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[center [b [i *Based on the Movie A Star is Born IF Jackson and Ally had had a daughter*]]

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[Allura [center [size25 [b [#9251c1 It's been years since the Country Legend, Jackson Maine committed suicide and his wife had decided not to marry again. What was worse was after the death of her husband, Ally Maine had found she was pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter, ___________ who wanted nothing more than to know her father. __________ was told stories about him and wished he would have lived.

Now twenty-two, Ally and Jackson's daughter has become a musician as both her parents had been. She's young, talented and can sometimes be a bit of trouble. That's how she meets ___________, a country "boy" looking to start a new life in the city. He loves to sing and play the guitar. And is actually really good at it too.

Well the two meet in a bar and get to talking and even decide to have a night on the town. What can possibly go wrong? Will this be a love story like ________'s parents had where she brings a struggling musician to light? Or will they just be "another candle in the wind?"]]]]]

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Daliah wanted for him to survive the night. She wanted to be able to cook for him and to have the chance to get to know him. Jackson was not like others she had met and he just had a draw about him. Something that drew her in and yet allowed her to feel safe. Allowed her to feel things she had NEVER felt EVER. And it both thrilled and scared her.

The young woman had to shake her thoughts out of her head. And before she knew it she was being asked what else she wanted to do with their night. Truth be told..she didn't want it to end. Never before had she felt this way.

[#e515cc "Remember I did say the beach? Though we may want some snacks before we go.. I know I just love staying there and watching the ocean and the lapping it does at the shore."] She admitted and gave a small smile as she got him to stop the cart and she hopped out. [#e515cc "So what is the 'cowboy' into for snacks?"]
  +Shallow+ / SheDevil / 6d 2h 49m 30s
[b “If I survive, that sounds like it would be mighty nice ma’am.”] The male answered as he looked at her with a smile. To be honest, her words had taken him slightly aback, but he didn’t want her to know that they had. Instead, Jackson pushed her up and down a few aisles of the store.

[b “What were you wanting to do after this?”] He asked as he continued to push her in the cart. He was enjoying the night that the two were having and he didn’t really want it to come to an end so he wanted to make the most of the time that they had.
  -Shallow- / CinnamonToastCrunch / 9d 1h 30m 51s
How words had been the VERY last thing that she had been expecting to hear. Usually the guys she went out with wanted one thing and one thing only from her. Never had any asked her to have dinner with them. But she could tell that the offer had been genuine and heartfelt. Jackson was nothing like the rest. A mystery all his own and he kept surprising her again and again with the more time that they spent together.

As she ran and pushed him, Daliah couldn't get over his laughter. It truly was music to her ears and proved to her that he rather enjoyed their game. It proved to her that in some sense this was freeing for the both of them. And it warmed some part of her heart that she had not felt in so long. "Thawed part of frozen heart" if one would go that far or that deep.

But soon, the man had her stop and his bright blue gaze was locked with her own. And her heart did seem to leap into her throat and for a moment the smart mouth that she seemed to have was busted. Nothing came out and she swallowed a couple times before she could pull her gaze away and moved passed him and hopped into the cart, sitting on her knees. [#e515cc "If you survive this night with me.. we can have dinner sometime. I would actually like a chance to cook for someone..."] She finally managed as she peeked over her shoulder at him, hair curtaining her face as she batted long black eyelashes. Oh she knew she had perhaps taken him off his guard with her words. Hell she had taken herself off guard, but she meant what she had said to him.
  +Shallow+ / SheDevil / 22d 9h 6m 25s
[b “If I live through the night, how about you and I go get dinner sometime?”] Jackson turned and looked to her as she pushed him around in the cart. He placed one hand on each side, actually enjoying himself. It had been a long time since he had done anything like this. He turned his blue gaze on the woman and couldn’t help smiling as he watched how happy and free she looked.

Jackson honestly thought that she looked genuinely beautiful as she was and he wanted to get to know the real her. No, he didn’t want to, he [i had] to get to know her. Something about her made him feel alive, more than he ever had before. After a little while, he stopped the cart and smiled at the woman. [b “Your turn to be pushed around in the cart ma’am.”] There was a smirk over his lips.

