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"What the hell? Why would you do that?" Kane yelled at Dylan and Dylan yelled back, "Your the one who knocked up my baby sister." Kane glared at him, "I didn't know for one thing and I would never abandon her. if you think for one second that I would, your wrong..." Dylan stopped, "So you wanted her to move in with you just because?" Kane nodded, 'Because I love her but now theres even more of a reason, theres a baby coming now and that baby is going to have both parents that love it more then you could know."

He said before going in the house and finding Carlin, "Honey where are you?" he asked calling out and then followed the sound of Rambo's paws on the hard wood floors. He was digging at the theatre room door... it was sound proof. He opened it and pulled her into his arms, "Hey shhh its okay, I love you.... I'm right here...I'm not going anywhere."
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Carlin nodded as Dylan spoke. [b “He promised he would keep me safe... I hate being alone at night, Dylan. And I can’t ask y’all not to travel.. that’s apart of your job. You raised me when mom and dad didn’t want too, you took care of me, but you don’t have to do that anymore..”] she said.

She looked at Katie when Dylan said there was something they were telling him. Her eyes went wide. [b “Katie! You promised that you wouldn’t tell him!”] she squealed. [b “I begged you not to tell him and you promised that you wouldn’t!”] she was furious. Her emotions were already crazy and this certainly wasn’t helping. She looked over at Kane. [b “Kane... I.... I I’m sorry.”] she muttered. [b “I was going to tell you... I....”]

She didn’t know what to say, so she just got up and ran inside, Rambo right behind her. Kane was going to hate her, she could feel it. What country music star wanted to have a baby with a senior in Highschool?
  JS / BooBear96 / 219d 2h 52m 56s
Her brother seemed to like Kane alright... he hadn't threatened him and he knew how to make a hell of a steak. "He promise to keep you safe?" He asked looking to Kane and then back to Carlin... "Sis theres something your not telling me isn't there." he said and looked to Katie, "You know too don't you? What the hell is going on here?" He asked angerly. Kane stood up, "I don't know what your talking about Dylan, no one is hiding anything from you unless they're hiding it from me too..." He said and Dylan relaxed, "I was starting to think you knocked up my little sister." He said laughing and Katie stood up, "Dylan stop it, stop it right now."

He had hit a nerve without even realizing it. Kane didn't understand what the hell was going on but he could tell that Carlin was upset. "Sweetheart, do you want to go and sit inside and rest for a minute, you look like your about to be sick."
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Carlin just grinned as she listened to Kane ramble about how he wanted to take care of her. [b “You’re completely different than who I thought you would be...”] she said softly. [b “We need to get to the store. My brother said they would be here at seven... And since someone decided they wanted to sleep in...”]

She was a nervous wreck when Dylan and Katie walked in. She had no idea how this dinner was going to go. She had told Katie that she was pregnant... but she promised not to tell Dylan, so she just prayed that she kept true to that promise. [b “Hey Dyl! Kane’s grilling the steaks outside. I’m almost done with the sides and everything. I hope y’all are hungry.”] she said.

A little while later they were all seated on the back Patio, Rambo was laying at her feet, like always. He never left her side anymore. She didn’t know what was going on with him. [b “So Dylan.”] she said, glancing at Kane. [b “You and Katie are traveling a lot more with work now... And well. Kane asked me to move in with him... I’ll still go to school, but this way I’ll hardly ever be alone at night... I said yes...”]
  JS / BooBear96 / 219d 3h 19m 8s
"I know I don't have to take care of you but I want to take care of you, thats what I was raised to do... raised by my nana as a southern gentleman and thats what I intend to be." He said and kissed her but stopped smiling wide when she said she would move in with him. "Hes still your guardian and I respect that but you are eighteen so its your choice to listen to him or not... I just... I don't want to be without you and I know your busy with school and there will be nights I have to work late in the studio but we can make this work... I can drive you to games and cheer on my baby and I can go to dances with you... anything you need... I'm your boyfriend aren't I?" He asked her as his blue eyes looked into hers.

