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[size10 i really gotta stop opening up to some people lol ..]
[size10 this is doing me more harm than good at this point.]
  ˗ˏˋ ☼ ˊˎ˗ / nejirechan / 1d 6h 13m 6s
[size10 i can't wait to get out of this fucking hellscape.]
  ˗ˏˋ ☼ ˊˎ˗ / chiyuki / 1d 12h 33m 49s
[size10 the nerves are eating me alive ..]
[size10 i'm giving myself good vibes for tomorrow. i hope i scored this job so i can finally live on my own terms]
[size10 i think this is what i've been waiting for all along.]
[size10 i'll do everything i can to make this work. it [b [i has]] to work. there are no other options.]
[size10 i'm going to continue living a vicious cycle if i don't change the algorithm now.]

[size10 so, future me! good luck, give it your best shot. believe in yourself and your abilities.]
[size10 animals are one of your many passions. you got this
  ☇❅。 / chiyuki / 4d 14h 48m 48s
[size10 [i and i said, ooh ~]

[youtube https://youtu.be/iIvzqx6zeuc]
  ☇❅。 / chiyuki / 10d 35m 45s
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[center [size10 hoo - wee. i feel utterly unlovable.]]
[center [size10 i don't even know what's caused this, but i can't shake it. i don't feel like i'm the type people remember fondly or bond with that closely. no one wants to get to know my inner workings.]]
[center [size10 maybe that's my fault.]]
  ☇❅。 / chiyuki / 11d 4h 4m 50s
[size10 if there's one character i relate to on a spiritual level it's this babe. what an angel!! i love her so much ♡♡♡]
  ☇❅。 / angels / 11d 7h 53m 18s
[size10 i just hope i'm memorable in a positive light. i want people to think about me and smile over it.]
  ˗ˏˋ ♔ ˊˎ˗ / angels / 12d 1h 47m 22s
[size10 imagine being proud of being the 'badguy' in 2020. lmaooooo]
  ˗ ˎ➶˙ / angels / 12d 6h 58m 47s
[size10 i always think about who's thinking about me. i wonder what they think about when i'm the topic. what they'd say about me if they didn't know i'd see or hear about it.]
[size10 i always have everyone on my mind at once. maybe that's because my life is dictated by my love and affection for the friends around me, even the ones i don't speak to often.]
[size10 and i always have so much to say about them all. but i can't help but feel envious sometimes, when i see journals or people talking about other friends of theirs in such a high, happy manner. if only because i hope i make them feel the same in some shape or form.]

[size10 i find myself feeling sub par in many a case. like i'm a temporary happiness easy to forget. i want to leave my mark on people, too. that's all i ever want.]
[size10 please don't forget me.]
  ˗ ˎ➶˙ / angels / 13d 46m 38s
[size10 please, god. help me out here. let this work for me ... i'm begging. i don't want to be trapped for the rest of my life. it hurts.]
  ˗ ˎ➶˙ / angels / 16d 10h 13m 15s
[size10 this is beyond frustrating. you make me feel helpless, and don't take into consideration how i feel.]
[size10 and if i don't give you the reaction that you want, you just disappear. i hate it.]
  ˗ ˎ➶˙ / angels / 18d 7h 15m 48s
[size10 it's right. i am the rock. i'm the person with enough tolerance and wisdom to share with those who need it. i can't let myself falter, i was born to set an example. i have all those hopes and dreams and power at my disposal, and i've been allowing people and life to stand in my way for far too long.]

[size10 i owe it to myself and my loved ones to be better than that. i have the ability, the courage, to be better than that. i'm the strongest person i've ever known.]

[size10 and i can do it. i know i can. i'll map out a plan because i'm smart, and i can use my ability for a life i've always hoped for.]

[size10 i may have those lingering doubts whispering in my ear, but when i need my reassurance i know who i can go to.]
[size10 it's a together battle. i can make it. i will make it. and no one's going to stop me.]
  ˗ˏˋ ☼ ˊˎ˗ / angels / 44d 14h 47m 34s
[size10 i've always wanted to feel loved. maybe i'm wrong for that. i just always craved to feel like someone out there had a undying, special connection with me, who wanted to see into my space and keep my heart safe. i wanted somebody to love me until i forgot how to hate myself, to teach me how to love me through their rose tinted glasses. i didn't want to be put on a pedestal or treated like i was better than them, but to share an equal passion for one another and it'd be the only thing they or i could talk about day in and day out.]

[size10 i wanted someone to share my deepest, darkest fears with. someone i felt like i could wholeheartedly trust, who when i'm down will be there even in the smallest of ways to remind me i'm safe and that i'm loved.]

[size10 i didn't want to be taken care of, just watched over. i wanted somebody to know when i'm acting differently, to see through my facade because they know me deep down and will call me out on my bullshit. to hold my hand and look me in the eye and tell me that i can trust them and that they'll be patient with me.]

[size10 i didn't want to be stomped on and hurt over and over again. i didn't want to search aimlessly for something to fill the void in my chest that my family and friends and exes left there. i didn't want someone to [i heal] me, just understand and care.]

[size10 i didn't need to be [b saved.] i wanted to be heard. to know i was alive. to feel like i mattered.]

[size10 i craved that in a person so desperately. and now, i know that's unrealistic, too.]

[size10 the only person who will pick me up and tell me it's gonna be ok is me. i don't have family, i don't have that sort of support system to lean back on. i can't trust people with my feelings or thoughts. they misinterpret me, pin me to be a villain when none of it was about them. they ignore me, hurt me, use me. i don't want to believe everyone is like that, but the track record piles up, doesn't it?]

[size10 i'll keep being brave and strong and getting up all on my own. i can carry all these burdens, i've done it a million times over from birth till now. i wasn't born into an easy life.]

[size10 i wasn't meant to have one. and if that means i have to bite and scratch and claw and scream and fight the whole way, i will. i'll love me like i wanted all that time. i'll take care of me. i'll hold myself when i'm crumbling down.]

[size10 and i'll support others, too.]
  ˗ ˎ➶˙ / angels / 52d 1h 2m 0s

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