The Sword, The Bow, and The Book

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[center [I Long ago the Empire had been built, but while it stood it's kind had an unnatural long life and would forever rule; or so everyone thought. It was his downfall that had brought the world into chaos. In order to fix it a new order came about to establish themselves among the world. The Phoenix order. Accepting of all races the Phoenix order is a ruthless group of warriors and creatures that took power upon the death of the king and the only monarch.]]

[Center [I With their rule came the Iron grip of outlawing magic and if any use magic that are not registered with the order they are hunted down and executed in public. Recently however one of their own members has shown potential for magic and even had a dragon egg hatch for him, Keeping this hidden The member returned to his own homeland and was followed by the unlikeliest of people. ]

[center [I Now both are on the run from the Phoenix order, and all the races are hunting for them to bring them back for the reward was to great for any to turn down. But not everyone is willing to turn them in, as some wish to see the Phoenix order brought to its knees.]]


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Thyr had once again watched with a close eye the necromancer as his foul magic seeped from him in waves of green smoke as the creature's robe moved. It was the creature's words that bothered him more then he idea of having to travel once again to the place of his birth to meet with his Father's people and even try and convince them to follow him to war in a place they had not step foot in over three centuries. Listening as his brother commanded his people Thyr's ears twitched more over then usual keeping an open ear for anything out of the ordinary.

The first magic user at least to what Thyr saw was a half dark elf half High elf shadow magic user named Thodi. It seemed his capability allowed him to use darker types of magic, but it was not limited to them. He had also knowledge of poisons and enchantment like many dark elves do. He would be one to watch for sure as Thodi gave off an assassin feel to himself even carrying along with knives and small throwing spears instead of a staff or a spell book like most magic casters.

Before another person could step forward out of the circle of the mages that had gathered at the necromancer's command A voice sprang from the entrance of the cave. A Sidhe, fae were creatures of habit and many stuck to their forests of the Winter and summer kingdoms which were protected by the magic barriers around them. It was their down fall from what rumors had spread. The phoenix order had gone and struck when their magic was at its weakest point and took over one of the Kingdoms and used the heart to take over the other, but if that was true then the Phoenix order would have found the elves within the Twisted woods, yet no word had come of the elves going to war or even preparing for one.

Even more so the Order would also have found a way to hunt the dwarves down and force them under their fold within the Mirror mountains, Especially the Capital Karaz Khaz Kazad. Both would have been proven to be disastrous for the resistance trying to get rid of the Order itself. Hearing the women announce she was a princess of the winter kingdom threw those who had gathered for a spin and shock it meant that they were in for a fight indeed. Thy took a few steps towards the women, of course within reach of both his brother Aman and Naida now the elf nodded. [#5e083d "If you wish for sanctuary for your people, I can not guarantee it here as this is not my kingdom to rule. I however can promise if you send your people to the Night grove woods I am sure the elves there would be more then willing."] wiggling a single ring off his left hand he held it out.

[#5e083d "If they don't at first present them this."] The ring was significant as it meant those who carried it had Thyr's protect and that of his mother, who was as anyone knew the only child to the previous elven king. [#5e083d "As for the Order they will be tumbling down soon enough. Right now we must gather allies to our side for the war. First we go to the Ancients in The Lost grove. After that we go to the dwarves of the Mirror mountains. From the North we push on the Phoenix order. And the elves will push them from the West, The Lizardmen, or preferable known as the Last defenders will push from the South. That leaves the desert as their only escape, and if they enter the desert it will kill them or the undead that roam it will."]

holding up a finger Thy spoke tone went into a hush whisper. [#5e083d "There is rumor that a powerful mage stronger then even the Order's council has appeared in the world, but where no one yet knows. We must make sure that this person comes to our side as well. otherwise our plans will be for not."]
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[h3 ]

The Phoenix Order; it was the name on everyone's tongue's. For a ruling power that boasted to be accepting to all races, they... Weren't exactly the most accepting. The outlawing of magic came as a surprise, and the ruthless enforcement of the law came as one much more. Stories and tales of what would and did happen to those who practised magic or opposed the Order spread far and wide, even touching the Lands of the Sidhe. But, the lands were protected by powerful magic, fuelled by both of the Sidhe Kingdoms that ruled them, Winter and Summer. The Order wouldn't touch them, because they wouldn't even be able to find these protected kingdoms. They had never been conquered, nor would they ever be...

Or so the Sidhe had thought.

Both the Lands of Winter and Summer had vast power sources in the heart of their kingdom. These power sources were the Vimnis or Winter's Heart and Letnis or Summer's Heart, and they offered their ruling monarchs immense power as well as the ability to shield and conceal and protect the Sidhe Lands from outsiders. However, as winter faded in to summer and vice versa, the Hearts grew stronger or weaker depending on the half-year, borrowing each other's energy during each of the Solstice's.

