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[center [b A hot new MMO RPG has just come out on the new VR. The first of it's kind that allow the user a deeper experience with the game. With a unique catch for the mainstory quest. It's difficult and complex with no real quest markers. Though the real kicker is the entire player base share the main quest leaving only one party to actually beat the game. Icing on the cake? Whoever does so will win a large sum of cash.]]

[center [b The plot? A monster that was supposedly made as the worlds sin in monster form. "Sin" has been around for hundreds.. even thousands of years. This monster goes more commonly as Black Devil. From its scales is beast that comes to life. "Sin Spawn" the devil's shadows. The world covered with beast and scorned by humanity's sin. "Machina" the machines the mankind had that once helped indulged us in our sins has now been banned. In religious pursuits was found "magics" a gift from God for our repenting nature. "If mankind is clean of sin than will they be free of it" so mankind has found a way to combat sin. "Summoners" those strong enough to use the spirits. The "Aeons" to combat the Black Devil. The summoner must go to every temple to gain each and every Aeon to grow that power. So that they may summon the Final Aeon to defeat Sin. Thus taking the life they used for the people. Every 15 years the Black Devil returns and no one is sure why.]]

[center [h3 Roles/Classes]]

In this "our characters will play seven classes and two roles.. The summoner and her guardians You may decide that characters weapon and battle style as well personality. As you level you can pick different skills as you level up. With set stat growths.

[center [h3 Overdrives]]

[center [b When receiving damage you charge overdrive! ]]

Summoner: A gender-neutral role. the summoner will wield summoning and white magic. When the main character meets them. They will have their first summoning. This class is important for finishing the story. Every party requires one at least.
LV: 1
HP: 1=1
ATK: 3=1
DEF: 3=1
SPD: 1=1
INT: 1=1
MP: 1=3
AP: 1=2
LV 1 Skills to choose from.
Heal: Heals 20%HP MP Cost: 10

Ample Strike: Buff's an ally's ATK by 20% for a blow: MP Cost: 20

Mage's Training: Start's off with 50MP

Summoning: You start with a giant flying bird-like Aeon. You may name the beast. You'll see it's power later on.

Swordsman: A physical fighter with great speed and stamina with decent attack defense and health.
LV: 1
HP: 1=3
ATK: 1=1
DEF: 1=1
SPD: 1=2
INT: 3=1
MP: 3=1
AP: 1=3
LV 1 skills to choose from
Multi-Slash: Slashes a foe multiple times for AP 15 AP for 2 slices. 3 slices for 30 and 4 for 60AP and 5 for 120AP.

Quick Blows: Hit the whole enemy party with half power AP Cost: 10

Body Conditioning: Starts off with 50HP

Warrior: An offensive tank class with slow dodging speed high ATK/DEF/HP with extra low magic defensive.

LV: 5
HP: 1=4
ATK: 1=2
DEF: 1=2
SPD: 2=1
INT: 5=1
MP: 10=1
AP: 1=2
LV 1 skills to choose from
Warrior Training: Starts off with 30HP and 15DEF

Grand Slash: 50% More ATK for one blow losing 1/2 SPD for this blow. AP Cost: 20

Back Slash: Take double DMG from a skill to return with a blow. This blow will not hit instantly AP Cost: 15

LV: 3 Skills to choose from

Getting Too Old For This: Deflects one blow as long is isn't magic. AP Cost: 5

Too Easy: Give up half ATK for 50% more SPD. AP Cost: 10

Fire Blade: A joint skill. Blackmage must cast fire on the blade. Doing a normal strike that even if misses or hits. Burns the enemy at the very least. (20%INT) AP Cost: 10 and MP from the mage 10

Ranger: A ranged physical class that can wield guns/crossbows/bow and arrows. This class has the highest stamina with unique piercing skills and utility.
LV: 2
HP: 1=3
ATK: 1=1
DEF: 1=1
SPD: 1=1
INT: 3=1
MP: 5=1
AP: 1=5
LV: 1 skills to choose from

Guard: Doubles DEF for attack AP Cost 15

Power Shot: Uses AP to pierce enemy's SPD or DEF

Special training: Starts off with +20HP and 50AP and 15ATK

Black Mage: A glass cannon wielding elemental damage. Unrivaled in DPS but also the squishest class in the game.
LV: 2 (110SP)
HP: 1=1
ATK: 5=1
DEF: 5=1
SPD: 1=1
INT: 1=3
MP: 1=1.50
AP: 1=1
LV 1 skills to pick from:
Fire: Uses INT to strike fire on a foe some foes are weak and strong to this element MP Cost: 10

Mage Training: Starts off with 30+MP

Magic Block: Double magic DEF against a blow. MP Cost: 15

Knight: A true tank through in through. Boasting the highest defense and HP. With great magic defense to boot. This class however seriously lacks in the DPS area.
LV: 1
HP: 1=4
ATK: 2=1
DEF: 1=3
SPD: 3=1
INT: 1=2
AP: 1=2
Skill You Have No Matter What
Protective Block: Guards an ally AP Cost: 10

Skills to Choose From LV 1:
Holy Shield: Guards the party with a shield connected to the guardian AP Cost: 15 per turn

Holy Blade: Your blow can't miss AP Cost: 5

Knight Training: Starts off with 50HP and 15DEF/INT

Thief: The fastest class there is, wielding skills such as pickpocket the thief is also a versatile assassin not to be taken lightly.

LV: 1
HP 1=2
ATK: 1=1
DEF: 2=1
SPD: 1=3
AP: 1=3

LV 1 Skills to choose from
Pickpocket: Can spend AP to steal 5 AP for 1/6 chance 10 for 2/6 20 for 3/6 40AP for 4/6 and 80AP for 5/6 and 160AP for 100% chance.

Dash Strike: Can get past guardian type foes. As well gains 50%SPD for those blow. AP Cost: 10

Untouchable?: Dodges one skill when it's a kill strike with an auto counter. AP Cost: 30

Thief Training: 50+AP and 15+SPD

[center [h3 Party Status]]

Fair warning the party may split up into certain story parts. Also if you have more than 3 members-only 3 can be on the front. Takes a turn to swap out for an ally. If you are defeated it'll switch to an ally. Game over only happens when all of you are defeated. The max your party will have is 7 members. 5-7 Also you can save when needed and go backward when needed.

[center [h3 Requirements to Join]]

[center [b Fast Paced, when I say it's fully operational. Which no it is not yet. Moreover, when it is ready I expect multiple posts a day. Unless I am sick or busy. I want nice writers and quick people. Unless you get busy then I understand. I also want a PM saying Adventure with your skelly. Your skelly will be as here.]]

[center [h3 Skelly]]


[center [b The beginning of this journey will start with the main character. Then the legendary guardian.]]

