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Week Day RP ONLY!

In the year of 2028, video game worlds were brought to life. Everyone's favourite characters came to life. People thought it was great. They got to see the characters in real life, and live side-by-side with them. It was awesome!

At least, it was....

One day, the machines used to bring the characters to our world were stolen. The machines were tampered with, and reversed. It created an alternate world, where the original worlds of all the game characters were combined. All of the game characters were sucked into it, along with some of the normal people.

The thief who stole the machines then found a way to control some of the evil villians from the video games. The thief pulled them back to earth, and used them as henchmen to take over the world. The people still on earth weren't prepared for this, and soon Earth was conquered.

Meanwhile, in the alternate world, a new civilization was being created by the Video Game Characters and the humans who were sucked in. After awhile, some of the people even had children, who were then combinations of human and character. Then, after earth was conquered, the evil thief thought of something.... What if they were to come back to earth and save it? To prevent this, he sent some of his villains into the alternate world to take it over.

The heroes in this world had grown old by now, and couldn't defend it. So they came together and came up with a plan; they would send their descendants to defend them. Since they were both part human and character, they had powers and could fight back. Then, after they were saved, they would send them to earth to save it from the thief.

No Godmodding
No Ditching
No BIG twists without PMing me first
Wait for at MINIMUM one post before you post again
Send me a skelly to join. Skelly is below:

Character combination:
Inherited Powers:
New powers:
Bio: (optional)

If you don't send me a skelly, you can't join.


Name: Whyatt James Johnson
Age: 15
Character Combination: Link (Zelda), Mugman (Cuphead), Crash Bandicoot
Inherited Powers: Has Master Sword and Mirror Shield , can do Crash's Spin attack, Can use Mugman's finger gun power.
New Powers: Has a hat resembling Links, that, if worn, makes him into his human form, and if taken off, reverts him to his normal form, which resembles Mugman but wearing Links green.
Bio: Is related to Link, Crash Bandicoot, and Mugman. Enjoys being in normal form, but will revert to human form as a disguise. Nobody knows about the magic hat.

Username: Mended
Name: Leona Bloodraven
Age: 20
Character combination: Leona (LoL) Rex/Nia Azura
Inherited Powers: Has the ability of Leona to stun and protect herself with light. She uses blades as her main weapon. She can only use one at a time but can change out based on her needs. She has a massive healing ability but most have someone take control of her own blade. Her voice when singing can heal other and calm people down.
New powers: None
Bio: As a flesh eater Blade Leona had a hard time controlling her power. She comes for several long lines of family and had a lot to live up to. She spend most of her time helping and heal people hurt with her grandfather Blades that he gained over years of adventuring. When she was teen she found she had the power of her name sake. Leona the radiant dawn. Using her power she travels around protecting and helping other in need.

Username: AngelofChaos
Name: Lucas Knight
Age: 21
Character combination: Siren(borderlands) Tracer(overwatch) Palutena Cloud
Inherited Powers: Teleportation, Flight, Siren powers, Flight, magic
New powers: When he learns some they will be applied


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Roleplay Responses

"What's happening?" Whyatt asks, hearing the noise. "Your waking up?"
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 42d 15h 4m 18s
Soon Leona dream would start to creak as slowly she started to wake up.
  Leona / Mended / 42d 22h 49m 59s
"Well, what do we do now? Even if I have extra power, we can't do anything if those shadow things don't come back," Whyatt says.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 51d 18h 31m 4s
But no matter how hard you focused or tries to bring back the shadows they didn’t come back. It seemed who ever was controlling them was quite powerful in the way of magic. Leona dreams seemed to stay quite and
  Leona / Mended / 52d 11h 4m 13s
"Whoa!" Said Whyatt, surprised. He felt different. "This is cool," He says, feeling the energy flow through him.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 54d 16h 59m 0s
"This is going to be difficult, so I'm going to test this by seeing if i can share some of my power with you." Lucas said, focusing, and instantly his eyes saw red. Whyatt was glowing the same color as his Lucas's tattoos
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 54d 19h 59m 21s
"That sounds like a good idea. Why dont we try it?" Whyatt says.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 54d 20h 2m 12s
"Let me think... Okay. Since this is a dream, they could disguise themselves just by thinking of it. in theory, we can do the same thing. We could even bring them back here if we wanted..." Lucas said
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 55d 19h 40m 32s
Soon everythign would be dark and quite no trace of any one remained. However the question still remained who were they and how did they plant nightmare in Leona head.
  Leona / Mended / 55d 19h 50m 19s
Whyatt stared at where the man was for a minute, then sheathed his sword. He walked over to Lucas.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 56d 19h 4m 1s
Lucas watched as the monster disappeared and motioned to Whyatt. "Come on, we're getting out of here."
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 56d 19h 8m 24s
Once his sword hit the man it passed by him like nothing but the shadows man disappeared. “I will take what is mine.” A voice said as the sean begain to faid around them. The shadows monster disappeared until finally nothing was left but darkness.
  Leona / Mended / 56d 19h 24m 9s
Whyatt was startled, but swung his sword at the man anyway, determined to stop him
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 57d 13h 1m 40s
Lucas was surprised, but he found his power surging, and knew he could still win. He Unsheathed his Buster Sword, growling "Come on!"
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 57d 20h 47m 18s
The monster seemed to care little for his power as it shattered the bounds before charging him. Behind the stood a man in robes and a hood over his head. He looked up at Whyatt and smiled. “Seems you found me.” He chuckled.You May stop the dreams but you won’t stop me from coming and claiming what is mine.
  Leona / Mended / 58d 10h 29m 29s

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