When her brother came over he was on edge waiting on the man to say something... they were the same age so he should understand where Kane was coming from and how much he loved her.
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Carlin looked up at him. She was completely shocked by this turn of events. Kane Brown wanted her to move in with him. She was pregnant with Kane Browns child, but he didn’t know. This was stressful.

[b “Kane, I’m a cheerleader. I’m on the student council. I’m at school more than I’m home. I have practice three times a week and meetings and then football games on Friday night...”] she explained [b “Are you really okay with that? I mean, I’ll have parties and dances and. Prom.”]

She looked down when he took her hand. She didn’t know what her brother would say. [b “My brother is my legal guardian... What if he says no? I’m eighteen, but he’s still my brother... I have my BMW, remember?”] she asked with a smile on her face. [b “I know you think you do, but you don’t have to take care of me... I just want you to love me. That’ll be enough for me...”] she said [b “But yes, I’ll move in with you.”]
  JS / BooBear96 / 219d 5h 55s
"Is that a yes? I... I know your still in high school and I expect you to finish and I'll be the first one to cheer for you when you walk across that stage and get your diploma... I love you and I know your 18 and I'm 22 but I..I just... I want to be with you and you said it yourself that your brother is never there and sometimes you don't feel safe.... you'd be here with me and Rambo and you'd have use of any car you want and never have to worry about cars and if your safe and there will always be food and anything you need I can handle... just... I don't want to lose you because of an age difference or people thinking we shouldn't be together because I do love you... I've been holding off saying it because I thought it would scare you but I can't anymore because I do love you and I was so scared you hated me before."

He sighed and took her hand in his, hoping she said yes... hoping she would move in with him and her brother wouldn't lose his mind.
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Carlin was surprised when Kane said his kitchen was open, that they could have the dinner here. [b “That would be great. I know my brother never keeps the kitchen stocked... I’ll text him and then we can head out... Can we get slushees on the way back though?”] she asked.

She was completely clueless that Kane was basically asking her to move in with him. [b “How about we grill steaks out? We can just hangout on the porch? It’s supposed to be cool tonight.”] she asked.

She was walking toward the front door to put her shoes on when she froze. He had just told her that he loved her. [b “What did you just say?”] she asked. [b “You love me?”] Kane Brown loved her, and wanted her to move in with him. Oh my gosh. [b “Kane... I don’t know. That’s a big deal.... I-I, I’m still in high school... it’s my senior head... I...”] she didn’t know what to say, so now she was just stuttering. [b “I don’t know what my brother will say...”]
  JS / BooBear96 / 220d 4h 18m 50s
"My kitchen is open to you sweetheart, you can invite them here." He said hoping she would get the hint that he wanted her to move in with him, he loved her. Age difference or not... it was only a few years and he hadn't known. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck gently, "How about you invite them and we can go to Whole foods and pick up food and then target for snacks... because you know how I love my cheezits." He said smiling to her. He knew as soon as his manager got ahold of this it would be hell... but then he realized... she was interning with his manager.. to be her replacement... he didn't know how this would go over... he just hoped it would go well.

"I think Rambo is out of snacks and low on food anyway so we should go get that and whatever else we need here... and by we... I...I want you to move in with me... you can still go to school... I just... I love you."
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Carlin grinned as Rambo somehow managed to push Kane away from her, just enough to lay down in the middle. [b “Someone is jealous.”] she said as she rubbed Rambos head. [b “I’m not going anywhere Bubba.”] she looked at Kane and just smiled. She didn’t know how this was going to work when she told Kane that she was pregnant... but she had to believe that they would be okay. Kane really seemed invested.

