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Deciding to say "screw it" like she had probably had not been her best course of action or thought. The girl knew that she was capable of showing everything she felt and her memories and she had let Sammy see and feel it. And it probably had been a bit much, which she understood. Before she could apologize to Sammy for having unleashed all of those feelings on her, Sammy was staring at her in shock, and then seemed to regain herself and stripped them both. The other girl didn't care about how she looked and honestly, neither did Nessie. All she wanted were the moments that they would be able to share. To know what it was like to be loved wholly and truly just once. Both girls knew that this would be the only time they would be able to do this...to be like this in the way that they wanted. And like Sammy, Nessie decided to give it her all and prayed that she was able to pleasure and please the other.

A few hours had passed and they had been the most amazing few hours that the girl could have asked for. And just laying there with Sammy hand in hand was the best feeling. Gently the girl's hand squeezed the others and she moved enough to brushed her best friend's hair back from her face. [#e515cc "I love you too...so, so much.."] The girl whispered back, contently and tired. She was close to falling asleep at Sammy's side when the knock came to the door. And when it did, Nessie did stiffen because she had forgotten that the room was pretty much on lockdown and was both vampire proof and wolf proof.

Only when Alice's words came through the door did the hybrid relax and become less tense. Or she did until she realized that Jacob and the rest of the family would be home soon. The few hours of freedom had been the best she had ever had.. But now...now she and Sammy had to go back to wearing their masks and had to pretend that nothing between them had ever happened. How would they face her family? How would they face Jacob without him wanting to kill Sammy? [#e515cc "I...I don't want to go back to the way things were before...but...but we have no choice..."] Her words were whimpered out and her tears wouldn't stop as she looked at Sammy as the girl looked at her and then left the bed and went to the bathroom to get her shower first. They would of course have to wash away the scents of the love shared and TRY to be as normal as they could.

The girl stayed on the bed, but all the while chocolate eyes were on Sammy. It was the sounds of her getting sick and the look shot back her way that had Renesmee on her feet and at Sammy's side in a flash. And when the other girl had curled into herself, Nessie was sitting at her side and brushing her hair. She had heard the rhyme but it had made no sense to her. [#e515cc "Sammy...what...are you okay?"] She asked. She was really worried about the other girl. Worried enough that she was thinking to go and get her aunt and uncle. Maybe Jasper and Alice would know what to do.
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{Warning: New Plot development that you probably already knew was coming, as you've been with different versions of Sammy before, but warning anyway}

