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[center [font "tempus sans itc" Millie's always one who believes in anything and everything. She doesn't care what other's think, and she sure as hell doesn't care if she gets hurt in the process. When she was younger, she had seen a man. A man that looked like someone from the olden days. He looked like a king, but there was something different about his eyes. They were blood red, and she felt like he was about to kill her. She had let out a bloody loud scream, and when her father came running the man she saw was no longer there. When she tried telling her father what had happened, he wouldn't believe her. No matter how hard she tried to make him believe he, he just told her it had been a nightmare.]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" As the years passed, she still saw the man. She would see him in the shadows, she would see him in her house, and she would sometimes see her in other people's houses. That's when she started doing her research. She didn't know his name, and all she had was what he looked like. As she started digging around on the internet, was when she found legends about Vampires. She knew they were just legends, but something else told her this time it was real. The red eyes, the fact that he looked so out of place. That's when she started digging into the supernatural world.]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" She was starting to realize that the supernatural were real. She had read more into witches, and how they could be walking this Earth still. The more she dug, the deeper she got into the darker part of the world. She would see the man more and more, and he would still look the same. Sometimes he looked lost, but other times he looked like he was about ready to rip her head off. While she had been doing more digging on Vampires, he had shown up to her and had given her a warning. A warning that made her blood run cold. He had told her, that if she kept digging he would hunt her down and kill her himself.]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" Those words had haunted her for years. She had stopped researching, but the little information she had stuck with her. The way they didn't age, they way their eyes changed colors, and how they were always silent on their feet. She's now in her early twenties, and has started doing research once more. The man hadn't shown back up, but she kept his warning at the back of her mind if she started digging too deep. One of these days, she's going to break into the supernatural world, and she had a feeling she might lose her life in the process, but she was bound to find out if that kind of world was real.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/b2RotCj.jpg]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" When Maverick had been younger his parents had wanted nothing more than to see him grow into the man he was supposed to be. When he was in High School he had everything going for him. He was the star of the football team, he was playing baseball, along with other sports. He was the main person people would go to for questions, or advice. When he hit his senior year was when everything changed for him. He had gotten into a horrible accident, and he was on the brink of death, when a woman named Lillith came to him. She was beautiful, and she had made promises to the male that she wasn't about to keep.]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" She did keep one of her promises though. She kept him alive, even though he wouldn't be able to see his parents again. She had turned him into a Demon. A killer machine, and someone she could use whenever she pleased. Because the woman kept him alive, Maverick didn't have much choice but to do as she asked of him. Even if it meant going into different towns and killing everyone. There was one thing he wouldn't do though, he wouldn't kill his own family. Because he had refused to do such a thing, she killed them for him. She made him watch, as she cut their insides out, and he watched as his mother screamed as her insides were ripped out, and her life drained from her eyes.]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" Watching as Lillith killed the only people he had loved, he made a vow to himself. He wasn't going to let Lillith get away with this any longer. He wasn't going to let her get away with killing innocent people. Yes, they didn't know anything about the underworld, or Demons, or Hell Hounds, but they didn't deserve to die. He had broken their bond, and when Lillith saw how strong he was becoming, she fled. She didn't want him to even get near her. As the years passed, Maverick aged slowly, he killed less and less, unless he had no other choice. He's hell bent on killing Lillith, and he will find the help along the way. Even if he doesn't trust anyone as easily like he used too.]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" If anyone took the time to really break down his walls, they would realize that he's still a good person. Even though he's a killing machine, and on a rampage hunting down the woman who ruined his life. If you take the time to get to know him, and are able to start picking his brain, you will realize that he's still the same person he had been. He was just stronger, and always out for blood. He doesn't want to live like this, but what other choice does he have in the matter? He has to survive one way or the other, and if it means killing the monster that made him who he was, then so be it. He's not going to rest until her head is in his hands, and her blood covering his clothes.]]

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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" Blythe Masters a young, caffeinated adult and recent college graduate in folklore, funerals and just enough film classes to give her an idea of production without actually earning a degree, and looking for a roommate, and a collateral partner in shenanigans. So long as you can handle her cat and her menagerie of plants, aren't rude, and have a job, you're a shoe-in. Currently working as a handyman type for all manner of magical and supernatural. The neighborhoods within the neighborhoods, basically. She knows where all the troll markets, the fey areas you avoid like they're radioactive, and where all the raddest supernatural pubs are at, which includes on that list the ones you definitely shouldn't go to.]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" A social media videographer of the strange and the how-to. Most normies think it's a character act, but some of it is legit; the magic and the folklore lessons and the how-to-human content. Look her up!]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" Often seen with her cat Valerie, a Definitely not cursed, absolute unit of a black shorthair cat, this goth pretty easy to spot on the street.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/d5/b0/3c/d5b03c132ffd3815974d00f99e886ce5.jpg?b=t]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" Oleander Hargreaves resident vaguely gentlemanly, pouty boy who enjoys lurking, skulking and enjoying his immortality however he chooses, and probably snuck into college lectures on the nearby campus. He likes volunteering at the animal shelter, and includes "wasting time", exploring, movies, people-watching, looking around for a paying job, and stealing people's rings at a party while they're distracted because he can entertainment. He may eventually feel bad and return it in some little secretive way, that is, if he doesn't like it enough to keep it and remember you by. He likes jewelry, striking clothing, dogs, and wandering at night and unsettling people. It's easy to get away with because he's white, and he is fully aware of this.]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" He doesn't particularly care to talk about what the eighties/nineties/etc. were like, or how old he is, nothing particularly like that, unhelped by a bad memory. Or is he just lying? It's hard to tell sometimes. He misses his sister, will do most things if dared or if you pay him $20, and he likes to suck on pieces of dark chocolate or ice cubes. ]]


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[font "Times" [size15 Mavis smiled at the man, grateful he was being so kind to her. After hearing the horror stories of others, and after working a summer at a coffee shop herself, she was aware how awful it could be.