It was the Summer Solstice, and the magical defences that protected the Winter Kingdom were at its weakest, and that's when the Phoenix Order struck. Like an assassin's dagger, they somehow cleaved through Winter's defences and attacked the Kingdom. And although Winter had its own army, and they were in possession of powerful magic, the Sidhe were not a warrior people. They were outnumbered and out-gunned by the Order, their land ravaged, homes burned, people slaughtered, and Queen Alina, Lady Winter herself? Killed trying to defend the Vimnis from being captured by the usurpers, for it could not be destroyed, her power returning to the Heart until it was claimed by the next in line.

But the next in line was nowhere to be found as the Order ripped through the castle looking for her. And despite fighting her mother to stay, she did as she was ordered. Alina was the Princess' Queen first and mother second. Against her own selfish wishes, Princess Naida escaped the Winter Kingdom with a small force of warriors and citizens, and fled to Summer as quickly as possible. Since the Order now possessed Winter's Heart, the lands were unbalanced which left Summer vulnerable, and ripe to be conquered despite the Solstice. With the fate of what was left of the Winter Sidhe, and what was about to befall Summer, Princess Naida made haste to the opposing Kingdom, time not on their side.

In spite of this, and thanks to the Princess being a powerful and gifted Sorceress, they made it in time to warn Summer. Preparations were made quickly, and later that night, many of the Summer Sidhe joined Princess Naida, gifting her the Letnis for safe keeping as they fled the lands, the Summer monarchs staying back to defend their Kingdom with the parts of their army that stayed. They wanted to buy Princess Naida more time so she could take the Heart and their people somewhere safe and so the Letnis would not fall in to the wrong hands. If they did not posses both stones, the Sidhe people would survive and they would rebuild... But where was safe? How did you hide this many people? How did you ensure their survival? How did she keep something with this much power from falling in to the wrong hands?

[b “How am I supposed to do any of this myself?”] The Princess asks herself, huffing out a breath and one of her stray black hairs off of her face. The Sidhe people were camped out and spread out through a forest straddling a mountain. With the help of magic, they were able to keep themselves relatively hidden as they worked through their new nomadic way of life. It has been a tough few weeks, but they've made due with what they had, but the fate of the two Sidhe Kingdoms still weighed heavily on the Princess, and the fate of those who followed her even heavier. She wasn't much of a leader despite having been groomed to be so, only keeping order within those who followed her by the strictest definition of the word. They did need a leader. They didn't need [i Naida]. They needed a [i Queen], and without communing with the Vimnis, she wasn't one nor was she recognized as one save for a few... But for the time being, she commanded, and the Sidhe obeyed.

Sitting on a fallen tree, Naida kept her distance from surviving Sidhe for the moment; the natural beauty and calmness of the forest at night was a small comfort to her and helped the Princess clear her mind. Unfortunately, they had stayed in this forest for long enough, her people beginning to pack up to move again within the next day or so, and Naida was unsure of what to do next, unable to buy herself anymore time. Where could they go from here? Kalatic? They were bordering the lands... But with so many people, it was hard to move discreetly and not be discovered, and each day they grew more and more wary of using magic, the very thing that protected and concealed them like when they lived in their once great Kingdoms. They had used it in everyday life, but now things were different. It seemed most were already resigned to this new way of life now, speaking like the conquering of the Sidhe Lands had happened years ago, not weeks... But Naida's mind still wandered to [i war]. The Sidhe may not be a warrior people, but they all possessed magic, Naida herself being a gifted and powerful Sorceress with a warrior's soul, and with the very Heart of her lands in the clutches of the Phoenix Order... Her hands balled in to fists, icicles and frost formed on the trees and ground that surrounded her, clouds began to shift and darken, and the very air dropped a some degrees. She had to, no, [i needed] to retrieve the Heart. She [i needed] to return her people to their rightful land. She [i needed] to make the Phoenix Order [i pay] for their crimes against the Sidhe. But she couldn't do it by herself, and not as a mere Princess...

Although lost in her own thoughts, something stirred her from them. [i Sounds]. And they were coming from closer to the mountain. For a second she had thought perhaps she was imagining things, but they came on again, this time prompting Naida to her feet to investigate. With a quick glance back at the camp, she quickly moved through the forest, following the sounds of what appeared to be shouting and battle until she was at the mouth of a cave; the origin point of the sounds. At this point, the noise had died down, but she was close enough where she could hear people speaking. And she was close enough where she could [i smell] the cave. It smelled of animals, blood, and other putrid things. She wrinkled her nose at it but stuck her head inside anyways. The cave was enormous, and she spotted some tunnels, proving it to be much larger still. And in it were people and things of many races, two people of which were conversing, holding the attention of the many gathered around them.