When Ness kissed back Sammy began to tear up, but then she broke the kiss and gasped at the overwhelming amount of feelings and memories Ness showed her and she stared at the girl in shock before stripping them both, not caring how bad she herself looked or that the velvet dress had basically turned her purple. Sammy then kissed the girl again before doing her best to give the girl pleasure knowing it might be the only time she would be able to do so.
A few hours passed and Sammy lay beside Ness smiling as she held the girl's hand and sighed lightly. [#7900FF "I love you so much."] she whispered her eyes drooping as she began to fall asleep but before she could she was startled awake by a knock on the door and Sammy glared towards it. [#7900FF "WHAT DO YOU WANT!?"] Sammy yelled as she pushed herself up into a sitting position keeping the bedsheet around her middle, the room was still locked down so she didn't bother getting up to put clothes back on. [#AA0CAA "It's Alice girls I'm just here to check on you and let you know your parents and brother are due back in about an hour. If your up for it Jasper and I would like some help with cooking dinner."] Alice said and Sammy paled and also was slightly happy, they hadn't been here their guardians hadn't been here for hours and now Alice was giving them a chance for an alibi, but the thought of facing her brother again after what they just did scared the crap out of her because now they had to hide. Sammy growled softly then sighed [#7900FF "OKAY WE'LL BE DOWN SOON!"] Sammy called before looking back at Ness and sighed [#7900FF "Time to put our masks back on I guess."] Sammy said a small sob escaping her throat as she leaned over to kiss the girl once more before forcing herself out of bed and heading to her small bathroom to turn on the shower knowing they would need to wash the smell of love off before heading out and once again acting like best friends rather than the lovers they now were. Sammy glanced at herself in the mirror as the water heated and jumped slightly in shock, her wounds were gone and she had absolutely no scars either, in fact she looked healthier than she had in over a year and this made Sammy Pale again as she turned to look at Ness before a fluttering in her stomach caused Sammy to move to the toilet puking. Sammy heaved and sobbed lightly having no idea what was happening, but then she remembered something she had overheard Jasper tell Alice months ago.
[i [#940000 "...powers activate she'll be a completely new person."] [#AA0CAA "Yes Jasper I know you've told me the legend a thousand times, but she's so small and fragile and to truly become the legend she would have to fall in love and get pregnant, she's only ten."] [#940000 "It doesn't matter if she can find someone who loves her more than life itself someone not blood related or by imprint and she wishes hard enough her powers will activate and it'll be to late to stop it she is the bearer of peace fate will come for her eventually..."]]
Sammy puked again at the memory her body shaking as a hand went down to her stomach and she looked up scared at Ness. [#7900FF "By the light of a full moon, born of love with a life filled with pain, The Silver Wolf cometh and with her bring a generation of peace, but be warned for the moment she is know the world's greatest evils will stop at nothing to kill the unborn."] Sammy whispered a small rhyme her mother used to say before getting to her feet and walking over to the tub where she sat down and curled up into a ball trying to figure out what the hell she was going to do now.
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The girl shivered the softest bit when she had heard the hiss from the other girl. She couldn't understand what she had said or done that could have caused it. All she was doing was trying to save Sammy from more trouble that would come at her and that would be HER fault. Nessie was still blaming herself that Sammy had gotten caught for her last escape. But before she could even voice any of her thoughts, her hand had been taken and led up the other girl's dress to rest on an obviously new wound. Brown eyes widened as she felt the wound that her hand now rested upon and she stayed frozen as she listened to Sammy's words as she spoke them. [#e515cc "So...all this time he has been hurting you? But then making it seem like you were doing it to yourself...and...and he was trying to seem nice and keep face with me?"] The girl asked, her face paling as the realization hit and she almost wanted to be sick. She could NOT believe that the man she was expected to be with could be so heartless..Could be so cruel and to the girl who was supposed to be his sister. To the girl that meant more than anything to her. It was dizzying and sickening.

Her words had been soft as she had spoken them, but not much was able to come out after them. And again before she knew it, Sammy had moved and flipped them to where she was over her. Her lips were upon her own and after what she said, Renesmee decided to say "fuck it" herself. None of that was right or fair. And it was time she did what she wanted. Loved who she wanted. If she could only have this one time, the girl wanted to try and make it worth it for the both of them. With all of that in mind, her own returning kiss was filled with the passion and emotions that she wanted Sammy to know that she felt. EVERYTHING she had been hiding over the time that the other girl had been with them. Even if she was nervous with this being her first time, Ness found she wouldn't mind that it was with her best friend...in fact, the girl wanted it to be and so she would give what she could.


[#AA0CAA "This isn't fair, Jazz!"] Alice squealed as he began the tickle fight. The man KNEW that she was ticklish and that once he had her, he had her. She giggled and squirmed as he tickled her, thankful for the fact that they were immortal and that she didn't need to breathe. She was also thankful that they couldn't really cry either because tears would have been more than streaming down her cheeks as her boyfriend of "forever" tickled her. From his antics, Alice knew that he was trying to distract her and to buy the girls time, which she would ask about later. But it had been SO long since they had spent an afternoon just them and having some fun. And with that thought in mind, Alice managed to FINALLY get free and began to tickle him back. Though she didn't know it, both she and Jasper both wanted to see Sammy and Nessie end up together. Or at least have a fighting chance.
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Sammy couldn't help but smile when Ness purred back, but it turned into a frown when the other said she didn't want Sammy to get in trouble and that caused Sammy to hiss lightly then decided once again fuck it she was going to die showing Ness how much she loved her so she might as fucking well go all out and tell her everything, after all the room was sealed her brother had made this room a second prison so nobody could get in or out unless they had the remote and key and Sammy had stolen both from Jake months ago before her last escape attempt, the room was completely wolf and vamp-proof. Sammy sat up a bit more and winced while keeping one hand on Ness's body then she grabbed one of the girl's hands and placed it up her own dress straight to her newest brotherly wound. [#7900FF "I'm not sick Ness... He wounds me and keeps me in a prison I only self-harm to make it look like he's doing it more often, cause he's careful he poisoned Papa then stuck him in a nursing home when he wouldn't sign over the guardian rights. Ness Jake is not the good person you want to think he is and this universe was fucking insane when it forced you to be his imprint so fuck them, fuck them all. I'm going to show you what it really means to be loved."] she said before flipping the two of them so she was on top of Ness then she kissed the girl hard all her own emotions flooding into it as she worked on getting Ness's dress off, while keeping one hand on the girl's skin to read her emotions because as much as she wanted to ravish the girl, she wasn't her brother and would immediately stop if the girl wanted her too.

