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Roleplay Responses

[center [h3 Combat Notes]]

[center [h3 Line One Turn Order]]

1st: Thief Goblin
2nd: Nun
3rd: Rimeheart
4th: Gunner and Knight Gob have equal speed.

[center [h3 Line Two Turn Order]]
1st: Cleric Gob
2nd: Champion Gob-Nasgard
3rd: Taenya
4th: Cherish
5th: Aelina/Wizard Gob

[center [h3 Turn One Line One]]

[center [b Line one! The Gunner along with his trust Knight and Thief charge the team! Nun and Rimeheart valiantly take the front to allow the female half of the team to bravely defeat the champion coming from the rear.

The thief goblin having to much speed even for Nun makes a move at Rimeheart and Nun quickly. Does Nun block or dodge? Chance to dodge is only 1/6! The attack is physical so Nun will reduce damage by 20 if blocked! Only 10 if he chooses to dodge and fails!]]

[center [b Nun decides his luck at parrying the goblin focusing with a keen eye the gladiator waits. Waiting for his moment before... Flash the clink of steel the speedy gob was only able to nick Nun for 5DMG. He had otherwise parried his blow perfectly revealing the attack and SPD of the Thief.]]
ATK: 25
SPD: 100

[center [b Nun quickly disengaged pushing the thief back instead of attacking it in anger he decided a more tactical approach. Going instead to attack the Gunner in the back! The Knight uses Protective Block! Consuming 10 of its AP! The Knight only sustains 10DMG! ]]

[center [+lightgreen S-Sorry! I can't let you attack my friends! Aww gee you think I'm cool? Really? You're really good too Mr sword guy!]]

[center [+red Hey! What the hell! Don't talk to the dirty human!]]

[center [+blue Yeah we stab and still from them what else can we ask? They look at us exactly the same way besides.]]

[center [+lightgreen Oh.. Gee I'm sorry guys I didn't mean to get distracted.]]

[center [+blue Blah! Never mind he's fast and sturdy too. Most adventurers thats have crappy stuffs like them die fast.]]

[center [+red Except he actually parried you, you losing you're touch speed demon?]]

[center [+blue Pfft lucky parry that's all it was he almost took your damn head besides. If it wasn't for clumsy here he might have.]]

[center [+red We'll see about that, he won't be doing much once I riddle him with holes. His partner uses boom boom sticks too I wanna try out his next.]]

[center [b Rimehearts turn next!]]

[center [b Rimeheart chooses to not attack despite given the chance to!]]

[center [+lightgreen Oh gee why didn't he shoot at us? Mr human you okay?]]

[center [+red Guess he's scared! Well not me nope let's get him!]]

[center [b The knight refuses to attack! Skipping his turn! The gunner however decides to attack! The skill is called Mega Piercing Shot. He fires at Rimeheart! Does Rimeheart dodge? Or block?]]

[center [b Mega Piercing Accuracy skill revealed!]]

[center [b Mega Piercing Accuracy: Fully pierces an opponents SPD or DEF by spending as the same amount of AP as SPD or DEF. AP Cost: Varies]]

[center [b Rimeheart goes to block! With 32DEF the Gunner is forced to use 32 AP! To fully pierce his block and him for full damage! Revealing his ATK to be 45! Giving Rimeheart a nasty shot through his guard dealing 45DMG! Despite the blow Rimeheart still manages to stand!]]

[center [+red Haha yes! Bleed! Bleed for me!]]

[center [h3 Turn One Line Two]]

[center [b The Cleric comes in to strike at Cherish! With long staff in hand. 1/6 chance to dodge! No physical defense to block with!]]

[center [b Aelina uses Guardian Aura! To block for 5AP! Revealing the speed and power of the Cleric! The Cleric has..]]

[center [b Dealing 5 DMG to Aelina!]]

[center [+gold Ow! You know it's nice to strike a lady! Or her shield for that matter! You okay Cherish? These guys are pretty tough!]]

[center [b With a flash of the champions red cape he came in with a mighty arc of his saber. Slashing at Cherish from the side to finish her. Aelina activates her skill again expending another 5AP! Blocking the champion with her Lance just in the nick of time!]]

[center [+gold Careful! The red guy hits extra hard!!]]

[center [b Aelina's said still maintaining a cheery smile on her face. Revealing the champions ATK/SPD!]]
SPD: 30
ATK: 75

[center [b Aelina so far has lost 10HP/AP! Cherish and Taenya only have a 1/6 chance to dodge either one!]]

[center [h3 Summoners Potential]]

[center [b Cherish watched her friends fight on Taenya and Aelina had given great valor. The match from before how she linked with her Spirit to destroy the Goblins how her eyes seen through his. Now she feels a hot white glow in her chest and a surge of power. An ability learned once a Summoner begins enough Turn phases.

She learns a new spell!

Mobile Summon: The Summoner can summon a smaller Valhalla. This smaller form halves it's stats. However it only takes up one party member slot instead of three MP Cost: 0]]

[center [b Taenya's turn! Who does she strike? Does she decide to strike up peaceful solutions? Or instead destroy them?]]

