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Peace had finally been achieved throughout the galaxy. A neutral agreement has been put in place between the New Republic, Jedi Order, and Imperial Regiment, the three finally agreeing to coexist with each other, at arms length of, course. The peace was shaky, but for the most part, stable.

However, it seems a new fourth faction has something else in mind for the galaxy. Over the course of a few years they've strategically struck the three other factions, remaining unseen, leaving all three powers pointing their fingers at each other instead. Because of this, another Galactic War seems imminent, but after a close call, a certain high-ranking Imperial Officer thinks otherwise. On a hunch, he tracks his attackers to a remote planet in an attempt to discover what's really happening in the galaxy.


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Anderson only nodded at most of her commits and actions as he worked on the terminal. He didn’t mind it and if he wasn’t busy working on something important he may have enjoyed it. Anderson was quite well known among the other Admirals for going to around with pretty and gorgeous girl of almost any race. He even was even known for dressing up his Arara in whatever he fancied. No one ever said anything thought as it would most like lead to a fight that they couldn’t win and so far, he hand been caught up in anything illegal or that shined a bad light onto him or the Empire. As far as the public knew he just enjoyed pretty women and what was wrong with that.

However, there was another who didn’t seem to like it very much. As if to counter Nalah Arara would do the same but on Anderson other shoulder. She would glare dagger at the Sith as if saying back off. She was protective of her Admiral in more than one way even if she didn’t show the emotions for it.

Anderson just laughed as he stood taking one last look around the room before pulling out the data box from under the terminal. “Well it been a pleasure so fare Darth Nalah.” He smiled as he looked at Arara who didn’t seem to share her master pleasure. So, it hasn’t just been us then. Seems someone wants to start another war between all of use.” He rubbed his chin this help confirmed that it wasn’t the republic or any group close to them. It couldn’t be a hutt or pirate group as they couldn’t pull something like this off. Who did that leave? No one he knew that could afford this kind of attacks and ships. He just half to wait and see after they could reach the hyper point that the ship had stopped off but first, he would need to get clearance from the Empress of the empire to move his fleet in to the hunt. With as many ships as he had he was sure that he could find whoever was pulling the strings in short order.

“I see so them seems we are on the same quests.” He smiled at her gest. “Are you sure I can tell you she quite good under the sheets. She broke the code about no passions almost night one attacked me shortly after I got her on my ship.” He laughed turning to Arara who face had gone red as she turned on him and spoke for the first time in front of the Sith. “Master please do not say such thing in front of this vixen.” She growled. Laughing again Anderson patted her head and led the way out.

“That its does. I will take any help I can get when it comes to this unknown foe.” He slowly watched her as examined the body. “Any help is welcome as long as you understand that I'm in charge I only take order form one person and that the Empress. If you join me on my ship you play by my rules and follow any order, I give you without question. If not, I'll be happy to drop you off at any plant you like. If you agree I’ll be happy to have you and your skills.” He said not even flinches at her comment or movement. “I have little interest in what the Sith are up to so need the worry about that but if you wish to see the way I would brake someone for information then I be happy to break you.” He held her gaze never one braking it until she stepped back. “Now then if all is agreeable with you please follow me.” With that he led the way out.

Growling again Arara would take her spot right behind him blocking Nalah form getting any closer to him as she hissed. “Back off.” Before follwing him out.

It didn’t take them log to exit and gather his men. “We found all we need to let use return home.” They had found no one they could use to interrogate most had die or wouldn’t live long enough to make any use out of. Returning to the shuttle Anderson took a seat closest to the door as his trooper filled father in with the techs. Arara moved to the pilot seat and started up the shuttle. The trip was short back to his ship with was now in low orbit. The Warroir had pulled back out and waited for the lager ship to join her.

The shuttle landed smoothly in the bay as a single man waited for them to exit. “Welcome home Admiral.” He said.

“Thank you, captain set curse for the capital and request an audience with the Empress.”

“So you found what you need then?” The man asked watching as Anderson handing the black box to the techs.

“Not quite I need to ask to move the fleet thought in the hunt.” He explained starting to walk off.”

“I see...” The Captain said watching leave. “We'll let hope the listen this time.” He said once Anderson was gone.

