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[b Leviathan:] No, just trying to avoid my twin brother is all. Nothing to be sorry for.
  вaвιeѕ / AngelEyes- / 2d 9h 46m 16s
[b Ash:] Am I keeping you up? If I am I am so sorry I don't mean to.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 2d 11h 28m 25s
[b Leviathan:] Sounds like fun. *yawns a bit rubbing the back of his head*
  вaвιeѕ / AngelEyes- / 2d 11h 41m 3s
[b Ash:] I'm alright -He stretches- Just hanging out really.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 2d 11h 45m 10s
[b Leviathan:] You and me both. Other than holder's feeling down. How are you tonight Ash?
  вaвιeѕ / AngelEyes- / 2d 12h 11m 52s
[b Ash:] I know what you mean. I feel awful for her. I wish I could help.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 2d 12h 14m 8s
[b Leviathan:] That it is. Kinda pisses me off seeing the holder like this.
  вaвιeѕ / AngelEyes- / 2d 12h 15m 50s
[b Ash:] I think there is something going around in the air right now. It's awful.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 2d 12h 17m 47s
[b Leviathan:] There's got to be something in the air then, if everyone's been feeling off.
  вaвιeѕ / AngelEyes- / 2d 12h 18m 56s
[b Ash:] Ours has too! SO it seems to be a mutual thing going on here.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 2d 12h 19m 56s
[b Leviathan:] It's nothing worth worrying about. Our holder has been feeling kind of numb to a lot of things anyway.
  вaвιeѕ / AngelEyes- / 3d 9h 32m 16s
[b Ash:] The pleasure is mine really.

[b Rathe:] Sorry holder fell asleep.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 3d 13h 14m 9s
[b Leviathan:] It's a pleasure meeting you Ash.

[b Ellie:] Finally yes. Aurora took her out in the rain, and that's all she wanted to do the rest of the day.
  вaвιeѕ / AngelEyes- / 4d 11h 7m 54s
[b Ash:] Oh alright I'm Ash. Ashton Reinbeck but just Ash for short.

[b Rathe:] Hey you. Did you get her to sleep?
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 4d 11h 17m 6s
[b Leviathan:] Don't call me sir. Makes me feel old. You can call me Leviathan.

[b Ellie:] *wandered into the room yawning a bit*
  вaвιeѕ / AngelEyes- / 4d 11h 34m 1s

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