[center [b Taenya comes in with a searing fire strike. The champion attempts to dodge but her magic proves to be too quick and too overwhelming the Champion is revealed to have 0 magic defense! Taking full damage he's engulfed in a current of flame! Charging through the burnt champion pants and bleeds. He's received 135DMG! However he still seems to be standing although he does seem badly hurt.]]

[center [b Cherish summons Val in a smaller form the size of a direwolf. Taking astride on the beast her staff covered in it's spirit energy she channeled it's overdrive. Her eye burning bright with vigor and mana she charged forward. Striking at each and every foe with Val's overdrive.]]
[center [b The cleric had casted a support spell by doubling the mana cost of cure from 10 to 20MP he has a skill known as precure. Able to cure an ally 20% HP before taking an attack. Healing the champion by 38HP! Revealing his max HP to be 194! He chooses to block the strike with his defense. Taking instead of 60DMG he takes 50!]]
Champion's stats
HP: 194/47
ATK: 70 (75)
SPD: 30
DEF: 10

[center [b The cleric and wizard taking a total of 60DMG each! Both still standing! However the wizard looks to be about on it's last legs.]]

[center [b Aelina and the wizards turn! The wizard attacks Taenya! However Aelina jumps in the way! Using protective block to defend from the Wizards spells! The wizard conjuring wind lances to strike at Aelina! Revealing it's INT at..85! Dealing 10DMG to Aelina! Only flinching slightly the stalwart knight gave a slight giggle looking back at Taenya with a thumbs up! Now it was her turn to strike. However Aelina knew better then to strike the wizard. The Cleric would only be able to use it's skill to heal the Wizard 20%HP. Sure they would learn the wizards max HP but she'd only deal 5DMG. She decided it wasn't worth giving the wizard a portion of it's health back. so instead she decided a more peaceful approach.]]

[center [+gold I know my allies strike you but it is only out of self defense! I protect them this is true but I refuse to strike you. Because a Knight knows that sentient creatures deserve a chance before slaughtering them. You attack us on site cause many of our kind have done so to you in the quest to grow stronger.]]

[center [+darkgreen ..Argh pretty words they are. Pretty lies they are! Don't be tricked!]]

[center [+green Human not attack us. Human weird? Why does this a human make me feel weird? Do I heal weird? Make the weird in chest go away away?]]

[center [+darkgreen Bah! Nonsense don't bother listening to her trite!]]

[center "My magic was blocked by such "trite" as you called it. She is impressive but I fear the one on the mount is even more dangerous. She seems to lead these humans.]

[center [+darkgreen Yet the mage is dangerous too but that blasted Knight won't budge!]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 148d 13h 3m 59s
[center [h3 Shaky Terrain]]

[center [b The party had chosen to travel forward one mile in the cave with a new party at hand. Aelina had stood close beside Nun with a bright smile patting the weary swordsman on the back with a perky smile.]]

[center [b Consuming 9AP strange and eerie noises could be heard in the cave. Lights where lit as torches were set ablaze with magic. A goblin with a red cape and a well made sword was at the end. A chest plate and all.]]

[center [+darkgreen Argh humans! Prepare for battle!]]

[center [+green Issa humans!]]

[center [+lightgreen Raaaawrr!]]

[center [b Three of the goblins had hid in the back the other three taking the front. The champion taking himself to the backlines in fact. As a dagger wielding goblin went forward. One with firearms and a cigar? And a clumsy goblin in heavy armor that struggled to pull its blade from it's sheath with it's stubby arms the blade must have rusted shut. So the goblin shrugged taking a defensive position for his comrades instead.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red Let's shoot em up!]]

[center [+blue Hehe and take their things!]]

[center [+lightgreen Yeah... And... Roar at them? I don't know I'm new to this!]]

[center [+red Quiet! Just take the hits for us dumb dumb we can handle all the stabbing and shooting. Especially the shooting! Lookie! One's got a gun! Ima steals it!]]

[center [+blue Stealings my jobs!!]]

[center [+gold Oh wow! These goblisn talk! I've never seen that before! That's so cool!! Hiya goblins!!]]

[center [+red ...Shoot her first I don't like her.]]

[center [+gold Well jeez that's kinda rude! Don't cha think?]]

[center [b The position the team was in it seemed the longshooter Rimeheart could see the backlines had a champion and two casters! It was also apparent that instead of ambushing the goblins made a loud entrance as to challenge the party to honorable combat. Unlike that of most goblin tactics.]]

Name: Goblin Gunner
LV: 5

Name: Goblin Knight
LV: 5

Name: Goblin Thief
LV: 5

[center [b Which three will be selected to the frontlines?]]

[center [h3 Surprise!]]

[center [b The champion and the casters vanished! Illusion magic! The champion appears behind the party with his two casters attacking from behind! You must select another 3 members to fight the Champion and his casters!]]

