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[center [pic https://imgur.com/DpBiWuq.jpg]]
[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel"][Cinzel Mila Lawson was an innocent and very mistreated young woman. Her father abandoned her mother when she was born, thus making it so her mother had to look after her. Sadly, her mother died soon after of a supposed overdose. Her father never claimed her and instead, her uncle Gabriel took her in. This is where her life really went to shit.]]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel"][Cinzel Gabriel did his best to make her feel apart of the family and wanted. Sadly, his wife and daughter had other plans. They did their best to make sure Mila Lawson knew her place. She wasn't apart of the family, she wasn't to get any of their riches. She was simply a nobody and that is how she would remain for the rest of her days.]]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel"][Cinzel xxx had made a promise to herself that she would provide for herself and not depend on anyone or anything. She worked to make a living, shared an apartment with her best friend and kept her head in the books. She made sure that she stuck in her own lane, not getting in anyones way. She truly believed she was a burden to almost everyone.]]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel"][Cinzel Gabriel was one of the best well known businessmen in all of New York. He owned several real estate and commercial properties. He also owned one of the largest pharmaceuticals in the states. Unfortunately, his money was running low and he needed to expand his business and gain some money back.]]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel"][Cinzel That is where the O'Donnell family comes into play. They were the well known Mafia that practically ran New York. They were extremely wealthy and not by legal means. The time was coming that the son of Sean O'Donnell was to take over. One rite of passage to take over was to marry a woman of purity and innocence. This is something that Mr. O'Donnell has been trying to get his son, Stephen O'Donnell to do for years. Select a woman and marry her. It was as simple as that. Yet, he had failed to do so and was not willing to bend to these rules.]]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel"][Cinzel Mr. O'Donnell and Gabriel ended up making a contract under the table. O'Donnell was well aware that Gabriel was sinking and knew that the pharmaceutical business and real estate would come in handy. The contract entailed that Stephen O'Donnell would marry the biological daughter of Gabriel. Thus gaining fortune for Gabriel and profits for Mr. O'Donnell.]]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel"][Cinzel The only complication is how stubborn ooo can be. When he sets his eyes on a certain woman, who is not the one he is to marry...things become a little bit complicated. Feelings get hurt, weddings may or may not happen, blood sheds...Life is flipped upside down for these two families. Will they become one or will the risk be too great?]]

[center [size20 [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel"][Cinzel Cast of Family Affairs]]]
[center [pic https://imgur.com/fzZG88v.jpg]]
[center [pic https://imgur.com/VN3p3vy.jpg]]


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[center [size10 I crossed my arms, raising an eyebrow. [i "If I have anything to do with it, she won't stay my fiance for long."] I had figured this was some sort of arranged marriage. Who would willingly marry Tiffany? Her face was constantly caked in makeup, her attitude was obnoxious and she was extremely rude to everyone that didn't worship the ground she walked on.]]

[center [size10 [b "Stephen, I-"] My voice was overshadowed by his father clapping his hands for them to leave the household. Her cheeks were flushed, [i "You deserve to be seen."] All I could do was raise my hand in a small wave. His father had casted a gaze upon me and simply nodded. A shiver went down my spine as I turned on my heel to go towards my room.]]

[center [size10 I had just met Stephen and he was already flirting with me and trying to get me to go out. Whether it was an arranged marriage or not, he was suppose to marry Tiffany. If I had gone out with him and my uncle Gabriel would find out, my ass would surely be grass.]]

[center [size10 I sighed, looking down at the steps as I gripped the side rail. I reached the top when I was met with Tiffany. Her arms were grossed and her lips were pursed. Her eyes squinting at me like she couldn't see. "I didn't appreciate that little stunt you decided to pull at dinner." She stepped closer to the edge, more in my face. "You need to stay the hell away from Stephen. If you fuck this up for our family, for me, you'll be done."]]

[center [size10 My head snatched back a little as I laughed a bit. [b "Is that a threat, Blondie?"]]]

[center [size10 "You bet. We need this. I won't let you fuck this up, just like everything else you've fucked up." She scowled, tapping my nose as she went upstairs.]]

[center [size10 Well, that made up my mind. I'm going out to have drinks with Stephen in about....twenty minutes.]]

[center [size10 I made my way upstairs to adjust my makeup. I even locked my bedroom door for extra privacy. I really didn't want to deal with Tiffany barging in or even Gabriel. I had thought about changing my clothes but Stephen seemed dead set on having me stay in my current attire.]]

[center [size10 It had reached time for me to sneak out. My makeup looked refreshed and you could hardly tell I cried most of it off earlier. I took my heels off to prevent the clicking as I unlocked my door and peeked out. I heard Gabriel and Georgina giving a lecture to Tiffany.]]

[center [size10 "You were suppose to swoon him, not lose him. He needs to actually like you for this to work. You need to put on your best behavior."]]

[center [size10 "Well, if Mila didn't have her stupid breakdown, maybe things would have gone a bit better!"]]

[center [size10 "Don't worry. I'll be talking to her tomorrow." I heard Gabriel say, his tone not the most pleasant. I was surely going to get it tomorrow. I rolled my eyes, at least I can have a decent time tonight.]]

[center [size10 I snuck past the door and made my way quickly down the stairs. I peeked around for any maids possibly lurking around after dinner and thankfully, they were all elsewhere. I slowly turned the knob on the front door and shut it behind me. I slipped my heels back on once I was on the other side.]]

[center [size10 I took a few steps off the porch and peeked around. I saw a car with lights on by the gate. I figured it was Stephen and I made my way over towards the gate. What a long fucking walk, might I add. I forgot how long it was to walk from the house to the freaking entrance.]]

