms, and a few less humanoid, walking down the street, the gray-skinned individual blended in. A simple braid pinned back and above her left ear signaled, mainly to herself, that today was a “female” day. Her militaristic outfit, the gold glinting in the moonlight while the black and silvers dissolved in the shadows, was hardly anything to draw the eye compared to all the fantastic skin colors, eye colors, extra limbs or horns, and countless other distracting elements in the bodies that made up the crowd around her.

One gloved hand shifted behind one side of the military coat flapping in the wind, landing on a matte silver sword handle. Almost luminescent blue eyes roamed the crowd, catching on a person briefly before she passed on his right. Her fingers tapped on the sword hilt, and a few seconds later when the seemingly random man had already gotten several yards behind her, blood spurted from his neck for no apparent reason before he slumped forward to land on the ground in the middle of a ring of piercing screams.

The military-dressed woman just continued on.

Yes, Earth was so simplistic. Their technology as far as electricity went was halfway decent at least, not the most advanced but good enough for most purposes. But they failed to sufficiently tap in to other technology, like the very machines that Neptunians had been famous for once upon a time. It was something they had invented long before Zurui had been born, and had become a very common object to be seen on gas planets like Neptune. The machines altered the density of the gasses around them, the area of effect depending on the exact model of course. It could do something as simple as create a weak barrier, like an invisible fence, or even make gas into solid furniture, walls, or entire buildings. But there was one specific model of these machines that the Neptunians had kept close to heart, never letting the blueprints escape.

The Invisible Blades. It could also be used for invisible bullets and other weaponry, but was named Invisible Blades since it was most commonly used for swords or knives. The machinery condensed the gas nearest the exit point into a sharp blade, which could then be controlled to a small degree. Length of the blade, shape, width, all could be controlled to a degree dependent on the strength and model of the hilt that held the machinery necessary. Zurui’s was unique even among her own people. It had more than one port, meaning she could attack even without “drawing” her “blade.” She had made the air blade come from the side of the hilt, where she then used a barely visible joystick-like spot on the top of the hilt to maneuver the blade around her jacket, and in front of the man’s throat. Once he was far enough behind her, all she had to do was retract the “blade,” and it cut him on the way back to her, finishing her job.

Earthlings never even saw her strike, and their subpar surveillance would never catch her in the act. Too bad the air she caught had a lot of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the poor guy’s blood would have started to rust inside him even before he died because of the iron content in it. Oxygen was a really dangerous gas to work with, and Zurui usually hated it. But, a little solid planet like Earth didn’t have anywhere near the concentration or variety of gases she was used to so she would have to make it work.

Now that she was done with her work for the day, she ducked into an alley and circled around. A mile back the way she came, she was met behind a restaurant by a redhead with eyes opened so wide that the Neptunian feared they would pop out, her skin ashen enough to approach the gray-skinned woman’s own tone.

[b “Y-you actually killed him,”] she stuttered out, her shock soon causing a trembling smile to tug the woman’s lips up. A disbelieving laugh fell from her mouth almost by accident, one shaking hand soon raising to smother the sound. Zurui raised a brow, unaffected by the tears that started to pour down the other female’s face. [b “oh, I’m finally free! Th-Thank you, thank you!”]

The former admiral held one hand out, palm up in a very universal gesture of “hand it over.”

[+teal “Thanks is all well and good,”] the woman’s smooth voice said calmly, the icy tone not betraying any emotions she might have had. The blank look on her face suggested that she might not have been experiencing any at all just then. [+teal “But Earth is crowded, and bounty hunters are a pain in my ass. The sooner you pay up, the better.”]

The woman wiped away tears with both wrists, and gasped as Zurui’s words reminded her of their deal. [b “Right! Right, the money,”] she reached into a pocket, quickly handing over the cash. Not Zurui’s favorite currency to deal with, but untraceable and easily convertible to standard universal credits. The Neptunian took the stack, flipping through it once to ensure everything was there before tucking it in one of her coat’s interior pockets. Then, with a nod to her forget client, she walked off through the alleys. Over seven hundred standard-scale years as a fugitive, and Zurui wasn’t about to be caught yet.

