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Peace had finally been achieved throughout the galaxy. A neutral agreement has been put in place between the New Republic, Jedi Order, and Imperial Regiment, the three finally agreeing to coexist with each other, at arms length of, course. The peace was shaky, but for the most part, stable.

However, it seems a new fourth faction has something else in mind for the galaxy. Over the course of a few years they've strategically struck the three other factions, remaining unseen, leaving all three powers pointing their fingers at each other instead. Because of this, another Galactic War seems imminent, but after a close call, a certain high-ranking Imperial Officer thinks otherwise. On a hunch, he tracks his attackers to a remote planet in an attempt to discover what's really happening in the galaxy.


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After Anderson explained that she wasn't to try and convert Arara, she nodded. If it was anyone else, the nod would have been a lie, but she respected Anderson and didn't want to end up on his bad side either... And if his hold was broken over Arara, that might be problematic in its own right. So, despite her dark and manipulative ways, she would dispense with trying to corrupt their impressionable Jedi friend.

When indicated, Nalah takes the communicator from Anderson with another nod. [b “We'll be in touch, then.”] She says. [b “I'll gather as much as I can in three days and whip Arara in to shape. If anything comes up on either of our ends, we know how to reach each other.”] And it seemed with that, it was time for them to part ways. Anderson heading out for his 'vacation' and Nalah taking a ship to head back to Korriban with Arara.

It was a relatively quick jump and when they made it, Arara was still unconscious which Nalah groaned at. It meant the Twi'lek was going to have to keep carrying her around. A small price to pay, she figured, at least in the grand scheme of things. Three days wasn't going to be much time to train Arara or gather Sith forces for this Shadow War they would be fighting, but Nalah would have to do the best she could. If they were going to beat this mystery man, they would need every piece of artillery and every trick they had to do it. He was powerful in the Force, more powerful than anyone she's ever seen or felt, and he seemed to be connected enough where he could rival Anderson... This was going to be a difficult journey.

Peeling down in to Korriban's atmosphere, Nalah was greeted with the sight of home... Well, it hadn't always been her home, but it had been 'home' for many years since [i then]. And it hadn't changed much since she joined the Sith. Originally the planet was a sort of deserted waste dotted with pyramids of the Sith's of Old. But it was reformed decades ago by her the modern Siths, including her master. They had built it up in to a golden metropolis, keeping the ancient Sith pyramids and amalgamating the aesthetic with a modern one. The place was glorious to look at, and a reminder of truly how powerful and resourceful the Sith truly were. Despite their constant win/lose with the Jedi or the Republic, they were able to slice out their own paradise and keep it alive on the otherwise dead planet.

Nalah steers the small vessel towards the main palace and on to its landing strip where she was immediately met with the Sith Vanguard. However, when she hopped out with Arara on her shoulder, they stood down, taking a knee and bowing to their superior. “Lord Nalah.” They said in unison before rising.

[b “Where is my Master?”] She asks, shifting the Jedi on her shoulder and beginning to walk inside the palace. She wasn't sure if she should bring Arara to her room or with her to see Darth Evolt. Both had their own consequences, but she elected to bring Arara with her in the event the Jedi woke up. She didn't want her to lose her mind and start causing problems in the Sith capitol. She didn't think Anderson would appreciate her excuse for Arara's death being she had left her unattended.

“He is in the main chamber awaiting your return.” That didn't sound good...

[b “Perfect.”] Nalah comments and quickly moves to the main chamber. She is greeted by more of the Vanguards, but is quickly let in through the large and decorated double doors. They open slowly, and Nalah quickly moves in, seeing Evolt sitting on one of the several thrones that surrounded the room. His eyes were closed, but the second she got close enough, they opened and quickly closed in on her.

[+red “Darth Nalah... What is this that you bring me? An offering?”]

[b “Hardly. That Imperial I told you about? It turns out he has a Jedi who's mind he is in possession of. I brought her back here to train; we fought whoever is behind this and we stood no chance against them.”]

Evolt strokes his chin a little bit. [+red “I see. What else is it that you are going to do?”]

She felt like she was being needled, but perhaps since she had been out of contact for a few days, it made sense as to why he pouring it on a little thick. She still didn't appreciate it, and with what little information they had, they were making quite a few strides. [b “Anderson is going to contact me in-”]

[+red “[i Anderson]?!”] The Dark Lord of the Sith was suddenly to his feet. [+red “You never told me it was Grand Admiral Anderson you were working with.”]

She blinks at that. This was the most animated she's ever seen Evolt. [b “I did not know it was relevant. Meeting Anderson was the first time I ever heard of him... Is this going to be a problem?”]

Evolt gets a little more pensive, obviously thinking about the matter in greater detail. [+red “No, it is not. You've brought me someone close to him, and a Jedi no less; someone we can corrupt and turn on him in his most private moments. She will be the instrument of his destruction.”]

Nalah was a little awe-stricken by that. Did Darth Evolt have some kind of history with Anderson that she didn't know about? Well, clearly, considering he was already planning an assassination attempt on the man at the mention of his name. Any other time Nalah would've been more than interested to hear the story behind this or learn it by other means, and she might have even agreed to help her master in this endeavour... But not today. She couldn't betray Anderson, even on her master's orders; he was far too important to the success of their mission than whatever petty squabble happened in the past. That said, she knew that this was a situation she would have to delicately deal with since it regarded Evolt's ego... And unfortunately Nalah wasn't very good at being [i delicate].

[b “I don't think that's a good idea. We need Anderson to-”]

[+red “You speak out of turn, Darth Nalah! It wasn't a request, it was a demand.”] The room shook slightly when he raised his voice, and although that scared her when she was younger, it didn't do much for her now. Except make her blood boil. How dare he scold her like a child! After everything she's done for him! She was working with Anderson [i for] him and still didn't get the respect she deserved!

[b “I think you're losing sight of the true mission, Lord.”] She responds, but the sentence had a certain [i bite] to it, and she narrowed her eyes at her master. [b “Like it or not, we need Anderson to stop this war from happening. If war breaks out in the galaxy, we're going to be the first to pay for it.”]

[+red “I will not hear it, Nalah! If I have a chance at Anderson, I will take it. So either you can corrupt his Jedi pet,”] He retrieves his lightsaber from his belt, igniting the double-bladed weapon. [+red “Or I can.”]

And Nalah just stood there for a moment, staring up at her master. She's never seen him like this or react much like this. It made no sense to her... Could revenge be more important than their survival? That was surprisingly short-sighted for someone who was one of the Lords of the Sith. And that was something Nalah couldn't have. She wasn't about to betray Anderson for something like petty revenge; he was to important to the cause.

[+red “Have you made your decision, Nalah?”]

The young Sith looks back at Arara on the floor and then back up at Evolt. [b “I have.”] She responds, and takes her lightsaber from her belt. The blade ignites with red hot fury and she stands her ground against Evolt, bringing the blade up in front of her slightly. She knew this day would come. She was a Sith after all.
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Anderson took careful note of how Nalah reacted to his statement. He wanted to see what would make her tick and what buttons he could push to make her dance to his tone should he ever need to. He was happy with the reaction almost. He had hoped for an outcome of anger. Then when he told her his true plans she calms quickly. “Simple because if I could trick you to think I was doing nothing then I can trick the rest of the empire.” He said calmly.

He did react much to her sliding over his desk onto his lap. Nore to her touch to his face. He knew she was just trying to get back at him for his trick. Still he did find it a bit enjoyable. He would never turn down such a beauty wanting to show him attention. He then watched her walk over to Arora and shrugged. “That she is but she has her uses in more was then one.” He smirked.

