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Hyunbin is a human who is a werewolf hunter. Sanggyun is an animal-human who is bound to Hyunbin by a contract. This is their story.

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Hyunbin and Sanggyun won the votes this time so I'm doing their story!

For those who don't know, animal-humans are based off the wolves seen in Wolf's Rain. I highly recommend going to watch it if you want to know how the whole human illusion works.

A short explanation is that certain animals will be able to have the ability to have an illusion of a human form. This illusion is real in every way possible, but they can show their human form to whoever they want. To humans they can appear as regular animals, but to those of the supernatural world they can appear human and vice versa.

Due to this exclusive contract that Hyunbin and Sanggyun have, it's almost impossible to kill Sanggyun. He can't be injured, which makes him the perfect weapon. However, if something happens to Hyunbin before Hyunbin passes the contract to someone else then Sanggyun dies within a matter of days. This contract will be explained in detail during the story as we introduce a few new characters, including Hyunbin's younger brother!

For those who have seen Wolf's Rain, Hyunbin and Sanggyun are loosely based off of Quent and Blue respectively!

Now onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Hyunbin: A human who is a werewolf hunter. His father runs one of the most well known werewolf hunting factions in Europe, and naturally that caused him to become a werewolf hunter. He had been with Sanggyun since birth, his father giving him the contract that had kept Sanggyun to their family for many generations. Unlike his family before him however, Hyunbin actually showed that he cared for Sanggyun, swearing that one day he would be the one to let Sanggyun go and finally be at rest. He speaks German and a little bit of English.

Sanggyun: An animal-human who's soul is bound to Hyunbin by a contract. Before he came to be an animal human he was a werewolf that had been killed by werewolf hunters. Due to the time period where he was brought back his soul was bound to Hyunbin's family by an exclusive contract. He is a wolf-dog, the dog side of him keeping him loyal to humans but it was the wolf side of him that seemed to dominate his animal form, being that of a large grey wolf. He speaks German and English.

Yoonbin: A human who is Hyunbin's younger brother. He is mute, though he really only spoke to Sanggyun due to being the most comfortable around him. No one, at least human wise, has heard him speak, but Sanggyun has. He isn't one for hunting, that he made clear to his and Hyunbin's father, but that caused him to be outcast from the family. He only keeps in touch with Hyunbin and Sanggyun, occasionally going to stay with them for a few nights until he could move on. When he does speak he speaks mostly German but understands English to an extent.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/915246/nolza21-graphics-open these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Chapter 14]

There was always something that Sanggyun hated about doing missions. Maybe it had to do with the fact that he always associated himself as being a werewolf in a new body that was killing his kind. Was this how iKon felt when they had hunted werewolves? Maybe he'd ask Jinhwan when he saw him again.

It was one of those batches of missions where they didn't leave Europe, something that Sanggyun was happy for. It had been quite a while since they've gotten missions solely in Europe. Their mode of transportation was with the trains. They went everywhere, and Hyunbin was able to carry his prized pistols. Their first stop was Switzerland, and after asking Chanwoo to see if Donghan would let them stay, Hyunbin and Sanggyun went to stay with Donghan's pack for a few days before they needed to move on again.

"Good to see you two again," said Donghan as he picked up Hyunbin and Sanggyun from the train station. "Hello," said Hyunbin. Sanggyun nodded. "Who are you after this time?" Asked Donghan. "None of yours," said Hyunbin. "But it's good to be doing missions in mainland Europe again," he said. Donghan hummed in response.

"I've never seen anyone else be so [i friendly] towards someone who murders werewolves for a living," remarked Sanggyun, earning a snort from Donghan. "Kindness goes a long way," said Donghan.

[continue tomorrow]
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[center Chapter 13]

"What has you so hesitant to open up to me?" Asked Chunji as Hyunbin let him explore with Sanggyun when Hyunbin, Yoonbin and Jeongwoo were working. "You wouldn't understand," said Sanggyun as he put his hands in his pockets. "What is there to understand? You're a pet," said Chunji. "There's more to it than [i that]," said Sanggyun.

"Tell me then," said Chunji. "What makes you any different from a normal pet?" He asked. "I'm in a family of werewolf hunters for one," said Sanggyun as he deadpanned. "So what? So is Changjo," said Chunji. "He isn't part of a family but he is a werewolf hunter," he said. "You wouldn't understand my situation," said Sanggyun. "Try me," said Chunji.

Sanggyun sighed. "Fine," he said. "Don't go crazy on me if this doesn't work out," he said. "I promise," said Chunji. Sanggyun studied Chunji with a tilt of his head, before shrugging and continuing on their leisurely stroll. Chunji followed after him with his hands in his hoodie pockets.

"Alright," Sanggyun said after a few minutes. "First I'm going to explain my past, at least some of it," he said. "So don't say anything until I'm done," he said. Chunji nodded.

"I wasn't originally a pet," began Sanggyun as he looked up at the sky. "I don't remember much of my life before but I do know that I was originally one of the very first pure bloods to come into existence before I was killed," he said. "By werewolf hunters no less," he added, sighing as he shook his head. "Some circumstances brought me back and now I'm stuck in this new body," he said, shrugging. "I've been with Hyunbin's family for centuries, being passed down from person to person, Hyunbin's the latest person to have me," he said. Chunji listened with a nod, not sure of how to comprehend something like that.

"You see," said Sanggyun as he turned to Chunji. "Why this would be difficult to pull off even if the circumstances were near perfect?" He asked. "Mm," said Chunji. How could he answer that? He was still trying to figure things out.

"Is there a way to... Break whatever this is?" Chunji finally asked. "Well," said Sanggyun as he shrugged. "It'd have to be killing Hyunbin, but then I'd die in three days," he said. "How so?" Asked Chunji. "My [i soul] is bound to him by some sort of contract," said Sanggyun. "I can't die, can't get injured, the like," he said. "I'm essentially the perfect weapon for werewolf hunters," he explained. "But if the person who holds my contract dies before they pass it onto someone else I die in three days," he said. Chunji hummed in response.

"I'm actually more okay with this than you think," said Sanggyun. "I have a second chance at living, even if it's being bound to someone for the rest of my days," he said. "Who knows, I may finally get to be set free," he added. "But that's dependent on what happens next," he added. "I see," said Chunji.

"Do you still want to try and make this work?" Asked Sanggyun as he turned to Chunji. "Yes," said Chunji. "Even if something happens I'm willing to take this chance," he said. "Maybe one day I'll get to hold onto this conract," he said. "Maybe," said Sanggyun as his expression changed for a second before he turned around and continued walking. Chunji followed after him.

When they reached the front of the coffee shop someone was waiting on them, and Chunji waved. "Hey Changjo," he called. "Hello Chunji, wolf-dog," said Changjo. "Hello," said Sanggyun as he smiled slightly.

"What brings you here?" Asked Chunji. "I just returned from a mission, I always stop by the coffee shop before heading home," said Changjo. "You are aware that we moved right?" Asked Chunji. Changjo nodded. "I am," he said. "Is Minsoo aware of us moving?" Asked Chunji. "Yeah," said Changjo. They headed into the coffee shop, with Chanwoo greeting them.

"Hey you three," said Chanwoo. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Changjo as he went to pay for it. Chanwoo processed the order and handed Changjo back his change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Changjo nodded and went to find a seat, with Chunji and Sanggyun following after him after Sanggyun waved to Yoonbin and Jeongwoo.

"So who's faction are you with?" Asked Sanggyun. "Officially, I'm with Yedam's," said Changjo. "He changed iKon's faction name to Treasure Box," he said. "Now iKon can be fully known as vampire hunters," he said. "It was a collaboration with Mashiho," he said. "A sort of unification between the two hunting associations," he said. "No one would dare go against the top dogs," said Sanggyun. "Those who have ties to the Treasure Box faction will oppose at first but," he said, shrugging. Changjo hummed in response.

"How was missions?" Asked Sanha as he walked over with their orders. "Been fine," said Changjo. "Haven't been home in months, but it's good to be back," he said. "Same can't be said for Minsoo," he said, sighing. "Just constant missions," he said. "I'd imagine so," said Sanha. "Rocky's been busy with his missions and Yuto says that more hunters have been stopping by Toronto," he said. "A vampire hunter?" Asked Sanggyun. Changjo nodded. "Word around says that the vampires are getting restless, we may have another uprising like Italy soon," he said.

"No one likes the fact that the vampire hunting association is run by a vampire," remarked Sanggyun. "I'm surprised the werewolves haven't tried to revolt against the werewolf hunting association," said Chunji. "With people like iKon having been a part of it all, I doubt anyone is willing to try," said Sanggyun.

"iKon's reputation exceeds them," said Sanha. "Well, iKon was more than just Chanwoo's brother's pack," said Changjo. "Jinhwan will tell you that there was more than just them," he said. "I was one of the first recruits," he said. "Back then Yedam didn't have a name for us," he said. "The only reason we became as well known was because of Jinhwan's story," he said.

"It was stupid," said Chanwoo as he sighed. "I sometimes wish I hadn't done what I did," he said. "It's the past now however, I do regret what I did, but the past is the past," he said.

"We should get going then," said Changjo as he finished his drink. Chunji nodded, getting up. "I'll let you know when my next free day is," said Sanggyun. "If you do want to continue down this route," he added. Chunji nodded. "I'll see you then," he said before leaving with Changjo.

[center ~]

"So he wants to potentially hold the contract huh?" Asked Hyunbin. Sanggyun nodded. "He accepted what I was, but I know nothing about him," he said. "Maybe he'll talk about it one day," said Hyunbin. Sanggyun nodded.
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[center Chapter 12]

Things became tense, when Chunji's pack decided to fully make themselves known. Sanggyun spent more time in his wolf-dog form because of the impending danger, and Hyunbin took caution as he went to his human job. Jeongwoo wasn't aware of the danger just yet, but he did notice how tense Sanggyun was being. He then decided to keep a closer eye on Yoonbin, as the atmosphere in the coffee shop changed.

It was a rare day off for Hyunbin, and he and Sanggyun were running errands. Sanggyun was in his wolf-dog form the entire time, his body tense. "I know you don't like these guys but can you stop being so tense?" Asked Hyunbin as he placed a hand on Sanggyun's head. Sanggyun snorts, shaking his head, causing Hyunbin to sigh.

"Who is it?" Asked Hyunbin. "All of them?" He asked. Sanggyun shook his head no. "Is it Chunji?" Asked Hyunbin. Sanggyun nodded. "What about him?" Asked Hyunbin. Sanggyun looked away, refusing to answer. Hyunbin sighed. "Okay, don't answer," he said.