The male then waited to see what she was going to do, wondering if she had heard what he had said about the two possibly getting dinner sometime if he was to survive the night with her. He shook his head slowly, blue eyes on her as he watched and waited to see what she was going to do.
  -Shallow- / CinnamonToastCrunch / 22d 22h 26m 28s
[#e515cc "If you survive tonight with me, then I'll tell you what I mean. Or I might have him tell you what it means."] Dahial said with a laugh and a wink. It had actually taken her by surprise how genuine Jackson was. He actually seemed to want to know the real her and not just the "star". But would he be able to actually like her if he knew? Quickly she had to push those thoughts away. It was one night and it was theirs to do what they wanted with. There was no point in thinking about what ifs. Life for the now was the best thing to do.

Bright blue eyes sparkled when the man did as she said and had climbed into the cart. He was slow about it and almost seemed uncertain. Too cute in her mind, but again she had to keep herself in check. [#e515cc "Positve, cowboy. I may not look like much or I can but I can. Besides this was my idea and you're my victim of the night and so you should get the first ride."] The young woman said, smiling never fading.

After she spoke, Daliah moved to the handle of the cart and soon was running and pushing him through the store. And as she did, the young woman couldn't help laughing. It had been so long since she had been this free and happy.
  +Shallow+ / SheDevil / 26d 5h 21m 4s
[b “Well, it is true that you only have one life to live, so it’s good advice to live it to the fullest. What do you mean when you say that you make him regret it?”] The male asked, head cocked to the side. He was curious to know what the young woman was like, not as the star, but as a woman. As those thoughts enetered his head, a slight color rose in his cheeks.

As she took his hand and led him off, Jackson listened to her words, wondering what exactly Daliah had in mind. As soon as he saw the shopping carts lined up in the back of the grocery store, a grin formed over his lips. It had been forever since he had pushed someone/been pushed around in a shopping cart.

Jackson looked over to her and then slowly got into the cart. [b “You sure you want to push me around?”] He asked, eyes never leaving the female.
  -Shallow- / CinnamonToastCrunch / 26d 8h 38m 22s
[#e515cc "You only have one life and just kind of need to take it by the horns. It's what my uncle always tells me. Yet when he says it, I swear I tend to make him regret it."] The young woman said with a laugh. What was funny was she was ALWAYS acting without thinking. When she had been thirteen her uncle had said those words when they had been at a country fair and she had signed up for the bull riding. Boy had her mother been pissed at her for that one. Another time she had been told to "take life by the horns" and she happened to be the last girl standing during a drinking competition at eighteen and at a party. Yeah, Daliah was ALWAYS making her uncle regret those words. Poor old man.

Sparkling blue eyes locked with blue eyes that were locked on her. He seemed to be letting her choose what they were going to do. Was that a smart move on his part? Probably not. Would the man regret it? That was quite possible. But the look he was also giving told her that for the night he was willing to just live and willing to have a good time.

[#e515cc "I actually have two things in mind. The first is like right down the street and is pretty silly and childish. May even get us into some trouble too. Think you can handle it, 'cowboy'?"] She teased as she took his hand and began to drag him further down the alleyway and towards a late night grocery store. It was thier first stop because her mind was set on ice cream and then the beach. She also would get the man talking as she was VERY curious of Jackson.

She had led him to the grocery store and even dragged him in and towards the back where the shopping carts were, a wicked little smirk upon rosy lips. [#e515cc "Well get in."]
  +Shallow+ / SheDevil / 28d 1h 1m 53s
[b “Guess I have to remember that. Sorry, just how I was raised. Always treat a lady with respect and be a ‘gentleman’. I’d definitely like to consider us friends.”] Jackson said, a laugh escaping him as he turned blue gaze upon the woman once more. It was true that his mother had taught him to have manners and treat women with respect.

The male nodded his head as he listened to the next words she spoke. [b “Well, what would you like to do? You’re right that it would be harder to track us if we were to be on foot or to travel by cab.”] Jackson was thoughtful as he spoke. To be honest, he didn’t really care what they did.