The experience had been exactly that. Experience. It made Mavis a bit jaded, and she knew it, worsening her pessimism about people and situations. It also, she thought, made her a better customer. She did her best to be as easy and forgiving and not to pressure her servers as best she could.

On another note, it was rare to see baristas who were male. Unless their family owned the shop. So that was cool.

Mavis then looked up at him as he waived her paying for her drink. Her eyes blew wide, "[+green [B What?]]" That didn't compute for a second. She hadn't complained, she hadn't even finished the transaction with him. Mavis stared for another moment, ready to protest. Her card was in her hand. Was he- trying to hit on her? But his eyes were on the person behind her, and so to keep their line moving, Mavis grabbed her cup with the extra straw he gave her a bit clumsily with her card in that same hand, and moved away so she could at least lid it before she spilled anything. Reusable. A good idea until you're a clutterbitch with too much in her hands.

Soon, everything was tucked into whatever pocket, bag, elbow or hand she had and Mavis shuffled towards the table that she had decided was her favorite when she came to this place. And it so happened to be open today. It was a circular table set into a sort of three sided windowbox, almost. The bench seats were built into the window, and it was just a cozy place to sort of spread out and be. And Mavis was also highly aware of how aesthetic it was in case she was snapchatting anyone, or just sending dumb selfies back and forth, or casually snapping the cafe itself.

But presently, she had a reading for class to do and there was no better way to do it than to not be at home so she wouldn't be distracted by anything in her place. Good. Great. She was totally distracted here, too, because there was always noise and things happening and she people watched. Mavis took note of the people around her, looking at their kind of manner, and their dress and their orders if she could make them out. But it sort of eventually melted into a rhythm behind her she could focus on tuning out so she could read, pausing now and again to watch the people again.

Though occasionally something would punch through the general din of a packed cafe that wasn't her attention span snapping off. At one point it was that same flirty barista that she ordered from earlier. He was seething, something harsh coming out of his mouth. She frowned, feeling immediately a bit bad for the person he was yelling at, a woman coworker. She looked down, back to reading.

Someone sat down in her booth/table, the table bumping a bit, and Mavis looked up from her laptop, blinking blankly. Her face immediately heated, uncomfortable by his punch into her little bubble, especially after hearing him so angry. Her brows pressed together- [i keep him company??]

Thoughts of unwated advances immediately filled her head and she felt her shoulders tighten a bit.

Her head tipped, glancing over him. Body language. Hunched posture, pushing the coffee at himself, angry eyes...a particularly female curl of discomfort knotted in her stomach, but her face was smooth, glancing over him questioningly, guarded. [i He is angry, apparently doesn't have a thing with boundaries, and like took a part of your table,] she thought to herself, that inner voice shaking its head. It would have been better had he asked. Mavis wouldn't feel so defensive. She absolutely would have let him sit, of course, and there was plenty of room on the other side. It was just the principle of the thing.

"[B [+green I guess so.]]" she said, rubbing her finger over the touchpad of her computer again, absently, making sure she was awake. Her eyes went back to her reading, scanning to find her place again.

Presently they wandered back to the guy she actually still didn't know the name of. No. Scratch that, she read his nametag.

"[B [+green Maverick,]]" the name fell from her lips, absently, as she repeated it to herself in the affirmative. Mavis' frown deepened, realizing as it was happening she was in fact, yes, saying that aloud.

She stared back at her computer screen, frown worse now; embarrassed. "[B [+green Shut up, yes, I read your nametag.]]" Mavis said through her teeth, pushing her lips together. Stop. Talking. Don't. Make conversation.
[center ♥♥♥]
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] Blythe was riding again, back across town to make it to the cafe early. She never felt comfortable if she wasn't like fifteen minutes early to something. Be it class, a meeting, a work shift... She needed to have that to ease into it, to give her a cushion in case literally anything went wrong on her way or when she got there.

And so, when she got there, she hoisted Valerie into her arms out of the passenger cart on her moped.

"[+purple God, Val, you fat fuck,]" she said, tucking him better into her arms and supporting his little feeties. It was almost the only time he let her touch his feet when she was holding him like this. And, it so happened to be the only way he felt comfortable being held like a fat two year old. Otherwise he would rather try and crawl all over her shoulders and back and hang on there. Or, she had a big canvas bag for him to curl up in.

Once she got inside, it didn't take long to notice the only other recognizably alternative person in the cafe. Blythe's finger immediately went out to her. Millie looked up, looking pale as she stared down Blythe's arm as she came up to her. That put a bit of a crooked smile on Blythe's face, her reaction. She went over to her and sat down in the chair.

"[+purple Sup, deer in the headlights? Did I scare you?]"

She put her bags down, laying the canvas one down on its side for Val if he wanted it. And her fat purse was clasped in her lap with both arms. Blythe leaned over it, hugging it to her, "[+purple I'm going to get a tea, I'll be right back.]"

She got up, quick, and ordered her usual. Peach milk tea. No bobas, no jellies no nothing. Well. Maybe jellies this time. Yeah, mango.

Back to Millie she sat down again, arching her brows and taking a long, long sip on her drink, gazing at the young woman over the frames of her sunglasses.

Long sip.

She set the cup down. Her purse was replaced by Valerie, pulling his fat ass into her lap and she made room for him, opening her arms before closing them on him again. All set.

