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What does one do when the girl they lo e breaks up with them? They make the innocent new girl become his "girlfriend."

______ leads one of the top gangs at the new university that Luna goes to. Never one to let someone walk over her, Luna starts off rough with___. But once a small technical issue has receiving texts meant for someone else,Luna knows nothing good could come from it.

This rp will start with the first meeting and go from there. Sorry it's not all pretty with pics and stuff.

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Turning around and looking and realizing that she is struggling Jason walks back slowly towards her. “Look if you’re going to make it here you need to just go with the flow and stop looking like a tourist...follow me”. He walks right past her and after getting about 5 feet a head turns around and says “ well do you want help or not.”
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Under her breath Luna chuckled "whatever makes you feel better about yourself." Men and puffing out their chests always bothered her and then she opens her mouth and finds her self in a world of trouble. "Thanks for the apology big head!" She Screams after his departing back. "Now where is this building?" Walking in the opposite way from the big man on campus Luna just pull her phone out trying to contact her friend
  Luna / Princesslemondrop / 1y 145d 12h 32m 19s
Baffled that he just got hit with a book, Jason turns around slowly. “Big head? Girl do you know who you are talking to? “ He kicks the book that hit him back towards her. He looks at her for a moment and thinks that she is cute in a desperate sort of way. “ you’re new here right? Well if you’re going to survive here realize that I run this campus”. Feeling full of himself he starts walking away “sorry for knocking you down” he says just loud enough so the new girl can here as he walks towards the exit of the circle
  Kyloo / 1y 145d 12h 38m 34s
How did she let her friend talk her into transferring schools? Pushing her glasses up her nose, Luna looks down at the map that was being no help what so ever. Lifting her head, she skirts around a couple of people. " Come to UV Luna, it will be great Luna!" " Yeah it sure looks it Gloria!" Pulling her bottom lip between her teeth, Luna trys to make head or tails of the map one last time. Tilting her head at the paper in her hand, She grumbles feeling someone slam in her. Her small body jolts back from the force, making her lose balance and fall to the ground her need sliding on the cement. Grumbling, Luna stands up a rip in her jeans now. " HEY! BIG HEAD!" She calls after the man that knocked her down. Picking up one of her books she throws it at his back. " USUALLY WHEN YOU KNOCK SOMEONE DOWN, YOU SAY SORRY!" Pouting slightly she sighs, not even noticing the silence around her.

Shaking her, Luna just moved away from the man and the now small group gathering around them. " Now I'm bleeding, great! Welcome to UV Luna! " Rolling her eyes, she moved towards a bench trying to get her things back together and figure out the stupid map.
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