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Renesmee didn't know if or when she would ever be brave enough to let Sammy both see and feel what she felt for her. Because IF they got caught she would have to hide it all again just like she had been doing. And she hated having to..but she also knew that her family would go crazy. Jacob would go crazy and try and hurt his sister. [#e515cc "I do love you, Sammy..."] Nessie whispered softly when the other girl had leaned in for another kiss. And she was JUST able to kiss her back before she was all but ripped away from her.

Nessie could have pulled away if she wanted to. Could have for just that moment relied on her vampire half, but it wasn't who she was. The girl hated to hurt anyone. And she would hate to hurt these girls because they were Samantha's friends and they mattered to her. So she was thrown against the table, yelping out when she hit it and she was on her hands and knees for just a second. It was when the girls tried to get everything back in place was she up and trying to help, but it was too late and the door was slammed open with a half fried Jacob there and looking like a mad man. All the others screamed..all but her and Sammy. They knew they were in deep trouble.

It was an hour later when the girls found themselves sitting on the couch in the Cullens' home. Everyone was there and everyone was scolding them. The lecture ranged from how irresponsible they had been to how worried everyone was about them. Renesmee just wanted for it to stop. She was sorry that they had worried everyone but she was NOT sorry that she had wanted to go with Sammy and had wanted to help. When the scolding was over and Sammy was shoved towards the door by Jacob because her family thought separating them was a good idea, chocolate eyes met the gaze of the other girl for just a second. She shook her head quickly and mouth that she was sorry. And she really was.

As soon as Sammy was gone, Renesmee was taken to her room and locked in. She was told to think about what she had done..but all she could think about was Sammy and if the other girl was okay.
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Sammy finally calmed down enough to feel the thoughts and memories Nessie was sending to her and upon finally feeling all the love the girl had for her Sammy leaned in for another kiss and to those on the outside they would see a bright purple aura envelop the two girls, but it was quickly cut off when Jane grabbed Nessa and yanked her away from Sammy trying to get the others to agree to kick her out. [#fc5ea7 “Jane are you nuts you know if we open the door it'll break the barrier.”] Lakota said and this made Jane bristle and she threw Nessie at the table which severed the string and the other girls gasped and quickly tried to get everything set back up, but it was too late as the door opened to Jake who looked half fried and was smiling a bit maniacally. [b [#622902 “Found you!”]] he said and all the girls screamed except Sammy, who was doubled over clutching her stomach.
An hour later both Sammy and Ness were back at the Cullens house being scolded at by... well everyone before being split up Jake dragging Sammy back to the Black House and Ness staying put and just before being shoved out the door Sammy caught Nessie's eye and mouthed that she was sorry.
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She had tried to be as human as she possibly could in front of these girls..Sammy's friends. But the more she had heard passed between Sammy and Jane, the more she needed to be able to find something else to think about. That was what made her not think about it and use her vampiric half's speed in a burst to the window, keeping chocolate gaze locked upon the clouds as she had. The lightening it seemed was getting more and more wild. And as it did, Ness was transfixed by the beauty of it.

But after a few moments, the roaring got louder and she was pushed to the ground with Sammy on top of her. Not even a second later and there was a loud boom that hit the cabin. The other girls screamed and scambled back towards the center of the room towards their alter. Ness had no choice but to stay pinned by Sammy, though her body stiffened and her breath was held. The youngest Cullen looked and seemed more like a statue than anything as brown eyes were locked on the window and the paw that seemed to block everything. IF she was right it meant something had happened. The only question she had was...what? Because all the girls seemed scared and all of them now were watching the windows and the lightening that now seemed to be lashing down like whips from the sky. It was NOT normal and definitely NOT something she had ever seen before.

Sammy only stayed on her another minute or so before she was against the wall and huddled into a ball, whimpering and sobbing. All eyes, Nessie's includes were on the girl..Well one pair were on her. And it was an icy glare. The girl could feel it but ignored it as she was on her feet and flashed to being in front of Sammy and gently knelt, hugging the girl. [#e515cc "Sammy...please come back to us.. To me... I know you're scared...but you made it so far.. Please you can't give in now.."] The Cullen girl whispered as she rocked her. To try and calm her, Nessie was showing her all the times they had run through the meadow just the two of them, their sleepovers in her room, the Christmas party they both had been made into Alice's dolls and what she really felt from Sammy having kissed her that night.. She would do whatever it took to help her best friend.

Jane was glaring the whole time. Her hands were still clentched and finally she moved frowards and pulled Ness away from Sammy. [#966eb1 "She has caused Sammy nothing but pain tonight. Had it not been for her, Sammy would have gotten here no problems. So what do you say to throwing her to the wolf and setting Sammy free?"] She asked the others, her hand still around Renesmee's wrist.
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Sammy was still standing with Jane who grabbed the girl's arm and moved her over to the other side of the cabin hoping the others could keep the new girl busy while she talked with her friend. [#966eb1 “Sammy I'm sorry to ask but what the hell is going on and why did you bring that girl we only planned this around you.”] Jane said her face stating worry but her eyes said jealousy though Sammy didn't notice as her eyes were on the window near them. [#7900FF “Jane I'm sorry I really am she... she wasn't supposed to follow me I forgot my phone had a tracker on it. It's gone now but... [i sigh]... but my brother... now don't freak but she's my brother's soul-mate I wasn't lying when I said she's my best friend here, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you about her...”] Sammy said as she listened to Ness talk not really able to help the small smile that formed on her face when the girl stammered out the small things trying to seem human. [#966EB1 “Soul-mate? Ew isn't your brother like 20 or something?”] Jane asked which pulled Sammy's attention back and she shrugged not noticing Nessie's sudden burst to the window on the wall just behind her. [#7900FF “Yeah I know... but that's why he's following us look her family will be their tomorrow to collect her at the airport their like insanely rich which is why you need to hide me I can't go back Jane. Do you have the spell I asked you guys to work on?”] Sammy said her attention going back to the window a few feet from her the hairs on her arms standing up as she felt something approaching. [#966EB1 “Yeah though I don't see why you don't just use a simple disguise spell... Sammy hey what's?”] Jane started but then suddenly Sammy was turning away from her and she ran to Ness and knocked her down from the window just as a loud boom hit the cabin causing the other girls to scream then back into the middle near the table careful not to mess with the alter the blue now pulsing red indicating danger was nearby. Sammy after knocking Ness down looked up at the window in fear just as a large paw came down in front of it almost completely blocking out any light and the cabin was silent as all the girls turned to watch the windows.

