Devil Trigger

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I’ve been fine. Warn out. Irritated. Cranky. Alive I suppose though.
  .Me. / Nagito / 321d 8h 10m 43s
Aww, it was at peace! It probably loved you!
How have you been?
  -Haji / -Haji / 321d 8h 50m 24s
Yeah. I’m glad that it at least went in its sleep.
  .Me. / Nagito / 321d 11h 26m 19s
Aww, at least you tried and didn’t leave it on it’s own. Maybe it was sick.
  -Haji / -Haji / 321d 12h 1m 13s
Yeah they don’t usually survive in captivity. So it was a long shot anyway.
  .Me. / Nagito / 321d 17h 4m 55s
Aw I’m sorry to hear that. You tried! Sometimes things happen. I’m sure it was a happy bunny
  -Haji / -Haji / 321d 17h 26m 9s
The bunny died a few nights ago. We buried it near miss kitty.
  .Me. / Nagito / 321d 17h 44m 55s
I bet my lions are mad at me! I haven’t check them in few days since I was at that rock concert. Which by the way the Foo Fighters are amazing!

How have you been! How is little Terra
  -Haji / -Haji / 321d 19h 37m 16s
Yeah it is broken. It was unplanned. I don’t know what happened.
  .Me. / Nagito / 326d 6h 45m 43s
Ugh lioden is broken! :( I didn’t see notice that it was going to be down today
  -Haji / -Haji / 326d 9h 15m 3s
Well it is her house so you mom and dad she have more say. There also a lot of people there so that make it even more hot!
  -Kat / -Haji / 326d 10h 52m 57s
Yeah and when dad wanted to turn on the air grandma got mad... so mom insisted on it bein turned on.
  .Me. / Nagito / 326d 12h 23m 32s
Oh I bet it's hot. It's suppose to get close to 90 today.
  -Kat / -Haji / 326d 13h 7m 45s
Yeah I’m overheated. Been a little busy too. I’ve been okay though.
  .Me. / Nagito / 326d 17h 21m 21s
Good deal! How about you, how are you doing? It's suppose to be really hot today :/ I hate the heat.
  -Kat / -Haji / 326d 18h 14m 42s

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