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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/YuPcQn3.jpg]][center [font "tempus sans itc" This chat is for Myself, Megan, Amanda, Tiffani & Ellie only. If you aren't either one of us, then kindly move on. We are slowly mending bonds that have been broken, and working on building friendships back to where they were. I honestly don't know where I would be without the three of you. Ellie, you and I are slowly working on things, and I can't thank you enough for this chance. I know you and I can hopefully mend what's been shattered. Baby steps for all of us. This is our safe haven only.]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]


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[center [font "Nyala" This week has sucked so hard fucking core.. Thank god it's my weekend.]]
  qυeen / AngelEyes- / 2d 16h 46m 4s
hey hey hey
im so bored watching these dumb videos
  вυввlegυм / SailorScout- / 4d 15h 49m 15s
[center [font "Nyala" Good. Now go cuddle up to your wife!]]
  qυeen / AngelEyes- / 7d 19h 58m 14s
That’s the plan but she seems so much better than a couple days ago so I’m hoping
  вυввlegυм / SailorScout- / 7d 20h 27m 28s
[center [font "Nyala" Just keep a super close eye on her, and if anything seems out of place, make sure you get her back to the hospital quickly.]]
  qυeen / AngelEyes- / 7d 20h 44m 20s
She’s feeling better now yes. I was surprised they discharged her so soon
  вυввlegυм / SailorScout- / 7d 20h 46m 48s
[center [font "Nyala" I told you she'd be home before you know it! Is she doing okay?]]
  qυeen / AngelEyes- / 7d 20h 49m 41s
My wife got out of the hospital!! I’m so happy right now
  вυввlegυм / SailorScout- / 7d 20h 55m 12s
[center [font "Nyala" I called in Tuesday, so I can't. I would love too! But I can't.]]
  qυeen / AngelEyes- / 8d 3h 21m 11s
I sowwies. Skip it and come to Iowa and go to AnimeIowa with me. :P
  / -An_Dulra / 8d 5h 6m 3s
[center [font "Nyala" I don't wanna work tomorrow T.T I really don't.]]
  qυeen / AngelEyes- / 8d 5h 17m 12s
Heyo you lovely ladies up in here.

  / -An_Dulra / 8d 5h 33m 32s
[center [font "Nyala" I know you do honey. Believe me, I know you do. She'll be home before you know it. I promise you that. Just keep your head up.]]
  qυeen / AngelEyes- / 9d 15h 33m 4s
I want her home now... I want to cuddle up to her and sleep ... I hate how big and empty my bed is
  вυввlegυм / SailorScout- / 9d 15h 45m 47s
[center [font "Nyala" I know you do honey. She'll be home before you know it.]]
  qυeen / AngelEyes- / 9d 15h 52m 50s

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