[center [h3 Multiple Lines]]

[center [b You have now learned about multiple frontlines in a fight! 1-3 Lines can be fought in a fight depending on the area! Sometimes you can choose who fights on each line! Sometimes you cannot! Splitting lines yourself is sometimes an option as well! Giving everyone in the party a chance to fight!]]

[center [b You MAY have the choice to have one line fight multiple lines at once when FORCED into multiple lines. For example right now you could have a 3v6 all at once. It's recommended NOT to fight 6 opponents with only 3 as they will get twice as many chances to attack! However it is an option! ]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I asked Guardian,Neko,Phy in a call how far to go xD they said two travel spaces. one travel space can take up to 1-6AP.]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 151d 13h 32m 22s
[h3 [center [font "Times New Roman" Besaid Island, Healing Springs]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Nun didn't want to believe it, but he nodded to R1M3H34RT and Cherish. Gulping, he took a moment to bend over and splash his face a few times in the healing springs. He didn't want to think about what had happened, but his big brother complex was flaring up. He wasn't there to help Jae out because he had been knocked unconscious, and the only other person who had needed his assistance had just logged out. Whether it was because of lag or not, Kevin blamed himself. Slapping his cheeks a few times, he fixed up his mask and hood, before following behind the rest of his party.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 The catchphrase Aelina had come up with brought a small smile to Nun's face when he thought back on it. It reminded him of the terrible jokes he used to tell to put a smile on k's face. Relaxing a little he tried to silence the voices that kept reminding him of the fact he had been knocked out three times in the first day. [i Calm down, Kevin. It's kinda like Morally Grey Spirits, in that this game will grow on you. Focus, you could get jumped by anything and almost any time.]]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Refocusing himself by focusing on the cold bite of his blade against his back, the wet squishing sounds his boots were making as he walked, he reached up and brushed his hand up against the hilt of his blade. The sensation made the intrusive thoughts fall away like leaves off trees in the winter. Returning to the here and now, Nun paused when the party approached the mouth of the cave. Spotting a humanoid figure by their destination, Nun rested his hand by his blade. They didn't seem hostile, but that didn't mean anything. Those goblins didn't seem all that threatening, and, well...]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Seeing the player appear harmless, he relaxed a bit. [#A2C4CF "Salutations, fellow adventurer. As you are seeking fellow compatriots, maybe we can come to some form of accord regarding mutual benefits?"]]]]
  Nun / GuardianAngel / 152d 12h 59m 32s
[google-font,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] R1M3H34RT had double agreed with going to the cave. It was time to get moving. They were all set, or not… M4G1K4RP had turned to the side. Something didn't seem right. The news was really sad, but she had a feeling that wasn't it. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i "Karp, are you okay? What's going on?"]]]] She had her back turned, so Cherish couldn't quite tell what she was trying to hide. Not in a bad way, but more like she wanted to create a sense of privacy… or something…

Definitely something. Part of her avatar split from the rest for a moment. That wasn't a good sign. [i [Dancing+Script [size18 Oh, no.]]] M0ajor and minute parts of her were sporadically split off and faded apart from the rest. As those fragments tried to come back together there was always some sort of delay in that happening. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “No. No, no, no."]]]]

As much as Cherish didn't want to believe it, there was no way not to. M4G1K4RP was lagging right before her eyes… in a game where your actual consciousness is present… and there was nothing she could do but stand there and watch her agony. With M4G1K4RP's uncensored screams, Cherish's former helpless fear changed to paralyzing terror. As M4G1K4RP frantically tried to log out as her hand kept missing or going through the terminal. Cherish was finally able to step forward to help, but it isn't needed. M4G1K4RP managed to log out.

Receiving those notifications hit her hard. Like Nun and of course R1M3H34RT, Cherish just stood there in silence for a moment. She witnessed two members leave under some messed up circumstances. The time frames between wasn't too long either. In that moment, she just stood there with a blank expression. It was crazy. Jae went out sick and Karp in pain… Their party just formed… Just taking in what just happened seemed to take at least 10x the amount it actually was.

Looking at R1M3H34RT with his hands up, it seemed he was putting the blame on himself. Trying her best to console him, she managed to crack a soft smile despite the sadness remaining in her eyes. He had witnessed them both too. Although he couldn't voice it, that didn't mean that didn't affect him. She walked over, and gave him a hug. Though upon feeling a little squishy from her damp clothes, she cut it a little short after getting the message across. Or so she hoped.

Now turning towards Nun, her big brother in real life, she wasn't sure what to say. It didn't look like he did either. That was the scary part. She had just told him and Karp about Jae. Was something going to happen to another one of them? Should this party just disband? The game just game out and this had already happened.

Luckily, there was some sunshine to bring back some hope. Whether or not Karp would come back was unknown. It didn't look good, but it wasn't impossible. She wanted to explore and it'd be better to have some places lined up when she came back. Cherish knew she was just trying to fool herself. M4G1K4RP didn't just disconnect, she left the part. No matter how she tried to spin it, she was just trying to force herself to move forward. Trying to cheer up, Cherish hesitantly answered, [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Yeah, you're right. Time to get going."]]]]

