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Entering the cave, R1M3H34RT looked to the water and dodged the incoming water as best he could when Aelina cannonballed. He thought about how he was going to get these two in the water and ensure they didnt drown, realizing that that was likely a thing in the game. He also thought that the spring would work if the person being healed had any part of them in the water, so he carefully set the two of them down at the edge of the water, pulled off their boots, shoes, socks what-have-you, and then pulled them to the water and put their feet in.

Satisfied with his work, he removed his own boots and rolled up his pants before wading in himself, relaxing his shoulders and stretching. Carrying two people wasnt exactly easy, but he was still surprised at how light they were. [i There must be some correlation with the attack stat or something to determine how "strong" a character is.] he thought to himself.
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[center [h3 Little ol' Me?]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Aelina had twirled around playfully with a smile on her face. Ready to head toward the spring. She was eager to rest her weary bones. A smile plastered across her cheery face. It was strange how she went from sincere prayer straight back to her usual cheery herself.]]

[center [b She had turned her head to look back at Cherish with big blue doe eyes. She tilted her head before grinning brightly. Spinning around her shield on her arm before holding it over her shoulder in a rather showy display. She did the same with lance spinning it before placing it on the ground.]]

[center [+gold You sure about that? I gotta let you know I'm only LV two. Also I'm not very useful for causing damage.]]

[center [b Aelina picked her lance up before heading beside Cherish playfully bumping the complete strangers shoulder.]]

[center [+gold Although~ If you are serious? We can go together, I wouldn't mind teaming up for a bit.]]

[center [b She smiled brightly she would offer to carry the KO'd members but.. It seemed they already had it. Aelina had threw her shield upward before slamming it on the ground. Jumping on top of it she placed her tiny fist proudly on her hips before pointing to herself with her thumb.]]

[center [+gold My name is Aelina Rosemond! You can call me Aelina or even Rose if that's easier. Greeting and salutations!]]

[center [b After the knight gave her quirky introduction the group was off. The springs weren't far off. The branching path from the cave or to the port was only a stones throw away in fact still. Aelina had hopped into the spring in a cannon ball with full armor and all. She didn't seem to mind. She let out a sigh of relief the water was warm and gentle. She felt rather at home. Hopefully armor couldn't rust in this world.]]
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The two people he was carrying didnt even seem that heavy at all, though it was still strange to have the sensation of weight on him despite this being a video game. VR technology had come so far in just the past couple of years. So far that he wondered whether Jae had gotten any of his lunch on him in the real world when he started wretching. Unable to make any signature to communicate right now, he could only watch as Jae disappeared and was soon thereafter removed from the party. {i Must not play a lot of violent games. Then again, the smell of burning flesh IS a bit much...] He thought.

Recollecting himself, R1M3H34RT shook his head when questioned about whether Cherish should carry someone for him. He'd realized very early that his class was the only one with such a massive pool potential regarding AP, so it wouldn't even be that taxing on him to carry two people, especially after leveling up and gaining even more AP to utilize. He was contented with being the pack mule for now if it meant getting everyone to this spring safely.

Hearing a young woman's voice in the distance, R1M3H34RT looked to someone who was very clearly another knight, judging by the sizable shield and even more massive lance. Perhaps she could be persuaded to join their party, since she didnt seem to have one of her own and was headed in the same direction he and Cherish were going based on the conversation. He could only watch as Cherish called out to the knight and wait for their conversation, as both of his hands being occupied would be problematic for "talking".
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[google-font,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] Even with accepting the mapping quest, it was really sweet of the innkeeper to give them food to take with them. Cherish was actually surprised he just gave it to them when Nun asked for a price. He had already allowed everyone to rest up and eat without any charge. Even though they needed to get to Drevin, they needed to get those maps for him and his brother first. Looking at Nun, she couldn’t help but think [i [Dancing+Script [size18 Family looks out for family.]]] They needed to help the innkeeper look out for his.