[center [h3 Current Party]]

[center [h3 Cherish]]

[center [pic]]

Character Name: Cherish Noxolo
Real Name: Kharis Wilson
Role/Class: Summoner
Gender: Female

LV: 3
EXP: 54/121
(6)HP: 6
(0)ATK: 0
(0)DEF: 0
(15)SPD: 15
(50)INT: 50
(40)MP: 120/70
(10)AP: 20/7
Overdrive: 22/100


Grand Summoning: Summon a beast that appears with 100 more Overdrive.


Heal: Heals 20%HP MP Cost: 10

Advanced Heal: Heals 30%HP for 25MP

Mobile Summon: The Summoner can summon a smaller Valhalla. This smaller form halves it's stats. However it only takes up one party member slot instead of three MP Cost: 0

Magic Duo:


Name: Valhalla
LV: 1
HP: 500
ATK: 120
DEF: 80
SPD: 80
INT: 120
Overdrive Gauge: 100/100
Overdrive: Spirit Fangs: Attack whole enemy party. Or one foe twice,
Soul Essence 67/100

Weapon: Holy Staff: Allows the user to cast heal once per battle.


Goblin Silver: 30 Gald

Gob Knife: 18 Gald

Gob Staff: 34 Gald

Gob Wristlets: 18 Gald

Gob Wristlets: 18 Gald

Music Box: Sells for 63 Gald

Maple Wood: Coppers worth 64 Gald

Gains dark pendant! Sells for 24 Gald

Gains fine leather boots! Can be sold for 48 Gald

Friendship Bracelet: can be sold for 49 Gald

Staff Head: Can sell for 36 Gald

[center [h3 Aelina]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 3
Class: Knight
EXP: 54/121
(31)HP: 174/50
(0)ATK: 0 (5)
(20)DEF: 75
(0)SPD: 0
(30)INT: 75
(0)MP: 0
(40)AP: 80/26
Overdrive: 27/100


Red Vengeance: When using protective block. Can lower DEF to 0. Whatever DMG is taken is sent right back at the enemy bypassing SPD/DEF


LV: 1: Protective Block: Guards an ally AP Cost: 10

LV: 1: Knight Training: Starts off with 50HP and 15DEF/INT

LV 2: Guardians Aura: Reduces protective block cost to 5AP

Weapon: Knight's Blade: ATK: 5

[center [h3 Kevin McGraff]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 3
Class: Gladiator
EXP: 54/121
(5) HP: 65/19
(40) ATK: 40
(20) DEF: 20
(45) SPD: 90
(0) INT: 0 (5)
(0) MP: 0
(10) AP 30/21

Overdrive: 100/100


Mega Slash: Gain 50%+ATK

LV 1: Body Conditioning: +50 HP

LV 2: Swordplay: Block a melee strike when warrior is on frontline with the Swordsman

LV 3: Quick Steps: Gives up 20%DEF for 20%SPD AP Cost: 15 per turn

Weapon: Ice Blade: Deal an additional 5INT in Ice elemental damage.
Gald: 25

[center [h3 Vanessa]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 2
Class: Thief
EXP: 60/110
(30)HP 60
(35)ATK: 35
(0)DEF: 0
(25)SPD: 90
(0)INT: 0
(0)MP: 0
(20)AP: 110/99
Overdrive: 15/100


Speed Demon: Roll a die to decide how many blows you'll throw! The least being 2, the most being a grand total of 6 blows! Can target multiple foes or all on one foe.


LV: 1: Pickpocket: Can spend AP to steal 5 AP for 1/6 chance 10 for 2/6 20 for 3/6 40AP for 4/6 and 80AP for 5/6 and 160AP for 100% chance.

LV: 1: Thief Training: 50+AP and 15+SPD

LV: 2
Tinkers: If Pickpocket is used on a machine type enemy even a boss instantly slain.

Weapon: Fire Dagger: Deal an additional 5INT in Fire elemental damage.


Items: Prince Charming: Improves selling and buying items by 10%. Also increases charisma toward NPC's by 20%

Gald: 850

Items: Soul Essence: (25)

[center [h3 Liara Scorcher]]

[center [pic]]

Real Picture:
Real Name: Liara Scorcher

Game Avatar:
Game Name: Taenya Nerina

Class: Black Mage

Gender: Female

LV: 3
EXP: 54/121
(25)HP: 25
(0)ATK: 0 (5)
(0)DEF: 0
(13)SPD: 13
(50)INT: 150
(13)MP: 49.5/5
(20)AP: 20/11
Overdrive: 25/100

Magic Cannon: Magic either gains 50% more power or speed. Up to the caster


LV: 1: Fire: Uses INT to strike fire on a foe some foes are weak and strong to this element MP Cost: 10

LV: 1: Mage Training: Starts off with 30+MP

LV 2: Water: Fires a water element strike MP Cost: 10

LV 2: Omni Blast: Fire a Non Element Blast in case of foes that absorb elements MP Cost: 15

Weapon: Black Monk Wraps: Grants 5ATK points with a 100% accuracy rate for physical attacks.

[center [h3 R1M3H34RT]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 3
Class: Ranger
EXP: 89/121
(15)HP: 65/19
(22)ATK: 37
(33)DEF: 33
(37)SPD: 37 (42)
INT: 0
MP: 0
(14)AP: 120/51
Overdrives: 19/100


Gundrive: Pierce either 50%DEF or SPD in one shot!


LV: 1: Special training: Starts off with +20HP and 50AP and 15ATK

LV: 3: Piercing Shot: Pierces 20%SPD/DEF AP Cost: 30

Weapon: Automatic Rifle: +5SPD
Gald: 25

[center [h3 Arthur]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 5
Class: Warrior
EXP: 85/146
(26)HP: 134
(30)ATK: 60
(20)DEF: 55
(40)SPD: 20 (25)
(0)INT: 0
(0)MP: 0
(30)AP: 60/49
Overdrive: 20/100


Dragon Fang: Hit the entire enemy party with a physical attack. OR Hit at one foe twice.


LV: 1: Warrior Training: Starts off with 30HP and 15DEF

LV: 3: Fire Blade: A joint skill. Blackmage must cast fire on the blade. Doing a normal strike that even if misses or hits. Burns the enemy at the very least. (20%INT) AP Cost: 10 and MP from the mage 10

Weapon: Bushido Greatsword: SPD: 5

Note: Speed from gear does not get doubled when attacking.


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Roleplay Responses

[center [h3 One False Step]]

[center [b Aelina and Taenya had high fived one another. Aelina felt a little better not being the only new member to this team. Aelina set them up and Taenya knocked them down. She really neglected offense and opted for an almost pure defensive route even compared to most Knight classes. She was afraid maybe it wasn't so smart but after meeting this party? Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea.]]

[center [b Aelina ran over and shook Nun and Rimeheart.]]

[center [+gold LIVVVEEE!!]]

[center [b Cherish had revived the two and Aelina had offered a bright smile patting the two on the shoulder.]]

[center [+gold Nice work holding the line you two! Musta been hard being outnumbered and stuff! I can't believe we leveled up in one fight!]]

