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Your welcome. I was hoping it would make your day a little better.
  -Kat / -Haji / 1y 24d 8h 7m 47s
You didn’t have to do that. Thank you though. I was complaining about it to everyone today and just thought I would post it here too.
  .Me. / SpiderLily / 1y 24d 20h 51m 34s
It's alright I understand. I need to get posting our other rp. I been stuck because I want to add Mirror into the story I wanted to change things up and make Urami a whole other person instead of being part of Amai. It makes it rather difficult. XD I will get him add in there some how.

Also plan on making some more characters.

I have a wolf that is to be named. It's probably going to be Amai kids XD You remember Wrath and Seth right? Well I will more than likely change their names but I kind want to bring them back to life.

Here some of the songs we listen to last night I know you like that band Our Last Night. Not sure how you felt about I Prevail

[ 'Same old War']
[ Wrecking Ball XD]
[ Toxic]
[ Havana ]
  -Kat / -Haji / 1y 27d 3h 27m 55s
I would have got to replying to the post I just had to go to two different stores this morning.
  .Me. / SpiderLily / 1y 27d 5h 40m 47s
Yeah I normally do. Sometimes it’s even earlier now
  V / -V / 1y 27d 8h 29m 24s
You normally do that pretty early! Make sure you save some room for food and ice cream
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 28d 5h 11m 7s
That should still be okay. I gotta cook dinner before I can go anywhere tho.
  V / -V / 1y 28d 5h 17m 32s
Sounds like the weather is just going to be rainy. So is it okay if we steal you for supper?
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 28d 5h 22m 47s
Yep I understand that. Stupid weather lol XD I like rain but I’m starting to get tired of it.
  V / -V / 1y 28d 8h 58m 50s
If it just rain it shouldn’t be to bad. If it’s hail and tornados. I’ll be spooked.
Well just have to keep an eye on the weather
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 28d 11h 23m 40s
Yeah there is a 100% chance for rain. It’s been rainy for quite some time.
  V / -V / 1y 28d 16h 55m 4s
Oh goodness. I know the feeling.
I’m hoping the weather is going to cooperate tomorrow. It sounds like we’re supposed to be nasty. I hope it changes
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 28d 22h 47m 57s
Yeah. I’m getting sick of wasting money on all those kings and getting nothing tho. Not even a regular primal or a good base.
  V / -V / 1y 29d 33m 49s
Aww! I know what you want! Lol I hope you can get one!
  -Kat / -Kat / 1y 29d 39m 43s
Mine are too and I don’t have replacements either... I wanted a ferus.
  .Ciel. / -V / 1y 29d 2h 14m 23s

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