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Aubree looked at Rambo who was all about Kane right now. [b "I think he missed you."] she said. She walked into the kitchen and hopped up on the bar stool, following him. [b "I guess I'm still learning what managing a country super star really means and entails, If I being completely honest."]

[b "How often are you out of town?"] she questioned [b "I want to be in this as much as possible, but I do still have some obligations that are in Nashville.."] she explained, putting it lightly. No way was she going to tell him that she was still in High School. [b "I'm just still a little nervous about the entire thing."]

She couldn't help but laugh when he brought up Shelby. [b "Please. Shelby is just a mean girl wannabe. I have a feeling that she will try and sneak into some shows, based on what Martha has told me, BUT I will be right there to throw her ass out."] She nodded when he asked her if she wanted anything to drink. [b "Water would be great, thanks.. Can I ask what happened with Shelby?."]
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Kane chuckled, "Hes a hell of a dog but most of the time hes a little brat but I love him... I've had him his whole life... I have to say he prefers living like this instead of living in a trailer in Georgia... hes all I've got here." He muttered as he dialed the number to the pizza place ordering. "Make yourself at home darlin', do you have any questions for me about the show or tours or managing me? I mean you'll be doing it soon and I have to say I'm a handful." He said hanging up from ordering the pizza.

Kane was considered country music's bad boy.... but why? He was a nice guy but the guy the media knew... and the real person... they were two different people..

"You've already dealt with my ex Shelby, shes a big part of my problems... but Martha said you handled her well." He said chuckling, "What I wouldn't have given to see the look on her face when you told her that her pass was cancelled..." He opened the fridge and took out a soda, "Are you thirsty?" He said offering her a drink.
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The girl couldn’t help but giggle when kane said he had never driven a car like this before. [b “Please. My first car was a Duramax, until I got caught doing burnouts and daddy took my keys.”] she said with a big grin. [b “The next day he came back home with this.”]

She watched as Kane walked over to the passenger side of the car, to open the door for her? Wow. She thought that only happened in movies. [b “Oh. Thank you.”] she said softly. She bit her lip as they were driving down the road and Kane asked her if she would like to come inside.

It was getting late, and Dylan would be expecting her home soon, though he hadn’t given her a curfew. [b “Pizza would be good, and I love dogs. So it’s a win win right?”] she asked. She followed Kane inside the house, her insides and head were screaming at her to turn around, that this wasn’t a good idea. But Kane was going to be client eventually. Shouldn’t she get to know him?

[b “He’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! Oh my gosh!”] she said.
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Kane looked at the key smiling, “You know I’ve never driven one of these...I’m a country boy sweetheart, trucks not BMWs.” He walked out and said, “Lead the way darlin’ , and yeah the shows are always like that, sometimes bigger, Atlanta I consider my hometown show and it gets crazy.” Once they reached her car he unlocked it with the key and opened the passenger’s side door for her like a gentleman. He had been raised a southern gentleman even though he didn’t really look like one. He got into the driver’s seat and started the white car. “I don’t live far from here.”

In truth it was only about 7 miles and he pulled into a circle drive and parked in front of a small southern mansion with a wrap around porch. “Want to come in?” He asked looking to her, “You can meet Rambo.” He suggested as his stomach growled again, “Abd I’m ordering pizza so if your hungry, Jet’s delivers here and it’s the best in town, my treat.” He said smiling as he walked to the door and smiled wider when she got out of the car and he unlocked his house, the bulldog greeting them at the door.
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Aubree couldn't help but smirk when Kane ran over to the side stage and grabbed the gaterade.. He had kissed her cheek though? She just froze. [b "You're welcome."] she saif softly. She grinned as she watched him run back. She was slightly dancing along. But after a while, she plopped down on one of the fold out chairs. She was getting tired... And she wasn't sure what that cheek kiss was about AT ALL.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Kane's voice, he was close. She was pretty sure that he was speaking to her. [b "Hey."] she said. [b "That was awesome.. You were amazing. Is it always like that?"] she questioned.

[b "I'm ready if you are then. Yeah. My car is out back."] she said. She looked up when Martha walked over and she couldn't help but grin when she heard what she had to say. [b "Are you serious?! That's awesome!!"] she said. [b "Oh my gosh!! Thank you!"]

After the thrill had warn off, they were about to headout. She looked back when Kane said something to Martha about him being worried about getting home. [b "I'm a big girl, don't worry."] she said. She tossed him her keys. [b "I don't know where you live sooo. You can just drive."] she said, pointing to her White BMW.
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Kane ran to the side of the stage as Kenny siloed on the drums and took the Gatorade from her and kissed her cheek gently, “thank you.” Martha watched them, Kane was extremely happy. The show went perfectly and he came offstage and took a towel that a stage hand offered him to wipe the sweat off of his forehead. “How’d you like the show?” He asked looking to Aubree who seemed to be off in her own little world.

A crew member took his microphone and his in ear monitors before Kane walked to her. “I’m ready to go when you are, I didn’t bring much since I live here and this is the last show of the tour so we can go anytime.” He knew they would have to go out through the back. “Your larked ib back right?” She would have to be to come in the crew entrance and had found Martha.

