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[Center [Youtube https://youtu.be/Rb_tqxQKSPM]]
  Clairvoyant / 21h 21m 9s
[Center [Youtube https://youtu.be/p6C2Hq1QJJE]]

[Center I don’t trust the world]
[Center I don’t understand, who I am to you]
  Clairvoyant / 4d 15h 5m 3s
[Center [Youtube https://youtu.be/r-9pnfCALVk]]
  Clairvoyant / 7d 21h 35m 37s
Stayed awake all night just to decorate my guild house.
I’m so sleepy.
I’m glad everyone likes it though. It gave me such a creative outlet in game.
  Clairvoyant / 9d 16h 26m 56s
[Youtube https://youtu.be/zC-ZzKx3Hks]
  Clairvoyant / 8d 13h 7m 20s

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