[center [b Cherish had agreed with Aelina to head back. Going back would be risky if they somehow ran into any mobs? They'd be in trouble. However it seemed luck was on their side! The AP drain was harsh but luckily at the end? Was a familiar healing springs! The team was able to stop and rest. Aelina was panting for it took HP/AP for her to walk that far meaning she ran out of AP walking back. It was tough she actually felt tired! What a strange feeling.]]

[center [b Though she felt relieved soaking in the water before shooting back up. The energetic knight was in no mood to linger too long in the water a second time! No she was ready to go charging in to the next adventure!]]

[center [+gold So where are we heading next?]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 17d 5h 21m 39s
[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Darkness, and a sense of floating in nothing. A sense of disappointment came over him, as he had once again been knocked out in a single blow. Emitting a heavy sigh, he couldn't help but wonder how the rest of the party was holding up. R1M3H34RT would have to hold his own until the rest of the party could finish up on the other flank. Dammit. Hold on there, Rime.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Before long a bright piercing light broke the darkness. Before his eyes, it took the form of an avian. [i [#ca50f2 Why is there a bird? This is new.]] Feeling pressure on his chest, he was lifted from the darkness to the breath taking view of R1M3H34RT's hand and mask. Letting out a pained sigh, he took his compatriot's hand, and was hoisted to his feet. Checking himself over for bullet wounds, he noticed the bird disappearing into Cherish. [i [#ca50f2 Valh?]]]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Shaking his head to clear it, and stumbling a bit, he gave Rime a thumbs up before stooping over the retrieve his blade. With a bit more stumbling, he noticed his flashing health bar, and looked upon group before giving them a thumbs up. Walking was a tad difficult at the moment, and he didn't feel like he could vocalize without vomiting.]]]
  Nun / GuardianAngel / 26d 13h 2m 29s
Rousing from his rather uncomfortable nap, Rimeheart sat up and held his head. He felt like he had his head in a vice. When his head finally stopped spinning he realized that he'd been revived, though in a less than desirable state. Still, Rimeheart looked up to Cherish and gave her a weak thumbs up before standing up.

He looked at Taenya and walked up to her, first pointing at her and then opening and closing his hand like a talking mouth before gesturing to himself and the rest of the party. Funny, that the only mute person in the group was the one telling others to talk to the group first. Other than that, he didn't press the issue. He looked back at Nun, who was next in line for revival and when he awoke he offered Nun his hand to help him stand up.
  R1M3H34RT / Phytocanis324 / 28d 10h 13m 28s
[google-font,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] The went pretty deep into the cave before encountering anything. However, when they did, the enemy made their presence known. Scratch that, enemies. There were 6 goblins, again. Yet these ones were different, more personable and… overall more talkative. They probably could be reasoned with, probably not. She couldn't take that chance. The whole party needed to get through this alive and connected, and Taenya was included in that even though she wasn't listed as a member. She was in their group. That's all that mattered. No more losing people.

Instead of dragging things out and draining themselves, they separated the enemy 3v2 and 3v3. They split up with Nun and Rime in the first one with Cherish, Taenya and Aelina in the second with the leader. When the fight started, Cherish felt helpless all over again. If she brought Valh out, he'd take all of the EXP. It would guarantee a win and achieve her goal. Yet, they needed to level up. She had the power to save everyone, but in a way that would stunt them. She wanted to help. She had to watch Kev and Karp be knocked-out. She had to watch Jae become so disturbed by everything and log out. She had to watch Karp glitch in pain until she was able to log out. Watch, helplessly, that was all she could do.

Although Cherish was the first one attack, she thought the Cleric would use a spell rather than a physical attack and couldn't move fast enough to dodge. Aelina jumped in front and saved her. And she defended her again with the incoming Champion.[#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 "Thank you, Aelina]]] Helpless again, she could heal, but that was it. Meanwhile, Taenya was on the offense. Why couldn't she do anything?

That was when scenes that didn't quite match her memory played before her. She was swooping in taking out the heard of goblins from before. The emotions behind the attack were hers, but not hers. They were to protect after having to watch over others… Like she had been perched for too long, finally getting a chance to strike. It was weird, but it was what she wanted. This restless heat started to grow from inside her. Intensifying, it began to radiate a soft white glow from her chest spreading outward, lighting up her tattoos.

As the surge of power encompassed her entire being, a notification appeared before her. She unlocked a new spell, Mobile Summon! This was what she needed! The soft glow faded as Taenya finished her attack. Cherish summoned Valh using this ability. Time to kick ass before their asses were kicked.

The fight was like no other. They had reasons, and like hers, it was to defend each and every single one of their own. She had spoken with the Champion as they exchanged blows, gaining this mutual understanding. Neither could take a chance of going easier on the other. They couldn't face any more loss. Although this was a game, she respected that. However, her teammates were taking a different approach. Before she knew it, Nun had challenged the champion in a dual.

The odds of him winning were so slim and he had just woken up in the springs. Valh was part of her, as weird as it sounded, she could feel that the reverse was true too. As a whole, they could win. No.They would win, hands down. However, he was being stubborn and Rime wasn't helping her case. Finally when he agreed, it was too late. They took too long. Taenya made a decision when they hadn't. The champion was dead. All hell broke loose after that.

Both Rime and Nun were down. The Cleric, Gar, escaped as Aelina and Cherish ran over to where the guys were knocked out. Before she knew it, they had taken out all of them except the Knight. It took what seemed like forever, he joined his fallen comrades. But they did it. The three of them survived. After Aelina and Taenya finished their high five, she joined in the victory. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 "Nice! We finally did it!"]]] Reaching out her left hand, she offered first bumps.

Seeing the body disappear and display the loot, she felt bad for little Knight. She couldn't help it. The little guy hid that he was a halfling out of fear of being judged, but they had just proven that he was right to only embrace his goblin side. He died hating the human part of himself. Picking up his friendship bracelet made her heart sink, but she looked back at Rime and Nun.

Rime was laid out on top of him from when he was shielding Nun from any other attacks. Cherish sat by them. Using Advance Heal, she revived Rime and then Nun. They had 30% of their original HP now. She lost 50MP, but she had plenty more.

When Taenya came up to them expecting them to come down on her for killing the champion, Cherish shook her head. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 "No, I don't see a reason. You made a decision and acted on it. I'd be lying if I said it felt right, but we got the exp we needed and leveled up. If anything,"]]] she glanced over at Nun, [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 "I'm disappointed in how the rest of us took so long."]]]