Speaking of Martha she walked up smiling, “Aubree, if you want to take him on after your graduation, the job is yours, tonight went flawlessly and I’m trusting you’ll get him home.” Kane nodded, “I’m more concerned with her getting home it’s late.”
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Aubree just grinned as Kane slapped her hand away. She nodded when he answered her question about what time the show started. [b "You nervous?"] she questioned. She wasn't sure if he had ever played Bridgestone before. She was excited herself. It was her first time seeing Kane in concert, and her first time being direct manager of a major concert.

She followed Kane outside, his gaterade in her hand. She wasn't sure if he would get thirsty during the performance, so she grabbed it just in case. She watched as he walked out on stage, the crowd abosulouty went wild. She just grinned as she watched him. He was simply made for the stage.

The show went off without a hitch. From what she had calculated, was that Kane was now halfway finished. Right now he was introducing the band, and they were each playing a little something.

So far, so good. This was going off without a hitch. Kane seemed like he was having a blast, and it was obvious that the fans were as well. This was the start of something big, she just didn't know what.
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“7:30.” Kane said playfully slapping her hand and then taking a dorito of his own. They joked around with the band in the green room for what seemed like forever but was only the two hours they had and soon Kane was being called to stage. “KB to the stage.” A voice said into Aubree’s ear piece.

“That would be me.” He said with a smile. Once at the side of the stage he put his in ear monitors in and was handed a microphone, chrome, different than the other ones...of course because it was his concert, his show.

He looked to aubree and whispered, “Watch this.” He held the mic and still stayed backstage, “How y’all doing tonight?” He asked into the mic and it seemed like the stadium erupted without even seeing him, it was surreal.

Martha sat down near the front on the left side and smiled at Aubree, Kane was onstage on time and there hadn’t been any meltdowns or anything catastrophic happen so she was doing pretty good on her own and Kane looked happy and that was important. If the artist wasn’t happy then they weren’t doing their job.
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Aubree smiled softly and just shook her head. [b "Isn't it like a non- spoken rule that a Manager should make sure her client gets home safe and unharmed from some crazy ex girlfriend?"] she asked with a sarcastic smirk. [b "It's really not a big deal."] She shrugged when Kane brought up Shelby again. [b "Honestly don't even worry about it. You don't have to apologize.."]

She looked up when some other guys walked into the room, she was sitting on the couch stuffing her face with a subway sandwich at the moment. [b" Oh my gosh."] she said [b "I'm so sorry."] she giggled as she raised her hand to wave at everyone. [b "I'm Aubree!"] she said [b "Nice to meet all of y'all."] she said with a southern accent.

She looked over at Kane when he sat down beside her on the couch. She grinned as she reached over and stole a Dorito out of the chip bag. [b "So what time does the show start?"] she asked. [b "I'm excited, but I still might be low key freaking out on the inside. Just a little bit."]
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Kane shrugged and said, “Cool thanks, I owe you one.” He was serious, he appreciated the ride. He stuffed a dorito in his mouth and plopped down on the red couch in the green room with all of the snacks. “So I heard you handled Shelby without much help from Martha..sorry you had to meet her.” He said seriously. “That’s a year of my life I wish I could get back. Actually a year and a half.” He muttered. He shook his head, “I shouldn’t have been so stupid.”

He took a drink of his orange Gatorade as his band filed into the green room to snack on some of the food. “Aubree Id like to introduce you to the guys, Guys, this is Aubree, Aubree these are the guys, she will be taking over for Martha in a couple months but tonight she’s in charge so y’all answer to her or me....mostly her.” He said with a smile. The guys knew she was just Kane’s type but he had just gotten out of a breakup and a bad relationship...he wasn’t looking for anyone right now but that didn’t stop him from checking her out when she wasn’t looking.
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Aubree looked at Martha and nodded slowly. [b "Like I said, I wasn't expecting someone so down to earth."] she said.

She looked up at Martha when she heard Security say that Shelby was at Gate 3. [b "Let's go."] she said. She followed Martha to the golf cart. [b "Wait."] she said [b "Once I graduate, you're stepping down and I'll be Kane's manager?"] she questioned. [b "Are you sure my first client sound be someone as big and well known as Kane Brown?"]

Aubree simply looked at the woman known as Shelby through her dark sunglasses. [b "That's because Kane had your pass canceled. Duh."] she mumbled under the breath. [b "Shelby. I'm going to ask you to leave now, or I call the police in 10 seconds. My client doesn't have time for this pathetic drama."]

After they dealt with Shelby, they went back inside to the arena, and found Kane in the snack room, to no surprise. [b "Now that that is taken care off. Miss Martha, I think I can handle it from here now.. Why don't you go get comfy in your seat?"] she asked.

Her eyes were huge, she was sure of it. She was thankful that she still had her sunglasses on. [b "Yeah, I can take him home... That's no problem at all."]
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“Kane is pretty easy to get along with.” Martha said nodding. Kane was out onstage singing, not putting on his entire show but singing just to check the sound and levels. It wasn’t perfect but Kane never claimed to be perfect.