Somewhat on autopilot, they were at the cave before she realized it. It wasn't far, but the arrival still snuck up on her. There was a lady there with dark brown hair and a marking going across her right eye. The high contrast in colors brought attention to her outfit. She wore mostly dark clothes with a bright silver-ish shirt underneath the light armor securely stretched across her torso. Selina had already called out to her and it was like deja vu. The girl was a Black Mage and accepted the request to join their journey through the cave. Was the game rearranging her party or something? It was so weird, but she could use another excuse to move on. With life in her face and demeanor again, [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Glad you can join us. We could use another magical player. I'm Cherish Noxolo. It may be corny, but noxolo means peace. I'm a Summoner, so you're not alone in being squishy. "]]]] Although they could use her, she wasn't ready to ask her to join their party. It was too soon. They just practically swapped out their Knight. She just wanting things to go well.
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 158d 19h 19m 3s
When Magikarp began to glitch and fade away, Rimeheart recoiled a bit, considering this was just after pointing at her menacingly. When all was said and done and the disconnection messages appeared, Rimeheart took a moment or two before turning to the rest of the party and putting his hands up defensively. The way she had been glitching out was disconcerting enough. He didn't need his party members thinking he had done something.

Since it seemed like no-one was going to be pointing any blame at him for getting pointy with Magikarp and Nun, he settled down a little bit. Aelina's mention that she likely would return was reassuring, but from a gameplay standpoint they had lost their hardest hitter. His own damage wasn't shabby, but he still felt far too weak to be maining the DPS role. At least until he started to pick up or buy more powerful equipment.

However, now was the time for action, and Aelina made sure that they were all in better spirits before they headed out for the cave mapping quest. Along the way, Rimeheart decided to fiddle around with the UI of the game a little bit. He wanted to know if he could play music from his computer through the game, or at least start a web browser and play music from there. Not that the game music wasn't great already, but he still wanted to know.

Before long they had arrived at the mouth of the cave in question and a young woman was standing there, seemingly wary of entering. Based on her clothes, she was likely a caster class or some kind of rogue-like class. Either one made her a feasible DD candidate. When Aelina called out to her and she waved back, Rimeheart quickly began typing up an introduction for himself in the public text chat.

"Hello, I am R1M3H34RT, pronounced like it looks. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm sending a text message rather than speaking to you directly, and its because there's something wrong with the VR headset I have. Bought it second hand and it seems something in it is busted, so it doesn't register my speech."

Shortly after sending this message, he walked up to her, gave her a small wave, opened his stats screen for her to view, and then offered his hand for a handshake.
  R1M3H34RT / Phytocanis324 / 161d 17h 24m 18s
[b [#3333ff [i The Reality of Life]]]


She didn’t play the game for the possibility of a life changing amount of money, Liara played not a single game that way, she played for the two sole reasons of having fun while escaping the reality she lived in. Not that her life was bad in anyway, but Liara’s mind thrives on imagination and this new VR game fed assisted in feeding and nourishing the constant hunger. It indeed quite literally was fun and games.

But the main problem for Liara, why she didn’t play it as often as others, concerned the lack of friends with whom she could play the game. While nothing stopped from playing it solo, most of the people played with their friends or in parties of strangers. Being with strangers was awkward for working as a team led to difficulties as the people didn’t know each other, while with friends everyone knew the ins and outs of everyone. So while the endless possibilities of the VR game attracted Liara, the lack of people kept her from playing more often

[b [#3333ff [i The Reality of Game]]]

By this point in the game, a level 2 elven, no one knew she played as an elf, black mage wasn’t that bad. The downside with such a class was their squishiness, black mages melted away under powerful attacks. Black mages benefited from joining parties with tanky classes such as knights, but this particular black mage dealt with everything by herself which led to plenty of deaths.

In-game she was known as Taenya Nerina, or Taenya for short. Unlike the bright fluid colors on loose clothing which Taenya’s user spotted in real life, the in-game clothes were starkly contrasted and dark on more form fitting clothes. Only Taenya’s creator knew why.

[i Wait a minute, Taenya is a virtual extension of Liara, not some bot created to run and troll actual players...]

Taenya knew quiet well as to why she had decided on this choice, as well as the choice to play an elf, to get away as far as possible from being a human and a Liara. This logic applies to the class choice as well since in the real world magic didn’t exist while here it did. This did apply to the summoner class as well, but that class involved magicking pets into existence and pets did exist in real life.

Anyways, cave. As per usual Taenya chose some random place to explore all by her lonesome self. Of course traveling to those caves had detracted from her 20 points in AP so she took a rest in front of the cave to regenerate the lost AP. The cave itself was dark, the sound of water echoing within the stony walls. A tunnel went in before the cave swallowed it, what mobs and rewards awaited in those shadowy depths unknown to her.

Just as she was about to step deep into the cave a feminine voice called out. Turning around Taenya first spotted a female in armor, probably someone playing as a warrior or knight as well as some others following behind. Evidently this was a party, whether strangers or friends would have to be found out.