After finishing errands they headed to the coffee shop to check on Jeongwoo and Yoonbin who was working with Sanha and Moonbin today. "Hey you two," said Moonbin. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Hyunbin as he went to pay for it. Moonbin processed the order and handed back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Hyunbin nodded and went to find a place to sit, with Sanggyun lying down at his feet.

"I'm surprised that you let this happen," said Hyunbin once Moonbin walked over with his drink. "I'm a bit surprised they decided to take up residence outside of Berlin, most would try to take the city," said Moonbin. "Your wolf-dog is really tense around them," he remarked. "He won't say why," said Hyunbin as he sighed. "Hm," said Moonbin.

The door chimed and in walked Chunji with two other people so Moonbin went to take their orders. "Hello Chunji, and friends," said Moonbin. "The usual?" He asked. "Please," said Chunji as he went to pay for it. Moonbin processed the order and handed back the change before handing the orders to Yoonbin and Sanha who went to make it. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Chunji nodded and went to sit down with his packmates.

"What's gotten into you lately huh?" Asked Hyunbin when Sanggyun growled low in his throat. "Quiet," he said, moving his foot to lightly tap Sanggyun. Sanggyun huffed, looking at Hyunbin before laying his head between his paws and pretending to sleep.

"Jeongwoo, take over the counter taking orders yeah?" Asked Moonbin. "Sanha can help you if you get stuck," he said, getting the order and walking over to Chunji's table while Jeongwoo went to take over taking orders.

"Hello Chunji," said Moonbin as he sat down in front of Chunji. "Hello," said Chunji. "I brought my alpha and one of his betas," he said, motioning to the two sitting beside him. "I am Niel, and this is Ricky," said Niel as he introduced himself and Ricky. "Nice to finally meet the alpha of the neighboring pack," said Moonbin. "Mm," said Niel.

"Do you know what happens when you breach the peace?" Asked Moonbin as he tilted his head to the side. "War is declared, I know," said Niel. "We wouldn't want that in a [i human] city would we?" Asked Moonbin. "No," said Niel. "Good," said Moonbin as he sat back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest.

"What really brings you here hm?" Asked Moonbin, speaking English now. "Ah," said Ricky as he straightened up in his chair. "It seems Chunji here's found his mate," he said, speaking English for them. Moonbin raised an eyebrow. "I'm the only one who speaks English in the pack," explained Ricky. "I see," said Moonbin. "The others can understand I assume," he said. Ricky nodded. "They understand most of it, but I'm the main English speaker," he said. Moonbin hummed.

"Who is it then?" Asked Moonbin. "I'm not sure," said Ricky. "But I'm sure he can tell you," he said. Chunji shifted uneasily in his seat, scratching the back of his head in a sheepish manner. "I think it's the wolf-dog," he said. Moonbin's attention went to Sanggyun who had lifted his head at the mention of their so called nickname for him. Hyunbin had stiffened at the mention of Sanggyun's nickname, looking down at Sanggyun to gauge his reaction.

"That would explain his weird behavior," remarked Moonbin as he turned his attention back to Chunji, leaning forward and resting his arms on the table. "Weird how?" Asked Ricky. "Sanggyun's situation is rather... [i Unique], in a way," said Moonbin. "If what you're saying is true then I suggest getting to know him before coming to that sort of conclusion," he said, getting up. "If that is all then I need to get back to the counter," he said, returning to speaking German. Niel waved his hand. "We're done here, for now," he said. Moonbin nodded and went back to the counter to continue taking orders. Jeongwoo went back to his spot in making drinks and Sanha went back to delivering them.

"Is it true?" Asked Hyunbin. Sanggyun shrugged, tugging at the leash. Hyunbin unclipped the leash from the collar and Sanggyun got up, stretching as he put up his human illusion before moving and sitting down across from Hyunbin. "I don't know," said Sanggyun. "Do you want it to be true?" Asked Hyunbin. "I don't know," repeated Sanggyun as he sighed. Hyunbin sighed. "Well, this is a predicament eh?" He asked. Sanggyun nodded, turning his attention to the traffic outside the coffee shop as he rested his hands on the table, his fingers twitching slightly in a nervous habit.

Chunji stared at the table in front of him, prepared for some sort of lashing from Niel or Ricky. Ricky could only stare in carefully disguised pity, and Niel could only sigh. "He's clearly a pet," Niel said after a few tense minutes of silence. "But if you want to pursue this... Feeling of yours no one is going to stop you," he said. Chunji looked up in surprise. "At least now, you have a reason to be gone all the time," said Niel. "Right," mumbled Chunji.

"Looks like they approve," said Hyunbin. "Hm," said Sanggyun as he turned his attention to Hyunbin. "I heard," he said. "Well," said Hyunbin as he got up, with Sanggyun following suit. "Let's go then," he said. "We'll see you two at home," he called to Jeongwoo and Yoonbin. Yoonbin waved. "See you," called Jeongwoo. Hyunbin and Sanggyun left, waving as the door closed behind them.
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[center Chapter 11]

"Have you ever had one that got away?" Jeongwoo asked out of the blue as he walked around with Sanggyun. "What?" Asked Sanggyun as he blinked. "I mean you hunt werewolves right?" Asked Jeongwoo. Sanggyun nodded. "Have you ever had to stop a hunt for some reason and that werewolf got away?" Asked Jeongwoo.

"With Hyunbin, one," said Sanggyun. "Was always able to get all my kills before I ended up in his care," he said. "It wasn't due to us not working well together," he added. "The person we went after we learned worked for Kris just before we killed him," he said. "Information was hard to come by where we were and well," he said, shrugging. "Who was it?" Asked Jeongwoo. "His name is Jun, you might see his pack leader around when they deliver reports," he said. "I see," said Jeongwoo.

"Keep in mind that when we did this the whole hunting werewolves thing was limited to whoever didn't work for Kris," said Sanggyun. "We didn't get much of a list, and I almost did kill him until Donghun intervened," he said. "Left a nasty scar on his face but," he said, shrugging. "I see," said Jeongwoo. "I was lucky that Donghun was merciful," said Sanggyun. "We didn't know, and this list was still new so," he said, shrugging. "Right," said Jeongwoo.

[center ~]

Moonbin had no choice but to hire Jeongwoo to let him work at the coffee shop with Yoonbin after Donghyuk slammed Yoonbin into the wall again the next time they worked the same day. Jeongwoo nearly caused a fight between himself and Donghyuk for what had happened, but Yoonbin stopped him.

It was also a random day where Chunji had stopped by, and Sanggyun was keeping an eye on Yoonbin. "Sanggyun, take him to Eunwoo," said Moonbin. "No need to tell me twice," said Sanggyun as he nodded, going to help Yoonbin stand. "Jesus, is he okay?" Asked Chunji. "He'll be fine," said Sanggyun. "Eunwoo will tell me if you need the next few days off," said Moonbin. Sanggyun nodded and headed to the hospital with Yoonbin. Chunji followed after them, to make sure things would really be okay.

"What happened this time?" Asked Eunwoo as he spotted them. "Donghyuk again," said Sanggyun. Eunwoo sighed and went to check on Yoonbin. "You'd think that after the first meeting Donghyuk would be okay with it," he said. "I know," said Sanggyun. "Bobby and Jinhwan were fine with him after that first time," he said, scratching the back of his head.

"What's your involvement in it cat?" Asked Eunwoo as he turned to Chunji. "Ah," said Chunji as he scratched the back of his head. "Didn't think you'd pick up on what I was right away," he said, laughing awkwardly. "I was visiting Moonbin to let him know of my pack moving into the outskirts of Berlin," he said. "Animal?" Asked Eunwoo. "Jaguars," said Chunji. "Hm," said Eunwoo.

"A pack of 'shifters this close to another 'shifter's territory?" Asked Sanggyun as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "I know, I'm surprised Moonbin's okay with this," said Eunwoo as he went back to checking on Yoonbin. "It's only temporary, we plan on getting one of the other countries soon enough," said Chunji. "Depending on how fast my alpha wants to move," he added. "Hm," said Eunwoo.

"Well," said Eunwoo as he sighed, moving away from Yoonbin. "The usual bruising," he said. "I'm surprised that even in whatever state Donghyuk was in he still held back," he said. "Usually if he's ticked off enough he'll do more than slam someone against a wall but," he said, scratching the back of his head. "Take a week's rest alright? I'll let Moonbin know you can't work the other days," he said to Yoonbin. Yoonbin nodded.

"Convenient timing," said Sanggyun. "Moonbin practically hired Jeongwoo on the spot because of this incident," he said. Eunwoo snorts. "I'm not surprised," he said. "Nothing against Moonbin but," he added. "It was only a matter of time before Jeongwoo was hired," he said. "Tell Hyunbin he's due for a checkup soon alright?" He asked. "Sure," said Sanggyun before he left with Yoonbin and Chunji.

"Where do you want us to drop you off?" Asked Sanggyun as he drove home. "Ah," said Chunji as he scratched the back of his head. "The nearest train station please, I can get home from there," he said. "Alright," said Sanggyun as he went to do so.

"What is wrong with me?" Asked Yoonbin once Chunji was dropped off at the train station. Sanggyun blinked. "What do you mean?" He asked. "It's always the same with the werewolves, someone hates me immediately," mumbled Yoonbin. "Oi oi," said Sanggyun. "It's not you," he said. "Trust me, Hyunbin was the same way, once the truth of his occupation was out," he said.

"Your family didn't have the [i best] reputation in the werewolf hunting world," said Sanggyun. "People need to realize that you've been kicked out," he said. "But I've had my fair share of run ins with iKon," he said. "They did the same to Hyunbin and his father," he said. Yoonbin hummed.

"I think it's because of my scent," said Sanggyun. "A werewolf's natural instinct to rescue another of their kind from werewolf hunters or something," he said. "I never quite figured it out but," he said, shrugging. "Hm," said Yoonbin.

[center ~]

Hyunbin sighed when he heard the news. "And I thought we had this behind us," he said. "At least Jeongwoo can do stuff now, instead of creeping around the coffee shop all day," Sanggyun said with a snicker. "Oi, I was watching out for Yoonbin!" Said Jeongwoo. Yoonbin scratched the back of his head.

"It's weird though," said Sanggyun. "Jinhwan and Bobby were fine after the first meeting," he said. "And then here's Donghyuk who nearly killed your brother after meeting him a second time," he said. "I'll never understand it either," said Hyunbin as he scratched the back of his head.
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[center Chapter 10]

They both hated the flight home, and yet it was the two wolves with them that kept them calm. Something about Seungmin and Felix had Sanggyun acting strangely calm, and Hyunbin was tempted to ask how it was possible. Hyunbin never figured it out, as they landed in Berlin after a long flight of listening to a baby crying for almost half the flight.