The two continued to converse as Naida watched and listened, the orc—who appeared to be the leader—speaking to the masses began speaking about retaking the lands, that's when Naida became much more interested in what was happening in this cave. How fortunate was it for her that she may have found some unlikely allies who's wants and values aligned with her own, and wounded by the very people who had done the same to her and her own. She holds her hand out towards the forest, a small blue light shot out like a comet outside, just barely cresting the treeline. It was to alert her people of her presence, but not so anyone else would see her beacon. And the Sidhe would no doubt come.

At the present moment, it appeared the two brothers were prepared to leave for their journey, and Naida couldn't let this opportunity pass her by. Her home, her birthright, and her very people hung in the balance, and if she could ally herself with these people, perhaps she could make what she had envisioned in to reality. The Orc leader seemed as if he could unite the mixed bag of people in this cave... Perhaps she could do the same with her own people, offering them her aid in this endeavour... There was only one way to find out.

[b “Hold, brave warriors of Kalatic.”] She says, her magic amplifying her voice. She fully turned the corner to face them herself. Now in front of them, was an elegant looking woman with neat black hair tied up at the back in two braids. Her skin was fair and delicate, despite a few scuffs here and there, and her ears were slightly pointed. Her clothing was that of royalty that bespoke of her heritage; a short blue armless battle-dress with silver filigree, complimented with an ornate grey shawl, black leather pants, knee high boots, and gloves that stopped in the middle of her biceps. If they knew anything about the Sidhe, the colours she was wearing would identify her as Winter. [b “I am Naida Sidhe,] Although identifying herself as 'Sidhe' meant she was part of the ruling family, she didn't know how much these people knew of her culture or how much that would mean to them. Hers were a clandestine race, after all. [b “Princess of Winter, and heir to the throne. I come seeking refuge for what remains of my people and those of the Summer Sidhe, and I am here to pledge my life and the Sidhe who would follow in the war against our common enemy.”] And almost like it was planned, her people appear behind her, easily making up a third of what was occupying the caves.

Turning her nose up slightly, she marches towards the two brothers, stopping just out of arms reach of them, clasping her hands behind her back. [b “A spellcaster was recommended, and you will find no other like Sidhe royalty. I will accompany you on your quest as a gesture of goodwill on the behalf of my people, and to prove my loyalty to our shared war effort.”] She looks between both brothers briefly before continuing. [b “Other than the Sidhe Kingdoms, they have taken something very important from Winter, and I would have them all returned to whom they rightfully belong to, as I would have your lands returned to you as well. Our quarry is strong, but united as one, we will be stronger.”]
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[tbl [+red Aman] [+purple Any/other]]

Aman, deep in thought, took in the words of his half-brother with a frown on his face. He knew of many of the things in which his brother spoke, but saw much less. The ancients, the Lost Grove- Oh, but the tree. Told as a tale, when much younger was the half-orc, caught closely his attention. As did the necromancer's, who gave Thyr an answering, cold stare with a glint in his dark green eyes. [+purple "I believe, Lords, that I have just that in which you need,"] the skeletal, robed figure chuckled. [+purple Take of these two, as I am forbidden to step foot among the world's end... That is, of course, should you set off on this journey,"] Quietly added the sorcerer, turning swiftly with the toss of his robe as he once again disappeared into the shadows of the cave.

Many among the vast crowd approached, including the Barrow-Wight, Dark elf, and many others. Most clad in armor, as was the occasion before arrival of the brothers. [+red "Very well, then,"] Breathed the orc, an odd sensation parading him suddenly. It was as if- He put it aside, snapping back to reality, shaking his head as he overlooked the divided species. [+red "Good people of Kalitic... Stay here, and ready yourselves. War is indeed coming... Take only what you must. And await our return,"] Aman, in a carrying voice commanded, turning to give his brother a nod before adjusting his helmet. It was indeed his fathers, and the sense of pride in retrieving it was undying. Though his body would take time to heal, his elvish-crafted helm was indeed his greatest honor to this day.

His father, before his death, told of many a tale of this helmet. That one day he'd be worthy of wearing it, and that it's secrete's may prove useful. That is, of course, if the orc should find them out.

Leaving his shield where it lie, he equipped his new blade and sheath, casting a glance at his brother. Sliding the visor over his eyes, the orc sighs in contentment. [+red "Well, then, Brother. Lead the way."]
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Thyr looked at his brother as the orc had a worried look upon his face. It was obvious that no one had heard the second part of why he had brought up the World end mountains, and even more so the rumors of what was there had been known to be true for those at least that escaped the peaks of the tallest mountains in the world. They after all reached higher into the sky then a dragon could fly and higher yet still for those who tried to travel. Even the lowest valley in the mountains was thousands of feet above their heads they held now. And one could loose their mind from the lack of Oxygen there. The only known races to live there were the Tomb kings, and the undead themselves or the Dragons in the high caves and peaks, or even the Fae of air.

hearing the shuffling necromancer the elf stifled a cringe as the creature came forward. Orcs were known for their use of any magic they could get their hands on, but Thyr was raised to keep the balance no matter the cost. Hearing the words from the old raspy voice Thyr had a devil's smile play upon his face. [#5e083d "The person I wish to speak with there is not dead. Nor undead."] Holding up a single finger the elfling's limb started to glow a bright red color. [#5e083d "You see brother like you I am only half elf. The other half of me resides in the Lost grove."]

