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Besaid goods

Iron Blade: +5ATK/SPD Cost: 100 Gald

Steel Sword: 8+ATK/SPD Cost: 150 Gald

Refined Longsword: +10ATK/SPD: Cost: 225

Morph Stone: Cost 500Gald.

It appears the only weapons available are for swordsman. Except for these rare Morph stones it seemed that anyone could wield one. The weapon could only change forms once but it offered a cross class skill/spell.

Come and get your weapons! Weapons right here!

The female gave a playful wink toward Jae hoping maybe the young knight would buy something from her.


Morph Stones are weapons that can transform. These Morph stones offer cross class skills/spells of other classes that are LV 1. They normally call cost double AP. If it's a spell it uses your INT OR ATK halved is INT for the spell. Double the spell cost but from AP instead. Some skills keep the cost but turn to one shot.

Such as Knight's Holy Blade skill it will still cost 5AP but turns to a one shot skill. Unlike a knight can only be used once. If a mage learns a physical skill half their INT is the ATK and SPD of that skill. PM me if you wanna see your version of that cross class skill. If your interested in any LV 1 skills that aren't in your class.

On another note the morph stone can be another LV 1 skill from your OWN class with the exact same effects. The Morph stone can't turn into a weapon that gave straight passive stat buff from another class. So now grabbing things like Ranger's Training from another class. Although for an example?

Knight could grab Fire it would be called . White Flame it'd cost 20AP and since the Knight has 1=2INT he can use his own INT to cast the spell but it's AP cost is fairly high for his AP growth. Normally the spell is 10MP so it is rather costly.
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I forgot what I wrote last time but..
What anime do you watch?
My hero?
Promised Neverland?
Shield Hero?
Fate? I watch tons!
As for kh3 amazing graphics fun combat but waaay too easy. Maybe with critical mode added it'll be harder. Too short but good story moments. That's my non spoiler review.

Oh wow not a hardcore gsmer huh? You play tons of systems wow!
I just mostly play PS4 with slight PS3 and PC.

What's your psn? So we could game/chat etc.
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