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Jae had waited and sighed, getting a bit tired. He didn't think Rin would take this long, if he had known he would've just toured around more. That merchant was selling some stuff that he could've looked at. Fire Heart was one of the items. He made a mental note to go back and look at it again. Perhaps he should purchase it.

He shifted in his position leaning against the wall. He was getting tired of waiting and was thinking to walk around some more till he saw Rin and a few others heading his way. He pushed himself off and looked at them, he was going to comment about their lateness but decided against it.

Jae noticed a few new members, perhaps they were joining their party. He nodded to Rin as a greeting and looked at the newcomer.

[+green "Jae."] he introduced himself.
  Jae / Sina13 / 299d 21h 29m 56s
R1M3H34RT took Rin's hand and shook it with a degree of care. He didn't want to just start randomly getting excited over shaking hands with someone he just met. When she agreed to allow him into the party, R1M3H34RT gave her an enthusiastic thumbs up and quickly accepted the party request. When he didn't receive a friend request he sent one back to her, hoping to make a few new real friends along this journey.

When she started walking away he looked to Nun and then started following Rin. He looked ahead when she called out, and saw a young man wearing a hooded jacket with what looked like a medical mask from this distance. He couldn't get a read on a class just from looking at him considering the more-or-less plain clothes that he'd chosen. He tapped Rin on the shoulder and pointed to Jae with a tilted head, not even sure if that was supposed to be him.
  R1M3H34RT / Phytocanis324 / 300d 10h 29m 59s
Rin smiled as she was lead over towards one familiar and on unfamiliar player. She noticed that Nun's friends and her own friend were also friends. [#fa5ca9 "Well what are the odds?" ]Rin thought with a small laugh as she greeted R1M3H34RT with a friendly wave. [#07b1e4 "I have no problem with it. I mean as long as we save a place in the party for nuns and my friend, I dont mind. " ] Rin looked over R1M3H34RT, holding out he hand towards him. [#07b1e4 "Its nice to meet, Im Rin. Welcome to the party." ] She said in a bright and cheerful voice, sending a party request to both him and Nun. [#07b1e4 "We better move out soon though, as Jae is waiting for us at the front entrance. " ]

Before she started to walk, Rin remembered se had to reply to Arthur's message.
[#d20aeb "I guess you'll have to wait to find out! Don't get in to too much trouble with out us XD. What you trying to insinuate, huh ? Kevin and I may not look like we are, but you defiantly seem like the type to obsesses over games. :P Hopefully will catch you soon. ]

[#07b1e4 "Let's go then? " ] Rin smiled as she began to walk towards the main entrance of the town. She paused for a few seconds as she felt like something had just flown pass her, but seeing there was nothing there she just shook her head and kept walking. Seeing jay come in to view Rin waved and called out. [#07b1e4 "Sorry for the wait ! " ]
  Rin (summoner) / rinkokoro / 300d 13h 24m 52s
R1M3H34RT pointed excitedly at M4G1K4RP when she mentioned Grappelz and Microcosm 2, and opened his arms when he saw her coming in for the hug. He hugged her back, feeling a small thud against his helmet where her forehead impacted with his mask. Though he had questions to ask, he found himself being dragged along by the arm toward someone he didnt know and someone he did. He gave a wave to Nun as they approached and then waited for M4G1K4RP to introduce him, giving Rin a kind wave when he was mentioned.

While she was thinking things over, he decided to write up a message to Nun and send a friend request to M4G1K4RP.

"Hey Nun, I'm guessing this is a friend of yours? She's the summoner, yeah? The one doing the ritual just a few minutes ago. If so I'm hoping that she says yes to partying up. It'll take the hassle out of me finding a different one."
  R1M3H34RT / Phytocanis324 / 302d 16h 37m 29s
[center [h3 M4G1K4RP, Besaid Island, Bazaar(?)]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" M4G1K4RP smiled as the figure forgave her, and then revealed their stat line. Upon seeing the avatar name, she let out a joyful squeal. [#7ef26d "RIMEHEART!? From Grappelz Online and Microcosmside 2!?"] Losing herself in the joy of rediscovering an old friend, she hugged him, smacking her face into his helmet and staggering backwards. [#7ef26d "Who would've thought we'd bump into each other, here, of all places? Oh! You should meet the rest of my party! I'm sure I can convince them to let you in! Maybe we can win a couple million."] Taking his arm, she began dragging him towards her friend, Lady Rin. Meanwhile...]]

[center [h3 Nun, Besaid Island, Village Center]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Nun smiled as he looked up at his companion. Bumping into her here was the second convenient thing to happen among a long list of inconveniences that had followed his misadventure in game so far. Watching the party invite appear, he noticed that his fellow party member was getting closer. [#A2C4CF "Rin, honored companion, I have no idea of which you speak. Drevin sounds like a great place to begin our adventure, though I must ask. Might you have room in your traveling party for an avid gunslinger of the strong and silent persona?"] Nun took Rin's hand, and began leading her towards his party mate, who was being... Dragged along by a woman?]]

[center [h3 M4G1K4RP, Besaid Island, Village Center]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" M4G1K4RP dragged her friend to her friend, Lady Rin, who was being lead by a really strange figure with a large ice blade on their back. [#7ef26d "Lady Rin! I have found us another party member! He is an old friend of mine, we go way~ back. Can you please let him join us? Please~?"] She looked at Rin with her best sad puppy expression, ignoring the strange fellow by Lady Rin. If he was going to try something, she would annihilate them.]]

[center [h3 Nun, Besaid Island, Village Center]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Nun could appreciate the humor of what was going on, but stayed silent as Rin was addressed. Letting go of Rin's hand, Nun sent a message to Amaria while he waited for things to play out. [#A2C4CF "Fellow Adventurer Amaria, I have run into a few like minded companions. It seems our next destination is Drevin, where the five of us will be heading to port. If you haven't gotten yourself roped in to any trouble, or into a large band of brigands, I think we may have a slot for you in our rambunctious party. Oh, and please keep an eye out for a Warrior who goes by the name Arthur. He is a blockhead, and will surely be up to his head in some form of trouble. Hopefully you and Mr. Styles made it to your destination alright."]]]
  M4g1k4rp / GuardianAngel / 304d 9h 8m 22s
Rin looked up at the now familiar user name. She paused for a moment try to avoid the inventible but she could not hold it in. She burst out laughing unable to take her friend seriously. [#07b1e4 "Arthur was not kidding when he said you take games seriously. It's funny to think that in reality you seem like the type to not be interested in games. I mean in comparison to Arthur and I anyway. If you would be up for it would you like to join us to Drevin to the temple and to meet Arthur? I know we have only got to the island and there is a lot to explore, I feel if we waste time we may fall behind in the race to defeat the beast."] Rin explained to her friend, as she sent him a party invite. [#07b1e4 "I also have two others waiting for me at the entrance so Im in a bit of a rush so youll need to decide soon. I dont want to keep them waiting ]
  Rin (summoner) / rinkokoro / 305d 10h 49m 32s

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