Alice and Jasper sat downstairs watching TV they had convinced the rest of the vamps to go hunt, and the wolves to go check on a problem in La Push, while they watched the girls and Jasper couldn't help but smirk as he felt the emotions coming from the room upstairs. Alice looked up at him and frowned. [#AA0CAA "What are you all smirks about?"] Alice asked though she glanced towards the stairs having heard the door slam earlier wondering if she should go check on the girl's, but Jasper moved himself on the couch so he was laying down with Alice on top of him. [#940000 "Just the girls, it's best not to bother them right now they need time to catch up, why don't we have a little fun down here I'm sure Ness knows better than to let her sick friend run off again."] Jasper smirked before running his nails over his girlfriend's sides causing her to gasp and glare before he began a tickle fight planning on giving the girl's as much time together as he could.
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It wasn't that she had wanted to pull away from the kiss. From the softness and sweetness of Sammy's lips, but she had to. The girl was so scared what would end up happening if her father caught her thoughts and saw what she was. She knew that she was SUPPOSED to be Jacob's imprint and soulmate..And though she loved him.. He wasn't where her heart happened to lay. Not truly. It did with his sister and her bestfriend. But she had never been able to show it. And now that she had, the girl wanted nothing more than she be able to be open about it. She was so sick and tired of trying to hide it. But in her mind she had to. Renesmee knew that both she and Sammy would be in A LOT of trouble and the last thing she wanted was to get her bestfriend, the girl she loved into even more trouble.