Taenya waved back, a friendly chuckle escaping those dark tinted lips. [b [#3333ff “Aye, I be thinking of entering these caves here. Some company would be very much appreciated, especially with me bein a squishy black mage and all”]]. In the back, Taenya was thinking how long could she get away with the group thinking she was a human character.
[center [h3 One Down]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Aelina had smiled at nun as he introduced herself. He sounded really into this huh? As if this was really some fantasy world. Course she followed NPC Knight's around pretending to be one so did she have room to talk?]]

[center [b She did a playful curtsy though it was a bit awkward in all of her armor. She leaned in peering closer to the "Novice Gladiator" she smiled a wide brimming grin.]]

[center [+gold Novice knight at you're service! It's a pleasure Nun! I already got a catch phrase for you. "It's high Nun" Eh? Ehhh? Ehhh?!]]

[center [b She said leaning uncomfortably close to the male as she wiggled slightly with a vivacious smile. She pulled away as suddenly as she leaned in laughing with her hands proudly on her hips. It was than that Cherish had mentioned her upbeat attitude being at the right time. A "Deus Ex Machina" as she called it. Aelina smiled rubbing the back of her head lightly with a dusk of red on her cheeks.]]

[center [+gold Ahh~ Stop you'll make me blush! If that's possible in this world anyway. So we've got.. Rimeheart! Nun! Cherish! Not to mention the resident glass cannon? I mean Karp! Whoops sorry!]]

[center [b She leaned over to Karp shaking her hands with a light giggle. Before twirling around back to the center of the springs. She had stumbled a bit as she fell into the water. Hopping back up as she gave a confident grinning almost as if to ignore the embarrassing fall she just had. Followed by a hearty "hahaha" from the woman's small frame came a loud and bellowing laugh.]]

[center [+gold So you guys are heading to the caves huh? Well let's go! I'm roaring to take off! Let's do this! I'll protect you every step of the way!!]]

[center [b She puffed her chest as she hit the breastplate on her armor. A proud of her nostrils as she turned to give the lot of them a playful wink. Before she could take off running. She saw that Karp was having some technical difficulties. Aelina had gasped lightly and stared blinking. Despite appearing the air headed knight she quickly deduced she was possibly lagging. Didn't make it look any less creepy though.]]

[center [+gold Hmm..]]

[center [b Aelina crossed her arms as it appeared the morale of this new party was dropping. They had lost now two party members in one day. She scratched her head unsure how to cheer them up. "Well best to keep them on task right?"]]

[center [+gold Maybe she'll return? Who know's? Well in the meantime we should head to the cave I saw it on the way here it's not far!]]

[center [b Aelina lead them to the cave. Though as they came to the entrance they saw a woman in front of the cave. A lone black mage, was she planning to enter by herself?]]

[center [+gold Hey! You!! Are you thinking of going in too?]]

[center [b Aelina gave an exaggerated wave of her arm with another light smile.]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 164d 19h 7m 29s
[center [font "Times New Roman" [h3 M4G1K4RP, Besaid Island, Healing Springs]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Learning of Cherish's extra curricular activities, M4G1K4RP found herself smiling softly. She had a good feeling about this group. She couldn't quite logically explain it, but her gut told her they had a good shot. After pushing Nun into the water, she was alarmed to hear of Jae's fate. Making a quick check herself, she saw that it was true. Saddened now, she looked up to Rose with a soft expression on her face. As she went to say something, she felt a headache come on. She quickly turned around so none of her compatriots could see her troubled expression.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Reaching a hand up to her head, she felt really weird, as if she was in several places at once. [i That's not possible though. I couldn't be-] Looking down at herself, she let of a scream of panic. Her gut felt like it was getting ripped apart, and it wasn't hard to see why. Her body was glitching, her waist and legs lagging between the last few seconds positioning. Attempting the clench a hand over her mouth to silence her screams, she tried to log out of Black Beast Online. It was tough, and took several seconds. Her vision was swimming by that point, and the moment she was fully logged out she mover so that she was leaning off of her bed, and proceeded to empty her stomach into the waste bin.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [h3 Nun, Besaid Island, Healing Springs]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 The sudden dip took Nun by surprise, but not a completely unwelcome surprise. Taking a couple moments to enjoy the water again, he finished securing his boots below the surface. Popping out of the water, he looked over to R1M3H34RT, and looked a little confused, before shaking his head. [#A2C4CF "My gun toting compatriot, that won't be necessary for the moment. Once we have made it to our current destination, I may be needing a bit more of a lift. But thank you very much for the offer."] With a look towards M4G1K4RP, his stomach jumped into his throat. It looked like she was getting ripped apart by some invisible force before she disappeared. A haunting message appeared in his chat.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size12 Player {M4G1K4RP} has left the party.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [size12 Player {M4G1K4RP) has gone offline.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Looking back to the fellow members of his party, he just gulped, unable to find words.]]]
  M4g1k4rp / GuardianAngel / 165d 15h 17m 44s
Rimeheart looked up at Cherish as he was securing his boots snugly to his feet. He took a moment to nod at her before pointing to himself and then making a walking motion with his index and middle fingers, followed by gesturing to the rest of them. He made sure his boots were tight before standing up and pulling his text writer up to elaborate.