Jake, Ed, and Bella stood outside the cabins looking around. [b [#00821B “Jacob come on the ranger station is still a few miles off.”]] Edward said his tone miffed at the large stallion sized wolf that was sniffing around the large boulder he was standing atop. [b [i [#622902 'This rock smells like the girls they came this way Ed and the scent is still fresh as though they were sitting here only a second ago.']]] Jacob thought as he got off and began to try and dig around the rock looking for something secret or hidden. [#FF8DF8 “Jake we don't have time to look around a rock every second we waste gives the girls more time to run so come on!”] Bella shouted over the rain and Jacob growled. [b [#00821B “Jake says the girls were here Bells maybe we should knock on some doors and ask around.”]] Edward said looking over at his wife who frowned and shook her head. [#FF8DF8 “Fine you ask I'm going ahead to the ranger station, I can't lose her Ed not again.”] Bella said then took off and Ed looked over at Jake and frowned before glancing at the dog's leg to see if he had pants tied there then nodded. [b [#00821B “Stay here and ask around Jake but don't be a dick they're Scouts, kids and if you get any leads call I'm going on ahead.”]] Ed said and Jake nodded before bounding off a bit into the woods to change back and put on his clothes, then he came back out and went up to the largest of the cabins and knocked on the door just as another round of rain came through that had lightning that seemed to be aiming for him and he jumped out of the way each time as it seemed to be trying to chase him out of the area.

Sammy at this point had gotten up off Ness and was up against the wall in a ball holding her head and sobbing silently and all her friends were looking at her, except Jane who was glaring at Renesmee her fists at her side wanting desperately to throw the girl out into the rain back to the man that was causing her friend so much pain.
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Nessie had had to smack Samantha at least once before to draw her back. But god she hoped this time she would not have to do that. It had her feeling so guilty for weeks afterwards. But what was worse was seeing that fear in the other girl's eyes. That look that told her she did not know who she was in those moments and even thought that she was a monster. [#e515cc "Sammy..it's me. You gotta snap out of this.."] She whispered, words just as urgent as they had been as she had been trying to get her attention before.

It only took a second for Sammy to come back to the present and to realise where they were. And the danger that was lurking ahead if they didn't move. Her eyes went around the room and over to the ranger who had found candles and was lighting them while trying to get a radio or some kind of communication device up and running. Some part of her wanted to stay and see if if would happen, but the other part, the more logical knew they couldn't. So when her hand had been grabbed and she was pulled out the door, the halfling ran with the other girl. She didn't know where they were going but it was more than clear that Sammy did. And she also seemed to be leading them to the campsite that had been mentioned.

Her mind was more than buzzing with questions. The most prominent ones in her head were WHO Sammy was meeting and HOW did the girl know the area so well. She knew if Sammy's mind wasn't working a mile a minute then she would register her thoughts. Soo this time Renesmee could say she was thankful that the other was preoccupied. When they came to the campsite and the cabins, brown eyes locked on Samantha as the girl sniffed the air and once again she was pulled along to a cabin where Sammy began to bang on a door.

Nessie had been about to speak, but her mouth quickly snapped shut when there was a girl about Sammy's age who opened the door. [#e515cc [i 'So this must be her friend that she mentioned..?']] The four year old who looked around eleven thought as she was pulled into the cabin. Chocolate eyes went around the room and she couldn't stop her gasp as there were other girls who looked to between nine and twelve. All of them immediately snapping into action when the code had been called. Her eyes were then in Sammy once more as she was tugged to one of the beds and told to sit there quietly until the girl came back to sit with her. What could she really do other than listen now? This was Sammy's domain to say the least and she was more than curious of what was going on.

Nessie watched as the girls formed a circle and began what she could only assume was a spell. She had heard about and read about witches but NEVER met one. Or in this case had never come across a coven. It was quite literally magical and had her very much transfixed. But she stayed still as a statue and only watched and listened.

When all was said and done, conversation with one of the girl's mothers included, Renesmee still had not moved. The girl could see that Sammy was happy. So much more so than she had been in Forks and that almost broke her. She was afraid that she would be forgotten and her eyes locked with Sammy's the moment the girl had looked back at her and sighed. And soon the girl was sitting at her side and introducing her to the others. They all seemed friendly enough. Well all aside from Jane who glared at her when Sammy was not looking. And Ness almost got it immediately when Samantha and Jane happened to do their handshake and hugged the other. Jane felt like she had been replaced...

