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I was watching Bojack horseman and the last episode of season 6?

Pete Repeat
That was crazy oml.

I was so mad though xD
He changed the whole story about Bojack.

"It was just a shitty dude"
I rewatched that episode to be safe and Bojack didn't bring the alcohol even took the girl to the hospital.

Left the prom early cause the girl got rejected too. Not to "Party"

[ This]

In one of the many threads and convo's there I stumbled on to something that reminded me of someone.

Pete changed that whole story and played up that he was a child.
Was Bojack 100% right?
No. But I was thinking how unrealistic for someone to bring up a story just to lie. Why? If you weren't asked why?

Someone wrote it well on Reddit why and I knew someone like that.

An ex of course XD
They weren't all bad honestly.

But one in particular painted me as this "Abuser"
That he had never done anything wrong to hurt me.
That it was all me.

He was and is blind to his flaws but in a similar was to Pete Repeat.
That the experience scared him so much he decided to change and remember things differently without considering whom or what he was affecting.
"This man bad this site dumb cause they know he bad"

It's just very... Well it's lacking introspective thinking.
Looking at ones self something that breeds negativity and hate and in the wrong cases ironically? Lead to abusing ones loved ones.

I'm glad I got away when I did. In that phone call when they said there weren't over the abuse I had done to them?
And refused to admit anything to me?
I know what was expected from me to be the "Right answer"

I was supposed to say you were right.
It was all my fault you were young and I was cruel.

But problem being?
I did that before.
Say sorry and sorry and not care for my half of things.

I've been selfish too before don't get me wrong.
I actually did the same thing this person would do.

I'd give and give for awhile without sharing my feelings in a healthy way.
Than I'd explode and take and take and be selfish and not care about anyone elses point of view.

It's not like me to post these kinda post anymore.
To post to "Dunk" on others or whatever.

I know they only write about me to vent out frustrations and one of my last few bad habits is being nosy and looking.
I could say it'd made me roll my eyes or laugh at how typical it was but? It didn't.
It made me sad.
Sad people can stay in one negative place for such a long time.

Claim others have power over them.
That they have no choice.
Claim to understand others
It's not true though.
If I had any sort of power? You'd have listened and took care of yourself.

Instead you throw yourself from relationship to relationship hoping to find a happily ever after instead of focusing on yourself.
It's one extreme or another
Intense love
Or hate
No moderation or restraint.
I get it comes around that age of late teens.

Hell did I have moderation at 18? Pffftttt no I did not I cussed and yelled at people and pointed fingers at others.

For the record I wasn't a saint in this relationship.
Nor was he.
Neither of us treated the other well.
We were foolish and lonely.

We didn't love ourselves so how could we begin to even love each other?
It was doomed to fail.
Led to him cheating with someone in real life and I could have walked away right than and there.
Saved us both years of anguish but guess what?

I didn't I just cried and forgave him.
Got angry at times and did it back.
And grew this petty back and forth right till the end when he didn't wanna just dump me but to cheat and dump me.
For the record?
I'm not saying woe is I.

I deserved that end.
That end was an obvious outcome for anyone watching so if anyone feels any sympathy?

Don't show it to me.
Hell I even was grateful to Mun's point of view and we didn't get along well at the time.
Neon's group saw us two for what we were in that moment.
And lacking.. Introspection.

I think one day this person will change.
Treat their mother and sister better.
Make some friends in real life besides just a boyfriend.
Caring about those friends and listening to others.

They aren't just a bundle of negative personality traits.
They can have lucid moments of kindness to others.

Despite the negativity the show on this site that doesn't represent who they are or who they have to be forever.
Nor does their perception of me have to change me.

It did a lot not even when I was young but as a young adult.

Didn't matter even positive traits if others believed it of me? I believed in myself.
People told me I was right when I was clearly wrong.
People told me I wasn't worth happiness when I was.

I'm glad I met the people I have.

And in real life too
And everyone else at church

I'm lucky and very blessed.

I think self honesty is important.
Sure I was frustrated to read it. I'm human I'm not "holier than thou"
I've flaws and negative emotions too.
It was frustrating but I realize it was and I calmed myself.
Play some video games and focus on the positive people in my life.
Because this person? No longer has any power over me anymore.