[center [size10 I slide out the gate and was greeted by a very large limo. It was pure black with tinted windows. I raised an eyebrow as a man got out of the car and came around towards my side. He opened the back door to the limo and bowed a bit. "Miss. Mila. Stephen is waiting for you." He said, ushering me towards the car.]]

[center [size10 I slide into the seat, shocked by what I saw. There were dimmed blue lights above with a nice bottle of champagne and two glasses on one side of the door. Light music played in the background. I couldn't help but smile a bit as I saw Stephen across from me. [b "What an extravagant entrance. You could have picked me up in a run down van for all I cared. Didn't have to be this....fancy."]]]

[center [size10 I stirred a bit in the seat as the Chaffeuer rolled up the window, leaving Stephen and I to ourselves. I still felt a bit weird, meeting him today and everything that's happened. Yet, I could use a good drink. I crossed one leg over the other, skin peeking through. I brushed my hair over my shoulder, taking in a deep breath. [b "So, care to share where we are going?"]]]
  [ Mila & Stephen ] / MamaBunny / 7d 7h 29m 22s
[left [pic https://imgur.com/VN3p3vy.jpg]][center [size10 Returning after being outside with Mila felt like such a mistake. Tiffany immediately grabbed onto my arm and gave some attitude when I shrugged her off. My father giving me looks of disappointment and failure. Which I could of cared less.]]

[center [size10 It was mostly just useless conversation as we all got ready to leave. My brothers conversant with Tiffany, enjoying how dumb and blond she was. An easy target for getting in bed. Georgina was talking up my father, probably about the contract and getting me to sign it. Something I was surely not going to do after tonight.]]

[center [size10 I stayed leaned against a pillar, in my own little world. This family barely interested me until I heard a familiar soft and angelic voice. Mila was standing in front of me, sliding my jacket off her beautiful peach shoulders. She handed it to me and I took it from her hands, tossing it behind my back. A smirk played on my lips as I took her hand from her nervous grip, kissing it gently.]]

[center [size10 [b "You don't have to thank me, Angel. I'd leave her rank ass any day for such a beautiful woman as yourself."] I told her, giving her her hand back. [b "If I have anything to do with it, she won't stay my fiance for long."] I laughed a bit as I suddenly got an idea. She had been through one hell of a night and I felt as if she hadn't been shown off as much as she should have. Wearing the outfit that she was, the world should of seen it.]]

[center [size10 [b "Mila, once everyone leaves, I will be waiting for you outside. I'd like to take you for a few drinks. I think it's the least you deserve after everything that has happened. I hope you accept my offer, Angel."] I smiled, stepping closer to her as I tilted her head up. [b "You deserve to be seen."] I told her as my father clapped his hands.]]

[center [size10 "Stephen, lets go." He said and I nodded.]]

[center [size10 [b "I'll see you in thirty, sweetheart."]]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/fzZG88v.jpg]][center [size10 Life is such a crazy rollercoaster. So many ups and downs. So many loops and turns. So many people screaming. I don't know why I thought things would of been different. It seemed like he truly came for me. Truly wanted me tonight. How wrong I was.]]

[center [size10 I heard footsteps come down the stairs and sit next to me. I sighed, thinking it was my uncle but when I lifted my head, I was shocking surprised. It was Stephen...and he actually looked pained to see me like this. I quickly did my best to wipe my tears away as he spoke.]]

[center [size10 I sighed softly, sniffling sharply. [b "I-It's okay. I appreciate your apology.....truthfully, you couldn't of known. I suppose we did look like a couple."] I laughed a bit, how could I of been so stupid?]]

[center [size10 He pulled out a cigarette and my eyes lit up. I hadn't smoked in a while but it truly was a stress reliever. Before he could finish his sentence, I snatched the cigarette from his fingers and took a long drag. I held it in for a moment before blowing the smoke out into the cool air. I chuckled a bit, giving him a small smile. [b "Menthol, didn't expect that."]]]

[center [size10 He cautiously wrapped his arm around me and for a moment, I had actually leaned into him. He was so warm and he noticed quickly just how cold I was. He took off his jacket, exposing his well sculpted muscles through his thin shirt. He wrapped it around me, rubbing my arm a bit. I took a deep sigh as I took another drag off the cigarette.]]

[center [size10 I blew out the smoke as I looked over at him, making eye contact as he spoke so gently and softly to me. [i "You deserve so much better than that. You're a beautiful women that deserves complete commitment..."] Had he been listening to my conversation with John? Did I even care because what he said was sweet and I wished so badly that John had felt that way.]]

[center [size10 Before I could say anything, we both heard his father scream for him. Stephen looked very upset that he was interrupted from comforting me. I nodded, giving him a small smile as I watched him go back inside.]]

[center [size10 I sighed, staring off into the distance. My mind had slowly drifted from John as I burried my face into Stephens jacket, inhaling his manly cologne. I saw such a sweet side tonight, besides the flirty or demanding side. Tiffany was so lucky to have him....actually, scratch that, sorry. He seemed to hate her guts. I chuckled to myself at the thought. He left his fiance to comfort me. That brought a warmth to my chest.]]

[center [size10 After some time, I re-entered the house. I met Gabriel by the doorway as he sighed deeply, pulling me into a quick hug. "I hope you're feeling better. Our guests are about to leave. I think we should say a proper goodbye. Especially since you deserted us during our final moments...which we will discuss tomorrow." There goes the sweet uncle. I was a failure because I left. He had no concern for my broken heart.]]

[center [size10 I entered the main room where everyone was saying goodbyes. Tiffany was actually sweet talking one of Stephen's brothers and Georgina was talking to his father. Gabriel joined her and I scanned the room for Stephen. He was leaning against a pillar, looking at his phone. I slowly walked over to him, my heels clicking on the tile floor.]]

