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Sitting in the back of the class room, Selena watched as the rest of the students went on with the exam. Looking down at her test paper, she sighed. It had been a stressful couple weeks leading up to the entrance exam. This would be the break she needed, a scholarship into one of the best colleges. All through high school, Selena didn't pay attention to the things that most girls her age did; Boys, Make up, Fashion. She was usually studying or working. When she was named top of her graduating class it was no surprise to anyone. She really only had one person to compete with in her overwhelmed public school. By the time the senior year was over, most of the teachers were fed up with the students, allowing them to do what ever they wanted as long they weren't destroying school property.

But that is the thing about the schools in the inner cities, no matter what the teachers did, there was always something being destroyed. Gang violence was one of the biggest reasons why things got destroyed, a lot of the initiations into the gang in the area was to show your self destroying something in one of the schools that were scattered over the city.

She was fed up with the city life, she was sick and tired of barely being able to live off her wages from two jobs. It did not help that her mother could no longer work and her younger brother was barely ten years old. As for her father, he had been gone since the day her mother got sick leaving Selena to take care of the household.

This school was her chance to get a better life for those she loved. Now all she had to do was hand in the exam and wait for a call. Wait for the call that hopefully tell her that she had made, that everything she had done was worth it.

[center [b One week later]]

Wiping down the table, Selena groaned as her back cracked. It was now going on twelve hours of working on her feet for that day, and there was still her other job she would have to leave to go to after this.

Lifting her head as the bell over the door chimed, Selena placed a smile on her face as she made her way over to the table with menus. " Hello, welcome to Gerta's. My name is Selena and I will be your server today. Take some time and look over the menu and just let me know when you are ready for anything." Placing the last menu in front of the men, Selena felt her pocket vibrate. " Hey, Lana can you cover for me for a moment?" Nodding her head at the older lady she worked opposite of, Selana walked into the back room to look at a unknown number popping up on her phone. " Hello?" " Hello, is this Selena Boats?" "Yup, and who is calling?" " This is Ms. Decker from Trinity college. I am calling because I would love to welcome you to come and visit me at my office and take a tour around the campus. " Selena's eyes grew wide as the woman talked. Trinity college was calling her! It was happening, now she just had to remember how to put words together to make a sentence so she could answer the woman. " I..I would love too!" " Great, come by tomorrow and we can see if you like it here. Have a wonderful night Ms. Boats."

[center [b Next day]]

Walking up to the campus, Selena's eyes grew wide. The place was huge, but it was clean and gorgeous. There was trees and fountains every where. Small places where students were sitting sucking up the sun. Breathing in, Selena even felt the air here was better. Putting one foot in front of the other, she made her way to the deans office. Taking in everything as she went, Selena made her way up the stairs of the old building towards the office with " Ms. Decker" Written on the outside. Knocking, Selena heard the muffled come in, having her pushed the heavy door open.

" Good after noon, Ms Boats! Please come take a seat." Hurrying over to oak chairs, Selena sat in front of the prim dean. " So we would love to welcome you here on full scholarship! When on scholarship there is some rules. One your main focus at all times is your studies. We will give you some extra income to help with any thing you need, because from the time you take the scholarship, you will not be able to work. " Selena's eyes widen in shock, how was she going to not work? Lifting the contract, she bite her lip sighing. " Of course, Ms. Decker." Putting a fake smile on her face, she signed the contract, she would just have to work nights away from the school.
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