I no longer want to impulsively PM this person and start a pointless battle.
I was scared that getting frustrated meant I hadn't progressed but it's not stopping yourself from feeling negative emotions.
It's how you channel and wield them that matters.

All in all I'm glad I got rid of people that were toxic for me but that doesn't mean they themselves have to be toxic human beings.
That's all I guess I'm really saying.
I wish everyone love peace and happiness <3
And I'm excited for the holidays woot!

Edit: My grammar is terrible here bc tbh its just a journal post its not really meant for anyone but myself but for any of my nosy friends yes I write like shit here xD

  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 52d 12h 59m 26s
"I manipulated situations because if I didnt you wouldnt have spent any time with me"
And this isn't abuse?

Manuplation is okay if it's for reasons you like?
Cheating is okay because you did it differently?
You're abuse is different because you were younger?

You said you realize you're flaws but you didn't own up to a single mistake or flaw.
You instead made excuses.
Like I used too

I've no excuses.
Cheating is wrong no matter what.

You've brought me to tears more often than any ex.
I stayed with you the longest too.
That was our mistake.

You only focused on the negative aspect on my post.
Which no I didn't think you read cause you said you moved on?

I said adapt.
Get over you're anger and move on.
I said a lot more than just trying to rile you up.
Not that you're hard to make angry you have yelled at me and attacked me more than any person on this "Stupid site" as you claim.
I used to think EVERYONE here was stupid and you helped me stay in that toxic place.
You'd laugh and encourage me to keep hating everyone here because you hate them.

I've opened my eyes and given people a chance and the people on this site? While not always perfect always try their best.

As for family and knowing nothing? I only know years worth of venting from you. You hardly say or write anything good about them that isn't healthy.
It's usually complaining that you're mother doesn't appreciate you or was fighting with you're sister.

I refuse to fight with you because no matter how you turn and twist my meanings that wasn't my intention.
Anyone else who could read my last post who that wasn't.

I'll believe you about this power. You've never really saw things from my perspective but I'll try to put myself in your shoes.
It's just hard to believe I had any power.
I don't say that to be rude.

You constantly shouted at me or disagreed with me.

Also you didn't threaten to kill yourself?
What about pretending when I tried breaking up was all a bad dream?
You only focus on my flaws.

We were both victims honey.
Like I said we didn't know how to love ourselves and for that everything suffered.
We loved each other poorly.

Believe it or not I used to remember at least some good times when I thought of you. Not in a longing or missing you way. Just.. "Oh yeah I remember that story that was fun"
But the more you yell and shout and the more of this negative lighting I see the harder those times seem to be to see.
Not that it affects my life.

Not too sound cold. I care about you as a human being should for another but I don't care about your approval anymore.

I'm not striving for your acceptance constantly.

As for not spending time together? We did constantly if I gamed at all you freaked out.
You were young and clingy I get that but it was hard to be myself.

I've met people who can do that.

As for repeat abuse?
I hurt you and Jillian I know. But Jillian wouldn't give up no matter how often I told her too. That being said?

I wasn't right either.
That's the difference between us.

I know I was wrong too.

As ever since that?
Every person I've met after?
Monique and so forth?

Got along.
No yelling or shouting and if things didn't work out?
A normal break up.
No cheating shocks or surprise on either end.

So in other words no repeat behavior.

I feel you only read part of my thing and chose to respond.
You never fully heard me out though.

I'm not really angry though this has honestly become the norm with you.

You can be mad.
Shout make another journal post call me whatever you want.

But I am glad your sister is returning I hope you two get along.

I'm glad your happy with someone.
When I said fling from relationship to relationship I didn't mean you went in 50 relationships.
I meant you gave yourself very little time between each one.

And in between those relationships you were lovey dovey with me and I just feel you didn't have any time to focus on knowing or loving yourself.
I know you suffered from low self esteem.
And that isn't an attack.
Or anything to be ashamed of! A lot of people do and I used to like CRAZY.
But maybe everyone heals different?