[#5e083d "The rumors of the Ancients is correct. They are not dead, instead they live within a clearing in the mountains inside the Lost grove. Believed to be the only Forest outside of the Elvish Empire, and the only place to find a Flower Forest, and an Eileis Tree. A tree of immense power tied to the six elements when the planet was first born. The others were lost or burnt during times of war where the Ancients protected their tree by moving it with them."]

Making a small circle in the dirt with his foot the elf spoke in a whisper.
[#5e083d "Tysti sharaes"] the circle began to fill with water that was drawn from the earth itself. Once the pool was full he stopped the spell to show a clear still water pool. Continuing his whispers he spoke. [#5e083d "Thol ei Eileis Si"] The edge of the World end mountains instantly popped up. Showing at first just the mountains a faint gold and silver outline showed an old dwarven door carved into the mountainside itself. [#5e083d "Dwarves once when their empire expanded just as vast as the elves had upon the surface they lived within the World end mountains Its through these old tunnels we would travel. I am asking you my brother to travel with me as king of the people here as speaking with a king you would be allowed privillages a bastard child like myself would not be. And of course like any king an honor guard would be expected."]

Turning to the Necromancer Thyr eye balled the clocked figure for details besides the few he had. [#5e083d "I would recommend one or two spell casters be among your guard."]
  Thyrdaes Kyr / Colorful_insanity / 121d 1h 53m 21s
[tbl ~ [+red Aman] ~ [+purple Any/other]]

The orc king nodded, eyes glinting as they admired both blades. His own, brandished weapon, placed firmly in the ground as to keep up his weight as him and on-lookers eyes were placed on the elfling.

That place, the end of the world? Why would his brother bring him there? Possibilities and questionings coursed the orc's brain, a perplexed look on his scarred, bloodied face to prove so. [+red The end of the world? What is our business there, prey tell?]

The crowds were silenced, few even amongst the trolls heard. The end of the world... Many tales told from then, and speculated to be true. Too many disappearances had occurred of those that had traveled there. Were the tales true?

Aman, scanned the crowds, the glare in his eye catching nervous movements from the Necromancer, who cautiously stepped forward, staff directed in front of him in a gentle manner. [+purple "I believe, Lord, that the boy wishes to speak among the undead."] Proposed the dark-robed figure, taking a step closer to Thyr. [+purple "Am I not mistaken?"]

The orc knew, quite vividly, of the un-living at the worlds end, especially among the caves in the mountains, but supposed there was more to this trip. One wouldn't need another at that, and he wouldn't like to think that his cousin was using him. [+red If that is so, why bring us?]

Murmurings, whispering started throughout the crowd as the necromancer, his skeletal finger still upraised towards the elf, shot a daring glance at them both, green and formidable the eye color seen through the darkness of the hood.
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Thyr had placed the blade face up for his brother to see. Of course the longevity of the [ blade] was unnatural most blades required constant care and chipped away slowly over time so they had to be reforged or they broke and a new one bought, but elves especially during the Dragon war forged their weaponry to last over time and never rust or be damaged by normal blades, they had done the blades that way so that dragons couldn't just crushed their way through the blade using their body weight. The blades themselves were made to kill dragons and had held up to the expectations given to them.

[#5e083d "These blades are precious to the world as there are only a few left within it that have not been lost or are only used now for treasure. Most are held within the elven forests and few acceptations are found. The human king carries one that is carved red. The dwarven King also carries a knife made of the same design only carved in blue. Our mothers is Black. My fathers which is the blade I carry is made of Gold."] Pulling his own [ blade] from its sheath a few weapons were drawn out themselves in response, but Thyr paid them no head. It wasn't until he brother had turned away that the elfling put his blade away and heard the conversation in part of what his brother had spoken.

When his brother returned to his side Thyr nodded. [#5e083d "War is inevitable, however before we begin our campaign I must ask we return to the land of my father. It is farther north then what we are now, on the very edge of the world."] Pulling up a map of the world out of the sand Thyr placed his hand on the mountains. [#5e083d "In the middle of the World's end mountains lays a country unified under a single banner that my father rules. Eilol Kyli, The Ancient Grove is what its people and the elves call it. In Black orc it would be known as the Dead lands. It is here that we must travel, and only those who have lived there or know how to get there can as the mountains are to high to travel over and the bottom of them are under water and makes the sides to difficult to travel across as that would mean swimming and such."]
  Thyrdaes Kyr / Colorful_insanity / 134d 6h 59m 45s
The orc turned slowly to his brother's reply, though his face was still as steady as ever as his like-brother presented the sword. He'd never expected to wield one again, nor see one, at that. [+red Brother...] He slowly, painfully made his way over to his cousin, a hand placed on his shoulder as a half-smile appeared on the half orc's face. [+red I shall wield it with honor. I will... Will do this and proud. I... No... We, will take these lands once again,"]