After discussing everything with the group, most of them didn’t have a strong opinion as long as they could level up and enjoy more of the game. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Sounds like we’ll be making maps on the way to Drevin. Catch all the sights and gain ample EXP!”]]]] So they set out to do just that. The tropical setting was really cool. It must have been a fun view for M4G1K4RP, though she wasn’t sure if R1M3H34RT was able to enjoy the surroundings. There were tons of wonderful patterns everywhere. Along the way, she tried to use the virtual camera setting to take reference photos of all the inspiration, but an error popped up saying it required an item to unlock. Cherish almost instinctively cut her eyes and poked her bottom lip out when she read that. With an undeniable pout, she voiced her thoughts [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Well that’s just cruel.”]]]] They continued their journey to the cave.

As they got closer, she started to smell this rusty metallic odor permeating the air. It was faint but the smell only became stronger with each step forward. [i [Dancing+Script [size18 “Oh no.]]] She held her staff close and angled to move however she needed at a moment’s notice. Just then, an abrupt scream of terror from up ahead cleared any possible doubts of that smell. Hurrying over to whatever was going on, none of them expected to see what they did…

Cherish gagged. Luckily she was able to keep things down, but that reflex was definitely triggered. The intense blood odor wasn’t by itself anymore. She didn’t know how it changed to such a disgusting? Foul? Putrid? There weren’t many words she could find... It hit her like someone pushed her face first into a brick wall. With the gruesome scene of scattered globs of shredded organs, there even shattered bones with pieces of human entrails dangling off of sometimes multiple fragments. A piece of someone’s scalp still had hair on it as it lay in the shadow of the swiss cheese styled helmet that was supposed to protect the head it came from. The goblins before them were still finishing up their butcher party. Although two guys tried to run away, one fell in the process… Still soaked in blood and decorated with skin draping all around the barbs, one of the goblin’s mace quickly found its way to the former guard’s spine… This time, she didn’t gag. She couldn’t. As that mace lifted again, so did that goblin’s eyes… and it fell on her and the entire party. The fight was theirs now.

Three goblins formed up in front of the others, leaving three more behind. Jae, Nun, and Cherish were the first ones up too, leaving their prized l33t players on standby. However, it was almost immediately agreed to send her to the backline. Switching out with R1M3H34RT, she understood why… sending someone with only 1HP with an unknown enemy isn’t usually plan A, B, C, maybe D or E… Just maybe though. With Valh, she knew she’d definitely be Plan F. For all else failed, they’d wipe the floor of everyone. She

That’s what it came to. Nun was taken out by a perfect 1-shot. M4G1K4RP stepped in for him as Cherish dragged his unconscious body to the backline. Including avenging Nun, R1M3H34RT was able to take out one and M4G1K4RP was able to 1-shot two goblins. With Jae blocking for M4G1K4RP as she took all the aggro, the fireworks show was looking good. Until she got burned… During her crescendo, M4G1K4RP and the goblin leader took each other out.

And then there were two… goblins. Cherish came to the forefront of the battle with her staff in both hands. She made a figure eight in the air. As the figure eight was ending and coming back with a forward movement, she finished the motion with a downwards one.. She stretched out her front leg and leaned slightly as she held the end of the staff pointed to the ground just before her foot.[#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Ni tult- le ana sina nór, Valhalla”]]]]

While taking form, Valh took over the entire field. His majestic pear-white wings and voluminous tailfeathers left no room for even a weapon. His azure-colored eyes stared directly into the souls of the enemies and striking fear as his prey. He glowed in such a way that it looked like blue flames were emanating from his feathers. Valh rose his wings up and slammed them down in front of him. Not forcing lifting him up, but crushing the goblins entire structure to pulp with air pressure.

The match was over. Everyone still alive received the same EXP, though they'd have to find out from the other two once they were healed. That needed to happen before something else attacked. Although Cherish wanted to heal them right then and there… she preferred them waking up in a safer area, and not have to fight gag reflexes when they did.