Chocolate eyes fell on the other girls who had now surrounded her and were asking her question after question. It made her a little nervous but she felt that she did owe them some answers. Maybe if she answered their questions they would trust her a little at least? [#e515cc "Forks is a nice place when it's warm...small and not many people but that's how my family likes it.. My dad's father is the local doctor...and my mom's dad is the chief of police...kind of how plans changed.. No...I'm not a witch or even a wolf."] She stopped there and looked to Sammy for help. She did not know wherher to tell them the truth there or not. [#e515cc "Sammy and I met because of her brother and the pack...they are kind of linked to my family.. But she's really the only friend I have who understands me completely...as all of who I. And I came with her because I wanted to make sure she would be okay...and to have a chance to say 'good-bye' because she just left in the middle of the night without a word.."] But that was as far as she was willing to go as she stood, going to the window in the speed of her vampire half as she had not thought it through and watched the pouring down rain with the lightening dancing in the dark clouds.
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[#FF0000 {Warning long post with lots of exposition... Sorry -_-}]

Samantha, was now rocking back and forth her body trembling and her eyes unfocused as they continued to stare out the window her mind flashing back to just after she got here when she had gotten really sick, but before she learned of her powers and before met Ness and the rest of the Cullens.
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[i Samantha laid on a bed in a room that used to be her elder sister's tears streaming down her face, she wanted to go home everything hurt and this place was so different and cold. [#7900FF “Mama,”] the girl whimpered before jumping as she heard something hit the wall outside along with muffled voices that seemed to be getting louder. Quietly getting out of the bed Samantha walked to the bedroom door where she could hear her new father and brother fighting. [b [#622902 “.... be serious Dad we know what this sickness is she'll be up in a few days then I'm taking her to meet the others.”]] Jacob said his tone very irritated. [b [#487c51 “No Jake this time it's different she's sicker that I've ever seen anyone in this town especially in this case as soon as she's better I'm getting her sent back to the family that fostered her they were friends of her mother's and were willing to adopt her before I was found. She doesn't belong here Jake.”]] William hissed and Sam could hear the squeak of the old man's chair as he moved around the house. [b [#622902 “You are off your rocker old man she's your daughter of course she belongs here how can you be so fucking blind as to deny her her lineage, she is a Black and until she's old enough to form her own pack she'll be in mine I'm sure Seth and the Cullen's won't care and seeing as Leah left 3 months ago to live a life outside the packs I could use the extra help.”]] Jacob tried to reason.
[b [#487C51 “Jacob Ephraim Black that is a nine year old child you are talking about she shouldn't have to live this life you are proposing of her, for god's sake boy she just lost her mother and has been uprooted from everything she's known to come here to me her mother's SPERM DONER do you have any idea what that does to a child her age for fucks sake Jacob!”]] William yelled and the house went quiet for a few moments, long enough that Samantha risked opening the door and looking out seeing the two men standing there glaring at each other. [b [#622902 “I don't know if you forgot Dad but Mom fucking died when I was nine too so yeah I fucking know what it's like to lose a parent, but you want to know what fucking got me through huh? Family and WE ARE HER FAMILY so quit acting like she's a lost kitten she's staying here and that's final and if I find you trying to send her away I will be taking full custody. Now I gotta get back. Don't do anything stupid old man.”]] Jake said before running out the door and Samantha watched William sigh and put a hand on his forehead. [b [#487C51 “I am way to old for this.”]] he muttered before looking up freezing when he noticed Samantha peeking out and a worried expression came over his face before he held his hands out to the girl and though Sammy was now crying and still very much in pain from whatever illness she was suffering from she made her way out to him and he pulled her onto his lap and though there were similarities anyone who looked at the two would see a grandfather and his granddaughter not a father with his daughter. [b [#487C51 “I'm sorry Samantha did we wake you, god I'm so sorry about him he was always a handful I promise I'll get you home you have no need to be here.”]] William said as he gently rocked the girl back and forth as the girl continued crying, the man called Jacob was really scary.]
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
Samantha was so out of it that when Ness lightly grabbed her arm and whispered to her that they needed to go it caused Samantha to yelp and jump backing away from her friend as though she was a monster, but when everything registered Sammy blinked and nodded looking over at the ranger who was lighting candles and trying to get some form of communication device to work. When the ranger's back was turned focused on a radio Samantha grabbed her backpack, and Ness's hand and bolted out the door and into the rain. Samantha started leading them towards the campsite where Samantha's friend was but because her mind was so full of other stuff she didn't register the thoughts she might be reviving from Ness.
Once at the campground Sammy sniffed the air once then went to one of the cabin's and started pounding on it until it opened to a child, about Samantha’s age, with short brown hair opened it with a confused look on her face. [#966eb1 “Samantha? What are you doing here we got the call you were at the Ranger's Station... and who's that?”] the girl asked and Sammy smiled laughing a bit, though it sounded scared and a bit crazy. [#7900FF “Hi Jane, yeah about that there's been a change of plan mind if we come in? My brother's coming.”] Sammy asked and the girl's eyes widened and she nodded moving aside while turning towards the other girls in the room all between the ages of 9 and 12. [#966EB1 “Shit, yeah get in here. Girls Code Raven.”] Jane said and the room suddenly exploded in activity as Sammy pulled Ness into the room and sat her down on one of the beds handing her the backpack. [#7900FF “Stay still and don't speak until I come back to sit next to you. I'll explain everything in a bit.”] Sammy said looking into Ness's eyes before she turned to the rest of the girls who were all setting up candles around the inside of the cabin and went over to Jane who was setting things up on a table. [#7900FF “Sorry to do this to you, but this day has already been crazy.”] Sammy said and the girl smiled though her eyes darted to Ness. [#966EB1 “I'll bet glad to have you back though.”] she said and Sammy smirked but shook her head. [#7900FF “Don't jinx us I'm not safe yet.”] Sammy said as she helped the other girl set up then once all the other girl's finished they gathered around the small table in the center with Jane and Sam and joined hands and began chanting.
[center ~=~=~=~]
[center [font “Vivaldi” Gods to the North and South,]]
[center [font “Vivaldi” Goddesses to the West and East.]]
[center [font “Vivaldi” We call upon you in this hour of need,]]
[center [font “Vivaldi” To protect this sacred house.]]
[center [font “Vivaldi” Let those who wish us harm,]]
[center [font “Vivaldi” Or wish to take away our friends,]]
[center [font “Vivaldi” Be misdirected and misled.]]
[center [font “Vivaldi” We call again to please protect,]]
[center [font “Vivaldi” So we can be set free.]]
[center [font “Vivaldi” Thank You and Blessed Be!]]
[center ~=~=~=~]
As the girls continued chanting a small wind blew around them and a blue looking light began to flow from each of the girl's feet, up the walls until it came to a point on the roof above their heads and then a small piller no bigger than a piece of thread came down from the point and landed on the table and the girls smiled as they chanted one last time. After that the girls slowly and carefully spread out backwards until they were out of a glowing circle on the floor that as soon as the girl's were out snapped like a rubber band around the table and began pulsing which made for a wicked light show on the walls that soon faded to the barest of blues. Once this happened the girls sighed and all the girls then cheered and surrounded Samantha, who was smiling brightly, and started asking several questions. [#7900FF “Girls, girls I'll answer you in a minute, but first who has the walkie I need to inform Ms. Sarah that I'm here so the spell doesn't take her to the ranger's station.”] Samantha asked and Jane smiled and handed it to her.
[#7900FF “Thanks... This is Cabin Echo calling Mama Bear, come in Mama Bear, Over.”]
[#00C6CC “This is Mama Bear, what's going on Cabin Echo? Over.”]
[#7900FF “Hi Ms. Sarah it's Sam Johnston I made it back to the cabin I'm sorry for wandering off.”]
[#7900FF “Yes Ma'am I'm very sorry. Over.”]
[#00C6CC “Good now enjoy the rest of your day girls. Hopefully this storm will let up soon it's almost lunch. Over and Out.”]
Once the conversation was over the girls all burst into laughter. [#7900FF “And that is why I had this scheduled for the last day of the trip, oh goddess it's good to be back.”] Samantha said then her smile dropped as she looked over at Ness and she sighed. [#7900FF “Girls I'd like to introduce you to someone.”] Sammy said as she pushed out of the mess of giggling girls and walked over to Ness sitting down next to her. [#7900FF “Girls this is Renesmee Cullen she's... well to be honest she's my best friend in this hell hole, she's the reason I've been able to stay sane.”] Sammy said smiling at Ness and the other girls came over to greet her... well all except Jane who stayed where she was and glared at Ness when Sammy wasn't looking. [#7900FF “Ness these are my friends from back home. Lana and her sister Hannah, Emma-Rose, Dakota and her twin Lakota, and finally Jane, who's mom is the one adopting me once I get home.”] Sammy said with a smile as she pointed to each girl then got up and walked over to Jane who was smiling at Sammy and the two linked hands and kissed the back of each others palms, which was their secret handshake, before going in for a full on hug.
The other girl's though began asking Ness a ton of questions, about life in forks, if she was also a witch, how she met Sammy, and most importantly why she had come with Sammy.
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[#e515cc [i 'She obviously doesn't get it...I mean I have tried to hint at what I feel..how those feelings have grown. But with my parents ans everyone CONSTANTLY watching there is still so much I have to hide. Dad can read me like an open book...anyone can if they touch me. So I have learned to hide at least what I feel for Sammy...They all expect so much of me...and...and I can't do it.']] Her thoughts were bouncing in her head as her eyes stayed locked upon the clothing that she had changed out of and hung up to dry. Only vaguely was she aware of the soft pattering of Samantha's feet which indicated that she had been moving around. It was the sound of the showers and the rising heat that snapped her back and had her turn to face her bestfriend just as the girl had turned to look at her.