[center [size10 [b "Stephen?"] I asked, catching his attention. I slide his jacket off my shoulders and handed it to him. [b "I just want to say thank you for coming out there for me tonight and...well, comforting me. You didn't have to do that, ya know? Leave your fiance for me."] My voice lowered as I looked down, shuffling my feet.]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/VN3p3vy.jpg]][center [size10 I was enjoying finding all this out, that things weren't okay between them until I saw the clearly visible Mila upset. Her face scrunched uncomfortably and I could see the pain in her eyes. I actually felt like I went too far. Stepped in something that I shouldn't have.]]

[center [size10 She got up and left the table. I watched her quickly rush out and in that moment, I wanted to run after her. Explain how sorry I was but John had already gotten up and went after her. I sighed heavily as I looked at my father who was piercing through my soul.]]

[center [size10 "I hope you're happy." He told me from across the table as he downed his whiskey. Tiffany started laughing.]]

[center [size10 "Thank God, she is gone! She is so unimportant." She smiled, leaning her head on my shoulder. I snarled, shaking her off as I stood up.]]

[center [size10 [b "No, I think you're the more unimportant one here."] I told her as I didn't bother excusing myself and went towards the direction of Mila and John.]]

[center [size10 I went towards the front door and heard talking from a window. I didn't want to ease drop as I had already caused enough hurt from her but I couldn't help but listen. I didn't realize how deep their relationship went. From my view point, it sounded like he was using her whenever he came into town. Which angered the fuck out of me. Mila, my perfect black haired angel, deserved so much more than him. Not that I was better when it came to using women but for her, no one could ever compare.]]

[center [size10 I raised my eyebrows as he cut her off from confessing her love. She had given her heart to him, only for him to stomp on it. I wish I could say I didn't know how she was feeling. But I had been in her shoes once upon a time. It sucked to be rejected and strung along.]]

[center [size10 I watched the sweet, innocent woman shove him off the property. Tears flooding her eyes. Even with her crying, she was an angel. I'm sure I had no right to but I couldn't help but go outside.]]

[center [size10 I sat next to her on the stairs. I could smell her beautiful perfume and hear her sobs. As much as it pained me to apologize, it was for her. [b "I'm sorry for pushing. I didn't know, Angel."] I told her as I took a pack of cigarettes out of my pocket. I put one in my mouth, puffing lightly on it. I handed it to her. [b "I don't know if you smoke but this might make you feel better."]]]

[center [size10 I sat there for a few moments, wondering what I should do or say. It sucked because I wanted to smash my lips upon hers and make her pain go away. I couldn't even do that. I slowly and cautiously placed my arm around her shoulders. She was absolutely freezing and I sighed. [b "Mila, you're cold as can be."] I said, sliding my tux jacket off my shoulders and wrapping it around her. [b "You deserve so much better than that. You're a beautiful women that deserves complete commitment..."] My voice trailed off as I heard my father asking where I was.]]

[center [size10 [b "I'll let them know you're out here. I'm sure Gabriel is curious..keep the jacket."] I told her, standing up and looking at her one last time. Such a beautiful women whose heart was broken in front of me. Partially my fault. It sucked.]]

[center [size10 I turned on my heel and made my way back into the house.]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/fzZG88v.jpg]][center [size10 I was rather confused by Stephen and Tiffany. She tried her best to place affection on him and he just pushed her off. There was some tension at the table between his father and Stephen. It was felt by everyone, I was sure of it. Tiffany just cruised her way through, doing what she does best. I wish I could say it wasn't pleasant to watch him have little interest in her. She always captured everyone's eye.]]

[center [size10 Dinner was pleasant. The only reasoning for that was because, John made it bearable. He joked and kept his hand on my knee under the table. His touch was comforting and kept my focus off of Stephen's burning stare. I could feel his eyes staring into me from across the table. I did my best to not make eye contact as I just wanted John to be my main focus. Stephen should be focusing on his [i fiance]. Speaking of his fiance, Tiffany couldn't stop talking about herself but after fifteen years of listening to her, it got easier to block her out.]]

[center [size10 As dinner came to a close, dessert started being served. I was so relieved that we were almost done with this. It was torture and I could tell that John wanted to leave as well. I figured maybe dessert would of been accompanied by a silent conversation but Stephen made sure it wasn't.]]

[center [size10 Stephen's voice rang through my ears as he questioned us about how long we have been together. I quickly looked up, my eyes meeting his. His piercing dark eyes staring right back at me. I could sense the nervousness coming from John as I was dumbfounded. He had no right to ask of our relationship status. Then again, I suppose I was curious to John's answers.]]

[center [size10 [i Just friends] is what he said and I felt him remove his hand off my knee. He gave me a small look before focusing back onto Stephen since the interrogation wasn't over. I've be lying if I said it didn't hurt to hear that. I knew he'd never settle down but hearing that, I'm not sure.]]

[center [size10 I just sat there with my hands in my lap. I stared down as I could feel the whole table looking in our direction. I hated having the attention on me, especially when its about my love life. Not that there was much of an existence. I wanted this over. Even his father tried to stop his questioning but he was so insistent. If this is the kind of guy that is going to be married into the family, I would certainly not visit when he is around.]]

[center [size10 Then he popped the question. [i "Do you like her?"] I looked up at John as he stuttered his answer. He wiped his hands on his pants, clearing starting to become nervous. This was something we hadn't even really talked about. [i It's complicated.] Apparently so.]]

[center [size10 I crossed my arms over my chest, clearing upset by this situation. Yet, I couldn't but agree with Stephen. Liking someone is a simple thing yet, for us, it was so complicated. Part of me had always wondered why. I know college was a big commitment already but so many had managed. The distance didn't have to kill us. I think part of it was because he wanted to play around with others.]]

