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That should still be okay. I gotta cook dinner before I can go anywhere tho.
  V / -V / 17d 22h 19m 27s
Sounds like the weather is just going to be rainy. So is it okay if we steal you for supper?
  -Kat / -Kat / 17d 22h 24m 42s
Yep I understand that. Stupid weather lol XD I like rain but I’m starting to get tired of it.
  V / -V / 18d 2h 45s
If it just rain it shouldn’t be to bad. If it’s hail and tornados. I’ll be spooked.
Well just have to keep an eye on the weather
  -Kat / -Kat / 18d 4h 25m 35s
Yeah there is a 100% chance for rain. It’s been rainy for quite some time.
  V / -V / 18d 9h 56m 59s
Oh goodness. I know the feeling.
I’m hoping the weather is going to cooperate tomorrow. It sounds like we’re supposed to be nasty. I hope it changes
  -Kat / -Kat / 18d 15h 49m 52s
Yeah. I’m getting sick of wasting money on all those kings and getting nothing tho. Not even a regular primal or a good base.
  V / -V / 18d 17h 35m 44s
Aww! I know what you want! Lol I hope you can get one!
  -Kat / -Kat / 18d 17h 41m 38s
Mine are too and I don’t have replacements either... I wanted a ferus.
  .Ciel. / -V / 18d 19h 16m 18s
Oh I know they are so hard to get! They are so pretty! I'm getting sad my king is getting old. I still don't have a heir to replace him.
  -Kat / -Kat / 18d 20h 34m 4s
I want a ferus! Why the hell can I not breed one? Stupid game >_<
  .Ciel. / -V / 18d 22h 2m 55s
I’m sure it will. I’m going to dads Monday so I’ll be with my kitties

I can’t wait! It be fun.
  -Kat / -Kat / 20d 15h 46m 3s
Sure that sounds like a good idea. I will let everyone know that's the day. ^^

Hopefully getting out of the house for a bit will make you feel better.
  .Ciel. / -V / 20d 16h 33m 6s
When you come and stay I will try to hide this dark side of me. I'll try not to scream at them too much. When they shit in the house. I either scream or I turn on screaming music. Lately it's been me screaming FUCKERS or Fuck.

-_- I can't even see those dogs as cute anymore....Thank god my mom and step dad are home now. They can cuddle those little monster.... -_- Hopefully I'm not making Grandpa mad but screaming at his dogs. I'm sure his spirit still lingers around this house.


I'm sorry to hear that no helps around the house. You would think with everyone that there would be more help.

So I have three days off next week and like I said one of those days I'd like to take you to dinner. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping that maybe I could see you Wednesday. :D Maybe we can go to dinner and get ice cream keep you out of the house for a while.
  -Monster / -Kat / 20d 16h 34m 52s
Good lord those dogs are bad. It’s so annoying that they act the way they do. It’s because they are spoiled.
  .Ciel. / -V / 20d 20h 6m 28s

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