[#e515cc "No..mom and dad are not stupid.. they will find us..and they will definitely punish us. But at least this time I can keep some of the 'heat' off you.."] Nessie said quietly as her hand came up and brushed through long bronze locks and brown gaze stayed locked on Samantha. Her head only tilted the faintest bit as the other girl continued on with her words. All of them feeling like knife after knife making its way into her chest and her heart. The other girl didn't understand thar she was loved by her family but most of all loved by her. [#e515cc "Sammy...I...you know I never get to go anywhere. But if I turn back now and leave you.. I won't get the chance to say 'goodbye'...and I won't know that you're safe. So..I am going with you and I will just say I am allergic to the sun."] The girl said quietly, trying to keep the tremor from her voice and the tears from her eyes.

As the other girl stripped, Nessie had not turned away as quickly as she should have and now without her clothing, the youngest Cullen could see all the cuts. She knew that they had been self-inflicted just by the shapes, sizes, and even the different stages of healing they were in. Secretly, Nessie wanted to be a doctor and so she was constantly getting into her grandfather's medical books and notes when she could. She knew how to tell certain things and just seeing what Sammy had done to herself made her heart break. Why did her best friend have to go through all of this? Surely if she just spoke to everyone and told them..she..she would be able to leave her. Nessie had to turn away and had gone to a window to look out, the clouds only getting darker and darker.

The girl had followed Sammy from the locker room but instead of going towards the ranger, the girl went to sit on the couch. There was no point to try and get herself noticed as the woman only paid attention to Samantha. On top of that, she had been in the spotlight since she was a baby and so to be unnoticed was nice. The phone began to ring and then three bolts of lightening whit and the lights went out. That was NOT usual and as quickly as she could, Renesmee was sitting on her knees in front of her best friend when the ranger woman had left them. [#e515cc "Sammy...we...we need to get going again. If we don't they will find us. Chances are whatever weirdness just happened has been reported to my grandfather.."] She whispered, urging the other on. She was TRYING to help her reach her goal this time.