Those stupid Star System contacts were a pain in her ass. She vaguely remembered a time, long long ago, when they had first been developed on a mass scale. Back then, heir to the throne and considering being a bounty hunter before her ascension to get combat practice throughout the galaxy, she had considered it an amazingly convenient and powerful advancement for law and order. Now it was the biggest threat she had to face every fucking day.

After a few miles of aimlessly wandering the busy city’s alleyways , she found a suitably back-water bar and slunk in. Nobody would care about her criminal status here, she was pretty sure the bar was owned by a mafia anyway. Plopping herself on a stool at the bar, she signaled the bartender. Looked like a half-breed, human with some extraterrestrial blood that gave him bright green slit-pupiled eyes. He approached with a cautious shine to his eyes. He looked her up and down, raising a black brow.

[+red “You old enough to be here, kid?”] was the first thing he asked. Fully knowing how she looked like a teenager for human society, she snorted. She raised one hand, flashing just the bare essentials of her universal ID. Her age and first name, with a photo to match. The bartender didn’t need to see anything else, in her mind. He just scoffed and shook his head. [+red “You Air-heads, I’ll never get used to your aging,”] he muttered, using one of the slang terms for people who came from gas planets. Zurui let her ID fade away, letting that hand drop onto the bar top. [+red “so, what’ll you have?”]

[+teal “Whatever the most filling meal you have is, and a daiquiri I guess. Strawberry, a drop of liquid nitrogen,”] she ordered easily. Most bars kept some gas canisters in the back nowadays for the people like her, who occasionally either needed or just fancied doses of gases in their drinks. Zurui was immune to the freezing properties of liquid nitrogen as long as it came in small enough quantities, but it gave her a kick like hard liquor did for humans. It was just easier to mix it in other drinks, since otherwise she would have to drink it from a syringe if she didn’t want to risk freezing her insides. Plus, it made her drinks pleasantly frosty.

The meal came just after the drink, and Zurui wasted no time forking the cash for it over in advance. As someone on the run, it was always smart to pay first in case it was necessary to ditch the place before she could finish her food. Thus, the former soldier tucked into her food as her ears remained trained on her surroundings. She probably had one of the highest bounties out of anyone currently on Earth after all, she had to remain vigilant.

[+teal [i I should probably ditch this pile of dirt if I don’t find a good job within the week.]] The craft she stole before had a hyperspace engine that broke after her most recent jump, so at best she’d be able to fly around the solar system until she found a new ship to either buy or steal.
  Zurui / catthhay / 140d 1h 43m 11s
Space stations, bubbles composed of trapped air in a meshwork of assorted metals, plants, gasses, and creatures floating above a planet or in the middle of a singular point in space were tranquil places. Aside from the minor criminal activity such as thievery or stabbings or even criminal empires tucked deep into the inner workings, the only other event that could banish all tranquility would be a critical system failure which almost never happened because of the amount of detail poured into designing a reliable system which could be easily repaired if the worst did come.

Some lifeforms within the vast and expansive universe are impervious to diseases, viruses and forms of radiation that would spell the end for others. Where one being can embrace the detonation of a warhead and bathe royally in radioactive aftermath, another can be struck down by simply being in the vicinity of a few atoms. One of the latter beings, was the human race.

So when a single ship triggered a nuclear reading similar to that of something near a hydrogen bomb on a space station orbiting above Earth, an extreme response was sent out.

Flashing lights, taped off area, creatures in suits walking and scanning, all of this around a single, discoloured grey ship in one of the bays was a sore thumb as to which ship had given off such a reading. No matter how thoroughly they searched, even going so far as to open up sections of the ship, no sign of a hydrogen bomb could be find. The only thing which seemed to give off a hydrogen bomb reading where several shadowy creatures with flames for eyes who stood in the cargo bay of the ship unmoving. These creatures seemed out of this world, quite literally, with their yellow-orange eyes reminding the humans of dark things from hell.