He grabbed, gently, the hilt of the sword, a respectful nod towards his brother before turning back around towards the crowds, in which now bowed before the king. [+red Arise, all. We must act and move quickly. Tell, me, who are the chiefs of each of you? The highest esteemed, the leaders, Alphas? Come before us, as now... Ah... You shall all answer to both me, a-and Thyrdaes, who will indeed be my chief adviser and general."] The orc groaned, pausing slightly before turning back towards Thyr. [+red Should he choose to accept,"] He added quietly, inaudibly to all but him and Thyr.

Then, as he scanned his surroundings, seven of different species emerged from the crowd. Firstly was an overgrown Dire Worg, standing at least thirteen feet tall. It was Kalshaw, speaker and Alpha of the Worg and Wargs, indeed the wolves and Unde's as well. Closely behind him was a necromancer, from the looks of it. A dark, robed figure with a staff, and he had no name... Yet, he spoke for all the skeletal figures in the cave. The Ogre, Doyarin, who spoke for Trolls, Ogres, and goblins. The dark elf, Shellzor, who spoke for both the few men and elves in the den. The orc, Razoth, who spoke for trolls and his own-kind, a man, of the name Kaldor, who spoke, in sharing with the elf, men and elves. And lastly, the very rare, A Barrow-wight. He oversaw all of the following, a very wise creature indeed. And this was the company of them, Aman holding himself up with his sword, a broad smile on his face at the sight of them. [+red "So, this is how it starts, Brother,"]
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Thyr watched as the duel had been exchanged. The first blow went to his brother taking a slice of his enemy at the thigh. Of course the battle was still to be determined as the orc could still move, just with a limp as his leg's blacking green blood clotted itself. Now he knew what it was that made up the other half of the orc his sibling was facing. The Orc Sichi was half Orc half Ogre. Vile creatures they were but Ogre's had their usefulness mostly as brute force or the hidden arcane knowledge they carried.

Ogres were vile creatures even for orc standards and were used mostly to fight trolls or the humans in mass. It would also explain why they were cousins instead of actual siblings who seemed to switch their roles of King. Thinking deep into the battle Thyrdaes watched as the Sichi took his mace and all but broke Aman's arm. Waiting still longer he nodded as his brother dealt a few more blows from his orc cousin Picking up Aman by the throat with a growl in his voice the elf knew the fight was over already.

Seeing the blade rive around in the orc Sichi's stomach as he tried to get away Thyrdaes went towards the front of the group as his half sibling removed the helm and finished the old orc king. the crowd went up in roaring cheers for their new king. Holding his hands up however he paused to find out where Thyrdaes was at. [#5e083d "I am but behind you brother of mind."] Watching as his brother turned to face him the elfling went to one leg and pulled an elvish blade from what seemed to be nothing but air.

[#5e083d "As you have Returned to you a piece of your father it is only fitting I return a piece of the mother."] Holding it up Thyrdaes presented a blade of the second age elves before the Great Splitting. [#5e083d "Mother's sword is the only known elven blade to have survived the Age of War. It was the Second age to our people when Elves and Dragons were at war and the world was yet still young. It's name is Pandryl thal in the old language. In Common tongue it would be known as Dragon Fang."]
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Aman watched the altercation between the two, his brother calling the custom of Vol Os Cylys, a smirk appearing on Aman's face as he watched the orc kings anger. It didn't last long, as he went to get armored up, and Aman was presented an Orcish long-sword and Dwarvish oval shield. The shield was hardly the shield he would use in battle, the same along with the sword. He preferred Dwarvish weaponry, but was never to fond of their defensive weapons. Though highly remarked as the strongest shields, they were heavy and slow to move. As for the sword, he preferred man-craft, or first age elvish, but only once had he the honor of wielding a blade as such. I must make due," The Elvish orc thought to himself, stepping out into the middle of the Worg-made circular arena. [+red Where are you, so great and powerful... Rat?"] Demanded the orc, his arms spread wide abroad he he scanned the area for the tall orc.

Then, from the corner of his eye, Aman noticed the tall figure clad in dark, mixed armor. Some was noticeably of Elvish craft, some of Dwarven, men and orc. It was unanimously black and grey, little color else. Aman's eyes were then focused back on himself, who wore what he was to be executed in. He thought it unfair, but realized it may be an advantage upon seeing Poli's weapon. It was a large, long mace, and must've been very heavy. So, this was easy. If Aman would be hit and not deflect, he'd die. But on the other hand, if he missed, Aman had a good chance at victory.

