Black Beast (2)

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Rin looked up at the now familiar user name. She paused for a moment try to avoid the inventible but she could not hold it in. She burst out laughing unable to take her friend seriously. [#07b1e4 "Arthur was not kidding when he said you take games seriously. It's funny to think that in reality you seem like the type to not be interested in games. I mean in comparison to Arthur and I anyway. If you would be up for it would you like to join us to Drevin to the temple and to meet Arthur? I know we have only got to the island and there is a lot to explore, I feel if we waste time we may fall behind in the race to defeat the beast."] Rin explained to her friend, as she sent him a party invite. [#07b1e4 "I also have two others waiting for me at the entrance so Im in a bit of a rush so youll need to decide soon. I dont want to keep them waiting ]
  Rin (summoner) / rinkokoro / 62d 6h 7m 23s

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