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[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Margarine"][Margarine It happens everytime]]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Margarine"][Margarine It sounds like suicide]]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Margarine"][Margarine I'm hesitant, but I guess I'll drink the Kool-Aid once again]]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Margarine"][Margarine Cast of Jonestown]]

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[center [font "Serif" The thinner woman stood by the window, one arm wrapped around her waist and the other propped on it. She was chewing at her nails, looking out the window. She was ready to see Dylan. She was ready to see how much he had changed. She was sure she would be quite different for him as well.]]

[center [font "Serif" She had lost quite a bit of weight. She wasn't having an eating disorder, if anything she was at the most healthiest weight she's ever been! Growing produce instead of preservatives were great for the body. The blonde hair was faded and her natural brown covered her head now. She stopped wearing makeup and embraced her own skin. At least there was something good that came out of this experience.]]

[center [font "serif" There were footsteps coming up from behind. A hairier, much older man stood behind Stacy. He wrapped his arms around her, his hairy arms locking around her waist. He pulled her in close, resting his chin in the fold of her shoulder. She didn't have the guts to let him know his chin was stabbing her. Instead, she leaned back into his touch. He kissed her neck slowly, sucking softly on it. She closed her eyes, groaning into his grip.]]

[center [font "Serif" She came out of the pleasure when a truck horn honked. She perked up, going to step forward and get out of his grasp. He pulled her in, squeezing her a bit tighter. [#C0392B "Hey, he's here. I have to go."] Her voice soft and innocent.]]

[center [font "serif" He turned her around roughly, now in her face. He had an overgrown beard with a mustache. He was a larger, fatter guy. He had side burns that crept into his beard. His hair starting to grey, he needed to dye it again. He wore a button up shirt that remained untucked with shorts. His piercing blue eyes covered by sunglasses. His voice deep and disturbing. The love in his voice shattered in a split second.]]

[center [font "Serif" [b "Remember what we talked about?"] He threatened, causing her to slouch into weakness. She nodded and his anger disappeared. He kissed her forehead, releasing her forearms. [b "Now go."] He said, before gripping her ass hard to remind her where she belongs.]]

[center [font "Serif" She made her way out the doors, passing everyone that said hello. She ran for the truck, listening to the honking as it got closer.]]
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[google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Over+the+Rainbow"][Over+The+Rainbow Dear Brother,]

[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Over+the+Rainbow"][Over+The+Rainbow It's been a few weeks since my last letter. I'm glad that your Youtube Career has really taken off. At first, Father was very skeptical about letting you into our community. The outside world is very skeptical and we don't allow many in. But with some convincing, he's allowed it. Only you and Rex. No one else. You are not to bring any weapons with you. Just the camera and a suitcase for each of you. Father will give you the tour upon arrival.]]
[right [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Over+the+Rainbow"][Over+The+Rainbow Stacy]]
[center [pic https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/animal-jam-clans-1/images/4/46/Div_3.png/revision/latest?cb=20171207171550]]

[right [pic https://imgur.com/hy5Zq1l.png]][center [font "Serif" Dylan gazed out the helicopter window, looking over the side. There was just trees for miles and miles. The last road was 30 minutes from the helicopter meaning who knows how long from on foot. This was going to be the first time in a year that he would be seeing Stacy. She was his sister and she meant a lot to him. He had to admit, he was nervous.]]

[center [font "Serif" She joined some group that people called the Folks Temple. It was ran by Bill Bones who was highly admired at the time. He remembered his sister obsessing over him and then he finally noticed her. She completely blew off his best friend, Rex. The two of them had a thing until Bill came along. Which was the odd thing. His sister was never one to make quick decisions such as running away with a middle aged man.]]

[center [font "Serif" While she had left, Dylan's youtube career took off. He used it for documentary's on certain places or ghosts or whatever he or the audience wanted it to be. It was a spectacular thing. Not only that, his best friend, Rex, was able to be his camera man. He was a damn good one, good editor too. The two of them had moved in together and it had been a blast.]]

[center [font "Serif" After Stacy left him, he was kind of hollow. He was very hard to relate to and very hard to talk to. Rex had shut himself down in parts of his body. He wasn't responsive. He had loved my sister for as long as he could remember. Going to see her seemed to cheer him up. He was just as worried for her as he was. The two had been trying to call her but apparently, phones don't exist in Jonestown. Like, okay, sis.]]

[center [font "Serif" He looked over at Rex, who was avoiding looking out the window at all costs. [b "Dude, are you okay?"] He asked him, Rex shaking his head.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Dude, fuck no. I hate heights. How much longer do we have?" Rex yelled at the pilot who sent a gaze from the back.]]

[center [font "Serif" "We're here." He said, the helicopter lowering and the trees becoming taller than them now. They touched ground.]]

[center _]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/R1mG3p5.png]]

[center [font "Serif" Rex kept his eyes closed the entire flight. He was terrified of heights and no matter how much Dylan teased him, he sure as hell wasn't going to give in. When the helicopter touched down on the grass, Rex was the first one to get out of the plane. He landed on the dirt, kneeling down and kissing the ground. He heard Dylan make a fake throw up noise.]]

[center [font "Serif" "How fucking gross, man." Rex turned around, standing up and walking towards Dylan who was getting the bags out.]]

[center [font "Serif" [b "Look dude, if you had the same problems as me, you wouldn't be doing that."] He shoved his elbow into Dylan, both boys laughing. The pilot turned around in his seat, almost looking to rush the two.]]

[center [font "Serif" A truck engine wasn't too far off. The sound getting much closer. It was a tinier blue pickup truck. There was a man in the front and two in the bed. The two in the bed held AR-15's. It caused Rex to be taken aback and his heart to race. He wasn't one who liked violence or guns. Peace be with you, was his moto.]]

[center [font "Serif" It was crazy how dangerous the guns seemed, yet the men themselves didn't seem to strong. They were scrawny and looked very skinny. The one of the tailgate banged on the roof of the truck. "Ay, boys! You Dylan and Rex?" He asked, Rex nodding his head, Dylan making a thumbs up. The black man grinned, showing off his missing teeth. "Get on in."]]

[center [font "Serif" Rex looked over at Dylan who didn't even bother. He was skeptical and would've rather of walked to the village. He hiked his leg up on the tail bed, lifting himself up. He sat across from Dylan and next to one of the white men with guns. Rex side glanced at the gun, catching the guy looking at him.]]

[center [font "Serif" "We should record some entry," Dylan suggested, tossing Rex his camera bag.]]

[center [font "Serif" As he started to take it out, one of the men stopped them. "No! Only in the village. Outskirts are off limits."]]
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