Bella ran at her husband's side, eyes ahead as the rain now poured down on them. [#ff8df8 "How did the girls even get so far from Forks?"] She muttered, words filled with worry. The woman was still trying to wrap her head around it. But she was relieved that they had at least been found and were out of the storm.

[#00821b [b "I don't know, Bella. Samantha I know had some sort of plan. But Renesmee.."]] Both girls were in for a lecture when they got to them. Though something made him wonder if they would. Deep down he worried they would be on the move again.
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Samantha couldn't help but roll her eyes when Nessie came up to her and said she understood why she lied, but then looked away and thought about the kiss the girl had let her take her face starting to turn red as she headed into the showering area turning on several of the showers onto hot so the room would warm up quicker. [#7900FF “You know we're still screwed the moment your parent's find us right, they're not dumb.”] Samantha said turning back to Ness her face thankfully not as red, though she was very careful not to look at Ness's body. [#7900FF “Look I should probably tell you this now since you don't seem to want to go home... I have a friend coming to pick me up and take me back to Florida, her mom is adopting me. This means you have two choices 1. Go home and live the life your mom and dad have set up for you, or 2. Come with me and pretend you have sun-sickness until your mom and dad come to get you in less than 3 days. Either way your going home and I'm going back to the people who genuinely love and care about me.”] Sammy said on the verge of tears again as she herself stripped down and then stood under the water trying to warm her skin which felt as cold as normal vamp's skin, she didn't like abandoning Ness like this, but Sammy genuinely believed her life here was wrong and that she needed to be back at home in Florida with her mother's people and her old friends. Now that she was fully nude anyone who looked could see Samantha had marks all over her body in many states of healing and those who didn't realize they were self-inflicted would probably look at them and see abuse, on top of the fact that Samantha looked too young and thin would probably be a cause for outcry, for those that truly looked at Samantha would see the poster child for a neglected and abused child, and this was exactly Samantha's plan having become self-harming and bulimic when nobody was watching to be able to blame her wheelchair-bound father and over-protective brother for abuse and neglect so that nobody would bat an eye at why she was running away. All she had to do was get home and get her friend's mother to sign the adoption papers so she could just go back to being normal.
Once her skin was warm Samantha turned off the water and dressed in the clothes the ranger had provided then walked out of the room to where the lady was just finishing up a call to the campsite and the lady turned and smiled at her. [#00CE99 “Hey there sweetie I called the site they've confirmed your disappearance and someone will be by to get you after the storm lets up okay?”] the ranger said once again seeming to notice only Samantha and the girl nodded then suddenly the phone started ringing and Samantha's breath caught on the screen was the number for Fork's County Police Office and the girl knew that this meant an Amber Alert was going out about them and she reached for the phone just as 3 quick flashes of lightning flashed and the building went dark all power gone from the building. [#00CE99 “Oh goodness that was scary it seems the lightning has taken out our power-lines, and the generator now that's what I call bad luck. Come on both of you sit here on the couch while I look into getting some candles.”] the lady said ushering both girls to the small couch in the station and Samantha curled up on the couch, pulling her knees to her chest, her breathing going panicked as her tears finally made a return and her body began trembling as she looked over at the phone. [i [#7900FF 'I'm so close to getting home I can't be caught please tell me the lightning took out the phone lines too, I don't want to go back.]] Sammy thought to herself as her eyes darted between the phone and the windows half expecting to see her brother's wolf form standing there glaring at her.

{Meanwhile at the Fork's County Police Office}
A rookie police officer stared in shock at the phone in his hand as the dial tone sounded he had just been trying to contact Mt. Rainier about the Amber Alert when it almost seemed like something exploded on the other end. Carefully hanging the phone back up the rookie stood and walked over to the Chief. [#05030b “Um... Chief Charlie I'm sorry to bother you sir, but you told us to report to you if anything strange happened while trying to put out the Amber Alert.”] the rookie said his hands trembling.

[#FF8DF8 “Mt. Rainier? Are you sure dad? Yeah I got it thanks love you.... Guys that was dad apparently when an officer was trying to pass the Amber Alert off to the Ranger's at Mt. Rainier there was what the officer reported as some sort of explosion that cut off contact, the officer said it sounded like 3 lightning bolts all hitting a car.”] Bella said in a bit of a panicked tone. [b [#00821b “3 lightning bolts hitting a car?... The only vamp we know that can control electricity is Kate... but she's on our side.”]] Ed said confused then looked over at Alice who shook her head. [#AA0CAA “It's not a vamp, I can see the place but I can only see a human trying to fix a broken generator there's not a vamp in site.”] Alice said her eyes hazy as she attempts to look into the future. [b [#940000 “Can you see anything inside Alice?”]] Jasper asked taking his wife's hand and Alice shook her head then started smiling. [#AA0CAA “No I can't when I watch the ranger go in everything goes fuzzy and dark.”] Alice says as her vision clears. [b [#622902 “It must be the girls. Let's Go!”]] Jake said before bounding out the door shifting as soon as he was outside. The vamps looked at each other before Bella and Edward followed Jake while everyone else split up to try and cut off any escape routes the girl's might take.
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She had been TRYING for awhile to gain the courage to tell Samantha how she felt. And still it seemed she had failed. Or rather she had only gotten the point halfway across. She may have been "it" for Jacob, but she still had a choice. She COULD choose not to be his. And quite honestly, Nessie didn't want to be Jacob's forever. The girl cared about him..loved him even.. but it was not in the same way. It was more of him being like a big brother..more like him being her best friend and a protector. [#e515cc "I...I still have a choice..imprints are absolute to the wolf...they aren't to the imprint themselves.."] She said, her eyes locked with the other girl's as their faces were mere inches apart. Nessie NEEDED for Sammy to get it.