The beach or other bar sounded fine to him, but he was going to let her choose what they did because she obviously had a bit of a wild side to her as far as he could see. Perhaps it would be fun to let loose for once and have a night out, not really caring about what happened later but to live in the moment.
  -Shallow- / CinnamonToastCrunch / 29d 9h 28m 45s
[#e515cc "No 'Miss' when you happen to approach or talk to me.. Daliah is perfectly fine. Besides wouldn't you agree we're friends now? 'Specially after this?"] She asked with a smile. Oh she knew her want to avoid her mother and dragging a man she hardly knew out was not one of her better moves. But she couldn't bring herself to see him as a threat and he did seem like a kind and gentle soul.

Out back and by the truck, the young woman's eyes scanned the back lot to make sure they had not been followed. Being the daughter of one time "Pop Star" Ally Maine and the great and late "Country Rock Legend" Jackson Maine sometimes left her a target for the public eye. But so did the fact of her falling into the family "business".

It was when his hand let hers go did the young woman give a pout. There had been something comforting about having his hand holding hers. Not that she could or would say so. It would probably sound silly and not like something a "normal" person would say. [#e515cc "Why not leave the truck here? We'd be harder to find and trace if we went on foot or got a cab to take us. Besides the night it nice and I still wanted to have that talk you promised me, Mister Webster."] She said with a wink as she held a hand out to him. [#e515cc "So no place in mind. We go wherever our feet want to take us. Could be another bar, hotel, or even the beach. We don't know and that's what makes it so exciting. Just let life guide us and have the surprise."] From her words, it was painfully obvious she could be VERY free-spirited and liked things better when they weren't planned out. Something else she had in common with both her parents. Not that she knew that first hand. Only from the stories her uncle told her of both her mom and dad before she had been born. So she never took it to heart. Or not really.
  +Shallow+ / SheDevil / 29d 9h 18m 11s
Jackson shook his head as he heard her words, still unable to believe them. He felt that she was just being nice. But he wasn’t going to argue with her. Instead, the male bowed his head. [b “Thank you for those kind words Miss... Daliah.”] He has almost called her ‘Miss Maine’ But has stopped himself.

The male looked over the crowd and saw a woman who looked like she could be an older version of Daliah, save for the eyes. It must have been her mother. As soon as the female took his hand and dragged him over to the curtain and heard her words, Jackson nodded his head. [b “Where would you like to go? We can take my truck.”] He said and then grabbed her hand, taking her out the back of the bar. The truck was parked by the back door and was surprisingly easy to get to.

Jackson turned his gaze to the female and let go of her hand, leaning back against the building as he waited for her response. He didn’t know what had come over him, he had just reacted to her wanting to get out at that moment.
  -Shallow- / CinnamonToastCrunch / 29d 22h 26m 30s
Humble and a true country boy. He didn't seem to want the praise that she had given, though God knew he deserved it. The audience clearly knew as well as they had yet to stop with the applause or cheering [#e515cc "Thank you.. but you really were amazing. Had I not heard you sing before.. well lets just say you're a lot better than you think you are. So the honour was mine to have you agree to do this with me."] She said, cheeks flushed from the drinks but also from him having draped the arm over her shoulders as her own had gone about his waist. Like him though, the young woman had thought better of it and quickly removed her arm.

Still the crowd was going wild as blue gaze had moved to the man she stood beside. But then she looked out over the crowd and cursed softly, her hand taking his and she gently tugged him back towards a curtain. [#e515cc "We need to go now.. My mom is here and I REALLY don't want one of her lectures..So ready take me up on the night on the town?"] She asked, giving him a smile that was begging him to agree.
  +Shallow+ / SheDevil / 30d 1h 33m 50s
Cheers and applause rang in his ears after the pair had finished the song. The male stood at the center and then motioned to his singing partner. [b “Give it up for the real talent here, Miss Daliah Maine!!”] This was after she had said her part. He too stood back and applauded for her, the smile forming over his lips once more.

He then moved to where he stood beside her and wrapped one arm around her shoulder, then thinking about it, removed it. [b “You were amazing!”] Jackson said and looked to her once more. It was truly an honor to sing that song with her and he was still surprised that she had found him worthy to sing it with her.

Jackson then turned blue gaze to the crowd and saw that most of them were still applauding for the pair of them. He felt a slight heat rising in his cheeks. It could have been the drinks he had, or the fact that the woman really did mean what she said and thought like an amateur like himself to be amazing.
  -Shallow- / CinnamonToastCrunch / 30d 1h 50m 57s
An almost sad smile traced her lips when he mentioned being named Jackson for her father. But at the same time it warmed her heart because it meant the man was remebered for more than just being an addict. [#e515cc "But I think Ally would have been a lovely name for you."] She said with a soft laugh, giving a saucy wink.