For me I needed time alone after Monique.
I did wait a bit before even officially dating Monique to let things cool off ya know?

As for the begging you to stay that one time?
I'm sure you'll think I'll bring up the times you begged. I did kinda bring up the time you pretended it was all a dream but I can take responsibility too.

That time I begged and acted suicidal?
That was wrong.
Beyond wrong.
Didn't matter how you dumped me.
Cheated or not that was WAAAAY too far.

I know that.
I did regret that but now? I can't regret only learn from it and move on.

Also the only part of your post that actually got to me?
Was you saying that my name or even similar appearances made you go in a panic attack.

I know I had a similar thing with Alex when things first ended.
And I did waste years over that.
I blamed her abuse for me becoming whatever but saying someones abuse made you do things is.. Just... Well it's childish.

You're fears are not childish though.
At first I was like that when we broke up but I was lucky I had a stable and reliable person who was in a good mental health state. (Monique)
To bluntly point out my flaws and the flaws of the people I worshipped/loved/begged for

Cause back than I didn't wanna hear you're flaws I was convinced you were perfect etc.

It's not an excuse but I realized I had issues.

That we never should have dated in the first place.
I was going through way too much.

As were you.

I really do wish you the best of luck.

I know I was wrong but I also know to blame myself for the entire thing like I used to. To stick up for myself and not let others label me.

That being said I am not labeling you.
You're past
Or mine
Does not define us.

For what it's worth I've seen people who don't even slightly grow over the years so I think you'll conquer these fears and be happy one day.

Now that I think about it fear and anger are closely tied.
Maybe you aren't in a mental state to exactly be fair?

Maybe it's easier and safer for the moment to pin it all on me.
In which case?

I understand.

That being said I just hope that hatred isn't bad for you.

Also speaking of repeat offenses actually... I won't say much cause I don't trust putting this in a public place but my love life has actually been really good for awhile now and I'm glad for it ^////^

So I wish you.. Not luck no I wish you happiness I don't think luck plays into it.

Edit: I forgot to add I shouldn't snoop in you're journal it is my last super toxic habit and I hate it. For me looking there is toxic for myself. And if my post hurt more than help than it's toxic for you as well and you should stop as well. We should anyway, I actually will be working on not reading you're journal though.
Focus on the good.
Not the anger
Not the panicking and take a deep breath.

If a big dolt like me can do it? So can you C:

I know I didn't respond to everything.
It wasn't because you didn't respond to everything too it was because this already drawn out as is and I gotta focus on some other stuff. So it wasn't meant to be an extra jab or whatever

PS: For anyone outside reading this xD You gotta be so confused why the "stern" than "soft" nature I'm typing to this person. I'd say it's complicated but it's actually not. It's someone I strongly disagree with but still I believe deserves happiness because we ALL DESERVE HAPPINESS. I know that doesn't answer the whole story but well... Don't be so nosy than :P
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Okay so my availabity only 3 days
Brian in only off tue and wed
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[center [youtube]]
  My Ship / ShieldHero- / 127d 23h 28m 7s
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Tell ur brother and Mom I fucking adore them. I just deleted their contacts officially too. I just can't fucking do it myself because, helloo, pathetic weakling squishy at work bye
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Candidates for older Rex hmmm.. I'm leaning to the third picture honestly.
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[center [h3 M4g1k4rp]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 2
Class: Spell Monk
EXP: 80/110
(15) HP: 15/0
(0) ATK: 0
(0) DEF: 0
(25) SPD: 25
(40) INT: 120
(25) MP: 67.5/47.5
(5) AP: 5
Overdrive: 40/100

Magic Cannon: Magic either gains 50% more power or speed. Up to the caster


LV: 1: Fire: Uses INT to strike fire on a foe some foes are weak and strong to this element MP Cost: 10

LV: 1: Mage Training: Starts off with 30+MP

Weapon: Black Monk Wraps: Grants 5ATK points with a 100% accuracy rate for physical attacks.
  Alice Walker / ShieldHero- / 157d 23h 35m 11s
Royal Knight's
1st Class:
2nd Class:
3rd Class:
4th Class:
5th Class:

Senior Magic Knight
1st Class:
2nd Class:
3rd Class:
4th Class:
5th Class:

Intermediate Magic Knight
1st Class:
2nd Class:
3rd Class:
4th Class:
5th Class:

Junior Magic Knight
1st Class:
2nd Class:
3rd Class:
4th Class:
5th Class:
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So Eclipse is actually a metal that perishes corrodes quickly.
It blocks the Witches magic and potions.