[center [size10 Stephen asked me if I liked him and I thought about how I should answer. I felt John lean close to me and whisper that we didn't have to discuss anything with him. This whole meal triggered me. John's answers triggered me. Stephen's interrogation into my life triggered me. I was over it.]]

[center [size10 [b "You're right, John. We don't have to discuss anything because there is nothing to discuss. Do I like John? No. He's most certainly not my type of guy. I'm sorry if you got the wrong idea during this dinner."] I stood up from the table, John looking rather shocked. I bit my lip, excusing myself. [b "I need to take a moment. Enjoy dessert."] I said, turning on my heels and quickly rushing out the front door.]]

[center [size10 I felt so many weird emotions right now. I went to the side of the porch and leaned against the house. I felt the cool feeling of the siding as I sighed, putting my face in my hands. Stephen opened up wounds tonight, for absolutely no reason. Any positive thought I had of him, was gone. He had no right to turn this all on me. Talk about my relationship status. Question me. I wasn't his fucking fiance.]]

[center [size10 I leaned over the porch, taking a look at the sky. I heard footsteps coming from behind me and then arms wrap around my waist. A pain shot through my chest as I knew it was John. I took his hands off of my waist, taking a step to the side.]]

[center [size10 [b "Please, don't."]]]

[center [size10 "Oh, come on, Mila. You're not going to let this guy affect your night right? Things have been great with us tonight." He cross his arms over his chest, pouting almost.]]

[center [size10 [b "Yeah...and then it will go back to the way it always does. You go and leave. Tell me all these cute things. Give me a few kisses here and there. Give me a slim chance of us actually being an item only to rip it away. Now, why is that, John? Why is it so complicated? You either like me or you don't."] I sucked the tears in as I crossed my arms, mimicking him.]]

[center [size10 "Mila..." His voice trailed off as he sighed deeply. "It's not that easy. Even if I do, we can't. You know that." He took a step towards me, putting his hand on my waist.]]

[center [size10 [b "Why, John? Because of college. Do you know how many couples stick through it for college? Is it because of the distance because you have the money, I have the money. We can easily see each other whenever we want. I would do that for YOU. Because I lov--"]]]

[center [size10 "Don't say it, Mila. You'll regret it." He cut me off, almost looking sad at me. "Don't force me to say why. I don't want to hurt you."]]

[center [size10 I took a step back, feeling so broken in this moment. [b "Because you want to enjoy the college party life, right? You want to go out and fuck whatever broad throws herself at you, right? And when you're done, you'll come back, right? You'll think, oh, Mila is ready to settle down..."] My voice trailed off as I felt the tears coming to my eyes. He tried to wrap his arms around me and I shoved his chest.]]

[center [size10 [b "Don't you fucking touch me! You know I am right. I'm not enough. You need to leave. You need to leave and enjoy your fucking college life. I can't do this."] I told him, doing my best to wipe my tears.]]

[center [size10 "I'm so sorry, Mila. Please, let me sta--"]]

[center [size10 I went behind him and started shoving him off the porch, screaming. [b "I said fucking go! I don't want to fucking see you! Don't call me. Don't fucking text me. Don't...just leave!"] I shoved him one last time off the stairs, his face was obviously upset. He couldn't even tell me that he felt even closely the same about me. He turned on his heel and walked away from me. I felt my heart break a million times over as I fell to the stairs. My eyes growing puffy as I sniffled, shoving my hands in my face. Such a beautiful night that ended with such a tragedy.]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/VN3p3vy.jpg]][center [size10 I sat down and quickly after Oscar and I took a seat, Ms. Mila joined us. She was not alone though, she was with some man. I watched her intently as we made quick eye contact. I rubbed my chin, watching the two closely. Johnathan was not that attractive. I was definitely much more attractive than him. He was not as strongly built as me. He had more of a flab bod. He had no facial hair, his hair wasn't perfect. He just wasn't as good as me. She could do better.]]

[center [size10 "I know Mila is enjoying your company."]]

[center [size10 "I'm enjoying her company as well."]]

[center [size10 [b [i "What the fuck is this?"]] I thought to myself, was it her boyfriend? What? I was curious. I didn't take my eyes off of them. Oscar had even leaned over and questioned me.]]

[center [size10 "Could you stare any more?" He asked, looking over at the two.]]

[center [size10 [b "Is that her boyfriend?"] I asked him as Oscar's face twisted, he shrugged his shoulders.]]

[center [size10 "How the hell would I know?" He whispered to me, as I sighed, hearing footsteps come from behind me.]]

[center [size10 "Sweetie pie, did you save me this seat?" Tiffany asked, coming around to his left side, where there was a free seat.]]

[center [size10 I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest. [b "Trust me, I did not save you a seat."] I spat, looking over at my Father who glared right through me. I was going to hear it later and I didn't give two shits. Tiffany was a foul woman. She was too over the top and a clear gold digger.]]

[center [size10 She leaned over, pressing her lips hard to my cheek. I pulled away, rubbing it quickly. She giggled, taking a seat. "You'll learn to love these lips, baby." She puckered at me and I shot a look to my father and those around the table. Even Gabriel seemed to be cringing a bit. This was going to be a long dinner.]]

[center [size10 Dinner couldn't come to an end soon enough. Sadly, now dessert was being served. The dinner consisted of Tiffany mostly talking about how happy she was to be engaged, or so she thought. The likihood of this even happening is slim to none. I was not interested. I hadn't even signed the contract yet. I kept my eyes on Mila most of the time and I had wondered if she noticed or not. It was almost torture seeing her and this 'Johnathan' flirt. Giggle. That's when I couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore.]]

[center [size10 [b "Tiffany, we've heard quite a bit about yourself during this meal...why not give some attention to the end of the table."] I said, looking towards Mila and John. [b "How long have you two been together?"] I asked bluntly, taking a sip of my whiskey. I could hear Tiffany start to protest as I squeezed her knee under the table, getting her to zip it.]]