"I swear, we always have a crying baby during every flight," said Sanggyun as they headed out of the terminal after Hyunbin got his bags. "It's always the one thing that likes to test your patience eh?" Asked Seungmin as he scratched the back of his head. "Who's picking us up?" He asked. "I have a car parked in long term parking," said Hyunbin. "Come on then," he said. They headed over to the long term parking lot, with Sanggyun driving over to the coffee shop since it was still open according to the time.

"Hey, welcome back," said Moonbin when he saw them. "Hello," said Hyunbin. "Hello Seungmin, Felix," said Moonbin. "Hello," said Seungmin. Felix nodded his head in greeting. "It's Yoonbin's day off," Moonbin said, scratching the back of his head. "Ah, that's fine," said Hyunbin. "Jeongwoo's with him?" He asked. Moonbin nodded. "Hasn't stopped following him around since you two left," he said. "Sounds like something Jeongwoo would do," Seungmin said, scratching the back of his head.

"The usual?" Asked Moonbin. "Sure, to go," said Hyunbin as he went to pay for the drinks. Moonbin processed the order before handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Hyunbin nodded and went to wait by the counter, with Sanggyun going to stand with him.

"Ah, we brought reports too," said Seungmin as he walked over and passed over some papers. "From who?" Asked Moonbin as he glanced at the paper. "Changkhyun's, Minhyun's, and MJ's respective packs," said Seungmin. "I see," said Moonbin as he nodded, reading over the papers more thoroughly. Seungmin nodded and went to stand with Hyunbin and Sanggyun, Felix going to stand over by the windows and looking out at the traffic.

After getting their orders they headed back to Hyunbin's home, Hyunbin driving home this time. Sanggyun was getting tired, and that meant he just wanted to nap on his favorite giant dog bed in his wolf-dog form. Some things will never change it seemed.

"We're home," called Hyunbin once they entered the house. Yoonbin ran out of his room with Jeongwoo, tackling Hyunbin. "Hey," said Hyunbin as he laughs, hugging Yoonbin back. "Seungmin!" Said Jeongwoo as he tackled his brother. "Hello Jeongwoo," said Seungmin as he chuckled, patting Jeongwoo on the head.

"They treated you well I hope," said Seungmin. "Of course!" Said Jeongwoo. "When Hyunbin and Sanggyun weren't around I went with Yoonbin here," he said. "They were nice enough to let me stay here while you were doing your missions," he said. "I see," said Seungmin.

"It's rather unfortunate," said Felix as he looked at Seungmin. Seungmin sighed. "I wish we could let you into the pack," he said. "But Chan said no," he said. "Renjun being around is enough, he's the only non hunter," he said. "That and we're dealing with a human," he said. "Not that it's a bad thing," he added. "But two non hunters put a big target on our heads for the wolf council," he said.

"They've been pushing to make your pack official huh?" Asked Sanggyun as he looked at Seungmin. Seungmin nodded. "I didn't want to get Jeongwoo involved, but they forced our hand with this," he said, scratching the back of his head. "I'm sorry," said Jeongwoo. "It's not your fault," said Seungmin as he sighed. "I blame the wolf council here," he said. Jeongwoo nodded.

"It's good to see you again though," said Seungmin. "I'll try and convince Chan to let you stay with us but don't hold onto the idea until I have a confirmation," he said. "With what's been happening I doubt it, but Chan was always one for family," he said. "So maybe," he said. Jeongwoo nodded.

"Well," said Hyunbin. "Are you two okay with being in the livingroom for the night?" He asked. "Ah, right sorry," said Seungmin. "Yeah, we'll be fine," he said. "Sanggyun can take his bed into my room," said Hyunbin. Sanggyun nodded and went to grab the dog bed and take it into Hyunbin's room. "If you need anything just say so," said Hyunbin. Seungmin and Felix nod. Yoonbin waved before heading off to his room with Jeongwoo following after him. Seungmin and Felix were left to set up in the livingroom for the night.

[center ~]

"What has you so calm around the two?" Hyunbin asked Sanggyun as they were running errands. "Seungmin and Felix?" Asked Sanggyun. Hyunbin nodded. "I don't know," said Sanggyun as he shrugged. "The aura that oozes off of Seungmin is pretty... I don't know, dominant?" He asked. "Hm," said Hyunbin.

"I'd imagine that with Chan's pack he plays a pretty big role when making decisions, he just seems like that kind of person," said Sanggyun. "I've never seen you been so calm around anyone, except me," said Hyunbin. Sanggyun hummed in response.

After finishing their errands Hyunbin headed to the coffee shop with Sanggyun going in his wolf-dog form so Hyunbin had to abide by the leash laws and put a leash on his collar.

When they reached the coffee shop it was Jinhwan that greeted him. "Hello," said Jinhwan. "Chanwoo and Moonbin out?" Asked Hyunbin. "Yeah," said Jinhwan. "But things are fine," he added. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Hyunbin as he went to pay for it. "Where's Jeongwoo?" He asked. "Ah," said Jinhwan as he processed the order and handed the change and receipt back to Hyunbin. "He's behind the counter in wolf form," he said. "Yoonbin made sure it was okay to do so," he added. "I see," said Hyunbin. Yoonbin scratched the back of his head in a sheepish manner. Hyunbin chuckled slightly and went to sit down, with Sanggyun sitting at his feet.

Yoonbin came over with Hyunbin's drink, placing it on the table and sitting down. "Hey bro," said Hyunbin, smiling slightly in thanks. Yoonbin nodded. "Break time?" Asked Hyunbin. Yoonbin nodded again.

The door chimed and in walked someone new, with Sanggyun lifting up his head to look at who it was. Hyunbin took notice as he raised an eyebrow. Yoonbin shook his head, getting up and walking back to the counter to get ready to make drinks with Yunhyeong.

"Welcome," said Jinhwan. "Hello," said the new customer. "Moonbin in?" He asked. "Not right now, no," said Jinhwan. "What's up?" He asked. "I can tell him you passed by," he added. "Ah, tell him Chunji stopped by," said Chunji. "Chunji hm?" Asked Jinhwan. "Alright, I'll let him know," he said.

"Is that all?" He asked. "Ah, I'll have the usual, to go," said Chunji as he went to pay for the drink. Jinhwan processed the order and handed back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Chunji nodded and went to stand and wait. Yoonbin went to make the order, Yunhyeong keeping an eye on things to make sure it was made correctly.

The door chimed again and in walked Seungmin and Felix, nodding to Hyunbin and Sanggyun as they walked up to the counter. "Hey," said Jinhwan. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Seungmin. "To go," he added, going to pay for it. "We'll be heading home after this so," he said. "Alright, have a safe trip," said Jinhwan as he processed the order and handed back the change. Felix went to wait for their drinks while Seungmin went to sit in front of Hyunbin.

"Going home then?" Asked Hyunbin. "Yeah," said Seungmin. "We were waiting on another team to get back so that Renjun can come home so," he said, shrugging. "We usually wait until at least two teams are home so," he said. "I see," said Hyunbin.

"If all goes well, we'll come back for Jeongwoo," said Seungmin. "Can't guarantee anything but," he said, shrugging. "It's alright, Yoonbin's been alone for too long, he's grateful for the company," said Hyunbin. Seungmin nodded.

Felix came over with their drinks and they soon left, Seungmin saying goodbye to Jeongwoo. Chunji soon left with his drink and Sanggyun laid his head down, a sign to Hyunbin that the danger had passed. Whatever danger it was, Hyunbin wasn't sure.
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[center Chapter 9]

Hyunbin was a simple person. Despite having a ton of money from werewolf hunting he preferred to live a simple but modest life. He spent money on things that he needed, the rest was being saved for their missions, bills and food. It was only a miracle that Sanggyun didn't need much, and Yoonbin preferred to buy stuff with his own money, so Hyunbin was completely fine with that.

There was something odd about getting random missions seemingly out of nowhere in the states. Maybe it was the fact that MJ had contacted them about something that suddenly had Hyunbin and Sanggyun head to the states with new batches of missions. Maybe it was the fact that Kino's dog Changgu was another animal-human. This time completely dog instead of being part wolf like Sanggyun was. Whatever the case may be it raised questions for everyone, even Sanggyun himself.

Seeing Sanggyun interact with another animal-human was comical at best. Sanggyun had no idea how to act around the rather energetic Changgu and the others got a kick out of it. It was something that was for sure.

"What is it MJ?" Asked Hyunbin once they had time alone. "Ah, just a message to pass onto you from Yedam," said MJ. "Hm," said Hyunbin as he nodded for MJ to go ahead and tell him.

"Well," said MJ. "Yedam says that this won't be the last of when you hear from your father," he said. "He would've come see you in person but he was busy doing things," he said. "I see," said Hyunbin. "Well," he said. "Berlin wouldn't've been a good place to meet, my father has eyes everywhere," he said. "That's true," said MJ.

"Ah," said Hyunbin. "Do you know where Seungmin and Felix are?" He asked. "His brother is in Berlin and since we're here we'll go back with them," he said. "Ah, last I heard they were west, over in a werewolf's territory visiting some friends," said MJ. "I'll message them though," he added.

Sanggyun came over to the them with Changgu in tow, Kino not too far behind them. "Had fun you three?" Asked MJ as he spotted them. "It was... Nice," Sanggyun said in English, shrugging. Changgu grinned, and Kino scratched the back of his head. "Sanggyun got pushed into the water," Kino said with a snicker. "That would explain the sulky mood," said MJ. "Oh shut up," said Sanggyun as he scowled.

"Well, we have missions," Hyunbin said in English. "We'll be back as soon as possible. "You've been practicing your English," said MJ as he raised an eyebrow. "I'm not as fluent in it as Sanggyun is but," Hyunbin said, shrugging. "I'm learning," he said. "We'll be back then," he said. MJ and the others nod.

[center ~]

Missions were usually taken care of by Sanggyun when they were out of Europe. Their gun laws were different in different countries in Europe of course, but werewolf hunters held a bigger impact there than anywhere else in the world due to Italy being no longer used for the yearly vampire purges. That and travelling by train was [i much] easier to carry weapons with than by plane.

It was during these types of missions that Hyunbin actually felt vulnerable. The inability to use one of his prized pistols made him feel so underpowered. He never liked being underpowered due to his pride.