The girl had been about to try again but before any words slipped her lips, she was pulled into a kiss. It was soft and her lips tasted so sweet and her scent was all but drowning her. She also found her heart to be thundering in her chest as it was her first kiss. Only for thirty seconds, but those thirty seconds had been enough to clear any doubts from her mind. Sammy was the one she would want when the time came. And she almost told thatt to the girl, but she couldn't as the other girl had pulled back and pushed her away. For a moment, Nessie was stunned but quickly regained herself and was back on her feet as well and following Samantha.

No more than a few minutes had passed and with the rain still all but beating down on them, headlights were heading towards them. Ness had to shield her eyes as the lights were too bright and hurt. It had not taken long for the car to pull up beside them and a woman to start speaking to Sammy. Renesmee's eyes fell on the other girl when they had been pulled into the vehicle and she gave such a look. She hated that they had to lie but she DID NOT want to get caught and she also would have freaked out if she was the one speaking to the woman. So the girl only nodded and aided Sammy by giving sad looks and pretending to cry as well.

When they were left alone in the women's locker room, Renesmee was fully dressed in a [https://i.pinimg.com/236x/7f/7e/05/7f7e05939c49aa5dd8a540b44188635d.jpg powdery blue night gown with right lacing along the neck, chest and arms]. Her fingers combed through her hair as chocolate gaze fell on the other girl and in a instant she was at her side. [#e515cc "I...probably I should scold you for this. But had it not been for you we would be in so much more trouble.."] But that was all she said as she went back to her wet clothing and hung them up to dry. Usually she was the "goodie-two-shoes" but this time she couldn't bring herself to be. It was like there was something in her that was broken..Or something in her that had something to prove to Sammy. It was weird because she had NEVER felt like this before.


[#f1be0e [b "I've spoken to Charlie and he will keep an eye out for the girls. He said in this weather they couldn't have gone far and that anyone who finds them will have taken them in."]] Carlisle said as he came back in and looked to the others. The man was easily as worried as the others but he knew that them acting on their worry would help nothing. After all, he was expected to be the one to keep the calmest when something happened.

Jacob had not stopped pacing or with his irritability. He was at least calmer with Jasoer's emotional control but still he was on edge. The young man could not believe that his sister and his imprint had run as they had. [#622902 [b "So what are we supposed to do? And it is really supposed to make us feel better that some stranger could have them? They are two young and beautiful young girls. Anything could happen to them."]] He snapped, Edward cringing and giving Jacob a look at the thoughts that had been going through his head.

[#f1be0e [b "We're all worried. But right now it is for the best if we trust Charlie to help. And we also do as Alice had said. Someone is bound to find them and bound to let us know. We have to be patient because our way to track them is here with us."]]
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Samantha was a bit shocked at Nessie's words but didn't move until Ness had moved over her to put her own coat around Samantha. This action made Samantha sit up then grab Ness's arm and pulled her so their faces were mere centimeters apart [#7900FF “No Ness YOU don't get it my brother imprinted on you that means he's your soulmate... and you only get one!... I can't be what he already is.”] Sammy said then started to push Ness away but something inside her snapped and she pulled the girl in for a kiss on the lips, that lasted for about 30 seconds before Samantha finally pushed her away and got back up to her feet starting to walk lightly down the road the rain still beating down on them furiously. Samantha suddenly became blinded by some headlights and a car suddenly pulled up next to them with a sign on the side that read Mt. Rainer National Park Rangers. A woman stepped out of the vehicle and looked shocked at the two girls. [#00ce99 “You two what on earth are you doing all the way out here can't you see where in the middle of a typhoon!? Come with me quickly.”] the lady yelled over the sound of the rain before grabbing both the girl's wrists and helping them into her vehicle and Sammy was a bit two shocked to say much as she wrapped her black cloak around her nightgown to hide her marks as the ranger started driving the two probably back to the Ranger Station.
[#00CE99 “How on earth did you two get all the way out here the campgrounds are a good 3 miles southeast of where you two were headed.”] the lady said and this line caused Sammy to remember the reason she had been headed this way to begin with and gave her an idea, though she didn't know if Ness would play along. [#7900FF “We're sorry ma'am but we got lost we are out here with our troop and both my sister and I headed out of our cabin to use the restroom but we forgot where it was and before we knew it we had no idea where we were then we found the road and started walking it hoping we could find some help... but then the rain...”] Sammy said as she made herself look scared and sad. A look of pity came over the woman's face. [#00CE99 “Oh my that's horrible how long have you two been out here? Why didn't you call for help?”] the lady asked. [#7900FF “We were together we thought everything would be fine so we left our phones back at the cabin and we've been out since I think 5am we're so sorry.”] Sammy said pretend crying into her hands and the lady sighed totally buying the story, which was odd since any decent park official would see that Sammy had a backpack full of supplies. The lady pulled into the station's parking lot and quickly ushered the girls inside and led them to the female locker room so they could shower. [#00CE99 “What are your names girls? I'll radio the campgrounds and tell them we found you.”] the lady asked as she handed them both spare clothes the rangers kept for this kind of scenario. [#7900FF “I'm Sam and this is my sister Vanessa our surname is Jonston.”] Sammy lied once again glancing over at Nessie who the park ranger seemed to not really notice as her eyes stayed on Samantha and the woman just nodded before turning to walk out and Sammy turned away from the girl wondering if she'd receive an earful for lying, since the other did have a tendency to be much more of the 'goodie-two-shoes' than Sammy was.

