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Looking at the man, Luna's mouth just opened and closed." What?" Shaking her head, she held her hand up for a moment to keep him from talking." You run into me, and don't even apologize...but ask a random ass question?" turning her hand over, with a what the hell motion, she just looked at him like he was crazy." How about you learn manners and come speak to me..Kay thanks." Rolling her eyes, she stepped around him walking towards her friend she now sees standing by the tables.

"Gosh, what is wrong with people around here?" Shaking her head, she puts her bag down with almost everything she owns in it." This better be worth it, Gloria I am working two jobs to be here." Smiling at her hyper friend, Luna pulls her into her arms hugging her tight." I know, I know..It is so amazing to see me!" Chuckling at the small smack at her shoulder, Luna turned towards the group of people that are trying not to stare at her." So, why is everyone being freaky?" Gloria smirks a little before shaking her head." You kinda just yelled at one of the most powerful men on campus darling. I wasn't going to say anything, but you have a temper!" Luna gasped sounding offended." I do not..." Pouts, Gloria just laughs before pushing off the table." Okay, lets show you to our apartment!"
  Luna / Princesslemondrop / 1y 105d 5h 38m 53s
Jason Hawks, who was a rich young man, and a playboy at best, walked slowly throughout Campus grounds, scanning the area around him intently. He was, after a big breakup between his past girlfriend, trying to make her jealous. He knew that would be hard, though, so his boundaries were close to none.

Known by many names, he most commonly goes by Tag. It was his most feared name, him being a very well-known and notorious criminal in New York City. Though every real effort to imprison him has failed.

Today he searched for someone that he knew would tick off his ex. An absolutely gorgeous woman to make her want him back. He really only wanted her back, but he didn't know if anyone would be his 'girlfriend' long enough to make her jealous.

He was about to head out for the day when he saw a red-haired woman off in the distance in the courtyard. She was wandering, talking on the phone and seemingly trying to read a map.

"I guess it's worth a try..." He muttered carelessly, approaching the woman from the side. He stepped quietly, eventually to the point where he could make his next move.

Once making sure she didn't see him, he ran into her side and began walking off again.

He ignored her, immediately taking a long stare at her face before speaking. "Wanna make some easy bucks?"
  Jason Hawks / MordorTenebris / 1y 112d 6h 7m 24s
Looking around the campus, Luna sighs. Her friend was supposed to be here to show her around, making it so she didn't get lost like she usually did. Biting her lip, Luna looked down at her phone trying to get hold of her friend Gloria. " Whats up, Bitch?" Luna rolled her eyes at the typical answer. " Dude! You were supposed to meet me at the court yard and show me around...And let me guess, you are still in bed?" Luna just laughed as she heard the rustling of covers on the other end of the phone." Seriously, Gloria! You are the one that talked me into transferring here, I don't know where I am going. " "Didn't you get a map?" Looking down at the map that the registrar office gave her, Luna just sighs." Yeah, but dude, you know I am awful at reading these things...It is like a foreign language that has been dead for centuries." Shaking her head, the girl turned the map trying to figure out where she was going.

Not looking what was going around her, Luna felt something slam into her from the side. Getting thrown off, her books fell from her grasp hitting the sidewalk. "What the..." Looking at the disturbance, she finds a man walking away." YO! Usually when you run into someone you say excuse me! Did your mother not teach you any manners!?" Grumbling, Luna bends down to start picking up her books, mumbling about no mannered cavemen.
  Luna / Princesslemondrop / 1y 115d 9h 41m 40s

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