It actually makes Fyurian potions worthless too.

So an Eclipse flask is a bottle that gives out smoke that has metal shards in said smoke bombs.
The metal shards are of course Eclipse so once your in it or ingested the smoke/shards through the air. Can't cast magic or use potions for a few minutes.

If in Eclipse shakles also can't.
Being stabbed or slashed by the metal to have it pulled out just makes casting and such harder to focus but not undoable.

Because the metal corrodes fast even in fights. It's usually worthless after a half a fight and must be thrown out.

Eternal Eclipse which is used by taking high quality Eclipse with a talented enchanter. Mixed with other rare materials.

Eclipse is slightly toxic when around too long but Rune Knight's are trained to get used to it.

Eternal Eclipse is ultra rare and given only to elites/officers and such of Rune Knight's being more toxic to keep for long terms than regular Eclipse.
So Rune Knights had generations of people "Breed" while under the effects of Eclipse injected into them

I was thinking this wasn't PURE Medieval or rather it's an alternate world right? So maybe not cars and stuff but a mixed batch of olden with some modern? We'll make it up as we go.

But after generations of doing so kids breed to be Rune Knight's can wield Eternal Eclipse. Course if they even survive the training to attain such a high rank as well.

A witch or a Fyurian could maybe handle the Toxicity of wielding a thing but it'd hurt them a bit. Elite Rune Knight's aren't immune to as many things as Witches or Fyurian's. but Elite Rune Knights are way more human to Eternal Eclipse of course and that's it.

Also Eternal Eclipse takes away Fyurian potions and spell casting so of course they'd never touch the stuff.

Fyurian's are a humans experiment long ago.
Made by consuming plenty of Alchemist and witches potions.

Many got sick and died as the potions were either for Witches,Demons,Familars not for humans.
Things that alter the body were too much for humans to handle in any real does.

So through trial and error a ritual was born to change a humans body's metabolism and immune system.
With that change came altered appearance.
Changed eye color and sometimes hair.

With the change Fyurian's aren't actually stronger or faster with better reflexes.
However they age slow and can now consume many toxic potions even more so than witches.

Living a long time they can't practice with the blade often while using potions to give them an edge against beast and monsters.
Their mindset being changed to having a sense "Flow" a meditative mindset. Time feels slower too and they can focus more and a fight. It's a mental mindset they hone more with practice and age.
Making them usually master swordsmen/swordswomen.

Known for being monster slayers.

So Arthur taking even one temporary strength potion can knock him out after the side effects.
But we can just say Witches forget humans immune systems aren't as strong witches.

Fyurians are closely linked to Witches in the eyes of the people.
They are employed as Familiars.
However since Fyurian's are sellswords they are hired sometimes to take out Witches
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novigrad quest order ima do in new game plus

Count treasure
Get Junior
A matter of life and death
A favor for radvoid
an eye for an eye
redania's most wanted
Now or never
a deadly plot
the plays thing
A poet under pressure
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Username: NorthernWolves

Real Picture:
Real Name: Liara Scorcher

Game Avatar:
Game Name: Taenya Nerina

Role: Black Mage

Gender: Female

Stats reference sheet:

Black Mage
LV: 2 (110SP)
HP: 1=1
ATK: 5=1
DEF: 5=1
SPD: 1=1
INT: 1=3
MP: 1=1.50
AP: 1=1

LV: 2
HP: 25=25
ATK: 0=0
DEF: 0=0
SPD: 10=10
INT: 45=135
MP: 10=15+Mage Training
AP: 20=20
Ignite : Uses INT to strike fire on a foe some foes are weak and strong to this element — MP Cost: 10
Mage Training : Starts off with 30+MP
  Alice Walker / ShieldHero- / 165d 23h 58m 30s

  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 166d 5h 35m 16s
[center [h3 Arthur Chevalier]]


[center Theme Song:]

[center [youtube]]

[center Age: 19]

[center Height: 5'7]

[center Gender: Male]

[center Reason for coming to the shop: Naively believes there might be a potion that can make him "Stronger" so he can help others out.]