"[+purple So,]" she started, tipping her head. "[+purple What's up?]"
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[font "tempus sans itc" The day was finally ending. The female was back at Dae's house, she found the key and let herself inside. She made sure that the other wasn't home yet, and she went back to the car and gathered up her things. She then went back inside, shut the door behind her, and locked it. She knew that Dae would be home sooner or later, and right now she needed some time alone. She didn't want to be bombarded with question's right away. She found the spare bedroom and walked in. She put her bag onto the bed, and unzipped it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As she was getting her things out for a shower, her phone went off. She reached for it and read the text message. One in the afternoon would be perfect for her. She then hit reply and typed a quick message. [#D7ACAC [i That'll be perfect. I'll see you then. Have a good night.]] She read the crappy message, and hit send anyway. It wasn't the best reply, and she couldn't possibly ruin shit more than she already had. She sighed lightly as she put her phone onto the bedside table, and picked up her things.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She went to the bathroom, and found some spare towels and placed one onto the counter. She then stripped out of her clothes, stepped into the shower and started the water. She stood there under the water, thinking about the really weird day she had. Maybe tomorrow would be different. At least she hoped it would be, and then things might hopefully start falling into place for the female. Only time would tell honestly. A few minutes later she shut the water off and climbed out. She dried herself off, and got dressed.]

[font "tempus sans itc" It was still slightly early, but she as mentally and physically tired. She waited a while for her hair to dry, before she put the towel back into the bathroom. She then went back into the bedroom, drew the curtain's closed, climbed into bed, and the moment her head hit the pillow she was out like a light.]

[center [b [font "tempus sans itc" [u ~*~ The Next Day ~*~]]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" Because of the fact that Millie ended up falling asleep so early the night before, she was up around five am the next morning. She didn't even hear when Dae came home, and it was better that way. She slipped out of bed, and made her way into the kitchen. The house was quiet and that's something she liked more than anything. She slowly and quietly went around the kitchen finding the fixings for coffee. She then put water into the pot, and the coffee grounds into the top and flipped it on. She then moved over to the table and sat down.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That's when Dae wandered in drying her hair a bit. [b "Good morning Millie. How did you sleep?"] she asked. The female shrugged a bit. [#D7ACAC "I slept okay, thank you"] she said. The other nodded towards her. [b "Today's the day you find out if you got the room right?"] she asked, as she walked over and draped the towel over the back of a chair. Millie nodded a bit. [#D7ACAC "Yes it is, but who really knows"] she said with a shrug of her shoulders. A moment later the coffee was done.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The two talked for awhile, and then Dae had to head out for work. That left Millie alone for hours. She went back to her room and packed up her things. Threw the sheets into the wash, and then took her things out to the car. She then went back inside, washed both of their mugs, and went about doing pointless house hold chores. That seemed to make the day pass a bit. When 12:30 rolled around, she finished putting the cleaning supplies away and went to the bathroom, and applied some makeup before she left.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She was then in her car, heading towards the cafe that Blythe had mentioned. She was kind of early, but that didn't bother her in the least. She shut the car off, and headed inside. She was hungry, so she ordered a ham and turkey sandwich, and moved over to a table and sat down. She didn't see the other yet, and she checked her phone to see if she had gotten a message. Nothing. She sighed lightly, as she sat there waiting, feeling like a total idiot all over again.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She shoved those thoughts aside. She had to make a good impression, and that's just what she was going to do. She couldn't be the victim anymore. She was going to be a different person, hoping that Blythe would give her a chance.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/b2RotCj.jpg]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male looked up towards the woman when she spoke. She put in her order and he nodded a bit. [#b4c8ee "I'll get right on it for you"] he said with a warm smile. A smile he didn't think would ever cross his face. There was something about her, that drew it out of him. Even though he was a dark creature, sometimes it was a good thing to let in the light. He turned and started making her order, and he looked over his shoulder watching as his boss walked over to the counter, her arms crossed.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Shit, he thought he was in some deep trouble when she walked right past him. He let out the breath he was holding, and finished the woman's order. He put the lid onto the cup, and slipped a straw into the small opening. [#b4c8ee "It's on the house today. So don't worry about paying anything."] he said with another smile. That didn't normally happen. He honestly didn't know what was coming over him right now. He felt weird, but then again, that's how he always felt. He put the cup in front of the woman, and helped the next in line.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Maverick, I need you to come back here for a minute please"] his boss called out. He grabbed Monique, and had her cover the front desk. [#b4c8ee "I'll be right back. Heather needs to see me"] he said. [b [i "That's fine. Just make sure not to take too long"]] she said. The male nodded in reply, and he walked around the counter and moved towards Heather. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and she nodded towards her office. [b "Come with me"] she said, her voice dripping with ice.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male let out a small sigh. What kind of trouble was he in right now? Was it because of the coffee he gave the woman? Or was it something more? He was about to find out. The woman closed the door behind him, and moved to her desk. She pointed to the high backed chair, and he sat down. [b "I know you are one of the most amazing people I have on my crew, but a couple of people have complained about you, and the way you look at them"] she said lightly.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male was slightly confused. [#b4c8ee "What do you mean?"] he asked. [b "Monique and Justine don't like the way you look at them. They said it's like you are undressing them with your eyes. Honestly, I adore having you on my crew, but I'm going to have to let you go. I don't want too, but Monique and Justine are breathing down my neck. I'm sorry Maverick. Here's you last pay check as well."] she said sliding a check towards him. The male picked it up, and narrowed his eyes. This was bullshit.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He didn't say anything as he stood, and threw his apron and hat down onto the desk. Heather could tell he was pissed, and she knew to keep her mouth shut, so that's what she did. The male turned on his heel and stormed out of the office. Monique looked up and smirked a bit. [b [i "Finally! Take over again for me please"]] she called out. The male shook his head, as he shoved the check into his pocket, and rounded the counter. [#b4c8ee "You got me fired. What the fuck did I do to you?"] he snapped.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He saw the fear in the woman's eyes, and it pleased him to no end. He made himself a black coffee, and didn't pay for it. [#b4c8ee "I hope you are happy. Good luck"] he hissed. That's when he saw that the woman was still there. He then made his way over to her table, and pulled up a chair. He looked towards her a small smile on his face, his eyes flashing with anger. [#b4c8ee "Mind if you keep a very pissed off male company?"] he asked. He then took a sip of his coffee, letting the silence wash over them.]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [font "Times" [size15 Blythe watched the- no, Millie. Not a stranger, well much, anymore. Still sort of a stranger. And a fan, apparently, who had recognized her on the street and asked about rooming. It wasn't that Blythe was so full of herself that she was [i displeased] to be recognized on the street, it was just something about the situation made her feel a bit off. So she had hesitated a little. Something about Millie being a fan made her hesitate specifically. Was she worried about a creep? Was she overreacting and being way too judgmental about someone who probably was harmless and like probably really cool? Was she too easily talking herself out of a weird feeling and stepping closer to being a murder or kidnapping victim somewhere?? With sad headlines detailing her miniscule fame and disappearance????? Possibly any and all of those things.

