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[Size10 [b Order#:] s02472****]
[Size10 [b Customer Name:] Jacob K.]
[Size10 [b Products Purchased:]
1. Motion Iseries Adjustable Base Twin XL Prime $800]
[Size10 2. Vip Set Up Service $100]
[Size10 3. Delivery $99]
[Size10 [b Delivery / CPU Date:] 03/17/2019 3-9pm]
[Size10 [b Notes:] Normally this size of adjustable base is rarely available so I must keep track of when it comes in and send it as soon as possible. I have already called the guest once to push the date farther and no incentives were offered due to the already special discounted price the AM approved for him at the start of the sale. I have called dispatch and they have confirmed that a piece was reserved for him.]
[Size10 [b Total: $1087.66]]
[Size10 [b Sub Total: $999.00]]
[Size10 [b Estimated Tax: $88.66]]

[Size10 [b Order#:] s02489****]
[Size10 [b Customer Name:] Cameka W.]
[Size10 [b Products Purchased:]
[Size10 1. Aubrie Firm Black Ice Matt Floor $1400]
[Size10 2. Outlet Mattress Optional Warranty - 3 Years $99]
[Size10 3. Delivery $99]
[Size10 [b Delivery / CPU Date:] 03/30/2019 3-9pm]
[Size10 [b Notes:] Sold the guest the Aubrie Queen size floor mattress that was in the store 169022. It is going out the end of March, and they have purchased the 3 year warranty with the mattress as well which covers any manufacture defects.]
[Size10 [b Total: $1741.98]]
[Size10 [b Sub Total: $1599.98]]
[Size10 [b Estimated Tax: $142.00]]

[Size10 [b Order#:] s02456****]
[Size10 [b Customer Name:] Carmel M.]
[Size10 [b Products Purchased:]
1. Resonance Plush Queen Mattress Prime $1399
2. Head up Adjustable Base Queen Prime $0
3. Ashaway Plush Queen Mattress Prime $699
4. Head up Adjustable Base Queen Prime $0
5. Vip Set Up Service $149
6. Delivery $99
7. Prime Merchandise Final Sale Sku
[Size10 [b Delivery / CPU Date:] Will call date]
[Size10 [b Notes:] Guest put in a will call because they want to get the product delivered on the end of April. This was purchased during a free base promotion.]
[Size10 [b Total: $2,555.29]]
[Size10 [b Sub Total: $2,329.99]]
[Size10 [b Estimated Tax: $208.30]]

[Size10 [b Order#:] s02313****]
[b Customer Name:] Jiair A.
[b Products Purchased:]
1. Iseries 500 Cushion Firm Mattress Prime $2099
2. Haul off $0
3. Delivery $0
[b Delivery / CPU Date:] Will Call Date
[b Notes:] Guest ordered this product ages ago, and everyone including Josh has contacted him multiple times to ask him when he would like delivery. Guest is very adamant about getting delivery later, and doesn’t want any more call so I am just leaving this order alone for the mean time but also following up as well. Balance has also not been paid in full. Guest also wanted to come pay balance in the Union Turnpike Store since it is closer to them.
[b Total: $2,285.29]
[b Sub Total: $2,099]
[b Estimated Tax: $88.66]

[b Total Payed: $285.00]
[b Balance Remaining: $2,000.20]

[Size12 I'm really tired. Maybe I'll watch some Bob's burgers, and rest.]
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