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[b Bensen:] *wanders in* I'm here for the time being. How are you?
  ғιrѕт / AngelEyes- / 7d 8h 9m 46s
[b Bensen:] Sup to whoever happens to be here this fine day.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 7d 9h 54m 49s
[b Danielle:] I'm doing alright. Kind of tired, but other than that doing good. How are you?
  ғιrѕт / AngelEyes- / 18d 1h 4m 6s
[b Bensen:] Okay, how about yourself dear cousin?
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 18d 1h 45m 18s
[b Danielle:] I'm here, along with a couple of other's.. But yeah. How are you tonight?
  ғιrѕт / AngelEyes- / 18d 1h 50m 25s
[b Bensen:] Good evening to whoever happens to be around today!
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 18d 1h 51m 25s
[b Danielle:] It's alright. Our's has been dealing with a lot of shit the last couple of days.
  ғιrѕт / AngelEyes- / 24d 1h 6m 42s
[b Bensen:] I apologize for our sudden poof. The computer went to hell.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 24d 9h 56m 58s
[b Danielle:] Are you really?!

[b Baxley:] *looks up and nods lightly* Hello.
  ғιrѕт / AngelEyes- / 29d 1h 4m 48s
[b Hidan:] I am. Uh..I'm usually yeah..

[b Bensen:] Hey there.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 29d 1h 5m 37s
[b Danielle:] I don't need to know the details Uncle Hidan.. Are either one of your pregnant though?

[b Baxley:] *wanders into the room, licking his lips looking around*
  ғιrѕт / AngelEyes- / 29d 1h 28m 42s
[b Hidan:] Yes. We um..yeah.

[b Bensen:] If you want, no sweat if you don't though.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 29d 1h 33m 30s
[b Danielle:] Uncle Sammy? *looks towards Bensen* I can see who's around for you if you'd like.
  ғιrѕт / AngelEyes- / 29d 2h 2m 39s
[b Hidan:] Tired. Your uncle kept me up all night last night.

[b Bensen:] Just hanging out, hoping to make friends.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 29d 2h 21m 2s
[b Danielle:] Not a whole lot. Wishing Em would talk more about the new comers.. What about you both?
  ғιrѕт / AngelEyes- / 29d 6h 54m 47s

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