Her mind were spinning with her thoughts and she couldn't help the soft squeak that slipped from her when she had been pulled onto the bed. Had been pulled over Sammy and found herself straddling her. It was the door closing and locking on its own and the metal shutters that had truly gotten her attention. [#e515cc "I love you too, Sammy...and I think I did from the moment we met. But..this is can get you into so much trouble. They're still so angry about last month."] The younger girl breathed out, her cheeks alight with a dark pink blush. She could not help shivering softly as the other's hands slowly roamed up and down her sides and she purred softly. Nessies wanted and needed to know what Sammy felt..and in her own way..the girl wanted to show the other just how she felt. For the first time, or rather second time in her life, Renesmee was tired of being the "good girl she always had to be". She was going to say screw it and give into what she felt.
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Sammy's eyes were drooping as she listened to Ness and took in the girl's emotions sighing grateful that she hadn't imagined it, then the younger girl kissed her and Sammy was suddenly more awake and she kissed back, but frowned when Ness pulled away and as she was still holding the girl's hand she knew why and growled softly before using what strength she had to pull her friend onto the bed and then positioning Ness so she was on top of Sammy straddling her. [#7900FF “Fuck them.”] she hissed before waving her hand so the door closed and locked on it's own, then she took out a remote from under her pillow and pressed a button that forced metal shutters down on the windows and lit the room in a purple mood lighting. Once the room was locked down Sammy turned her attention back to Nessie and slowly began running her hands up the girl's body massaging her and purring softly. [#7900FF “I love you Ness and if I can't be with you I don't want to be alive.”] Sammy said before her hands began to venture under the girl's dress, she didn't care what would happen to her if she was caught but she wanted to show Ness just how much she really loved her even if it ended in her death.
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Chocolate eyes continued to look at the girl who was her best friend. The girl whom she had fallen in love with and when she saw that smile, Renensmee found herself smiling back. Her own smile was a mirror of Sammy's and it was one she had not used since they had last been together. And in an instant, the hybrid was beside the bed and her hand had taken the one that had been reached out to her. [#e515cc "I...there's nothing for you to be sorry for. I just...missed you. I always miss you when you get sick like this."] Her voice and words were soft as she spoke them. And when she saw the couple of tears that had slipped down the other girl's cheeks, Ness gently wiped them away and listened to what she had been asked. It almost hurt that Sammy could have thought all of it to be a dream. For a moment, the youngest Cullen debated lying. But then she shook her head. [#e515cc "It wasn't a dream, Sammy...all of that happened...And all of it I feel. I had to tell you incase I never got to see you again."] She whispered as she did lean in and kiss the girl. The kiss was quick, but it was enough to at least let the other know she meant it. She just couldn't let them be caught by Jacob or her father. They were JUST starting to let the attempt from last month go. If they knew what the girls felt...well she didn't want to think about what would be said or what would be done.
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Samantha woke in the middle of the night to a sharp pain in her lower abdomen, but she couldn't scream or call for help as she was gagged and blindfolded, upon realizing this Sammy knew exactly what was going on as this wasn't the first time that it happened. She was being raped by Seth, who upon first meeting the girl had done what Sammy had never told Ness he had imprinted on her, but she hadn't imprinted on him and this fact always angered Seth when it was brought up which was why whenever Jake wasn't keeping too close an eye on her and she wasn't with Nessie he would take the opportunity to make her regret not imprinting and he was also one of the main reasons she needed to leave so badly.
Sammy stayed as still and silent as possible as Seth held her and reminded her that she was his soulmate and that she couldn't escape him. Finally after an hour and a half Sammy passed out again and she dreamt of Ness and the life she knew they would never have.
The next morning Sammy woke to find that she was dressed and once again hooked up to an IV and she growled softly before ripping the needle out of her arm then she sat up and puked into a bucket that was beside her feeling sick and disgusting, but she was too weak to get up and move into the bathroom to shower so she just laid on the bed and cried softly until she heard a soft voice at the door. Sammy quickly wiped her eyes and looked up at Ness a genuine smile on her face for the first time in a while. [#7900FF "Hey you. Yeah please come in, sorry I've been away so long you know how bad my immune system is haha..."] Sammy said reaching out to her and forcing out the lie her brother had basically threatened her to start saying every time he locked her up for long periods of time. Sammy took the girl's hands in hers and held it tight taking in Nessie's warmth a set of tears escaping her eyes. Sammy then remembered everything that happened during the escape attempt and her face heated softly before she bit her lip and looked into Nessa's eyes. [#7900FF "Was it all a dream?"] she asked wanting desperately to kiss and hold the girl she loved more than her own life. Sammy continued to stare into Nessie's eyes and held the girl's hand tight reading everything the girl was willing to tell her in hopes that her love, the kisses they shared, and the feelings she felt hadn't just been a fever dream like Sammy feared.
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Her mother and fathher had shot question after question at her. None she wanted to answer. She knew she was the youngest. The most fragile and could easily be hurt. But they didn't understand it had been something that she NEEDED to do. The girl couldn't stay locked away from the world forever and she was not content to hide like her family. Ness needed to be able to see and to do. And she needed her best friend. Or at least had needed that last chance to say good-bye that she knew she would not have had otherwise. But when she tried to voice those thoughts , they kept cutting her off. They DID NOT want to hear it.

[#EAB5FF "Sweetheart...you know we all care about you. We're like this because you are the youngest and the most fragile. You are still at least part human and can be hurt. But I do at least understand that you wanted to say goodbye...but you can't do these things..."] Esme said gently as Ness had thrown herself on the bed and fell into tears. The woman always did hate to see the girl as sad as she was now. And she really did understand but also wanted for Renesmee to understand what had happened. Or at least why everyone had gone off as easily as they had.

[#e515cc "It's not fair! I wanted to be able to go with her. She's the only one who understands all of me...and doesn't make me have to be.."] But the girl could not finish her words. She didn't know how and if she said anything more, her secret WOULD be revealed and that would only cause more problems. So instead, Ness buried her face in her pillowed and ended up crying herself to sleep. She had actually become like one of the Disney princesses whom she had seen do those particular actions again and again.

A month, it had been a month since she had been allowed to even see her best friend again. In that time, the youngest Cullen tried to act normal. But she was stealing Carlisle's medical books more and more to read. And when she was not reading and TRYING to learn, Renemsee was practicing the piano or helping Esme in her flower garden. Hardly ever did she choose to go out with Jacob anymore. She was so hurt and angry that he had taken the girl away from her. Taken HER wolf away...