Hearing the beast further in the cave, again, Cherish knew Valh could take it and Aelina could still block for her. But her AP was at 7, she may not even make it there and they were in no shape to attempt that walk. Brushing off the remaining tension from everything that just happened, she listening to Aelina, [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 “Yeah, I agree with we should regroup and try this again when we're better equipped to go further. Back to the springs, guys?"]]] Back to Taenya, [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 "Hey, Taenya. There's a healing spring just out of the cave. It replenishes all stats back to their max. Would you like to go with us? And although this battle was a weird one… It'd be nice if you could join our party. No pressure to accept, especially right away. One glass cannon to another."]]]
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 41d 14h 30m 0s

Her initial reception seemed to go well. The robotic looking character sent a message, would've been more hilarious if they were an actual in-game robot, followed by a friendly wave with a stats screen of to the side. Taenya responded with a [i [#3333ff Hello R1M3H34RT, I am Taenya]] while reciprocating his stats show off with her own. A hipster looking woman followed after the robotic one, no corniness detected in her 'peaceful' name. The final member of the party had a morbid look despite the cheerful greeting, probably was a cheerful guy who enjoyed deathly aesthetics in video games.

After those interactions, further into the cave it was!

Not too long they ran into goblins, three of them to be precise. Three green gobbos posed no problem to their party. But then three gobbos turned to six, three from the front and three from rear. A five versus six with two fronts, which meant the best split-up would be 2-3 split; An unconscious choice of Nun and R1M3H34RT in the first line, no damage soaker somewhat worrying, and herself, Aelina, and Cherish in the second line. The battle now began.

Taenya didn't pay attention to what happened in the other line, whether line ended victorious or defeated didn't matter for now; The faster line two dealt with the gobbos the faster they'd be able to help line one.

Taenya would have to thank Aelina later, that knight busted her ass to protect her and Cherish, the two magic squishies, from dying. All that damage soaking meant that two of them could let fly their mana in the form of spells. For Taenya it meant the enjoyment of burning the gobbos to ashes with zero retaliation.

The gobbos expressed their annoyance through words. It annoyed Taenya, she wanted to explore and not listen to the talk of gobbos frustrated by having their asses wupped. With the greatest pleasures she finished off the champion, incinerating him until not even the ashes remained. Apparently, based on the group's glances, roasting the champion to death had been dishonorable, Taenya didn't give a fuck since a kill was a kill along with her solo player habits.

With line two cleared of gobbos, the three of them turned to finish line one of gobbos. All three gobbos stood over the knocked out bodies of their kamaraden which meant dealing with their sorry asses. Taenya did feel sorry for the half-human gobbo, no one accepted halfings and some went even as far as giving them hell. Being out of mana meant punching for a measly 5HP a hit, but eventually the remaining gobbos died.

After that came the time to regroup and take stock. Taenya noticed the level up notification, and quickly squared away her points while grabbing two new mana using attacks. A quick glance at the team showed the dire straits they were in, if they were jumped they'd fall faster than flies. That thought reinforced by a pretty loud roar.

Taenya chuckled as Aelina complimented the teamwork, even going for a high five. Taenya high-fived Aelina with a loud slap, smiling, [b [#3333ff "If by team you mean you get hit all the time while I safely do damage then we make a good team indeed"]] while letting of a slight chuckle.

Looking around, no one else had moved yet. [b [#3333ff "So which one of you wants to berate me first? Don't be afraid, I won't bite."]]
  Taenya Nerina / NorthernWolves / 47d 8h 48m 35s
[center [h3 Harsh Battle]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Aelina the Knight had entered the fray with her comrades by her side. She was to fight alongside Cherish and Taenya raising her shield and Lance she focused ahead. Aelina hadn't really played many video games before so this was all new to her. However she was quite the bookworm in real life and so she studied plenty before learning to play Black Beast. Studying other RPG's and MMO's but with life and other things she was still getting the hang of it. Not to mention this game relied on reflexes as well as knowledge.]]

[center [b Heading into the battle Aelina managed to defend Cherish long enough for her to summon. It seemed Cherish had learned a new spell in the heat of battle. Taenya entering the fray came in with powerful fire blows striking straight and true. The enemy HEAVILY focused on her. Aelina had manged to be just quick enough every time. "Wow! I feel quicker! Sure this armor and shield feels heavy and I know my speed stat is worthless... Yet compared to real life? I feel pretty fast. Is it that Guardian Aura increases my movement speed? Enough so to defend my allies?" Aelina had never fought in her life. She didn't have a mean bone in her tiny body so violence was still kinda scary to her. What helped was always reminding herself it was just a game. She took a deep breath as she found herself falling back "into character" the stalwart and headstrong Knight.]]

[center [b Pushing and fending every attack away at her friends. Standing true like a wall even against the Champion and his Dark Wizard. She sadly lacked the speed to make any meaningful attacks of her own. She didn't strike till near the end to weaken the Wizard once. Her offensive skills were worthless.]]

[center [+gold I'm sorry I'm not doing much damage!]]

[center [b There was a peak of opportunity for peace to be made with this tribe. Aelina would have loved to make peace instead of war. Even if war meant more EXP and leveling faster Taenya however snuck a strike to the Champion thus ending said chance. Even had she not surprised him with that he was going to be done for. Even Aelina knew that much about this game so far. High INT meant fast and powerful spells. The tribe of course responded with disdain and anger. Aelina shielded and withstood all of it. The attacks the assault the frustration. She almost felt bad denying them every time but it was her job. The NPC's were strange and felt... So alive. In the end they were just NPC's though.]]

[center [b Cherish and the other girls finished up to go help the boys but it seemed they were just too late and both were KO'd. Aelina was impressed they held out 2v3 so long without any Tank. It was a long and difficult battle when all was said and done the party collected EXP/Loot and Soul Essence for Cherish's summoning. Aelina was tired and sorta low on HP. She looked at her in game clock.]]

[center [+gold Wow 5AM huh?]]

[center [b She'd been playing about five hours and she was just now LV 3? The first two levels in any game should happen SOOO much faster. She was also leveling with a party imagine trying to level alone. Even at early levels traveling alone seemed too dangerous.]]

[center [+gold Whew! That fight took forever! Cherish I think you should heal the boys and wake them up!]]

[center [b Aelina saw her screen alongside her party's AP/MP/HP they were in rough shape. If they hit another fight on the way out they are in trouble. Aelina had went through her screen leveling her AP plenty and her HP slightly. Taenya was out of juice/MP. She had the most dangerous burst DPS in the party but when her MP runs dry she can't do much. Aelina had sheathed her weapon and Lance.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [h3 Ominous Pressure]]

[center [b Deeper down the cave a roar could be heard along with a heavy pressure. Aelina shook a bit startled, the roar sounded inhuman for sure. It was a loud angry bellow she didn't think the party was prepared for such a fight.]]

[center [+gold Maybe we should hire a max party before returning? I think in Black Beast.. That's a party of seven right? That's just my own idea it's up to you guys. To be honest I'm kinda new to gam- Being a Knight! Hehe~]]

[center [b Aelina stuck her tongue out playfully rubbing the back of her head. She was ready for Rime or Nun to have a big conversation with Taenya maybe even Cherish. Maybe they'd let it go? Either way Aelina would do her best to stay out of it. She raised a hand to give Taenya a high five.]]