[center [size10 It caught John off guard as he scratched the back of his neck. "Heh, well, uh, we aren't together. We're just friends." [i Just friends.] That was a good thing but how they were talking, leaning into each other, there was something there. I'd need to break it.]]

[center [size10 [b "Really? I'm so surprised. You two look awfully comfortable with each other."]]]

[center [size10 He cleared his throat, giving a look to Mila and then to Gabriel who ushered him on. "Well, we've known each other for ten or so years. I consider her a really close friend. She's been there for me and I've been there for her. It's as simple as that, Stephen."]]

[center [size10 "Son, what does this have anything to do with ANYTHING? Tonight, you're celebrating your future engagement." My father looked my way, smile turning into a frown as he crossed his arms.]]

[center [size10 [b "Forgive me. I'm just interested in the rest of the family."] I looked back towards John, who seemed uncomfortable but trying to remain calm. [b "Do you like her?"]]]

[center [size10 "Of course, she's my fr--"]]

[center [size10 [b "No, do you [i like] her?"]]]

[center [size10 "I...it's complicated. I don't think we should be talking about this."]]

[center [size10 I frowned, looking towards Mila. [b "Do you like him? Why is this such a complicated situation? Liking someone should be a simple thing, should it not?"] I asked her, taking another swig of my whiskey.]]

[center [size10 John leaned over towards her, trying to whisper but failing miserably. "We don't have to discuss anything with him."]]

[center [size10 [b "I didn't ask you, John. I asked Mila. Now, Angel, would you so politely answer my question."]]]
  [ Mila & Stephen ] / MilkBunny / 110d 10h 6m 5s
[left [pic https://imgur.com/fzZG88v.jpg]][center [size10 I stared down at this man that looked like he was undressing me with his eyes. It brought a heat that I've never experienced before to my cheeks. He grabbed my hand gently, his hand was much softer than I imagined. His lips kissed my hand gentle, causing a shiver down my spine. I couldn't help but crack a bit of a smile. His pick up line was absurd but I had definitely never heard it before. So, I was a bit impressed.]]

[center [size10 He introduced himself as Stephen O'Donnell. His lustfilled eyes quickly changed to a very annoyed look when I heard Tiffany over my shoulder. I didn't get to introduce myself, but I wasn't surprised. He probably just wanted a one night stand anyway.]]

[center [size10 I stood there awkwardly between the two until Tiffany spoke towards me. [i "Ah, Mila...why don't you get my future fiance and I some drinks? Make yourself actually useful for once."] I shot my eyes towards him, [i [b "FIANCE WHAT THE FUCK THIS WAS HIM"]] I felt my face warm up, possibly out of anger? Jealousy? Tiffany, once again, got the hottest man out of the crowd. I just nodded and made my exit quickly to the kitchen.]]

[center [size10 I put my hands on the counter, breathing in heavily. I had never been encountered with such a mysterious, attractive man in my whole life. Not only that, he was interested in me until Tiffany came around. I was sure the moment he saw her, his mind changed. Then again...his facial expression said otherwise.]]

[center [size10 "Hey, stranger." A raucous voice rang through my ears, one that was familiar. I turned around, smiling large. It was Johnathan, a friend that I...well, really, really liked. He was sweet, attractive, caring...yet, he was more of a player. He flirted with me quite often but we had never made anything happen. He always told me he couldn't settle down. College was around the corner and with us being distant and in college, it just wouldn't work.]]

[center [size10 I walked over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck, hugging him closely. I could smell his musky cologne, it was so inviting. He didn't make me nervous or...hot being around him like Stephen did. And I just met Stephen! I smiled contently when he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in closer. [b "It's so nice to see you, John. I've missed you so incredibly much. But...why are you here?"] I asked, pulling apart, his arms still around my waist.]]

[center [size10 He smiled nervously, shrugging his shoulders. "Honestly...your uncle wanted me to come. Said something about it being Tiffany's engagement get together...figured it'd be nice for you to have someone here." It granted a smile from me. I know my uncle was kind of hard headed and was mostly focused on his own family but...there was a part of him that made sure I was always comfortable. "Mila, you look really beautiful. Like, wow." He looked me up and down, granting blushing cheeks from me. "You're the most beautiful woman here." He scratched the back of his neck nervously, as if the compliment would make me uncomfortable.]]

[center [size10 [b "Oh my gosh, thank you, John."] I said, reaching up and kissing his cheek gently. [b "I think you're the sweetest guy here, and best dressed for sure."] I said, grabbing his lapel and smoothing it out with my hands. He wore a generic tux and he looked damn good. It was almost as if we were matching since his tie was a golden color.]]

[center [size10 Alfred, the butler, entered the kitchen, jumping a bit. "Oh, Ms. Mila. I didn't know you were in here. Dinner is about to start, I'm suppose to round up all the guests. Please head to the dining room."]]

[center [size10 "I guess that's our queue. We should get going." John said, grabbing my hand gently and guiding me out of the kitchen.]]

[center [size10 We entered the dining room, I skimmed the room quickly. Tiffany wasn't around just yet but Stephen and most everyone else was. I tried to avoid eye contact as best to my ability. John squeezed my hand, probably sensing my nervousness.]]

[center [size10 "Johnathan, I'm so glad you could make it." Gabriel said, standing up to shake his hand. "I know Mila is enjoying your company." He said, giving me a look. John laughed nervously.]]

[center [size10 "I'm enjoying her company as well." He looked my way, giving me a small smile. There were feelings here, they just couldn't be a thing. He was off limits. Honestly, the reason was stupid. College shouldn't of been in the way but, here it was. In. The. Way. As much as it made me upset, I just accepted it. I loved him and cherished John. He had been there for me through so much. As much as I wanted him, I accepted that I couldn't have him.]]