Speaking of gag reflexes, she could hear how it was taking a heavy toll on Jae. He took on a lot of those blows during the fight. On a mental level, those goblins weren't glamorized at all. They're faces looked real… Body structure, facial features, all the imperfections in between… Even their hot breath… That stunk so bad, her real nose might have been burning. Cherish was only close enough to have that displeasure once… and Jae was the one who blocked for her… and for himself, and for M4G1K4RP… [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Hey Jae, are you—"]]]] He was gone. Quickly looking at her party info, she saw him as offline and then not at all. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Sorry, Jae. Thank you for everything."]]]] They wouldn't have won without him. She wished she could have thanked him beforehand… but she'd rather him feel better. Or her…

A bunch of soldiers and knights showed up. Just in time to carry off the fallen… They were upset they arrived too late and offered a map ad thanks… but wasn't that the case in real life too? Authorities almost always arrived too late. Though, it's sad no matter where it is…

After thanking the captain, she offered condolences to those guards and their families. As he went back to his duties, she looked at the map and glanced around where they were.

[#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i "Hey Rimeheart. There's a spring really close. Right over there,"]]]] she pointed in the direction from the map. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “It fully heals all of our stats and won't kill your AP. We can regroup there. If you want, I can carry one of them one over there. Does that sound good?"]]]]

After reaching an agreement, Cherish updated her stats. And right after confirming them, she heard a very sunshiny voice. Going to the spring? A knight?

[#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Heyyy, uh Knight Lady!!! Just heard you're going to the spring. We are too. Wanna go together?"]]]]
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[center [h3 Return]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Cherish and the gang hadn't manged to best the goblins. The blood from the bodies? The smell? The burning goblin corpse? It was all... A lot many players were known for getting sick from motion sickness even in the beta. Some even forgetting reality and game and suffering mental damage. The game had many disclaimers and getting it was almost basically like signing a waiver.]]

[center [b It all appeared too much for Jae. He was strong and stalwart for his friends but as the world truly began to sank in? He started to vomit and it wasn't long before disconnecting. The party had fallen another member? A sign that he had deleted his character.]]

[center [b This gave the party a chance to find another knight but... Now they were one knight down. They'd have to replace Jae whenever given the chance. Or would his sudden disappearance cause the parties morale to fall even further? On the plus side they had seen an icon on the path. ]]

[center [b They can take a side path and go and map out the dangerous caves. Or continue their journey however.. NPC's such as soldiers and knights have arrived to take the dead and thank the avengers for their cause. Cursing they hadn't made it soon enough. The captain had no money to spare but he shared with them a map. Not far off? Was a healing spring. it heals adventurers HP/MP/AP to full. So this may be a good place to stop! "Hope the gang brought some swimsuits!" it was clear they didn't have clothes for a spring but.. Healing was healing.]]

[center [b Among the knights and soldiers of the NPC's was... A player a ditsy girl looking up at the clouds. She had tripped falling right over before patting herself up. She had helped the NPC's send off the dead. They were heading back to town as she yelled to them.]]

[center [+gold I'll catch up later okay? I'm gonna try out the spring!]]