{Back at the Hotel}
Upon hearing Edward's plan Alice gapped and shook her head, [#aa0caa “Now hold on a moment Ed their two little girls we don't need the whole flipping wolf and vampire army to find two little girls we know what Samantha wants.”] Alice said looking around at the others who all looked confused, well everyone except Jasper was probably the only one who could truly read Samantha, since the girl seemed to have developed a form of shield for her mind. Alice rolled her eyes and sighed, [#AA0CAA “Guys she's a ten year old girl who lost her mother and was forced to live in a world she'd only read about in fairy tales. What would you do if you were her?”] Alice asked looking around once more. [#eab5ff “...Home I would want to go back to the last place I felt safe.”] Esme spoke up after a moment of silence and Alice smiled but Jake stood up angrily. [b [#622902 “What are you talking about how can she not feel safe here this Is her home!”]] Jake shouted as he bristled. [#ff8df8 “Jake please calm down. Alice if what is being said is true then why take Renesmee with her? Samantha used to live in Florida Nessie can't be out in front of people when the sun is out. Even half human she still has the obvious markings of a vampire.”] Bella asked as she walked over to Jake and put a hand on his arm to try and keep him calm, or at the very least from shifting.
[b [#940000 “She didn't take Renesmee with her. Nessie followed her.”]] Jasper spoke up and everyone's eyes turned to him. [b [#622902 “What are you talking about Nessie would never run off without telling anyone.”]] Jake bristled though Jasper had started releasing calming waves so Jake wouldn't go wolf. [b [#940000 “Well this time she did when we were sent to find them I noticed Samantha's scent had already started to fade while Nessie's hadn't meaning Samantha left at least an hour prior to Renesmee.”]] Jasper explained and everyone frowned. [#FF8DF8 “But why? Nessie is only four, but she knows not to run off without telling anyone especially after the Volturi scare two years ago.”] Bella asked her tone back to worry. Jasper shrugged at this question and turned his attention to Alice who had a thoughtful expression on her face. [#AA0CAA “Yes it is quiet odd, but the girls are close it could be she was planning to call once she found Sammy after all the girls were in the middle of a sleepover, but anyway what I was saying before they're just little girls I say we call Charlie. We now know Samantha's goal is to get back to Florida so let's call Charlie and get him to send out an Amber alert before we call in the others. Does that sound reasonable Edward?”] Alice said looking over at her vampire brother and the man sighed, looked over at his wife, then nodded still super worried but it was reasonable.
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Sad brown eyes were locked on the other girl as she pulled away from her. To see the other in such a state broke her heart. And broke her so much more than Samantha could ever realise. The fact that she was being pushed away stung and felt like knives digging their way into her chest. [#e515cc "Sammy...you don't get it... I...I can't just go home! I followed you because I care about you and I can't lose you..for you to leave...it...it would destroy me. I'm not special...and you are someone special..someone worth knowing. I'm not giving up on you."] The girl shouted back over the howling wind. The words about Jake had her flinch and she looked down. She cared for him.. She really did but it wasn't love. Or not the love he deserved and wanted from her. [#e515cc "I can't live a happy life with him...not really.."] Nessie finally admitted.

After a moment and the storm seeming to get worse with Samantha's emotions, Nessie's eyes came up and she gasped. All the cuts and bruises upon the girl's body had become viewable through her gown. All looked to be self inflicted and some even infected. And seeing it all killed her because she had not known. Had she, she would have tried to be there for her.

Sammy turned from her and tried to run but only fell to the ground, the rain pouring down even harder. Both girls were soaked to the bone and not at all dressed for the weather they were facing. But that didn't stop her from running to Sammy's side and taking her jacket off to put over the other girl and staying sat in the mud at her side, slowly pulling the other to her.


Everyone had been trying to find the girls but to no avail. They were NOT in any of Samantha's usual places and that had them scared to death. It was Alice's call that had Edward, Bella and Jacob all but race to the hotel to meet the other two Cullens.

[#ff8df8 [b "Did the two of you have any luck?"]] Bella asked but then became a statue as she saw the two phones on the desk. Both were totally destroyed by the weather and tears filled her eyes. [#ff8df8 [b "What are we going to do? How can we find them now?"]] Her words broke over and more with each that she spoke.

Edward's arms had gone around his wife's waist and he held her. His mind was not only racing with his own thoughts but also of those in the room as well. [#00821b [b "We do what we did when the Volturi had been a threat... Ask both the wolves and other covens for help.. We continue the search here but ask that others also keep their eyes and ears open."]] Edward said quietly, golden gaze loooking to Alice, Jasper, Jacob and Bella in turn as he spoke.
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Samantha was shocked when Ness was suddenly in front of her trying to pull her up telling her they needed to get to safety, and the girl quickly stood up onto unsteady legs and pulled her arm away. [#7900FF “Why the hell did you follow me!?”] Samantha yelled over the howling winds her voice breaking with each word as hiccups and tearless sobs forced their way out. [#7900FF “Nessie please I don't understand why you're doing this. I'm nothing... your special go home, grow up, and... and... and live a happy life with Jake... Please Nessie stop making me feel more guilty than I already do!”] Samantha sobbed as the wind kicked up and the rain started to fall. Samantha didn't really care that she was getting wet nor that the [http://www.dhresource.com/0x0s/f2-albu-g7-M00-AA-17-rBVaSltGuz-ALKNBAApJ29dnHvU881.jpg/nightgowns-sleepshirt-white-lace-sleepwear.jpg beautiful white nightgown] she had been wearing was torn and turning see-through but those that were paying attention would notice the girl had several wounds on her body, bruises and cuts that looked very much self-inflicted and many of the cuts even looked infected, but the scariest part is that they all were in various states of healing since unbeknownst to everyone Samantha had no super-healing ability. Samantha turned to try and start running again, but her legs said no and she fell once again to the ground and coughed as her air got pushed out of her lungs and as the girl started to dry sob. The sky seemed to read her emotions and began a vicious downpour on the two of them soaking them through to the bones. Of course it didn't help that neither were truly dressed for this sort of weather.