[center [size10 We sat down next to each other, he put his hand on my lap, squeezing my thigh. I sighed contently as we all waited for Tiffany to arrive.]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/VN3p3vy.jpg]][center [size10 As I stepped closer, I noticed so much more of her features. Her button nose that had a septum ring through it. Her beautiful, small heart shaped lips in the color of a glossy rose. Her jawline sharp and accented her cheek bones perfectly. There was even a flush on her cheeks, but was that from blush or her blushing? I could see her chest rising and falling hard, her nervousness obvious. I stepped to the end of the stairs, looking up at her. The light falling onto her perfectly, almost angelic like. She was drop dead gorgeous.]]

[center [size10 I slowly reached for her hand, taking it in mine and bringing it to my lips. I kissed her hand gently, holding it for a moment. [b "Am I dead, Angel? Because only things with such beauty as yours exist in Heaven."] I said, watching her face intently. [b "I'm Stephen O'Donnell. You must be my lovely fia--"] I was cut off from a very loud and high pitched voice coming from behind her.]]

[center [size10 "Stephen, Stephen, oh my gosh!" She said, coming from behind the mysterious beaut and breaking our hand connection. I become very frustrated as I saw the woman. Her fake blonde hair looked like it was going to fall out of her head by how many times she had probably bleached it. Her face caked to the max, her nose larger than life itself and her mouth even larger. She wore a dress that held little to the imagination. It was a black mesh dress that had lace trailing from her lower area to her chest. The rest you could see. Her stomach, part of her ass, it was crude. It was appalling, to say the least.]]

[center [size10 [i "She can't be a virgin..."] I thought to myself, just by eyeing her up and down. I still hadn't said anything and as my eyes came to her face, she batted her way too long eye lashes at me.]]

[center [size10 "You like what you see, hunk? You can see whatever you'd like later." My face curled into an uncomfortable one. I glanced at my Angel and she seemed just as uncomfortable. That's when the girl noticed she was standing there. "Ah, Mila...why don't you get my future fiance and I some drinks? Make yourself actually useful for once." She spat at her, causing my blood to boil. How could someone be so rude? She hadn't even said a word. At least I got her name, Mila. [i Mila.]]]

[center [size10 She departed rather quickly before I could say anything, leaving me with the deadhead. "Hey, baby. Don't you want to kiss lil' Tiffany's hand?" She asked, holding it out for me. I couldn't hold my tongue, even her name was repulsive.]]

[center [size10 [b "Is it going to smell like shit because that's what you look like."] I hissed out, crossing my arms and taking a step back from her. I saw her face twitch as she pressed her lips into a fine line.]]

[center [size10 "I think you'd find them to smell rather wonderful, Versace Bright Crystal as always." She stepped down the rest of the stairs. "I need to go find my father, be good will you, Stephen?" She asked, leaning up and pressing her lips to my cheek. My lips went into a frown as she disappeared. I rubbed my cheek aggressively, trying to get the venom off.]]

[center [size10 I looked around for Mila and didn't spot her anywhere. Just as I was about to go for the hunt, I heard Oscar call my name. "So, what just happened?"]]

[center [size10 [b "Lets just say I met a demon and an angel at the same time."] I told him, crossing my arms and pouting. [b "I am not marrying that witch. She would taint the business."]]]

[center [size10 "I take it she's suppose to be your fiance and not the girl you were gawking at?" He asked and I just simply nodded.]]

[center [size10 [b "I think so. If that's the case, this is not happening. I'll marry that other girl but not her, Tiffany."] Her name rolled off my tongue like poison. [b "I didn't even get to talk to her, Oscar. I gotta find her."] I told him, and he nodded.]]

[center [size10 "I think I saw her in the kitchen but dinner is about to start and we are suppose to be seated in two minutes. We should go."]]

[center [size10 [b "I hope to God she is sat by me. I don't think I can handle being next to Tiffany. It'll spoil my appetite."] We both made our way towards the dining room where we introduced ourselves to those we haven't yet. Sadly, there was still no sign of Ms. Mila.]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/fzZG88v.jpg]][center [size10 When I arrived, it was just like normal. I wasn't greeted by my aunt or my cousin. Just my uncle who met me at the front door. He pulled me into a hug, as I inhaled his overpriced cologne. It almost made me gag but I held it in for the sake of not insulting him.]]

[center [size10 "I'm really glad you made it. It's important that you are here for this." He told me, holding me by the shoulders.]]

[center [size10 I nodded, shrugging my shoulders. [b "Well, I didn't have much of a choice...Am I going to be told what is going on?"] I crossed my arms over my chest. [b "It's not very fair to force me to come here and not inform me about what is going on."]]]

[center [size10 He sighed, dropping his hands off my shoulders. "I suppose you are right." He inhaled sharply before averting eye contact. "We are meeting the suitors for Tiffany. She is getting engaged."]]

[center [size10 My eyes grew wide, this was the first I was hearing of Tiffany even keeping her legs closed for one guy. [b "Wait...what? How long has she been in a relationship for? When did this even happen, what the hell?!"] He looked off, rubbing the back of his neck. He was acting strange and I had a bad feeling about all of this.]]

[center [size10 "I'm sure you can ask plenty of questions tomorrow when their family comes over. I got you a dress picked out to wear tomorrow. They are a very wealthy family and we need to impress to the best of our ability." He kissed my forhead, patting my back. "I really appreciate you coming, Mila. Go ahead up stairs and get some rest. It'll be a long day tomorrow."]]

