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[center [pic https://imgur.com/B0WkIkr.jpg]]
[center [font "Serif" She doesn't kiss me on the mouth anymore]][center [font "Serif" 'Cause it's more intimate, that she thinks we should get]][center [font "serif" She doesn't look me in the eyes anymore]]

[center [font "Serif" When I wake up all alone]][center [font "Serif" And I'm thinking of your skin]][center [font "Serif" I remember, I remember what you told me.]]

[center [font "Serif" Said that we're not lovers, we're just strangers]][center [font "Serif" With the same damn hunger]][center [font "Serif" To be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all.]]

[center [size15 [font "Serif" Cast of Strangers]]]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/7rHw523.jpg]]
[center [pic https://imgur.com/jaOErZi.jpg]]


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[left [pic https://imgur.com/7rHw523.jpg]][center [font "serif" The short brown haired girl pressed her boobs up. She slipped her hands inside her bra, pushing them more forward. Her ID said 21, she needed to play the part. She overlined her lips, rubbing them together before looking over at Cherry. [b "You ready to go in?"] She asked her, Cherry blowing a bubble with her gum. "You know it, sweetie." She winked as the two got out of the car.]]

[center [font "Serif" Becky slipped her arms into the leather jacket, pulling it onto her body to provide warmth. It was a chilly night but they figured it'd be the best night. There wouldn't be too many people to catch them in the act.]]

[center [font "Serif" If you hadn't figured it out yet, Becky is underage. She is currently eighteen, going on nineteen in a few months. She knows Cherry, who is a little closer to legal than her. Becky had been dying for some sort of give, some sort of adrenaline boost to her boring, old life. Sneaking into a bar seemed like the proper place.]]

[center [font "Serif" She walked up to the long line. She shook her legs back and forth, rubbing them together. She pulled down on her black, tight mini skirt. She was wearing a small, cropped tube top that had a cut to accent the boobs more. Like she said, anything to make her look the part. The security guard looked the two over, possibly more than he should have. He didn't ask for their ID and waved them inside. Becky couldn't help but look back after passing him, catching him staring at her backside.]]

[center [font "serif" Upon entry, she was rather stunned. It was a crazy sight. The lights were vibrant and lighting up the darkened room. The DJ was doing a damn good job at making everyone pump. Most gathered on the dance floor. Cherry headed straight for it while Becky grabbed a few drinks from the bar.]]

[center [font "Serif" [b "Heyo, can I have two screwdrivers? Doubles?"] She asked, the man gave her a look, as if he didn't believe her. She rolled her eyes, slipping her hands in her bra and pulling out her ID. [b "Is that good enough proof for ya, stud?"] She asked, leaning over the counter. He huffed, turning his back to her. She rolled her eyes, planting her rear on a stool. She twirled around, looking into the crowd before spotting Cherry. She waved a bit, noticing she was waving for her to bring the drinks over.]]

[center [font "Serif" [b "Didn't know I signed up for slave service.."] She mumbled to herself, taking the double screwdrivers onto the dance floor, joining Cherry.]]

[center _]

[left [pic https://imgur.com/jaOErZi.jpg]][center [font "Serif" It's not unusual for Andy to be lurking at the clubs with a few of her friends. She did have a current girlfriend and things were definitely on the rocks with her. She was getting on Andy's nerves. Complaining about how long she was gone for, what she was doing. Who gave a shit what she was doing? She was happy and that's all that mattered.]]

[center [font "Serif" Andy sat in the back corner, her own mind zoning out her friends. She noticed a dark haired woman. Her body small along with her height. Her heels looked terribly uncomfortable but Andy understood most wanted to be taller. Especially because she looked almost like a midget. Andy watched the woman go to the bar and then make faces with someone in the crowd. Her eyes adverted to the red haired wonder on the dance floor. Her outfit much more....revealing than the others. Her boobs were almost out of the top of her dress while the man behind her had his hands up her dress. It was quite a sight as she watched the interaction unfold.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Hello, Andy? Ya listening to me?" The blonde waved her hands in her face, shaking her out of her mind. "You didn't hear a thing I just said, did you?" She frowned, eyes welling up.]]

[center [font "Serif" Bonnie was sensitive. [b "Sorry, sorry. It's been a long, crazy day. Can you start from the top?"] She asked, her friend regaining her smile and repeating the story of her uncle shooting his foot off. What a time to be alive.]]

[center [font "Serif" Some time had passed and it was only right for Andy to go find that beauty. She could of easily left and she wouldn't of been surprised if she did. She entered the dance floor, casually dancing along women. Andy had the appearance of a man. Short hair, small chest, masculine frame. She was an attractive man and most got the pronouns confused. [i Let them,] was her thoughts.]]

[center [font "Serif" Andy had actually found the red haired woman first. She came up and wrapped her arms around her neck. Her fingers tracing down her jawline as the she clicked her tongue. "Well, I haven't seen you tonight.." She flirted, her red lips curling into a flirtatious smile. [i Play the cards.]]]

[center [font "Serif" [b "I know, I'm your own personal angel, sent from heaven."] She chimed back, the female cooing. She moved closer to Andy, her hips grinding into hers. [b "Uh, so, firehead, gonna give me your proper name?"] She asked, the girl giggling.]]

[center [font "serif" Her words slurred, she leaned in close. Her chest pressing against Andy's flattened one. "Cherry, baby. But you can call me whatever you want." She nibbled on her ear, sending shivers down Andy's back.]]

[center [font "Serif" [b "Cherry, What a wonderful name. I think I would've been able to guess it."]]

[center [font "Serif" "What's yours, b-baby?" She hiccuped, putting more of her weight onto her.]]

[center [font "Serif" Andy contemplated telling her her real name or not. [b "Andy,"] She said, the woman smiling. She just hiccuped and then turned around. Her head flipped around a few times as it seemed she was scanning the room.]]

[center [font "Serif" "Sh--Shit, my friend...she's...fuck." She hiccuped, laughing as she slipped down. Andy holding her weight. "I left her, in the...the bathroom? Yeah, the bathroom..." Her voice trailed off, her giggle still light. Thankfully, Bonnie came over and began assisting.]]

[center [font "Serif" "How do you always get yourself in these messes? Do you even know her?" She questioned, leaning down next to the girl.]]

[center [font "Serif" [b "Does it matter? I'm her angel."] She joked, Bonnie giving her a confused look. [b "Look, I have to go get her friend in the bathroom. Can you take her to my car? We'll get these girls home."]]]

[center [font "Serif" Maybe Andy just wanted to talk to the brownie. OR maybe she really was just helping out.]]
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