{Meanwhile} Alice and Jasper tracked the girl's to the last known location of their phones and were shocked when they found the devices on the ground circuits now fried due to the rain. Jasper called Ed while Alice tried calling for the girls and trying to find any sign of them, but as both girls were hard for her to see in visions the two made their way to a hotel to wait for the wolves and rest of the family.
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Sammy had run multiple times before. Or rather she had attempted to. Most the time though, the wolves or her own family were able to find her and to bring her home. This was the very first time that Renesmee had chosen to come after her. The very first time she realised JUST what the other girl meant to her and how she really could not live without her. She had not lied when she said she needed the wolf girl and that she was important to her. Sammy just didn't know HOW important she was to the young hybrid girl.

The girl was faster than the wolves but much slower than a normal vampire was. The only good thing was she could run for miles and miles without tiring. And that was what she had been forced to do as she ran but kept at a distance. Maybe after a hundred or so miles did Sammy stop and all but crumble to the ground into a ball of emotions. Sadly the wind was blowing towards the other girl and Nessie needed to stay downwind if she didn't want to be found out. And she also couldn't go to Sammy right away either.

It was when she saw the other girl sit up and begin to rub her eyes did the girl begin to go to her, slowly. But thunder clapped overhead and the smell of rain was in the air. It was that fact that made Nessie run fully to the other and gently take her arm. [#e515cc "Sammy..it's going to rain.. We need to find a place that will keep us dry."] The girl said, urgently. Both of them were still more "fragile" than the others and could get sick.

Jake's eyes were on the dark clouds as he continued to try and call both the girls. The more time that passed, the more he was shaking as if he was about to shift. The man was worried about his sister and his imprint. Only was it when he heard Edward and Bella's soft words behind him did he turn, dark gaze on them.  [#622902 [b "I can't just wait around here. I'm getting the wolves and we'll go out and look for the girls too. Their scents are already being washed away."]] He said, irritably. He didn't even wait for a response before he was out the back door and shifting himself. And when he had, Jake was off.
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Sammy ran her eyes filled with tears for what felt like forever but it was only until her legs finally gave out, yes due to her powers she was faster than a normal human, in fact she was just as fast as the vamps in human form, but she didn't have much stamina so it was only maybe another 100 miles before her legs finally gave out and she collapsed into a weeping ball of emotions, thankfully she had run into the middle of nowhere so nobody was around to see her being a pathetic mess, or at least that's what she thought not realizing Ness had followed her, as she wholeheartedly believed that Ness loved her family too much to come after her after all this wasn't the first time Sammy had run from Forks it was just the first time she had gotten this far. Sammy continued to sob into the ground until her tears stopped coming and she slowly into a seated position her eyes basically swollen closed and she rubbed them getting all the dirt and muck out that she could a round of hiccups starting just as a thunderclap sounded above them indicating a storm was beginning to roll through.

{Meanwhile} Jake, Seth, and the rest of the Cullen family were all standing in the big glass house on there phones trying to contact the girls Jake, Bella, and Ed getting increasingly more worried when nobody answered. [b [#622902 “Come on guys pick up.”]] Jake said into his phone as he looked out the window at the rain which had washed away all scent of the girls. Once the girls had found to be missing Alice and Jasper had headed out to find them but the storm had already begun washing away their scent. [#ff8df8 “This isn't the first time Samantha has run, but this is the first time Ness has gone with, Ed what the hell is happening?”] Bella worried looking at her husband, then over at Jake who was shaking looking ready to shift. [b [#00821b “I don't know Bells but when they get home they are so grounded.”]] Edward huffed as he redialed his daughter's number just as confused as everyone else on why the girls would run away.
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She wasn't trying to berate Sammy. That was the furthest thing from her mind. But she wanted and needed the other to know running wasn't the answer. She needed her to know that she was her best friend and the ONLY one who made her feel like she truly belonged. Each word she had spoken had broken more and more and she was really trying not to cry.

When she had done, Nessie took a step back as she had been watching Sammy and knew from her movements that she was going to hop down. Not even a second later and the other girl was stood in front of her, looking up into her eyes as she was an inch shorter. She herself had grown where Sammy hadn't. Most people thought she was older than she was and well most assumed Samantha was younger. And sometimes the girls would have fun with that fact. But at the moment she couldn't think about that and kept her eyes locked with the wolf girl's as she spoke.

[#e515cc "But Sammy...you do belong her.. With us.. With me. You're family.."] To Nessie the girl was more. But she couldn't say it as she was still getting used to what she felt. And she didn't want to hurt anyone. It was that look, briefest as it was in Sammy's eyes that showed her what she felt that broke her heart. And it made her WANT to explain.

Before she knew it, the other girl had gripped her arm and was seeing almost every thought she had. All except what she thought of her truly. Having a mind reader for a father and her gift to show everything she thought and felt, Renesmee had learned to hide what she REALLY didn't want known. [#e515cc "I don't care! I am not going back without you."] Yes she felt bad for everyone freaking out, but her bestfriend meant so much more.

It was when Sammy's phone began to blow up, her own did moments later. It was that moment did the other drop her phone and bolt. Obvioisly the other didn't want to be tracked. And if she wanted to keep up she had to move and fast. Her own phone slipped from her hand and hit the dirt beneathe her feet as she had not answered and once more ran after the other girl.
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