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The hood is just decorated

Marking app was arctic
  -Kat / -Haji / 13d 1h 58m 32s
I don’t think I’ve heard of that. Must have not paid much attention to it before
  .Me. / SpiderLily / 13d 2h 18m 40s
Aww. I just started gathering things for my heir. A Bought nice app, seraphim hood
  -Kat / -Haji / 13d 10h 14m 6s
I got rid of a lot of that stuff for my ferus XD lol
  .Me. / SpiderLily / 13d 13h 55m 13s
Yeah that's what I am worried about I still have a gmo cow. Lion meat and I think shaman stew...

  -Kat / -Haji / 13d 14h 21m 8s
You would have a better chance at getting a ferus breeding a female one to another with a pennroyal
  .Me. / SpiderLily / 13d 14h 21m 41s
I tried breeding and all it left me with with was nothing... it’s very frustrating. I spent a lot of money on studs. It just sucks. Buying piebalds can be pretty cheap. I have my heir for my secondary account. Oh my ferus is also clean <3 though I don’t really care now XD
  .Me. / SpiderLily / 13d 14h 23m 7s
I will defiantly breed him to my topaz lady after I try cotton root barking her.

There is an Ebony Primal Ferus I have my eye on :D I really want her. She EBONY :D I just love that base.

I also need to start picking out a lady I want to breed to see If I can get a heir. Or maybe buy another heir. There a gorgeous Heavy pie that has high stats that I like

I would probably change the base add some marking here and there... ugh so hard do I buy Ferus or buy heir.... Or try breeding for one.
  -Kat / -Haji / 13d 14h 37m 39s
I wasn’t really upset or anything. I just couldn’t believe I had done something so stupid. Thank you though it did make my day better. Both your accounts get free breedings to him :3 I’ll send your moneys back when you breed request him. Idk how long I’ll leave him topaz though.
  .Me. / SpiderLily / 14d 37m 47s
Your welcome. I was hoping it would make your day a little better.
  -Kat / -Haji / 14d 1h 28m 39s
You didn’t have to do that. Thank you though. I was complaining about it to everyone today and just thought I would post it here too.
  .Me. / SpiderLily / 14d 14h 12m 26s
It's alright I understand. I need to get posting our other rp. I been stuck because I want to add Mirror into the story I wanted to change things up and make Urami a whole other person instead of being part of Amai. It makes it rather difficult. XD I will get him add in there some how.

Also plan on making some more characters.

I have a wolf that is to be named. It's probably going to be Amai kids XD You remember Wrath and Seth right? Well I will more than likely change their names but I kind want to bring them back to life.

Here some of the songs we listen to last night I know you like that band Our Last Night. Not sure how you felt about I Prevail

[ 'Same old War']
[ Wrecking Ball XD]
[ Toxic]
[ Havana ]
  -Kat / -Haji / 16d 20h 48m 47s
I would have got to replying to the post I just had to go to two different stores this morning.
  .Me. / SpiderLily / 16d 23h 1m 39s
Yeah I normally do. Sometimes it’s even earlier now
  V / -V / 17d 1h 50m 16s
You normally do that pretty early! Make sure you save some room for food and ice cream
  -Kat / -Kat / 17d 22h 31m 59s

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