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[center [EB+Garamond [size16 Riverwood is a quiet town, where almost nothing strange ever happens. Everyone knows everyone's neighbors, and the only big thing that seems to happen is the yearly down town block party.

On a night that was supposed to be reserved for partying and fun, [i Juliet Smith] was found dead, having fallen from the apartments top floor balcony. Her death was been written off as suicide. A few years earlier [i Carson Miller] passed away from hanging, his death also written off as suicide. No one questioned either cases, they simply accepted the facts for what they were, and moved on.

As time moved on people simply forgot about the deaths; until a young suburban woman's attempted murder shakes up the town. [b Lorraine Winniman] was found in her bathroom with slits in her wrists, and bruises littering her body, barely alive.

With new information, an investigation is blown wide open, and now [b Bryan], the lead investigator, must work with Lorraine to delve into what seems to be a series of unsolvable murders.

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[size18 Cast:]
[b [u Lorraine Winniman]]
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[b [u Bryan O'Bryan]]
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