[center [+gold Hey! You and me make a pretty good team!!]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 49d 13h 27m 20s
[center [h3 Levels]]

[center [h3 Cherish]]

[center [b Current LV Choice]]

LV: 3
Group Heal: Can cast heal once on the whole front lines. MP Cost either doubled or tripled of basic heal. Requires that you have heal learned.

Block Aid: Can raise DEF of an ally by 20% for one incoming blow. MP Cost: 30

Magical Duo:

[center [b Next LV Choice]]

[center [h3 Taenya]]

Water: Fires a water element strike MP Cost: 10

Omni Blast: Fire a Non Element Blast in case of foes that asorb elements MP Cost: 15

Fira: Uses frie with 20% more INT on the fire. MP Cost: 15

[center [b Next LV Choice]]

[center [h3 Nun]]

[center [b Current LV choices]]
LV: 3
Water Blade: The Black Mage will cast water on the blade. Doing heavy DMG on fire type foes. Even if the strike misses it cuts MP/AP Takes 15MP from the Black Mage

Quick Cuts: If you have Multi Cut the AP cost for it is halved using this skill.

Light on my feet: Gives up 20%DEF for 20%SPD AP Cost: 15 per turn

[center [b Next LV Choice]]

[center [h3 Rimeheart]]

[center [b Next Choice]]
LV: 5

Pin Shot: This shot does no DMG but prevents the target from dodging and blocking next strike AP Cost: 55

Deadly Shot: The quick draw can bypass a foes DEF by 50% for a single shot. AP Cost: 60

Buster Shot: This shot can't miss and can only be blocked AP Cost: 35

[center [h3 Aelina]]

[center [b Current LV Choice]]

LV: 3
Guardian: Gain double magic DEF when blocking for the summoner

Tactful Guardian: When defending the Ranger gain double DEF

Dark Guardian: When the spell monk takes damage. Restore AP equal to the damage taken to the Spell Monk.

[center [b Knight's next choice]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I will add next LV choice in a bit! Tell me if I made any mistakes in doing this I did it kinda fast.]]

[center [h3 Goblin Tribe Stats]]

Champion Gob (Combat)
HP: 144 (194/0
ATK: 70 (75)
DEF: 10
SPD: 30 

Gunner Goblin (Combat)
HP: 164/0
ATK: 40 (45)
AP: 130 (180/15)
Skills/Spells: Can pierce DEF/SPD with AP!

Dark Wizard Goblin (Combat)
HP: 104 /0
INT: 80 (85) 
MP: 30 (8/70)
Skills/Spells: Wind Lance: Can fire INT off for 10MP!

Thief Goblin (Combat)
HP: 104 (154/0)
ATK: 20 (25)
SPD: 100

Knight Goblin (Support)
HP: 400
ATK: 10
DEF: 36 (41)
AP: 0 (50/0)
Skills/Spells: Can protect an ally for 10AP

Cleric Gob (Support)
HP: 184/124
ATK: 30
SPD: 30 (35)
MP: 60 (110/20)
Skills/Spells: Can heal an ally for 20% HP! 10MP/Can heal an ally by 20% before they receive an attack! MP Cost: 20
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 52d 8h 3m 43s
[center [h3 Combat]]
[center [b As Cherish and Aelina held back Taenya from killing another Goblin. Rimeheart shot two piercing shots at the Gunner. The Knight however used protective block twice using 20AP. Panting heavily he was running low on stamina. The piercing shots revealed his defense! 41!]]

[center [b Piercing 20% of DEF to lower it to 33! Sadly Rimeheart still only deals 10DMG! Consuming 60AP! The Knight in anger strikes at Rimeheart but he's able to effortlessly dodge like his friend shooting a counter for another 5DMG! The gunner uses 42AP to pierce Rimehearts higher stat to blow a whole through his other shoulder. KO'ing him! He's still alive but in critical condition! The gunner sighed as most of his scrap (AP) had been used.]]

[center [+red Son of a bitch that took a lot of firepower to pierce those two. That was tougher then I expected now we can gang up on the other human-]]

[center [+lightgreen No we can't.. Nasgard and Gar.. Along with Reb (caster) their all dead!]]

[center [+blue I don't see Gar's body! He ran off! Like a coward! It's fine! Three of us! Three of thems! We steals!]]

[center [+lightgreen No.. we avenge on my name William Vansworth I will take these men down!]]

[center [+blue Whats that name?]]

[center [+red It's a human name I never asked him before.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The knight removed his helmet he was a halfling. Half human and half Goblin. He took a deep breath looking forward.]]

[center [+lightgreen Sorry I lied brothers I was afraid you would not accept me. I know now I should have been honest. I'm disgusted myself to know I'm half human honestly.]]

[center [b New Turn Order! ]]

1st: Thief (Dead)
2nd: Mini Val
3rd: Taenya
4th: Aelina/Knight/Gunner

[center [b The thief strikes at Aelina! Dealing 5DMG! She blocks the strike looking forward at the enemy ahead of her.]]

[center [+gold Nun,Rimeheart you fought these three alone? For this long? Without a summoning? Without a shield. You guys did well you can rest easy now.]]

[center [b It's now Cherish's turn!]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 52d 9h 55m 49s
[center [h3 Line One Turn Phase 3]]

[center [b The thief strikes at Rimeheart! Does he dodge? Or block?]]

[center [h3 Line Two Turn Phase 3]]

[center [b The Cleric hurriedly tries to heal the Wizard until he raises his hand up.]]

[center [+blue Stop! Attack or heal yourself. I won't live through this fight. I'm simply.. Not strong enough. I'm not even strong enough to avenge Nasgard.]]

[center [+lightgreen Nono I make bad bad go away soon!]]

[center [+blue I'm sorry Gar you can't make the bad bad go away this time. Sometimes you have to accept "bad bad" and try to make "good good" with it okay?]]

[center [+lightgreen I.. I'll try. I-.. I..]]

[center [+blue Damn it no you'll die too! I can't! I can't let that happen I can at least save you! Run go!]]

[center [b The Wizard runs at the team trying to sacrifice himself for the Cleric.]]

[center [b Major Choice: Kill the Wizard and let the Cleric escape? you'll get full items and EXP for the Cleric as he left behind his stuff in fear if he attempts to flee. Or not buy into the Wizards sacrifice. Instead finishing the fight in a regular turn order fashion. Leaving behind no witnesses but take longer to help your comrades.]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 52d 11h 52m 21s
[center [h3 Turn Phase Two! Line One!]]

[center [+red Haha yes! Bleed! Bleed for me!]]

[center [b The thief takes the chance to strike again with his 25ATK and 100SPD! This time dashing at the wounded Rimeheart! Rimeheart has 1/6 chance to dodge! Or he can block and take only 5DMG if he fails a dodge he will take 9DMG!]]

[center [b Rimeheart blocks taking 5DMG!]]

[center [+blue What in the hells is this? Boom boom humans usually softy soft. Soft and easy to steals from! He's all hard!]]

[center [+red Fret not friend you're strike did have an effect on the man. Once I can reload he's one dead son of a bitch.]]