[center Quotes:]

[tangerine [size30 [center "My mother said friend's are just strangers we haven't met yet!]]]

[tangerine [size30 [center My dream? D'aaaw it's a bit sappy but.. One day I wanna be a real hero! One people can see and feel safe when I smile. That or a comedian? Who knows!]]]

[center Who they are: Arthur Chevalier is a Knight in service. Loyal to his kingdom only having a stronger sense of loyalty to his code of ethics. He's naive and dorky without a doubt. He's a bit of a class clown and doesn't know when to stop talking. Though he can be surprisingly dependable despite how he appears.]

[center Who they strive to be: Arthur wants to be a hero he may make jokes or struggle with saying how he truly feels. However he wants to be someone who can always be sincere and genuine. He wants to become the greatest hero who's ever lived!]

[center Extra Notes: Arthur wields massive steel plate armor and a giant tempered clay-more to boot. He's a bit slow minded and not the academic type. However with his physical training despite his short stature he is a brutish powerhouse. His swordplay despite all his fighting is actually rather sloppy and slightly below average. If he wishes to be faster in swinging in burns incredible amounts of stamina. With his muscle and bones micro-fractured over and over till they were hardened. On top of his durable armor? He's actually quiet sturdy. That mixed with his stubborn nature.]

[center [h3 Rex Rider]]

[center [pic]]

[center Theme Song:]

[center [youtube]]

[center Age: 19]

[center Height: 5'6]

[center Gender: Male]

[center Reason for coming to the shop: Needing potions for his profession.]

[center Quote]

[center [+green I-I.. You mean me? No.. I'm not I.. Err I'm not a big deal.]]

[center [+orange I'd rather die standing on my own two feet than in some bed.]]

[center [+green I.. Look I know it's stupid but I just want others to accept me okay? God I sound so cliche don't I? N-Nevermind..]]

[center Who they are: Despite his meekish personality? "Rex Rider" is a talented monster hunter. Though not an official profession he's been sent to handle the super natural often. Despite not having paranormal abilities of his own. He's a master swordsman and an acrobatic to boot. A prodigy in his field, the problem being? He crumbles in social situations like a pile of bricks.]

[center Who they strive to be: He's.. Unsure part of him? Wants to be a knight. Another? He'd never admit it but settle down with a nice family. Does he want to be a hero? Or just an excuse to swing his sword around? He can't handle talking to others but in a fight.. Everything just makes sense. Maybe that's it? He wants to be a strong person. Not just a strong fighter. ]

[center Extra Notes: "He's got the heart of a viking but it's in a shell of.. Awkward teenager" Rex is the kinda man who can't stare a sorta cute girl in the face. However willingly take on trolls with nothing but his mettle his blade and a few spare potions. He's close to an alchemist whom he spends much money and time at. The Alchemist can use magical objects and herbs but has no true inner magic. Wielding an Alchemical sword and enchanted leather armor. He's well built and lean wielding a one handed longsword he's incredibly agile with strength to boot. Taking many potions his body has slowly built a resistant to them being able to drink more of them in a short period of time. Even altering the color of his eyes. However it hasn't made him faster or stronger than he already is. Even without his potions he's taken on dangerous beast though the fights come close.]

[center Extra Notes 2: Rex is a complicated man with contradictions. He's reckless yet overly cautious with people in conversations. He's highly adaptable in a fight but in society completely rigid. He's dependent deep down and quick to latch on to another. Though he hides this fact well. If he actually is able to upon up? He's a nerd with a sense of humor. However on the surface? He's a nervous breakdown ready to happen.]

[center [h3 Zack Styles]]

[center [pic]]

[center Theme:]

[center [youtube]]

[center Age: 28]

[center Height: 6'2]

[center Gender: Male]

[center Reason for coming to the shop: Styles was curious if the rumors of the which were true. He was also curious if she'd have anything worth looting? Despite scared peasants offering money for her head? Styles couldn't bring himself to kill a fellow outcast. If he even could anyway. He'd rather steal right under her nose. Though he was expecting a green witch with an ugly wort coming in.]