“You may take her with you but no pushing the dark side down on her I prefer her in the balanced state she is now. It took a lot of work to get her there and I would be very irritated if she came back to me broken. Plus, if she ever come out of her broken state it may break the hold I have over her.” He said as he stood up and started packing a few things for his trip home. “If you want her to use her force ablitly you may find that she can't control them well. Her body can't take the strain it put on her I tired many things but never one could I get her to control it so instead I trained her in almost every type of style of combat.”

Once he was mostly done with packing her moved back to his desk and pulled out a communicator, “Used this to reach me.” He said. “I will be gone three day to make the preparations I need. We will most like only be able to get two ship but they should be enough to get us started. My home world may be part of the empire but they are still their own government and leader of the out rims system so don’t thing that they will be push over.” With that he listened to a last-minute question then moved to the hanger where his shuttle awaited.

His second in command also waited him. “So, what your order?” He asked.

“I’m on vacation so I guess, you should stay out trouble.” Anderson said not looking at him as he boarded his shuttle. “And await the call.” With that the door closed and the shuttle took off.

The captain just smiled as he walked away. “All hail the Empress and her iron fist.” He smiled as he got the ship ready for dry dock.
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Anderson's confidence always seemed to make Nalah smile. She had to admire the man for how determined he was to grind his enemies in to the dirt... But she knew it wouldn't be that easy with this particular enemy. Despite operating under the cover of shadow, he still sought out Nalah and Arara to simply test their abilities. He was just as confident as Anderson and it seemed the two of them had it in for each other. This galaxy wasn't big enough for the both of them

She was brought out of her thoughts when Anderson said he didn't get the support. [b “What?!”] Her body stiffened and for the first time, it would appear that Nalah was upset or angry. And it appeared she was getting more and more frustrated as Anderson told her the events of what happened on his end and that he would be returning home. [b “Those... Those impetuous [i fools]! How could they not believe any of this?! We're on the brink of war and they do nothing?!”] She was to her feet and stomping around the room now, getting more infuriated by the Admiral's lack of action and reaction to this. How could he be so calm? This was a disaster! How were the going to fight this foe without a ship or support?

As she continued to pace, cursing under her breath trying to come up with her own plan, Anderson finally spoke. Her head whirls, and although her angers fades, her breathing take a moment to calm back to normal. [b “Well why didn't you just say so?”] She asks, a tinge annoyed for leaving her to stew in her anger. But she probably should've assumed the Admiral had a plan for this; she knew he wasn't just going to let this go or let their enemy get away with what they've done. And when he asked if Nalah would joining him, she smiled her smile back, walking over to Anderson's desk. She slides over it until she's sitting on his lap, one of her lekku gently wrapping around his neck as she delicately touches his face with her hands. [b “I will follow you to the ends of the galaxy and back, Grand Admiral Anderson. You and I will crush this foe together, and we will show everyone in the galaxy how wrong they were to doubt you.”] She smiles again before abruptly standing up and walking back to the pile of Jedi unconscious on the floor.

[b “Such a delicate creature.”] She whispers, petting Arara's hair. She then looks back to the Admiral. [b “I wouldn't want to leave you without a bodyguard, but perhaps when you return home Arara can join me on Korriban. I can train her until we're prepared to follow our next lead and pull together some of my own forces. We will need all the help we can get without the support of the Empire.”]
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Anderson held a smile until he heard a knock at his door. “Enter.” He said as Nalah came in caring Arara. His face instantly angered when he noticed the state of both. “What happen.” His voice was angered but his demeanor stayed one of a calm man. He listened to everything she had to say until finally his anger was gone and replaced with a evil smile. “Good he should be because I will bring his world crashing down around him. I will destroy everything he worked for and force him to watch. Then I will throw him in the deepest hoIe can find and leave him to suffer.”

He then moved to Arara and petted her hair. “She over used her powers it seemed.” He lifted her up and moved her to his bed room and placed her on his bed before returning to the office and closing the door. “Shame really all that power and no way to control it.” He sighed as he took a seat at his desk. He then answered her question. “I would like to say it went well but that would be a lie. I could not get the support I wanted.” He let that hanged in the air for a bit. “The Empress herself believes me but as she doesn't have the full power of the Empire yet she cannot grate me the troops I need without support of her counsel.” He reaching inside his desk and pulled out a data pad. “Even more so until farther notice I have been relieved of duty until the war. Being told I am tired and connecting dots that don’t extent.”

He leaned back as he started filling out something on the data pad. “I leave for home tomorrow where I will be until need again.” He said nothing else for over ten minutes letting Nalah soak in what he just said. He asked like nothing was wrong with this like everything he just said meant nothing.

Until he said. “Or that what the rest of the empire believes I will be doing. What I really plan to do is called in a favor that someone owes me and use that to keep searching until I have to proof, I need to crush this man.” He was calm again and smiling his best smile. “I assume you will be joining me?”
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The fight between the two force-sensitive women didn't exactly slow him down. He was still on schedule, and if everything was going according to plan, then what he was here for would be finished now. He'd like to move more seamlessly with the populace—it'd be quicker—but the nature of his designs had to be kept secret, and therefore so did he, so Orien remained skulking in the shadows, finding his way to Admiral Anderson's shuttle pad. As if on cue, the man comes through the doors of the Imperial palace to disembark back home.

From the shadows between two fighters, Orien looked on at the Admiral as he walked back to his ship. It would be such a simple thing to put him down now and end all this funny business once and for all... But that would be a little counter-productive to his ultimate goal, and would garner him unnecessary attention, attention that the Admiral and Darth Evolt might already be giving him, but they were just two men. Things still needed to be done—which is why he was here—and if Orien was anything, he was patient. This whole plan and everything before and in between required his patience; so if Grand Admiral Anderson had to live a little longer for it to come to fruition, then he would live a little longer. But not [i too] much longer.

He was about to blend back in to the shadows to complete his business here, when suddenly Anderson stopped and began speaking. To [i him]. A slight smile quirked up underneath the grey cloak as Anderson talked. It seemed he was quite arrogant, but who was Orien to talk? That aside, it did [i amuse] him that Anderson thought he could pose a significant threat to him and his plans... But perhaps that was Orien's own arrogance talking; he knew not to underestimate his enemies. So, with that in mind, he vanishes again to complete his business on Harvest.


Finding her way back to their ship wasn't hard, but since she was carrying Arara over her shoulder, she felt like perhaps she should quicken her pace. They make it back to the ship Nalah had commandeered earlier and she quickly heads back to Anderson's ship, landing in the docking bay. Jumps out, again with Arara on her shoulder, but a few of Anderson's men get in her way, weapons raised and she rolls her eyes at them.

[b “You don't remember me? Darth Nalah?”] She asks impatiently. She shakes Arara on her shoulder. [b “I have your master's pet with me too.”] And they all look between each other.

“Let her pass.” A soldier who suddenly joins them says. “I remember you.” And Nalah smiles her smile.

[b “And I remember [i you].”] She responds. It was the wary trooper that first led her to Anderson's office. He was a handsome younger man with a few facial scars, black hair, and olive skin. [b “Kal, wasn't it?”]

“Got it in on, my lady. I'll take the two of you to Anderson. Make sure to knock this time.” And she rolls her eyes at that but follows Kal along to the office. It didn't take them long, and with a nod of appreciation, Nalah knocks this time and opens it when instructed.