[center [size10 I was still extremely confused as I grabbed my bags and dragged them inside. The inside of the mansion hadn't changed one bit. The marble flooring with the large staircase going upward to the second floor. Even the third floor. [i "Too many stairs..."] I thought to myself as I managed to climb all of them while carrying all my suitcases.]]

[center [size10 Luckily, I had managed to not stumble upon Tiffany or Georgina. I wasn't in the mood to be insulted or yelled at for being here. I've never understood what I did to displease them so much. I stayed in my own lane for the most part and I didn't even live here. Yet, I was the problem child. The ugly child. The stupid child, despite being where I was in schooling. Nothing I did impressed them or made them proud. Gabriel was proud but I feel he only said those things as a favor to my mother.]]

[center [size10 When I entered the room, I smiled largely. I had never seen such a gorgeous dress before. There were gold heels that would make me at least four inches taller. Thank god since I was so short. Being 5'5 wasn't an accomplishment for me. The dress itself was made out of gold but almost looking silver sequins. The bust area shaped into a love heart that was sure to show something off. Off the shoulder sleeves were attached with a sturdy material. I was a bit nervous as I usually never showed that much skin. I guess Gabriel really wanted to impress whoever was coming. If this is what I was wearing, I could only imagine what Tiffany would be wearing since she was sure to be the main focus of the party.]]

[center _]

[center [size10 The next day I still hadn't seen Georgina or Tiffany all day. Gabriel informed me that they were getting themselves pampered before the big day. Nails, new hair, massages, facial treatments, the whole nine-yards. It was enough to make me roll my eyes. They'd find that they wouldn't need all that if they'd just take proper care of themselves.]]

[center [size10 It was getting late and the guests had started to arrive. I had just finished up putting on some lite makeup. Simple lipstick, a bit of mascara and that was about it. My face was clear thanks to me taking care of it. I heard a knock on my door and quickly covered myself with my towel. They didn't even wait for me to say come in, they just stormed on in. It was Georgina.]]

[center [size10 I tensed up a bit, straightening up my back. Her bright blue eyes pierced through my emerald green ones. Her curly platinum locks as she made her way over to me. She stared at me intensely before spitting out what she came to say. "This is Tiffany's night. Not your night. I will have you kicked out of here so fast if you try to ruin anything. I don't even know why Gabriel invited you. If I had it my way, you'd stay put where you were. Just know, I can always banish you back to your bedroom. Your presence is not needed. Stay in your lane, Mila. Or you'll be forced there."]]

[center [size10 I swallowed hard, my eyes flickering a bit. I nodded shakily, as she grinned. She noticed the effect she had on me when I was threatened. It gave her satisfaction as she turned on her heel and walked towards the door. "You're lucky you're getting to use that dress. You'd look better in a sack." She laughed before walking out the door and slamming it.]]

[center [size10 I sighed, sitting on the chair. I put my face in my hands and groaned. [b "Oh momma...Why did I come back here? I was perfectly fine where I was at..."] I fought back the tears as I stood up again. [b "This is some bullshit. Just get through this night and we can go back tomorrow, yes. Mila. It'll all be fine."] I gave myself a bit of a peptalk and I squeezed myself into the dress. I pulled my hair into a bun and allowed for a few strands of hair to hang down. I curled them a bit, giving them a better look. I stood there, staring at myself in my floor length mirror. I had never been confident with my appearance before. But this dress almost did it for me. Giving my curves extra umph. Despite being slender, I filled it our rather well. I even took a selfie to send it to Veronica.]]

[center [size10 As much as I didn't want to go, I made my way outside of my room. Tiffany's door was still closed and I could hear her and her mother screaming at each other. It wouldn't be a proper night if she didn't have some sort of mental breakdown.]]

[center [size10 I made my way down the first flight of stairs and then stopped at the top. There was a decent amount of people around. Some from our family but mostly of one that I hadn't seen before. I thought this was suppose to be a introduction...? I shook my head as I scanned the room, finally coming to a pair of eyes across the way.]]

[center [size10 He stood tall, way taller than me, with an all black suit that hugged him in all the right ways. His hair styled perfectly and his beard freshly trimmed. He made me nervous, just by looking at him. Something about him felt dangerous, especially from the ink branching out of his sleeve and onto his hand. Then our eyes made contact and I froze in place. I felt my breath hitch as I gripped the railing so I wouldn't fall over. I slowly made my way down the stairs, my train of my dress trailing closely behind. My leg snaking its way out of the cut that lead way to high. The whole time, our eyes were glued on each others. I stopped about two steps up when I noticed him coming towards me.]]

[center [size10 It sent a panic down my spine. My eyes quickly darted across the room to try to find Gabriel or someone to help me escape this introduction. Unfortunately, it was too late.]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/VN3p3vy.jpg]][center [size10 My eyes scanned over the 'contract' I was suppose to sign. I scoffed, tossing it down on the cherry wood desk. I glared at my father across the table as his hands were folded together. [b "You expect me to sign this and get married to some girl I don't even know? Just for what? So you can get more drugs flowing through the warehouses. So you can make more money before you step down? We're fine without it."] I told him, crossing my arms. His eyes never blinked.]]

[center [size10 "I expect you to sign it if you want to take over Airnean. You know the traditions, Stephen. You can't take over until you marry. I've given you a sufficient amount of time to find someone. Instead, you just keep playing these games. Tossing around women and not settling down. It's time I've taken things into my own hands." He told him, standing up and stacking the papers. "You will do this if you want to take over. I've already signed it. I expect you to do the same."]]

[center [size10 I scoffed, I couldn't believe what he was saying. [b "I don't need a woman by my side to rule. I can easily do it and it would lead to less complications anyway. A woman would just get in the way. You know what they say about family traditions? They are meant to be broken."] I joked, but he definitely didn't appreciate it.]]