Of course she felt bad, but she wasn't super social as a person sometimes. She felt cramped, wrong and like she hadn't studied properly- or at other times she felt like people were way too close to her personal boundaries [i at all times] which with both of those revolving around your head was always kind of anxious and uncomfortable.

Blythe looked down at the piece of paper again in her hand, still o the street after Millie had left her. She had to get back to work...
[center ♥♥♥]
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/14/29/ed/1429edc31607b4ff00f072cc0334ca2b.jpg]]
Mavis pushed the door open to the coffee shop. Usually she just went to a Starbucks, but this one was A. closer to campus, though only about a block and B. she liked the idea of visiting a local shop over a corporation.

To the witnessing eye, the young woman with the big, black, round wireframe glasses had ash blonde hair frothing gently from an undercut with a bit of a root shadow, but not a dark one. Perhaps a darker blonde than this color was natural on her. She was balancing her cellphone and an empty, rattling, plastic cup that she set on the counter as she arrived at it in one hand. Paired with a black jean jacket, and a black, white striped top tucked into high waisted black jeans, boots and a peek at black and white striped socks she looked like a ruffled, edgy teenager. At least, that was the look she was going for. She flashed a grin at the young man checking her out behind dark painted lips.

A wallet came out of her pocket, "[+green [B Hey, what's up, how are you?]]" she asked, fumbling a bit with said wallet halfway out of the pocket. It finally breached, and she flipped it open, dipping her finger in to scoop out some money for him. "[+green [B Can I grab an iced vanilla latte, please?]]"

She glanced over the man before her, the corners of her eyeliner peeking out from the sides of her sunglasses. Mavis shrugged internally at him, [i Eh. Kinda attractive I guess.] But her wariness of people, especially white dudes, kept her at a friendly distance.
[center ♥♥♥]

Blythe opened her phone again when she had locked her little Vespa for the evening and was on her feet again. Valerie was rubbing along her legs, eager to be home. She was too. She stuffed the little wad of twenties down further in her pocket, still letting it sit in her hand for some reason, and typed in Millie's number.

[+purple [i Let's meet at like 1pm or so at that cafe, okay? If that works for you.]]

It would give her time to sleep to her normal time and then get up and get ready and get back to that part of town with plenty of time. Hell, she'll bring a book with her, even.

She also sent a second text.

[+purple [i Hey Dae, I know you're super social and like ready to help me meet friends and stuff, but don't just send randos my way anymore, please. Give me some heads up, let me contact them first, talk it out, see if they're interested. Communicate in any shape or form whatsoever beforehand. It'd be appreciated. Thanks girl.]]