[b “I think I met the person who's behind all of this.”] She tells Anderson, slowly lowering Arara to the floor. [b “He's a powerful Force-user, but I couldn't tell if he was Jedi or Sith.”] They weren't able to get a good look at him, but, [b “but with his appearance, it means we've struck a nerve and we're getting closer. It might not seem like it, but I think this guy is nervous about us...”] She steps over Arara and sits herself on Anderson's desk again, leaning over it to be closer to him, smiling thoughtfully. [b “How did you fare with your Empress. Is she going to provide us with the means to face our foe?”]
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Anderson left the two force users and head down to the hanger by himself. He would have normal taken Arara with him but he needs someone to keep an eye on the Sith. As he was happy to have her help that still didn’t mean he trusted her fully. He would match rather have Arara with her then with him for something a small as talking to the Empress. Moreover, most of the time Arara put the guard on edge no matter how loyal to Anderson she was.

Boarding a shuttle, he began the log trip down the plant surface. He was hadn’t bother changing into something fancier then his normal everyday Admiral attire. He was little for formal attire outside of party and very importing meeting. He didn’t see today as that, important as he was simple asking to use what was his. Plus, he was closer the empress then most people outside the empire knew.

After about ten minutes of flight the shuttle landed with a low, his on the single landing pad next to a massive palace. It was a privet-landing pad that could only be use by a head full of people. The palace was massive as it looked like a pyramid with a flat top rather than a pointed. It ran the color of the Imperil regiment of sliver and white. A large garden surrounded the place that gave the capitals a more inviting feeling. Unlike the old one on Coruscant this one was built for the Impearl family. It held a top ten on places to see in the galaxy. Even Anderson all the place as very welcome and warm a lot different from the old Empire the ruled by power alone.

Smiling as he saw the familiar building that he spent so much time in when he first joined the Empire, he exited the shuttle. Shortly after he exited, the shuttle took off again and head off leaving Anderson alone on the pad. It wasn’t for long thought as a massive fat man rushed at him at what must have been his full speed. He was a tall man but fat man that had a thick mustache. “ANDERSON.” The man yelled as he rushed said man.

“Eragon.” Anderson nodded smiling a bit, as he watched the man come at him. Just as he looked about to run over Anderson, he stopped short huffing and puffing. “Good to see you’re doing so well pig.”

The man huffed and puffed for almost a minute before finally replaying. “And good to see that you haven’t lost your over inflated ego after your last ass kicking.” Both men just stated dagger at each other for over a few second before both smiled and shook hands.

“Good to see you. Seems you lost some weight in my time away.” Anderson said

“Yes the Miss got me on this new diet said all this weight is good for my health. I don’t believe that but it makes her happy and my men say that I seem happier as well so maybe it working.” Eragon smiled pulling Anderson along into the palace. Anderson willing followed and made little effort to pry the man arm form around his shoulder. “I am sorry about what happen to your men horrible thing what he republic did to them. I can’t image the person the pulled that of on you.”

Anderson looked head steadfast at the comment. “Your right whoever did that is no small man and thank you. That what brings me here I found some leads about who it maybe and in not the republic. No, it someone playing in the shadows.”

“Are you sure? Not that I believe you myself but a lot of the information that we gathered has pointed at the Republic. I sure the Empress would believe you but with her age she still hasn’t been given full power yet. It the council you have to prove it to and they seem hell bent on blaming the Republic.”

“I thank your confidence in my abilities and judgment. I have some proof and I pry it enough to let me move my fleet. I know the empress looks favorable on me but sadly she can't let her feeling inpacted her judgment.”

“Why wouldn’t she favor you after all you did for her father and being her fiancé after all” Eragon laughed smacking Anderson hard on the back. “When that happen, I'm sure you be able to do whatever you want.”

Sighing Anderson lowed his head. This had been something he hadn't planned for when he first started working for the Empire all those years ago. “You know I will only be married on paper and will hold no more power than that. God forbid something happen to her highness I will not take the throne. Even if I wanted it which I don’t it would go to the next in line who would be her younger brother.”

Eragon laughed as the entered into the palace and moved down several halls as the made for the throne room. “You make it sound like marring the rule of our great empire.”

“It is when I'm turning forty soon and she only a few months into being sixteen. The only reason I was picked over most was I was favored by the last empire gods may his soul rest but curse him for being a dam fool.” Anderson for the first time in several day scowled causing a deep chuckle for Eragon.

“HAHAHAHA most men would be grateful for having such Beauty bestowed on them. Plus is it not your hobbies to surround yourself by beauty.”

“Yes, it a hobby of mine but most of them are other in there mid to late 20 and all handpicked by me. I’m not say she not beautiful and I'm sure she will be ever more once she 18 but what I'm say is im a little old for her.”

“That not what the late Empire thought nor the Empress herself. They were even fine with your first wife. I sure he picked you as you would never abuse are manipulate her. Plus, your children will make fine leader one day as well.”

Growing again Anderson rubbed his temple with one of his hands. “Must you say things like that.”

“hahaha yes as it one of the few times I see your walls come down and you at a loss. I'm sure our Empire also found it funny when he announced it.” Finally, they arrived at the throne room. “But I will tease you more latter old friend for now let worry about our unknown enemy.”

Glad to drop the conversation Anderson put back on his mask as he and Ergon entered the hall. The hall was masses with two small ponds on either side of the walk way leading to a set of stairs. At the top was a throne. On it sat a woman well more of a girl dressed in fancy attire She had long brown hair with was tied back in a pony tail. Her face showed the year of youth but her expiation showed one of no nonsense. On either side of her stood at least several dozen men and woman dressed fancy outfits showing off power. Below then at the bottom of the steps stood two men talking loudly.

“And that why you should give our plant the honor of being your new forward outpost.” One of the two men said a Devaronian form the looks of him. The other was a Neimonidian but he said nothing as both waited for the Empress to reply. It seemed that they had walked in meeting. No one paid them any mind as the all watched the Empress to see what she would say.

“I hand heard both of your point and how best to use each however we only need one such station in that sector. I thank you both for coming out and presenting your case however I must go with Izniv Barakis as his point hold stronger.” She said her voice smooth and calm.

The Nimonidain bowed. “I thank you your excellence. I will send word immediately to have construction started.” With another bow he turned to leave. The Davaronian shoulder sagged a bit at losing the contract of the military space stations. I would have brought a lot of work and people to his plane but there was no point arguing about it. As he turned to leave the Empress called out.

“Tycho Felidoron just a moment I would like to as you a question.”

The Devaronian stood up straight as he turned to bow again. “Anything your grace.” he was shocked to be asked to say.

“Since we only need one military station in the area, we still need other. Your plant sit father in and as this doesn't make for a good military point it does make good for a repair yard dose it not? A place safe to rearm and repair just shorty behind the edge for the front lines.” She asked tilting her head.

The Devaronian face lite up at this. It wasn’t a battle staion but it was close and would bring even more work. “Yes your majesty and with such easy access to make such repair your ship can easy return to combat.”

“Good then see that the project is started at once. I want Arrangements ready by the end of the month.”

“Yes your Majesty I begin at once.” He nearly spirted out of the throne room to begain. Anderson watched him leave smiling.

“Was that too much.” The Empress asked turning to the members around her.

Several small whispers were exchanged before someone said. “That was handled very well my lord. You handled the situation better than we thought you would. You are you father child.” The empress nodded happy with the complement as she turned to Anderson and Eragon. Both who went to a knee and lowered their heads. “Seems the Grand Admiral Returns please tell us what you have found.”

Standing up Anderson spoke. “My lord after the recent attack I started searching for who was responsible for attack on your great empire. My search brought me to three location just on the edge of our borders at each location I found listing post meant to spy on our movement. Each were the same made from old republic tech with a hand full of blaster. Yet each time we searched we found no sigh of life. That was until our final stop. We managed to engaged and destroy an enemy warship. An old dreadnought class with cloaking tech. Sadly, the attack destroyed most of the ship and it logs however what we did manage to save was logs. Form what we can tell the ship was hired to attack anyone that found the post but with our ship heavy outclassing it stayed cloak until finally we managed to find it. The logs hit to many outer space jumps far beyond our borders.” Anderson went on for several minutes about the detail of his finding and his theory about. Once he finished detailed, he waited for a replay.

