Surprise for my babe

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Me and my babe


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I carry you inside as you go to sleep and lay you down on the bed and kiss ur forehead before failing asleep myself
  ...... / kenbloodmoon / 3d 10h 36m 17s
Chuckles, kissing him back happily. Leaning back against the seat of the truck. Close to sleep.
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 3d 10h 38m 5s
[+red of course we will do it again babe] smiles and leans over the console kissing him
  ...... / kenbloodmoon / 3d 10h 39m 3s
I smile and sink into the seat if the truck [b[+silver "Today was great, let's do this again sometime"]] I smile and yawn.
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 3d 10h 40m 42s
I smile holding his hands leading him back out to my truck and drive us home
  ...... / kenbloodmoon / 3d 10h 43m 33s
I smile, kissing him back while leaning against you [b[+silver "I love you too, Today was so fun! Let's go home now~"]] I say, kissing his cheek and yawning slightly.
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 3d 10h 45m 33s
Smiling I take it from you and lean down giving you a kiss [+red thank you babe I love you]
  ...... / kenbloodmoon / 3d 10h 47m 57s
I pouts and try again, winning the stuffy and I take it out, giggling while cuddling it and kissing it's nose before giving it to Ken [b[+silver "Here! A gift from me"]] I smile, looking up at him.
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 3d 10h 49m 0s
[+red ok sounds good to me babe] I follow him over to the crane game watching his first attempt for a stuffed wolf fail
  ...... / kenbloodmoon / 3d 10h 50m 14s
I look at my score and clap before squeaking as I'm pulled away and I look up at him and kiss him back [b[+silver "How bout a crane game? I'm good at those"]] I smile and check my card [b[+silver " I have enough credits for two games of crane"]] I smile, looking at him.
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 3d 10h 52m 11s
As the game ends I grab you smiling kissing you gently [+red what do you wanna play next babe]
  ...... / kenbloodmoon / 3d 10h 54m 36s
Grins as it's my favorite song and keep up quickly, swaying my hips slightly to the beat
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 3d 10h 55m 57s
[+red yeah I could have won but tonight's your night I want you to win] i say following him to the dancing game doing a very poor job at keeping up with the game
  ...... / kenbloodmoon / 3d 10h 57m 2s
I blink and get first place, tilting my head [b[+silver "Heeeeey~ You could have totally won"]] I say and laugh, standing up [b[+silver "Next up! Dance dance revolution! "
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 3d 10h 59m 16s
I smile as I come up on the finish line seeing him coming up fast i take my foot off the gas letting him win
  ...... / kenbloodmoon / 3d 11h 2m 6s

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