These creatures were from hell, summoned by a creature skilled in the arts of demonic summoning. She had the honor to carry the name of Nera Lneria, and she was stuck in a chair, inside a bland office, sitting in front of the wrath of three humans who demanded to know the location of the hydrogen bomb. Nera's explanations kept being drowned out by the raging cries of the three humans.

The humans had been teetering on the edge of madness ever since the report of a hydrogen bomb had been routed through. Now they had preparations in place for such an eventuality, but no was there written that the people in charge wanted an unexpected live training. The humans were extremely close to tearing out their hair now, for now they were questioning whether the ship piloted by this weird, gothic looking, white feline humanoid with a weird first and last name was the bomb itself.

Nera could feel something in her mind, a most familiar presence. This presence presented the single fact that she still had summoned demons out and about. With a frustrated sigh, she tethered the connection causing the shadowy figures with flames for eyes to disappear back into whatever hellish dimension they had come with along with all readings of the presence of a hydrogen bomb.

The news of such readings made a great impression on the humans who lain back in their chairs while murmuring "thank fucking god" or something similar along the lines. It made for an awkward moment, at least from Nera's position because it had been her fault, even though not purposefully, that all of this had happened. She could always summon a few more demons to get out this, but Nera did not want any more trouble with the law as it was.

Several frustratingly long hours later, Nera left the security officers with a mark in her somewhat long record and short a few thousand of credits. Not the best result, but Nera felt much too fatigued to complain at how well it had resolved itself. With slow, padding footsteps she made her way down the numerous levels and to the bay in which her small, somewhat bulky looking ship now rested untouched by anything and anyone.

Now was a good time to rest, unless someone else decided to badger her about something.
  Nera / NorthernWolves / 144d 22h 31m 41s
[h3 [center You Have One Job...]]
The young male sat in one of those swivel chairs, twirling around in circles. He was seemingly giggling to himself, a long, white tail swirling in a trailing display. The strange humanoid seemed to be sitting in a large, darkened meeting room of sorts, chairs lining a large table.
[#9370db "Can I strangle him...please?"]
[#32cd32 "Patience Helena. Sadao, I have something for you to do."]
The spinning finally came to a halt as the male hopped out of the chair, seemingly unaffected by what should've been a spell of dizziness. Instead, he moved swiftly over beside what appeared to be another male, whom sat in a chair at the head of the table. Beside him, stood a lavishing looking woman, who seemed to be more annoyed by the one called Sadao compared to the man sitting down beside her.
Sadao plopped himself cross-legged on the ground before the man. He looked up towards the other, tail swaying back and forth in an excited frenzy.
[#db7093 "Ooo! What ya need done Helix?"]
A smile creeped across the male's face, the hat he wore mostly covering his feature's. Though beneath, there was a glint of bright yellow. Soft hissing seemed to be emitting from all around. The man leaned back in his chair.
[#32cd32 "I need a sneky snek such as yourself to get me some information. Word on the streets is that someone or something could very well know about our position, and I'd really hate to have to move after everything I have accomplished to build what could only be described as an underground palace yes? I mean, there are plenty of other goons, but you have always been a very reliable source, getting things done and helping me remain on top of the rest of those who have the nerve to claim they are 'criminals'. Anyways, I need you to head into alleys and just gather some information for me."]
Sadao grinned, showing fangs that seemed to glisten in the dim lights. His tail continued to lash back and forth in a delighted way.
[#db7093 "Will do boss!"]
Then without another word, he suddenly slunk off, disappearing into the darkness.
  Sadao / Dragoncita / 146d 3h 56m 18s
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[hr ][hr ][tbl
|| [b [#bfbfbf Voices]]
[#bfbfbf Puppets roles: ] [#cc0099 Spice Noon] - [#666699 Astral Labs Doctor] - [#993399 Bother sibling] ][hr ][hr ]

She stood next to a hologram of herself in a paper gown. [#cc0099 “Is it really necessary to do things the old fashion way?”] She peered over at a man scrolling through hologram information.