And the next day, that was where she was, eyes up now and again to see if she could catch sight of the chick who asked her about rooming together the evening before. Maybe she'll see a different side of her today. It was getting pretty close to rent time though, so she should honestly think about something for the situation. But she still wasn't about to take any ol' joe in off the internet.
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[font "tempus sans itc" Seeing the male, kind of put the woman on edge. She honestly didn't know what to think about it. She had seen some pretty strange things before, and that wasn't one of them. She shook her head lightly and looked back towards the woman. She wouldn't mind meeting up at the small cafe she had pointed out. When she asked for her number she nodded lightly. She reached for her bag, and she pulled out a pen and small notebook. She opened it to a clean page, and wrote her name down for the woman, along with her number.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She then tore the page out and handed it to the woman. A small smile passed over her lips slightly as she finally pushed herself to her feet. [#D7ACAC "Thank you. I honestly don't know what more I can say. I know it's been a strange day, and I hope tomorrow will be slightly better."] she said lightly. This time she wasn't running away. She really did need to find somewhere to crash for the night. Even though it was the afternoon, slowly drawing to evening. She slid the bag strap over her shoulder.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#D7ACAC "Again I do apologize. I will hear from you soon then"] she said with a small smile. Maybe there was some type of hope for her now. She then ducked her head, and slipped past the woman. She moved down the street to where she parked her car. She pulled the car keys out of her pocket, and unlocked the car. She slid in behind the wheel, tossed her bag into the passenger seat, and found her car charger. She plugged it in, along with her phone letting it charge. She then started the car and put it in drive.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She pulled away from the curb, and headed into the bad part of town. She didn't know why, but something felt off. She didn't know what she was really looking for. That was when she heard her phone buzzing in the cup holder. She pulled to the side of the road, and picked her phone up. [b [i How did it go with Blythe?]] the message read. She sighed a bit, as she hit the reply button. [#D7ACAC [i I made a fool of myself honestly.]] She typed back, and hit send.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i I don't think it could have been that bad. Do you have a room with her? Or do you need a place to crash?]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#D7ACAC [i I will be meeting her tomorrow sometime, and we will be talking more about it. I do need a place to crash tonight though, if you don't mind.]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i I don't mind at all. If you want you can head over now, the key is under the doormat.]] That was the end of that. She sighed and put her head down.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Today was a really strange day, but she was glad she had a place to stay. She put the car into gear, and headed to Dae'Onna's place. She needed a shower anyway. The male pushed aside for the time being. She had a feeling she would be running into him again, and soon.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/b2RotCj.jpg]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male let out a small sigh as he booked it out of the woods. His breathing was heavy, and his heart was racing. The Demon had killed once again. He knew he looked like he had killed someone, but his small cabin wasn't that far away. He made a quick pit stop there, and he showered, and changed into some clean clothes. He would have to leave this cabin and soon. He didn't know when he would, but he would have too. If the cops were going to zero in on his killings.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As soon as he was cleaned up, he then grabbed a bag and shoved it full of clothes, and other things. He made sure there wasn't anything of value, before he walked out of the cabin for the last time. He then set it ablaze. He stood back a few yards and watched the blaze before him. The look on his face was of pure bliss pretty much. He shook his head, and then turned and moved towards his truck. He had a small apartment in town, but he was going to be late for his job.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He would have enough time to drop his shit off, and then book it to work. That's just what he did too. He ran into the apartment, dropped off his bag, changed into his work clothes, and then booked it back out. He wasn't that far from the building he worked in, and he wasn't really paying much attention. He had walked right past two women sitting outside. He took a quick glance at them both, and licked his lips lightly. The one with the black lipstick, and her arms around her legs caught his eye first.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He didn't know what it was about her, but he felt like he had found his next victim. That would have to wait till later though. He shook his head, and moved past them. As the bookstore came into view, he slowed his pace a little bit. People were surprised to see someone like him working here, but he didn't care. It was his safe place, and that's all he ever really cared about. He didn't care about the people judging him. He walked inside, made his way to the back, and clocked in. He was early.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That was a first. Even though he worked short shifts, he was still surprised with himself. He wrapped the apron around his waist, and then went to the counter. The smell of the coffee shop inside made his mouth water. He hadn't eaten anything, and he was getting slightly hungry. He would have to wait till break though. He plastered on a smile, and waited to check people out when they were ready. His mind kept wandering to the women he had walked past. Something strange about them both, and he would find out pretty soon what it was.]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [font "Times" [size15 Blythe sighed and rubbed a hand over her mouth, feeling suddenly and distinctly put upon with the way this Millie said that. So what if she didn't want to let her random friend's friend sleep in her apartment? If Dae'Onna wanted her to have a place, she should have offered in the first place, and not have foisted this rando off on Blythe, or maybe should have asked. She'll have to have a talk with her about that.

Blythe shrugged, trying for chill, understanding. "[+purple Makes sense,]" she responded. Spontaneous homelessness is certainly something to freak you out about.

She shrugged again, "[+purple I'm not working tomorrow as far as I know, so we can like meet up for lunch or something.]" Her eyes moved over the street in front of them, lined with shops and stores. Hmm.

"[+purple There.]" she pointed to a boba and milk tea cafe with food and stuff. It was a nice, neutral place. She wouldn't be pestered by coworkers or friends, and she didn't have to commit to a lot of expensive food. Happy medium.

Her eyes slid back over to Millie as she spoke again. "[+purple I mean, he's social. You know that,]" since Millie watched her videos, she knows that. It was probably a situation of like seeing the animal every day or whenever and then forgetting that you actually don't know them in real life. "[+purple He just doesn't like being grabbed by people he doesn't know.]"

Blythe looked over as Millie did, thinking she got a dirty look from the guy or something based off of her response. But he wasn't looking really at anything, it seemed, power walking down the sidewalk.

When he passed there was the sudden acridness of sulfur in her nose, and the bitterness and taste of smoke on her eyes, like staring into something hot, smokey. Blythe's eyes dropped, resisting the urge to cough, to swallow, which led to a soft little sound in the back of her throat, turning her head a little and trying to make it just sound like she was clearing it. She stared off at nothing for a second, hoping Millie didn't see the response either, and then glanced up at her. Guess it was her turn to be the weird one.