"Done?" Asked Hyunbin as Sanggyun finished killing the werewolf they were after. "Yep," said Sanggyun as he wiped blood away from his mouth. "No scratches like usual then?" Asked Hyunbin. "Yep," said Sanggyun. Hyunbin went to take care of the body and Sanggyun went to clean up. When they were both done they left the building after Hyunbin sent a picture of the wolf. They then headed back to MJ's pack house.

"Welcome back guys," said Jinho. "Thank you," said Sanggyun. "Felix and Seungmin should be here in a few hours," said Jinho. "Good, we're done with our missions here," said Sanggyun. "Kino and Changgu are out on the dock if you want to see them," said Jinho. Sanggyun turned to Hyunbin. "Go ahead," Hyunbin said, hiding a smile. Sanggyun grinned and ran out to the dock.

"He never spent much time with others of his kind eh?" Asked Jinho. "No," said Hyunbin. "Wolves tend to avoid him and dogs don't know what to make of his smell," he said. "Ah, he does smell like a werewolf," said Jinho. "Is it because of that contract?" He asked. Hyunbin nodded. "Hm," said Jinho.

Hyunbin went to see what Kino, Changgu and Sanggyun were up to, spotting the three of them just sitting on the dock and watching the sunset. "Mind if I join you?" He asked. "Go ahead," said Kino as he turned his head to look at Hyunbin before turning his attention back to the water. Hyunbin went to sit by Sanggyun who was being his usual quiet self.

"You guys will be leaving soon eh?" Kino asked suddenly. "We have a home to get back to, plus Jeongwoo was looking forward to see his brother again," said Sanggyun. "Also Yoonbin doesn't particularly like us being gone so much despite the fact that he's fine on his own," he said. "He worries, remember," said Hyunbin. Sanggyun hummed.

"I will never understand how you humans work," said Kino as he sighed. "But I guess it's a given, we care for our own as you do," he said. "Family was always important to me," said Hyunbin. "Not many are like me, but due to my profession I care for my brother more than most," he said.

"Why is that?" Asked Kino. "I know I can take care of myself," said Hyunbin. "I have Sanggyun by my side," he added. "But Yoonbin doesn't," he said. "He had no one when he was kicked out of my parents' house," he said. "The only thing I've ever done for him was make sure he had a house and a job," he said. "Now he lives with me, and has a permanent job," he said. "At least, for now," he added. "He never stayed this long before, but I guess it's because he wants to," he said. "Hm," said Kino.

"Hey, did you ever take the cure or whatever?" Sanggyun asked suddenly. Kino blinked. "Yeah," he said. "I took it after I was sure Changgu here really was him," he said. "However since I waited so long the after affects are still there, kind of," he said. "I'm no longer getting sick to the point of being bedridden for weeks but," he said, shrugging. "I'm still getting easily exhausted," he said. "Ah, that's good, at least," said Sanggyun. Kino hummed, nodding.

"I brought over dinner," called Shinwon as he walked over with a basket of food. "Sorry, we were comfortable here," said Kino as he scratched the back of his head. "Hey it's fine," said Shinwon as he passed food over to everyone before passing them drinks. Everyone started eating in comfortable silence.

[center ~]

A few days later Felix and Seungmin arrived, bringing along Hyunjin and Jisung as they had gotten missions. "Cory finally let you go on your own for once?" Asked MJ. "It took some convincing, but yes," said Jisung as he scratched the back of his head.

"Hey wolf-dog," said Seungmin. "Hello wolf," said Sanggyun as he put his hands in his pockets. "My brother is in Berlin?" Asked Seungmin. Sanggyun nodded. "When we left Yoonbin was watching him," he said. "Gives him the excuse to hang around the coffee shop all day anyway," he said with a snicker. Seungmin chuckled some. "Sounds like him," he said.

"We'll be heading back with you then," said Felix. "Whenever you're ready," he added. "We've been packed," said Sanggyun. "So MJ will drop us off at the airport, we booked tickets for you," he said. "Ah, thanks," said Seungmin.

Hyunbin watched the interaction between Sanggyun and the others and noticed how tense he was. "Sanggyun," he said, snapping Sanggyun out of whatever he was in. "Let's go then?" He asked. Sanggyun blinked. "Sure," he said. "You two got everything?" He asked. Seungmin and Felix nod. "Alright MJ, let's go then," said Hyunbin. MJ nodded and they headed off in the truck to the airport.

Hyunbin wasn't looking forward to the trip home, he hadn't seen Sanggyun act this tense in a [i long] time.

He just hoped that Sanggyun was able to behave himself. They had a long flight ahead of them after all.
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[center Chapter 8]

Sanggyun was observing a lot of things when he was around the coffee shop. Hyunbin was doing normal [i human] things for once, and Sanggyun was often left alone. Hyunbin held a human job, whenever he wasn't due for missions and he had to return to his job after their last batch of missions.

Sanggyun found himself sitting in the coffee shop again with Yoonbin working with Yunhyeong, Chanwoo and Junhoe. These werewolves, Yoonbin had said, were the most calm around him. That was great, because most of the others were out doing missions again, and these people were the only ones available for the moment.

"You guys are being sent out more than usual," remarked Sanggyun as Junhoe walked over with a refill. Junhoe shrugged. "It's not unusual for us," he said. "Donghyuk's only visiting family, the others are checking on the information network," he said. "I see," said Sanggyun.

The door chimed and in walked in a face no one had seen in quite literally decades, along with a new face. "Jinyoung?" Asked Chanwoo as he blinked in surprise. Jinyoung scratched the back of his head. "Hello," he said. "It's been a [i long] time," said Chanwoo. "Been fine, up until Mark was killed anyway, I took up hunting to keep the insanity away," said Jinyoung. "Figured I'd come back to my home country to check things out," he said. "Ah, it's a shame what had happened to him," hummed Chanwoo. Jinyoung nodded. "The usual then?" Asked Chanwoo. "Sure," said Jinyoung as he went to pay for it.

"What brings you here?" Asked Chanwoo. "Ah, missions and things, was finally assigned an international mission," said Jinyoung. "That and I was told to escort someone," he said, nodding to the boy beside him. "Seungmin?" Asked Chanwoo as his eyes furrowed in confusion. "No, my name is Jeongwoo," said Jeongwoo as he scratched the back of his head. "I do have an uncannily resemblance to my older brother don't I?" He asked, chuckling slightly.

"You're in the wrong country," said Chanwoo. "I know, but my missions brought me here," said Jinyoung. "They told me to drop him off here and you'd do the rest," he said. "Who?" Asked Chanwoo. "The wolf council," said Jinyoung.

"They have no business sending a wolf here," Chanwoo said as he schooled his expression to be blank. "Oi oi," said Jinyoung as he held up his hands. "Don't shoot the messenger yeah?" He asked.

"I'm sorry," Chanwoo said, sighing. "We've had to deal with them a lot lately since Sungjin's pack became official," he said. "Jeongwoo can stay, you're only here to drop him off?" He asked. Jinyoung nodded. "Was going to stop by the old farm to see if it was still there," he said. Chanwoo nodded. "It should be," he said. Yunhyeong called out their drinks and Jinyoung went to grab his as Jeongwoo did the same thing. "I'm off then, Jeongwoo you can go sit with the wolf-dog," said Jinyoung before he left.

Jeongwoo looked down at his drink before making his way over to Sanggyun's table. "Can I sit here?" He asked. "Sure," said Sanggyun as he looked up from the book he was reading before returning his gaze to the book. Jeongwoo sat down with a small sigh, putting the cup on the table in front of him.

"So um," said Jeongwoo. "Why do they call you the wolf-dog?" He asked. "That's exactly what I am," said Sanggyun as he looked at Jeongwoo with an eyebrow raised. "I didn't think that was possible," mumbled Jeongwoo. "That's what they all say," said Sanggyun as he shrugged, moving to scratch the area of skin between his collar and his neck.

"You're a pet?" Jeongwoo asked with wide eyes. "In a way," said Sanggyun as he leaned back in his chair to turn his attention fully to the wolf sitting in front of him. It was rare that these wolves approached him in a somewhat civil manner. Then again Jeongwoo was practically dumped on him.

"Jesus you two," said Chanwoo as he walked over after making sure there were no customers needing attending to. "Could you make it any less obvious that you're both curious about each other?" He asked. "No wolf has willingly come to sit with me you know that," Sanggyun said, deadpanning. "They do find you quite weird," Chanwoo said with a snicker. Sanggyun shook his head.

"Anyway," said Chanwoo. "Chan and his pack are all out at the moment," he said. "Renjun decided to go visit Jaemin so that's why he's not here," he added. "So I messaged Chan to see if Seungmin could come straight to Berlin after his missions were done," he said. "He and Felix should be back in a few months," he said. "A few months?" Asked Jeongwoo.

"They're vampire hunters, doing missions in the states right now," said Chanwoo. "It's going to be a bit," he said. "I see," said Jeongwoo. "I can't let you stay here, same with my pack house," said Chanwoo as he scratched the back of his head. "So you're going to have to find a place to stay elsewhere," he said. "It's nothing against you," he added. "But we don't know who you are," he said. Jeongwoo hummed in response.

[center ~]

And that was how Sanggyun was stuck with a little brother for a while. Jeongwoo followed him around like a lost puppy, firing questions left and right about who he was and how he was like that. Hyunbin had taken the news of a new friend for Sanggyun with an amused snort, and Yoonbin laughed at Sanggyun's predicament.

It was odd, to see the normally stoic Sanggyun be so... Affectionate towards Jeongwoo. Regular wolf-humans avoided him like the plague and yet Jeongwoo didn't mind his presence at all. It wasn't like Sanggyun was hard to approach, he was on friendly terms with Chan and Sungjin's respective packs after all. Not many knew of the contract and found it odd to see a wolf under the care of a human.

Sanggyun could get used to this, having a temporary little brother. He never had that kind of thing in the past.

Was it bad that he wasn't looking forward to Jeongwoo reuniting with Seungmin?
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[center Chapter 7]

Yoonbin was doing just fine on his own, though he did miss his brother and Sanggyun a lot. Long stretches of missions like this made him feel lonely but at least now he had a steady job. Renjun was picked up by one of Chan's pack members and Yoonbin waved to him as they left.

It was weird to think that he had somehow become a magnet for attracting the wrong kind of attention as more of the werewolves that were with Jinhwan's pack had returned from their missions. After getting shoved into a wall by one of the more violent prone members, Bobby, Chanwoo sent him to see Eunwoo, who had become his primary care doctor after Yoonbin mentioned that he didn't have one due to no health insurance.