When the day came that she could finally see the other girl, Nessie was more than excited. She was more lively than she had been and took extra care in choosing what to wear and chose something [http://productshots3.modcloth.net/productshots/0133/8657/3d2029e24f8429b5ac524fa160f88036.jpg?1380313877 simple but she hoped cute]. She had even gotten her hair put into a braid by her mother, though the woman still hated ANYTHING girly and would have rathered to leave it to her aunts or grandmother.

[b [#00821b "Remember Renesmee, Jacob said she still is not well. So you have to be gentle and you can only stay with her for a couple of hours today.]] Edward reminded his daughter, who in turn shot a pouty and almost puppyish look. She had REALLY missed Sammy. And the man sighed when the look was given. Ness ALWAYS knew how to get what she wanted. [b [#00821b "Alright...I will talk to Jacob. But we better get up to the main house. She's expecting you."]] And with that, Edward took Renesemee's hand and walked with her to the main house.

Up at the main house, Renesmee did say a quick hello to her grandmother, grandfather, and Jacob who were in the kitchen when she, her mother and father had gotten there. And the moment she could, the young hybrid used her vampire speed and was up the stairs and had gone to her father's old room and stood in the doorway. Chocolate eyes roamed over the other girl and she looked TERRIBLE. Like she had not seen the sun in forever. [#e515cc "M-mind if I come in?'] The girl stammered, her heart all but fluttering in her chest and her throat feeling like there was a knot in it. She had not seen Sammy since she admitted to being in love with her and the night they had been dragged back to Forks. And she continued to stand in the doorway until she got the okay.
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Once they were outside Samantha broke free from Jake's grip and shifted one again trying to run away, but it was no use as Jake already irritated with the girl shifted easily and was quickly in front of her growling. [i [#7900FF "LEAVE ME ALONE!"]] she screamed through their mental connection her silver fur glowing in the moonlight as it stood on end. [i [b [#622902 "Samantha stand down I am sick and tired of your fucking games. Enough is enough!"]]] Jake yelled, but Sammy just got even more defensive as she glared up at the wolf 3 times her size. [i [#7900FF "LEAVE. ME. ALONE! I HATE YOU!"]] she screamed back and if anyone had been watching they would see two Alphas about to go at each others throats. [i [b [#622902 "You are eleven years old and you will do as I say!"]]] Jake growled cutting Sammy off again when she tried to make a break for it. [i [#7900FF "I don't have to listen to you, you're not Papa!"]] she said tears starting to form in her eyes. [i [b [#622902 "I am your legal guardian so yes you fucking do! Now stand down before I force you to stand down!"]]] Jake hissed the threat of his words clear. Tears began falling from Sammy's eyes as her tail tucked between her legs and she began to bow her head only to make one last attempt at escape when Jake calmed a bit thinking he had won. Samantha managed only a couple miles before she found herself being flung into the air a large gash now in her side as she hit the ground hard whimpering and tears flowing steadily. A large paw was soon on her tiny body and she closed her eyes as she heard a sigh and felt the man lean down and pick her up by her scruff carrying her off to the large underground bunker he had turned into a prison cell after her last escape attempt after he had gained full guardianship of her after putting their father in a nursing home.
Once at the cell Jake turned back and unlocked the door before dragging Sammy's body inside and onto the bed where he began working on her wound and Sammy just laid there in pain remaining silent. Once Jake was done he left the cage locking it behind him and Sammy finally allowed herself to shift back wincing in pain as she sat up and looked down at her side which looked 10 times worse in human form, but Jake had stitched it up pretty expertly as this hadn't been the first time he'd injured her like this. Sammy sighed and stood carefully clutching her side as she slowly made her way over to the water bowl Jake kept in here and slid down next to it wincing as she picked the bowl up with shaking hands and brought it to her mouth drinking carefully as not to waste any, then she put it back down and collapsed beside it the pain finally to much for her to handle.
Sammy was kept in the cell for over a month as her wound got time to heal, but as the girl refused to eat anything she was given it was taking a while and Jake had taken to stealing IV packs from Carlisle but every time he hooked Sammy up to one then stepped out to do something he would comeback to Sammy lying in a pile of her own blood with the needle ripped out which angered him and he began tying his sister down every time he gave her the drip but it made the girl very ill and he had to stay and make sure she didn't choke on her own vomit. Finally after another month Jake let Sammy out of the cell and dressed her in a [https://images.prod.meredith.com/product/29493b5d3a6c7c49810199d1b7fea22a/1543815184559/l/girls-long-sleeve-velvet-dress long sleeved velvet dress] and tights that covered her entire body apart from her head and carried her back to the Cullen's house and up to Ed's old room that had been changed to suit Sammy or at least what Jake wanted Sammy to be. He placed the girl on the [https://i.pinimg.com/originals/24/41/be/2441be5e5fe6fedc233159681a16f215.jpg large covered canopy bed] and sat down next to her brushing her hair out of her face. [b [#622902 "I'll send Nessie up in the morning, she thinks your sick tell her anything different and your going back to the cell until you turn 18."]] Jake mumbled before getting up, tucking Sammy in, and walking out of the room and Sammy buried her face in the pillow and sobbed silently until sleep finally took her once again.
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Renesmee didn't know if or when she would ever be brave enough to let Sammy both see and feel what she felt for her. Because IF they got caught she would have to hide it all again just like she had been doing. And she hated having to..but she also knew that her family would go crazy. Jacob would go crazy and try and hurt his sister. [#e515cc "I do love you, Sammy..."] Nessie whispered softly when the other girl had leaned in for another kiss. And she was JUST able to kiss her back before she was all but ripped away from her.