The week went by fairly well. Almost everything she ate, she ended up throwing up. But for whatever reason, she could keep down slushees and pretzels, so that’s what she had basically been living off of. She knew she needed to get more into her though. That diet couldn’t be healthy for the baby. [b “I’m feeling better today.”] she told Kane as she walked into the bedroom after she’d showered. [b “How about we go to my house? My brother and his girlfriend are back in town... I can cook us all dinner?”]
  JS / BooBear96 / 220d 7h 1m 17s
"Your mine all week... " he said and kissed her, "I didn't mean to ignore you, your free to check my phone, I have nothing to hide... just didn't get anything from you and thought you ghosted me... was my fucked up way of coping and then I found out you were in high school but that doesn't matter to me, your legal, it just scared me that you were in some sort of trouble because of me... hell I'm not the best but I'm here for you and I'm trying... thats gotta count for something right? I'm sorry I messed up darlin'.... I didn't mean to and it won't happen again." He said as Rambo tried to get between them. "I think he agrees that your stuck with us forever." That was Kane's way of telling her that he wanted to be with her. He couldn't make himself use the word girlfriend just yet.

(Hes going to support her but think that the baby isn't his, she can live with him when her brother kicks her out, he still cares but isn't convinced its his kid."
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Carlin glanced up at him and just shrugged. [b “I’m just sick. I guess you and Abbi spoiled me. Every-time I threw up, you all were both right there, rubbing my back, holding my hair. Just there. It’s crazy, but that’s one of the firsts times I haven’t felt alone.”] she said. [b “You know my parents pretty much dumped me on my brother after he turned eighteen. They pay for everything, but I think they’re living in Miami right now.. It’s just hard sometimes.”]

She nodded when he asked she was skipping school. [b “The ER Doctor told me to rest the entire week. But Martha gave me some stuff that I can work on from my computer, so I’m still getting my hours and points in.”] she explained. [b “Looks like you’re stuck with me ALL week.”]

[b “I’m sorry I made you mad that night... Just... when you ignored my texts and then I seen that trashy blonde... I just got really upset.”]
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Kane chuckled hearing her, "Chick flicks I can handle especially with you." He kissed her gently and heard her say that she didn't want to be alone today. "If you don't mind me asking, whats going on? Are you okay? Everything okay at home with your brother?" He asked her softly. She was someone he cared so much about but was just afraid to make that leap... and she was still in high school and that complicated things but she was of legal age and that was what mattered.

"Taking tomorrow off of school?" He asked knowing it was Sunday. "Order your favorite chinese and be lazy and just relax?" He hoped. He didn't want to send her to school the way she was and he would sign anything needed for her classes since he could for her work... she could stay with him as long as she needed to.... no matter what. Kane held her and kissed the top of her head.
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Carlin simply nodded as Kane told her to go on and get comfortable. She knew when he said he’d turn the popcorn machine on, he would end up eating so much, it would give him a stomach ache. She didn’t know how this day would end.

She climbed up on the sectional as soon as she was in the theatre room. [b “Come on Bubby.”] she said as she watched Rambo climb up using his stairs. [b “I missed you so much.”] she said. [b “Daddy doesn’t know it yet, but he just signed up for a whole day of chick flicks.”]

She grabbed the remote and turned on Netflix by the time Kane came back with their drinks. [b “Thank you.”] she said. She looked over at him as he sat down next to her and she simply shook her head. [b “You just being here, with me, helps more than you could even imagine.”] she said as she snuggled into him. [b “I really didn’t want to be alone today.”]
  JS / BooBear96 / 253d 23h 30m 51s
Kane chuckled, "You go get comfortable with Rambo and I'll turn on the popcorn machine in there... " He said and got in the fridge getting two sweet teas out because he knew how much he loved it and how much she shared that love. He followed them down the hall to the theatre room, "Anything you want to watch... got the new blankets you picked out in here too and Rambo has missed you as much as I have... I'm sorry that I acted like I did."

Kane didn't know it but he was bi polar and undiagnosed... his mother had been but he didn't know that either. When he snapped... he really wasn't him. He had learned to live with it but it interfered with his life everyday.... today was one of the better days for him but it seemed like she was having one of the worst days that he had ever seen him have in the months he had known her. "Anything I can do to help?"
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