"Seriously?" Asked Eunwoo as Yoonbin entered his office again. "Who was it this time?" He asked. Yoonbin looked down, not wanting to speak. Eunwoo sighed as he went to check him over, to make sure that no lasting damage was done. "You're fine," he said after a few minutes. Yoonbin nodded. "Take a couple days off, I'm sure things will calm down by then," said Eunwoo. Yoonbin nodded again before leaving the office and heading home.

[center ~]

The next working day Bobby had come to apologize to Yoonbin, stating that it wasn't like him to have a violent outburst like that. Yoonbin shook his head, to which Rocky interpreted as "all is forgiven don't worry" as he gave an offhand comment about it. "He's mute," said Rocky when Bobby gave him a questioning look. "I've been his coworker for months now, I've learned to read his body language," he explained. "Ah, I see," said Bobby. He inclined his head before leaving the coffee shop, off to do some errands.

"If I didn't know any better I'd think you and Eunwoo are his mates," remarked Chanwoo. Rocky snorts. "No, we're not," he said. Yoonbin blinked in surprise. "Ah," said Chanwoo. "They're 'shifters, foxes to be more exact," he explained. Yoonbin hummed, still not getting it but he knew about the whole mate thing.

He was observant enough to notice how Jinwoo had lit up when a British werewolf named Chan had visited for a couple days with a packmate of his named Jason. Or when Chanwoo's mood brightened when Donghan, an informant from Switzerland, had shown up just to give a report.

Moonbin was never jealous when the Chanwoo and Donghan saw each other again, and Yoonbin often wondered why. He guessed that if someone found their mate in him that it'd be similar to this in someways. Being a barista who almost [i never] spoke sure had his mind racing when something new caught his attention.

[center ~]

Moonbin swore that that was the last of the violent prone members, but when Yunhyeong returned with Donghyuk, Junhoe and Sanha after they finished their missions it was like all hell broke loose. The normally calm Donghyuk had slammed Yoonbin into the wall with a snarl as soon as they met and it took Yunhyeong, Junhoe [i and] Rocky to drag him off of a frightened Yoonbin who slid to the ground in shock.

"Okay what the hell," said Moonbin. "First Jinhwan, then Bobby, now Donghyuk?" He asked. "Jinwoo, take him to see Eunwoo, I think this might be the the worst of the ones that happened so far," he said. "We need to have a talk," he said, turning to an apologetic Donghyuk who had since calmed down. Jinwoo nodded and went to help Yoonbin stand before taking him to the hospital.

"Again?" Asked Eunwoo as he saw them. "Who was it this time?" He asked. "Donghyuk," said Jinwoo. "I swear this better not become a regular occurrence," said Eunwoo as he checked over Yoonbin, this time making sure there were no bruises forming. Jinwoo watched from the other side of the room, his arms crossed in front of him.

"What happened this time?" Asked Eunwoo as he saw several bruises start to form along Yoonbin's lower back. "Well, Yunhyeong returned with Donghyuk, Junhoe and Sanha today," said Jinwoo.

"It was Donghyuk that did this?" Asked Eunwoo as his eyebrows furrowed in surprise. "Yeah," said Jinwoo. "You should've seen the look on his face, I never thought I'd see a look of pure fear cross his face before it turned to rage," he said. "Just who are you kid?" Asked Eunwoo as he finished looking at Yoonbin. "Take it easy for the next couple days, luckily there's just bruising," he said. Yoonbin nodded.

[center ~]

When Hyunbin and Sanggyun returned there wasn't any more instances from Donghyuk, Bobby or Jinhwan. Yoonbin was at least on friendly terms with everyone again, as they got used to having a human coworker working with them for the first time in years.

"Heard you got into some trouble while we were out," said Hyunbin as he picked up Yoonbin from work. Yoonbin sheepishly scratched the back of his head. "Hey, no worries," said Hyunbin. "It's expected with the pack that used to be iKon," he said. "I got the same hostility when I met them the first time, and they were still werewolf hunters back then," he said, sighing a bit.

"I think it's a family thing," said Sanggyun as he shrugged. "It's always been the same, they hate your family," he said. "Hm," said Hyunbin.

[center ~]

Yunhyeong was a hard one to crack for Yoonbin. He had learned from Hongseok that Yunhyeong was his mate and even [i he] couldn't figure the guy out. Their relationship was a fragile one, built entirely on trust. The guarded yet relieved expression that crossed Yunhyeong's face whenever Hongseok stopped by the coffee shop was enough for Yoonbin to figure that out at least.

Sanha was easy, as he was put on the same timetables as Rocky since those two worked the best together and oftentimes Yoonbin was put on the same time frames since Rocky worked with him the best out of everyone. Yoonbin figured that his mate was somewhere out of the country, seeing how each passing shift Sanha had to hide the increasing longing expression in his eyes.

"Sanha's mate is human," explained Rocky when he caught Yoonbin observing the youngest 'shifter in the pack. "He's out of the country, but he can't visit due to being needed where he is," he said. "Maybe we'll see them, who knows," he said.

The other werewolves Yoonbin rarely saw, due to them never getting the same shifts as he did to avoid more bad confrontations. Oh, they still worked with him when no one else was available but Yoonbin was sort of glad they stayed away. He didn't like to be slammed into a wall for no apparent reason.

Was it weird that he was beginning to actually like this job?
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[center Chapter 6]

Things had been so hectic as of late that they missed the time to watch the drama with Kangmin, who said that it was fine. He had missions and had also missed the episode. They would watch the rest of the series when they were together again, and Hyunbin made a promise about watching the rest of the series with him. Whenever they all had free time anyway.

They seemed to be left alone at least, as Hyunbin's father stopped trashing the house whenever they returned after Yedam showed them the evidence of what they were doing. Anything coming from the big boss of the werewolf hunting association always struck fear in the other werewolf hunters, especially after what had happened to the Chae's, who were the longest standing werewolf hunting clans in the world until Yedam single handedly wiped them out.

Missions kept Hyunbin and Sanggyun out of Berlin for a few weeks, but Yoonbin would be just fine while they were gone. Moonbin had returned, and Renjun was working there again while Chan's pack was all out doing missions. Renjun was put on the same days as Yoonbin and they worked together just fine making drinks. Rocky and Jinhwan had alternating days so that Jinhwan's increasingly difficult to handle anger could be spent out in the forests outside Berlin to calm down.

[center ~]

After a particularly bad day where Yoonbin was nearly slammed into the wall by a snarling Jinhwan, Chanwoo had sent him home early. "We'll be fine, it's always not too crowded when Jinwoo's out," explained Chanwoo. With that Yoonbin left after making sure that his paycheck would go through that night and walked the streets of Berlin. It was still a few hours before he was due to go home so he decided to get some grocery shopping done.

As he got his shopping done Yoonbin ran into Eunwoo who was also getting groceries. "Oh hey," said Eunwoo. "Yoonbin was it?" He asked. Yoonbin nodded, smiling slightly in response. "They sent you home early again? Was it Jinhwan again?" Asked Eunwoo. Yoonbin nodded, his gaze moving to look at his feet.

"Hey," said Eunwoo. "It's nothing against you alright?" He asked. "Jinhwan's always been like this, his scars are a touchy subject, and humans always talk about them," he said. "Your silence is not helping the situation," he said, scratching the back of his head. "And, don't worry, I understand that you have your reasons," he said. "But it's Jinhwan," he said, sighing. "He can't help it," he said.

Yoonbin blinked, looking back up at Eunwoo. Eunwoo gave a gentle smile. "No worries alright? Some of the others will be returning soon," he said. "Jinhwan needs a break from the coffee shop, and the others returning will give him that much needed break," he said. Yoonbin nodded and went to finish shopping, with Eunwoo offering to drive him home after they met up in the entrance to the store.

On the drive home Yoonbin decided to speak, his voice slightly dry from disuse. "I know it's not my fault for his hostility to me," he said, earning a raised eyebrow from Eunwoo as he drove. "But I want him to know that I don't blame him for his natural hate towards my kind," he said. "I was turned away by the scars at first too," he confessed. "But I've been working with him every other day for a few months now, I'm used to it," he said. "I'm sure he'll appreciate the honesty," Eunwoo said after he processed the information.

"No one has lasted long in his presence, at least human wise," he said. "We did have human workers but they quit after a few weeks," he said. "That would explain why the employee roster is the same until someone comes back from missions," mumbled Yoonbin. "That would be it," Eunwoo said, sighing.

"I hate to leave them for the hospital but after a particularly bad experience where I couldn't do a thing I had to return to the medical field to touch up on my medical knowledge," he said. "What happened if you don't mind me asking?" Asked Yoonbin. "Ah," said Eunwoo. "I'd rather not talk about it," he said. "Okay," said Yoonbin.

Eunwoo stopped in the driveway to the house, parking the jeep. "Here we are," he said. "Come inside with me?" Asked Yoonbin. "I know it's been months since the last time they trashed the house but," he said, shrugging. "Sure," said Eunwoo. Yoonbin got out and went to get his groceries and went to unlock the door and head inside with Eunwoo following after him.

"Looks like everything is fine," said Eunwoo as he looked around. Yoonbin nodded. "Thank you," he said. Eunwoo smiled. "No problem," he said.

"You know," said Eunwoo. "You should speak more, for Jinhwan's sake," he said. "Maybe it'll make things less hostile between you two," he said. "I wouldn't be saying this if you weren't human but," he said, scratching the back of his head. "I'll think about it," said Yoonbin. "Thank you," he said. Eunwoo nodded and left after helping put things away.

[center ~]

The next working day Yoonbin had Moonbin was working, with a person that Yoonbin hadn't seen yet along with Renjun. "Hey, this is Jinwoo," said Moonbin as he introduced the two. "Just don't mind his lazy nature, he's making drinks with you today," he said. Yoonbin nodded, smiling slightly in greeting. Jinwoo smiled back.

"Jinhwan also appreciates what you told Eunwoo," said Moonbin. "Not many can stand his violent tendencies," he said. Yoonbin nodded. "He's sorry for everything, he finally got some missions so he won't be as violent prone when he gets back," said Moonbin. Yoonbin nodded in understanding.