"Yes, I think mapping out the cave will be the best course of action. I know that people are going to be trying to go directly after that prize money, but I think that taking a detour could be beneficial. The people making a mad dash for it are likely to be more severely under-prepared, so getting some extra gald and experience I think will be better for us in the long run."

He had forgotten to send the message to everyone in the party, but really didn't feel like typing all of that out again. He looked to Nun and Magikarp and went up to the both of them, pointing at them and then charading carrying something heavy.
  R1M3H34RT / Phytocanis324 / 166d 15h 5m 14s
[google-font,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] After coming up from the water, there were a bunch of reactions to the dive. Aelina’s was a spectacle. From what Cherish had seen so far, she would have been surprised for anything different. She was a bundle of sweet, lively fun. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Thank you, Aelina. I’m so glad we ran into you.Your cannonball was the inspiration. You should join me next time.”]]]] Swimming over to M4G1K4RP and Nun, she went over to her treading teammate and gave her a hug. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Thank you too, Karp! It’s so nice to see you moving again. I had swim class growing up, but that was thanks to gymnastics.”]]]] Of course she wouldn’t mention this online or in general, but part of why she took gymnastics was to help her get off situations with bullies during recreational activities. Well… the ones her brothers weren’t able to be all the time. Swimming was one of them, she could safely land in the water almost no matter how she was pushed in. It also helped on the monkey bars and other parts of the jungle gym during recess. Now, it was just a normal extracurricular, one she could merely enjoy.

Nun’s compliment didn’t quite add up. 7 out of 10 wasn’t a magnificent score. It was a good one, but not what he described.He was trying to give a safe comment by leaving a range of what he could have meant. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Really Nun? So, you didn’t even see it. It’s not like it could’ve been both.”]]]] She splashed a wave of healing water at him and then dove under to swim towards him. She came back up next to him and gave him a big hug. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “I’m glad you’re okay though. You’ll attack the next one. If not, I’ll kill that one too.”]]]] She added that last part with a cheeky, but genuine smile. With M4G1K4RP doing so many laps, she probably would have drained her AP many times over if this wasn’t a healing spring. She seemed really into it too… Cherish was about to swim over to Aelina when M4G1K4RP suddenly stopped and introduced herself to her. With Nun joining the mix, both of them got to properly meet Aelina. While that was going on, Cherish was making her way out of the spring. It was about that time and they needed to move on. Everyone seemed to be doing the same anyway.