[center [size10 He turned around quickly, slamming his hands on the table. He leaned over, looking, glaring into me. "This isn't a damn joke, Stephen. You are to meet your fiance tomorrow. We will set up an engagement party. This is not up for discussion. This is how things are meant to be done and they WILL be done this way. No ifs, ands or butts. Do you understand me?" He asked, I just stared back. My fists clenching, this wasn't fair. "I said, do you understand me? You will lose everything if you don't agree."]]

[center [size10 I sighed, standing up from my chair. I grabbed my leather jacket off the back of the chair and nodded. I slide it over my shoulders, speaking lowly. [b "Yes, I understand. Don't expect me to play nice."] With that, I made my way out of his office. This conversation was done and I sure as hell wasn't about to sign that contract right now.]]

[center _]

[center [size10 I took a deep breath as I entered the home of the Lawson's. It was a large home, they were definitely a family known to show off their wealth. I had heard of them and was not very impressed by them. Gabriel hadn't handled his money properly and as far as I was concerned, let his wife and daughter use most of it. They were gold diggers and that was one thing I was for sure of as I stepped inside.]]

[center [size10 My father was already here, mingling with the group. We were accompanied by only two of my five siblings. Oscar, who was my right hand man with everything. He knew the inside and outside of the business and alerted me right away when anything would go wrong or even right. Then you had Dermot who was the youngest of us all. He handled some of the business and money. For the most part, he didn't get involved in the illegal shenanigans. He tried to stay clean since he wanted to have a family. Father had been pushing him for awhile now to get more involved. It's been trial and error.]]

[center [size10 I was dressed to the T. Nice all black tux that hugged my muscular frame. My father insisted that I looked my best for my future bride. Which I was told she had darker hair with a slender frame. He hadn't even told me her name. I think he enjoyed watching me suffer. I wasn't interested in marriage. Love was a weakness and it only complicated things. It wasn't for me.]]

[center [size10 "So, where do you think she is?" Oscar asked me, leaning in to almost whisper it. We looked almost identical except his body wasn't covered in art.]]

[center [size10 [b "I'm not sure, truthfully..I almost hope I never see her. Maybe I'll be able to get out of this marriage. I don't understand why he thinks I need someone to take over. Look what it did to him when..."] My voice trailed off into a sigh. I shook my head, [b "Whatever, I don't need a woman. Especially a gold digger."]]]

[center [size10 "What if she's a hot gold digger? Would it matter than?" He asked, eyeing forward, nudging me. That's when I saw her. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my whole life. Her dark locks pulled up into a beautiful bun. Her slender frame filling her dress out. It was silver-gold sequined with the neck cut a heart, showing off her chest. She wore sleeves off the shoulder and she had a train that trailed behind. Her long leg popping out of the cut as she stepped down the stairs. She wore minimal makeup, which he wasn't surprised. Natural beauty looked so good on her.]]

[center [size10 Oscar must of noticed me staring as he elbowed me in the side. "Go introduce yourself to your future bride."]]

[center [size10 I did just that.]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/fzZG88v.jpg]][center [size10 "Mila, I need you to be home this weekend, okay?" His old, raspy voice rang through the phone. I sighed heavily, placing my hand on my hip.]]

[center [size10 [b "I, I'm not sure. I've got some tests I really need to study for. I need to maintain my focus."] I tried to explain to him but I could hear the resistance already.]]

[center [size10 "There is no way around this, Mila. It's important and you need to be here. You need to inform your school that you have a family emergency and will need to be here. I will have Jacob come pick you up."]]

[center [size10 I shook my head, scrunching my fingers on my nose. [b "No, no. I can drive myself, I don't need to make a giant scene with Jacob rolling up with an unnecessary limousine."]]]

[center [size10 "So you'll be there?"]]

[center [size10 [b "Yes. I will be there. See you soon, Gabriel."] I hung up the phone quickly, tossing it onto my bed. I groaned, cupping my face in my hands. I didn't even get an explanation as to why there was a so called 'family emergency'. Then again, that's how it was most of the time. Little ol' Mila doesn't get an explanation, she's just summoned. No matter what I'm doing with my life.]]

[center [size10 "Who was that?" I heard my best friend, Veronica, call out from the other side of my bedroom door.]]

[center [size10 [b "Who do you think?"] I said, opening the door to her. She was a brunette with hazel eyes. She held a slender frame and her hair was always pulled back into a messy sock bun. Her eye brows way too tinted for their own good but at least her eyelashes were on point. [b "It was my uncle. He wants me to come home for a 'family emergency'"] I said, putting it in air quotes.]]

[center [size10 She rolled her eyes, turning on her heel and heading for the kitchen. I followed closely behind, my shoulders slugging over. "Great, so I'll be alone again for pizza night, awesome. You'll also be missing an AWESOME party." She winked, nudging into me as she poured herself a cup of coffee. The smell of folgers was strong and I'd miss that smell.]]

[center [size10 [b "You know I don't do parties. No good things ever come from parties."] I commented, jumping up onto the counter. [b "It's my last year of Nursing school anyway. I really need to be focused on this. It's important to me."]]]

[center [size10 She rolled her eyes, I felt as if I knew what words would come out of her mouth. "Yes, yes. Because you need to find your own path and excell for yourself because life is oh, so bad."]]

[center [size10 I frowned a bit, shrugging my shoulders. There was so much she didn't know, despite her being my best friend. My past and family was something that I didn't talk about a lot. I learned you cant trust many people. Not friends and certainly not family. Despite that, I still did what I could to respect them. Even if I got little in return.]]

[center [size10 [b "I have to go pack."] I told her, sliding off the counter. She tried to call my name to maybe apologize? I'm not sure. I didn't stick around to hear it. At this point, a few hour car ride was something I'd need. Silence was the best medicine.]]
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