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That will be nice
I’ll try reply to our new rp sorry I haven’t
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 44d 23h 4m 32s
mom set up her computer upstairs so I may be able to reply a bit more.
  V / -V / 1y 44d 23h 5m 52s
[+orange It still going kind shitty I'm not even sure if that will help but I will see I do love that fucking video.... I think I just need to vent or better yet I'd rather have a good cry. I haven't had one of those in a long time....

That would be awesome. There's also a weekend in June. June 15-19, or there is still time in July 1st - 10th is there time I will be good.

I'll probably start working on that tonight or tomorrow. Do be warm I probably going to be pretty nasty to may character that is marked under Guilty. Then Acute and Guilty never really seem to get along...

Sometimes these songs help me too...

[ [+orange Not Just Breathing ]]
[ [+Orange Ghost]]
[ [+orange Devil]]
[ [+Orange Get Up]]

[center Thank you V
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 57d 19h 4m 52s
Hey I know you’re having a bad day so check out that video you’ve posted a few posts back. I hope it makes you feel a little better. We should plan my visit in July so I can come and stay a few days. Also another rp sounds great!
  V / -V / 1y 59d 1h 27m 56s
[+orange -V I have more idea for roleplays if you are interested :D but it might be a little crazy because one character is going to have a gender switching role. I'll try to explain it won't be so confusing.

Also how have you been? Sorry I haven't been able to message you very much. I've been busy these last few days.

So I really love that song you showed me Running with the wolves
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 61d 48m 40s
[+Orange Or you can tell me to listen to the two favorite songs I have listen on my profile they seem to help. Then again that video might just work XD It just make me laugh. There just so cute <3
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 64d 19h 40m 10s
Lol yeah I’ll have to remember to do that. :3 good thing you put it in here.
  V / -V / 1y 64d 20h 2m 2s
[+orange I still can't get over this XD your going to have to tell me to watch this when I sad. I don't know why it make me laugh so much but it does XD. I must be the bad kind of crazy...
[ Dex and Diana]
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 64d 20h 18m 21s
[+Orange Alright I’ll probably post back here in a little bit
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 64d 21h 52m 15s
Lol we can hope anyway right XD I’ll try to keep posting lol tho my phone may have other ideas.
  V / -V / 1y 64d 23h 26m 27s
[center [+Orange I suppose that is true! Lol if not they probably think we’re crazy! At least we’re the good kind of crazy
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 64d 23h 41m 50s
lol so what if they do. XD I doubt most people pay attention anyway.
  V / -V / 1y 65d 38m 28s
[+orange I wonder if people think we are the same person XD lol It's just a thought that happen to cross my mind....]
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 65d 43m 42s
[center [+orange Lol Thank you! XD I'll post back! ]
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 65d 1h 25m 35s
I was posting to you lol XD I just finished it up.
  V / -V / 1y 65d 1h 34m 21s

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