For several minutes the Council only whispered to each other about Anderson finding. Finally, one spoke up. “So, what you are saying is that we are not attack by the Republic but by some unknow enemy. One that no one has ever seen or heard about. Someone with enough military power to equal our own. However, you have no proof that they exist beside one destroy ship that points to the unknown regions of space. Yet between your own report and other reports gathered everything point at the Republic.”

When you put it like that it sounds like he was chasing ghost. Maybe that was it looked like to other people that couldn't or wouldn't look at the bigger picture. He was ready for what came next but it still angered him.

“I’m sorry Grand Admiral but with no proof I think speak for the rest of the council that you are chasing a ghost.” The other Council member nodded only leaving the Empress the only one still and quiet. “I know the loss of your men have taken a toll on you but we can not and will not let our best Admiral run off in our greatest time. The Republic grows bolder everyday they gather ships and troops on the border of the demilitarized zone. They even had the gale of accusing us of attack some blockade of there.”

For the first time the Empress spoke up her voice soft but firm. “When the last time you had a good night sleep Admiral? You hide it for everyone but I can see it. Your tired you been driving yourself nonstop since the attack. I need you as your best if war broke out. I really do wish I could send you but without the agreement of my council my hands are tied. I do not wish for the peace my father worked so hard to fall but as things are, they may not happen. So, until father notices I'm placing you on leave and placing your fleet in Eragon hands until your return.”

A sharp shock of surprise spread in the Council. They would have thought the Empress would side with Anderson and try to convince them to let go but she hadn't. Instead she grounded him until farther notice. Anderson however was only suppressed at how well she could read him. It was uncanny for anyone to do that only two people could and that was her and her father. No matter how hard he tired he couldn’t fool them.

Anderson let out a heavy defected sigh. “I understand my lord.” Turning to a shocked Eragon he looked at him and nodded. “I leave them in your capable hands.” Eragon only nodded.

“Good now that this is over I wish to have some words alone with my husband.” The empress said standing up and slowly walking down the steps to him. Eragon and the Counsel bowed knowing that this was not a request but an order. In less than a minute the hall was empty leaving only the Empress and Anderson standing alone.

The empress was a good foot and a half shorter then Anderson. Nether said anything for a long moment till finally the Empress hugged Anderson chest. “Why must you worry me so much fool.” She said her voice soft a lot different than the woman that had stand before him not long before. “First your nearly die then you run off without tell me anything other than I found something.”

Anderson sighed he kept forgetting how soft she was despite acting like the stong empress she played. She was only 16 yet she ran a whole empire. He father taken from her so early leaving her only with a hand full of people she could trust. Letting out another deep sigh he returned her embrace. “For give me Anju I did not mean to cause you such worry. I am mealy doing my job.”

“I know dam it but still you could at least let me know.” She said pulling away and looking up at him. “And know you are going back out but this time with no support.” This caused Anderson to raise a brow. “O don’t give me that. I know you better than anyone you were going to go with or without help I just made it look like I stop you so no one would question were you went.”

“Well well well I wasn’t expecting you to be so help full.” He laughed as he got a soft punch to the chest.

“Well I learned a lot time ago that once you have something that your dead set on nothing will stop you.” She sighed and looked away. “I just wished you gave me as much attention as you do your work.”

Laughing he bend down a kissed his check. “You are too good for an old soul like me. You should find someone closer your own age. I nothing more than a tool used for war I can't give you the attention you want.”

Anji just rolled her eyes. “If I had a starship for every time you said that to me I would have twice the fleet I do now. I stand by my choose and my father that you are the best suit for me.” She did smile thought. “For now, begun if you stay any longer, I may order you to say by my side.” Smiling he bowed one last time.

“Thank you, my lord. Once this is all over, I promise I take you somewhere nice as thanks for your trust.”

“I'll hold you to that.” She said not looking back but he could tell she was smiling. With that that Anderson turned an left leaving Anji by herself. “Gods I hope he right. I want your wish to become true father.”

Anderson was smiling as he walked back alone to his shuttle pad. However, as he was half way back he stopped. Someone was there hiding in the shadows. He couldn’t see them but he could feel them. He had no power in the force and was shield from his custom armor. Year for war let him know when someone was there. Anderson didn’t move he didn’t look for them he just raised his voice as he called out. “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you gain form starting this war but just know that I will stop you. I don’t think for a second that you can stop me. I'm coming after you and once I catch you, I watch everything you build burn. Take that to your master and tell him Grand Admiral John Anderson will be coming.” With that Anderson counited on like nothing had happen. He had everything he need now he just need to call in a few favors. Half an hour later he was back in his office smiling.
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Nalah had to admit; Anderson was a pretty impressive individual. Despite insurmountable odds he had escaped whoever had attacked him and then made it his mission to destroy them. And it seemed he also wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer from The Empress either. Whatever the answer was, Anderson was going to track these people down and Nalah was more than happy to join him on this journey. She herself had vested interests in this due to her master, but Anderson's involvement made it that much more enjoyable.

The next two days were pretty uneventful considering she was stuck on a ship while in hyperspace. So Nalah trained by herself, bothered Anderson's techs, the Jedi, and even sometimes the Admiral himself. However, for the most part she spent it silently meditating to herself, trying to divine more meaning from some of the feelings and visions she's seen. Whoever it was, was clearly avoiding making too many ripples in the force, either a force-sensitive themselves or a person acutely aware that someone talented in the Force might pick something up. Either or, she didn't divine anything of interest, just more of what she's already felt from before: tiny ripples in the Force that shouldn't be there. However, she did note it got reasonably stronger on their approach to the Imperial capitol, so it was definitely something to look in to.

When they finally arrived at the Imperial capitol of Harvest, it looked like they were preparing for war, and even Anderson seemed to be a little surprised at the sight. He wondered what it could be... It couldn't be what they found at the listening post. However, she was quickly brought out of her own head when Anderson said that Nalah had command over her. The two of them made eye contact, and despite Arara's obvious discomfort and objection to the idea, she didn't object as Nalah closed in on her. Her arms slide around the Jedi's shoulders as she gets a little closer. [b “[i Anything] I tell her, huh?”] The Sith coos turning back to Anderson with her wicked grin. [b “I don't have any questions. Good luck with your meeting, Grand Admiral Anderson. I'll see what the two of us can dig up on our end.”] And with that, the two see the Admiral off and Nalah quickly begins finding her own way down to the planet, much to the disdain of the Jedi.

“I don't think he meant for us to leave the ship.” And Nalah rolls her eyes as they hop in to the small ship together.

[b “He didn't [i specify] that, Arara. Where's your sense of adventure? Wait, wait, let me guess... In Anderson's lockbox.”] And the Jedi shoots her a dirty look and she grins as they begin to head down planet-side. The Jedi was too much fun to play with.

Despite not having actual clearance to land on the planet, using the Imperial ship and her training, it was a relatively simple task to touch them down on the planet. She landed on one of the public landing pads, using the force to convince the attendant she gave him credits to land there, and moved on. The city was large, it almost reminded her of Coruscant, just with more uniformed individuals and instead of feeling like a lively and exciting place, it felt grey and more like a bored fascist regime than a republic.

Despite only ever being on Harvest once for a completely unrelated mission, Nalah wound them through the streets and alleys with grace, but in a seemingly unintelligible pattern. She was mostly quiet, sometimes walking and weaving through people with her eyes closed until...

“What are we doing?” Arara says, causing Nalah to stop and turn to look at the other woman. She places a finger to her own lips and then taps her forehead.