The applause got louder and louder as the two stood at the center of the stage. It was clear that the audience wanted them to perform. It was when she began to strum the first chords of 'Shallow' did screams come. The song had not been played since the death of her father nearly twenty years ago, but Daliah had permission from her mother to sing and play it IF she ever deemed anyone worthy of it. And she knew from the look in Jackson's eyes that he now knew just how serious she had been and how she had meant every word that she had said to him.

Daliah played and listened as he sang, smiling when he began to play with her, counting the beats until her turn came. [#e515cc "Tell me something, boy..Aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void?..Or do you need more?..Ain't it hard keeping it so hardcore?..I'm falling..In all the good times I find myself..Longing for change..And in the bad times I fear myself.."] And she sang the part that had once been her mother's.

Soon it came to the the chorus and she sang with him. Never had she been so free and excited to sing with anyone. He sounded so amazing and even had her heart melt at the sweetness in which he sang.

When they had done, Daliah took the guitar straps off her shoulders and motioned to Jackson. [#e515cc "Give it up everyone for my friend, Mister Jackson Webster! Wasn't he amazing?!"] She asked, stepping aside and clapping for him, eyes sparkling and smile bright.
  +Shallow+ / SheDevil / 29d 11h 45m 33s
[b “All right, Daliah it is.] The male said with yet another smile as he walked up with her on stage. He was surprised to hear her words and then noodded his head once more. [b “It truly is an honor to sing the song with you. I was named after your father because my mother was a huge fan of his work. I couldn’t rightly be named Ally.”]

Once on the stage, Jackson once more listened to the sound of the applause from the crowd, and removing his own guitar. He gave a nod to the woman and then strummed the beginning chords to the song with her. One look into her eyes told him that she was serious about wanting to sing the song with him.

Slowly the male moved in front of the microphone and began to sing ‘Shallow’ [b “Tell me somethin’ girl.. are you happy in this modern world? Or do you need more? Is there somethin’ else you’re searching for? I’m falling.. in all the good times I find myself longing.. for change. And in the bad times I fear myself...”] Once finished with the beginning verse, Jackson strummed the guitar and glanced over to Daliah, waiting for her to sing her part.
  -Shallow- / CinnamonToastCrunch / 30d 2h 27m 11s
His manners were not at all lost on the young woman. They were SO much different than the manners of the men she was ALWAYS coming into contact with. It was actually refreshing to be treated as just a young lady and not the "star" she had become. Though admittedly, Daliah was not fond on being called 'Miss Maine'. [#e515cc "Call me Daliah.. Or Grace.. 'Miss Maine' is so formal and makes me feel old. And besides, I think I would like if we could be friends. And to be fair it has been a few nights since I made the promise."] She said, giving the man a smile and reason enough as to why he might have forgotten her promise to come back.

Whiskey had been served to them as the man, Jackson had asked for and she sipped hers before setting it down. She turned a sparkling blue gaze to him and smiled. [#e515cc "After you sing with me, I want to know more about you darlin'. Where you come from, dreams, aspirations. Just small talk or deep conversation. The night is easily as young as we are."]

From the look he gave, Daliah could tell that he thought she was off her ass drunk. Honestly she was drunk, but still sober enough to know talent when she heard it and to sing. If she was completely drunk she would have been out on the dance floor making a fool of herself, or trying to draw some poor sap off for a few hours of fun. [#e515cc "I mean it.. I've never heard anyone who has the voice that would fit the song.. you are the first person that I have ever asked to sing my mom ans dad's song with me.. I NEVER ask that should tell you something."]

And when his hand had taken the one she offered, the young woman led him back up to the empty stage. To the right side sat a second guitar and she went to it, strumming the chords to tune it and then brought him his own. [#e515cc "Evenin' everyone.. how would y'all feel about hearing us play an oldie, but goodie?"] And as her words were spoken, applause could be heard, which was permission enough for her and so she began to play the introduction of 'Shallow' and smiled to Jackson, giving him a nod to let him know it was all him and she really wanted to be doing this.
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