[center [b The captain nodded but he seemed confused.. By her following them. She was the "Knight" class but players don't normally follow NPC's roleplaying and playing Knight. She liked to pretend she was one of the NPC Knights. Protecting love and Justice! She did a little fiery pose as the guards raised an eyebrow confused before leaving.]]
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[center [h3 Nun, Outskirts of Besaid Village]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Heading to the port seemed like the general consensus, so Nun prepared himself for travel. Securing the sheathe on his back, and adjusting his boots, he gave everyone a nod. The inn was comfy, but to save time he did not indulge in the sleeping mechanic. [i Maybe later, at a more opportune time.] [#A2C4CF "What a delightful hostelry. You, inn keep, run yourself a fantastic business. I shall tell everyone of this hidden gem."] Nun spoke with a renewed fire in his eyes. Rolling his shoulders a little, he left the inn to regroup with his compatriots.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 It didn't take long for him to regroup, and for the party to move out. Watching the road, and the scenery around them slowly change as they made their way towards the port, Nun kept himself on guard. He would not get caught up off guard again. Especially by a reptile known for it's lack of agility. [#ec2cba -8 AP!] Noticing the pop up, Nun was shaken from his thoughts. The silence was telling of his compatriots. It wasn't long before a cry split the silence though. A cry of panic, and desperation.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Resting his hand upon his blade's sheathe, he picked up the pace. The sound of combat carried on the wind, the atmosphere seemed more eerie as his party followed. Coming upon the scene of combat, Nun felt a chill down his spine. Six goblin like creatures looked to have just finished slaying a patrol. The scent of blood was heavy, and warm. Fight or Flight kicked in, adrenaline shooting through his body. [i Calm down, Kevin. It's just a ga- Holy shit, it looks so real. They are dead... Holy-] Thankfully, Kevin's train of thought was interrupted by a scream of terror. Unfortunately, said scream alerted the goblins to their arrival.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Eyes narrowing, Nun drew his blade and leveled it upon the Goblins. [#A2C4CF "Foul creatures! How dare thee spill life blood! Come, my compatriots, we have souls to avenge!"] Rushing forward, Nun noticed a 2d plane appear beneath his feet, and his Icon in the party become highlighted. [i Interesting design. Investigate later, slay now.] Rin and Jae got highlighted as well as they stepped forward. [b ACTIVE PARTY: SET. COMBAT: INITIATED] The strange prompt slowed Nun just a little. He rushed the goblin clad in robes, for if Nun knew anything about RPGs, it was kill the spell caster first. His blade sliced through air, catching the vile creature in the side with a substantial blow, the goblin grimacing, but a smirk appearing in it's eyes. [#9D0000 35!] Feeling an intense heat building, Nun realized he has fucked up. Trying to dodge the incoming strike, he was slammed in the chest with a blast of fire, ejecting him from both the combat and his consciousness. [#C70039 50!] All sensation left him, from the smell of the blood to the heat of the blaze as he was consumed by the void once more.]]]

[center [h3 M4G1K4RP, Besaide Village outskirt, en route to Besaid Port]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 M4G1K4RP was enjoying her piggyback ride, humming gently. [#7ef26d "This brings back memories, Rime. Remember the beautiful forests of [i Wyvern's Oracle]?"] Smiling softly, she stretched her upper body. She wasn't in a position to complain, as she was being carried. [i Why does AP have to be used for travel? Wonder what the devs were thinking, putting such mechanics into the game...] Noticing that Nun looked a little tense, she was about to ask him what was wrong when she heard it. A pained scream. Instinctual terror. A primal warning to stay away. The goosebumps covered her as the scream sent a chill down her spine. Her mouth dried instantly, and she wanted to run. Fortunately(?) for her the was not under her own locomotion.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Arriving on the scene of the carnage, she sprung off the back of R1M3H34RT, making sure not to hurt him, landing flat on her feet. Covering her mouth, she fought back bile. Grisly was not a strong enough word to describe it. Sure, she had beaten [i Expired Space] straight faced, but that was on TV. She couldn't smell it. Keeping her stomach right-side in, she looked back upon the scene to see the goblin creatures gut a poor sod. She screamed, before covering her mouth. The goblins looked up, and prepared to attack. Her teammates stepped forward to fight, Jae, Rin and Nun moving to engage. Just after Rin swapped with R1M3H34RT, Nun was flat lined from the goblin witch.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Steeling herself, she gulped and stepped forward. The moment she got on the front lines, her head cleared up. Where she was once uneasy, a power from within rose like a blaze, consuming her doubts and misgivings. With a newly cleared head, M4G1K4RP focused on the battlefield. The spell caster was being wailed on by Jae and R1M3, so she focused on the goblin... Rogue? Focusing the power flaring within her, she looked at the goblin. With a gulp, she activated the only skill she had. Fire. [#00bfff -10 MP!] Her body suddenly felt warm, her skin glowing lightly, her hair standing and flickering like a candle light. Heat began building at her finger tips as she rushed forward, her body moving on it's own. Shooting forward, faster than she had ever moved, she slammed her fist into the rogue's gut. That's when she realized the fist was ablaze. [#C70039 120!] The goblin didn't make a noise. It simply dissipated. looking down at her hand, M4G1K4RP was simultaneously horrified and elated. She chose to express the later. [#7ef26d M4G1K4RP used FIRE PUNCH! It's super effective!"]]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 The goblins let out a cry of alarm, and she could feel their hatred focus upon her. With a grin, she struck a faux martial artist pose, and made the universal "do your worst" gesture. A sword wielding goblin took a swing at her, but Jae was having none of it. A fire bolt shot past Jae, and M4G1K4RP broke it like it was a cheap pinata. [#C70039 5!] Her hp dropped to 10, but she didn't worry too much about it, as the spell caster looked to be on it's last legs. [#00bfff -10 MP!] M4G1K4RP rushed the swordsgob, and uppercut the bastard straight in the chin. [#C70039 120!] The gob's head ceased to be, turned to ash from the impact of the strike. That's when the Goblin leader decided to enter the fray. M4G1K4RP and it made eye contact, and smirked at each other. [#7ef26d "This one is mine!"] They rushed each other, a fierce grin breaking out as their strikes charged. Having never felt this much power, she couldn't help herself. [#00bfff -10 MP!] [#C70039 120!] They traded blows, the goblin leader sending her into the void of unconsciousness, but she sent him straight to the afterlife. As her vision clouded, she smiled softly, watching the huge goblin dissipate in the wind.]]]
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Leaving the inn and heading towards the forest, Rimeheart realized that Magikarp wouldnt be making the trip on foot alone. To that end, he made sure he moved out in front of her and crouched down, offering her a piggyback ride to ensure she made it to the next town without much issue.