[b “You can't feel it?”] She asks, and before the Jedi could answer, the Sith continues to speak. [b “Let me take your restraints off, and then concentrate with me.”] And bashfully, they both take the restraints off of her, and to her surprise, Arara had a stronger connection to the Force than she had originally thought. Interesting, but not exactly helpful if it couldn't be used. [b “Now my dear Arara...”] She strokes the Jedi's face. [b “Close your eyes and [i feel].”] At the present moment, they were stopped in a back alley sandwiched between three buildings. No one else was around.

She closed her eyes and after a moment, she shakes her head. “I don't-”

[b “Shush.”] She says and closes her own eyes. [b “He's here somewhere. Trying to hide from us. Try and listen.”] Nalah tells her and the two stand there silently for a minute, and Arara must've thought Nalah was crazy, because for a moment there was nothing. It was like a stagnant pool of water.

She gasps. [i There] it was. Almost like a singular raindrop hitting the water. “I can feel him. He's... He's...”

[b “Here.”] Nalah says, turning around to the entrance of the back alley. Standing at the mouth was a man in a grey cloak and hood... But looking at him now, the ripple in the proverbial water turned in to a tidal wave. This guy was [i strong] in the Force, maybe even stronger than the two females... Only one way to truly find out.

[b [+purple “I see you've finally found me.”]] The male says from under the hood. [b [+purple “I've been waiting.”]]

[b “And why would that be? Don't you have a war to start?”]

And the man laughs at that, and it grated on her nerves. [b [+purple “Nothing of the sort. You are a Sith and the woman you are with is a Jedi, and [i both] of your masters are looking harder than anyone in to this.”]] One foot slides back, and his knees slightly bend. [b [+purple “I merely wish to test the opposition's strength.”]] And he pulls a lightsaber from his hip, but doesn't ignite it. Nalah quickly follows suit but ignites hers and nods to Arara to do the same. This guy was either extremely cocky or just as good as he projected himself to be. She was gonna go out on a limb and say it was probably the former.

[b “I'll make this quick then.”] Nalah responds, and leaps towards the man. She swings and he avoids her blade, stepping out of the way, Arara coming up from the side, and slicing, and it was also avoided. Nalah goes high and Arara goes low, the man jumping and spinning acrobatically between their blades, thrusting his legs out and kicking the two of them to the side.

Nalah recovers quickly with a growl and lunges forward, swinging wide, and the man ducks it, her lightsaber cleaving through a concrete wall. She doesn't let up, believing she has the man on the defensive, until he puts up a palm, and she's suddenly thrown back by a powerful force push.

“You're underestimating him.” Arara says and Nalah growls at that.

[b “Then we change tactics. Follow my lead.”] And she aerials off to the side, throwing her hand forward alongside Arara as they send a concentrated blast of the Force at the man in grey. However, he holds up one hand and there's an intense pressure, almost like they were pushing on a wall that was pushing back. [i What] the hell was this guy.

The two of them keep pushing, at this point trying to keep the man back, Nalah's teeth gritting as she raises another hand towards the force and to brace. “I... I can't!” And before she could say anything, Nalah's head whips to look at Arara. Her eye roll back in to her head and he drops to the floor unconscious. Without her assistance, the pressure increases and the Sith's knees begin to buckle. It didn't even seem like this guy was breaking a sweat!

[b [+purple “A valiant effort,”]] the man says as Nalah slowly comes down on one knee. [b [+purple “But ultimately useless. Tell your masters I will be waiting for them.”]] And with that, he jerks his hand forward and Nalah's side is pushed aside by the man's tidal ave of power. She goes flying back through the alley and hits a wall, cracking the concrete before sliding down and hitting the ground. She takes a second to recover, but when she does, she gets up and ignites her lightsaber expecting to fight... But when she looks around, the man in grey had disappeared and so had his signature in the Force. Not even the blip she had felt.

Quickly she runs over to Arara's unconscious form and slings her over her shoulder. She would have to find Anderson and tell him what she now knew... Someone with a powerful connection to the force was pulling the strings, and he was expecting them.
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Anderson eyes never left the Nalah walked around the room his eye gone hard as it was onto business. “Arara has told me she feels much of the same in the force.” He finally said. “I have no connection to the force so I must believe you both in this matter. I know someone or something has it in for both the Imperial Regiment and the New Republic I can feel it in my bones. Attack like the one that hit my rear fleet don’t come often. The power behind it was like nothing I ever felt. I was lucky to get out as many men and ship as I did that day. It took every bit of my skill to get out alive.” He finally looked away from Nalah

“Not yet I got a message a while back that it will take a few hours to decode and put together whatever info is left. I let you know as soon a I get something. Our trip will be about two day before we get to the capital after that...” He paused for a minute as if colleting his thoughts. “First I must show any and all information I have to the Empress and the Council. Once I done with that, I hope they believe me about the unknown threat. I may hold a lot of power in the Navy but none of it means anything if I don’t have the Empress blessing. If she does give it to me, I will bring the full weight of the 12 and 9 fleets down on them. I don’t care who they are. You won't find any better ships then you can in the Empire. Plus, with the new Warrior class form Cera forces helping us I will crush them.”

Since the war had ended so long ago the Empire was only half the size Republic as it had been all they been able to hold on to. However, their combat power was stronger than even the old empire. Its troops trained to be the best they could be. The ships upgraded to newer and better models. It may be small but It out gunned the Republic fleets three to one.

“If I don’t get the blessing then I will find another way.” He turned back to her his eyes cold and dark. “I will not let my defeat go unchallenged. They hit me when I wasn't looking but I hit them back square in the face.” He was out for blood a lot of good men had died because of the attack and he wanted blood for blood.

The next two day were long with the box being harder to put back together then the tech had thought. Anderson spent most of his days in his office other working or enjoying is hobbies. Arara other entertained her master trained or angry watched Nalah. She hated every second that Nalah around often only stopping when she was ordered to sit down a be a good girl. Nalah would quickly find out how much Anderson treated her as dog on second but a woman other. Once they got to the Capital world that as called Harvest they would find in heavily guarded.

“Seems they gearing up for something.” Anderson would say standing on the bridge looking at hundreds of other ships. “Take us to the obit hold us at gird 20512005125. From there I will head down by myself.” He turned to Arara and Nalah. “Nalah you have command of Arara until I return use her to help you in your searches. She may not seem like it but she stong in the force I just keep a leash on her to keep her power form haunting her. Arara do as Nalah tells you until I return. You may remove your restraints only when she tells you to start searching and after you must put them back on.” Arara didn’t look happy one bit about being told to follow the order of the sith but couldn’t deny. Instead she only nodded. “Good now any questions?”
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The trooper was a little wary of her at first, but brought Nalah to Anderson's room anyways. While she could sit and do nothing all day, it wasn't her preferred method to getting things done. At the present moment she was alone and on her way to the Imperial capitol with no inkling as to what her dear Admiral had planned with the Empress. She suspected it was some kind of report, but there was no telling how that would go with the very thin leads they had now... But it did give her time to look around on that world, perhaps divine something up herself that was perhaps missed. Anderson might be smart, but he wasn't connected to the force like she was, and that afforded her interesting ways to gather information.

Without knocking, Nalah opens the door to... [b “Well, well, well...”] She says with a heady smile. Music had abruptly stopped, and with it, so did Arara who was in quite a revealing dress. She took notice of the blaster the Admiral had drawn when he told her his rules, but was more interested in his Jedi in the precarious situation. However, when the Jedi was commanded to be silent and kneel, Nalah's smile wavered a fraction. She breezes passed Arara and over to the Admiral's desk, sitting on the edge and leaning over so she was closer to him. She giggled slightly at his remark, tracing a finger on his desk. [b “A tempting offer, Grand Admiral Anderson, but perhaps revisited at a later date. As much as I would like to indulge your pastime with your pretty Jedi, I'm not here for pleasure... For the moment, at least.”] She slides herself off the desk, walking about the room for a second, looking and learning more about the Admiral.