[center [b Nun's turn! The Knight appears confused and distracted! Nun see's an opening! To strike either the gunner! Or the Thief! Whom does he strike? Does he decide to wield his Overdrive?]]

[center [h3 Turn Phase Two Line Two!]]

[center [b The Cleric Goblin uses heal! Consuming 10MP to heal 20% of the Champion gobs HP! Putting the Champion Gob at 97HP! The Champion Gob snarls in delight charging forward this time at Aelina! Striking at the nuisance Knight she blocks taking only 5DMG.]]

[center [+gold Oh wow you guys are as good at attacking as you are at making peace huh?]]

[center [+darkgreen Argh! You'll resent those words! I'll crush you human girl under the weight of my boots!]]

[center [b It's Taenya's turn! Who does she attack? Aelina raises her shield high viewing the Cleric's actions as well the Champions. In the heat of the battle Aelina had realized Taenya hit for about 135 even if the Cleric could quickly heal the champion. It..]]

[center [+gold Taenya! Attack the champion Cleric be damned you can take him out in just one more shot! It's clear they won't listen to reason!]]

[center [+darkgreen Bah! Take me out? That tiny human girl? In one shot? Don't make me laugh! Hah!]]

[center [b Taenya's turn]]

[center [b Taenya finishes off the champion goblin! ]]

[center [h3 Rest of Phase 2]]

[center [b Aelina saw the group rag on the new member Taenya they'd talk afterwards. Like parents to a child it was funny but gamers could take this world seriously. All things considered though? The team was still holding morale and together pretty well and not blaming each other for anything either. Aelina in retrospect found Taenya's choice kinda funny. If not a little messed up. ]]

[center [b Cherish attacks the Wizard! The Cleric casting its pre heal! Val's strike runs true dashing through the Wizard! Revealing his current and Max HP.]]
Wizard: HP:104/4

[center [b Nun goes next! Striking at the Gunner! The Knight deflects the strike! Pushing Nun back with aggression. The Knight loses 10AP/HP!]]

[center [+lightgreen I won't...]]

[center [+darkgreen I won't let you hurt any more of my friends! I thought you were an honorable swordsman!! I.. Thought you were.. Damn it I'm so stupid!!!]]

[center [+lightgreen Healy heal magic running away.]]

[center [+gold Is that so! So you better stop this!]]

[center [b Aelina strikes at the Wizard as the Cleric in a panic heals the wizard. Healing 20HP! Putting the Wizard now at 19HP]]

[center [b The Wizard fires a air lance at Taenya to avenge Nasgar. Aelina jumps in the way! Losing 10HP and 5AP!]]

[center [+gold I'm sorry! I can't let you avenge you're friend.]]

[center [+blue Damn you! You and that mage! Damn you both! Using magic for selfish gain. For.. This!]]

[center [b The Knight attempts to attack Nun in a clumsy rage. With only a 1/6 chance to hit. Does Nun dodge or block?]]

[center [b The Gunner sharing the same SPD as the Knight loads his gun to take another shot. He takes his shot.. At Nun! Nun managed to dodge the Knight and counter attack it for 5DMG! however the gunner uses a whopping 90AP to pierce Nun's dodge! Hitting him for 45DMG! KO'd! Nun is out cold and it is only Rimeheart on Line One!]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 52d 12h 5m 4s
[center [h3 Combat Notes]]

[center [h3 Line One Turn Order]]

1st: Thief Goblin
2nd: Nun
3rd: Rimeheart
4th: Gunner and Knight Gob have equal speed.

[center [h3 Line Two Turn Order]]
1st: Cleric Gob
2nd: Champion Gob-Nasgard
3rd: Taenya
4th: Cherish
5th: Aelina/Wizard Gob

[center [h3 Turn One Line One]]

[center [b Line one! The Gunner along with his trust Knight and Thief charge the team! Nun and Rimeheart valiantly take the front to allow the female half of the team to bravely defeat the champion coming from the rear.

The thief goblin having to much speed even for Nun makes a move at Rimeheart and Nun quickly. Does Nun block or dodge? Chance to dodge is only 1/6! The attack is physical so Nun will reduce damage by 20 if blocked! Only 10 if he chooses to dodge and fails!]]

[center [b Nun decides his luck at parrying the goblin focusing with a keen eye the gladiator waits. Waiting for his moment before... Flash the clink of steel the speedy gob was only able to nick Nun for 5DMG. He had otherwise parried his blow perfectly revealing the attack and SPD of the Thief.]]
ATK: 25
SPD: 100

[center [b Nun quickly disengaged pushing the thief back instead of attacking it in anger he decided a more tactical approach. Going instead to attack the Gunner in the back! The Knight uses Protective Block! Consuming 10 of its AP! The Knight only sustains 10DMG! ]]

[center [+lightgreen S-Sorry! I can't let you attack my friends! Aww gee you think I'm cool? Really? You're really good too Mr sword guy!]]

[center [+red Hey! What the hell! Don't talk to the dirty human!]]

[center [+blue Yeah we stab and still from them what else can we ask? They look at us exactly the same way besides.]]

[center [+lightgreen Oh.. Gee I'm sorry guys I didn't mean to get distracted.]]

[center [+blue Blah! Never mind he's fast and sturdy too. Most adventurers thats have crappy stuffs like them die fast.]]

[center [+red Except he actually parried you, you losing you're touch speed demon?]]

[center [+blue Pfft lucky parry that's all it was he almost took your damn head besides. If it wasn't for clumsy here he might have.]]

[center [+red We'll see about that, he won't be doing much once I riddle him with holes. His partner uses boom boom sticks too I wanna try out his next.]]

[center [b Rimehearts turn next!]]

[center [b Rimeheart chooses to not attack despite given the chance to!]]

[center [+lightgreen Oh gee why didn't he shoot at us? Mr human you okay?]]

[center [+red Guess he's scared! Well not me nope let's get him!]]

[center [b The knight refuses to attack! Skipping his turn! The gunner however decides to attack! The skill is called Mega Piercing Shot. He fires at Rimeheart! Does Rimeheart dodge? Or block?]]

[center [b Mega Piercing Accuracy skill revealed!]]

[center [b Mega Piercing Accuracy: Fully pierces an opponents SPD or DEF by spending as the same amount of AP as SPD or DEF. AP Cost: Varies]]

[center [b Rimeheart goes to block! With 32DEF the Gunner is forced to use 32 AP! To fully pierce his block and him for full damage! Revealing his ATK to be 45! Giving Rimeheart a nasty shot through his guard dealing 45DMG! Despite the blow Rimeheart still manages to stand!]]

[center [+red Haha yes! Bleed! Bleed for me!]]

[center [h3 Turn One Line Two]]

[center [b The Cleric comes in to strike at Cherish! With long staff in hand. 1/6 chance to dodge! No physical defense to block with!]]

[center [b Aelina uses Guardian Aura! To block for 5AP! Revealing the speed and power of the Cleric! The Cleric has..]]