This thought was soon shot down when the party was engaged by a group of goblins. Setting down Magikarp, he allowed his other party members to get their pound of flesh first since they were lower level. He'd really only ever had one-on-one battles up to this point as well, so this would allow him to see how multi-person fights were handled. He even experimented while his allies were still in their fight, finding his gun jammed on him whenever he tried to fire into the melee. Though disappointing he figured it was a balancing tactic and waited for something to happen. To that end, when Rin swapped out he took the opportunity to tag himself in. He was excited to start his next turn out right, intending to take on the shaman. Then Nun got his virtual shit pushed in by a goblin in a dress and he started to worry about whether or not they would be getting through this forest at all.

Despite Nun's untimely unconsciousness They werent doing THAT poorly, and the goblins started to weaken. Magikarp took Nun's place and completely obliterated the unfortunate knife wielder. '[i Freakin' Min-Maxers.]', he thought to himself. Not that anyone could hear him anyway. The fight continued, and Rimeheart got to put down some suppressing fire on a couple goblins, killing one and wounding another. Magikarp also got taken down, though not before taking another of them with her., forcing Rin to take a stand again. He was getting into a groove now, but suddenly found himself on the back lines again, and in his and his comrades place was the spirit the summoner had brought forth before. The summon proved to be quite powerful and cleaned up the final few goblins.

He looked at his two unconscious partners as he chose his level-up upgrades, and his shoulders slouched a bit when he realized that he was the only one with enough AP out of them all that could get those two moved without suffering complete exhaustion in the process. When he was finished he consigned himself to his fate and picked up the two unconscious ones, putting one body over each shoulder.
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[center [h3 Rewards]]

[center [h3 Rin]]

[center [b Rin leveled up! Rin's LV 2!]]

[center [b Choose Between these skills]]

LV: 2 Advanced Heal Heals 30%HP for 25MP

LV: 2: Summon Power: Summon gains 50SP

LV: 2: (Passive) Magic shield Gain 20+HP and 50INT

[center [b Rin's next level choices ]]

LV: 3
Group Heal: Can cast heal once on the whole front lines. MP Cost either doubled or tripled of basic heal. Requires that you have heal learned.

Block Aid: Can raise DEF of an ally by 20% for one incoming blow. MP Cost: 30

Magical Duo:

[center [b Rin has 10SP to spend on her stats!]]

[center [h3 Nun]]

[center [b Nun has 10SP to spend]]

LV: 2
Swordplay: Block a melee strike when warrior is on frontline with the Swordsman

Quick Dodge: Gain a 1/6 chance to dodge a blow. AP Cost: 50 5/6 turns into 6/6

Hey.. I kind've messed up. Help me out?: The Summoner can heal you if you give up your turn.