Nessie could have pulled away if she wanted to. Could have for just that moment relied on her vampire half, but it wasn't who she was. The girl hated to hurt anyone. And she would hate to hurt these girls because they were Samantha's friends and they mattered to her. So she was thrown against the table, yelping out when she hit it and she was on her hands and knees for just a second. It was when the girls tried to get everything back in place was she up and trying to help, but it was too late and the door was slammed open with a half fried Jacob there and looking like a mad man. All the others screamed..all but her and Sammy. They knew they were in deep trouble.

It was an hour later when the girls found themselves sitting on the couch in the Cullens' home. Everyone was there and everyone was scolding them. The lecture ranged from how irresponsible they had been to how worried everyone was about them. Renesmee just wanted for it to stop. She was sorry that they had worried everyone but she was NOT sorry that she had wanted to go with Sammy and had wanted to help. When the scolding was over and Sammy was shoved towards the door by Jacob because her family thought separating them was a good idea, chocolate eyes met the gaze of the other girl for just a second. She shook her head quickly and mouth that she was sorry. And she really was.

As soon as Sammy was gone, Renesmee was taken to her room and locked in. She was told to think about what she had done..but all she could think about was Sammy and if the other girl was okay.
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Sammy finally calmed down enough to feel the thoughts and memories Nessie was sending to her and upon finally feeling all the love the girl had for her Sammy leaned in for another kiss and to those on the outside they would see a bright purple aura envelop the two girls, but it was quickly cut off when Jane grabbed Nessa and yanked her away from Sammy trying to get the others to agree to kick her out. [#fc5ea7 “Jane are you nuts you know if we open the door it'll break the barrier.”] Lakota said and this made Jane bristle and she threw Nessie at the table which severed the string and the other girls gasped and quickly tried to get everything set back up, but it was too late as the door opened to Jake who looked half fried and was smiling a bit maniacally. [b [#622902 “Found you!”]] he said and all the girls screamed except Sammy, who was doubled over clutching her stomach.
An hour later both Sammy and Ness were back at the Cullens house being scolded at by... well everyone before being split up Jake dragging Sammy back to the Black House and Ness staying put and just before being shoved out the door Sammy caught Nessie's eye and mouthed that she was sorry.
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She had tried to be as human as she possibly could in front of these girls..Sammy's friends. But the more she had heard passed between Sammy and Jane, the more she needed to be able to find something else to think about. That was what made her not think about it and use her vampiric half's speed in a burst to the window, keeping chocolate gaze locked upon the clouds as she had. The lightening it seemed was getting more and more wild. And as it did, Ness was transfixed by the beauty of it.

But after a few moments, the roaring got louder and she was pushed to the ground with Sammy on top of her. Not even a second later and there was a loud boom that hit the cabin. The other girls screamed and scambled back towards the center of the room towards their alter. Ness had no choice but to stay pinned by Sammy, though her body stiffened and her breath was held. The youngest Cullen looked and seemed more like a statue than anything as brown eyes were locked on the window and the paw that seemed to block everything. IF she was right it meant something had happened. The only question she had was...what? Because all the girls seemed scared and all of them now were watching the windows and the lightening that now seemed to be lashing down like whips from the sky. It was NOT normal and definitely NOT something she had ever seen before.