"Do you know when your brother and the wolf-dog are going to be back?" Asked Moonbin. Yoonbin shook his head. "Hm, that's a shame, Renjun was looking forward to seeing Sanggyun again," said Moonbin as he chuckled some. Yoonbin tilted his head to the side. "Ah, Renjun's like Sanggyun, except he was born that way," explained Moonbin. "They've become good friends," he said. Yoonbin hummed, nodding slightly in acknowledgement.
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[center Chapter 5]

Yoonbin was quickly integrated into the employee roster, officially getting hired as a barista. It had been quite a while since they hired anyone new, and Yoonbin was proving to be a good employee despite his silence. It took a load off of Rocky's and Jinhwan's shoulders since everyone else was still out. Eunwoo and Hongseok had to return to the hospital so Rocky and Jinhwan had to start working again. Chanwoo had returned when Moonbin told him that he was sent out on missions so Jinhwan was able to stay calmer around Yoonbin.

It wasn't like Jinhwan hated Yoonbin, it was quite the opposite, but his natural hatred towards humans was what kept him away from Yoonbin. It wasn't like Yoonbin had a choice in the matter. He was a human and nothing could change that, unless he was turned by someone.

Hyunbin and Sanggyun weren't faring much better, though they still got missions there was an ever increasing threat from Hyunbin's father. Sanggyun had returned home one day to find the place completely trashed and Hyunbin started getting some stalker going after them on the way home.

"This really needs to stop," grumbled Sanggyun as they found themselves being followed again. "I know," said Hyunbin. "We're going to the coffee shop," he said. "Is that a good idea?" Asked Sanggyun. "We have no choice at this point," said Hyunbin. Sanggyun nodded and started walking faster with Hyunbin not too far behind.

"You're here early," said Chanwoo as Hyunbin and Sanggyun entered the coffee shop. "We were in a hurry," said Hyunbin as he scratched the back of his head. Chanwoo hummed. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Hyunbin as he walked up and paid for it, passing along a note. Chanwoo processed the order, looking down at the note with a slight tilt of his head before handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Hyunbin nodded and went to sit down with Sanggyun.

Yoonbin had noticed that something was up with his brother and Sanggyun. Their father didn't take disowning them lightly it seemed, as they were being more cautious around him. He appreciated the gesture, but he could take care of himself. "You figured it out then?" Asked Rocky, startling Yoonbin out of his thoughts. Yoonbin nodded. "No worries," said Rocky. "Yedam's coming over, and well," he said, shrugging. "Last I heard anyway," he added. "This will be resolved soon I'm sure," he said.

"Hunter troubles again?" Asked Jinhwan as he delivered the drinks to Hyunbin and Sanggyun's table. "My father didn't take too kindly to disowning me it seems," Hyunbin said with a snort. "Your father was always a douche bag," Jinhwan said with a shake of his head. "When's Yedam supposed to be here?" Asked Sanggyun. "Sometime tomorrow," said Jinhwan. "Mashiho was here on a mission it seems," he said. "But Yedam got word of what your father did, this will get resolved really quickly I'm sure," he said.

"Also," said Hyunbin. "You never told me what your relationship to him was," he said, turning to Sanggyun. Sanggyun shrugged. "What is there to say? I was one of the first pure bloods that came from one of the people he turned," he said. "Then why is he always asking for you?" Asked Hyunbin. "I'm memorable apparently," he said, shrugging.

Right on cue the door opened, and in walked Yedam. "Hey there," said Chanwoo. "Hello," said Yedam. "The usual then?" Asked Chanwoo. "Sure," said Yedam as he went to pay for it. "Wasn't expecting you until tomorrow," remarked Chanwoo. "I landed early, sue me," said Yedam as he chuckled some.

"What brought you here early?" Asked Chanwoo. "Word along the werewolf hunting association is something is going on with one of the more well known families," said Yedam, speaking English now. "Did they summon you?" Asked Chanwoo, speaking English. Yedam nodded. Chanwoo nodded towards Hyunbin's table. "Talk to the son, and you'll get his take on it," he said. Yedam turned, walking over as Jinhwan walked over to the counter to get the drinks.

Sanggyun lay at Hyunbin's feet in his wolf-dog form, pretending to sleep as Yedam sat down in front of Hyunbin. "It's rare that you get called here," said Hyunbin as he tilted his head at Yedam. "I was called by your piece of trash father," Yedam said with a snort.

"So it was you that was trailing us?" Asked Hyunbin. "May have been," said Yedam. "May not have been," he said, shrugging. "I think you would've noticed if it was me though," he said. "That's true," said Hyunbin as he hummed.

"I'm going to have a long talk with your father tomorrow," said Yedam. "If it doesn't stop, you can guarantee I will take down the clan myself," he said. "You did the same with the Chae's," said Hyunbin. "That wasn't even supposed to be hidden," said Yedam. "What they did was inexcusable," he said. Hyunbin hummed in response.

Jinhwan walked over with Yedam's drink, putting it in front of him. "Thank you," said Yedam. Jinhwan nodded and went to clean tables.

"I'll stay with you tonight," said Yedam. "I will have a chat with them tomorrow, to see what I can do," he said. "Thank you," said Hyunbin.

"Does your brother know?" Asked Yedam. "Of our hunting?" Asked Hyunbin. Yedam nodded. "Yes," said Hyunbin. "He refused to become a hunter though," he said. "It's what had led to his exile from the family," he said. "I see," said Yedam. "Family is family no matter what, you did the right thing," he said. "I hope so," said Hyunbin.

Yoonbin walked over after his shift ended, with Chanwoo letting him finish early. "Ready?" Asked Hyunbin. Yoonbin nodded. "Let's go then," said Hyunbin as he got up, taking a leash from his pocket and moving to clip it to Sanggyun's collar. Sanggyun stood, stretching before walking over to Hyunbin. "Alright, let's head home," said Hyunbin. Yedam nodded and finished his coffee before getting up and following after them.

When they got home Hyunbin found the place trashed again, sighing as he started cleaning it up. "This is ridiculous," said Yedam. "I know," said Hyunbin. Yoonbin unclipped the leash from Sanggyun's collar and went to help clean up. Sanggyun was left to go lay down in his bed which was untouched.

After making sure the house was clean of trash and the un-salvageable things were thrown away into garbage bags everyone sat down for dinner. Hyunbin got a bowl of food for Sanggyun and refilled his water dish before going to eat.

"You could sue them for this you know," said Yedam. "With what evidence?" Asked Hyunbin. "He's just pissed off because I refused to kick my own brother out of [i my] house," he said. "I'm not even a minor anymore," he said. "Do you have security cameras?" Asked Yedam. "I do," said Hyunbin. "It's recording everything," he said. "There's your evidence then," said Yedam. "Get what evidence you can, and we'll go from there," he said. Hyunbin nodded.
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[center Chapter 4]

Hyunbin was called to do some things for the family again the next day, so Sanggyun accompanied Yoonbin to the coffee shop again. Yoonbin was excited for the second day, wanting to prove to the others that he was capable of keeping his job there. Sanggyun was there more to make sure that Yoonbin stayed out of trouble. Despite the fact that he was mute, Yoonbin knew how to cause trouble when the time called for it.

When they got there Eunwoo was working with Hongseok behind the counter and Rocky was delivering drinks. "Hey wolf-dog," said Eunwoo when he saw Sanggyun. "Hello Yoonbin," he added. "Go get an apron and Hongseok will work with you this morning," he said. Yoonbin nodded and went to do so. "The usual please," said Sanggyun as he went to pay for the drink. Eunwoo rung up the order, processing it and handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Sanggyun nodded and went to sit down, observing everything carefully as he pretended to read a book.

The influx of to go orders had Rocky go over and help since Yoonbin was still trying to learn the various drinks that morning. There was rarely anyone sitting down, and that was just fine with everyone considering that Yoonbin was falling slightly behind while Hongseok was doing some of the more complicated orders.

Eunwoo eventually had to stop taking orders for about 5 minutes to let the mountain of to go order cups go through the line, apologizing profusely at the human customers who stood in line. It was rare that these kind of days happened, but Yoonbin worked through it without complaint. It slowed down after 10 am though, and Eunwoo made sure that Yoonbin and Hongseok would be okay before sending Rocky back out to deliver drinks to their tables.

By lunch time everyone managed to catch a breather, with Yoonbin breathing out a sigh of relief when the orders just stopped for the time being. "Sorry, we haven't had a rush like that in a while," said Eunwoo as he scratched the back of his head. Yoonbin shrugged, like it was no big deal. "Did pretty good though," said Hongseok. "I think you did more drinks than I did and I got all the complicated ones," he said. Yoonbin hummed.

"We expecting anyone today?" Asked Rocky from his spot where he was cleaning tables. "Not really no," said Eunwoo. "I think Moonbin specifically told everyone to send emails this time around, since he and Chanwoo are out," he said. "We'll get hunters though, I'm sure," he said.

Right on cue two people they weren't expecting walked through the door, causing Eunwoo to stand straighter. That reaction got Hongseok and Rocky to tense, though Yoonbin wasn't sure what was going on. Sanggyun eyed the new arrivals with a slight tilt of his head before returning to the book he was reading. The stench of vampires was clear to everyone but Yoonbin and the few human patrons still in the shop.

"Mashiho," said Eunwoo. "Hello," said Mashiho as he walked up to the counter. "What brings you to Berlin?" Asked Eunwoo, speaking English now. "Mm," said Mashiho. "It's for a friend," he said, also speaking English. "He keeps asking for the wolf-dog," he said. Eunwoo nodded in Sanggyun's direction. "He's over there," he said. "Thank you," said Mashiho before he walked over to Sanggyun's table.

"Yedam ask for me again?" Asked Sanggyun as Mashiho sat down, his companion sitting at another table. "Could say that," said Mashiho. "I see you picked up a new friend," said Sanggyun. "Taeseon's just along for the ride, until a team will pick him up," said Mashiho. "You didn't turn him?" Asked Sanggyun. "No," said Mashiho. "I see no need to, not yet," he said. "I see," said Sanggyun.

"Well," said Sanggyun as he leaned back in his chair. "I suppose I owe him a "hello" as soon as Moonbin comes back," he said. "I'm surprised, that he hasn't figured out that I'm... This yet," he said. "Well," said Mashiho as he shook his head. "I'm sure he has, but just hasn't bothered telling you yet," he said. Sanggyun hummed.

They both looked up when the door chimed, Hyunbin walking in with his hands in his pockets. His tense shoulders let Sanggyun know that this talk didn't end so well either. Sanggyun inwardly sighed as he shook his head.

"Hello, the usual?" Asked Eunwoo. "Please, to go," said Hyunbin as he went to pay for the drink. Eunwoo rung up the order and handed the change back to Hyunbin and handing the cup over to Yoonbin who went to make it. Hyunbin went to stand and wait for the order.