Anderson returned to his office not real noticing Arara was following him like normal. He needed to plan things out. How was he going to handle this? If he played his card wrong, he may lose the support he needed for the hunt. He been on and on about wanting to go after this unknown enemy for some time but with every pointing finger at the Republic he was ordered to hold his fleet at the border. Entering his office with his privet quarters next to it he took a seat at his desk. Letting out a heavy sigh. “Seems I need to make accommodations for our guest. The best we got it an officer room. Hope that okay with her.”
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Nalah found what the Admiral had to say to be quite interesting. Apparently he and the Commander of the ship they shot down had some kind of score to settle between each other. And despite this being a Clone Wars era ship, the denizens of it were not garbed in similar uniforms, and some of them didn't even match. It appeared they weren't part of the Republic of today, either... But that didn't rule them out, however unlikely it might be. These underhanded tactics weren't their style.

For the most part, it seemed like the Admiral was willing to work with Nalah on this, and vice versa. However, it was quite clear the Jedi in his company wasn't so keen about her being here; the Sith didn't even have to pry very deeply to feel her emotions to sense her loyalty to this Imperial... But it seems that's where everything stopped. Kind of a strange feeling honestly, and perhaps something to look in to at a later date. How did he inspire such loyalty in to someone who's loyalty was only supposed to be to the Force?

[b “Ooooh, I like it when you talk like that.”] Nalah purrs in regards to him crushing his enemies under his boot. [b “I'm sure they were none too happy that they had the misfortune of crossing you.”] And when they were finally looking at the record, Nalah stayed over Anderson's shoulder despite their Jedi third-wheel. Obviously the Admiral knew more than she did about what they were looking for, so she made sure to keep close to him in case he found anything of interest. And he soon did, pointing out some irregularities and other things that were worth knowing.

[b “Strange, indeed.”] Nalah says mostly to herself, bending over to look at the screen with her new would-be partner. If these guys attacked him in the past, obviously they weren't Imperial's, and they would've found out by now if these guys were really Republic. Obviously something or someone else was at play here, especially when the cloaking technology was pointed out. And obviously if the Admiral got out-played a few months ago by something 'unlike anything he's seen before', then they obviously had more firepower than simple old-age tech like this one... That didn't exactly narrow anything or anyone down. Perhaps they were looking in the wrong place. Something deeper was going on in the galaxy, and the close she got, the more she could [i feel] it.

When Grand Admiral Anderson introduced himself and his Jedi compatriot Anara, the Sith nods likewise to them. [b “I am Darth Nalah.”] She says back. [b “My master has business with what has been going on. Your attack obviously is not the only of its kind; the Republic and even Jedi transports have also been hit by strange attacks and everyone is pointing their fingers at each other... What happens in the galaxy is of great interest to my master as one might assume.”] It could already be speculated that this could be the Sith, but with the appearance of Darth Nalah looking in to it without knowing what really was going on, it seemed quite unlikely. [b “And don't make me laugh; I wouldn't come for someone like your bodyguard,”] She says, stepping slightly closer to the Admiral, stroking his chin with two of her fingers, smiling her same smile. [b “She's not my type.”] And she turns her back on him, walking towards one of the bodies on the ground.

[b “It appears we are both on the same side for the moment.”] Nalah points out, flipping over the body of an alien. He also wasn't dressed in a marked uniform. [b “I think we could benefit from being in each other's company, and propose an alliance. These people want you dead, and I think having the assistance of someone with my skills and resources would be of a tremendous benefit. But, obviously my men have to go back to my master for a full report of their findings, and I would go with them, but my ship was destroyed.”] She stands up again from the body, approaching Anderson, and stopping close to him again, feeling the Jedi's tension building as she leaned in closer. [b “I would tell you to bring one of my men on your ship as my extension of the olive branch, but I have a feeling you'd just pry delicate information from them. So instead, I will join you on your ship myself. And I promise you Grand Admiral Anderson,”] She reaches to him and adjusts his collar slightly, leaning farther forward so he could feel her breath on his chin. [b “I'm a lot more fun to pry information from.”] She steps back again. [b “Is my attendance and help on your ship acceptable?”]
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“Seem to have done more damage than I would have liked.” Anderson hummed to himself as walked up to the wreckage of the dreadnought. “Must have been running without it shields to help keep itself hidden.” It would have stayed that way had it not launched fighter to cause on ground.