[b “I sensed something in the force, and there are greater things at play here than I think the both of us believe.”] Something strange was under the shadows, something she's never felt before. Whoever was behind all of this was trying to keep it hidden, but you can never fully hide the truth. [b “I haven't been able to divine much, but I believe once I meditate on it, I can find out more. I'll do this while you speak with the Empress.”] Which was a pretty good segway in to this next bit. [b “I was wondering what your plan for that was. Have your techs ripped in to the black box we found yet? I'm most interested to see whats on it.”] Obviously the name of their culprit wouldn't be on it, but any helpful clue would be nice... These strange feelings had her on edge now.
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Anderson office was a bit large then most Admiral office as he had ordered in a refit to have it extended so it looked more like a 5-star hotel then an officer office on a star destroyer. The floor was coved in a think rug that was soft to the touch. On one wall was pictures of Anderson home world of Cera a small out rime world that was now part of the empire and the leader of it out rime worlds. The pictures mostly consisted of the land scape but a few showed a younger Anderson with some other men in odd looking uniform. One the other wall A long couch rested against the wall. It looked like it could easily fit four. Another door lead to his privet living quarters but the grand center peace of the room was a large wood desk that took up most of the rear of the room. On it was a holo map data pad and paper work that need attending.

Over all Anderson enjoyed his custom office it showed the power he held in the Imperil Regiment. He was one of the top Admiral and his fleet power and men ability to handle any missions showed it. He only had a handful of defeat against his opponent and each time he lost he made up for it but crushing them later. He never left a challenge of his ability go. For this the Empress had come to call him the spear head of her navy.

“Lightsaber.” Anderson said holding out his hand once he sat down at his desk. Arara simple nodded as she handed it over. Gently he placed it in a box and locked it before placing the key in his pocket and placing the box in his desk. “Now go change into your red dress I shouldn’t be bother for a few hours so I wish to feast on your beauty.” Arara just again simple nodded as she entered his privet room and went to change. She was use to this as Anderson had been making her do if for almost as long as she known him. It was her place in the world at his beck and call and she knew it.

Anderson smiled as he watched her leave it been so easy to brake her shorty after meeting her. She been so unsure of the world and easy prey. He had a broken other but none like her not to the point she could no longer come back. Returning his thoughts to the task at hand he picked up his data pad and started filling out the report he would submit. At some point he didn’t know when Arara came back out in a long red dress that opened around her belly and her hips. Showing most of her curves off on her that would leave most men drooling. She took kneeled in front of Anderson desk her head bowed waiting to be addressed. She we remain like that for several minutes as Anderson worked.

Once he was finally done after a half hour of work, he turned to her and smiled. “Good girl now dances.” He commanded as music started play from hidden speakers. The music was soft and would most likely not be heard outside the room. As the music started Arara began to dance to the music with quite the bit of the eagerness. She was perfectly in synchronization with the music as she done this one and many other like if for quite a while.

As the song was about half way done the door open. The music quickly ended as Anderson drew his blaster and aimed it at the door. He had one rule that he enforced and that was not to enter his room without being told to. He even shot an office that once forgot the rule. Luckily, he lived but had been in med bay for several months healing. After that no one had forgot the rule. As he was about to shoot, he noticed who it was. Sighing he lowered his blaster. “I’ll forgive this this once you are a guess but do not enter here without knocking.” he finally said. “I have quite a few... hobbies I would like to keep form the outside of the galaxy.”

Arara face had gone red as she coved herself from the Sith. She didn’t mind doing this for him but with her here she felt exposed. “What do you want Sith.” She hissed hating that she just freely walked about as she wanted.

“Arara silence.” Anderson commanded not taking his eyes off Nalah. “kneel and do not speak unless spoken to.” Immediately she did so, lowing her head in the process. “So how can I help you? You are interrupting my favorite pact time. Unless you are here to join her then by all means I’m sure I have something that would fit you.” He teasing giving off a smile. “I head many of your species specialized in all kind of dances.” His smile only showed that he was half joking.
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Honestly, making the Jedi squirm was kind of fun to do, and when Anderson agreed to their alliance, his force-using companion's discomfort was just gravy for the situation. She barked at Nalah, and the Sith just smiled, tsking and wags her finger at Arara. [b “Attachment leads to jealously and fear, Arara. You know what that means.”] She laughs to herself. Clearly Anderson's partner wasn't a very good Jedi, having more qualities suited for the darkside of the force.

Like the Admiral, once they exited the ruined ship, Nalah met up with her team, ordering them back to their master to brief him on their findings and her whereabouts. Obviously communication between her and her master would be a little spotty, but she didn't mind the extra freedom. She could play things more by her rules, with the exception of Anderson's orders, but she had a feeling that he'd be a little more relaxed than her Sith master. So when all was said and done, she departs with her Commandos and heads for Anderson's ship.

When they finally landed in the bay, Nalah exits, sort of orbiting near the group, but at the same time looking around the area herself. If this was where she was going to be staying for an undetermined amount of time, she wanted to make sure she the place pretty well. For the moment her and Anderson were allies, but alliances were always a fleeting thing, so having some kind of ground advantage would be nice. The tight hallways and nooks and crannies would also obviously serve he quite well, reducing their overwhelming numbers in various ways so she could deal with them accordingly. The only thing in this hypothetical situation that would give Nalah pause was the Jedi, but the more she learned about her, the less worried she felt. If Anderson could somehow make her in to his little pet, then Nalah could crush her with ease.

She looks at Arara, the Jedi's life being forfeit because of Nalah at the front and centre of her mind. Toying with the Jedi was going to be a fun pastime while she was on this ship. However, for the time being, she'd show a little respect. So instead of trying to start a fight, Nalah quietly follows along behind Anderson and Arara, smiling lightly whenever the Jedi peaked backwards at her. She was mostly interested in the Imperial capitol that Anderson had mentioned moments ago, but before she could inquire about it, another officer directed her off course from Anderson to what appeared to be her quarters while she stayed here. And honestly, she wasn't expecting to be given an officer's quarters to herself. She thought she would be sharing a bed with Anderson... but there was always time for that, she supposed.

When she was finally left alone, she closes the door and tosses a holoprojector on to the floor, and it lights up, a person being displayed in front of her. Obviously they hadn't gone in to hyperspace yet since the image was pretty clear. Standing in front of her now was a man, tall, and lean, covered in black and silver armour, a mask concealing his identity.

[b “Master.”] Nalah says, dropping to one knee and bowing her head slightly.

[+red “Darth Nalah. Is there a reason you are contacting me and not coming back home?”]

[b “I thought it would be better if you heard it from me first. But we have found some clues on what is happening in the galaxy... I've met an Imperial providing me with the means to look in to this further, and have taken the opportunity. My Commandos have been instructed to return to you and they will give you more of the details.”] And her master is silent for a moment before nodding slightly.

[+red “Where are you off to now?”]

[b “The Imperial capitol.”]

[+red “Most interesting... Keep me updated as much as possible, and do what you must in order to preserve your mission.”] And Nalah smiles at that, nodding her head at the hologram of her master. [+red “We'll be in touch.”] And with that, the communication closes and Nalah retrieves the projector. If they were heading back to the Capitol and to meet with the Empress, it would appear that Anderson had some kind of plan in mind, and hopefully it was something that could get this over with quickly. But it seemed Anderson's main tactic was brute force, and she doubted this was something they would be able to plow through. They needed something a little more delicate than that.