[center Quote:]

[center [+blue Aye, your a lot prettier than I expected lass.]]

[center [+blue Tis true lad I've lost my crew and my ship. Bah! And they say a good captain goes down with the ship savvy? Well I'll prove that notion wrong.]]

[center [+blue Hmm, I wouldn't say I'm breaking the rules? Perhaps just bending them a little more than intended.]]

[center Who they are: A pirate and a former pirate captain. Despite his lack of respect for the law he does have certain lines he wouldn't cross. Crude and cunning though deep down? He's a bit of a kid himself. That being said the good former captain doesn't mince his words.]

[center Who they strive to be: He strives to have a crew and a vassal that the world and it's seas can come to fear. Showered with riches and infamy what else could a pirate want right? Or maybe there is more to it than that?]

[center Extra Notes: Mr Styles wields a cutlass and flintlock pistol. Though tall and lean he isn't exactly a brute. He's in shape no doubt but he relies on his quick footwork and dirty tactics to get the upperhand. He believes all is fair in love and war and has taken advantage of that against those with more virtue. Defeating Knight's that were much stronger than he with wit and cunning. Though he doesn't take life lightly he will without hesitating if needed.]

[center Extra Notes 2: Styles is extremely ambitious in pursuit to fill something. What that something is in his heart? He isn't sure but he'll grab the world by the horns to figure out. Maybe once upon a time in his youth he was a "Peter Pan" now though? He's certainly a captain hook.]

[center [h3 Clyde Aberdeen]]

[center [pic]]

[center Theme Song:]
[center [youtube]]

[center Theme Song 2: ]

[center [youtube]]

[center Age: 22]

[center Height: 5'10]

[center Gender: [+teal Whatever you wanna call me doll~] ]

[center Reason for coming to the shop: Why? Because Clyde heard the witch was a real looker. Is there any better reason? She's dangerous? So? Makes it even more fun right?]

[center Quote:]

[center [+teal Hello madame it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You certainly are enchanting aren't you? Oh that isn't the magic? Pardon me than~]]

[center [+teal I wouldn't say I "stole" that more so.. Borrow? Is it fair if you go ahead and steal my heart in turn? No? Go ahead and cuff me than~]]

[center [+darkblue I might not be very strong fine sir knight. However I know better than to use my title to force a woman in my arms. I don't care if my defeat isn't grateful. I refuse to let you do what you please.]]

[center Who they are: Clyde is a thief no two ways about it. He steals hearts and coin alike. He's a smooth talking criminal, stealing from those who can more than afford it. A true Robin Hood isn't he? Wait? Robin Hood didn't sleep with nobles wives? Never mind than.]

[center Who they strive to be: Clyde is smooth and he always seems to know what he'll be doing next. The truth is? Clyde hasn't even the slightest clue what he wants to be. Clyde lives life by the flow and hasn't thought much on the future.]

[center Extra Notes: Clyde wields a dagger on his person though he isn't bad with a bow. Despite owning some fine attire? He's actually mostly broke all the time. For all his smooth talking he's found himself into multiple debts and his problems only build up further and further. Clyde is a skilled acrobatic and extremely talented at parkour. He's light on his feet being a lightweight he doesn't need to much upper body strength to swing around. He isn't very durable or very strong. His tolerance for pain is also lacking along with his determination. He however is super good with his hands. In more ways than one of course. His dexterity and agility or unmatched even by the best of bounty hunters hired to take him down.]

[center Extra Notes 2: There isn't much else to say Clyde is rather mysterious and elusive about himself and his past.]

[center [h3 Shirudo Gadian]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center Age: 23]

[center Height: 5'1]

[center Gender: Female]

[center Reason for coming to the shop: She felt a strange sensation calling her to the place.]

[center Quote:]

[center [+purple Hi! My names Shirudo! Oh gosh! Sorry about that I'm a bit of a klutz. I really do hope we can be good friends though!]]