[+brown "Here I am, Cousin Sichi. Need I remind you watch your tongue? I am sure your father will be disappointed enough to know you've died at the hands of Poli Monchi... As he did."] A huge smile was on Poli's lips as he spoke, though it was invisible through that mask. Wait... The mask, it was... [+red No, Poli. I won't die like my father. I will retrieve his helm from you, and it will be the last thing you see... Before a sword is drawn through you!"] Aman angrily replied, beginning a short sprint towards the orc king and dropping into a slide beside him, cutting his thigh in the process. It was a rather deep cut, Poli would not be able to move as well.

[+brown "Bravo, Cousin. No more games,"] Poli spat, taking a step towards Aman and bringing his mace down towards him with all his weight behind him. It was as if time stood still, the whole crowd silencing at that moment he raised his mace. Multiple thought it was the end of their legend. Their hero. But, no, Aman didn't allow it. The orc quickly reacted, raising his shield above his head as the mace came down. It was, of course, very sudden, and the orc didn't have much time to brace. he merely had the time to raise his shield. The impact seemed to ring throughout the cave as the metal clashed, Aman dropping to his knees instantly and his left arm, which was holding the shield, completely useless. A loud bellow emitted from the orc, and he looked up in anger to Poli, looking at his weapon that he had also dropped, but he didn't reach for it. It just felt as if there was something telling him he shouldn't.

[+brown So, this is how another great Sichi should die? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well, it was fun while it lasted."] He picked up Aman by the throat, the orc now gasping for air as his hand, his right one, reached for it. [+red No... But..."] Aman took another deep gasp, a small smirk crossing his lips. [+red "But, another Monchi dies of pride,"] [+brown "What?"] Aman, while Poli boasted, had picked up his sword with his feet, making a kicking motion with both as the sword entered Poli's armor.

Shocked, the Orc king's eyes glinted as Aman kicked the swords hilt in, each time going deeper into the orc. His grip was immediately released on Aman, them both falling to their knees, but Aman more able then the other as he grabbed the hilt of the blade, twisting it violently inside Poli's stomach, loud screaming coming from the orc.

[+brown I-I was wrong. Have mercy, oh king!] Poli begged, his hands desperately trying to stop Aman, who was going to pull the sword out of him. [+red "Very well, then."] He let his grip go, turning to the crowds with uplifted hands. [+red This is your king? Look at him now! Weak! Broken! And his pride cost him it all,"] he turned back towards Poli, placing two hands on his helmet, taking it off his head and placing it on his own. [+red "And as I promised... The last thing you will ever see... Was the very helm you wore. The one you took what rightly belonged to my father. Go riddance, Bastard."] At that Aman raised his leg, a huge blow to the face welcoming Poli before Aman, who bent low over him, slowly pulled the sword from his stomach. The helm was indeed the last thing Poli saw, it's disturbing image haunting him even unto the afterlife.

[+yellow "Behold! Our new King!"] A separate, elderly orc cried, the crowds either moaned or cheered. Many young, skeptical ones were worried, as he seemed to be worse then Poli, but they would be surprised. The crowds cheers seemed unquenchable, but at a simple signal of his hands, the crowds all quieted. [+red "Celebration is for later, my good people. Were is my brother, Thyr?"]
  Aman-Sichi / MordorTenebris / 139d 13h 1m 50s
Thyrdaes watched as the other taller orc came into the ring of Dire Worgs. The creatures seemed only to circle around the pair not letting their guard down, but also not attacking even with the elvish being in the middle of the pack of perhaps ten or so that just circled. Seeing the larger orc in his brutish ways slam Aman into the ground by a kick in which the worg closest to him pressed its paws onto his chest. The elfling had started to mumble a few words but stopped when his brother spoke of a trial by blood.

The trial was a secret thing and while Thyrdaes expected to be taken hostage it seemed no one paid him much heed in the little effort until after the taller of the orcs and current king looked at him dead in the eye. Speaking Dark Orcish the brute spoke. [b "This one is to be fed to the bottom feeders. He is an intruder."] Standing to his full height He prepared another kick that would have hit Thyr in the head had he not moved just in time to grab the orcs foot. Growling the thing went to punch him only to have his hand stopped by the elfling's other hand.

The Orc growled even more angry now that two of his blows had been stopped by a mere elf he went to take another swing at the elfling only to have Thyrdaes's voice hit his ears the harp like voice crossing anyone who could hear in Dark orc as well. [#5e083d "I am protected by Vol os Cylys."] The orc seemed even more angry at the mention of the old custom of Right of Honor. Baring his teeth he grunted and nodded at the elf. A devilish smile still on his face Thyrdaes turned to his brother and nodded towards him before following after the orc king.