“Old but not out dated.” He said hearing the Sith behind him. “The ship even by today standards is very well armored. Had it had it shield online I have no doubt it would have been able to handle at least two more shots.” Anderson said. “We got lucky that the commander got over cocky after slip by me twice.” Rubbing his chin he looked around the outer hole.

Turning to the tech and the stormtrooper he said. “Spilt into three groups and search the wreckage and any survivor if they can be saved put them down no need to prolong their suffering.” All member nodded he then turned to Arara and the Sith. “Now let see if we can find what left of the bridge.” Arara just nodded not showing any emote as she normal did.

Leading the way into the crashed ship he led slow made his way past body in unknow uniform. “Not republic, maybe private but I'm not sure.” He said leaning down to inspecting the uniform of a dead alien. Arara just again at his assessment but made sure to keep herself between him and the Sith. Should she try to attack her Admiral or make a move to she wouldn’t hesitate to draw her own blade. If the Sith tried to read her own emotion with the force she would only find one. Undying attachment to the man next to her.

Anderson stood back up at looked at the Sith in the eye. “They attacked and killed my men. Almost a month ago my rear fleet was ambushed and almost completely wipe out in an attack unlike anything we seen before. I don’t take to kindly to people killing my men so I made it my mission to find these people and crush them under my boot.” He then turned his back and kept moving inwards. After a few detours from collapse hallways they finally found the bridge. “Now then let see what we can find.” He moved to the cental computer that still seemed in working order.

The bridge was mostly intact despite the drop. The bridge crew couldn’t be said for the same as there tingled body littered the deck. Stepping up to the consul he went about looking throw the ship recodes. Most had seemed to be delated or encrypted standard protocol but what really interested him was the hyperdrive records. The last three had been spot in deep space of the unknown regions of space.

“Look at this.” He said showing the records. “If this was the Rebels why would the by making these wired jumps?” He asked. “But this ship is to outdated to do the damage of scale of what the ones that hit my fleet.” Digging deeper into the files he found what he was looking for. “I was right these guys are just guns for hire it seems. Sadly, we won't know more until we decrypted most the field and that will take time.” One big question did nag at him thought. “How did they get a clocking field. That not something cheap or that you can make just anywhere.” Just who was he dealing with. Whoever there were the they were smart by not using their own troop and instead hiring guns to do it for them.

Turing to the Sith he said. “I seemed to forgot to tell you my man. I am Grand Admiral Anderson. This is my Loyal bodyguard Arara she doesn't talk much.” Arara again only simple nodded still glaring dagger at the sith. “And what bring one of the Sith out her I can't imagine it for Arara alone Jedi and Sith are free to server whoever they want so don’t ask if I give her up because the answer no.
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It seemed that this Imperial wasn't easily intimidated, and as he started rattling off a number of reasons why the Imperials weren't involved, Nalah felt her grip on her lightsaber loosen. However, when he told her that she was never in control of the situation, her teeth pulled back in to a sneer, however, it quickly disappeared when overhead a ship suddenly decloaked.

Despite herself, Nalah looked up to see a kind of ship she's never seen before flying Imperial markers. To her, it looked like giant gun, but that might explain why the name [i Warrior] was slicked on to it. And as one might imagine, the front of it shot a giant blast, seemingly in to the air as a show of force, but Nalah was surprised when the beam suddenly struck something else in the sky. The energy ripped through it, splitting it in half to reveal an older model ship now careening towards the planet's surface. Despite how far away it crash-landed, they could still feel the vibrations of the crash through the ground as it quaked beneath their feet. And honestly, Nalah had to say she was most impressed by the display and how level-headed the Admiral was. Perhaps next time she shouldn't be so hasty to pick a fight without all the information... Or without adequately sizing-up her enemy. She could take on the ground force easily, but bombardment from the atmosphere? No one could survive that.