[center [+purple Don't worry I'll protect you. No matter the cost!]]

[center [+purple O-Oh gosh! What? Me? No! I'm- I'm so flattered thank you!]]

[center [+purple Ahem, if I may be so forward sir? Whatever you do in life? Do it to the fullest and make sure you have no regrets.]]
[center ]

[center Who they are: She has no profession, she is a failed experiment. A failed Familiar, at a young age she was kidnapped by a conclave of witches. With black magic and blasphemous ritual they were to force her to become a familiar. Much like a wolf or a golem in service to the witches only. Altering her body as they saw fit casting several spells onto her with extreme torture and conditioning of the body and mind. The trial almost killed her but before the pact could be made? The witches were cutdown by Witch Hunters/Monster Hunters/Knights. Taking three groups all from different walks of life to stop them. It stopped her from becoming a servant but the changes? Were too late to reverse. She was almost burned at the stake for being touched by such black magic. One knight however had stood up for her.]

[center Who they strive to be: Shirudo is a roaming vagabond protecting the innocent wherever she goes. On the run she avoids those who'd rather see her on the stake despite not being a witch or a mage herself. She wants to find peace and happiness for the world. She is not naive she knows that realistically one person cannot change the world. Yet? She feels compelled to become a guardian a symbol of peace. One day? She wants to reverse her mutations and live life as a normal girl. Maybe settle down? Meet someone nice? The skies the limit.]

[center Extra Notes: Shirudo is mutated and it has proven both a blessing and a curse. Wielding heavy armor and a inhumanly massive shield she is granted great strength and more so durability. Despite her lack of physical training she is stronger than most mortal men. However she is harder to kill than most humans. Earning her nicknames such as the "Immortal." Though the spell that binds her is the spell of the guardian. She cannot wield any weapons only armor due to the spell's affects. She was forced into a contract with a forest deity. She is to be a defender not an a destroyer. The witches abused what was a virtuous contract to nature and perverting it twisting it for what they needed. The perfect bodyguard.]

[center [h3 Comparing People Is Fun]]

[center Just to compare all of them as a fighter real fast.]

[center Strength:]

1: Arthur, with intense and insane training he actually manages to have a slight edge in brute force of Shirudo.
2: Shirudo Gadian
3: Rex Rider
4: Zack Styles
5: Clyde Aberdeen

1: Clyde
2: Rex
3: Zack Styles
4: Shirudo Gadian
5: Arthur Chevalier

Academic Intellect:
1: Clyde
2: Zack Styles
3: Shirudo Gadian
4: Rex Rider
5: Arthur Chevalier


1: Zack Styles
2: Clyde Aberdeen
3: Rex Rider
4: Shirudo Gadian
5: Arthur Chevalier

1: Rex Rider

2: Zack Styles (The oldest but avoids combat plenty. With good weapon skills and being in plenty of battles. Though less battles than Arthur. He's more skilled at using his weapons than Arthur is.

3: Arthur Chevalier

4: Clyde Aberdeen

5: Shirudo Gadian:

1: Shirudo Gadian (Of course, her bones are harder. That shield is enchanted too. So is her armor and her blood restores much quicker. She heals much faster and is hard to injure in the first place. Her bones are as durable as Iron. Her healing does slow down if she takes too much rapid damage as the strain on her heart to pump blood that fast is hard. However her heart is stronger than normal.]

2: Arthur Chevalier (Though his armor isn't enchanted it's mastercrafted and his defensive sword skills are superior to his offensive. His body is micro fractured to the point his bones can't humanly get stronger. With a sturdy immune system and plenty of muscle he's fairly durable.

3: Rex Rider: (Rex's armor is light but durable due to the alchemist gave him. It's enchanted but nothing on Shirudo's however? It's rather light for the ample protection it gives. He's just as microfractured and calloused as Arthur. He's also just as stubborn as Arthur is. Arthur however is much more talented with heavy armor and weapons while packing more muscle than Rex. Rex has plenty of muscle but under the armor Arthur is rather buff for his size. While Rex is very lean. Here's a picture of Rex without armor.]

4: Zack Styles

5: Clyde
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