Thyrdaes knew the right of honor was an old custom presented in all Orc tribes, including that of his half siblings of course he had gained the right through single combat of the First orc Warlord Larek when Orcs were still banded together under one warlord during the First war. During the war Humans and Orcs were at war, but Elves were known to cross blades with both races as well when they went hacking and burning into the elven Forests without permission. It was during one of these fights that Thyrdaes had defeated the warlord in a single combat Trial to the death. It was this duel that gave Thyrdaes his only mark upon his skin. The Cut that followed his spine had cost him dearly and even drew life out of him after the duel was done; it had taken him three weeks to fully heal the wound and even longer to learn how to walk and even longer how to fight again.
  Thyrdaes Kyr / Colorful_insanity / 141d 5h 25m 39s
Aman was led by the Wargs at a rather fast pace, not long before he stopped at the entrance of a Warg den. He was, for the first time in a long while, hesitant. [+red An ambush in a Warg den..."] It played over and over in his thoughts, but he found the courage to push it aside as he slowly, cautiously inched into the den. There was endless commotion inside. Unlike any he'd ever heard. It got louder and louder, Wolves, Warg, Worg, Orc-kind, goblin-kind, and even the occasional sound of a troll. It was taunting, chilling party. The man, escorted by the beasts, approached a second opening of sorts, torches lighting the path as he entered.

As he did, the echoing and noises ceased, many eyes averted to the Elvish Orc. He was quite flustered, his eyes catching glimpses of so many a species, and most collaborating with one another, spare the few Worg dominance fights.

He watched with a scowl over his face, his arms crossed and standing tall as his escorts began to communicate with the others around him. They did indeed surround Aman, mostly the Dire Worgs. It was an awe-striking experience to say the least.

[+red I am-"] Aman's words were cut off, the sight of his brother appearing before him causing him to merely stutter before simply raising a brow. You shouldn't have followed me, Brother. We may as well both perish. We shall see," He whispered as Thyrdaes drained himself of his weapons and turned towards him.

[+red Now stay quiet... This isn't normal,"] he cautioned, taking a bold stand before a large Dire Worg, and the one he thought to be the Alpha. [+red "Greetings to all. I am, as you may know, Aman-Sichi, son of Gaman-Sichi, son of Oer-Sichi. Heir to the throne of the Kalatic lands. If I do so believe, we are in the borders of Kalatic, this once so great country... Take me to your king."]

The dire Worg paid close attention, a look of terror crossing his face at the mention of their nearly forgotten king. [brown "Bora Shaskee Melbor?"] An Elvish Orc from behind countered, a yank on Aman's shoulder as he was turned to see a rather large one of his kind. He easily loomed over Aman, a large grin on his face. [+brown Forget you about Kalish Monchi? Descendant of the Sichis! A great ally betrayed?!? I am Poli Monchi, son of Marabee Monchi, son of Kalish! Your kind will never be forgotten for your deeds, there will be no forgiveness. You want their King? Here. I. Am."]

The tall Elvish Orc, after his short rage, gave Aman a solid kick to the sternum. Half expected, the sheer force still shocked the weaponless, defenseless Orc as he stumbled backwards, falling backwards as a dire Warg, who was strategically placed, brought it's heavy paw onto the Orc.

[+red "Wait! Wait"]... Aman gasped, trying desperately to stop the weight from crushing him. [+red Trial... I demand a trial by combat. It is written t-that whoever of royal blood challenge another shall-] [+brown "I know the laws, Fool. Let him go,"] Poli commanded, the beast growling at Aman as it lifted it's paw.
  Aman-Sichi / MordorTenebris / 141d 6h 24m 48s
Finishing his meal just as quickly as he prepared it Thyrdaes followed the trail his brother had left behind. While not noticeable to most other races his eyes were keen in on the ways of the forests and could tell when something had been moved or broken out of place by something other then natural growth or mother nature herself. Of course Thyrdaes would be considered insane, Thyrdaes had after all seen their mother's ghost for a few centuries now and she would not stop bothering him until he found his siblings and brought them to her grave. Aman was his last hunt...sibling more over.

The odd thing was when the clearing and the dead worg corpse came into view Thyrdaes just poked and prodded the thing even with the chunks of flesh and muscle were missing and its organs spread around the bodies outside also. He had a strange sense of mistrust to creatures created for darker purposes but that was the elven nature of his own, even if they were dark elf relations it was the mistrust in their nature as even their own would stab them in the back for power or money.

Continuing to follow his brother's trail Thyrdaes eventually found himself face to face with a Warg den entrance. He could tell as the creatures seemed to come in and out of it like a pack of animals preparing for a battle or for a long winter, either did not bother the elfling, but there was more activity then usual here. Especially considering the pack seemed t be much larger then most in the area. A normal pack had one alpha male one alpha female and a pair of Betas and perhaps young adults or children of theirs that would make up to twenty or so members. This one looked as if it had Six thousand members instead.