She lowers her lightsaber and the blade extinguished back in to the handle, and once again she placed the it back on to her belt. [b “How kind of you to invite me.”] Nalah says to the Admiral, turning over her shoulder and motioning to the Listening Station and her Commandos. She would join the Imperials to search the crash-site while her men dug for answers in the outpost, and they quickly began feeding information to her through her wrist-computer on her travels.

Despite the obvious number advantage and the fact that they had a Jedi, Nalah didn't seem to be all that concerned with being alone with them. She would have liked to have tested the Jedi's mettle, but perhaps there was time for that later. At the present moment that wasn't her mission, and if Darth Nalah was anything, she was efficient and timely. Despite these Imperials not being the perpetrators of what was going on in the galaxy, another Sith still might've tried to kill them... She flexes her hand and smiles to herself. There could still be time for that, of course.

The planet they were on was that of a barren wasteland; dunes, arid temperature, sand, and sand spires peppered here and there, and when they reached the site of the smouldering ship, small parts had buried themselves in the desert. Upon their approach, Nalah noticed the markings on one of large pieces of the debris. [b “This ship was from the Clone Wars.”] She thinks out-loud. Obviously there were some modifications to it so it could survive this far in to the future from back then, but the symbol of the older Republic turned Empire was something she had become very familiar with in her studies of history. Whoever was at the helm probably wasn't expecting the new kind of firepower the Warrior-class ship was toting around, so it was really no wonder the ship was so easily ripped apart. Finding out who it belonged to would be difficult, and not just because of the damage, but because nearly every faction had old relics like this laying around somewhere, even the Jedi... But why masquerade as the current Republic here and then attack them with a ship from the Clone Wars? It didn't make much sense, but it probably would to [i someone]. Survivors were unlikely, but not impossible, but it was more likely they would get their information by slicing in to an intact console on the ship.

Luckily getting onboard would relatively easy since it was in pieces, the ship tilted on its side slightly giving them a convenient ramp to the command deck. With a 'come hither' motion from Nalah, a large portion of the bridge bursts open towards them like a can opening. [b “After you, Admiral.”] She with a small smile, and would promptly follow close beside him. [b “How did you end up getting tied in to all of this?”] Nalah finally asks. She was mostly curious to know how much the Imperials knew of what was happening or if this was all by chance.
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Everyone watched as the darkly clade trooper exited form their fighter and slow too potions across from him and his men. He could feel the discomfort form Arara as she looked at the only fighter that hadn't dismounted. “Sith,” She whispered angerly. Anderson only nodded as he had no love for them ether. He was glad when they had been removed from the Imperial. They had been given their home plant of Korriban and a few smaller in the area and had been left to handle themselves as long as they didn’t stir up trouble of the Imperial that guarded over them.

The Republic had tried to stop this but the threat of war had made them stop as they had let the Jedi do the same a few years earlier. Now a day the Sith kept to themselves only coming out when something peaked their interest. So, it seemed this had also peaked their interest now. As the Sith lowered herself to the ground Anderson had to say she was quite beautiful and her smile. Anderson had thing for beautiful woman and had he been ten year younger he might have tried his luck.

“O and why would that be.” Anderson said stepping out from behind Arara to look that Sith. “This is Imperial space.” Anderson was a tall man in his early forties with short black hair and dark blue eyes. His body was built lean and stong his skin rough form years of hard work. He had an aura of a man that felt like everything was under his control. His eyes held steady in hers.

Laughing a bit he placed his hand behind his back. “And if I remember correct the reason for that was there was a Sith secretly pulling our strings. We did and still do what is best for the Galaxy and our people but this isnt us.” He gestures to the station behind him. “Seem the Sith are still quick to jump into action without thing it through. Take a second to thing about where we are. Far from both the Republic and the Jedi space so why would we have a listening post all the way out here?”

She wound get long to think about it a the unknow fighter came out of no were and hit one of her ships. Angered she drew her blade and her men got ready for battle. “Still not thinking with your head are you.” He laughed as he saw their sad attempt to threaten him. “One if I wanted you dead you would have never it this far. Two” He held up a finger for each number. “Why would I hit your ships? What do I have to gain? If I wanted hostages, I hit close to you instead and pick up anyone that lived. Three my guns are bigger.” He then pointed up the Impearl class star destroy that had moved just over head of them. “Lastly.” His faces with dark as he stepped moved mere inch form her face. “Don't thing for a second that you were ever in control the second you landed or you end up like them.”