"Looks like I'm needed," said Sanggyun as he stood. Mashiho nodded. "Have fun," he said. Sanggyun nodded and walked over to Hyunbin.

"Another frustrating day?" Asked Sanggyun as he went to stand beside Hyunbin. "You haven't even seen what a hell of a day I've been though," Hyunbin said with a shake of his head, going to get his order after his name was called. "You know the way back to the house Yoonbin?" He asked. Yoonbin nodded. "We'll see you at home then," said Hyunbin. Yoonbin waved, watching his brother and Sanggyun leave.

"What did he say?" Asked Sanggyun once they were outside the coffee shop and heading back home. "He demanded that I kick Yoonbin out immediately," said Hyunbin. "What the hell?" Asked Sanggyun. "I refused of course," said Hyunbin. "I'm an adult, I have a right to let whoever I want to live in my own house damn it," he said.

"What'd he threaten you with this time?" Asked Sanggyun. "Disowning me too," said Hyunbin. "I said to go ahead and left the house immediately," he said. "He's my own [i brother] for god's sake," he said. "Disowning you was a mistake," said Sanggyun. "But the contract?" He asked. "It's still with me," said Hyunbin. "Nothing will happen to you," he said. "I was the one who put the collar on you after all," he said, smiling slightly. "Of course," said Sanggyun as he chuckled slightly.

[center ~]

Hyunbin was five when he had found the collar that held the contract. Sanggyun was in charge of keeping an eye on the boy that day, since the boy's father was out doing missions at the time.

"Lookie doggie!" Said Hyunbin as he ran over to Sanggyun, holding the collar. "Hm?"Asked Sanggyun as he looked at Hyunbin. "Papa was keeping this a secret," said Hyunbin. "Mm," said Sanggyun. "Can I put it on you?" Asked Hyunbin. "I don't see why not," said Sanggyun as he put down his human illusion. Hyunbin grinned, moving to remove the old collar then put the new one on him. Something went through the both of them, and Sanggyun knew immediately, what it was. "Doggie is mine now!" Said Hyunbin. Sanggyun chuckled slightly. "Yes, yes I am," he said.

[center ~]

When they both reached the house Hyunbin was spacing out, and Sanggyun was the one to open the door and snap his fingers in front of Hyunbin. "You alright?" He asked. "Hm? Yeah, I'm fine," said Hyunbin.

"You don't want to be disowned do you?" Asked Sanggyun. "No," confessed Hyunbin as he sighed. "But what can we do?" He asked. "I refuse to abandon Yoonbin," he said. Sanggyun hummed in response.
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[center Chapter 3]

Hyunbin was busy the next morning, so it was up to Sanggyun to bring Yoonbin to the coffee shop since all Hyunbin was doing was reporting to his father about their missions. Yoonbin dressed in normal clothes, seeing that the others were wearing normal clothes at the coffee shop yesterday. Sanggyun was there to keep an eye on Yoonbin and make sure things went fine.

"Ah, hey," said Moonbin as he spotted Yoonbin and Sanggyun. "The usual, wolf-dog?" He asked. "Sure," said Sanggyun. "Rocky, help out Yoonbin today, he's making drinks with you," said Moonbin. Rocky nodded. "No problem," he said. Yoonbin nodded, going to get an apron before coming back to where Rocky was. Sanggyun went to pay for his drink before going to sit down.

The morning rush was okay for the most part, with Rocky having to explain to Jinhwan that drinks would be slightly slower due to teaching Yoonbin how to make some of the easier drinks. The human customers were understanding, having heard of a new worker coming in that day. Moonbin was patient, only taking orders after making sure that Yoonbin would be good with the workload he was given. Rocky was impatient at times, but otherwise made sure that Yoonbin knew what to do. The morning rush was okay, with a little hiccups here and there. Rocky and Yoonbin eventually had a system going by lunch, Rocky getting used to Yoonbin's silence after the first 20 drinks.

Jinhwan was more frustrated with the humans whispering about the scars on his face, but he delivered drinks anyway, knowing there wasn't much the others could do about it. Everyone could only give silent bouts of encouragement, knowing how tough this was for him. After lunch Moonbin had Jinhwan switch with Rocky, letting Rocky deliver drinks for the rest of the afternoon. Yoonbin could only give a gentle smile in encouragement, nodding to Jinhwan. Jinhwan nodded back and they went on with making drinks when orders came in.

Sometime in the afternoon Hyunbin walked into the coffee shop with his hands in his pockets. "Hey," said Moonbin. "The usual then?" He asked. "Please," said Hyunbin as he went to pay for his drink. Moonbin processed the order and gave the change back to Hyunbin before Hyunbin went to sit down in front of Sanggyun.

"How was the talk?" Asked Sanggyun as he tilted his head to the side. "Frustrating as usual," Hyunbin said with a sigh as he shook his head. "How'd it go today?" He asked. "Went well for a first day," said Sanggyun. "A little hiccups, but otherwise went fine," he said. "That's good," said Hyunbin.

Rocky walked over with a refill for Sanggyun and Hyunbin's drink. "How'd it go?" Asked Hyunbin. "Fine," said Rocky. "It was a little awkward at first, not being used to a silent coworker but," he said, shrugging. "We got a system down after a bit," he said. "You'll have to talk to Jinhwan when Moonbin decides it's time for us to switch again to get his opinion," he said. "It's up to Moonbin though, if he gets the job or not," he said. Hyunbin nodded and Rocky walked away.

The rest of the afternoon Moonbin had Yoonbin switch with Rocky to see how he would handle delivering drinks, seeing that it was a relatively slow afternoon. Hyunbin and Sanggyun stayed around for the rest of the afternoon until closing time, wanting to wait on Yoonbin to be done with work.

Close to closing time Eunwoo and Hongseok stopped by, having finally gotten off a long shift at the hospital. "Hey you two," said Moonbin. "Chanwoo visiting Donghan?" Asked Eunwoo. "That and we got a new employee," said Moonbin as he nodded at Yoonbin who was cleaning tables. "Ah, so we heard," said Eunwoo.

"The usual before we close for the night?" Asked Moonbin. "Sure," said Eunwoo. "I guess," said Hongseok. "Alright," said Moonbin as Eunwoo went to pay for the drinks. "It's a to go order Yoonbin, you're free to go after you clean the last table," called Moonbin as he handed the order to Rocky. Yoonbin put up a thumbs up before going to finish cleaning tables. Everyone got ready to close the coffee shop, with Hyunbin and Sanggyun going to stand outside waiting for Yoonbin.

Jinhwan met them outside to talk about Yoonbin. "Your brother is very patient," he remarked. Hyunbin scratched the back of his head. "He has the same patience as I do," he said. "What did you think when you worked with him?" He asked. "He seems like a good employee," said Jinhwan. "However I'd have to work with him in the morning when it's busy to judge how he did," he said. "From when I did interact with him he got drinks out pretty quickly," he said.

"I commend you, for being able to stay calm throughout the day with all the whispering going on," said Sanggyun. "Even after so many years it's hard to get used to," Jinhwan said, sighing. "I don't think you'll ever get used to it," said Sanggyun. "It comes with the PTSD I guess," he said. Jinhwan hummed.

When the others left the coffee shop Moonbin was discussing with Yoonbin about coming in the next day. "Come in around the same time alright? Eunwoo's in tomorrow, so you have to answer to him," he said. "I'll be taking orders," said Eunwoo. "Hongseok's with Rocky tomorrow," he said. Yoonbin nodded. "See you tomorrow," said Moonbin. Yoonbin waved before walking over to Hyunbin and Sanggyun. "See you guys tomorrow," called Sanggyun. Moonbin waved and left with his pack. Hyunbin, Sanggyun and Yoonbin headed home.

"You did good today," said Hyunbin. "Just be aware that you might run into a lot of people who are only there to deliver messages," he said. "I'm sure you're aware that vampire hunters also frequent Berlin," he added. Yoonbin nodded. "We're good then," said Hyunbin.

When they got home Hyunbin made dinner, everyone sitting at the table to eat. Sanggyun was encouraging Yoonbin to speak, though Yoonbin remained silent throughout dinner. Hyunbin didn't mind the silence coming from Yoonbin however, nodding at Sanggyun for at least trying. After dinner everyone went off to their respective places, with Sanggyun flopping down onto his giant dog bed after taking down his human illusion while Hyunbin and Yoonbin went off to their respective rooms.
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[center Chapter 2]

The trip home wasn't much to write about, just dealing with a crying baby throughout most of the flight. It was what had annoyed Sanggyun the most, but he put up with it because Hyunbin said not to do anything. It didn't mean that Hyunbin was against the idea however, but things would be much easier if there wasn't any problems. It's what they both [i hated] throughout the years they spent hunting werewolves. Dealing with things like this on the flight home when they were doing international missions outside of Europe.

When they finally got to Berlin Yoonbin was waiting on them at the terminal with his hands in his pockets. "Yoonbin!" Said Hyunbin as he walked over. Yoonbin grinned, waving from his spot as Sanggyun walked over with Hyunbin's suitcase. "Hey Yoonbin," said Sanggyun as he grinned. "Let's go home then shall we?" He asked. Yoonbin nodded and Hyunbin took the suitcase from Sanggyun and they left the terminal, going over to the parking lot where long term parked cars were. Hyunbin drove, deciding to stop by Moonbin's coffee shop for a bit and see if Moonbin would let Yoonbin start working there.

"I know we didn't ask you first," said Hyunbin as he turned to look at Yoonbin. "But I think Moonbin will at least give you a chance," he said. "If worse comes to worse they'll have you make drinks," he said. Yoonbin nodded. "It'll be a good job for you," said Sanggyun as he looked out the window. "I'm sure you'll do fine," he said.

When they got there Chanwoo was working at the counter, grinning in greeting when he saw who it was. "Hey there, welcome back," said Chanwoo. "Hello," said Hyunbin. "The usual?" Asked Chanwoo. "Please," said Hyunbin. "Is Moonbin in?" He asked. "He is," said Chanwoo. "You need to speak to him?" He asked. "If he's not busy," said Hyunbin. "You're good," said Chanwoo. "Cool," said Hyunbin as he went to pay for the drinks before going to sit down with Sanggyun and Yoonbin.

Moonbin came over a few minutes later with their orders, sitting down beside Sanggyun. "Hey there," he said, passing the drinks over. "Hello," said Hyunbin. Sanggyun and Yoonbin nodded in response.

"What's up? You never asked for my presence before," said Moonbin. "Well," said Hyunbin. "This is my brother Yoonbin," he said, introducing Yoonbin to Moonbin. "Nice to meet you," said Moonbin. Yoonbin nodded in agreement. "Ah, another mute person?" Asked Moonbin. Yoonbin scratched the back of his head in a sheepish manner.