Walking cautiously with words of power ready to be released The elfling walked into the den to see that it was much larger then he had thought. It was not a single cave or den, but a series of Tunnels that lead to who knows were. Here you had goblins, orcs, worgs, even trolls all thriving here. Finding Aman surrounded by what looked like Dire Worgs the elfling flipped over them and landed in the circle in front of his brother. [#5e083d "Found you again."] Holding up a finger before his brother could talk.

Turning to the closest worg who seemed to stop and stair its fangs bared a low growl coming from its throat. [#5e083d "Ai tael o bai cas."] Speaking in the ancient language which would not allow him to lie the elfling dropped down to his knees and removed every weapon he had on him. The two swords on his side, the bow and arrows on his back, the various hidden daggers on his shin, arms, and several other places on his body. sliding them to the worg he stood again and faced his brother a wide and wicked smile on his face.
  Thyrdaes Kyr / Colorful_insanity / 143d 7h 51m 4s
The orc huffed, an odd expression crossing his face. "So we were to meet her while dead?" He shrugged it off, taking it as the boy was insane. As he mentioned a meal the orc realized his hunger before his haste. "No, no, We mustn't eat, Brother. We shall be off to Beldorask, home of the dwarf and elvish orcs. An odd but powerful ally the breeds make, and they wait for their kings arrival. My arrival."

He denied his fish in a rush, turning away and again navigating the way, and went out into the woods to find any means necessary for a journey. "A meal? What a fool..." He thought to himself, though he truly wanted a good one after his full year's rotation of mal-nourishment. He was still strong, stood tall, and could speak. That was enough for him.

Creeping silently through the woods, he heard an odd noise. A munching noise followed by gruesome growling and slashing. Aman approached slowly, covered by the branches and brush of the forest just outside the beach they'd arrived on.

The noise got closer as the hald orc moved forward, and more distinct. He hadn't heard it for as long as he could remember. He peeked his head around the palm tree cautiously to reveal a feasting animal of sorts. It feasted on one of it's own, another closely behind it while the latter kept it from eating the carcass. "Wargs..." He thought, ducking back behind the tree. "Tamed towards my kind? We shall see...

He stepped out from the tree and approached the wargs. "Me bachi so vaki shee val!" Aman yelled from behind them, the startled beasts jumping back in fright. "Mer beeshee vol jakork?" That was translated, in dark orc, which was what his breed was due to the natural birth of dark elves and orc given to it's race, as Where do you come from. The former being who do you fight for.

The two beasts immediately sped through the brush, stopping at times to make sure the orc was close behind them. He didn't know where he was being led, though he followed without hesitation. Some say it is stupidity to do such a thing, but Aman had a sort of moral trust with the beasts.
  Aman-Sichi / MordorTenebris / 150d 2h 46m 54s
Laughing at the orc a deadly smile played across the boy's face. [#5e083d "That would be hard to do with her already dead."] Putting his hands behind his head the elf laughed some more as the orc said their journey would be shorter. The question remained where was it they were to go? Mother's home was across the Great sea to the land of the elves in the Dreamwoods. Of course his father's people was much farther then even that almost on the other side of the world from the human empire that spanned across the continent they were on now.

[#5e083d "Well if we are to go anywhere, lets first make a meal out of something. Dawn will be on us soon which means the adventure won't take long to post pone even for a meal."] Turning to the Sea Thyrdaes held up his hand and spoke in his velvty tone, but it had an echo almost like the voice he was producing was coming from a hollow or a tunnel and it was an echo. [#5e083d "Tysti taror."] As the words faded several giant fish splashed out of the water and onto the shoreline wiggling and struggling to get back to the sea, but they couldn't as they seemed to be pinned with an invisible net.

[#5e083d "I hope you don't mind some Catfish."] Pulling out his knife and filleting and prepping the fish took longer then he expected, but after the job was done the youngling put the remains of the bones and such back into the water to help fed others. As the sun started breaking over the sea itself the elf turned back to his brother Aman and spoke in his usual voice again. [#5e083d "How do you want it done up?"]
  Thyrdaes Kyr / Colorful_insanity / 150d 3h 12m 42s
The half orc was deep in concentration, not once apologizing for assaulting his brother. "Mother?" A deep, rich laugh left the orc, a quite amusing moment for him indeed. "The wretched elf was only good for giving birth to me, and left me! I know nothing of her... It, except for the deep anger that swells within my very soul ever single time my brotheren tell of how they found me," He spat, a scowl now crossing his face. "She left me to die."

He turned away from his brother, and though having no real evidence he was his brother, felt obliged to believe it. "Brother, we will not see mother lest you want me kill or or die trying," He explained, navigating as he pointed in odd directions.

Aman muttered, soft words barely audible before turning back around to his brother and approaching him slowly. "Think not of it, Brother. You have brought us to the right place. Our journey will be much shorter now. That is, if you wish to come..."
  Aman-Sichi / MordorTenebris / 150d 3h 33m 54s

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