[center [b Next LV choices]]
LV: 3
Water Blade: The Spell Monk will cast water on the blade. Doing heavy DMG on fire type foes. Even if the strike misses it cuts MP/AP Takes 15MP from the brother.

Quick Cuts: If you have Multi Cut the AP cost for it is halved using this skill.

Light on my feet: Gives up 20%DEF for 20%SPD AP Cost: 15 per turn

[center [h3 Rimeheart]]

[center [b 11SP to spend]]

LV: 3
Safe Shooting: Hide behind an ally to fire shots behind them. However that ally cannot dodge now! Only block. Skills cost double AP from a distance

Piercing Shot: Pierces 20%SPD/DEF AP Cost: 30

Kick: Gain 20% ATK for one blow AP Cost: 20

[center [b Next Choice]]
LV: 5

Pin Shot: This shot does no DMG but prevents the target from dodging and blocking next strike AP Cost: 55

Deadly Shot: The quick draw can bypass a foes DEF by 50% for a single shot. AP Cost: 60

Buster Shot: This shot can't miss and can only be blocked AP Cost: 35

[center [h3 Jae]]
[center [b Gains 10SP!]]

LV: 2
Taunt: The guardian taunts his foes making them target him. Has a 3/6 chance to fail. AP Cost: 10 Per Turn.

Guardians Aura: Reduces protective block cost to 5AP

Holy Blade: Another chance to gain Holy Blade if not chosen at first.

[center [b Next Choice]]

LV: 3
Guardian: Gain double magic DEF when blocking for the summoner

Tactful Guardian: When defending the Ranger gain double DEF

Dark Guardian: When the spell monk takes damage. Restore AP equal to the damage taken to the Spell Monk.

[center [h3 Loot Gained]]

Loot Obtained!

Goblin Silver: 30 Gald

Gob Knife: 18 Gald

Gob Staff: 34 Gald

Gob Wristlets: 18 Gald

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Also for those involved in the battle feel free to post your part of the battle.]]
  ShieldHero- / 244d 20h 12m 36s
[center [h3 Venture Forth]]

[center [b The party had rested at the inn. In Besaid island the food and inn though rather cheap looking was free for the Summoner and her Guardians. Besaid had respected lady Rin greatly. The team afterwards had taken off.]]

[center [b The mage riding on one of her comrades due to lacking stamina. The party had traveled two miles toward the boats for they knew there would be a detour. A detour to a dangerous cave right here in Besaid island. At the crossroads were a group of armed guards. "Was" a group the unit was being destroyed the 5 guards couldn't handle the onslaught. 3 dead and 2 fleeing. One had fallen over gravely hurt the gear they had was shoddy at best.]]

[center [b The attackers? 5 goblins all in tattered cloths and such except the leader. Wielding a mace and iron armor who lead the charge.]]

[center [b There was 2 goblins wielding a club. One wielding an iron sword another smaller goblin wielding an iron dagger. The clubbed wielders of a bigger build. Than a goblin wearing a robe and wielding a magical staff. All the goblins were LV 1 except the Mace wielder was LV 2.]]

[center [b The mace wielder before finishing the guard had saw the party approaching. Growling he commanded his fellows to take formation!]]

[center [b The enemy forms a frontline of 3 goblins!]]

Name: Club Goblin (A)
LV: 1
Class: Monster
HP: ??
ATK: ??
DEF: ??
SPD: ?
INT: ?
MP: ?
AP: ?

Name: Knife Goblin
LV: 1
Class: Monster
HP: ??
ATK: ??
DEF: ?
SPD: ??
INT: ?
MP: ?
AP: ?

Name: Staff Goblin
LV: 1
Class: Monster
HP: ???
ATK: ?
DEF: ?
SPD: ?
INT: ??
MP: ??
AP: ?

[center [b What formation do you take?]]