[center [b Dealing 5 DMG to Aelina!]]

[center [+gold Ow! You know it's nice to strike a lady! Or her shield for that matter! You okay Cherish? These guys are pretty tough!]]

[center [b With a flash of the champions red cape he came in with a mighty arc of his saber. Slashing at Cherish from the side to finish her. Aelina activates her skill again expending another 5AP! Blocking the champion with her Lance just in the nick of time!]]

[center [+gold Careful! The red guy hits extra hard!!]]

[center [b Aelina's said still maintaining a cheery smile on her face. Revealing the champions ATK/SPD!]]
SPD: 30
ATK: 75

[center [b Aelina so far has lost 10HP/AP! Cherish and Taenya only have a 1/6 chance to dodge either one!]]

[center [h3 Summoners Potential]]

[center [b Cherish watched her friends fight on Taenya and Aelina had given great valor. The match from before how she linked with her Spirit to destroy the Goblins how her eyes seen through his. Now she feels a hot white glow in her chest and a surge of power. An ability learned once a Summoner begins enough Turn phases.

She learns a new spell!

Mobile Summon: The Summoner can summon a smaller Valhalla. This smaller form halves it's stats. However it only takes up one party member slot instead of three MP Cost: 0]]

[center [b Taenya's turn! Who does she strike? Does she decide to strike up peaceful solutions? Or instead destroy them?]]

[center [b Taenya comes in with a searing fire strike. The champion attempts to dodge but her magic proves to be too quick and too overwhelming the Champion is revealed to have 0 magic defense! Taking full damage he's engulfed in a current of flame! Charging through the burnt champion pants and bleeds. He's received 135DMG! However he still seems to be standing although he does seem badly hurt.]]

[center [b Cherish summons Val in a smaller form the size of a direwolf. Taking astride on the beast her staff covered in it's spirit energy she channeled it's overdrive. Her eye burning bright with vigor and mana she charged forward. Striking at each and every foe with Val's overdrive.]]
[center [b The cleric had casted a support spell by doubling the mana cost of cure from 10 to 20MP he has a skill known as precure. Able to cure an ally 20% HP before taking an attack. Healing the champion by 38HP! Revealing his max HP to be 194! He chooses to block the strike with his defense. Taking instead of 60DMG he takes 50!]]
Champion's stats
HP: 194/47
ATK: 70 (75)
SPD: 30
DEF: 10

[center [b The cleric and wizard taking a total of 60DMG each! Both still standing! However the wizard looks to be about on it's last legs.]]

[center [b Aelina and the wizards turn! The wizard attacks Taenya! However Aelina jumps in the way! Using protective block to defend from the Wizards spells! The wizard conjuring wind lances to strike at Aelina! Revealing it's INT at..85! Dealing 10DMG to Aelina! Only flinching slightly the stalwart knight gave a slight giggle looking back at Taenya with a thumbs up! Now it was her turn to strike. However Aelina knew better then to strike the wizard. The Cleric would only be able to use it's skill to heal the Wizard 20%HP. Sure they would learn the wizards max HP but she'd only deal 5DMG. She decided it wasn't worth giving the wizard a portion of it's health back. so instead she decided a more peaceful approach.]]

[center [+gold I know my allies strike you but it is only out of self defense! I protect them this is true but I refuse to strike you. Because a Knight knows that sentient creatures deserve a chance before slaughtering them. You attack us on site cause many of our kind have done so to you in the quest to grow stronger.]]

[center [+darkgreen ..Argh pretty words they are. Pretty lies they are! Don't be tricked!]]

[center [+green Human not attack us. Human weird? Why does this a human make me feel weird? Do I heal weird? Make the weird in chest go away away?]]

[center [+darkgreen Bah! Nonsense don't bother listening to her trite!]]

[center "My magic was blocked by such "trite" as you called it. She is impressive but I fear the one on the mount is even more dangerous. She seems to lead these humans.]

[center [+darkgreen Yet the mage is dangerous too but that blasted Knight won't budge!]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 52d 12h 3m 46s
[center [h3 Shaky Terrain]]

[center [b The party had chosen to travel forward one mile in the cave with a new party at hand. Aelina had stood close beside Nun with a bright smile patting the weary swordsman on the back with a perky smile.]]

[center [b Consuming 9AP strange and eerie noises could be heard in the cave. Lights where lit as torches were set ablaze with magic. A goblin with a red cape and a well made sword was at the end. A chest plate and all.]]

[center [+darkgreen Argh humans! Prepare for battle!]]

[center [+green Issa humans!]]

[center [+lightgreen Raaaawrr!]]

[center [b Three of the goblins had hid in the back the other three taking the front. The champion taking himself to the backlines in fact. As a dagger wielding goblin went forward. One with firearms and a cigar? And a clumsy goblin in heavy armor that struggled to pull its blade from it's sheath with it's stubby arms the blade must have rusted shut. So the goblin shrugged taking a defensive position for his comrades instead.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red Let's shoot em up!]]

[center [+blue Hehe and take their things!]]

[center [+lightgreen Yeah... And... Roar at them? I don't know I'm new to this!]]

[center [+red Quiet! Just take the hits for us dumb dumb we can handle all the stabbing and shooting. Especially the shooting! Lookie! One's got a gun! Ima steals it!]]

[center [+blue Stealings my jobs!!]]

[center [+gold Oh wow! These goblisn talk! I've never seen that before! That's so cool!! Hiya goblins!!]]

[center [+red ...Shoot her first I don't like her.]]

[center [+gold Well jeez that's kinda rude! Don't cha think?]]

[center [b The position the team was in it seemed the longshooter Rimeheart could see the backlines had a champion and two casters! It was also apparent that instead of ambushing the goblins made a loud entrance as to challenge the party to honorable combat. Unlike that of most goblin tactics.]]

Name: Goblin Gunner
LV: 5

Name: Goblin Knight
LV: 5

Name: Goblin Thief
LV: 5

[center [b Which three will be selected to the frontlines?]]

[center [h3 Surprise!]]

[center [b The champion and the casters vanished! Illusion magic! The champion appears behind the party with his two casters attacking from behind! You must select another 3 members to fight the Champion and his casters!]]

[center [h3 Multiple Lines]]

[center [b You have now learned about multiple frontlines in a fight! 1-3 Lines can be fought in a fight depending on the area! Sometimes you can choose who fights on each line! Sometimes you cannot! Splitting lines yourself is sometimes an option as well! Giving everyone in the party a chance to fight!]]

