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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/Ro3V5av.jpg]] [center [size12 [font "times new roman" Ember's nose scrunched at the mention of Renesmee's nickname. She absolutely hated that name, Nessie. She didn't see any reason to to shorten such a beautiful name. Especially with one so basic as Nessie. [#46C7C7 "Hello."] She muttered as turned her attention back to her meal. She watched as Seth sat down not to Renesmee and leaned over to kiss her. Ember felt her heart drop and quickly stood up, much faster than she should have.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [#46C7C7 "I'm going to go get ketchup."] She walked around the table, glancing at Jacob for a second, not understanding why he stared at her the way her did, before continuing to the counter. The woman working was bustling around, continuously telling Ember that she would be right with her. Which was fine, she didn't really need ketchup nor was she hungry any more now that Seth was here being all lovey dovey with the girl that Ember was in love with.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" She picked at her nails as she waited for the waitress to come back to her. She tried to figure out a way to get out of this situation in general. She needed to come up with some excuse. She wanted to try and push through for Renesmee but if she watched Seth's lips go anywhere near Renesmee again, she might tear them off.]]]
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Seth had to nudge Jacob to even make the older male move or take his eyes from Ember. It seemed like the two were going to play stare at the other all night. Which if it wasn't date night for him and Ness, Seth would have been more than amused with. Would have even made jokes. But even he knew where to draw a line and the fact that Renesmee seemed pleased was why he couldn't and wouldn't make too much fun of the other two.

Jake even with the nudge was nearly a tree and rooted to the spot. All he had been told was there was another girl coming and she was a friend of Renesmee's. He was more or less doing this as a favour to Seth because he still was messed up over how things ended. But Ember seemed to..was the correct phrasing "catch his attention"?

It took another moment and nudge before he could even pull his gaze away and move towards the girl. [b "Nice to meet you...Like Nessie said.. I'm Jacob..well Jake."] He muttered, knowing the others were around somewhere and hoping to hell theu were keeping themselves out of trouble for ONE night.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/Ro3V5av.jpg]] [center [size12 Ember continued to stare at the male since he was staring at her. She raised an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to look away. Honestly, she could do this all day with ease. As if sensing the tension, Renesmee placed a hand on Ember 's shoulder. "Jacob, it's so great to see you again. This is my friend, Ember. Ember, Jacob." Renesemee smiled a huge grin at the two, as if it was the best thing in the world to introduce them to one another.]]

[center [size12 Was this the Jacob that Bella went on about? No offense to Renesmee, but her mom was annoying about that. How hard was it to just pick one of the men? She could understand the appeal of both but geez, her conversations about it was so annoying. Honesty though, how she had two men after her was beyond Ember.]]

[center [size12 She simply stared at the male, making no movements to shake his hand or to give him an intro greeting. She just simply, stared.]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/7R9RIeg.png]]
[font "times new roman" OOC; Hello lovely! So, I decided on a gift for Ember. All of her info is in her profile. XD Pm once you reply so I can readd this to my list.]
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[b "I just get back and you want me going with you to some dinner? A dinner at the diner for you and your future wife. Seth are you thinking this out at all?"] Jacob grumbled as he sat at the table in the Cleawater's kitchen. He had yet to go back and see his father. Had yet to see anyone really. So Seth and unfortunately his pain in the ass sister were the only ones to know that he was back after running away after all that Volturi stuff.

The younger crossed his arms and gave Jake a look. He had been mildly amused but now thought his was being downright stubborn and a HUGE jerk. Sure he had lost thebone he thought was his imprint. But he would have felt more IF that were true. He had also come back with two new wolves as well. So if he wanted Seth keeping the secret, then he would do this.

"You know I love you man. You're like a brother. But I really need and want you there. It's a big night and a HUGE step." He tried that first. But the look told him that he was getting nowhere. "If you don't come, then I will tell EVERYONE you are back AND about the two new wolves you brought with you."

A glare was given but he was in no position to even be negotiating at this rate. [b "Fine.. I'll go. Just better be worth it."]

[center --At the Diner--]

Seth walked in first and smiled brightly seeing Nessie. "Hey, sorry for being late. Had to make sure someone actually came." He said and hugged her.

Those words barely left Seth's lips before Jacob followed him in. Hands were in his pockets and brown eyes were scanning the diner. It felt like another lifetime ago since he had last been there. And then his eyes landed on the new girl, the one he assumed Seth told him would be with Renesmee. Something about her was...he didn't know but it seemed off.
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[center [pic https://media.giphy.com/media/xLd9RWtBRySyc/giphy.gif]]

[center [size12 It was three years ago that the Cullens took her in, they've actually taken in quite a few half breeds after Renesmee was born.Ember was just the only one that's stayed. They'd take half breeds in like some kind of foster care until they found a family that they fit in. Ember and Renesmee had bonded so much that she decided to stay with the Cullens and continue the blossoming friendship.]]

[center [size12 [#46C7C7 "Come on, Emmett. We've been through this so many times. How many more times do you have to lose before you give up?"] Ember smirked at the man that was twice her size, but his size had nothing on Ember's skills. Before she joined the Cullens, she was hopping between homes and learned many things, including how to control her abilities. But she never uses it unless she absolutely needs to. And she hasn't absolutely needed to yet.]]

[center [size12 Emmett huffed like the bear he was before charging towards her. Typical, he uses his brawn instead of his brains. When he was close enough to grab her, she jumped into the air and flipped over him. As she was in mid-flip, she flicked the back of his head, getting a satisfying clunk. She landed perfectly on her feet and dropped down as Emmett turned to grab her. She swiped his feet out from beneath him, the ground shook as he slammed on his back. [#46C7C7 "Give up yet?"] He glared at her as she chuckled. She was about to strike out again when she heard those dainty feet running towards them. She didn't need to look to know who it was. [#46C7C7 "Time out."]]]

[center [size12 She turned to be met with the strawberry blonde. The girl had a huge smile on her face that made Ember melt. It must have been on her face because she heard Emmett chuckle beside her and she glared up at him. Everyone in the Cullen family knew about Ember's feelings for Renesmee but the adorable girl herself. "Seth just called, he wants meet at the diner to talk. He sounded so nervous, I think he's gonna..." Her voice trailed off but Ember didn't need her to finish the sentence, her heart already cracked alittle when she mentioned his name. Renesmee and Seth had been dating since the two girls graduated high school over a year ago.]]

[center [size12 Renesmee was convinced that they would move out of Forks/La Push and get married. Ember had to suffer through as the person she loved, planned a future with another person. So this was it, the mutt was going to propose and steal Renesmee from her forever. "Anyways, think you can come with, I really want you to be there for that moment. You're my best friend, I need you there." Swallowing the ever growing lump in her throat, she nodded her head and gave Renensmee her mastered fake smile.]]

[center [b At the diner]]

[center [size12 Ember sat in one of the corner booths, watching Renesmee as she nervously swirled her straw around in her cup of water. Her brown eyes staring out the windows, searching for her future husband. A even bigger grin than earlier appeared on her face when they finally landed on him, she quickly jumped her feet and rushed to meet him as he and another man walked through the door. Ember looked the second man up and down, scrunching her nose. She hadn't met that one before, but something bothered her about him.]]
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