Nalah exits the room and quickly finds one of Anderson's troopers. [b “Would you mind showing me where I can find Admiral Anderson?”]


The battle was short, the Republic's blockade ripped apart like they were nothing. Ships exploded, people were killed, and just the right amount of people on his side were killed as well. The ships they had been flying this time were that of the modern Imperials, so when the Republic reinforcement arrived, they would believe a battle between the two factions had broken out. Child's play, really. The Republic and the Empire hated each other anyways, so he didn't have to do much to stoke the fire. And yet...

[b [+purple “Its heartbreaking to see a galaxy so scarred.”]] He says, pressing a hand to the bridge's window as he looks at the destruction that had just been wrought. [b [+purple “But its necessary; I can see a bright shining future here.”]]

[+blue “Master Orien?”] And her turns to look at the voice behind him. It was a younger female Togruta, one he knew as Suna. She was force-sensitive, one that showed much promise to him and recently had proven herself in the trials. [+blue “The Grand Admiral's ship has departed the listening post, and they are in possession of the black box. It would appear he is heading back to the Imperial Capitol.”] Orien smiles and nods, turning back to the large windows over looking the aftermath of the battle.

[b [+purple “The one who got away...”]] Orien says to himself. [b [+purple “So he's taken the bait then, and is on his way back home... Excellent. We will do the same then; I have business in that system anyways.”]]

[+blue “As you wish, Master Orien.”] And Suna turns to leave, informing those who needed to be informed of the hyperspace jump they were about to embark on.
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Anderson only nodded at most of her commits and actions as he worked on the terminal. He didn’t mind it and if he wasn’t busy working on something important he may have enjoyed it. Anderson was quite well known among the other Admirals for going to around with pretty and gorgeous girl of almost any race. He even was even known for dressing up his Arara in whatever he fancied. No one ever said anything thought as it would most like lead to a fight that they couldn’t win and so far, he hand been caught up in anything illegal or that shined a bad light onto him or the Empire. As far as the public knew he just enjoyed pretty women and what was wrong with that.

However, there was another who didn’t seem to like it very much. As if to counter Nalah Arara would do the same but on Anderson other shoulder. She would glare dagger at the Sith as if saying back off. She was protective of her Admiral in more than one way even if she didn’t show the emotions for it.

Anderson just laughed as he stood taking one last look around the room before pulling out the data box from under the terminal. “Well it been a pleasure so fare Darth Nalah.” He smiled as he looked at Arara who didn’t seem to share her master pleasure. So, it hasn’t just been us then. Seems someone wants to start another war between all of use.” He rubbed his chin this help confirmed that it wasn’t the republic or any group close to them. It couldn’t be a hutt or pirate group as they couldn’t pull something like this off. Who did that leave? No one he knew that could afford this kind of attacks and ships. He just half to wait and see after they could reach the hyper point that the ship had stopped off but first, he would need to get clearance from the Empress of the empire to move his fleet in to the hunt. With as many ships as he had he was sure that he could find whoever was pulling the strings in short order.

“I see so them seems we are on the same quests.” He smiled at her gest. “Are you sure I can tell you she quite good under the sheets. She broke the code about no passions almost night one attacked me shortly after I got her on my ship.” He laughed turning to Arara who face had gone red as she turned on him and spoke for the first time in front of the Sith. “Master please do not say such thing in front of this vixen.” She growled. Laughing again Anderson patted her head and led the way out.

“That its does. I will take any help I can get when it comes to this unknown foe.” He slowly watched her as examined the body. “Any help is welcome as long as you understand that I'm in charge I only take order form one person and that the Empress. If you join me on my ship you play by my rules and follow any order, I give you without question. If not, I'll be happy to drop you off at any plant you like. If you agree I’ll be happy to have you and your skills.” He said not even flinches at her comment or movement. “I have little interest in what the Sith are up to so need the worry about that but if you wish to see the way I would brake someone for information then I be happy to break you.” He held her gaze never one braking it until she stepped back. “Now then if all is agreeable with you please follow me.” With that he led the way out.

Growling again Arara would take her spot right behind him blocking Nalah form getting any closer to him as she hissed. “Back off.” Before follwing him out.

It didn’t take them log to exit and gather his men. “We found all we need to let use return home.” They had found no one they could use to interrogate most had die or wouldn’t live long enough to make any use out of. Returning to the shuttle Anderson took a seat closest to the door as his trooper filled father in with the techs. Arara moved to the pilot seat and started up the shuttle. The trip was short back to his ship with was now in low orbit. The Warroir had pulled back out and waited for the lager ship to join her.

The shuttle landed smoothly in the bay as a single man waited for them to exit. “Welcome home Admiral.” He said.

“Thank you, captain set curse for the capital and request an audience with the Empress.”

“So you found what you need then?” The man asked watching as Anderson handing the black box to the techs.

“Not quite I need to ask to move the fleet thought in the hunt.” He explained starting to walk off.”

“I see...” The Captain said watching leave. “We'll let hope the listen this time.” He said once Anderson was gone.

Anderson returned to his office not real noticing Arara was following him like normal. He needed to plan things out. How was he going to handle this? If he played his card wrong, he may lose the support he needed for the hunt. He been on and on about wanting to go after this unknown enemy for some time but with every pointing finger at the Republic he was ordered to hold his fleet at the border. Entering his office with his privet quarters next to it he took a seat at his desk. Letting out a heavy sigh. “Seems I need to make accommodations for our guest. The best we got it an officer room. Hope that okay with her.”
  Anderson / Mended / 65d 4h 42m 31s
Nalah found what the Admiral had to say to be quite interesting. Apparently he and the Commander of the ship they shot down had some kind of score to settle between each other. And despite this being a Clone Wars era ship, the denizens of it were not garbed in similar uniforms, and some of them didn't even match. It appeared they weren't part of the Republic of today, either... But that didn't rule them out, however unlikely it might be. These underhanded tactics weren't their style.

For the most part, it seemed like the Admiral was willing to work with Nalah on this, and vice versa. However, it was quite clear the Jedi in his company wasn't so keen about her being here; the Sith didn't even have to pry very deeply to feel her emotions to sense her loyalty to this Imperial... But it seems that's where everything stopped. Kind of a strange feeling honestly, and perhaps something to look in to at a later date. How did he inspire such loyalty in to someone who's loyalty was only supposed to be to the Force?

[b “Ooooh, I like it when you talk like that.”] Nalah purrs in regards to him crushing his enemies under his boot. [b “I'm sure they were none too happy that they had the misfortune of crossing you.”] And when they were finally looking at the record, Nalah stayed over Anderson's shoulder despite their Jedi third-wheel. Obviously the Admiral knew more than she did about what they were looking for, so she made sure to keep close to him in case he found anything of interest. And he soon did, pointing out some irregularities and other things that were worth knowing.

[b “Strange, indeed.”] Nalah says mostly to herself, bending over to look at the screen with her new would-be partner. If these guys attacked him in the past, obviously they weren't Imperial's, and they would've found out by now if these guys were really Republic. Obviously something or someone else was at play here, especially when the cloaking technology was pointed out. And obviously if the Admiral got out-played a few months ago by something 'unlike anything he's seen before', then they obviously had more firepower than simple old-age tech like this one... That didn't exactly narrow anything or anyone down. Perhaps they were looking in the wrong place. Something deeper was going on in the galaxy, and the close she got, the more she could [i feel] it.