[center [h3 Enemies]]

Clubbed Gob
Sword Gob
Clubbed Gob
Knife Gob
Staff Gob
Mace Gob
  ShieldHero- / 278d 11h 11m 34s
[h3 [center Nun, Besaid Village]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Nun watched the party gather for their first discussion, the distinctive chirp of incoming messages. [i One from Amaria, huh? Seems like she is doing okay.] [#A2C4CF Salutations Amaria. Drifting off had it's own adventure? I'd love to hear your recounting of such an adventure. I have found a friendly bunch, namely of the summoning variety. My current group contains a fledgling summoner, a stoic commando, a quiet knight, a free spirited black mage, and myself. Hopefully you and the "Captain" aren't getting into too much ill advised hijinks. Currently we are gathering fare, and then heading to Drevin.] Sending the message, he agreed to R1M3H34RT's suggestion. [#A2C4CF "Great suggestion, my silent companion. I do believe we should split up, and get some experience."] Being split off with Rin, he followed her to the inn. The scent of fresh food caught him off guard, and almost made him stop in his tracks. [#A2C4CF "A quest for mapping out a cave? Sounds delightful. Myself and my compatriots will be more than willing to complete this task immediately. However, good sir, might I inquire as to the price of a meal to go?"] After watching the old man leave, Nun made a note of it.]]

[h3 [center M4G1K4RP, Besaid Village]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" M4g1k4rp hummed softly as she waited for the party discussion. With a small smile, she voiced her opinion. [#7ef26d "As long as I get to immolate something, take in the sights, and meet some interesting scenarios you can only experience in high fantasy games. I may need a lift though... I may have made myself into too much of a glass cannon..."] Once it was decided that she, Jae, and R1M3H34RT, would be a group, a thought crossed her mind. [#7ef26d "Does anyone know if we will share Exp with those outside of the combat? Because if not, then I think Jae, Rin, and Nun should be the first group into combat."]]]
  GuardianAngel / 281d 12h 23m 51s
[center [h3 Questing]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As Nun and Rin had checked the questboard it appeared blank in the peaceful island of Besaid things seemed to be doing well. At least well at the moment. The oldman could be seen playing a game of cards with men possibly a decade or two younger than him.]]

[center [b The innkeep had called Nun and Rin over to ask for a favor.]]

[center Hey.. So your the new summoner right? That means this guys is your guardian? Hmm... I got a favor for ya two. Could you check out that cave for me? I need it mapped out that way I could sell complete maps here at Besaid. Well... Not me but my brother still I need the job done.]

[center [b The innkeep had crossed his arms with a smile but the oldman had looked over the corner with a bit of worry in his eyes.]]

[center I mean the jobs got no real time limit but I could come up with a reward if you could do that for me. You'd be a real life saver! Though I gotta say? The sooner the better my friend.]]

[center [b The old man a table across had ended his game by folding. Drinking the rest of his drink as he left the tavern waiting out on the front.]]

[center [+red Huh? Guess the old man had a bad hand?]]
  ShieldHero- / 287d 16h 7m 9s
After hearing Rin's explanation of the possible ways they could make money and gain EXP, R1M3H34RT got to work typing out a message to the rest of his new compatriots. "For those who don't know me, I go by R1M3H34RT, pronounced 'Rimeheart'. I personally think that the best way to gain money in this case would be to do a little of both options and pool our gains. That is to say that we could split up into two teams and take care of both monster hunting and quest completion at the same time. Though, that would mean that those going hunting would be gaining much more EXP than those doing the NPC quests. If we do intend to use this system, I would suggest that those of lower level or lower overall experience go off hunting, with a higher level player to maintain a decent party makeup. Those remaining would go do the NPC quests, and if the lower level members accept those quests as well, they would get even more experience afterward. Then we can all meet up and continue EXP and Gald grinding on the way to port."
  R1M3H34RT / Phytocanis324 / 287d 17h 8m 39s
Rin nodded as R1M3H34RT pointed to Jae. [#07b1e4 "Jae is out party's knight. He has a much higher defence statistics then me and M4gik4rp. " ] Rin explained with a smile as she accepted the friend request. She frowned slightly pressing her thumb against the bottom of her lip in thought as she was remined that they had yet gain any coins.[#07b1e4 "I apologise I may have been too hasty to get to Drevin. But also money would not be the only problem we would have as if we are able to make it to drevin some way that does require money, if the game follows a similar algorithm as most other rpgs, we wouldn't be a high enough level to summon the spirit to be able to progress through the game. As we are a team now I should explain what I have been told by one of the NPC's of the village. Apparently to be able to defeat the black beast and win the game We have to proceed to a unknown number of temples throughout the game where a summoner will be able to pray to summon the spirit of that temple. The fact that the npc suggested that the closest temple was Drevin's , then the one here is either the last temple that we have to go to or that the summon I currently have is one that is required to progress. " ]