Once they were out, Nun asked brought everyone’s attention back to the mission and asked to officially join them. Almost in the same breath, he asked about Jae as he was putting on his shoes.. Even though M4G1K4RP had just pushed Nun back into the water, Cherish’s cheerful mood dropped. She was just coming back from grabbing her clothes and stopped in her tracks, with a crestfallen expression. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Jae left the game… That last battle was a lot… and well, it didn’t sit well with him. He left before Nun or I could say anything… I even tried to find his username… It’s gone.”]]]] After saying that, she caught herself and started to turn her mood around. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “And then Aelina showed up with wonderful timing and Rimeheart was able to make sure we could all get to safety. Aelina, your cheeriness really changed things around then. At least for me. Thank you for showing up. It was almost like a deus ex machina.”]]]] Cherish continued what she was doing before and put on the rest of her clothes. It was weird. It felt like she put dry ones over wet ones… At least her clothes were pretty clean and didn’t need washing. So she wasn’t completely in wet clothes. Unlike M4G1K4RP, she’d have to wait for the rest to air dry. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “The cave seems like it’ll be fun to map out. Maybe we'll find some cool shortcuts and passageways. What do you think Rimeheart?”]]]]
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 167d 13h 29m 18s
[center [font "Times New Roman" [h3 Nun, Besaid Island, Healing Caves]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Nun took a moment to inspect his surroundings, he was relieved to notice that though it was unfamiliar territory, his party was all here. [i Wait a minute. Where is Jae? I'll have to ask someone about that.] Before he could get too doom and gloomy about being knocked out yet again, he heard a warning from Cherish. Ducking his head, he missed the dive, but judging from the sound of the splash... [#A2C4CF "That was a magnificent dive, Lady Cherish. I give it a solid 7 out of 10."] Watching everyone relaxing raised his spirits a bit, before he was eclipsed by a woman in shining silver armor. Equipped with a lance and shield nearly as big as she was, she was quite the, um, interesting sight. [#A2C4CF "Salutations, Lady Rosemond. Nun, Novice Gladiator, at your service."] Standing up, he offered her a bow, though he lost his balance and fell into the spring face first. The water striking his face cleared up his thoughts, and he quickly recovered. Wet clothing didn't bother him at all, and actually felt... Comforting? [i Must be the effect of my background.]]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Not wanting to worry his companions, he sprung to his feet, and shook himself off. With a small smile, he turned to R1M3H34RT. [#A2C4CF "I thank thee, for it is you who carried me to the healing spring, and were thoughtful enough to be careful with my person. I owe you one, as they say."] Stepping out of the spring, he turned to his compatriots. [#A2C4CF "I hate to be rude, but it seems we do have a request at a cave nearby. Lady Rosemond, if you'd like to accompany us, I see no harm in such actions. But, might I inquire as to the fate of Sir Jae?"] Standing at the edge of the spring, Nun began to put his boots back on, and fasten them.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [h3 M4G1K4RP, Besaid Island, Healing Spring]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Completely submerged in the water, M4G1K4RP took a moment to marvel at the power of the hardware she was currently hooked up to. Looking down at her hands, and at herself, she was quite impressed. Everything felt right, even the bits that were most certainly wrong. Like how the water was making her hair float, and made her feel all warm. Emerging from the water, she caught Cherish's dive. When her friend emerged, M4G1K4RP bounced up and down in the water, excitedly waving her arms. [#7ef26d "Way to go, Cheri! Did you do professional diving, by any chance?"] Doing a quick lap of the spring, she noticed Aelina's presence, though with how shiny she seemed, both physically and personality wise, she was unsure how Aelina slipped past her gaze. Making her way over, she stood up, and offered a hand. [#7ef26d "Why hello there. I'm M4G1K4RP, or Karp for short. I appear to be the resident glass cannon. Er, I mean, Spell Monk."] Displaying her stats to the Knight, she smiled proudly.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Being reminded of the quest, she paused in thought for but a moment, before running over to her clothing. Taking her robes, and submerging them in the water, she gave them a quick scrubbing before putting them back on. With a grandiose gesture, she stepped up the her ankles into the spring, and cast Fire. Her skin became sun kissed, her hair standing up and flickering like a fire, her skin and clothing instantly dried out. Watching her MP fill back up, she stepped from the water with a smile, her appearance returning to normal. [#7ef26d "Oh, right! That innkeeper gave us that quest. Rose looks like she can hold her own, so I wouldn't mind her accompanying us."] Walking past Nun, she had a fleeting thought. Acting upon it, she gave him a quick push, sending him back into the spring as he finished fastening his boots.]]]
  GuardianAngel / 180d 7h 43m 58s
Seeing his companions wake up was a relief. Rimeheart let his shoulders relax a moment and rotated his arms around the shoulder joint to work them out before bending down and rolling up the bottoms of his pants. He sat down next to the water when that was finished and removed his boots and socks, dipping his feet into the water and stretching in relaxation. He hadn't even taken any damage, this was just as a way to both see what he could in fact feel in the virtual world rather than the real one.

He watched the girls playing around as they healed in the spring water. He realized he hadn't really had a chance to introduce himself either, so he pulled up his text writer and got to work writing up an introduction for himself. He figured since Cherish had told Aelina he was incapable of speaking that he didn't need to elaborate on that further.

As he was finishing up, he felt his vision start turning sideways as an arm flew in front of him and he felt the distinct impact of a heavily armored woman from his side. This left him on his side for the remainder of Aelina's stay. With shaky arms and fingers he managed to type out his message to her and send it.

"As I'm sure you can see and as you've heard, I go by Rimeheart. As you've also noticed, I can't speak for some reason. So I'll generally be communicating with hand signs and gestures. In regards to you, we actually just lost our tank, and could really use another one. Everyone else is a bit squishy, especially Magikarp, our resident glass cannon. I'm just glad my class has enough AP for three people or they'd be kinda screwed. In any case, it's nice to meet you."
  R1M3H34RT / Phytocanis324 / 187d 10h 10m 58s
[center [h3 Moments Respite]]

[center [youtube]

[center [b Aelina had listened as she nodded crossing her arms.]]

[center [+gold Yeah yeah, oh? A tank..? Wait.. What's that again? Umm.. Oh that's.. The guy who takes all the damage right?]]

[center [b She placed a finger on her lips tilting her head slightly. Aelina played tons of single player RPG's. However? She wasn't big into MMO's ever before. She played a few multiplayer games sure but never enough to hear of roles such as tanks or DPS. However when she heard Black Beast was coming out? She practiced some in MMO's and started studying various terms. Though she still wasn't entirely sure at times. That being said? It seemed she had a decent knack for spending her points. Though her style wasn't very strong in solo combat.]]

[center [+gold That's cool that were both LV 2! I really like your avatar by the way! She's really pretty! Cherish? Awe that's so cuuuuute! I wish I had came up with a better name. Well.. At the same time though I really hold the username close. It's just so hard coming up with new names ya know? Most of all when you grow up using a username so long! Though I'm kinda new to online gaming but it's really nice!]]

[center [b Aelina had caught herself rambling on to these stranger. She had bumped herself on the side of her head playfully as she stuck her tongue out.]]

[center [+gold Oh I started rambling didn't I? Whoops! My bad~ Hehe sorry about that! Wait.. Sleeping friends? One of you's mute?]]