"[+purple Gimme your number and I'll text you. Then we can talk about a time for tomorrow.]"
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[font "tempus sans itc" Millie knew she wasn't making the best impression, and she didn't know how else to do it. As Blythe spoke about her bunking with Dae'Onna, she nodded a bit. [#D7ACAC "I mean, it'll be better than nothing.."] she said softly. At least she'd have a place to sleep. Maybe when her and Blythe met up again, she wouldn't be a hot mess. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, and sent Dae'Onna a quick message asking if she'd be able to sleep there tonight. The second she got a message back, a small smile passed over her lips.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i Of course you can bunk with me tonight. You can also tell me what happened with Blythe. You both need to have a comfortable place to talk. I'll come and get you in a moment don't move.]] Was all the message said. She tucked her phone back into her pocket and looked at the other goth female. [#D7ACAC "That'll be nice. Maybe then I won't make a huge ass of myself. I promise you, I'm not a total mess, just with everything happening at once, is what's really worrying me"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#D7ACAC "But I will thank you right now for the chance. When would be a good time for you? Or did you just want to message Dae'Onna, and we can meet up somewhere, or you can come to her place. Whatever is more comfortable for you, I will do it"] she said lightly. She was talking again, and she snapped her mouth shut. She rested her chin on her knees, as she waited for the woman to speak. Maybe this was happening the way it was for a reason. She didn't know what it was, but she hoped it would work.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She wasn't always a mess. She was one of the best people in the world. She cared too much, and she sure as hell didn't like this feeling. She looked up at the other and spoke again. [#D7ACAC "I am sorry for grabbing your cat like I did.. I love animals, and normally they like being around me, but I had messed up. I hope he's not too mad at me, and I hope you aren't too mad at me either"] she admitted. She had been in the wrong, and she hoped things would be better.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She let her words hang in the air, as she looked back towards the people walking along the street. A shudder ran down her spine as a male walked by. He looked like he was in a hurry, and he didn't wanna be bugged. The feeling she got off of him though scared her. She shook her head lightly, and kept her eye turned towards the street, watching the passing cars.]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [size15 [font "Times" Blythe scritched her fingers through her hair, humming as she people-watched, listening to Millie. She figured trying to make eye contact would be making the anxiety worse, so she didn't try right now. "[+purple I'm sure you didn't mean it,]" she said, brushing her thumb underneath her lower lip. A motion of thought.

The way Millie had made her first impression wasn't making Blythe comfortable, per se, but it wasn't like dangerous or anything like that at least. The tendency to completely melt down and just run- or maybe do something else rash- wasn't giving her a whole lot of faith in a stranger right now. Impulsive.

She nodded in understanding as she explained. "[+purple Well, I don't really feel super comfortable just letting someone stay at my place without knowing them.]"

Shifting a little to look at Millie, Blythe pushed some hair behind her ear. "[+purple If you don't have a place tonight, let's call Dae'Onna and get you a couch, at least. You know her and she knows you, so it's cool. Then let's meet for a proper kind of chat, okay?]"
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[font "tempus sans itc" The sound of Blythe's voice somewhat startled her. She rolled her eyes at herself, and watched as the woman came over towards her. She didn't know what to do. She was at a loss, and she felt like a total idiot. She took a small breath, and when Blythe asked her name, was when she finally spoke. [#D7ACAC "Mille Anderson, and I am sorry for making myself look like an idiot in front of you"] she said lightly. She meant it too. She wasn't always like that, but right now her anxiety was through the roof.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She just wanted to sink into the ground, and just let it swallow her whole. That would make matters so much better. She cocked her head to the side at the woman, and was still trying to wrap her mind around what was going on. Had this woman really followed her out here? Most people would just ignore the fact that Millie had made a huge ass of herself, but this woman before her was different. She could feel it. It might be a really odd thing, but she felt some type of connection to her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#D7ACAC "I guess I can start over.. You know the reason as to why I'm needing a place to live. Because I honestly won't have a home by nightfall. So.. I don't know if you want some type of interview or something, or if just trusting a total mess like myself to live with you, that could be a good start too"] she said with a small sheepish smile. Was she really begging right now? She felt like she was, but it might be the only way to go right now. She knew she was looking more and more like a lost child.]

[font "tempus sans itc" In a way, she was like a lost child. She was losing everything she knew, and she couldn't do anything but try to grab onto some sort of anchor. So if Blythe was that anchor, she was going to make sure she held on tight. [#D7ACAC "So, what do you say? Let a total stranger into your home, and take that leap of faith with me?"] she asked letting the words hang in the air. She could feel her phone ringing in her pocket, but she wasn't going to do anything about it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Whomever was calling, could leave a message, or something. She bit the inside of her cheek, as she wrapped her arms around her knees, and waited for a reply. Today wasn't going as planned, but right now things might be changing a bit. At least she hoped it would be. She licked her lower lip, leaning her back against the brick wall behind her.]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [font "Times" [size16 Blythe's brows arched, leaned against the counter like she was. "[+purple Well, a girl can never be too careful,]" she responded, exhaling softly.

She ran a hand through her hair, shaking it out as she went and listened to the stranger's explanation. Cool story, she just didn't have a name or an introduction or really anything. Must be real nervous or something. As if the stop-start conversation wasn't any indicator. Blythe was good at that, sometimes, watching as others kind of floundered a bit, feeling a little too polite to make them stop so she could cut off the word vomit and get her own in edgewise. And the longer it went on, the least she was willing to interrupt, usually. A good listener to a fault, imagine that.

So, when she thought she had a good moment to speak, parting her lips and feeling the liquid lip [i still] drying apparently, stick along the rim of her mouth, suddenly the other girl fled. Leaving Blythe to stand there, hand raised in a gesture, watching her leave. Uh. Rude, okay. She stared after her, glancing at her coworker over the bar, exchanging a look.

"[+purple Was it something I said?]" she asked, an edge of sarcasm in her tone.

He grinned, crooked, "[+purple No, it's cuz you smell.]"

Blythe gave a 'hmph', putting her hands on her hips. "[+purple Clearly. Guess I should shower once in a while.]" She shot back over her shoulder with an i'll-be-right-back glance tossed after, advancing out the door and peeking both ways down the street to see if she could see the stranger. She leaned out the door, her hands balancing her on her tiptoes all anchored in the doorway.

Easy prey. She actually overheard the last words of the other woman, huffing.

"[+purple Yeah, I'd say so,]" she agreed, dropping her hands and taking a step forwards before coming over to where the stranger was. She came right up next to her, squatting down and leaning her arms on her knees, hands clasped in between. "[+purple I mean, I guess your anxiety is winning you points, otherwise I [i would] actually be concerned. But I put so much of my life on the internet I suppose it's only fair.]" Blythe Masters shrugged. What could she say? She was accessible.