Sammy only stayed on her another minute or so before she was against the wall and huddled into a ball, whimpering and sobbing. All eyes, Nessie's includes were on the girl..Well one pair were on her. And it was an icy glare. The girl could feel it but ignored it as she was on her feet and flashed to being in front of Sammy and gently knelt, hugging the girl. [#e515cc "Sammy...please come back to us.. To me... I know you're scared...but you made it so far.. Please you can't give in now.."] The Cullen girl whispered as she rocked her. To try and calm her, Nessie was showing her all the times they had run through the meadow just the two of them, their sleepovers in her room, the Christmas party they both had been made into Alice's dolls and what she really felt from Sammy having kissed her that night.. She would do whatever it took to help her best friend.

Jane was glaring the whole time. Her hands were still clentched and finally she moved frowards and pulled Ness away from Sammy. [#966eb1 "She has caused Sammy nothing but pain tonight. Had it not been for her, Sammy would have gotten here no problems. So what do you say to throwing her to the wolf and setting Sammy free?"] She asked the others, her hand still around Renesmee's wrist.
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Sammy was still standing with Jane who grabbed the girl's arm and moved her over to the other side of the cabin hoping the others could keep the new girl busy while she talked with her friend. [#966eb1 “Sammy I'm sorry to ask but what the hell is going on and why did you bring that girl we only planned this around you.”] Jane said her face stating worry but her eyes said jealousy though Sammy didn't notice as her eyes were on the window near them. [#7900FF “Jane I'm sorry I really am she... she wasn't supposed to follow me I forgot my phone had a tracker on it. It's gone now but... [i sigh]... but my brother... now don't freak but she's my brother's soul-mate I wasn't lying when I said she's my best friend here, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you about her...”] Sammy said as she listened to Ness talk not really able to help the small smile that formed on her face when the girl stammered out the small things trying to seem human. [#966EB1 “Soul-mate? Ew isn't your brother like 20 or something?”] Jane asked which pulled Sammy's attention back and she shrugged not noticing Nessie's sudden burst to the window on the wall just behind her. [#7900FF “Yeah I know... but that's why he's following us look her family will be their tomorrow to collect her at the airport their like insanely rich which is why you need to hide me I can't go back Jane. Do you have the spell I asked you guys to work on?”] Sammy said her attention going back to the window a few feet from her the hairs on her arms standing up as she felt something approaching. [#966EB1 “Yeah though I don't see why you don't just use a simple disguise spell... Sammy hey what's?”] Jane started but then suddenly Sammy was turning away from her and she ran to Ness and knocked her down from the window just as a loud boom hit the cabin causing the other girls to scream then back into the middle near the table careful not to mess with the alter the blue now pulsing red indicating danger was nearby. Sammy after knocking Ness down looked up at the window in fear just as a large paw came down in front of it almost completely blocking out any light and the cabin was silent as all the girls turned to watch the windows.

Jake, Ed, and Bella stood outside the cabins looking around. [b [#00821B “Jacob come on the ranger station is still a few miles off.”]] Edward said his tone miffed at the large stallion sized wolf that was sniffing around the large boulder he was standing atop. [b [i [#622902 'This rock smells like the girls they came this way Ed and the scent is still fresh as though they were sitting here only a second ago.']]] Jacob thought as he got off and began to try and dig around the rock looking for something secret or hidden. [#FF8DF8 “Jake we don't have time to look around a rock every second we waste gives the girls more time to run so come on!”] Bella shouted over the rain and Jacob growled. [b [#00821B “Jake says the girls were here Bells maybe we should knock on some doors and ask around.”]] Edward said looking over at his wife who frowned and shook her head. [#FF8DF8 “Fine you ask I'm going ahead to the ranger station, I can't lose her Ed not again.”] Bella said then took off and Ed looked over at Jake and frowned before glancing at the dog's leg to see if he had pants tied there then nodded. [b [#00821B “Stay here and ask around Jake but don't be a dick they're Scouts, kids and if you get any leads call I'm going on ahead.”]] Ed said and Jake nodded before bounding off a bit into the woods to change back and put on his clothes, then he came back out and went up to the largest of the cabins and knocked on the door just as another round of rain came through that had lightning that seemed to be aiming for him and he jumped out of the way each time as it seemed to be trying to chase him out of the area.