When Grand Admiral Anderson introduced himself and his Jedi compatriot Anara, the Sith nods likewise to them. [b “I am Darth Nalah.”] She says back. [b “My master has business with what has been going on. Your attack obviously is not the only of its kind; the Republic and even Jedi transports have also been hit by strange attacks and everyone is pointing their fingers at each other... What happens in the galaxy is of great interest to my master as one might assume.”] It could already be speculated that this could be the Sith, but with the appearance of Darth Nalah looking in to it without knowing what really was going on, it seemed quite unlikely. [b “And don't make me laugh; I wouldn't come for someone like your bodyguard,”] She says, stepping slightly closer to the Admiral, stroking his chin with two of her fingers, smiling her same smile. [b “She's not my type.”] And she turns her back on him, walking towards one of the bodies on the ground.

[b “It appears we are both on the same side for the moment.”] Nalah points out, flipping over the body of an alien. He also wasn't dressed in a marked uniform. [b “I think we could benefit from being in each other's company, and propose an alliance. These people want you dead, and I think having the assistance of someone with my skills and resources would be of a tremendous benefit. But, obviously my men have to go back to my master for a full report of their findings, and I would go with them, but my ship was destroyed.”] She stands up again from the body, approaching Anderson, and stopping close to him again, feeling the Jedi's tension building as she leaned in closer. [b “I would tell you to bring one of my men on your ship as my extension of the olive branch, but I have a feeling you'd just pry delicate information from them. So instead, I will join you on your ship myself. And I promise you Grand Admiral Anderson,”] She reaches to him and adjusts his collar slightly, leaning farther forward so he could feel her breath on his chin. [b “I'm a lot more fun to pry information from.”] She steps back again. [b “Is my attendance and help on your ship acceptable?”]
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“Seem to have done more damage than I would have liked.” Anderson hummed to himself as walked up to the wreckage of the dreadnought. “Must have been running without it shields to help keep itself hidden.” It would have stayed that way had it not launched fighter to cause on ground.

“Old but not out dated.” He said hearing the Sith behind him. “The ship even by today standards is very well armored. Had it had it shield online I have no doubt it would have been able to handle at least two more shots.” Anderson said. “We got lucky that the commander got over cocky after slip by me twice.” Rubbing his chin he looked around the outer hole.

Turning to the tech and the stormtrooper he said. “Spilt into three groups and search the wreckage and any survivor if they can be saved put them down no need to prolong their suffering.” All member nodded he then turned to Arara and the Sith. “Now let see if we can find what left of the bridge.” Arara just nodded not showing any emote as she normal did.

Leading the way into the crashed ship he led slow made his way past body in unknow uniform. “Not republic, maybe private but I'm not sure.” He said leaning down to inspecting the uniform of a dead alien. Arara just again at his assessment but made sure to keep herself between him and the Sith. Should she try to attack her Admiral or make a move to she wouldn’t hesitate to draw her own blade. If the Sith tried to read her own emotion with the force she would only find one. Undying attachment to the man next to her.

Anderson stood back up at looked at the Sith in the eye. “They attacked and killed my men. Almost a month ago my rear fleet was ambushed and almost completely wipe out in an attack unlike anything we seen before. I don’t take to kindly to people killing my men so I made it my mission to find these people and crush them under my boot.” He then turned his back and kept moving inwards. After a few detours from collapse hallways they finally found the bridge. “Now then let see what we can find.” He moved to the cental computer that still seemed in working order.

The bridge was mostly intact despite the drop. The bridge crew couldn’t be said for the same as there tingled body littered the deck. Stepping up to the consul he went about looking throw the ship recodes. Most had seemed to be delated or encrypted standard protocol but what really interested him was the hyperdrive records. The last three had been spot in deep space of the unknown regions of space.

“Look at this.” He said showing the records. “If this was the Rebels why would the by making these wired jumps?” He asked. “But this ship is to outdated to do the damage of scale of what the ones that hit my fleet.” Digging deeper into the files he found what he was looking for. “I was right these guys are just guns for hire it seems. Sadly, we won't know more until we decrypted most the field and that will take time.” One big question did nag at him thought. “How did they get a clocking field. That not something cheap or that you can make just anywhere.” Just who was he dealing with. Whoever there were the they were smart by not using their own troop and instead hiring guns to do it for them.

Turing to the Sith he said. “I seemed to forgot to tell you my man. I am Grand Admiral Anderson. This is my Loyal bodyguard Arara she doesn't talk much.” Arara again only simple nodded still glaring dagger at the sith. “And what bring one of the Sith out her I can't imagine it for Arara alone Jedi and Sith are free to server whoever they want so don’t ask if I give her up because the answer no.
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It seemed that this Imperial wasn't easily intimidated, and as he started rattling off a number of reasons why the Imperials weren't involved, Nalah felt her grip on her lightsaber loosen. However, when he told her that she was never in control of the situation, her teeth pulled back in to a sneer, however, it quickly disappeared when overhead a ship suddenly decloaked.

Despite herself, Nalah looked up to see a kind of ship she's never seen before flying Imperial markers. To her, it looked like giant gun, but that might explain why the name [i Warrior] was slicked on to it. And as one might imagine, the front of it shot a giant blast, seemingly in to the air as a show of force, but Nalah was surprised when the beam suddenly struck something else in the sky. The energy ripped through it, splitting it in half to reveal an older model ship now careening towards the planet's surface. Despite how far away it crash-landed, they could still feel the vibrations of the crash through the ground as it quaked beneath their feet. And honestly, Nalah had to say she was most impressed by the display and how level-headed the Admiral was. Perhaps next time she shouldn't be so hasty to pick a fight without all the information... Or without adequately sizing-up her enemy. She could take on the ground force easily, but bombardment from the atmosphere? No one could survive that.

She lowers her lightsaber and the blade extinguished back in to the handle, and once again she placed the it back on to her belt. [b “How kind of you to invite me.”] Nalah says to the Admiral, turning over her shoulder and motioning to the Listening Station and her Commandos. She would join the Imperials to search the crash-site while her men dug for answers in the outpost, and they quickly began feeding information to her through her wrist-computer on her travels.

Despite the obvious number advantage and the fact that they had a Jedi, Nalah didn't seem to be all that concerned with being alone with them. She would have liked to have tested the Jedi's mettle, but perhaps there was time for that later. At the present moment that wasn't her mission, and if Darth Nalah was anything, she was efficient and timely. Despite these Imperials not being the perpetrators of what was going on in the galaxy, another Sith still might've tried to kill them... She flexes her hand and smiles to herself. There could still be time for that, of course.

The planet they were on was that of a barren wasteland; dunes, arid temperature, sand, and sand spires peppered here and there, and when they reached the site of the smouldering ship, small parts had buried themselves in the desert. Upon their approach, Nalah noticed the markings on one of large pieces of the debris. [b “This ship was from the Clone Wars.”] She thinks out-loud. Obviously there were some modifications to it so it could survive this far in to the future from back then, but the symbol of the older Republic turned Empire was something she had become very familiar with in her studies of history. Whoever was at the helm probably wasn't expecting the new kind of firepower the Warrior-class ship was toting around, so it was really no wonder the ship was so easily ripped apart. Finding out who it belonged to would be difficult, and not just because of the damage, but because nearly every faction had old relics like this laying around somewhere, even the Jedi... But why masquerade as the current Republic here and then attack them with a ship from the Clone Wars? It didn't make much sense, but it probably would to [i someone]. Survivors were unlikely, but not impossible, but it was more likely they would get their information by slicing in to an intact console on the ship.

Luckily getting onboard would relatively easy since it was in pieces, the ship tilted on its side slightly giving them a convenient ramp to the command deck. With a 'come hither' motion from Nalah, a large portion of the bridge bursts open towards them like a can opening. [b “After you, Admiral.”] She with a small smile, and would promptly follow close beside him. [b “How did you end up getting tied in to all of this?”] Nalah finally asks. She was mostly curious to know how much the Imperials knew of what was happening or if this was all by chance.
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