"[+purple Why don't we start with an introduction, first? Might make it less creepy if I have a name for you, huh?]" Her tone was playing somewhere between blunt, and earnest, voice soft, between just them. It was her attempt at being comforting, in an awkward, roundabout way.

She arched her brows to the woman next to her, inviting her to speak now.
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[font "tempus sans itc" Seeing how the cat reacted to her, and gave out a warning meow she seemed to back off for a moment. When Blythe seemed to notice her, was when she decided it would be best to approach now. She bit the inside of her cheek as the other woman spoke. Millie looked her up and down, and she tilted her head to the side and shrugged a bit. What was she supposed to say? She bit her lip lightly as she finally got the nerve to speak. [#D7ACAC "I'm not stalking you if that's what you think"] she blurted out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That's when she realized she just put her own foot in her mouth. She hadn't meant to sound weird, but that had been the first thing that popped into her head. She then rushed on and started speaking once more. [#D7ACAC "Dae'Onna. she was the one who brought me here. She told me that you were looking for a roommate, and honestly I need a place to stay. My former roommate kicked me out, and I don't have anywhere else to turn, so I took a chance and let Dae'Onna bring me here"] she said lightly.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She knew she was digging herself a bigger hole, and she looked down at the black cat, and then looked back up at Blythe. [#D7ACAC "Please don't think I'm some kind of stalker, because I'm not. Yeah I have watched your channel, and I Know a little bit about you, but that's not why I'm here asking about being roommates."] she said lightly. She then stopped talking altogether. She might as well let the other goth female talk. She talked when she was nervous, and meeting Blythe was really nerve wracking.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That and she's already fucked shit up with her cat. She hadn't meant to reach out for him, but it was something she had always done. She shifted her weight and spoke again. [#D7ACAC "I am sorry for trying to grab him. I really am, I'm just an animal person and I get excited when I see a cat, or a dog. So I do apologize for that"] she added quickly, before she snapped her mouth closed once more. She was making a huge fool of herself, and she just wanted to get the hell out of here.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#D7ACAC "I'm sorry for wasting your time"] she blurted out, as she turned on her heel and walked back towards her table. She shouldn't have come. She should have just stuck around home, and tried calling her parents. She gathered up her things, slid her bag onto her shoulder, left a tip for the waitress, and grabbed her cup. Her hands were shaking, and she was lucky enough to keep a hold of her coffee. She then ducked her head, and slipped past Blythe and her cat, and out onto the sidewalk. Her heart hammering inside of her chest.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She stopped long enough to take a couple deep breath's trying to calm her nerves. She looked over her shoulder and watched Blythe. Maybe she should go back in there? No that would make her look even worse. She sighed lightly as she moved closer to the building, and sat down. She put her bag and coffee cup beside her. She pulled her knees to her chest, and rested her forehead on her knees. [#D7ACAC "Way to go fucker"] she muttered to herself, wishing the day was over and done with.]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [size16 [font "Times" Valerie, initially interested in being social, had his limits however. This was a room full of strangers, mostly, after all. He liked being pet, but not necessarily being held by many people. So, when both hands reached out for him, beyond just petting from this new person, Valerie squirmed and twisted away with a plaintive, warning meow.

He turned and left, out of their reach, and walked a few paces away before turning back with a lash of his tail, glancing back to see if she was following, and returned to Blythe's side.

Blythe had looked up as she had heard the sound from her animal, eyes landing on the stranger who tried to pick him up. "[+purple Yeah, he doesn't let you pick him up if he doesn't know you,]" she said, nodding to the stranger, looking down as Valerie rubbed against her leg. His eyes were on the stranger who, actually, in turn stood and approached Blythe.

The young woman watched her approach, brows arched. They only rose more, wrinkling her forehead as she peered over her large sunglasses at the young woman in front of her. Well. At least she looked goth, so as far as first impressions went. That meant she was either interesting, or insane. [i Keep an open mind, Master.]

"[+purple Hi, Stranger, I guess. So, uh. How- exactly did you manage to track me to my workplace specifically to inquire about that, first?]"
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[font "tempus sans itc" As Millie waited, her nerves were starting to get the best of her. She wasn't always a nervous person, but when she was, she felt like she was gonna puke. What if the woman she was supposed to be meeting, didn't like her? She raven haired female shook her head. [#D7ACAC [i 'You can do this']] she thought to herself. She pulled her phone out, and checked the time. Maybe she was too early? That's when the door opened, and her breath caught in her throat. One of her favorite youtuber's had just walked in.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Seeing the dark haired female talking to the owners made her heart race. That's when her eyes fell to the ground, and there was a black cat. One she had seen in a lot of her video's. She watched as the cat caught her eye, his tail twitched and he padded over to her. He stopped at her feet, sat down, and peered up at her. He let out a small meow, and she bent down and picked him up. Instant purring came from the fuzz ball. She scratched behind his ears gently, and a small smile passed over her lips.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She wasn't much of a cat person, but she did love seeing this fuzz ball. Considering he came right up to her, told her something. Animal's had a way of knowing who to trust, and who not to trust. So since the cat was purring away in her arms, nuzzling into her hand for more petting, told her something. He trusted her. he bit the inside of her lip as she looked up once more. She didn't want to look like a total creep, so she stood and walked over to where the three were talking.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#D7ACAC "Excuse me, but your cat just wandered up to me, and he gave me this look like he wanted to be held, so you have a content cat right now"] she said lightly. The purring got a bit louder, as he leaned his head against her arm, his tail twitching a bit, as she kept scratching behind his ears. Her heart was hammering, and she was really nervous. She always kept her cool, but she had a feeling she was going to fuck something up, that's what the woman did without meaning too.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She looked down at the cat in her arms, as he started kneading against her skin. That was another sign that the cat was comfortable. She had been bored one day, and googled a lot of signs on how a cat was comfortable with you. This was one of them. She then looked up at the owners, and then the other woman standing there. She bit her lip lightly, as she tried to figure out her next move. [#D7ACAC "So, I also heard you were looking for a roommate, and well.. I guess you can say I'm here to inquire about it"] she blurted out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She wanted to kick herself just now. She had made a fool of herself already, and she just wanted to sink into the floor, and just vanish. She tried keeping herself under control though, as she waited for the other woman to say something. The silence stretching out between them.]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [font "Times" [size14 Blythe was working, covering for someone, at the café that day. It was sort of her day job off and on for her friend, and the owners knew her, also knowing she knew what she was doing. All under the table and such, as much of her work was. Which was fine, she didn't have to do taxes on unofficial income. The less to do, the better.

