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Zella glanced around from the place she waited for anything out of the ordinary to happen. Of course, she saw suspicious people around but in that area, it was normal.

A few men gave her leering looks, causing her to shoot them a glare or snap at them until they took a hint and went the other way.

Suddenly when someone pulled up in front of her, she raised an eyebrow at the driver. He was warning her that it wasn't safe for her out here alone. Shaking her head, "I can handle myself, but thank you for your concern," she said with a smile.

The rain did make things more difficult but if something was going to happen, it would happen tonight. Monsters didn't care about the weather when they decided to attack humans.

She smiled at him, "You look like you have somewhere to be, why stop and worry about me?" she asked curiously. It wasn't like many people to stop and worry about her, usually, it was just sleazy old guys wanting to see if she were a hooker or something, or a drunk being annoying. She pulled her coat tighter around herself in the chilly rain, brushing her white hair over her shoulder. Maybe it would be a good idea to just head home and curl up in her warm bed out of the rain.
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Once in his car he began the long drive home. Reyu didn’t live in town or close to his job. He just enjoyed having his peace when he was off of work. His home was his peace, away from all the noise of a busy city. He could be himself at home, there was no pretending to be something that he wasn’t even though he was so good at it.

The tall demon loosened his tie around his neck and turned on the radio. He felt as stomach growl a bit. Of course he was hungry, he was always hungry since he didn’t stick to the normal list of food that demon should eat but over the years he has learned to ignore that hungry. [i It’s all in your head. You still have that steak in the fridge. You can eat that.] He thought as he waited a red light.

The thought of human flesh crept inside his head. He could t help but realize he was t that far from the deserted alley way that most demons found a human alone due to having something wrong with them that inhabits their logic thinking. Whether it be alcohol, drugs, stress...anything could possibly be the culprit. Yosuuke made the right turn down the alley way. As he drove he noticed a young girl with light fair hair and piercing blue eyes. “Pretty...what is she doing in a place like this...” he mutters.

Reyu couldn’t bring himself to hurt her so he decided to keep driving but the. He thought about the other demons that could be nearby. It wasn’t like he couldn’t smell them so he stopped a few feet away from her. He rolls down his window. “You shouldn’t be waiting here all by yourself. You should head home.” He said.
  Reyu / Kita-san / 114d 21h 48m 8s
Zella waited for it to get dark before heading out of her apartment, tucking her phone into her the pocket of her coat. She checked the weapons hidden under her coat one last time before stepping outside in the rain.

As a hunter, she was raised from birth to hunt down the creatures dangerous to humankind as a whole, demons, vampires, werewolves, anything that hunted humans. Her father had always explained to her that it was her job to protect humans from the creatures.

She walked down the sidewalk toward an isolated part of town. She thought maybe she could attract a demon or vampire if she seemed like a defenseless woman out by herself at night time.

She sighed to herself as she pressed her back against a wall under an overhang. Her white hair hung wet in her face, she glanced around at the others around her and smiled politely as an old woman gave her a sympathetic smile, [b "Is he keeping you waiting, deary?"] she asked playfully.

Zella laughed and nodded, deciding to play along with the woman's assumption, [+blue "You're right. He's running late today."] she said, smiling. She tried to figure out who the imaginary 'he' was in case the woman decided to ask for more details about Zella's so call boyfriend who was apparently very bad at keeping his girlfriend from walking around in the rain.

She smiled to herself, amused by the thought.
  Zella / CrazyCasey / 116d 3h 39m 36s
The human world was now called Reyu’s home. Many many years ago demons and humans fought against one another in large numbers causing many ways even though they use to live together peacefully. The wars throughout the years have left the population of demons to be extremely low. It was rare if you met one. The humans have also trained young recruits to be demon hunters. After their training they are sent into the world to find and kill demons. Even the ones that are living peacefully anoung humans.

As a kid Reyu had seen the harsh side of both humans and demons. He didn’t understand why they were fighting by as he got older he began to realize his dislike for humans but the world that he lived forced him to interact with humans. He had to conceal his identity everyday and to pretend to be one of them.

To keep the peace he got a normal job and worked like humans did but demons always needed raw flesh from time to time. He has been able to suppress his urge by eating raw animals. It’s not the same as a human but he makes do. What he also craved was the blood from a human the most. To secretly get his taste satisfied he went at night to find humans who are alone.

As the rain starts to pour Reyu looks up at the sky. He was just getting off of work and heading home. [i Seems like a storm is coming in.] He thought as he pulls out his cell phone. With a simple tap of a button on his phone his car starts up. Quickly he makes his way to his car so that he wouldn’t get wet. He moved with the people around him blending in ever so easily.
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