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Yes! :3 that would be so cool. Ugh it’s so hot In the house
  -Haji / -Haji / 10h 44m 43s
Lol I wish I could XD someday I will have to when I’m in town
  .Me. / Nagito / 1d 13h 5m 13s
Awww better come and get mine they are the best! :D
  -Haji / -Haji / 1d 15h 6m 26s
Oh my goodness. I want hy vee donuts they sound really good right now lol
  .Me. / Nagito / 1d 21h 32m 22s
I know that feeling. Work wears me out! Yesterday we sold all the donuts
  -Haji / -Haji / 2d 12h 17m 57s
Yep I try to. Been worn out lately though so it feels hard to, but I do have better days. Last night wasn’t so bad.
  .Me. / Nagito / 2d 23h 27m 4s
We can only hope that it will though! Got to say positive! :D I'm going cross my fingers that things will get a little better for you!
  -Haji / -Haji / 2d 23h 48m 22s
No not necessarily. It’s fine though. It won’t get any better I’ve come to terms with that. I’ll just have better days and worse days.
  .Me. / Nagito / 3d 16h 48m 33s
Oh no
Busy with all the house work I assume? I’m sorry I hope things get better soon
  -Haji / -Haji / 3d 17h 3m 33s
I’ve been fine. Warn out. Irritated. Cranky. Alive I suppose though.
  .Me. / Nagito / 4d 13h 34m 38s
Aww, it was at peace! It probably loved you!
How have you been?
  -Haji / -Haji / 4d 14h 14m 19s
Yeah. I’m glad that it at least went in its sleep.
  .Me. / Nagito / 4d 16h 50m 14s
Aww, at least you tried and didn’t leave it on it’s own. Maybe it was sick.
  -Haji / -Haji / 4d 17h 25m 8s
Yeah they don’t usually survive in captivity. So it was a long shot anyway.
  .Me. / Nagito / 4d 22h 28m 50s
Aw I’m sorry to hear that. You tried! Sometimes things happen. I’m sure it was a happy bunny
  -Haji / -Haji / 4d 22h 50m 4s

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