[center [b Aelina turned around quickly to see Rimeheart. She grinned as her big doe eyes opened widely. Almost as if there was a sparkle in them. She tackle the man poking his strange helmet she loved the armor. She giggled lightly poking at his helmet.]]

[center [+gold Do you think he somehow muted himself by mistake? That'd be pretty funny!]]

[center [b Being here? Almost as if she was really there? It was why she wanted to get into the game. Though with her armor? On top of her defense? Aelina hadn't taken any real damage and so she wasn't even sure how much one could feel in this game. She would be in for a surprise later on. Though she had felt the water and it was rather nice. Hopping off the man she watched Cherish make her own dive into the pool. Aelina had really liked Cherish's approach. She had hollered and whistled laughing. It was than that the other two had finally awakened. Aelina had came over to the two smiling. She hadn't made her grand intro. Not like she had with Cherish or like Cherish had to her. So she simply placed a hand on her hip and pointed at herself.]]

[center [+gold Welcome back to the living you two! Nice to meet you! I'm Aelina Rosemond! Feel free to call me Rose if that's easier! I'll be your friendly neighborhood knight for this evening!]]

[center [b She had flashed a bright smile at the two. She enjoyed following the NPC knights but this? Meeting new people? That was really nice to. especially when... Well never mind that. It was just.. Well it was just nice!]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 179d 4h 55m 53s
[google-font,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] Cherish was glad to see the knight smile after calling out. Though she seemed to have underestimated her as sunshiny. Ray of sunshine wasn't even quite enough. She was a walking solar flare. She seemed like a lot fun to hang around. Before even replying, she did these really fun moves by spinning her shield and lance as she put them away. Cherish wished she had a shield and lance to join in too… Though she could probably do something similar with her staff, but it wouldn’t be the same. Either way, this would be a cool mini trip to the springs.

[#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Yes, of course I’m sure. Nice, I’m level 2 too! As for damage, our party could actually use a tank way more at the moment.”]]]] With the knight’s reply and side bump, she added, [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “I’m serious. Though you may be at a disadvantage in a water fight. If you’re up to it when we get there.”]]]]

Aelina made her own platform with her shield and she introduced herself. Cherish decided to respond in kind. She planted her holy staff into the ground and took a step back, leaving the staff just out of arm's reach. She leapt into the air and flipped forward, descending on the top of her staff. After sticking the landing on one foot, she grinned. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Nice to meet you, Aelina. I’m Cherish Noxolo. Cherish works. If anything else comes to mind, let me know. Salutations to you too.”]]]] After their silly exchange, she hopped off to the side of her staff and caught it before it fell over. Using it to point, [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Since he can’t send messages at the moment, this silent sniper right here is Rimeheart. Not sure why, but he can’t talk. Our two sleeping friends are Magikarp and Nun. Though you guys can have a real intro once they’re healed.”]]]]

Once they got to the spring, Aelina ran and cannonballed into the water. Rimeheart set Magikarp and Nun’s feet into the water so they could heal. Meanwhile, Cherish saw a ledge above the spring. She stepped out of her boots, ditched the extra layers, and set them off to the side. This game was so real, she wasn’t sure if they would need time to dry and for how long. Besides, it wasn’t like they covered much more than her underwear anyway. Though it was nice for all of the white markings she had on her avatar to be more forefront. Making sure she held onto her staff, she scaled up the side of this hill in order to get to that ledge.

Once up there, she looked down to see where everyone was. Magikarp and Nun were finally up, and the former had just cannonballed into the water. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Nice one!”]]]] She shouted from the tip of the ledge. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Hey guys. Please watch your heads.”]]]] Cherish retreated from that border by a really good bit. She had an idea of what she wanted to do when she got up there, but was questioning if she should join the cannonball trend. [i [Dancing+Script [size18 Next time.]]] Once she was far enough, she sprinted back to it with her staff at shoulder height. She plunged it right into the edge to launch herself into the water. However, instead of doing a cannonball, Cherish rotated her arms forward and brought them together. With her staff going back along her left arm, she dove into the water. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “That was so much fun,”]]]] she thought out loud as she reemerged above the water. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Nun! Magikarp! Glad you're both awake!"]]]]
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 190d 11h 43m 25s
[center [font "Times New Roman" [h3 M4G1K4RP, Unknown Cave, Besaid Island]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 M4G1K4RP awoke to a warm sensation on her feet and ankles, her health bar slowly filling, and the scent of warm water in the air. Slowly opening her eyes, she found that she had been transported to a hot spring. With a grin, she slid out of the springs, then her sooty robes, and cannon balled into the springs with a giddy shout of [#7ef26d "CANNON BALL!"] Like most MMOs, under the robes was a set of modest underwear.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 [h3 Nun, Unknown Cave, Besaid Island]]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Nun slowly came to, before jolting as he was struck in the face with a warm wave of liquid. He shook his head as he was bombarded with prompts. from Exp gained from the last battle, a loot log, and a level up screen. [i A warrior, huh? It looks powerful. I hope we meet up with Arthur soon so I can check out this skill...]]]]
  M4g1k4rp / GuardianAngel / 194d 17h 7m 40s

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