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Looking around the campus, Luna sighs. Her friend was supposed to be here to show her around, making it so she didn't get lost like she usually did. Biting her lip, Luna looked down at her phone trying to get hold of her friend Gloria. " Whats up, Bitch?" Luna rolled her eyes at the typical answer. " Dude! You were supposed to meet me at the court yard and show me around...And let me guess, you are still in bed?" Luna just laughed as she heard the rustling of covers on the other end of the phone." Seriously, Gloria! You are the one that talked me into transferring here, I don't know where I am going. " "Didn't you get a map?" Looking down at the map that the registrar office gave her, Luna just sighs." Yeah, but dude, you know I am awful at reading these things...It is like a foreign language that has been dead for centuries." Shaking her head, the girl turned the map trying to figure out where she was going.

Not looking what was going around her, Luna felt something slam into her from the side. Getting thrown off, her books fell from her grasp hitting the sidewalk. "What the..." Looking at the disturbance, she finds a man walking away." YO! Usually when you run into someone you say excuse me! Did your mother not teach you any manners!?" Grumbling, Luna bends down to start picking up her books, mumbling about no mannered cavemen.
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