She opened her mouth to belt out the chorus of the song she had playing from the little portable speaker bouncing against her hip, its strap attached to her backpack. Blythe couldn't hear fabulously from inside the protective helmet she wore- having a penchant for speeding around on her Vespa. Beside her, in the side car, was perched a pleased, curled up cat, Valerie; a common appearance in her videos. He was down in the foot area of the car, the breeze ruffling his fur now and again as Blythe leaned into a turn as far as the moped would allow.

She pulled up to the sidewalk, the engine ramping down as she revved it one last time to get it to nose up to the pavement and then turned it off. Pulling the helmet off, she ruffled a hand through her hair, hoping she didn't smash it too bad. Only thing with straightening your hair there was that it had such obvious kinks in it if you put it up or had a hat or a helmet on. Valerie's head poked up from inside of the sidecar, eyes lidded, and nose atwitch.

Sighing, Blythe put the helmet on the seat of the Vespa and reached around to turn the speaker off. With that she looked down to her companion, "[+purple Cmon, Val, you fat fuck. Let's go get you some attention, huh?]" She said it with fondness in her tone, the hefty, velvet mass of cat-shaped dough hopped out of the car to the sidewalk, shaking off.

Blythe picked her helmet up, pocketing her keys, and then went inside the café, saying hello to the owners with a grin. She plonked the helmet onto the counter, hugging it to her as she leaned on the counter and chatted with them, gesturing to the back of the cafe.
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[font "tempus sans itc" [#ff00ff "You need to get your shit, and get the fuck out. You have until the end of the week. You don't have to pay your share of the rent, or anything. I don't want anything from you any more Millie. It's time you move on, and get onto your own two feet"] Amilia said lightly. Millie just stood there, looking at her roommate. She sighed a bit and crossed her arms over her chest. [#D7ACAC "I'll be gone by the end of the week, I promise"] she said lightly. She had no choice in the matter now.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The black haired female gathered up her book bag, along with her wallet, apartment keys, and lap top. She slung the bag over her shoulder, and hugged the laptop to her chest as she lowered her head and slipped out of the apartment. Amilia closed and locked the door behind her. Her life was crashing down around her. She was failing some of her college classes, and her mother was in the hospital fighting for her life. She felt like she wanted to sink into the ground, and just vanish for good.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That's when she heard her name being called. [b "Millie! Hold up!"] came the sound of Dae'Onna. One of the few people she trusted with her life. Dae'Onna fell into step beside the woman and hooked her arm though her's. [b "You look like you wanna break down and cry. What's the matter beautiful?"] she asked lightly. Millie let out a small sigh and shrugged a bit. She didn't even know where to start honestly. She took a breath and started talking. [#D7ACAC "I'm getting kicked out, I have to find a place by the end of the week"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#D7ACAC "If I don't, then I'm going to end up being homeless, and I can't do that.."] she said as tears filled her light grey eyes. Dae'Onna shook her head lightly as she nudged the girl with her hip. [b "I know of someone who's looking for a roommate. She's going to be in town in about fifteen to twenty minutes. You should meet her"] she said. That seemed to life Millie's spirit's a little bit. Maybe she should trust the woman for once. She nodded a bit [#D7ACAC "Yeah I wouldn't mind"] she said lightly.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "You might know of her anyway. She's a youtuber, and I think you happen to be a fan of her's. Her name is Blythe Masters"] Dae'Onna kept on chatting away. Millie nearly stopped in her tracks at the name, but Dae'Onna had a pretty good lock on her arm, and kept her from stopping. [#D7ACAC "Are you serious? Do you really think she'd want to room with me?"] she asked, her heart hammering inside of her chest. Maybe this was a bad idea, but she made he choice to follow though with it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Of course she would! She's a total sweetheart! Come on, I know the cafe she's going to be at. It's Oscar's Cafe"] she said and started leading Millie down the street. Millie's heart was racing, she was going to be meeting her favorite Youtuber, and she might even be rooming with her! Could this be her lucky day or what? It took the two females about ten minutes to go to Oscar's, and Dae'Onna led her inside. The cafe was small, with about ten to twelve tables only. The owners were a young couple, and welcomed them with warm smiles.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Order anything you want, and Blythe will be here soon"] Dae'Onna said, kissing her cheek lightly and then left. Millie stood there looking like an idiot, so she ordered a large coffee and sat at one of the tables by the windows. She placed her lap top onto the table top, and her bag by her feet. She thanked the woman for her coffee, and then looked out the window. She was really nervous, and she hoped that this would work out in her favor. If it didn't, she didn't know what she was going to do with herself.]
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