He then took a step back as suddenly a massive ship decloaked at least a mile about them. The Imperial symbol on it with the name Warrior posted next to it. It was the new Warrior-class of Destroyer the empire had made with its new allies. It wasn’t even as long as half of an Imperial but a long smooth gun ran half upper half of the ship. With a large thunderous roar the front of the ship fired a main cannon. For several second it only fellow before it exploited against something in a massive explosion.

The shot had hit another cloaked ship an old dreadnought class that had been split in half for the single shot that the Warrior had fired. The wreckage came crashing down to the planet and exposed a few more time. “Now if you have question feel free to join me in my search of what remain of that ship. Hopefully it holds the answer we both seek.” With that Anderson and his team turn and started walking to the wreckage.
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Her starfighter came in to orbit smoothly, followed by a few others behind her. Darth Nalah, former Jedi Knight now Sith, had been tasked by her master to investigate very strange occurrences that had been happening in the galaxy. It seemed another Galactic War was on the horizon and that wasn't something that her master was interested in. The Jedi were as strong as ever, having a foothold and existing separately from other governments as their own, but they obviously had a very good relationship with the Republic. If a war broke out, it was guaranteed they would re-join the Republic, and with that kind of might behind them, well... It wouldn't be very good to be a Sith during that time. Normally the chaos of war would be beneficial to them, but this seemed to be a different case. And it was especially different considering it [i wasn't] the Sith pulling the strings behind what's been going on in the galaxy, which is why Nalah was here on this remote planet, looking for answers.

Onboard sensors picked up movement on the surface of the planet when they first came within range, and Nalah was intent on investigating it. So upon her arrival, she was quite surprised to see an Imperial shuttle and a small battalion near what appeared to be a listening station. She also sensed another force-sensitive on the ground with them. [b “How interesting...”] The Sith remarks to herself, one corner of her mouth tilting upwards. She wasn't sure if they were going to attack, so her and her small squadron flew by once, gauging their reaction, and when no shots were fired, she was assumed they were waiting for them.

Nalah signals her company and they descend to the surface, the Sith landing her ship close to the Imperial shuttle. When she does, she lets her troops get out of their fighters first, letting the Imperial wait patiently for her. By now the Jedi knew of her presence—she wasn't trying to hide it, after all—so she'd let that get around first. A grand entrance was always something she enjoyed because she often went covert.

The troops that were now opposing the Imperials were in indiscriminate black armour, something akin to the Old Empire and Mandalorians, and all armed with blaster rifles, pistols, and wrist mounted energy shields. They stood opposite the Imperials silently waiting, while Nalah watched from her fighter for a moment, inspecting and planning. Once it seemed appropriate, she exits her fighter, swiftly dropping to the ground and approaching her men from behind.

Nalah was a tall Twi'lek woman with red skin and long lekku. Like most of the women of her race, she was quite easy on the eyes; she had a tight waist, round hips, and a slender but athletic form from years of intense training and battles. And Despite clearly being on the Darkside, she had a very pleasant and inviting smile.

Her Commandos part like a black sea as she approaches, and when she stops, she's slightly ahead of them, between both of the factions, eyeing the Jedi who already had her lightsaber at the ready. Nalah herself left hers on her side, making it clear she didn't feel like the Jedi was a threat to her. Nalah was a powerful Jedi and now an even more powerful Sith; she could crush this Jedi in the blink of an eye. They had her and her troops outnumbered, but Nalah was confident in her own abilities.

[b “I don't think I should be much surprised that you're here.”] Nalah says, her hands behind her back, tilting slightly to the side, and forward, trying to get a better peek at the Admiral. She pushed her chest out a little bit as she leaned. [b “Imperials have a long tradition of inciting war in the galaxy, and now here we find them doing much the same.”] Considering she had not inspected the listening outpost, it seemed like she just assumed it belonged to the Imperials. And at the present moment, she wasn't sure what to do with them. Kill them? Open up negotiations?