Rin opened her inventory and took out a map before proceeding. [#07b1e4 "The port to get to Drevin isnt too far from here and it seems like there is a lot of forest area, where we would be able to explore and train to get Exp. However the second option that may be a little safer is seeing if any of the NPCs had little side job that we could do? We could ask the Tavern staff if they have any job requests and with the coin we gain from that we could at least stock up on food and potions before we head out? I mean I am able to cast a heal spell so potions would only be needed in cases of emergencies but ill only be able to cast a certain amount of spells before I use up all my MP and will need to rest to recover it. Im only a lvl 1 so my healing spells are not powerful enough to be the only source of hp restoration to rely on. " ]

[#07b1e4 "Then again being a lvl 1 means I dont really have much to loose, so its you guys call. Should we collect coin and EXP on the way to the port? Or should we check around the village and see if there are any job requests the NPC's have ? " ]
  Rin (summoner) / rinkokoro / 289d 14h 35m 32s
[center [h3 Beginning of Journey]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rin receives a message!]]

[center [+brown "What am I trying to insinuate? Who knows? Hey! Rude! I'll have you know besides you guys no one at school knows I play! Well.. Maybe they wouldn't if I didn't go around screaming I do...>w> Okay in my defense Black beast was so hype when the trailer dropped! >< Well I'll see ya at Drevin! Seems I'm running into a bit of a hiccup favor for a friend but I'll be there don't worry.]]

[center [h3 Party Formed]]

[center [b So here a party had been formed here on Besaid Island! With Rin at the lead! Accompanied by new allies and her old friend Nun. What action would they take next?]]

[center [h3 Choices]]

[center [b Will the group head out of town?]]

[center [b Ask around?]]

[center [b Enter the Temple?]]

[center [b Enter the Tavern?]]

[center [b Or something else entirely? The place seems devoid of players and only a small village of NPC's seems to be apparent.]]
  ShieldHero- / 294d 21h 48m 1s
[h3 [center Nun, Besaid Island]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Nun smiled behind his mask at the newest development, and accepted the party invite, sending Rin, M4G1K4RP, and the other player, Jae, a friend invite. Noticing that R1M3H34RT had sent him a message, he nodded and smiled. [#A2C4CF "Yes, my companion. This is my esteemed friend, Lady Rin. Hopefully, with her comrades on our side, we will become legends across the land."] Following after Rin to the front gate, Nun addressed the party. [#A2C4CF "Salutations, fellow party members. I am Nun, apprentice Gladiator. It is a pleasure, and an honor to accompany you fine fellows on your journey to scour this land of it's scourge. This here is my stalwart companion, the strong and silent sharpshooting commando."] Nun displayed his stat line to his new companions, taking a bow as Jae introduced himself.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [#A2C4CF "Lady Rin, esteemed party leader, as much as going to Drevin sounds great, I just thought of a problem... Do we currently have the gald to charter a boat?"]]]

[h3 [center M4G1K4RP, Besiad Island]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Glad that Lady Rin had added her friend to the party, and proudly displayed her stats to him, after sending him an friend invite. [#7ef26d "As you can see, my friend, I decided I really, really like to see large numbers. So I built myself like a glass cannon. If I survive long enough to get a turn..."] She giggled evilly. [#7ed26d "Our opponent won't live long enough to regret it. Though... I've never used my magic yet, so... I have no idea how hard it hits."] Waving to the shop keep as they went by, she followed with the rest of her party as they went to meet up with Jae. Checking her pockets when Nun spoke, she remembered she had no coin.]]
  Nun / GuardianAngel / 295d 15h 47m 30s

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