Suddenly there was some static through the ear piece, “There’s a Shelby Bancroft at Gate 3, claims she’s Kane Brown’s girlfriend.” A muffled voice said through the ear piece. Martha sighed, “Aubree looks like we have a whore to deal with. Yes Kane is good with friends, you just manage him, technically he’s your boss and when I step down you’ll be his right hand woman, right now your second in command but tonight is your trial run and Kane knows I’m stepping down for my kids. He’s 21 he’s got a whole career ahead of him and needs a manager that can stay with him, you.”

On the way to gate three via golf cart, Martha explained that Kane had loved Shelby and even thought about asking her to marry him until Shelby cheated on him about a month ago and left him. “This was the third time she had cheated on him and he said he was done with her and now she won’t take no for an answer.”

Pulling up to gate 3, there was a beautiful dark haired girl with tan skin standing there. She had designer everything on and looked very upset. “Martha they’re telling me my pass is no good.” The girl said looking to her. Martha nodded, “Kane had banned you from events and your pass has been cancelled. I’m asking you to leave Shelby before security has to get involved.”

The dark skinned girl huffed and said, “Who’s this?” Pointing to Aubree, “His new girlfriend?” Martha stopped her, “It’s none of your business but she is his new manager. You aren’t we come here Shelby.”

Soon Kane was done with sound check and found Aubree and Martha parking the golf cart backstage. “any interviews today?” He asked and Martha showed Aubree how to check the schedule on his phone, “Nothing Kane you have to free hours.” Martha said and Kane nodded, “Y’all want to get something to eat?” He asked them and Martha declined, “I’m going to go and relax for that two hours your in good hands with Aubree.” Kane nodded and looked to Aubree, “How about you? Hungry? I am...” he knew there was a ton of food to choose from backstage and he planned on eating.

Martha turned around, “Oh and Kane I know you were dropped off by the limo service but security thinks it’s a good idea for you to leave in an inconspicuous car tonight so Aubree can take you home.” Kane shrugged, “As long as it’s okay with Aubree I’m fine with it.”
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Aubree looked at Kane and smiled softly. [b "We have a condo in Atlanta.. I go there on weekends sometimes.. Fun night life."] she said softly. [b "Dylan doesn't let me go down there a lot anymore though, he said it's not safe for a girl like me down there alone..."] she said.

She he looked up at Kane when he said all she had to do was trust him, and then she would have Martha's job.. Did that mean Martha was training her specifically for Kane? She simply blushed when he kissed her cheek. She quickly looked around, hoping that no one had seen that. [b "Good luck."] she called when he ran out for sound check.

She looked up when she heard Martha walk up behind her. [b "Oh yes. He's very nice... Down to earth. Not really what I expected at all if I'm being completely honest."]

[b "He's flashed those blues plenty at me already."] she said softly [b "He's a big boy. I'm sure he can handle himself. I'm supposed to be more like his boss/coworker right? I don't know what to do. He seemed like he wanted to be friends."]
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“I’m not going to let her revoke anything. Your doing great Aubree.” He said smiling. “I’m from Georgia but I live here in Nashville now with my dog.” Kane was trying to relax her and break the ice. He could tell she was nervous and took her hand so she would look at him. “Trust me tonight, that’s all you need to do and you’ll have Martha’s job.” He said before kissing her cheek, hoping it would help her relax.

Soon he was onstage singing a song for the soundcheck abd Martha walked up behind her, “So have you and Kane gotten aquatinted?” She asked looking to Aubree. No one knew that Martha was going to retire when Aubree was ready and had been training her these last three weeks to be Kanes manager. The girl had more potential than she thought she did.

“Don’t let him flash those baby blues at you, he has a way of getting what he wants but he also just got out of a bad relationship so make sure your gentle with him. He acts tough but he’s actually the opposite of tough...he’s a big baby.”
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Aubree couldnt help but smile when she heard Kane say her name. She liked the way it rolled off his tounge. [b "I cannot believe she just left... Oh my gosh I'm going to puke."] she muttered before taking a sip of her water. [b "I promise. I'm not usually like this... I'm just so nervous. I knew she was going to let me take the reins, but I didn't know that I would be completly by myself."] she explained. [b "Oh... yes thank you."] she said. Maybe the Gatorade would help calm her stomach more than the water."]

She nodded as she listened to Kane speak about Shelby. [b "Shelby Bancroft is not allowed.. got it."] she said. [b "She won't get anywhere near you."]

She followed Kane out and looked up when the man known as Markus, handed her a ear piece. [b "Uh..."] she looked up at Kane. Was she supposed to take this? She looked like a complete idiot right now, she was sure of it. She just wanted to run away and hide. After a few moments of thinking, she finally grabbed the piece and settled it in her ear. [b "I'm sure after tonight, Martha will revoke my internship."]

She looked at Kane when he asked her to tell her about herself. [b "I'm not very interesting..."] she explained [b "I've lived in Nashville my entire life.. Uh. I plan on going to Berkley."]
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