[#666699 “Yes”] He answered her without looking away form her data.

[#cc0099 “But why? Isn’t much faster just to scan my vitals and whatnot?”] She questioned as he stopped to walk over and start checking her body out. [#666699 “Your a star-child, so yes”] He grabbed her arm and the hologram version of her arm light up. Data started streaming but she couldn’t make heads or tails of it. [#cc0099 “But my brothers don’t use this method, so why?”] she continued to hound the doctor as he checked various parts of her.

[#666699 “Your a sister sibling and the only current remaining version to this date. We can’t treat you so carelessly. Especially since your genetic makeup possess unique mutations.”] He finished with a heavy sigh and took a step back away from her.

[#cc0099 “So it's because I’m a girl or is it because of my DNA?”] she stated bluntly with a glare.

[#666699 “Yes”] He spoke with a chuckle and patted her on the head. [#666699 “This will conclude your check up STAR★Child 03.495.064.720.00. So you may leave the labs now"] He end and walked away.

[#cc0099 “I’m not a child anymore!”] She shouted at him as he walked away before turning to a bed and picking up a space suit. It was custom made for adjusting to different atmospheres and tempers. [#cc0099 “I’m like-”] She paused lost in thought. [#cc0099 “23 or something"] She tore the paper gown off and slipped into her suit. Zipping up. She took one last good look at her hologram self then back at her chest. [#cc0099 “Just to think that a few days ago I was in critical condition”] She smirked. [#cc0099 “Just how much money do they need to spend on mutated clone?”] She mumbled to herself as she left the lab and traveled through a long hallway until she reached an elevator. Stepping in she hit the main floor and a sudden beam of light flashed. It practically teleported her in front of a desk with a fellow sibling operating it.

[#993399 “Back again sister?”] The male star-child asked. He wasn’t a field agent like her nor a full adult still she responded with playfully [#cc0099 “heh,heh yep I sorta kinda got blasted with many holes by a plasma gun ~”]. The kid frowned and face-palmed. [#993399 “Sister 03.495.064.720.00, please don’t treat your life like a game some of us bother would die for fathers and his aids attention”] He pouted and handed her a card.

[#cc0099 “Sorry”] She half smiled. While accepting the card. Taking a quick peek at it her face lit up. [#cc0099 “M-MY HUNTING LICENSE!?”] She star like glowed gold as information streamed across her eye.

[#993399 “y-yes?”] the sibling replied sounding somewhat confused. [#cc0099 “I thought I was suspended for another month?”] She looked back at her little brother. [#993399 “Weren’t you listening sister? That's why I said some of us bothers would die-”] He was cut off by a warm bear hug.

[#cc0099 “Then I’ll have to tell those old geezers at the lab to give you a proper ritual 004.576.979.977.04!”] She pulled away happy as the boys eyes light up gold. STAR★Children receiving a ritual meant they could finally choose a occupation for themselves within the [#0 STAR][#ffcc00 ★][#0 BOUND SYSTEM] so she knew that would be the greatest reward for him since she practically bothered the poor kid everyday.

[#cc0099 “Well I’ll see you around the system some other time!”] she run off happy towards the storage docking bay. It had been only a few days but since she had so many siblings even being sent to Astral labs for a simple check up would land your spaceship in the storage docking bay.

[#cc0099 “lets see dock S-1 space 1, huh”] She stepped into another teleportation device only to appear right in front of her spacecraft. [#cc0099 “Wow~ we sisters really are spoiled by this wacked out system.”] she spoke with hollow eyes. While looking at the empty spaces.

[#cc0099 “Right! Onward to some good old fashioned space hunting!”] She stormed her spaceship ready to catch her next criminal.

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