Sammy at this point had gotten up off Ness and was up against the wall in a ball holding her head and sobbing silently and all her friends were looking at her, except Jane who was glaring at Renesmee her fists at her side wanting desperately to throw the girl out into the rain back to the man that was causing her friend so much pain.
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Nessie had had to smack Samantha at least once before to draw her back. But god she hoped this time she would not have to do that. It had her feeling so guilty for weeks afterwards. But what was worse was seeing that fear in the other girl's eyes. That look that told her she did not know who she was in those moments and even thought that she was a monster. [#e515cc "Sammy..it's me. You gotta snap out of this.."] She whispered, words just as urgent as they had been as she had been trying to get her attention before.

It only took a second for Sammy to come back to the present and to realise where they were. And the danger that was lurking ahead if they didn't move. Her eyes went around the room and over to the ranger who had found candles and was lighting them while trying to get a radio or some kind of communication device up and running. Some part of her wanted to stay and see if if would happen, but the other part, the more logical knew they couldn't. So when her hand had been grabbed and she was pulled out the door, the halfling ran with the other girl. She didn't know where they were going but it was more than clear that Sammy did. And she also seemed to be leading them to the campsite that had been mentioned.

Her mind was more than buzzing with questions. The most prominent ones in her head were WHO Sammy was meeting and HOW did the girl know the area so well. She knew if Sammy's mind wasn't working a mile a minute then she would register her thoughts. Soo this time Renesmee could say she was thankful that the other was preoccupied. When they came to the campsite and the cabins, brown eyes locked on Samantha as the girl sniffed the air and once again she was pulled along to a cabin where Sammy began to bang on a door.

Nessie had been about to speak, but her mouth quickly snapped shut when there was a girl about Sammy's age who opened the door. [#e515cc [i 'So this must be her friend that she mentioned..?']] The four year old who looked around eleven thought as she was pulled into the cabin. Chocolate eyes went around the room and she couldn't stop her gasp as there were other girls who looked to between nine and twelve. All of them immediately snapping into action when the code had been called. Her eyes were then in Sammy once more as she was tugged to one of the beds and told to sit there quietly until the girl came back to sit with her. What could she really do other than listen now? This was Sammy's domain to say the least and she was more than curious of what was going on.

Nessie watched as the girls formed a circle and began what she could only assume was a spell. She had heard about and read about witches but NEVER met one. Or in this case had never come across a coven. It was quite literally magical and had her very much transfixed. But she stayed still as a statue and only watched and listened.

When all was said and done, conversation with one of the girl's mothers included, Renesmee still had not moved. The girl could see that Sammy was happy. So much more so than she had been in Forks and that almost broke her. She was afraid that she would be forgotten and her eyes locked with Sammy's the moment the girl had looked back at her and sighed. And soon the girl was sitting at her side and introducing her to the others. They all seemed friendly enough. Well all aside from Jane who glared at her when Sammy was not looking. And Ness almost got it immediately when Samantha and Jane happened to do their handshake and hugged the other. Jane felt like she had been replaced...

Chocolate eyes fell on the other girls who had now surrounded her and were asking her question after question. It made her a little nervous but she felt that she did owe them some answers. Maybe if she answered their questions they would trust her a little at least? [#e515cc "Forks is a nice place when it's warm...small and not many people but that's how my family likes it.. My dad's father is the local doctor...and my mom's dad is the chief of police...kind of how plans changed.. No...I'm not a witch or even a wolf."] She stopped there and looked to Sammy for help. She did not know wherher to tell them the truth there or not. [#e515cc "Sammy and I met because of her brother and the pack...they are kind of linked to my family.. But she's really the only friend I have who understands me completely...as all of who I. And I came with her because I wanted to make sure she would be okay...and to have a chance to say 'good-bye' because she just left in the middle of the night without a word.."] But that was as far as she was willing to go as she stood, going to the window in the speed of her vampire half as she had not thought it through and watched the pouring down rain with the lightening dancing in the dark clouds.
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