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[+orange Probably hard with all the dogs! Aww thank you I’ll hopefully post back to it tonight
  -Kat / -Kat / 24d 15h 20m 10s
Second post up like I promised ^^ Hopefully it's good. It's a little short.
  Tatsuya Kiyoshi / -V / 24d 17h 31m 35s
Yeah it is. It drives me crazy and it has been really bad the last few days.
  V / -V / 24d 19h 32m 54s
[+orange It gets really gross when they do! :( it’s still really annoying when they pee or poop in the house
  -Kat / -Kat / 24d 20h 13m 4s
Okay! I meant to say I know what you mean about carpet! It’s sucks when dogs or cats actually any animal pisses or shits on the carpets >_<
  V / -V / 24d 20h 39m 50s
[+orange Awesome! I can’t wait I’ll let you know what day I have off
  -Kat / -Kat / 24d 21h 7m 2s
Sure that sounds like fun. It would get me out of the house for a bit.
  V / -V / 24d 21h 16m 14s
[+Orange On the bright side you don’t have carpet! So at least it cleans up a little easier. I understand how frustrating it can be. I get to dog sit this weekend. It going to suck.

You know I don’t care. Sounds good! I’ll try post back tonight when I have my computer. I like your first post!

Omg Wenets cousin -.- I like the marks but the base

Also next week! Want to go out to supper? It probably have to be on my day off! Not sure when that is yet tho.
  -Kat / -Kat / 24d 23h 8m 19s
I'll post as my second character tomorrow. I got most of my posting done though as well as all of my bios. ^^
  V / -V / 25d 14h 23m 43s
I posted a naked one in here so I could re use it a few times lol.
  V / -V / 25d 15h 55m 45s
[center Master
Age / Birthday:


Hair color and Length:
Eye color:


Love interest:


Text color:
Favorite song(s):
Additional information:]
  V / -V / 25d 15h 56m 14s
Hey I am going to steal your bios lol to write up my own XD
  V / -V / 25d 15h 57m 46s
It’s been alright. Mostly irritating because the dogs won’t go outside due to it being so rainy and when they do... They don’t use the bathroom outside.
  V / -V / 25d 16h 57m 37s
[+Orange I guess so lol. I wasn’t sure if you like it or not, but I know he’s your favorite. How’s your day been ?
  -Kat / -Kat / 25d 18h 38m 25s
Yeah I think that’s a mod for the game. I don’t know for sure though lol. Guess people like to see him mostly naked. XD
  V / -V / 26d 12h 1m 15s

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