“Lord Nalah!” One of her Commandos announces and she straightens, tilting her head only slightly... [i Oh.] Even before he had said anything, she sensed it like a crackle of electricity through the force. “Enemy fighters are inbound!” And when he said it, one of their fighter's blew up from a quick fly by.

[b “And here I thought we were just having a pleasant conversation!”] With that, she pulls her lightsaber from her hip and ignites the crimson blade, tilting it up slightly. Her men behind her activate their shields and raise their weapons, ready to fire. [b “Take the Admiral alive!”] She commands.
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Anderson looked across the barren plant looking for any sigh of movement. Any sigh of life that would show that someone would have lived on such a world however he found none. No small animal running no plant no people just sand. “But why here?” He asked himself.

“Sir?” A voice asked behind him. Turn to look at the voice Anderson looked down a young lad in a impearl engines outfit. He could be no older than nineteen and had never left his home plant before joining the empire.

“I was just wondering why would someone build a listening post so far out here.” Anderson said stating as he looked at the data pad in the boy's hand. “Why do you think someone would build it this far out?” The privet from the look of his rank stuttered for a second clearly surprised to be asked such a question by his Grand Admiral.

“Surely sir I couldn’t give you any idea that you haven't thought of yourself sir.” he stammered after a minute. This caused Anderson to laugh a bit causing the boy face to flush.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to offended you son.” Anderson smiled. “But please answer the question if you were in the shoes of the enemy and you wish to spy on Empire why would you set up in a place like this?” Again, the boy seemed shocked but took the question seriously. He took a few minutes to think the question over.

“To be honest sir I won’t” He finally stated. “It too far out to hear any of the good information and any information you did would be out dated by at least a few hours. The only reason I could think of is not being found. This is the outer part of the outer rim and see little to not traffic. I mean Im shocked we even found it.”

This caused Anderson to nodded. “We got lucky a smuggler that we caught traded this information for his freedom. That dumb luck is the only reason we know about it. That the same conclusion I came to now let see if the data pad you have hold any more answer.” Extending his hand, he waited for the boy over the pad. Jumping a little and going red form forgetting why he had gone to the Admiral he handed over the data pad.

“I’m sorry sir but most of the computer where wiped clean what little data we managed to recover is hardly useful.” Ander rubbed his chin as he read over the information.

“And they trooper have the found anything?”

“Not much sir just some blaster and food.” This caused Anderson to raise an eyebrow.

“What kind of blaster.”

“Old DH-17 the kind the Rebel used and they are mixed with the new model as well.”

Republic weapon and Republic listening Equpment well if anything that point finger at the New Republic. Yet it didn’t make any sense to him. The war been over for a long time why would they risk something like this. I broke the truce that all side have no spying on each other. Plus, the Republic was mostly disarmed.

“Sir?” he boy said braking Anderson train of thought.

“Sorry I was lost in thought.” He said handing back over the data pad and looking at the rest of the small team. With him was a team of tech a storm trooper squad and his personal guard. Rising his voice he called out. “Brake it off men. It seems we got all the information we can set the charges and let us leave.”

A chorus of roger answered him as the trooper went about setting charges to destroy the station and anything useable. The tech he been talking to ran back to his team and a tall brown hair human woman walked up to him. “Seem just like that last two we found.” She said bowing lightly once she was close.

“Yes, and each time we find nothing but small item that point to the Republic.” Anderson said “Were you about to sense anything?”

“No master.” She said lowering her head in submission. “It seems who ever doing this I very good at covering their tracks.”

“It's fine Anara you did as you were ordered.”

Suddenly a beeping noise got his attention. Opening his Holo communicator a picture of his second command showed up. “Grand Admiral several ships jumped out of hyperspace close to the plant they didn’t seem to noticed us as but they look to be headed in your directions.”

“Acknowledge move the Retribution in to position in case we are attack. Do not fire unless I order to.” Closing his communicator, he then turned to his men. “Dig in, we have guests.” The trooper leader called out order to the men in his charge as the tech got out of harm's way. Anara stepped in front of Anderson and drew a lightsaber but didn’t light it yet. Anderson just stood so he could watch the ship come in and land not too far off form him own shuttle. “Hold fire unless they shoot first.” He ordered. “Let see what they want.”
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