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Oh I know they are so hard to get! They are so pretty! I'm getting sad my king is getting old. I still don't have a heir to replace him.
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 68d 5h 19m 25s
I want a ferus! Why the hell can I not breed one? Stupid game >_<
  .Ciel. / -V / 1y 68d 6h 48m 16s
I’m sure it will. I’m going to dads Monday so I’ll be with my kitties

I can’t wait! It be fun.
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 70d 31m 24s
Sure that sounds like a good idea. I will let everyone know that's the day. ^^

Hopefully getting out of the house for a bit will make you feel better.
  .Ciel. / -V / 1y 70d 1h 18m 27s
When you come and stay I will try to hide this dark side of me. I'll try not to scream at them too much. When they shit in the house. I either scream or I turn on screaming music. Lately it's been me screaming FUCKERS or Fuck.

-_- I can't even see those dogs as cute anymore....Thank god my mom and step dad are home now. They can cuddle those little monster.... -_- Hopefully I'm not making Grandpa mad but screaming at his dogs. I'm sure his spirit still lingers around this house.


I'm sorry to hear that no helps around the house. You would think with everyone that there would be more help.

So I have three days off next week and like I said one of those days I'd like to take you to dinner. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping that maybe I could see you Wednesday. :D Maybe we can go to dinner and get ice cream keep you out of the house for a while.
  -Monster / -Kat / 1y 70d 1h 20m 13s
Good lord those dogs are bad. It’s so annoying that they act the way they do. It’s because they are spoiled.
  .Ciel. / -V / 1y 70d 4h 51m 49s
Ugh they shit in the house. It is only a little after a 11 they were out at 8.... This is just getting ridiculous.... I'm so tired of these damn dogs. I was okay but now I'm just pissed. I had to go to my room...

They are out there barking wanting to eat.... Well they shit in he fucking house they can fucking wait....
  -Monster / -Kat / 1y 70d 7h 23m 36s
I’m glad you got more sleep! Yeah it’s too bad they couldn’t be boarded and I understand where you are coming from since you had just had them out. Ellie and lily were out the other day and lily still came in and peed on the blankets. It was very irritating >_<. I can understand why you get mad. I got so mad yesterday I almost cried >_> which I hate doing but I held it in the best I could and tried to control my rage.

I’ve been alright. Mostly frustrated about stuff around the house but it’s not been all that bad. I’m not frustrated or anything with you <3 you don’t have to worry about that. Yesterday I got frustrated when I closed my damned page >_<. Other than that I’ve been in mostly a good mood except at certain points because there’s no help around this damned house but I’m honestly getting use to that.

I don’t mind You venting. I think venting honestly helps most people. I hope that it helps you when you are able to get how you are feeling out.
  .Ciel. / -V / 1y 70d 8h 50m 29s
It's alright, I hate when that happens. Thank you the video did help. It still makes me laugh.

Sorry I just really needed to vent...They will be back today. I probably wouldn't of lost too bad if he didn't shit in my room. -_-' I feel bad I shouldn't say I hate them but it's so hard. My temper just runs wild.... I felt like my dad I guess Karma a real bitch. V__V

They don't care, there's no else who can watch them. I suppose I need to do my part. I do live here rent free... It sucks they can't be boarded. They can't go on car rides, they can't leave the house without freaking out. There's no wining. -_-' The vet did say they probably need to go to the bathroom more....but I literally just had them out so there was no fucking excuse. I did get more sleep that day! -_- It was just a really shitty night.


Tonight was really shitty too... but it was work not the dogs. But the dogs were still really bad... -_- pissing in the house, shitting in the he house. I think they should be out side dogs. Just make big dog house.
[+red How have you been? Is something bothering you?] [size10 I really hope it's not me....I'm sorry I'm broken...]
[ 'Same Old War']
You should listen to this someday I think you will like it!

[ Lifelines]
[right [size10 This song is good too]]
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 70d 9h 26m 16s
Also went through the chat and hunted this down for you.

  .Ciel. / -V / 1y 70d 22h 32m 54s

I had a really long post with a lot to say, but me being stupid... I accidentally closed the damned page >.<

Anyway I am sorry I didn't reply until now. I was just waiting until I could get to the computer. So I could give decent thing to say, but even now I can't do that because of course I don't remember what I wrote...

Anyway. I am sorry that the dogs woke you up and that you couldn't get much sleep. I honestly wish we lived closer so that you could just come stay with us. I really think you need some time away from home. Those dogs are driving you crazy and some time away from them I think would do you some good. It wouldn't be surprised if they knew you hated them. Most animals do know that.

Still it isn't acceptable that they just get away with whatever they want. It's very frustrating... I wish your mom and step dad would find someone else to watch those dogs. They know what kind of job you work.
  .Ciel. / -V / 1y 70d 22h 42m 3s
Oh my god I’ve only slept 2 hours and 31 minutes. I’m about ready to lose it! I seriously just had them out like twice and Toby shit in my room, he was just out I screamed at him... I fucking hate these dogs I think they know I hate them..... I feel like my dad when he get mad at My honestly makes me want to cry
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 71d 22h 7m 31s
That’s okay don’t worry about it :3 I understand I get busy as well
  Tatsuya Kiyoshi / -V / 1y 72d 2h 2m 3s
I can't wait! I got one other day but it wasn't anything special. Yesterday I was to busy to log on.
  -Mirror / -Kat / 1y 72d 3h 26m 56s
That sounds like fun! How have you been doing on the event for Lioden? Any good groupies?
  Tatsuya Kiyoshi / -V / 1y 73d 4h 25m 10s

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