[center [b You MAY have the choice to have one line fight multiple lines at once when FORCED into multiple lines. For example right now you could have a 3v6 all at once. It's recommended NOT to fight 6 opponents with only 3 as they will get twice as many chances to attack! However it is an option! ]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I asked Guardian,Neko,Phy in a call how far to go xD they said two travel spaces. one travel space can take up to 1-6AP.]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 55d 12h 32m 9s
[h3 [center [font "Times New Roman" Besaid Island, Healing Springs]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Nun didn't want to believe it, but he nodded to R1M3H34RT and Cherish. Gulping, he took a moment to bend over and splash his face a few times in the healing springs. He didn't want to think about what had happened, but his big brother complex was flaring up. He wasn't there to help Jae out because he had been knocked unconscious, and the only other person who had needed his assistance had just logged out. Whether it was because of lag or not, Kevin blamed himself. Slapping his cheeks a few times, he fixed up his mask and hood, before following behind the rest of his party.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 The catchphrase Aelina had come up with brought a small smile to Nun's face when he thought back on it. It reminded him of the terrible jokes he used to tell to put a smile on k's face. Relaxing a little he tried to silence the voices that kept reminding him of the fact he had been knocked out three times in the first day. [i Calm down, Kevin. It's kinda like Morally Grey Spirits, in that this game will grow on you. Focus, you could get jumped by anything and almost any time.]]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Refocusing himself by focusing on the cold bite of his blade against his back, the wet squishing sounds his boots were making as he walked, he reached up and brushed his hand up against the hilt of his blade. The sensation made the intrusive thoughts fall away like leaves off trees in the winter. Returning to the here and now, Nun paused when the party approached the mouth of the cave. Spotting a humanoid figure by their destination, Nun rested his hand by his blade. They didn't seem hostile, but that didn't mean anything. Those goblins didn't seem all that threatening, and, well...]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size12 Seeing the player appear harmless, he relaxed a bit. [#A2C4CF "Salutations, fellow adventurer. As you are seeking fellow compatriots, maybe we can come to some form of accord regarding mutual benefits?"]]]]
  Nun / GuardianAngel / 56d 11h 59m 19s
[google-font,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] R1M3H34RT had double agreed with going to the cave. It was time to get moving. They were all set, or not… M4G1K4RP had turned to the side. Something didn't seem right. The news was really sad, but she had a feeling that wasn't it. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i "Karp, are you okay? What's going on?"]]]] She had her back turned, so Cherish couldn't quite tell what she was trying to hide. Not in a bad way, but more like she wanted to create a sense of privacy… or something…

Definitely something. Part of her avatar split from the rest for a moment. That wasn't a good sign. [i [Dancing+Script [size18 Oh, no.]]] M0ajor and minute parts of her were sporadically split off and faded apart from the rest. As those fragments tried to come back together there was always some sort of delay in that happening. [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “No. No, no, no."]]]]

As much as Cherish didn't want to believe it, there was no way not to. M4G1K4RP was lagging right before her eyes… in a game where your actual consciousness is present… and there was nothing she could do but stand there and watch her agony. With M4G1K4RP's uncensored screams, Cherish's former helpless fear changed to paralyzing terror. As M4G1K4RP frantically tried to log out as her hand kept missing or going through the terminal. Cherish was finally able to step forward to help, but it isn't needed. M4G1K4RP managed to log out.

Receiving those notifications hit her hard. Like Nun and of course R1M3H34RT, Cherish just stood there in silence for a moment. She witnessed two members leave under some messed up circumstances. The time frames between wasn't too long either. In that moment, she just stood there with a blank expression. It was crazy. Jae went out sick and Karp in pain… Their party just formed… Just taking in what just happened seemed to take at least 10x the amount it actually was.

Looking at R1M3H34RT with his hands up, it seemed he was putting the blame on himself. Trying her best to console him, she managed to crack a soft smile despite the sadness remaining in her eyes. He had witnessed them both too. Although he couldn't voice it, that didn't mean that didn't affect him. She walked over, and gave him a hug. Though upon feeling a little squishy from her damp clothes, she cut it a little short after getting the message across. Or so she hoped.

Now turning towards Nun, her big brother in real life, she wasn't sure what to say. It didn't look like he did either. That was the scary part. She had just told him and Karp about Jae. Was something going to happen to another one of them? Should this party just disband? The game just game out and this had already happened.

Luckily, there was some sunshine to bring back some hope. Whether or not Karp would come back was unknown. It didn't look good, but it wasn't impossible. She wanted to explore and it'd be better to have some places lined up when she came back. Cherish knew she was just trying to fool herself. M4G1K4RP didn't just disconnect, she left the part. No matter how she tried to spin it, she was just trying to force herself to move forward. Trying to cheer up, Cherish hesitantly answered, [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Yeah, you're right. Time to get going."]]]]

Somewhat on autopilot, they were at the cave before she realized it. It wasn't far, but the arrival still snuck up on her. There was a lady there with dark brown hair and a marking going across her right eye. The high contrast in colors brought attention to her outfit. She wore mostly dark clothes with a bright silver-ish shirt underneath the light armor securely stretched across her torso. Selina had already called out to her and it was like deja vu. The girl was a Black Mage and accepted the request to join their journey through the cave. Was the game rearranging her party or something? It was so weird, but she could use another excuse to move on. With life in her face and demeanor again, [#28c37f [Dancing+Script [size20 [i “Glad you can join us. We could use another magical player. I'm Cherish Noxolo. It may be corny, but noxolo means peace. I'm a Summoner, so you're not alone in being squishy. "]]]] Although they could use her, she wasn't ready to ask her to join their party. It was too soon. They just practically swapped out their Knight. She just wanting things to go well.
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 62d 18h 18m 50s
When Magikarp began to glitch and fade away, Rimeheart recoiled a bit, considering this was just after pointing at her menacingly. When all was said and done and the disconnection messages appeared, Rimeheart took a moment or two before turning to the rest of the party and putting his hands up defensively. The way she had been glitching out was disconcerting enough. He didn't need his party members thinking he had done something.

Since it seemed like no-one was going to be pointing any blame at him for getting pointy with Magikarp and Nun, he settled down a little bit. Aelina's mention that she likely would return was reassuring, but from a gameplay standpoint they had lost their hardest hitter. His own damage wasn't shabby, but he still felt far too weak to be maining the DPS role. At least until he started to pick up or buy more powerful equipment.

However, now was the time for action, and Aelina made sure that they were all in better spirits before they headed out for the cave mapping quest. Along the way, Rimeheart decided to fiddle around with the UI of the game a little bit. He wanted to know if he could play music from his computer through the game, or at least start a web browser and play music from there. Not that the game music wasn't great already, but he still wanted to know.

Before long they had arrived at the mouth of the cave in question and a young woman was standing there, seemingly wary of entering. Based on her clothes, she was likely a caster class or some kind of rogue-like class. Either one made her a feasible DD candidate. When Aelina called out to her and she waved back, Rimeheart quickly began typing up an introduction for himself in the public text chat.

"Hello, I am R1M3H34RT, pronounced like it looks. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm sending a text message rather than speaking to you directly, and its because there's something wrong with the VR headset I have. Bought it second hand and it seems something in it is busted, so it doesn't register my speech."

Shortly after sending this message, he walked up to her, gave her a small wave, opened his stats screen for her to view, and then offered his hand for a handshake.
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