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For centuries Bianca's family has been servants for the Shifter Royal family. When she was younger all the children would play together til puberty hit and lines had been drawn in the sand. Servants only speak when spoken too, Royals could get away with anything they wished. On her 19 birthday, it was seen as a honor that she was assigned to the Prince, the future king of the shifters. Only problem is she hates him, with a blinding fury. He thinks he is better than everyone else, and thinks that people around him are there for his pleasure and use.

Bianca hates the servant life! She hates that she has to hide who she is from those around her. Of course she does everything she can to blend it, don't let anyone notice the intelligence that is brewing in her mind. Woman were meant to look pretty not be smart. That was til she used her knowledge to save the Prince's life. Sure she hated him but she wasn't going to let him die. Now everything is changing, she is being examined closer and her life will never be the same.

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