"I was wondering if you could let Yoonbin work here," said Hyunbin. Moonbin raised an eyebrow. "What brought this on?" He asked. "He's my brother," said Hyunbin. "But he was outcast by my family because he didn't want to become a hunter," he said. "Before we came back he messaged me asking if the house Sanggyun and I live in was open for him," he said. "That meant he lost his job and apartment," he said. Moonbin hummed in response.

"I don't want to seem like I'm begging, but," said Hyunbin. "It's alright," said Moonbin. "I'm considering it," he said. "I'm going over who is working tomorrow, since you decided to come in close to closing time," he said, chuckling slightly. "Sorry, we landed about two hours ago so," Hyunbin said, laughing some.

"Chan, who's working tomorrow?" Called Moonbin. "Rocky and Jinhwan," said Chanwoo. "Who's at the counter and who's delivering drinks?" Asked Moonbin. "Rocky is making drinks and Jinhwan is delivering," said Chanwoo. "Damn," said Moonbin. "Rocky tends to get impatient, and Jinhwan is... Well," he said, sighing. "No one else is available?" He asked. "Sanha is visiting Yuto, Jinwoo is visiting Chan, and the other werewolves are doing missions," said Chanwoo. "Hongseok is doing work at the hospital with Eunwoo," he said.

Moonbin sighed. "Alright," he said. “Looks like I’ll be coming into work tomorrow to make sure Rocky and Jinhwan are behaving,” he said. “Nothing against you Chan,” he said to Chanwoo. Chanwoo chuckled slightly. "What, you want to take over the register tomorrow?" He asked. "To see how things go," said Moonbin. "Mind if I go see Donghan then?" Asked Chanwoo. "Go for it, let him know you're coming first," said Moonbin. "Cool," said Chanwoo.

"We'll see you tomorrow then," said Hyunbin. Moonbin nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow," he said before getting up and going back to the backroom. Sanggyun hummed. "Well, that was easy," he said. Hyunbin hummed, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Behave yeah?" He asked Yoonbin. "I know you will but this is going to be different from other jobs you've had," he said. "Things are run differently here," he said. Yoonbin nodded. "You'll do fine I'm sure," called Chanwoo. "Just be patient with Rocky and Jinhwan," he said. Yoonbin nodded, drinking his coffee.

"We'll be heading off then," said Hyunbin as he got up after finishing his coffee. "We'll see you tomorrow," he said. "Sure," said Chanwoo. "Come in around 9 am," he said. Yoonbin gave a thumbs up, leaving with Hyunbin and Sanggyun.

When they got back to the house Hyunbin went to see what he had to pay for bills wise, knowing all the utilities were paid for automatically. "You two hungry?" Asked Hyunbin as he turned to Sanggyun and Yoonbin. Yoonbin shook his head no. "I'm fine," said Sanggyun. "Alright," said Hyunbin before he went to unpack and unwind for a bit. Sanggyun dropped his human illusion, stretching before going to lie in his bed in the corner of the livingroom. Yoonbin wandered into the kitchen to get something to drink before heading off to the guest bedroom to unwind.

Sanggyun didn't mind having a giant dog bed in the corner of the livingroom, it was better than anything else he could call his. Hyunbin had insisted on getting him a proper bed, but Sanggyun was just more comfortable in his animal form and wouldn't find any use in a human bed. They came to a compromise of the giant dog bed eventually, as it was better than nothing.

Yoonbin walked over after a couple hours, going to stand in front of Sanggyun. Sanggyun lifted up his head, tilting his head to the side. "Take a walk with me?" Asked Yoonbin. That caused Sanggyun to get to his feet, noticing the leash. Yoonbin smiled slightly before clipping the leash to Sanggyun's collar. Yoonbin went to knock on Hyunbin's door, holding up the leash when Hyunbin answered. "Don't be out too late," said Hyunbin. Yoonbin nodded and left with Sanggyun.

"I wish I could bring up the courage to talk to everyone," said Yoonbin as he walked with Sanggyun. "I know, I talk to you but that's different," he said. "You keep secrets," he said. "I know I can talk to you about everything," he said. Sanggyun walked beside Yoonbin, nodding slightly as he listened to Yoonbin talk.

"I know that Hyunbin doesn't mind my silence," said Yoonbin as he started walking back to the house with Sanggyun. "But I wish I could bring myself to talk to him," he said. Sanggyun nudged Yoonbin, and Yoonbin unclipped the leash from his collar.

Sanggyun put up his human illusion, turning to face Yoonbin. "Look," said Sanggyun. "You're fine," he said. "I know, it never feels like it with everyone not liking how you never speak but," he said. "Believe me, Hyunbin is only looking out for you like any older brother would," he said. Yoonbin nodded. "Thank you," he said. Sanggyun grinned before heading into the house. Yoonbin followed after him.
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[center Chapter 1]

Hyunbin and Sanggyun were finishing up missions in the states, stopping in Detroit for their last batch of missions before heading back to Europe. Sanggyun was not very comfortable in the city considering the hostile vibes coming off of the 'shifters that owned Detroit but their pack leader was friendly enough. Hojung was there to make sure that nothing went wrong and that was something Sanggyun was grateful for.

"Sorry for all the hostility," said Hojung once they were done with the last mission. "It's alright," said Sanggyun. "I've been on edge since I got here but," he said, scratching the back of his head. "Yoonsan does give off a lot of hostility," agreed Hojung.

"Do you know why?" Asked Sanggyun. "I think it's because I'm a werewolf hunter, he's naturally hostile towards werewolves," said Hojung. "But why he's hostile towards you in particular I'm not sure," he said. Sanggyun hummed, turning to face Hyunbin as he walked over after getting rid of the bodies. "Done?" He asked, speaking German. Hyunbin nodded. "I'm ready to go," he said. "Let's go then," he said. Sanggyun nodded and left with Hyunbin and Hojung, heading back to the apartment building.

"Welcome back," said Taehyun. "Thank you," said Sanggyun. "We'll be leaving in a couple days," he said. "No worries," said Taehyun. "It's good to see Hojung be with other hunters for once," he said. Hojung scratched the back of his head.

"Kangmin back from missions yet?" Asked Sanggyun. "He should be, why?" Asked Taehyun. "Ah, he was going to miss the next episode of the drama that we were watching," said Sanggyun. "That's tomorrow isn't it?" Asked Hojung. "Tonight," said Sanggyun. "Ah, we'll go over and watch it with them then," Hojung.

"I don't understand how you guys can sit through that kind of drama, sheesh," said Taehyun. "It's interesting," said Sanggyun. "I am curious as to what happens next, the last episode had it at a cliffhanger," he said. "It's the only drama that Hyunbin has been able to sit through so far, through all the seasons we've seen," he said.

"Are we talking about that kingdom drama that you had me sit through the first few episodes of?" Asked Hyunbin. "Yes," said Sanggyun. "I have to admit, I do like it," said Hyunbin. "Exactly," Sanggyun said, grinning. "Let's go see if Kangmin's home," he said. Hyunbin nodded and left with him.

"Ah, you're here in time for the drama!" Said Kangmin as he opened the door. "Come on in," he said, letting them in before closing the door behind him. "Hojung coming too?" He asked. "I think so," said Sanggyun. "He needed to get something done but he'll be here," he said.

Hojung arrived a few minutes before the drama started, bringing pizza and drinks for the occasion. "Ah, thanks for bringing food over," said Kangmin. "No problem," said Hojung as he spread everything out on the coffee table. "Where's Jisung, Kihyun and Jihun?" He asked. "Missions," said Kangmin. "I'm the only one home right now," he said. "I see," said Hojung. "Let's get the show on the road!" Said Sanggyun as he brought up the latest episode of the drama. He made sure to turn on German and English subtitles before pressing play. Everyone gathered around the coffee table to watch the drama and see what would happen next, occasionally stopping for a bathroom break.

When the episode ended it left everyone in shock, with Hyunbin cursing up a storm at what had happened as he got up and went to put his plate in the kitchen. "What the hell was [i that] ending?" Asked Kangmin. "I expected Mingyu to make it, what the hell," said Hojung. "I think we all did," said Sanggyun as he got up and went to help clean up. Kangmin and Hojung went to help clean up before heading back to his apartment to relax and get ready for bed.

"Hey," said Kangmin as he turned to Hyunbin. "We'll watch it together next week right?" He asked. Sanggyun turned to Hyunbin, quickly translating when Hyunbin blinked in confusion. "Oh!" Said Hyunbin. "Sure," he said. "We can do that," he said in English. Kangmin grinned. "I'm looking forward to it," he said. Hyunbin nodded and left with Sanggyun, going back to the apartment Taehyun let them use while they were in Detroit.

"Kangmin's a nice guy," remarked Hyunbin. "He's been friendly, reminds me of Yoonbin," he said. Sanggyun chuckled slightly. "You really miss him don't you?" He asked. "Ah," said Hyunbin as he scratched the back of his head.

"Have you heard from him?" Asked Sanggyun. "Yeah, he messaged me," said Hyunbin. "He asked if the house was open since we've been gone for a few months," he said. "Got kicked out of his last place again?" Asked Sanggyun. Hyunbin nodded. "That and he lost his job," he said. "Because of him being mute," he added. Sanggyun sighed. "We'll have to talk to Moonbin," he said. "And see if he's willing to hire Yoonbin," he said. "I'm sure he'll give Yoonbin a chance," said Hyunbin.

[center ~]

The next day Hyunbin and Sanggyun headed to the airport after making sure that their bags were all packed and Hojung dropped them off, promising to come visit sometime, if Taehyun would let him. Hyunbin assured him that it was fine, they had to do stuff back home that wouldn't let them have time for visitors. With that they headed into the terminal to get ready for the flight.

After passing through security and having everyone question why Sanggyun was wearing a collar they headed to the gate that bound for Berlin. "You know," said Sanggyun as he put his hands in his pockets. "People really need to stop questioning the collar," he said, causing Hyunbin to snort. "If only they knew," said Hyunbin. "Right?" Sanggyun asked with a chuckle.

"About 10 more hours, and we're finally home," said Hyunbin. "It's been a while since we were home hm?" Asked Sanggyun. "Father's going to question why Yoonbin is over again," Hyunbin said with a sigh. "I'm not one for abandoning family," he said. "I know," said Sanggyun as he shook his head. "Someone's bound to not want to be in the business," he said. Hyunbin hummed in response.
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